Rangers-Panthers in review


First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you get to spend it with people who are more important to you than the Rangers are. Be thankful for what’s really important.

And here’s a little piece of info for you: The Winter Classic jerseys aren’t going to be white. They’re going to be a cream color, really throwback, no doubt with the thinner old-school  logo. I think I might like it.


1) Just sayin’ … if what the Rangers have done in the last two games is what they’re practicing, there’s a big, big problem.

2) Their shots on goal in the last six periods: 5-5-7-8-4-8, and that’s with the desperation of being behind for almost the entirety of both games. That’s another problem.

3) You cannot have a PP when four guys are standing still. And you cannot have a PP when three or more guys are above the circles. Especially when your overall skill level is low. The Rangers need some wrinkles on the PP, no doubt about it, maybe more of an umbrella, maybe some set plays. But it almost looks as if they don’t practice it or talk about it. And they do. All the time. That’s a problem.

4) That second Florida goal, that’s what you’re going to get with the GAS line sometimes.

5) There just isn’t much growl on the Blueshirts this year, not nearly as much as last year. Maybe it’s the pansification rules and the way the Rangers were burned by them early in the season. But last year that edge — the jam, the balls, as the coach said — was a huge part of the identity he always spoke about.

6) The Bahama Be-header is going to get a nice vacation courtesy of Mr. Shanahan. I imagine the Little Italian Kid from Norway will be joining the team in D.C. if they can figure how to get him in under the cap. If not, maybe Carl Hagelin or another rookie comes up.

7) I thought Brandon Dubinsky moved his feet better, delivered some good hits. Still not getting anything accomplished, though. Nothing.

8) And The Captain took a couple more dumb penalties, though the second one is a call that is really ruining the game of hockey.

9) I’m sure lots of people were thinking “There’s Avery” on that offensive-zone penalty. But that was truly an accidental penalty, nothing to do with discipline.

10) Anton Stralman didn’t show me anything special. I’ll wait to judge further.

11) Lots of empty-seat costumes in South Florida. Maybe they’d come to the rink if that asshat P.A. guy would stop shouting every syllable of every name on every announcement. Embarrassment.

12) Could they put that center-ice camera any further away? Do they know about the “zoom” button on the camera? And what a shame that the Rangers get one decent scoring chance in the entire first period (Stepan from Callahan), it’s shown from the Fort Lauderdale camera, and instead of a replay, we get force-fed yet another promo for one of those “Beginnings” re-runs.

13) I know they were singing Henrik Lundqvist’s praises and he was really, really good, and he gave them a chance to be in the game down to the final seconds and he stopped 36 shots, a lot of those on a pretty good power play featuring two excellent point men (Boom Boom Garrison and Ed Jovanovski). But I don’t think he was under siege all night long. And I don’t think the Panthers are one of the top teams in the league, despite their improvement. I thought this was a game the Rangers could win all night long, and didn’t do anything at all to deserve to win it.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Derek Stepan.
3) Marian Gaborik.


AP photos, above.


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  1. Morning

    Wow Carp, Point 3 is pur criticism on the Coach As you normally defend him:) i mean Special Teams in the NHL is Key to have success ! It also is Big question on Brad Richards as He was to Patrol the Blue line…..but in the few Games i have Seen live on the Computer i didnt See anything what Impressed me As well!

  2. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carp and Ranger fans, everywhere. Oh, yes, Happy Thanksgiving to the New York Rangers players and staff, too.

  3. Happy turkey day.
    Seems like the game got in the way of the holiday Florida vacation. Can’t wait for HBO to see who, if anyone is speaking up.

  4. the Rangers have 4 players that can be considered top 2 lines worthy. Richards, Cally, Gabby, and Stepan. after that you have a bunch of 3rd, 4th, and 5th line players. Boyle is a 4th liner, so is Prust. Anisimov is invisible. I want to believe Dubi is going to find his game, but it is getting worse and worse with him. Avery is just a waste of a roster space. Deveaux should never where a Ranger uniform again, he has no game to speak of. Fedotenko is a valuable player on a team with good scoring. right now the Rangers are not scoring, so Fedotenko is not offering much.

