It’s Go Time!


Game 18. First of three in four days for ya boys.

Fifth of 14 straight against Eastern Conference opponents. It’s a 7:30 starter.

Expecting Anton Stralman to make his Rangers debut and get some PP point time. That means Jeff Woywitka is prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal.

As you’ve seen or heard, Marc Staal, Mike Rupp and Wojtek Wolski are all on the trip (which concludes Friday in D.C. before a Saturday homer against the philthy Flys. None are close to returning, by the way.

You’ve also probably heard that the Rangers will unveil their white Winter Classic jersey on Monday at 4 p.m.

Party at Tim Whatley’s tonight. We’re going to be watch them blow up the Thanksgiving Parade balloons. That Woody Woodpecker, he’s an agitator.


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  1. watching the B’s baby bfs game for any sign of testicular fortitude,none so far but looch is on the ice now!

  2. Morg, you’re right, bad attitude..

    Interesting to see another Swede on the team to day. Hope he makes a decent appearance.

    And the Rangers will win if my stream is working, still unbeaten when sitting up late (3-0)


  3. Morg

    I’m cutting and pasting. But you can also use ALT+0197 for Å and ALT+0229 for å using the numeric keypad (though it seems to make pages jump on my browser). Or presumably you can buy a Europånsy keyboard instead.

    Seems to be called a Nordic A-ring.

  4. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Where’s ORR!?? Wanna wish that wild man a Happy Birthday. Gotta love that Facebook reminder, even though he forgot his password to that particular account lol

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CARPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Ilbzo!!!!

  6. BYFUGLIEN Center Ice!!

    stuck with the stupid panthers

    anyone reading this
    PLEASE update with any interesting info
    from MSG broadcast


  7. PRUST!!!
    after practices SCREAMING to SHOOT
    and you PASS

    sit on the bench and think about what you did!

  8. if that was anyone other than Prust everyone would want them in the doghouse….that was a bad play by Prust. pretty lucky that the Panthers didnt score there.

  9. i know Girardi is playing a lot of minutes
    it’s really
    making jpg angry
    that he keeps screwing up
    shooting puck out of the zone.

    5th time at least

  10. after 20 games you know what will be called and what wont. was there any reason for callahan to go and hit him a second time which started that whole thing? no. stupid penalty.

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i hope this is not gonna be another display like the Montreal game… i have some cooking to start lol

  12. besides the commercial time out, can we have another time out, to get their heads together?

  13. we’re looking the isles
    when they play someone other than
    the Rangers

    yeah, i’m in a bad mood already
    and i said it!

  14. actually
    it looked as if Cally and Dubi
    threw elbows
    on the panther player

    surprised that panther didn’t get
    a roughing as well

    then again
    the panthers broadcast is so dark
    i’m lucky to figure out that the Rangers
    are in white

  15. did the team have their Thanksgiving meal already? triptophan kicking in, why they are lethargic?

  16. Why do I have the sickening feeling that we are not going to be too happy when this match is over?

  17. Lin, well, you’re lucky you can pay for something that actually shows the Rangers, not so here in Norway….

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol morgy! it’s only the two of us, so we’re not going crazy this year with too much food.

  19. at least Stralman took a shot from the point
    and if anyone paid attention
    maybe they would have moved towards a


  20. yes CT
    i blame Girard (in part)
    for the goal against
    he had to get puck out of zone
    but it was weak
    and kept in for a faceoff
    in our zone

  21. >>shooot!we are making threeormore look like Wah!

    Rangers will make him look like one-or-fewer, for sure.

  22. ? ÐÐË?ËÑËР? on

    Think Cally was trying to lift the emotional level of the game (same as a Prust fight, in theory) good idea, poor execution

  23. Somebody send a twitter message to MSG about the camera being half a mile from the ice, and tell them to ZOOM the byfuglien in. And see if they put up that on their freakin’ twitter messages.

