Here’s what the Flyers are wearing Jan. 2, 2012 (barring The End)


Here’s the Flyers’ jerseys for the Winter Classic:

No big deal for me, and not a major change from what they normally wear, right?

I think the Rangers unveil theirs on or around Saturday’s game against the Flys.



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  1. Carped myself.

    So, to repost:

    Carp November 21st, 2011 at 3:15 pm e

    I don’t buy that “stars sell sports” idea. Stars sell products. Stars bring in advertisers. Stars fill the NHL’s wallet. They do jack squat for ratings in hockey, or attendance for that matter.

    Unless you’re talking Gretzky …

    Do you think one more person watches the Rangers if they’re playing against Ovechkin, as opposed to playing, say, Rick Nash?

    I don’t.

  2. Put it another way …

    would you, as a Rangers fan, rather see Rangers-Islanders, with none of the top 20 players in the NHL on the ice, or Rangers-Blue Jackets with Rick Nash … or Rangers-Ducks with Corey Perry? Or Rangers-Canucks and the Sedin twins?

  3. It’s amazing the league survived the past 10 months. Or even that the Pens franchise hasn’t threatened to relocate.

  4. We already talked Gretzky, Carp. Apparently Crosby already had a bigger moment in his hockey life than Gretzky did. I wish I could post the Russian equivalent of LMAO on RR…..

  5. Here’s a point I’ve mulled over in my head in regards to the Crosby saga.

    If the league chose to market, say, Vernon Fiddler in the same manner they did Crosby, would “the game need him?”

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I would rather see the Rangers play original-six teams, exclusively. Nashville, Carolina, Columbus, Ottawa, San Jose? – Oh the horror!

  7. It’s a tough question to answer Carp. I think by default, if we’re typing on a blog about the Rangers we’re already pretty big fans of the team and of the sport itself. So we inherently understand that there’s more to the league than just one player on one team that basically the rest of the hardcore fans of the league hate.

    But if we’re talking about people with a casual interest in the game, I suppose you’re going to gravitate toward the bigger names. I think that’s natural for fans that aren’t completely familiar with a sport.

    My biggest problem with the Crosby love affair has always been that there are other players that are great to watch. Ovechkin is more of a spectacle to watch than Crosby, Patrick Kane has some fantastic moves, seeing Chara heads and shoulders above everyone on the ice wind up for a slap shot, etc.

    But you’re right. Fans still like football despite Peyton Manning not playing a snap this year. Baseball would survive if Jeter or Pujols never saw another pitch. And I’m sure people will still fill arenas to root against Lebron when the NBA comes back.

  8. Hi Boneheads. Anyone else having problems ordering tix from the Ticket Exchange website via Ticketmaster? Have been trying for the past two days to purchase tickets for this Saturday’s game and I’m getting an error message. yikes!

  9. ILB – You don’t think scoring the OT goal for Team Canada on home turf vs. Team USA in an Olympic Gold Medal Game isn’t important? You thought they rioted when the Canucks lost the Cup? I’m saying he’s better than Gretzky but Wayne hasn’t had that national a moment. Canada Cup 1987 was big but not that big and he didn’t score a Golden Goal!

  10. CT, but do the casual fans even know who Skid is? And if they know Skid and Ovechtrick, do they know who Corey Perry is? Or Datsyuk?

    and what good are the casual fans if they’re soon flipping the channel to see a baseball or college basketball game or the Kardashians or Biggest Loser?

  11. Wayne’s national moment was every morning when he woke up. Everything he did in every way was bigger than Crosby’s biggest moment.

  12. I wonder how people on this board would speak of Crosby if he was doing this in a market Rangers fans were benevolent about like Anaheim, Calgary or Phoenix. Everyone hated Jagr until he came here and everyone, not me, bowed to him every time he stepped on the ice. I agree with you on the point that, yes, for die-hard fans, it’s about the laundry but I’ll be interested to see Versus ratings tonight, with no Publicity for the game, with it happening overnight.

  13. Carp,

    I guess it depends how *casual* you want to make a casual fan. Is it someone that maybe goes to a game with a friend if invited? Or someone that once heard of the Miracle On Ice? I don’t think Crosby is on a Jeter or Manning level of recognition, but for a sports fan that doesn’t typically follow the NHL I think they know who Crosby and Ovechkin are. As for other players beyond that, it might come down to whether they live in a city with an NHL team and have incidental exposure to their hometown’s player.

