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Just want to thank you guys for making the Live Chat a success.

Sorry it seemed I was ignoring some of your questions, but we were half an hour behind in the questions because of the sheer volume. Neither my brain or my fingers work that fast.

We will definitely be doing more of these.

Next time we’ll decide on a window from start to finish, and encourage you to ask questions early. Because we’re likely never going to have time to answer the ones asked later if this was any indication.

I also appreciated the g(j)ibberish thrown in there from time to time, even if not everybody got it. There was some puzzlement, for example, about why we were discussing Willie Mitchell. LOL.

Anybody who missed the insanity can scroll down to the previous thread and read through the entire two hours, or any portion thereof.

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  1. hey Carp!
    thanks again
    it was a lot of fun

    didn’t realize the lag time til my first question popped up.
    i think it was around 40-45 minutes at that time.
    you can answer some of the decent questions that weren’t answered
    in a future column here at Rangers Report.

    fill up some time when there’s multiple days between games

  2. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    Thank you Carp for doing it today, although one of my questions wasn’t really answered!

    Why WOULD Jerry bring anything?

  3. The early bonesters have seen this comment I made back a while ago about Kevin Dineen, when he was playing for the Hartford Whalers. and Milbury was with Boston. They came together in a fisticuffs posture (keep in mind difference in size between the two)……

    Dineen threw one solid shot to the jaw and Milbury hit the ice. His team mates had to steer him off the ice while holding him up. He was OUT of it. Dineen was always a scrappy guy when he played.

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