  24. i know we’re losing 1-0
    i know we look like the team ate
    nothing but turkey all morning and afternoon
    i know that we look like we paid ZERO ATTENTION
    to the past 2 practices of SHOOT THE PUCK!
    but really
    aren’t we supposed to be talking about cindy
    and how many goals he’s scoring tonight?

    (brought to you by the legal team of Snark Snark & Snark)

  25. someone tell me when the game starts again, i couldn’t deal with the Panthers broadcast anymore so changed the channel

  26. MickeyM
    i’ve been listening in silence
    not total silence
    can’t help but yell at the screen

    at least the boston/buffalo game
    reminds me of what REAL hockey looks like
    by BOTH teams

  27. The MSG150 – 50 seconds of two-day old Crosby update that everyone has seen already to go with the usual 100 seconds of Pidto-failure.

  28. On PP, yeah guys without the puck have to move but you also see way too much of guys holding the puck too long and not moving while doing so

  29. I think Tortorella is good coach but his philosophy towards fixing the PP is ass-backwards.

    You don’t split your best offensive players into 2 units, you play the best 4 forwards with the best offensive d-man.

    That means Stralman, Gaborik, Richards, Stepan and Callahan. Why Dubinsky and his stone hands are on the first unit and Richards and Gaborik are separated is beyond me…

  30. Olgå Folkyerself on

    Did the Rangers have 5 defensemen out there? That looked like Renney’s 5 in the picture.

  31. ok Carp
    so Stepan (supposedly) has
    Hockey IQ

    and i’ll even give you Richards

    ummm…..that’s about ALL i see from these players
    and i’m not too sure about the first two
    at this point

  32. Carp

    yes, you’re right that a team goes
    through some bad streaks
    after TWO practices and today’s meeting
    NOTHING but taking shots and going for rebounds
    and this is the ANSWER
    i feel VERY cheated tonight
    just a bit angry

  33. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Dubinsky leads the league in on ice time, literally he is always on the ice and i don’t mean skating.

  34. IQ Man

    i like that!

    thanks Carp
    i needed that smile!
    (goal helped a bit…we’ll see if they keep competing)

  35. did not read all the posts. the ranger announcers are clowns. you think florida is the guy lafleur canadiens.

    mcdonagh looking like crap, same with dubi.

    i like the prust 3 on 1 pass to christensen moron play.

    lucky the coach’s telling them to shoot more has paid off…………

    sleepwalking again, they cannot win unless they compete hard and forecheck……..

  36. feeling the negativity surging here again…this team is beginning to fail in a german bund auction sort of way. Three Named Talent here we come!!

    Bob, Pilgrims.

  37. Dubinsky cannot be on the same PP unit with Gaborik and Richards. He just doesn’t have the hands…

  38. feeling the negativity surging here again…


    You don’t have anything to do with that now bob?

  39. i love Dubi, but wtb is he doing on the ice 99.9999999999 percent of the time?! he’s clueless out there.

  40. tell me that the panthers are number 1 in the league
    and i’ll shut up but
    once again we make it look like they have
    one man more than us on the ice


  41. so they don’t call the trip on Anisimov, but call a trip on a Panther player who looks like he is taking a rest on Deveaux

  42. MickeyM

    I don’t get it either. Every time the puck comes to him on the PP he either can’t handle the pass or he tries to play like its 5-5

  43. nice play by devaux you moron.

    stupid stupid penalty. way to lose the game for the team. shrewd move einstein…

  44. So let me ask this;

    The PP sucks right now but Tortorella insists on playing Dubinsky AND Christensen during the man advantage… the same time.

    Can someone tell me what I am missing?

  45. Seriously, if a Panther gets a penalty check out Donnie Walsh in the Florida penalty box.

    The Little Italian Kid from Norway should start heading to Washington right now.