  5. Who`s the coach of the power play Sullivan ? The man should be ashamed and honestly now this has been this way for how many seasons now PLEEEEEZZ Dineen doesnt have much better players and look what he`s doing with them FIRE TORTS FIRE SULLIVAN FIRE SATHER oh yea FIRE DOLAN

  6. This team is awful! Can anyone on this team shoot the puck? How about hit the net…i know that’s pushing it

    Callahan, I know he has some goals but he’s starting to mold somewhat into a Sean Avery…that’s not good

    Brad Richards: Im not too impressed with this guy – he can shoot the puck (something most Rangers can’t do), but he misses the net an awful lot. Tell you the truth in many games this year he’s been invisible. How many times has he made the top 3 stars?

    Powerplay: pretty much a given they won’t score..so i don’t get too excited when they go on the pp. You are right this has been going on for years

    – defintely lost some jam..this team really doesn’t play like a team. Let me reiterate, Callahan, Mr. Captain, has been a big disappointment. Don’t tell me about his goals, either.

  7. To come off the Montreal game and show no improvement, not even in cerebral, decisionmaking on the PP is bad news. At least Stralman took a shot from the circle on the PO. Artie and Christensen were quite poor the last 2 games. We never seem to have the puck against fast teams. We don’t even look as Physical as last year. Well, we’ll see as we head up against much better teams than Florida and Montreal for a good stretch.

  8. Wouldnt be too bummed out. These are quick, pretty good-looking teams that have beaten us, and Rangers are totally out of sync – and missing parts.

    This team needs an infusion of speed & creativity and a RH’d PP shot downlow in the worst way.

    Zuc & Hagelin would accomplish the first two (and it’s long past the time to pair Boyle with some pure offensive players and get him going), but it’ll take a major trade for the latter.

    Prust was such a big part (of the ferocious physicality and the tempo that led to so many 3rd period comebacks last year) but isn’t a 3rd liner the way he’s playing.
    Not his fault, he’s not 100%, but the team has to come first.

    Dump Avery & the coach’s pet (EC), get Rupp & hopefully Staal back and this team will be better than good.

    Stralman appears a capable point man, which is more than they’ve had in ages.
    He crippled Garrison with a drive last night; once he calms down he should be fine.

    And it’s time to make some long term decisions on Dubi & AA, for heaven’s sake.

  9. Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving, boneheads!

    Spend time with your loved ones, be thankful for what you have. But don’t forget about many people who can’t afford, and do not have, what seems to be a necessity- food. Try to share, if you can:


    There are many, many more, of course…

  10. Rod,
    I agree with you on Dubi and AA.
    I am a big Dubi fan, but his play has been awful. I have never been as high on AA as some here. this is the 3rd straight season he has been invisible. I am having a hard time believing he is going to more than he is now.

  11. just like the rangers won 7 in a row I can see them easily losing 7 in a row, easy come and easy go. I’ve watched enough hockey games (eastern conference better teams) and it’s like night and day. The rangers at the end of the year will be fighting for the eight spot. Unfortunately nothing has changed under sather, yea, it’s nice sather finally built from within but what has he really built, nothing from what I can see.

  12. Carp: Your last bullet I agree 100% with. The Panthers simply out-worked the Rangers and clearly deserved the W.

    I know it’s blasphamous and really even though I would have been excited had it happened, I’m okay right now that they didn’t tie it up, only to lose it in OT or the SO and escape with a point.

    Also, it’s time, I think, to put Dubinsky where his talent level says he should be: Centering the 3rd line. That would allow BB to be bumped to the 4th line, where I think he belongs. Bring up MZA and let him play the wing opposite to Callahan with Richards centering. I think the latter has had some unfair criticisms when really the problem has more to do with the fact that he is playing with 2 complimentary 2nd line wingers. By that I mean both Dubi and Cally (especially the former) are effective 2nd line wingers when the other winger is skilled. Last night Richards weaved his way into the FLA zone several times but neither Cally or Dubi were ever open.

    Richards needs someone with the ability to play give and go – dish off the puck and find an opening to get it back. Neither Dubi or Cally have the passing skills to do this with any regularity. MZA does. Bring him back up, put him the wing with Richards and bump Dubi and his 1 measily goal (in 18 games!) to the 3rd line.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for a wonderful online community where I can discuss our beloved Rangers.

    Can’t comment on the game, but I can say this: The Muppets was certainly not a loss!

