It’s Go Time!


Game 19. Last of four straight on the road.

First of back-to-back matinees, with the Flys in town tomorrow at 2. Ya boys on a two-game losing streak.

Andre Deveaux was suspended today for three games for his elbow to the chops of Florida’s Tomas Fleischmann on Wednesday.

Erik Christensen and Anton Stralman will be prucha’d, and so call-ups Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell will make their Rangers debuts. Jeff Woywitka also returns to the lineup after his one-game prucha. Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Michal Neuvirth.

Don’t forget, tonight HBO previews “24/7” leading to the Rangers-Flys Winter Classic at 9:15 (and replayed many times). Just be warned, HBO’s been all around the teams but hasn’t had the real all-access pass to the Rangers yet. By that, I mean don’t expect them to be in the lockerroom just before games, between periods and immediately after games. My understanding is that they haven’t been in those situations yet.


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  1. Was BANJing, repost:

    ilb2001 November 25th, 2011 at 3:35 pm
    Ulanov, Malik, Mironov…geez, our alumni can easily qualify for the NHL Hall of Shame.

  2. ps, no Christensen, no Wolski, no Zuccarello. Pretty much guarantees there will be a breakaway contest at the conclusion of the hockey game today, right?

  3. i wish torts had the balls to bench the guys that most deserve it, like boyle and dubi. too much dead weight being carried by this team now.

  4. just a thought – I wouldn’t read too much into opening line combos in this one. Road game against the Caps with their speed and the two new guys, I’d expect lots of line juggling until something clicks.

  5. what would you expect to accomplish by benching those guys, alan?

    HWirth, that would be uncharacteristic of Tortorella.

  6. Carp, do you really feel that Dubinsky is contributing to this team right now? Maybe he needs a Steve Trachsel moment to wake his butt up?

  7. Headzo – Don’t steal Ndur from me. He’s mine!

    So Stralman really wasn’t the answer on the PP? Hmmph.

    Gonna miss Linzo during the game, as she is at work today.

    Love to see the Bruins lose, but hate Bertuzzi.

  8. Barry, only if you think it’s for lack of effort. I would disagree that it’s that. No, I don’t feel he’s contributing. But are you more interested in getting him out of this, or punishing him?

  9. The way I see it, most of the games we won or lost, if Dublowsky wasn’t in the lineup, the results would likely be the same. Point being, he’s such a non-factor, it doesn’t matter whether he’s in the lineup or not.

    He needs a wake up call. A one game benching could do the trick. No harm in doing it.

  10. Carp, he needs to send a message. I know Dubi has other roles, and is fulfilling those, but his game is not where it should be. He holds on to the puck much too long at times, nullifying his linemates. Whereas Boyle has been a total bust. I said in the off season that paying him a mil for one year’s achievement was too much. He looks slow and uncoordinated.

  11. It wouldnt hurt the team or Dubinsky if he sat in the pressbox for a game or 2.

    Right now, I’d rather see MZA getting Dubinsky’s 22:00 of ice time.

  12. Dubinsky hasnt been scoring, but he hasn’t been a liability. And still plays in a lot of different situations. Not sure sitting him up would do any good. Besides, who are you inserting instead? EC?

  13. >>What happened to the Craps’ defensive strategies? GAA awful.

    Didn’t they change to it last season only after Rangers demolished them 7-0? Perhaps the same thing will happen? [Unlikely, I know.]

  14. ilb2001, I’d rather see MZA getting his ice time right now.

    And playing Dubinsky on the PP when he cant even hit the net with his shot, let alon having 1 goal in the first 18………

  15. well, let’s hope that today’s performance is better than Wednesday’s – or Saturday’s……

  16. “Boyle between Mitchel & Hagelin” …hmmm will I be hearing that at the Pack game I go to on 12/9?

  17. But Carp, he doesnt do anything. He’s terrible at stick handling, cant accept a hard pass, misses the net with his shot more than he hits it and takes bad penalties.

    At least Callahan scores an empty netter from time to time.

  18. And his only goal could have been scored by an armless baby. Offensively, he looks like a totally different player.

    Once again Prust passes instead of taking the shot. He’s doing that way too much. He scored on a lot of those chances last season.

  19. Barry, I’m not going to continue this any further, but do you think the Rangers are a better team if they get him doing what he’s supposed to do, or if he’s sitting out as punishment for not producing?

    Are they better if Christensen is in there?

    C’mon. You’re mad at him, so you want him benched.

  20. this freaking team is nothing but a bunch of brain dead idiots. I’ve never seen a team that can’t get it in there heads to shoot the puck at the goalie, instead they pass, pass, pass. I watched the bruins vs. red wings game on nbc and both those teams shot the puck for all angles.