  46. maybe the xanax that Avery passed out to everyone before the the game will wear off by the start of the 3rd

  47. Well Devaux is useless anyway so his suspension will actually force them to call up Zuccarello.

    Who knows maybe Torts will finally give him a real chance…

  48. N.CountryNYRFan on

    can the style of the Rangers have even be considered hockey??? It’s like they invented a new game, lets play keep away by playing the puck along the boards only. Player who does least with the puck wins. Yay!!! Let’s Go Lamegers!!!!

  49. Jimbo, I don’t even think there’s a little doubt. They called it a match penalty, which means deliberate intent to injure, according to the referees.

    Clemenza: “Oh, Andre, you won’t be seeing him no more.”

  50. N.CountryNYRFan on

    “rotating pucks behind the net” . yeah that sounds like a winning strategy WTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout shooting the puck at the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Put Zucc in and demote The Glider to the 3rd/4th line, would be nice to see Cally-BRich-Zucc spinning around and maybe actually pass the puck to each other.

  52. Deveaux will be suspended as surely as wicky will claim pånsification and blame Fleischmann for putting himself in a vulnerable position.

  53. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the Rangers do so much cycling and nothing else. it feels like i’m watching the Tour deFrance and just as boring!!!!!

  54. Oy!! Thanks, Carp. I’m at my GF’s place for the holiday, and this old computer is acting its age, which is ancient….

  55. That game between B’s and BUF looks like a wild and wooly one…I can’t see it here, unfortunately…..

  56. Sometimes you get the idea that Keenan doesn’t even believe the crap he’s spewing … or that he’s watching his first hockey game.

  57. Ouch! I just saw the Devo hit……it looked absolutely intentional to me, unfortunately….and it will to Shanny, too.

  58. These guys should just board the plane …

    I can’t believe I’m here in person watching these clowns put up ELEVEN shots on goal (FOUR glorious ones in the second).

    Complete amateur-hour.

  59. *ANY* game with The Skid in it from now on is the game of the night – didn’t you get the memo?

  60. yeah, and Iron Mike said it was a huge momentum swing killing the five-minute PP. Yeah, can’t you feel the momentum?

    Miami? Can you feel it in the building?

  61. Hi Linda!

    Im back on hstreams dont tell anyone.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone especially all Rangers fans!

  62. i knew i should have contacted someone in vegas
    to be against us tonight

    don’t we usually drop a turkey
    around turkey day?

  63. Do you think this is why B.Rich took less to go to the Rangers, so he could play with Prust and Feds?

  64. >>>really
    don’t we usually drop a turkey
    around turkey day?

    You could set your calendar on it!

  65. boy do we make EVERYBODY
    look like speed skaters.

    only Gabby and Avery look like
    they’re bothering to skate tonight

    and ohyeah
    Mr. IQ himself

  66. you get hit in the face.
    get off the ice!
    don’t lead a rush when there isn’t one!


  67. No matter how the score ends up here, the Rangers same old nemesis is killing them once again: Crappy PP and lack of offensive overall. Both have to be fixed or it’s no top 4 for this team. I like the combo and Stepan and Gabbie, so that shouldn’t change, at least for the next little while (ie 10 games+). Richards clearly is skilled, but he’s playing with 2 complimentary 2nd liners – that is, neither Dubi or Calli are true 2nd liners, IMO, at least not at Richards skill level.

    This to me means it’s seriously time to consider recalling MZA and putting him on the wing with Richards and putting one of Dubi or Cally back to the 3rd.

    The other possibility is to drop AA to the 3rd, move up Cally and have a 2nd line of Richards/Dubi/MZA.

    Bottom line for me is that you go 0 for 5 on the PP, you don’t deserve a W.

  68. Oy…another penalty!….I tell you, without Hank playing great tonight, the score could be 6 or 7 to 1…….

  69. seriously
    have we had a C minus
    power play at any time
    after the post-lockout year
    when Jagr put the team on his shoulders
    and got us to the playoffs?

    absolutely horrible
    and getting beyond words terrible

  70. Can’t we trade for that Turris kid, we usually do strange deals with PHX, or isn’t he good enough?

  71. wow! an actual pass to get out
    of our zone
    but that kind of success
    to continue is too much to
    ask as we shoot puck into
    panther zone and give it away

  72. Can’t argue with the PK effort…very impressive. Need more pure skill, however.

    Seriously, if this Turris kid can be had for a reasonable trade, the Rangers need to pursue it.