    The best way to describe it is that it’s just a feel-good movie, no matter who you are. My internal warmth and fuzziness carried over into this morning! If you don’t leave the theatre smiling, you’re probably a Devils fan.

  14. How can a coach put Dubinsky AND Christensen on a PP unit at the same time and expect results?

  15. And don’t look now but the Rangers are in a 3-way tie for 8th and 4 points out of sitting 14th overall in the east. Yes, they have some games in hand with a few teams, but if you don’t win them, it’s meaningless.

    WIth the Caps, Flyers and Pens upcoming, things could be really ugly in a couple of weeks.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families.

    Let’s all calm down. We lose 2 after winning 7 and all of sudden everyone says we suck. There are always factors that go into regular season winning and losing streaks like who you play and when you play them.

    There were a lot of up and down comments about this amount of days off between games when we were winning and guess what, the people who thought it would hurt us were right. The team has looked flat in the last 2 games. Let’s get back to playing a normal 3 or 4 games per week before deciding to plan a parade route or jump off a bridge.

  17. Happy bird day to all. I hope you enjoy whoever you spend the day with.

    I guess I missed nothing by missing the game last night. Thanks for the recap Carp. I mentioned a few weeks back that they need someone to coach the powerplay.

    I like Torts but I don’t think he is a teaching coach. He needs skilled players who can make him look good and if you make mistakes (MDZ last year) I don’t think he coaches to fix it I think he intimidates and brings someone else up to see what they can do.

  18. It’s very rare I cut Sather a break but I have to say, how could anyone blame him for not knowing Dubinsky (24), Anisimov (18), Boyle (21), Prust (13) and even Fedotenko (10) all wouldn’t score?

    Promote Hagelin, Zuc, make a deal and wait for Kreider, who is a man against boys right now at BC.

    Then we’d see what the coach really think offensively.

    Torts never had to coach offense in TB, because Vinny, St Louis and Richards could all fly.

    But for now I’ll give Torts the benefit of the doubt (excepting his ridiculous man crush on EC) that he sees the cycling really as a puck-possession defensive posture because he knows he doesn’t have the horses upfront.

    Then again, it as him who couldnt find Zuccarello minutes, though he sure finds them for Christensen!

  19. it’s time for Sather to do his magic and make a trade or two and bring in some #1 offensive talent to go with Richards.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…I’m thankful for many things (friends, family, soon-to-be-wife) and one of them is being a Rangers fan and knowing I belong to a special group of die-hards who live and die with every win and loss.

    that being said, I can’t dwell too much on how poorly the Rangers are playing right now. I honestly feel that if the coaching staff is supposedly drilling it into these men that they have to shoot the puck more and move around more, etc…and then as soon as the game starts they stand around and/or refuse to shoot (or miss the net by 5 feet)…well, that’s an indictment on the coaching staff and how much respect the players have for them.

    It’s time to shake things up. Dubinsky needs 4th line duty…he’s been nothing short of atrocious ever since his significant wrist injury incurred while signing that contract.

    Christiansen contributes nothing…keeping him in the lineup in the hopes you make it to a shootout is no longer feasible.

    I doubt Torts will make any significant changes. It’s not his style. He’d rather stay the course and hope it works out. But two games now of horrifically inept play and the warning signs are back of just how weak this team is offensively.

    That being said…I hope they get these stinkers out of the way before I’m at the game on Saturday.

    Section 334…Row A…I’ll be there with my Messier jersey on (the old white home one) while my bride-to-be wears my blue Graves jersey.

    And for that…i’m grateful. :-)

    Enjoy the day, everybody. Eat, drink and be merry!! And Be Safe.

  21. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my beloved Boneheads and to our blogfather Carpy! If any of you are traveling, please be safe!!

    Carp, I tell you every year, but you are the best, and I appreciate all you do!!!

    You guys make it easier to take these horrific losses, and also make the wins sweeter!
    I hope all you guys have a loving, laughter filled, memorable day with your families and friends, and remember some wacky chick in Huntsville Alabama loves ya! Food coma time!


  22. Blogfather is Not enough, He is the blogking deserves to have the biggest turkey in all over NY Today:)

  23. Carp, thanks for the recap. Your objective analysis, the morning after the night before, is always as welcome as that first cup of coffee.

