A few reminders


1) The Rangers will begin their annual coat drive Saturday. If you are going to any of the next three home games and can afford to donate, please consider doing so. Here are the details from the Rangers:


New York, November 23, 2010 – In the spirit of the holiday season and as part of an ongoing commitment to make dreams come true for kids in our area, the New York Rangers and Garden of Dreams Foundation will bring back the annual coat drive for the sixth year to benefit local children in the greater New York area.

Coat collection stations will be set up at Rangers home games on November 26, November 29 and December 5, and fans who bring new or gently used coats will receive a commemorative Rangers item in exchange for their donation. Each year a wealth of coats are also brought in from various rink partners in the tri-state area. This year there are 21 rink partners on board to help support the program. To find the nearest coat collection site, please visit:  www.newyorkrangers.com .

After the coats are collected, New York Rangers current players, alumni, and wives and significant others will help distribute them to the children at Garden of Dreams partner organizations, including Loisaida, Life Center and Children’s Aid Society where they will help the children  pick out their perfect winter coats.


2) HBO will air a 12-minute preview of the “24/7” series about the Rangers and Flys leading up to the Winter Classic, Friday at 9:15 p.m. The show will also be replayed many times. Here’s the sked from the NHL:

HBO replay schedule:                    HBO2 replay schedule:

All times are ET/PT.                          All times are ET/PT.

Nov. 25 (9:15 p.m.)                            Nov. 25 (5:40 a.m.)

Nov. 26 (12:00 p.m.)                         Dec. 8 (1:15 p.m., 8:45 p.m.)

Nov. 29 (12:30 p.m., 4:05 a.m.)        Dec. 11 (8:15 a.m.)

Dec. 2 (9:30 a.m., 12:30 a.m.)           Dec. 15 (6:15 a.m., 9:45 p.m.)

Dec. 4 (9:00 a.m.)

Dec. 6 (8:15 p.m.)

Dec. 9 (2:30 p.m.)

Dec. 12 (5:15 p.m., 11:30 p.m.)

Dec. 14 (7:00 p.m.)


3) A fellow named Michael Meyer is working on a documentary about the 1993-94 Stanley Cup run. I fear that my mug will appear on the film a few times (that’s a warning, not a threat). He is looking for any fans who have a special story about that season.

Now, please do not inundate him with crank calls or jibberish or mundane stuff about jumping around your living room. But if you think you have a special story to tell about your fan-ship that season, or about somebody you know, please email him at 1994stanleycupchampions@gmail.com.


4) The Rangers will unveil their Winter Classic jerseys Monday at 4 p.m. You can watch the live unveiling on the team’s web site.

The jerseys will be available for purchase starting Dec. 5.

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  1. maybe Torts figures that since we usually have a difficult time
    winning around Thanksgiving that he might as well
    see what the StrawMan can do on the pp.

    couldn’t hurt or will it?
    we shall see…

  2. 6) Carp, i can assure you’ll be very sorry you posted 3) very soon. I can just imagine the gibberish of all sorts, including: “Carp, you think I can tell him I was in the bathroom and missed the GWG? You think he’ll be interested in that?” I can only imagine who will be the first one….

  3. Stralman is a pansy. He has played 0 games. Grt on the ice, tough guy prove it. Europansy. Good call, LW

  4. if Corey Potter can be a regular on Edmonton, Matt Gilroy can be Tampa’s best defenseman, PA Parenteau can be a first line player in the NHL…well, then Stralman can play the point on the Rangers power play. its very logical.

  5. i know Florida signed a bunch of vets, but the main difference is they have a much better coach now. Kevin Dineen, that old Whaler. DaBoer is awful. Glad he’s behind the Devils bench now.

  6. well, if we’re not going to have our crease-clearing defenseman
    then maybe we can have our
    power play shot from the point that doesn’t miss
    the net.

    i can live with that…for the moment.

  7. So my reward for having to work tonight And all day tomorrow? Tickets to the game Saturday afternoon! First game since last years home opener. PSYCHED! Anyone else going? we can meet up. you can point to anything at MSG i’ll lift it up over my head!

  8. James G im goin Saturday as well…Carp, actually was gonna ask if u were gonna b there I wanted to stop by and say hello if possible

  9. hope that StawMan doesn’t get the ongoing
    Rangers affliction of NOT SHOOTING THE PUCK!!!

    funny how that works its way into the players minds.
    first game, McCabe took numerous shots from the blue line
    then barely did that in later games
    Richards did the same, although he’s been shooting a bit more
    MDZ has given up some opportunities to pass as well.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    Staal Wart, I was told that if I didn’t go to my English Final, on the right day, at the right time, I would be attending summer school. I opted for the not summer school choice… I would have been right up on the grandstand too. True story. Oh well! Summer school would have been hell. Without the parade, ’94 was still heaven :D

  11. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, I was just thinking that, if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup again in my lifetime, and they probably won’t, but if they do, I’m calling in dead to whatever it is I’m doing to go to that parade!

  12. I was there In 94 as a 9 year old screamin goin nuts bc my dad was sanitation and worked it I got front row and it was one of the best moments of my life…..i will b there WHEN they win the Cup again….

  13. Lev, WHATEVER IT TAKES! Lol ill only b 63 if they do the 54 year thing again….plus, livin to 150 means longer time on Earth wit my son…..cant complain bout that

  14. So, if the PP goes 0 for 3, it will definitely be Stralman’s fault. Also that idiot Torts’ fault for dressing him ahead of Woywitka, who is tied with Dubinsky in goals and one behind Crosby and Avery, and one ahead of Gomez.

    ilb, I warned him. God help him.

    Vibz and Staal and all, I’d love to hear your June 14, 1994 bathroom stories, etc. But if you really have a story to tell this guy, e-mail him, not me.

    And no, I probably won’t be at the game Saturday. State football championships this weekend. Plan to be there for Skid Sausage Tuesday, though, and bringing at least one coat.

  15. Good point NYR. I bet Stralman’s visor is tinted. What a stupid europansy. The lights are too bright. Waaaaaaahhh

  16. Fire Stralman before he skates! Or trade him….Second rounder? I’m 99% Bob Gainey will bite…

  17. Good one, Månnu.

    We should trade Stralman because his value is peaking. He’s being mentioned in the same sentence as Avery, for crying out loud…

  18. Carp I have the fiance tearing through the coat closet for anything in good condition that we don’t use.

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