  73. yeah Jim
    and you can watch Turis get Ranger Fever
    and over-pass
    not skate
    and be a bust
    until he’s traded to another team
    where he’ll blossom

  74. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    where would this team be without our 7th round draft pick of a goalie? HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN, I thank you every day for Henrik Lundqvist

  75. Less than 8 minutes to go in the 3rd and the Rangers with a whooping 16 shots on net and that with 10 minutes on the PP. Ridiculous, but more of the same.

    8th place will, once again, be a challenge….


  76. nah… Our Defense or running game wins. I like Tebow, But old Horsetooth will never put up with him if he cant pass.

  77. what’s with the silence about these absurd Callahan penalties? oh that’s right, everyone loves Callahan, he can do no wrong.

  78. lol@ makes my three pack of bath and bodyworks skin cream I got TBW seem like a lump of carcillo

  79. so that’s what a power play looks like
    so you don’t just shoot the puck around and
    around the boards

    good to be reminded

  80. now you know why Torts started
    Biron the other night
    because Hank was going to need to be
    his teammates
    are playing
    as if they are completely

  81. If this camera zooms out any further when the puck is near the goal, I might as well try and watch the game from here with a telescope.

  82. Looks like we have trouble with teams that actually skate and push the play. Puck pursuit isn’t so great when you are always pursuing and never getting the puck!

  83. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    seems like GameCenter is experiencing system wide meltdown… GARY, GET OFF SKIDS JOCK

  84. the 7 game winning streak is long gone after we lose to the caps flyers and pens it will be a 5 game skid and erase all that they did.

    get ready for game 82 again or maybe not

  85. >>seems like GameCenter is experiencing system wide meltdown…

    I hope the NHL is familiar with the word “refund”.

  86. Morg, I feel exactly the same way as you do – the Boneheads at least make the suffering seem less solitary…..

  87. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    so losing the feed was not a big deal after all…


    what happened to these guys! sheesh

  88. Another crappy crappy effort. henrik and the blind mice.

    dubinsky zero. i was going to say mcdonagh played bad but the bottom line they only gave up 2 goals.

    i like the prust no shoot 3 on 1.

    let’s review the penalties; some real einstein moves tonight. avery offensive zone stick nonsense, devaux a total moron move, callahan with 2 hooks for no reason.

    overall quite a game, the offense is clicking on all cylindars. crisp passing accurate shots, what more can you ask for. offensively this team is unwatchable. they cannot even generate any offense with the non existent forcheck… nice effort, now the busllsh-t comments from the players. it will be all cliche bull. cally is not doing much… dubi is not existent. boyle god can the guy clear the puck on the PK on occassion.

    effort D………..

  89. NO HOCKEY IQs!!!
    (except for Stepan)





  90. The mighty Rangers go down again.

    My boy Dubi isnt looking to score this year. hes just going to the right spot, never ready to get the puck. I am dissappointed.

    Boyle? please. fedotenko? neeeds to stand up on his skates.

    Well its tought to beat a top team like florida I guess.

  91. Oh, and did AA dress tonight? Funny how the sarcasm about trading him popped up in here after he played well for 3 games. He’s disappeared once again.

  92. dubinsky an dAA have to play better if nopt this team is screwed…

    MDZ got more minutes because Mcdonagh had a lot of misplays in there own zone…

  93. onecupin72 YEARSRSANDCOUNTING on

    Fl is a reminder on how to build a hockey club. Never mind the high price FA.

  94. …. The panthers GM can put a better team together in one off-season then sather can in 10 yeArs.