    As people have noted here before, Callahan, in spite of a decent number of goals doesn’t seem like the same player. I’m beginning to think that the captaincy of the Rangers is jinxed or that the burden is too great; since the lock-out ended, the Rangers have played their best hockey when they had no captain, just alternates (notably the first year with Jagr and his crew, and last year when Drury missed most of the season). I say keep everyone, just trade the captaincy, or give it to Christenson ’cause it might help him!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving all! Thank you Carp for all you do. Thank you to all the boneheads for being great friends!!!

    Happy belated birthday, Orr!

    “I imagine the Little Italian Kid from Norway will be joining the team in D.C. if they can figure how to get him in under the cap. If not, maybe Carl Hagelin…”

    YAY! About time!!!

  25. Looks like the bubble is bursting. I was worried about the emotional ride that 7game win streak did to many of you. Now return to early season form filled with lethargy. It would seem the Rangers got their tryptophan on way before the rest of us. Hopefully we will give thanks to upper echelon talent by season’s end.

    Happy Thanksgiving! LGR! LGR!

  26. Mister Delaware on

    Who in Hartford has the most balls-jam with Newbury suspended? Gotta figure that guy is getting at least a one game call up for Philadelphia. Can’t face them with Avery and Sauer tasked with all of the no gloves messiness.

  27. what i am thankful for today is that the rangers dont play today.

    i wont let them ruin my day today.

    this team freaking sucks. i could deal with losses but when you never have the puck and get pinned in your own zone time after time its hard to watch or accept.

    have a good day all.

    starting to crack open my first drink at 12.

  28. I don’t understand the fascination with a 5’7″ 150 lb guy who has never proven anything other than one decent season on the big ice in Europe. He’s got 3 goals in 11 games in Hartford. If you can’t light up the AHL forget the NHL. I think the guy to recall is John Mitchell who has been in the NHL before with the Leafs and has some size. Put him in front of the net on the PP and let’s see if can generate something.

  29. eric, lmao at “this team freaking sucks” and then trying to sell two tickets in the very next comment. Hope you are not in sales. LOL.

    Thank you, everybody, for your Thanksgiving thanks. I am thankful for all of you, too.

    Buff, I am going to have to settle for the biggest turkey in Connecticut today. Not Trumbull. Not Hartford.

    HWirth, do you mean Willie Mitchell?

    Trade everybody! Good morning, Sally! Enjoy the day, kids!

  30. As for the obligatory panic after 2 losses. As Bill Parcells once said “You are never as good as you look on a winning streak and never as bad as you look in a losing streak”

    With that being said, with the way the NHL standings are a good weekend vs. Washington and Philadelphia and they move right back up the charts.

  31. Carp – I would love Willie Mitchell who is a UFA at the end of this year but it’s doubtful that will happen. So I’ll have to settle for John, who at least is leading the Whale in scoring. Plus, I still can’t get out of my head the game I was at in Toronto a few years back when he scored 2 third period goals to beat Hank on rockets.

  32. Brian Boyle is the least productive forward on this team by a wide margin. I understand he’s got size and had a nice season last year but he’s total dead weight at the moment. He’s making every line he plays with worse at the moment. I can see letting him kill penalties, but aside from that, he’s done nothing to warrant ice time at the moment. Having a guy out there with the game on the line who’s generating one point less than every 60 minutes is just crazy.

  33. Paul in Sunrise on

    Stayed through two inept periods; left; found my car right away; could not take watching the third; spared OT/SO.

    Bring on the next game. Can only get better…or worse…

    Playoffs, youre not talking about playoffs… Jim Mora

    They were who we thought they were… Dennis Green

    Anymore great football quotes that apply to these guys?

    Carp – you think we are going to get some cream version of the Ferguson sweaters for WC?

  34. thought dubi was lost.

    PP is a joke. forcheck most of the season has been absent. they oonly generate offense from the forcheck.

  35. Carp you have crritized the Coach in the Morning for Not fixing the Powerplay :)
    You remember ? Did you See that fantastic Goal by THomas Holmstrom last Night, that Beautiful deflection of a Shot by LIdstrom. Those are the Kings of a Powerplay, it was Heck of a Goal
    Cant Imagine they wont practice and what a Hand-Eye-Koordination !

