Live Chat tomorrow at noon


Just want to start tub-thumping for the first of what we hope will become regular live chats — Tuesday at noon.

These are different than the video chats we used to have, though we still may do a few of those as the season goes on. But in these live chats, you won’t have to look at my mug.

I think it will be fairly obvious when you log on to Rangers Report Tuesday at noon, how to ask questions and enter the conversation. Should be fun. I’m looking forward to it (and keeping my fingers crossed that the technology or my lack of knowledge thereof won’t backfire).

We can talk about anything you want, including Skid Crosby’s triumphant return (or not), the Rangers’ glowing performance in Montreal, the upcoming three games in four days, the Winter Classic, firing/trading everybody, etc.

I’ll remind youse again in the morning.

Be there.

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  1. Repost to Emmanuel:

    See, Manny, the only problem with that is that A) First of all, I traded Crosby for Zdeno CHARA and MARIAN Hossa, and B) I currently am first in the league and have a 35.5 lead on you.

  2. I must admit, freely, that Latona is DESTROYING me (and everyone else) in our Yahoo! league. He is completely dominating the league. It was my fault for trading him Milan Michalek for Vokoun. Michalek kept scoring and Vokoun completely fell apart.

  3. Jimbo, I wasn’t chiding you for that comment. I’m mocking the idiots in Boston who would repeat idiotic stuff like that. What a bunch of asshats.

    Even if there was a chance there was some truth to it, OK, how many of them could have been out late? Let’s say five guys were blind, puking drunk. Not a chance that would impact the game to the extent that the Rangers stunk.

    But I guarantee you that these jackwagons in Boston watched Hockey Night on MSG when Trautwig and Jaffee were joking about the Montreal nightlife being a distraction (JOKING being the key word) or an excuse for that debacle; or they read some tweets by some even bigger idiots who were watching that show.

    It’s downright slanderous to repeat stuff like that on the air.

    And I guarantee you, even if a few guys did go out, the great majority were in bed early and not affected one bit in the game; and I can guarantee you that certain guys went to dinner and straight to the hotel (you can pretty much guess which ones I’m talking about).

  4. Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t posted since this A.M. I am having a great time reading your posts. You’re all really thoughtful and fair and balanced people. Great job!

  5. OK, Carp – to be honest, I wasn’t sure if you were chiding *me* or the NESN guys for what they were talking about.

    They sure were getting a kick out of discussing it, though – I thought that maybe they had might have had knowledge of something more “inside” than just making comments on Trautwig and Jaffe’s joking around on HNL……

    I thought it was out-of-place for them to be discussing it, except that the B’s are the next team going in to Montreal after that Saturday game.

  6. Carp – He might not be the Great One but hard to argue how special this kid is. 4 points in first game back. Yes, the Isles are a joke. But, it’s still pretty impressive. I may rethink original thought. He could’ve been a 150+ guy in early 80’s considering Nillson looks about as bad as Glen Hanlon.

  7. did anybody have a problem with the knee-on-knee Cooke collision with Eaton? I thought, for once, that piece of carcillo Cooke was innocent.

  8. The B’s guys also were talking about how Biron gave up three *horrible* goals, too….they were having a ball…..

  9. Yeah, where is this jackwagon?
    Looks like the Islanders will keep collecting high draft picks this year.

    I guess I’ll know in am if noon is ok for me. Should be fine.

  10. carp

    cooke hit didnt look that bad but i will never give him the benefit of the doubt that piece of carcillo

    just think at some point we will need the isles to help us out against teams since they will be buried by the new year once again

  11. Korpedo 5 goals now. 2 tonight. Who was he traded for? Seriously, I’m trying to remember and to lazy to look it up.

  12. Orr – Oh boy! That’s right. Opps on that one. He’s trying into a real solid 3rd liner/solid Pker.

  13. I might be a bit late on that one, Carp but I thought that collision was innocent. Just two men trying to find a place in this crazy world. Cooke is innocent as Carcillo.