  95. florida gets a guy who can shoot the puck on the PP garrison off the scrap heap but the rangers have no one who can shoot with any pace from the point.

    lucky bradley richards is really keying this dynamite PP…. richards is not exactly crosby that is for sure…

    all the talk should be about offense . the ranges are leagues top in GAA. this is all about improving the offense end the story………

    boyle has done zero thiis year, prust slightly better then zero, everyones favorite fedetenko if you think a 10 goal a year 3rd liner is greeat so be it.

    dubinsky has been horrible, he did zero tonight. did not seem engaged at all..stepan has been the best forward since gabby cannot bring it every night….

  96. LW3H you are correct. offensively this team is in a coma.

    almost no offense generated.. scary scary bad……

  97. Yeah, Morg, forget that there’s a global recession and unemployment is off the charts. Go out and get your significant other a nice $70,000 automobile for Christmas. They must think that Yankee Stadium season ticket holders are watching hockey now.

  98. Dismal effort. Out worked severely for 2 consecutive games now. Someone with the numbers 17, 42, 22 or 8 needs to be a black ace, and #40 needs to be sent to the Greenville Road Warriors. What a waste of a roster spot. Come on Hagelin and Borque…………get better fast.

  99. “Fl is a reminder on how to build a hockey club. Never mind the high price FA.”

    The same Florida team that was built by throwing money at seven or eight mid-range UFAs over the summer?

  100. rangers gave up 17 shots in the 3rd period.

    devaux will be suspended they should bring up Hagelin..

  101. Happy Thanksgiving Boneheads, and Carp, Thank You for this terrific blog. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  102. listen to Pidto, theodore came up huge!!!!!!!!!

    the rangers had 8 shots in the 3rd period…….

    give me a break…

  103. >>>that was MY Miracle of Thanksgiving, wasn’t it Jimbo?

    Sad to say, I think you’ve got the idea, Lin….. :-(

  104. Could one of you twitterers tweet MSG and let them know how annoying we find this Bill Pidto character?

  105. LW- except Hank. He’s shown up to play. Again, if anything was positive, with him in goal, they’ll have a chance most of the nights. Including tonight.

  106. long season, do not fit the panthers for there championship rings yet.

    rangers need more speed/skill end the story. if that is hagelin, kreider later in the season, or someone else. they cannot win consistently with all these plumbers… EC and WOlski are not the answer…

    prust and boyle and feds on a really good team make a great 4th line……avery looked horrible tonight. Am I allowed to say avery looked horrible or his fandom under 26 croiwd will go bananas…

    avery when not hitting guys on the forcheck is totally useless…

  107. Jim

    I’m aware of why the Panthers did it. Point still stands – they’re not a team that has been developed over a number of years for the most part.

  108. I saw this coming before MTL, thought it would be worse. But that was _before_ the MTL fiasco.
    Honestly, for a team that does not have elite skill I’m surprised it has done as well as it has because it doesn’t play with emotion either. I said something the other day about good teams winning the face of prosperity this team will piss away its games in hand no doubt. Really, have at these guys because they deserve it. I’m tired of sticking up for these clowns.

  109. anybody see Anisimov? when are we going to see that potential met? maybe Prust, Boyle, and Dubi can all twitter about how the game went. MZA? when is the last time Cally hit somebody.

  110. LW: True, but FLA still has a long way to go. However, they are brimming with prospects – the team we saw tonight is one that is well coached and has only a few of those prospects. I don’t expect them to continue at this pace (I mean, Kris Verteeg is on pace for a 50+ goal season), but what they are doing is setting the groundwork for future success.

    You build a hard working, winning atmosphere now and create a positive environment to introduce the bevvy of forthcoming talent.

    I’ve said it for years and will say it again: The best way to kickstart a rebuild is via bottoming out. Neil Smith and Glen Sather never grasped that concept, for whatever reason, and 5+ years of mediocrity has been the result. Of course, it’s not a guarantee but it’s clearly the best way to accumulate top end talent.