  36. Happy Thanksgiving to you Carp and all of the RR readers. I hope you all have a great day. I wish you happiness and health with friends and family.

  37. Paul in Sunrise on

    You play to win the game…


    Herm Edwards.

    Guys – anyone who thinks there is an answer in Hartford for the scoring woes is wrong. That player (insert your best guess/favorite) is IN HARTFORD and not in NY. If there was a legit scoring threat he would already be with the Rangers. Goal scoring fowards are a premium and very few get traded. Kreider will maybe be available for the playoffs as he is the only legit prospect in the system. Without sacrificing some young talented roster players, there is no answer coming soon. I like Dubi and AA. Problem right now is that without Rupp and even Wolski, Rangers have too many minor leaguers (EC, Deveaux) and marginal fourth liners playing too many minutes (yes 5 minutes with PP time is too many for EC). I like Avery, but he is a 3rd/4th line grinder that can give you a boost of energy once every few games. I like Boyle, but his value was never higher than last year at trade deadline (no Carp I am not a trade everybody guy but Boyle and his Cy Young season was pretty counterfeit). Feds is a complimentary player. Prust is a heart and sole guy, but someone mentioned it above, he must be hurt or the europansification of the game is just plain hurting the edge the team plays with. So unless you are willing to trade good young albeit 2nd liners then you won’t solve any scoring problems this year. I am not willing to just give up on AA who has improved every season, has great spead, great shot, and will hopefully get more consistent. I am not going to give up on Dubi, who is a solid two-way forward that maybe needs to be on the third line to take some of that pressure off. Its not like the Rangers are going to be able to acquire Toews, Kane, or Sharp; Pavelski, Heatley, or a Sedin.

    By the way, I dislike Crosby and the coverage as much as anyone, but if the Rangers had won that lottery pick, he would be my favorite Ranger. He can flat out play. But he is a byfuglien penguin so he can go hartnell himself.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  38. I’m not discouraged at losing these last two games. I’m discouraged at the way we lost. These games really get me thinking that, more than anything, that the coaching staff is just as much to blame as the players. Two points:

    Scoring is a problem. We don’t shoot enough. We don’t hit the net when we do shoot. More than enough days off to get this message through to the players and practice. How many shots last night? How does Prust not shoot on a 3 on 1 even though the defender is clearly playing the pass and there’s a clear lane to take a shot and create a rebound for two players going to the net? How can the alleged “scoring talent” stand around on a power play after “practicing” for the past three days? Is this team stupid?

    Puck possession – If we could divide possession time into three segments:
    1. Rangers
    2. Opponents
    3. In dispute
    How much time do we clearly control the puck and hold on to it? How many times are we dumping the puck into the neutral or offensive zone and then chasing it? The system this team plays is a big problem.

    Games have been increasingly boring and frustrating to watch for these reasons.

  39. Also, to Paul, criticizing Boyle is totally justified. He is the least productive forward on the team. It’s not a debatable issue. Until he starts putting up points, he’s not worthy of 14-15 minutes/game.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    HW – I agree. The rangers need to call up John Mitchell, the former Attorney General under Richard M. Nixon. He brings jam and balls. The little Italian fella hasn’t done much to deserve a call up.

  41. Devo showed last night why fans of tough hockey think he is a punk and a spot picker,to borrow Miamis line,total bush-league.

    To borrow another RR greats line,you gotta want it,and the Rangers are playing like they couldnt give a carcillo less.

  42. Mister Delaware on

    Same on rooting for the suspension. If some borderline 4th liner took out one of our 1st liners with a blatant elbow, we’d want blood.

    You know what I’d like to see when the Woj Toy comes back? Boyle centering him and Avery. Wolski seems to be a contagious effort guy and those two are guaranteed to work if nothing else. Could click.

  43. “He got Daffny right between the eyes”

    Hope they show one of my fav episodes, where Felix cross-examines Oscar.

    “I think I speak for this entire courtroom when I say you make me sick, get off the stand! “

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    Our family is having another one of those old fashioned Holidays. Mother would put out this magnificent feast and invite the entire family, neighbors and guests over for dinner. Back then we were kind of poor so instead of plates, everyone was given a large size can to put all their food in. You could take anything you wanted but when your can was full, you had to go and sit down and eat. It was Mother’s way of making sure that every one got served. We continue to do it the same way every year. So here’s wishing all of you a Happy Mother Full Can Thanksgiving.

