A moment for some idiocy from the all-star fan balloting


First, four of the top 10 Eastern vote-getters are from the all-star game host Ottawa Senators — Karlsson, Alfredsson (yeah, he’s having a big year), Spezza and Michalek.

Second, on his first day back in uniform, Skid Crosby got 14,000 votes to vault into ninth place among forwards.

Third (and this doesn’t qualify as idiocy) Dan Girardi (37,836) is second among write-in ballot vote-getters behind Tyler Seguin (41,443).

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  1. According to the podcast I am listening to Dan Girardi is second in write-ins right now behind Seguin.

  2. billybleedsblue on

    According to the comments on this blog that I’m reading, Dan Girardi is second in write-ins now behind Seguin.

  3. Hey, thanks, LW. That was a nice pickup there. I can’t believe I embarrassed myself like that. Mannu would be very, very displeased.

  4. RealKyper Hearing #Coyotes traded Turris to the #Rangers in exchange for Mats Zuccarello + 2012 2nd and 4th round pick

  5. LMAO@ “there was some puzzlement about why we were discussing Willie Mitchell”! This place is a riot! Just caught up. I think it was great, and I’m not surprised it was a success. The questions were 30-40 min behind, and I’m sure there were plenty Carp couldn’t get to. I lecture Tuesdays from 1:30 to 3, I came back and I saw my question answered at 1:44pm, I posted it around 1.

  6. Full Disclosure: that is not a builder bob @ 5:36 …just some plain ol’ vanilla bob. Carry on wit YoUr FiNeSElveS.


  7. Jason Seagal said Dubi would be a good Muppet and he will be at all of the theaters when the movie opens

  8. Just love Dan Girardi. That being said, getting Ryan McMONSTER for Scott Gomez could end up being one of the ALL TIME best trades in Ranger History. I think he will be as solid as they come on D and has untapped potential on the offensive side.

  9. speaking of Brian Boyle, I was having a bit of fun with the productivity stat on espn.com (it measures the amount of ice time a player logs between registering points). the only Rangers who are considerably less productive than Brian Boyle this season are Michael Sauer and Steve Eminger. Ryan McDonagh and Del Zotto are both about 1-2 minutes less productive than Boyle but both log more minutes than he does, and, you know, aren’t centers. Of the forwards on the Rangers at present, there isn’t a forward who’s within 15 minutes of Boyle’s productivity score – the closest is Ruslan Fedotenko who registers a point every 44:44. And to further put things in perspective, Brandon Prust, who logs comparable ice time, is productive nearly 20 minutes quicker than Brian Boyle.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    Yea, when’s the next chat? I totally missed it :(

    BTW, what a cool idea Carp, it’s a bit “Web 1.0” but, I bet it was really popular…how many participants were there?

  11. so question for you all

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  12. eric,

    I can’t take the tickets myself, but that’s a really awesome gesture. You’re a good guy. LGR!

  13. Thanks for reading, Mannu.

    Lloyd, but there’s no way they should be voted starters by the ballot-box stuffers. Any of them.

    pjk, or as we like to say here: Gomez and Michael Busto for Gaborik, McDonagh, Prust, Valentenko and No Gomez.

  14. Yes, Staal is on the trip. Don’t read too much into that. However, it could be a good sign that his doctors allow him on a plane.

  15. billy, it was a bit 1.0, and not even as advances as the old video chats we used to do. But the good thing about this simple format is I can do these pretty regularly, on short notice if need be, from wherever I am. And you guys don’t have to look at my mug the whole time. It was pretty popular and we couldn’t get to a lot of the questions/comments even though we went for more than two hours.

  16. Carp, why shouldn’t Karlsson be a starting d-man? He’s tied for the league lead in points among defensemen. Should Michalek and Spezza be starters, no, but at least they’re legitimate all-stars (unlike Alfredsson).

    If you really want to discuss homer idiocy, do you remember when Mike Komisarek was voted to the all-star team?

  17. Interesting piece from Puck the Media about last night’s game.

    Under 200K Watched Sid The Kid’s Return on Versus. Seriously?

    Ken from Fang’s Bites coming over once again to give you some NHL ratings news.
    Numbers are in for Versus’ airing of Monday night’s New York Islanders-Pittsburgh Penguins game which marked the return of Sidney Crosby back to the NHL after 10 months following his concussion. PTM Fearless Leader Steve discovers that the viewership numbers nationally were miniscule. Granted, it was up against Monday Night Football on ESPN, the cable ratings killer, but you would think more people would watch. Only an estimated 198,000 viewers?
    Granted, the local numbers especially in Pittsburgh were better, but one would expect hockey fans to be interested. Perhaps it was the Islanders not being a national draw, but I thought this would draw higher numbers.
    The lesson from all this? It’s best not to have an NHL showcase opposite Monday Night Football on ESPN and Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

  18. The NHL would be well-advised to learn that no one in the rest of the world really gives a damn about Sidney Crosby

  19. Hey ilb…speak for yourself….

    Tying golf shoes and repairing divots are strenuous tasks….and lining up a par put can give you a headache…

    Maybe it’s best Stahl just chill in the hotel room and order in Chinese. Rupp will be tweeting live from the game. Wolski, of course, will be enjoying the finest spa tubs in Miami, only a short drive away from Sunrise…

  20. I do what I can. You know, my wife went to a beauty salon. She got a mud treatment. She looked great. Then two days later the mud fell off. She runs after the garbage man sometimes. The other day she wakes up and says, “am I too late for the garbage man?” I said, “no. jump in.”

  21. I go to the doctor he says, “I’ll have you walking in no time.” He did. An hour later he stole my car.

  22. I feel good. I just got back from a pleasure trip. I took my mother-in-law to the airport. I said to her, “my house is your house.” She sold it.

  23. I take my wife everywhere she always finds her way back…..she told me she wants to go somewhere shes never been before I said try the kitchen

  24. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, “But the good thing about this simple format is I can do these pretty regularly, on short notice if need be, from wherever I am. ”

    That answers the whole tech thing right there for sure. If it works, there’s no argument– especially not from me!

    I’m sorry that I missed out on the chat, but things have been more than a little nutty. I will keep my eyes peeled for any future events like this– it’s pretty awesome that you’re doing this!

  25. I was on a flight. Little kid was annoying me with the water pistol. I said, “hey kid go outside and play.” I tell you. These kids. I got one myself. He’s 10, would be 11 if I let him be.

  26. I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize the man in the beard. Good luck sir. Say hello to the people of Bethlehem.

  27. George C Scott is on this dais and I don’t know why. He won’t attend the oscars but he will attend a roast for a two-bit comedian.

  28. If anyone wants or knows someone who wants two tix to the Winter Classic let me know. I secured two seats through my season tickets but they are waaaay expensive for me and my days of sitting in the cold are over. I have to pay by Monday the 28th or they will be released. I figured I would try to pass them along to anyone who is looking. They are in section 428 row 6 seats 20 & 21 and are 400.00 each. Yeah, you read right. I’m glad they cut you a break after spending thousands during the regular season.
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  29. I think it’s three more years, NYR.

    Either way, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to seeing OvechCANT disappoint his people! US for the Gold!

    I wish the Winter Olympics would return to America though. It would be even better to win the Gold at home!

  30. Going to game tomorrow in Fla…..
    Carp is the team practicing in South Florida at all this week????

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