  14. It’s not black and white. I’d never knock the Great One. His records will never be touched. Although, personally, if we were drafting NHL players from scratch, I’d take Messier 1 Gretzky 2. Orr 3 Howe 4.

    I am also not saying Crosby is Gretzky but, to be fair to Sid. He’s the best player in the NHL who when hockey was being watched by the masses (olympic rating was like 4 times what a Game 7 rating would be) he scored the Golden Goal. That’s pretty clutch in my book.

  15. That’s a good question HWirth. I mean even if the Pens were still the team they were in Sid’s rookie year then I think we’d feel differently about him?

    However, for Rangers fans, or many of the Eastern conference fans with a memory that goes back 20 or years, I think they’re going to be naturally inclined to hate him. A team with an owner that was notorious for whining about the league on the verge of relocation wins the draft lottery when the bottom rung of the league was given an equal chance to win the first overall pick? That just harkened back to the days when the Pens were accused of tanking in order to draft Mario. And the league heavily marketed a kid that had never played a single game in the league to the point where it nearly superceded the return of the game in general. He was always going to be an easy target.

  16. I can’t believe I’m defending Crosby (who I don’t like because he whines too much). But to be fair if Gretzky played in today’s NHL with much much more talented and better “protected” (ok bigger equipment) goalies would he have scored 150+ points per season. I think doubtful. Now if Crosby played in TGO’s time would he have put up those type numbers? Probably not, but it’d be much higher than it is now.

  17. HWirth,

    Not sure I understand what you’re getting at with the second half of your book. If the next Paul Henderson scored that goal, would they be similarly good to Crosby? The best player in the NHL to score that goal would also be the only player in the NHL to score that goal; it was only eligible to be scored once.

  18. HWirth, I totally see your point and don’t disagree. I just get my back up when Skid’s name is in the same chapter, let alone sentence, as TGO. Like when he had his little moustache-point streak and got about halfway to TGO’s streak and they were making him out to be Joe DiMaggio Jr.

  19. Lol. Half of your post, HWirth. Not book.

    Although you may have a book of some flavor as well. And I probably wouldn’t get the second half of it either.

  20. Gretzky would have had 150 points a season if he played in handcuffs. I don’t give a crap about the rules or the protection or anything else. He was THAT MUCH BETTER than everybody else who ever played.

  21. HWirth, the thing is, I’ve never been convinced that Crosby is singularly the best in the league. What about the years where Ovechkin was leading the league in scoring and putting up goal totals that hadn’t been seen since the early 90s? Yes, the Caps failed in the playoffs but looking at Ovechkin’s playoff production it was hardly his fault that they lost. Then of course we went over Lidstrom earlier today and there’s also Datsyuk whom I would trust in any and every game situation over anyone else in the league. Even the year when the Pens won the Cup he wasn’t the Conn Smythe winner. He is certainly top 5 in the league when healthy, I can’t argue that. But it’s tough for me to see him as the clear cut best player in the league.

  22. Carp – I don’t know. I know that his ICE SMARTS were forever ahead of every single other NHL player at that time and would be still today. But, under these rules, where Semenko would get instigators for defending him and he’d be more open to cheap shots with the way the same isn’t self-policed. Although, you are probably right. He’d figure out a way to avoid all that contact. It’s an interesting one.

  23. CTB – I still say Sid is the best or one of the best players but there is no question guys like Lidstrom, Patrick Kane, Corey Perry, Steve STAMKOS, Jerome Iginla (never got his due stuck in Calgary) have not been promoted enough.

  24. I brought up Jerome Iginla because he’s the vintage guy the no-salary cap Rangers would have brought in by now.

  25. Signing Iginla would be one thing if it was Sather pre-lockout. Trading top prospects for him would be more of a Neil Smith post-Cup move.

  26. One more point than I’ll be quiet for a while (I promise). Do you think other fan bases feel like because they are in NYC the Ranger players get overhyped and over promoted. I’m sure there are fan bases that groaned that the Winter Classic is Rangers-Flyers.