  45. Leetchhalloffame on

    It’s time to send Deveaux down, waive that waste EC and give Hagelin a shot with the big club. Not that I think Hagelin is the cure all, but the lack of offense on this team is frightening. Perhaps ole Slats might get off his Kim Kardashian rump and make a little trade?

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Happy T day. Eat drink and be merry…

    Time to reconnect b rich with gabby and step and put Artie with dubi and Cally. I like arties potential, but he has zero, I mean, ZERO jam. He is very easily pinned against boards and unless gabby is creating open ice, he is not adding value. I know he racked up some pts on winning streak, but how many were secondary assists on step and gabby.

    Dubi is loafing, in fact, he and MDZ, Prust, and Boyle may be spending too much time out on the town. Once you saw Prust on page six and dating models, you knew it was a different team.

    This is a 6-10 place team with a very good goalie. If the new rules prevent jamming, it could be closer to 10 than 6.

    The 3rd pair was really bad last night and mcmonster is having some ordinary games.

  47. Agreed you are what your record says you are and right now, the Rangers record has them in a 3 way tie for 8th in the east (or 10th in the east, depending on your perspective).

    That, I’m afraid, is more indicative of the Rangers (as opposed to say, 4th in the east).

  48. CT, I’m not surprised at those numbers. Unless we can increase our possession time with the puck and get more shots on net our stressed defensive corps (including LQ and Biron) will break down as the season progresses. “The best defense is a good offense”. I also think, as others have noted in various ways, that we have too many grinders (3rd & 4th liners) and not enough scoring threats (top six).

  49. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Figures they’d lose on my b-day! Sucks that they played like garbage again, but, I’m not too worried. I don’t know what Deveaux was thinking, throwing that elbow!

    How aboot those Brewins? 10 game winning streak! Aha, Aha, Crazy!

    Thanksgiving FTW! I plan to gain some weight today!

  50. Wow, what a bunch of idiots over there, thinking Deveaux was sent out to injure Fleischmann. I mean, first of all, wouldn’t you target somebody who actually matters? Second, what was the score at the time of the foul? Do you think the Rangers really wanted a five-minute PK at that point? Yeah, I guess with all their scoring, they figured they could give up a few more goals and still come back and win.

    This is why there shouldn’t be hockey below the Mason-Dixon line.

    Oh, and right, they called up the goon several weeks ago just for this game in Sunrise, and to injure Fleischmann, who they probably thought was still in Washington. So the actual plan was to injure him tomorrow.

  51. Greetings & Happy T-giving to all.

    What in holy hell is going on with our boys??

    Anyway – off to Del Boca Vista Phase IV for a little chow.

    Fire Sather!!!!

  52. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    Lol at everyone overreacting to a couple of clunkers when their schedule called for two road games in the span of seven days.

    This team will be fine once they get in the rhythm of playing a normal schedule. They have played the least amount of games in the league I believe. Once they catch up and have a steady stream of games, they will get their legs.

    Maybe my favorite holiday is giving me optimism. I don’t know. Nevertheless, LGR and HT!

  53. Heave

    You’re singing my song….I’ve been moaning about this system for several years now, prior to the arival of these august gents who are looking for a clue.

    It’s in the system. It’s in the coaching ( or lack thereof).
    Avery is the least of their problems. and so is EC…..it’s from a much higher level. They simply do not know how to execute, how to finish. And they are seldom IN A POSITION to score. Watch the gifted shot makers, the
    Kessels, the Jagrs, the real shooters. They are in position to always; or nearly so, to take advantage when other teams
    errs, and make it pay off.

  54. last year we needed BRich to go with Gaborik…this year we need someone to go with BRich? interesting…

    i am trying to cut them some slack because of the days off they had which might have put them a bit out of sync but isn’t having days off and time to practice is what supposed to help your team? i’m lost…

  55. HW

    Weren’t those John Mitchell goals against Valiquette, not Lundqvist?

    Probably close to the only thing Mitchell ever achieved in an NHL uniform too. He might well do a job in the bottom six, but that’s not really what the team is lacking, is it? The bottom nine have the bottom six spots covered.