  21. Hey, maybe the Giants could beat the Pack. Maybe?

    Hugh Jessiman on Twitter. Somehow he actually got the handle @HugeSpeciman Probably because specimen is spelled wrong. And HugeSpecimen is actually still available on Twitter.

  22. So Boudreau can bench Semin for bad play but it’ll be useless if Tortorella does the same to Dubinsky?

  23. Ummm Carp you threw the name Dale Puriton into the alumni roster to make sure we were paying attention right?……….right?

  24. So let Tortorella keep on playing him. It sets an example that if you dont score, miss the net with your shots, take bad penalties and fall on your keister then you’ll continue to get 22:00 per night.

  25. alumni game predictions: 1- Keenan is going to bench Mike Gartner 3 minutes in 2- Turcotte is going to miss on a break away 3- Lindros and Clare will make history and be the first two team mates to scrap center ice…4-Langdon scores the game winning goal baby!

  26. Bad, bad, bad shot by Girardi. As of late, they’re not only refusing to shoot, but when they do shoot, they’re bad shots.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  28. “good penalty kill by the Caps”….From a guy who’s watched every Rangers PP for the last 5 years. lol

  29. Joe just said that he could see that the NYR were *thinking* of taking more shots on goal – well, that’s a positive sign!!! I hope that eventually they actually decide to act on those thoughts…..

  30. the secret is out,other teams could care less about taking penaltys against us,cause they know our PP straight sucks!

  31. Why do we always go to the outside on breaks? Never challenge the defense, never shoot on the fly, just go into the corner. How can you score from the corner?

  32. Darren Turcotte was on the ’94 Cup winning team, according to something just posted on Puck Daddy about the alumni game.

  33. didn’t get to sleep to 8:30 a.m.
    (club to see friends’ band and then enter the
    shopping crazy)
    pup woke me up several times after that

    someone please explain to me why
    i’m not still in bed
    when i see a first period like that?

  34. They’re shooting. I think Torts told them in intermission he’ll have them do yoga instead of push ups if they don’t.

  35. yeah Mickey
    had hoped to be more inebriated
    and silly with the holiday madness
    but pretty darn sober
    and kind of….appalled.

    the mass of humanity just buying lots and lots of

    just a joke overall because i was up
    and stores were open early and it was nice
    to surprise some former co-workers at their new store.

  36. OK, Hank – they gave you a 2 goal lead – time to take the rest of this game into your hands….

  37. jpg, yeah its kinda sad, like you said. But I still enjoyed shopping (after 9am) on this day.. except the last 2 years cause I had to work.

  38. It was bad enough that Ovie roughed up Gabby, but then another NYR player ran into him! Nice……

  39. So I was in the potty for our 3rd goal and was walking out after the Caps goal…thought it was 2-1 for the last 10 mins O: l

  40. should we have a telethon for
    our poor dmen who are much too
    week to shoot the puck out of the zone?

  41. once again
    we get burnt on the pk
    because we act too soft
    (yes, you’re right Joe!)
    to get the puck out of the zone.

    faceoff in our zone
    goal in our net!

  42. I guess we don’t get any more PP chances…how many fouls will Craps commit before they get called!?

  43. So is Hagelin going to be another one of these draft picks that is supposed to average about 35 goals per season.

    You know, like Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Grachev, Brendl………..

  44. Is it just me or are the Rangers taking a LOT more shots in this game then they have in a while?

  45. who has a better chance of scoring a goal for the rangers by the end of tomorrows game against phillthy?

    dubinsky or eddie mio?

  46. how is your memory Barry?
    Dubi and Cally were gonna be 20 goal a game guys, Dubi was a long shot to make the team.

    dont remember hearing that about Hagelin either

  47. You’re right, Barry. Hagelin is clearly a bust based on less than two periods of NHL play…

    Pretty sure nobody has projected him to be a goalscorer in the NHL anyway.

  48. I’m happy to see Mitchell playing well. A guy I thought should have made the team out of camp and certainly over Deveaux. He’s a proven player in the NHL and I guy I remember watching HNIC during the JFJ time in Toronto when he only wanted soft Euros and guys like Don Cherry and Glen Healy were pleading for him to get more of a chance.

  49. 4 goals in a period? They need to freeze the turkey leftovers from yesterday and feed them slowly on every game day from now on

  50. Dubi is not scoring just to grind your gears Barry. He knows how you’re obsessed with him so he’s doing it for carcillo and giggles.

    By the way, the league averages about one 30 goal scorer per team these days so all the other teams must be failures too for not drafting multiple 30 goal guys.