    Not saying the Rangers are doomed – just saying…

  111. Another game when the core of this team is no where to be found and in the Captain’s case he was found in the penalty box twice. It’s very simple with this team. When Dubi, Cally and AA aren’t going they look like a very bad team.

    As for the PP, just look at a guy like Garrison. His shot is a threat no matter if guys are moving around or not. That’s what Torts wants, which is nice, but there is no one in the entire organization that can shoot like a Garrison.

    Avery back to taking penalties and not making a difference. Deveaux – c ya in 3 games!

    I also don’t see how MZA is the answer by the way. He was’t exactly lighting it up 5 on 5 when he was here. At this point, a trade Turris isn’t the dumbest thing ever. He has talent (certainly more than Dubi) and in a different team with a different coach you never know.

  112. I know the Fire Torts crowd will reappear now, but what exactly more would you like him to do. He has no second line and Richards and Gabby are not clicking like they wanted. He puts Brich with Dubi and Cally and they disappear. He had the GAS line and AA has disappeared. And on the PP, you would try anything and anyone too if you had the choices he does. Whether or not they make a trade for top 6 is questionable based on what they might have to give up but they MUST get a real Point Man. If I go through the 13 games and their scoresheets tonight the Dman that scored or had their shot rebounded or deflected in would embarrass the NYR. Garrison – Erhoff and Chara – Weber in MTL – I won’t even get into DET – Yandle.

  113. Mickey, also an Odd Couple Marathon.


    The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves. Shakespeare.

    Nose Feliciano.

    La fortse del destino.

  114. czechthemout!!!! on

    Okay. I’ve said this before and i will say it again. You cannot win ing his league when forwards like feds,Boyle,Prust get second line minutes. Last year was a fluke for Boyle. He is once again what he is which is a fourth line center on pace for 4 goals.

    Dubi has been a tremendous disapointment to me. I have been one of his most ardent defenders.

    This team had not had a real point man since Leetch.

    How is it that EC is still in this league? The most waste of space I have ever seen.

    Deveux is a joke. He should never see the ice again.

    Bring up Hagelin!!!

    Bring up the Italian kid from Norway !

    18 shots on goal in a game is just not going to get it done.

  115. hi onecup!

    Nobody’s firing Art Vandelay. He did the addition to the Guggenheim. It really didn’t take very long, either.

    He also designed railroads. Engineers can also do that.

  116. ehornick Eric Hornick
    12 Eastern Conference teams played tonight- With 6 OT gms played — all but #NYR got points. #NHL

  117. Carp – You’ve been around the League long enough for a youngster :) what do you think they should about the OT and point situation.

    1.Would a 3 – 0/ 2- 1 (ot) scenario work? Team point totals would never be the same? 100 pt would mean little.
    2. Just have 2-0 for every game although skills competition impacts that too heavy.
    3. Ties? Can’t see it with the price of tix. most people want a result I’d think.

  118. Mine would be 2-0 for regulation and regular OT win. Then if Shootout 1 pt for winner 0 for loser. It’s the same 1 pt. differential as 2-1 but the skills comp. winner doesn’t get added benefit. It’s like for the winner and still a loss for the loser.

  119. devauex will be suspended so maybe hagelin could get a game or 2. lucky they let wiese go a big young guy with some speed. lucky they kept wolski and ec for the shootouts.

    defense and goaltending are very strong. need help up front plain and simple. prust did not shoot the puck 3 on 1, inexcusable.

    boyle is a plumber, he is always a beat behind. feds is a jan erixon on a good team, they have plenty of jan erixons they need more goals…………….

    hagelin, or bourque or someone who can have some speed and any skill. they only have a few guys who shoot the puck. dubi was in another world tonight… no rationale for how bad he is playing……..

  120. Lev, I think we should trade everyone for the 72 Habs. Even at like 70 years old they would be better than this team right now

  121. Was it as bad in person as it looked on TV, Miami? It looked like a very poor effort on TV…….

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