Rangers back on the ice today


Their legs didn’t move Saturday and they had Sunday off.

Today the Rangers go back to work on this next three-day hiatus. Then they play three games in less than four days starting Wednesday in Sunrise.

I’m working on a story for next week, so I’m going to try to get over there this morning.

Will update from there. Hopefully with some audio, etc.


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  1. Buff – you’re right, the updates are over only because it’s now turned to non-stop coverage on NHL Network.

  2. Nauseating…..I understand he is their marquee player, but it’s a bit too much. Does anyone recall whether TGO used to get similar amount of attention? I hope the Fishsticks spoil his comeback and win this one with ease…Never mind, scratch that.

    Back to Rangers. This one is on Torts. It’s been too long, too many different players, but at the end- it looks the same. If he isn’t capable of fixing it, he should ask for help:


  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Has anyone ever heard of Crosby guy? I’m assuming he is a descendant of Bing Crosby and he will be singing Christmas songs or something on Long Island? I didn’t read the story, just the headline “Crosby to play on Long Island.” I just hope he can croon like Bing.

  4. Anybody psyched for the big Black Friday showdown between Detroit and Boston…..is that racist? Lol….why the byuf woud they call it the Thanksgiving showdown when its bein played the day after??

  5. Ilb I clicked the link and got an error message….100% agreed the power play is on the coach because its sucked (most of the time) for 3+ years now…..

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know what anyone is talking about. We signed Brad Richards to a lifetime contract. PP is fixed for life!

  7. I believe they are calling it the “Thanksgiving Showdown” to compete with the NFL games that are played on Thanksgiving. This again makes no sense because the games are on different days. Once again, however, the NHL has decided to compete with the NFL while the NBA is defunct. Rather than make their own push for NBA fans they are happy to ride the coattails of the NFL.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I think they are specifically avoiding competing with the NFL. I think it’s pretty smart. NFL has games all day on Thanksgiving. Why compete with them for viewers? The NHL will lose that fight every time. But a lot of people are off on Friday, and with nothing else on TV during the day, the NHL can maybe earn a few new viewers.

    It’s the same idea behind the Winter Classic this year. They could have it on New Year’s Day like they have every other year. But they chose not to because they would be competing with the NFL’s slate of Sunday games. And since most people have off the day after New Year’s Day, they still have a large audience to play to.

  9. Thanks for being so welcoming guys. I am really excited to have found this forum in which to express myself. Other people can be so judgmental and limiting.

  10. Remember, Mannu, we keep it strictly to hockey around here. Line combos and such. Never any j(g)ibberish. And we never complain after a loss, because we see the glass half full all the time. And we never disagree with the blog author.

  11. Thanks for laying out the Rules there, Mr. Carp. I actually did have a question about Line Combos.

    Why isn’t Sean Avery playing LW on the top line? This guy is a hockey legend. He’s like the long lost Howe brother. A born scorer. Get him on that top line so he can get Gaborik going. That guy has to produce.

    Another hockey question: If the Capitals fire Bruce Boudreau would it be in the interest of the NY Rangers to fire this Tortarella guy and hire Bruce? Seems like Bruce is a way better coach and much more respected by his players!

  12. Man what’s with this Mannu guy? Welcome to the bog buddy but get with the program!

    Rumor mill is saying that Jeff Carter has _already_ requested a trade from the Blue Jackets. 8 Games he has played. 8.

  13. Mannu, there’s a regular here named firetorts. He will surely stop by after a few more losses and will be able to intelligently explain why the Rangers should jump at the chance to fire Tortorelli and hire Boudreau.

  14. I’d rather hire dissected medical cadaver than Bruce Boudreau. I’m no fan of Tortorella by any stretch of the imagination. But he’s a hell of a lot better than some choices out there, Boudreau being at the top of that list.