  51. I was making a joke about hagelin guys. i was asking weather he is another over hyped rangers prospect.


  52. Barry take a page from Olga,you need a catch phrase,like only post”dubi doo-doo”or”what would dubi doo?”

    better yet go hang out on a Philty Phlyers site!

    i kid. ikid.

  53. The one thing that is a little strange with this group is when they score first and have the lead they always seem to play with more confidence and those are the games they score more. I don’t get why they can’t play same way trailing 1-0.

  54. someone said it the other day,we play down to teams as good or worse than us,and over achieve against the “better ” teams.

  55. Morg – Can’t say that yet. Haven’t played Flyers, Pens, or Bruins yet and lost to Leafs in home opener.

  56. screw this, im going over to rotters blog where i can give him his first comment of the day on each of his 9 posts.

    just kidding

  57. I’m confused everytime 34 is on the ice. I keep waiting for him to fall down or get his face punched in.

  58. Wow! First Dubinsky with his best move in weeks, then a 2 on 1 with someone else than Step and Gab and it’s a goal!!!

  59. Girardi defending Ovechkin makes me feel the way I used to feel when Manny Ramirez would come to the plate with Mike Mussina pitching.

  60. Sam wouldn’t stop whining about how Ovie is gonna get his game back…..maybe he should be working for the Craps….

  61. youd think they would use that soft focus look when shooting that giants commercial ,dude looks like he is made of football leather

  62. and also because of the lack of PP’s in the game

    or is it because they need to get dubinsky his 22:00?

  63. Wow. All this offense from the slumping forwards today? Coincidence that this is happening after they called up two forwards from CT?

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YEAH BABY , Thats what im TALK N ’bout!!!!


    Gareentee win TONIGHT!!!!


    YESSS!!! YESSS!!! YESSS!!!

  65. That’s a good team win in which everyone contributed. Hope EC has a nice suit for his scratch tomorrow again. Cally and AA were good tonight so it’s no shock they looked like a better team. Amazing how that happens. Wonder if Torts comes back with Hank or rests him for Biron against his old team.

  66. Exactly, everyone forgot Hank. Good for Keenan. Hank gave them another chance to win during the first period.

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Keenan is coaching the Ranger All-Stars? Do you think he will finish the game or go to Detroit between periods?

  68. Still can’t believe Dale Puriton and Kaspar are going to play in this alumni game. I would have taken just about any other former Ranger with the exception of Billy Tibbets and Dave Karpa

  69. Olga I hear there’s a rumor that the Blues might play in next years winter classic and they’re offering him 25 million to coach their alumni team..just a rumor though

  70. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I can name a lot worse alumni than Purinton and Kasparitis. Most of them acquired by Sather.

  71. Czechthemout!!! on

    Very nice bounce back win! Nice to see some offense again.

    Big game for McD! He was outstanding against the Caps top line.

    Girardi was really good today as well.

    AA finally to his top notch wrist shot and looked what happened.

    Hagelin is really fast and has enough talent and tenacity to score 20+ goals in this league.

    Feds with a nice game as well. It’s about time!

    Same for Boyle.

    That fourth line looked really good as well.

    Thought that McD looked good on the power play. Torts needs to give him more time tree. Looks like he has the shot to play the point.

    Stepan is turning into a younger version of Brad Richards.

    I will be at the game tomorrow with my Daughter and I just hope that they did not score a
    L the goals that were meant for this weekends game today.

  72. LOL

    anyone see the end of the post game? cute clip of hank squirting a Caps fan who was behind the glass with a water bottle. (had to be 4 or 5 years old).

  73. onecupin72 YEARSRSANDCOUNTING on

    Great win..

    does AO need a change of scenery ? Caps are on a treadmill to nowhere.

  74. fran
    “may have to” ask again?
    with this team, really?

    9:15 p.m. est HBO shows preview of 24/7

  75. nice win. hagelin looked good. woywitka is slow but makes good decisions, emminger makes way more mistakes then Woywitka.

  76. It’s funny how when you get a couple forwards call up and one of them is a kid like Hagelin who starts shooting the puck from everywhere but the bench all of a sudden the rest of the team starts putting the puck on net and a few of the guys struggling offensively step up. I hope it carrys over to tomorrow at MSG

  77. Mickey you have the 24/7 preview in about an hour on HBO. And A Charlie Brown Christmas is on demand if you have Cablevision : D

  78. Does anyone know anything about the coat drive tomorrow? Is it just a collection for kids or can you donate adult sized stuff too?

  79. I think it’s just for kids, James. But you can surely find a place to donate a coat if you have one or more for adults.

  80. HBO 24/7 is the best sports show running. That being said, I thought the preview sucked for the simple fact that the usual narrator was not speaking. The regular guy could make the behind the scenes of a pie eating contest seem like must see tv. Very disappointed.

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