Gentle reminder: First of many Live Chats today at noon


We’re going for it, so have your questions and comments ready to go at 12 noon … lock your office door, or do whatever you have to do to make it look like your working while you’re spending time talking hockey.

I think you’ll be able to figure out how to ask questions or comment once we get going.

And let me know if you like doing this. We’ll do it often if it’s a hit.

The focus of today’s chat will be Sidney Crosby. Just kidding. We won’t talk about him at all … unless you guys want to talk about him.

You’re driving this bus.

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  1. Good Morning all. Will be there in Spirit Carp. If you don’t talk about #87 then I guess it will be all about #16.

    Have a great day.

  2. Some papers have already asked Avery (they just want him to mess up) about Crosby and do you think the referee’s are going to protect him? Just my opinion but they protected him before, and it will happen again. Hands off Crosby he’s a money maker, and expect the referee’s to protect him. Until I’ve seen otherwise this is what will happen.

    I know I posted a lot of stuff about Larry Brooks and Tort’s but occasionally he does say things at least worth thinking about. Christensen is on the 4th line doing nothing…..they don’t get enough ice time to take a dump on the ice never mind play hockey. So what if we brought up Zucc, and let him play with Chirstensen, and say Avery, or Boyle, or Prust. Whoever the coach would think would be reliable enough because the 2 of them play offensive style hockey. Interesting statistic brought up by Brooks, that Zucc has been, or was on the ice for 1 goal every roughly 9 minutes of PP. What are you doing coach?? We have the 4th worst PP in the league!! When are you going to say this doesn’t work. One of my beef with Tort’s is he won’t change things when they are broken. He has his players and won’t listen to anyone. He’ll change every line, every shift of every game, but won’t cut this kid Zucc a chance at the NHL. If you don’t like him, or you think he’s to small, or whatever his doubt is about the kid…..then let him go. The kid wants to play hockey. The kid wants to go home or be traded. Give him a chance and trade him for some no name 4th liner who you trust to play your defensive system. Either that or bring him up, and let him play on the PP. We need goals coach. Who that turned out longer then I thought it would LOL

  3. I’ve been trying to find that! I haven’t had it in a while! I will be getting B&J’s today. I just don’t know which to pick!

  4. Wow it wasn’t very good. They should have had a hockey stick break the ball taking a slap shot. That would have woke you up!!

  5. ORR you’re awake? Don’t pick anything – just get tons of pints. Don’t worry, you will finish them.

    24/7 is going to be really fun to talk about. Torts, Pronger, Anisimov speaking English. Classic.

  6. Once I watched a show on the Food Network where some host went to the Ben & Jerry’s offices and was inventing a flavor. It was awesome. I wanted that job so badly. People just hanging out and talking about iced cream and then being like, “hey let’s put banana chips with toffee and see what happens.”

  7. I have a big meeting at noon. Ah, I’ll blow it off. Even though I only know you through Moochie.

  8. Moochie’s dead, Johnny.

    Manny, Torts and Pronger speak English?

    Good morning, Sally!

    And for those who miss the chat, I think you can still scroll through and read the discussion later.

  9. Mannu, that’s what I’ve been saying all along to my bosses. I have a 24/365 live chat going. But they want to try this and say it has gotten great responses on our Yankees blog, which is like 10 times bigger than this one; and I know that Zip does these every week and his readers like it.

    So we’ll give it a couple of shots and see.

  10. Thanks, Carp. It’s like how I have been advocating for registration and live-updating on this message board. That would be a live chat all the time. I guess those Yankee NumbSkulls can’t “refresh” as well as Seven from AZ so they need a live chat.

    Don’t worry Carp – we will make it rule.

  11. Also, Carp – you can ask anyone. It’s not the size (of the blog) that matters. It’s the content. This content rules. That Yankees blog made me want to stab my eyes out.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    My favorite thing about 24/7 in terms of production is Liev Schreiber. I could listen to that guy read the phone book.

  13. Seriously, @CCCP@ ? Seriously. I will quote the *title* of this post:

    *Gentle reminder: First of many Live Chats today at noon*

    Finally the admonisher becomes the admonishee! Victory!

  14. CCCP,

    I can’t access fantasy sports from work and data reception on my iphone/ipad are spotty at best. Just let me know the trade request here.

  15. @CCCP@ that’s it! You + Me in the schoolyard by the merry-go-round at 3 PM. Don’t be late and don’t bring any weapons or cops.

  16. Hm, I think goaltending has been my team’s strength so far. Bryzgalov might be better at picking up wins over the long run, but in pretty much all other categories Rinne is the better goalie. And I don’t know if Cole evens up the difference between the two. I’ll need to check out your roster and see if there are other players I’d consider.

  17. That’s a bit more intriguing. That might help balance out my lack of production from Evil Eric Stauhl.

  18. Any opinions on Stralman? Or should we stick to Jeff Woywitka.

    Side note: Can’t wait to face Jose Three-Or-More tomorrow night!

  19. the schedule maker may have been drunk when they did the schedule.

    man the islanders suck, i thought they were moving in the right direction.

    boston looks even better then last year….philly is regressing, but they sure can score.

    florida will fade. debbies are middling and will be for years to come.

  20. Stuart- the Islanders *ARE* moving in the right direction. They have been staying the course for years now. Or is it the curse?

  21. Not yet, NYR_FAN. I think as soon as Oleg Kvasha becomes available they’ll trade Okposo for him. It’s worth waiting.

  22. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    morning ILB and all!!

    chunky monkey!!!!

    re yesterday, I also would pick mess over anyone in a draft, and I’d probably take orr 2 and gretz 3.

    i’d love to be in on the live chat…(i’m sure carp just loves to hear that), but I am working an 11 hour shift today, so I’ll have to see if I can sneak away. Will it work on the iphone??

    Later aasens and happy chatting LGLC!!!

  23. I had a drink with Kvasha, Mironov and Yashin years ago at Russian Samovar. Man, was Kvasha big! ( where is JM?). I remember looking at his shoes because they appeared to be as long as the table we were sitting at…

  24. Seeing as there is a current trend for “Tebowing”, what would “Crosbying” consist of? Throwing ourselves to the floor randomly and having a tantrum because we didnt get our own way?

  25. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on


  26. I can’t believe wicky won’t be here for the monumental first live chat. I wonder who will be *first* in the first live chat?

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