    But if you wanted to turn that around, I think Tortorella would probably be a perfect fit in Washington. Talent-laden roster of under-achieving superstars, a captain that wants to skate 28 minutes a game, and enough fire power to regularly score 5 goals a game? That’s a team tailor-made for a coach like Torts.

  15. That’s interesting Phil. I never thought of it that way. I don’t know where Mannu was going with that…..

    I just wonder if those guys (Capitals players) would react to toughness. I think Tort’s type of discipline and motivation would actually be pretty useful. I will have to wait until 24/7 is over and I have seen an inside look at both coaches though before I can really tell.

  16. Breaking News:

    New York, 21 Novembre – The NHL Office has announced that six matches on its Monday night schedule have been cancelled in order to afford all hockey fans the opportunity to watch the triumphant return of their saviour, Cindy The Skid.

    [Heads Up!]

  17. You know, this could actually be good for the Islandorks. Not that I care, but, this game is gonna be ALL OVER and that arena will probably be packed. At least it should be. It’s kind of neat to see the entire sports world clamor to get their claws into a hockey event. Even if it is Cindy Crosbee.

  18. Have to agree with Larry Brooks here

    Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust as the 4th line with Avery-Christensen-Zuccarello as the 3rd line gives the Rangers a better shot at beating the better teams like Philly, Pitt, WAS, BOS etc.

    I want to see Zuccarello on the first unit with Stepan, Callahan, Richards and Gaborik

  19. >>This one is on Torts. It’s been too long, too many different players, but at the end- it looks the
    >>same. If he isn’t capable of fixing it, he should ask for help…

    Rangers power play failure stems from:
    1. Lack of a good puck carrier to gain the offensive blue line.
    2. Need of skilled guys with soft hands who can move the puck quickly, receive a hard pass, and needle passes through the penalty killers’ box.
    3. Absence of a big shot from the point.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, actually, I think this is exempt from JR’s anti-Crosby update position. He just wanted an update when there was actual news, not an update to tell us there is nothing new. So Crosby coming back is something that Roenick would want to know about.

  21. About the PP: It’s MUCH better than last year. It just looks better, it gives the team a bit of momentum even when they don’t score. Yes the Rangers are 27th in PP percentage but they are one or two goals away from hitting the middle of the pack. I think this is just like Luigi, keep playing hard and the goals will come. Keep doing what we are doing. The goals will come.

  22. the problem with the PP in the Montreal game was they kept dumping the puck in and Price was able to play the puck every time and clear it out.

    I still think McCabe should have been signed as a PP specialist. Given how little Tortorella plays the 4th liners, it would have been an interesting idea to dress 7 d-men and have McCabe play a few shifts on D each game when the guys are tired.

    McCabe, Richards and Gaborik on the same PP would have extremely effective…

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    JBytes, I don’t buy that big shot from the point theory of PP management. Who has the big shot in Colorado, Edmonton, and San Jose? Who had it in Anaheim, Chicago, and Detroit last year?

    The big shot is unnecessary when you have guys that actually skate and can make good passes. Also, it’s very important to have a player or plan to gain the zone with possession. Those two things make a successful PP, not the big shot.

    Who has the biggest shot in the NHL? Zdeno Chara. How has Boston’s PP worked with him? going back 3 years and moving forward: 23rd, 20th, 17th. Sure, there was a good year four years ago, but 16th the year before that. Bottom line is that the big shot doesn’t equate to success.

  24. Carp,
    …Now that Crosby’s back, can Stills, Nash and Young be far behind?…
    Didn’t get it…What are you really saying is, probably, that Crosby is Still Fresh and Young behind protective NHL shield?
    In any case, I’m not envy Isles in that 1st “historical game”, I would not even turn my head in his direction, even when he is sitting on a bench. Otherwise, expect anything from major to suspension to life…

  25. Seriously, I’m very afraid, that it will be (except name changing) more like Lifetime Witness Protection program in NHL for Crosby.