    Latona…what’s with the hatred? You’re usually such a nice person.

  14. HWirth,

    I’m certainly not arguing Crosby’s skill level, and I don’t think Carp or anyone else is for that matter. He’s undoubtedly one of the best players in the league. It would be ludicrous to deny his talent. But it would also be ludicrous to compare anyone to Wayne Gretzky, the best athlete in the history of TEAM SPORTS. Part of my dislike for Crosby stems from his level of play and his being a Penguin, absolutely, but I dislike him for more reasons for that. I feel that he’s pretentious, slightly full of himself, and disrespectful. Not shaking Lidstrom’s hand after the Cup win has to be one of the stupidest thing anyone has ever done; Nik is easily one of the classiest players the sport and athletics have ever seen, not to mention him being one of the greatest defensemen of all time. The lack of media attention and the free passes he was given still baffles me, but that’s part of the Crosby experience.

  15. Aww, Manny!

    I try to be a nice person. I just dislike Crosby. I don’t hate anyone, hate is such a strong word.

  16. I love that Crosby has taken 8 shots tonight. That’s more than the Rangers take in a period. Easily. It’s more than 33% of the shots we take in an entire game, including OT and the Skillz.

  17. Latona – That’s fair. I have the same complaints about Crosby and like I said I don’t like him either. But, he’s a special player and if healthy could very well one day be on that immortal level. In a time when offense production is nothing like the 80’s when 99 played he had 66 points in 41 games before getting hurt. Was headed for 120+ point season when Sedin won scoring title at 108. I believe only 1 player has hit 120 in the 2000’s and it’s Thornton 125 in 06.

  18. what up with Jagr?

    Didn’t Versus tease a dangerous hit in Philly? I just saw the Versus highlights and they didn’t even show a body check. Just the goals. Asshats.

    I believe all this Crosby talk, especially when comparing his pedestrian stats to TGO’s ungodly stats, is making me thirsty. Carp’s gettin’ upset.

  19. >>Devils blow 3 goal lead, 4-3 Panthers.

    Yeah, I like how that looks. It’s not officially blown yet.

  20. WOW the Panthers literally have no fans and have been playing some real exciting hockey this year. Lots of goals scored, some goals allowed too but more times than not they’ve come out with the win.

  21. Well, Chara didn’t smash any of my potential Habs players through the boards, but I still liked seeing the Habs get beat and shut-out!

  22. Where’s that steroid-browed Daneyko? Chew on that loss for awhile, Kenny….and you too, Chico..

  23. Tough loss for DeBoer going back to Florida and blowing a 3-0 lead. Would feel bad for him but I think Dineen is going to be a super NHL coach as for DeBoer well Kitchener might work out better for ya.

  24. Yeah, with Chico it’s always “bad breaks”…….the team never sucks, and the goalie is never at fault…

  25. umm the Debbies cannot be considered “Road Warriors” if they are barely above .500 on the road. MAAAAAAAAAAARTY

  26. I have Weiss, Campbell and Garrison on my fantasy team. It made me realize how quality this Panthers team has been so far. Pretty impressive.

  27. So, how are we going to play them next, if they possess such a great will power and high firing squad?

  28. Debbies dramatic lost today – the only slight compensation for latest bitterness.
    Of course nobody expects team to win every game, but the way how they did it… My worst aftertaste feeling lies with a fact, that I can’t find any logical explanation for this whole sudden team failure. I would even gladly take “heavily partying” joke as it cause, at least explanation, kind of…But no, and it drives me nuts and I’m losing confidence in a team, because if you don’t understand what is behind that, you’re afraid it will happened again and again.

  29. Even usualy gleeful comrad “John Tavares” doesn’t show his trolling nose here – probably busy tonight, shewing carsillo in his basement before soaping a nuke…

  30. Mike Rogers, by the way, one of those rare big scorers who came to the Rangers late in his career and actually produced.

    Check out the all-time list of Rangers with 100-point seasons:
    Ratelle. Messier. Leetch. Jagr. and Mike Rogers.

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