  56. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I think I wished you happy birthday earlier this week, but belated wishes to you anyhow. I sent you some schweddy balls in the mail!!!

  57. Happy Turkey Day, gang!

    May your turkey be juicy, your potatoes not lumpy and your pumpkin pie delicious.

  58. bloated gut;check
    sweatpants on;check
    Al Bundy-esque right hand down the front of sweats;check
    sailor jerry and cherry coke;check
    football game to nod out to;check
    all systems go!

    happy thanksgiving Boneheads!

  59. I ate the turkey and all that stuff hours ago. I’m already on desert, and stomach pains! I got B&J’s in the freezer, which everyone is asking aboot. I had to put my name on it, so everyone knows not to fuggin touch! I’m tempted to put together some kind of “Goonies” type booby trap so these people don’t get any ideas!

    “Al Bundy-esque right hand down the front of sweats;check”

    Whoaaaa Bundy! That’s what I’m doing!

  60. Morg

    Oh I am doing all of the above and more ;) I’m just so sad that turkey is gone already…

    Gonna go see new Martin Scorsese movie “Hugo” at 9PM on 42 street

    Btw, morg…do you still want those CD’s I promised to make for you a while ago? lol

  61. yes dangit,thought you were mad at me,didnt want to bring it up,ha!

    thanks CCCP!

    ORRsy,you get anything good for your bday?
    and,which do i want COD MW3 or new Batman? ,both?

  62. Happy Thanksgiving to Carp and all those
    who visit this site!!

    (i’m much calmer today. maybe it’s the tryptophan)

  63. maybe Dubi hits the press box?

    Boyle Aves Prust get fourth line demotion?

    lets get the line combo jamboree goin!

  64. Dublowsky needs to take a seat.

    Myers gets scratched by Buffalo, he comes back with a two goal game.

    Okposo gets scratched, comes back scoring his first two goals of the season, and adding an assist.

    This kid looks lost offensively. He’s not getting paid for his responsible defensive play. He needs to be one of our top scorers! Give him a seat for a game. Then he comes back against the Flyers. Perfect!

    Interesting that Torts is passing up MZA. Does he hate him???

  65. Gross suggests it has to do with cap hit,but Zuccs hasent really set the world on fire this season,while Hagelin is second or third on the whale in goals,and Mitchell is the leading scorer.

    and yea ORRsy,i think Dubi needs a big ass slice of humble pie,dude thinks his roster spot is a lock,and he straight SUCKS this season.

  66. Happy Thanksgiving to Carp and all the Boneheads! I hope everyone had a great day spent with family and friends.
    Happy belated birthday Orr!

  67. i mentioned this last night,but the piles solidified their place in the ,joke of a franchise, category with those high school style 3rd jerseys!,OMBG!

    who is resposible for that?must be a Rangers fan.

    aha aha i like when piles look stoopid!

    shoulda stuck with the Stan Fischler -gorton fishermen ones!

  68. the man upstairs knows that Suh didnt mean to stomp him. Just like Chris Simon didnt try to take off Ryan Hollweg’s head…

  69. Mmmm…eat today around 2 PM….about to go for round 2 in a little bit….so I saw this:

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    #NYR have recalled forwards Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell from @CTWhale

    Yup, Torts obviously hates Zucc. ;)

    We just don’t have the space. One way to look at it is they don’t have the cap space because of Dreary’s buyout….

    Plus, he nothing more than a novelty to many Rangers fans…sigh…

    Seems he would have to be as good as St. Louis or Gionta right away or he is automatically garbage to NYR fans…I just think the Rangers are being patient with him and patient with guys like Boyle, Dubi, and Artie…


    When would it be right time to “make a long term decision” on Dubi? Where do the Rangers see him in 2 years? What is his role on this team? I have my doubts that he can be a _consistently_ good 2nd line player. And that includes his “MVP” season last year….IMO, he just doesn’t bring it the same way every night….and when he doesn’t score, it seems to really wear on his game…and he’s pretty decent defensively but that’s not why he’s paid the big bucks…

    just one man’s opinion…

    Since Artie is younger and has shown a lot more natural skill and offensive ability than Dubi, I can be a lot more patient with him…

  70. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    convinced me, trade dubi now!!

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