  26. I just have this picture in my head of Milbury bitching about how much better the Pens are now that The Kid’s returned saving the hockey world from Eurotrash Malkin and Roenick standing behind him with a blunderbuss with his face purple and steam coming out of his ears screaming “enough about the goddamn crybaby mullet-face!!”

  27. The problem in the Montreal game is that the whole “dump and chase and forecheck” theory that this team is supposed to be so good at was not really working. At all.

  28. I dont think we need a big shot on the point, just guys who can pass and move their feet. Its all about moving the defense and goalie around so they are out of position and a shooting lane opens up.
    More often than not when our PP fails in a game its because they are too static.
    Girardi has a decent shot when we need a puck on net from the point, but our PP should be more about zipping the puck around and finding the open shooter (Gaby when possible).

  29. Brooks is right: get Zucc’s Aasen up here.

    The PP stinks. Enough b.s. about goals coming — just like if they play hard wins will come. No, they need goals now and throughout the season, just like they need wins now so it’s not another ridiculous end stretch.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “I dont think we need a big shot on the point, just guys who can pass and move their feet. Its all about moving the defense and goalie around so they are out of position and a shooting lane opens up.
    More often than not when our PP fails in a game its because they are too static. ”

    Bingo! Been saying this for years.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I think they seriously need some Gordon Bombay training so that they can successfully work a D to D pass along the blue line. Working the puck across the top while your guys down low are skating will open more lanes to work the puck down low and put it on goal.

  32. They do have enough personnel, more or less..And it’s looked better this year at times. They just do not execute consistently, they tend to fall back to the same stagnant “puck around the board” movement.

  33. Doodie – prime example #1 – Girardi’s goal against the ‘Canes:
    Move puck around, couple of passes, Richards draws a couple of defenders in, opens a lane for Girardi from the opposite circle, thread the pass, boom, goal.
    All because they moved the puck around without allowing the opposition to settle, and then drew the defenders out of position.

  34. Right – feet in mud. The main reason we fail. Reason #2 – Passiveness. SHOOT THE PUCK. a lot.

    This team does best when they move the puck, move their feet and the defender pinches down for a quick shot and then retreats. That is the plan. It doesn’t work against a team playing like Montreal that doesn’t allow you to bring the puck in. Without an Ovehckin that can just skate over people we have to dump and chase and if these guys aren’t skating hard at 110% then it will never work.

    I would have liked to see Deveaux be brought into the PP against that type of PK to use his body to help regain possession of the puck and get it set up.

    The next killer against Montreal was their anxiousness to attack the puck on PK. Our heroes weren’t moving the puck fast enough to create openings. Instead they were trying to skate around people and they just don’t skate like Apollo Ohno or Barb Underhill or Jeff Skinner.

  35. Our 4th line is weak. Deveaux isn’t all that. Zucc can only help the PP move more and be more creative. Not saying he’s the second coming, but this team is not going to survive too long like this, they’ve been winning games with pretty weak offensive play.

  36. oh looks Tortorella’s scrambling the lines after one loss. guess everything from the previous seven games was wiped out on Saturday.

    guy always makes the moves you least expect, huh. it’s not like some kid playing a video game would do the same things with his team.

  37. I doubt they’ll go with 5 forwards on the PP unless it was 5 on 3 so I don’t see Zucc getting on the first unit over Gaborik and Callahan on the wing. And I don’t see them using Zucc over Richards as the 4th forward.

  38. it’s not like some kid playing a video game would do the same things with his team.


    I don’t know Lloyd. Ask Orr.

  39. If you folks are serious about seeking another coach, you could do a lot worse than the guy from Gran Ol, opry town.

  40. Don’t worry, Fran. Aside from this Mannu character, I don’t see any names on here today that are part of the “fire Torts” crowd. Don’t fear.

  41. Doodie

    Agree the Rangers’ PP problems are far bigger than just missing a “big shot” but Anaheim (Visnovsky) and Detroit (Lidstrom) have players who are a threat to score from the point, whether or not they have the hardest shot in the league.

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