  27. Carp is right Gretzky would score during any time, doesn’t matter, he was that far in front of everyone. Flyers classic jersey are awful the orange makes me want to puke, stripes on the bottom make them even worse than their normal ones which btw also make me want to vomit in my mouth.

  28. The NHL will never be as popular in the US as the NFL, NBA or MLB for one simple reason…The majority of children in the US do not/cannot play the game. Period. And no amount of “Crosbys” is going to change that. For a sport to have a huge, avid adult fan following, they need to be familiar with the game from childhood. Football can be played anywhere, as can baseball, soccer, and for the most part, basketball. This is not the case with ice hockey.

    Now I’m not saying you cannot be a fan of the game without childhood experience; it is just far less likely. I am a case in point. I am a 36 year old woman who was born and raised on the Gulf coast of Florida. The extent of my hockey knowledge growing up was that Jason wore a hockey goalie mask in the Friday 13th movies and there was some guy named Gretzky who played. Hearing somewhere about Wayne Gretzky did not persuade me or any human I knew to begin following a sport we had nothing to do with. And Crosby will not suddenly develop an overwhelming fan base in traditionally non-hockey markets just because he won the gold medal in the Olympics. Truth be told, in most of those markets, the average sportsfan on the street wouldn’t even know the US beat Russia in the 1980 Olympics, let alone when Canada won and who got the GWG.

    I actually got into hockey by pure serendipity. I love the game. I love the speed, the agility, the skill, the teamwork. I couldn’t care less about the name on the back of the jersey just as I couldn’t care less about the names in the credits of a movie or even the names of the farmers growing my produce. Bettman can promote his fair hair boy all he wants to, but you can still ask anyone in most US cities about Sidney Crosby and their response will be “Who?”.

  29. HWirth,
    your right. Grtezky would not score 150 points in todays NHL. he would score 250 points.

  30. Great points, blacksheep. Stop by more often.

    Especially like the point about most markets and Skid’s Olympic gold. By the way, the fact that he won that gold for Canada — regardless of how huge it was for Canada — gives that feat almost no impact in the U.S., which is where the NHL needs to grow. Canada doesn’t have casual fans.

  31. bull dog, I think there are a lot of players today who would lose to Gretzky in a fight. I can think of one who wears a Blueshirt.

  32. stranger nation on

    Hot Lips was average that whole game and then scores the big goals – meh. His goal was a credit to his desire and strong hockey fundamentals.

    TGO rewrote the record book and won 5 cups. Comparisons are useless

    Fans like winning teams. Casual fans need winning teams.

    If Crosby was on a lesser team (winnipeg – ha!) would he be viewed the same.

    Crosby is the best fundamental player in the league, but he is not exciting unless you enjoy watching fish whine…

  33. Slap fights don’t count, CT.

    stranger, that’s another good point. The Florida Panthers fill their arena when they go to the Cup final, and can’t draw flies when they don’t. That’s everywhere. If you don’t win, there’s going to be lots of fans dressed as seats. Citi Field vs. New Yankee Stadium.

    In some places (won’t mention any names but their initials are New Jersey) they can’t even draw when they’re filling their fingers with Cup rings.

  34. Rangers that would (or possibly could) lose a fight to Wayne Flippin’ Gretzky:

    1. Gaborik
    2. Artie Partie
    3. ^Hobbit Wizard^
    4. Christensen
    5. Dubinsky
    6. Benoit Allaire

  35. Orr,
    my thoughts are, wow that was a hell of a beating, and next year I am drafting goalies with my first 4 picks.

  36. Crosby like Gilmore ? I don’t see it more like Messier, which will cause a problem around here, but without the meaness the Capt had. Carp where are u on this, mess or. Gilmore or someone else?

  37. Orr – Your ability to gloat is unsettling. What is also unsettling is that I cannot purchase or enjoy Ben & Jerry’s without thinking about you. It’s messed up and it’s messing up my life.

  38. Manny,
    i think you left out the Ranger Carp was referring to. his initials are, Wotek Wolski.

  39. Hedberg,
    Gilmour and Crosby have the same size, and style of play. Messier was a power forward, and was rather nasty in his early years. Gilmour and Crosby are both on the chippy side

  40. Well, Gilmour was never close to the best player in the league. Crosby is that. But his style is more Forsberg than Messier, and closer to Messier than Gretzky.

    Got a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long way to go to be compared to 11 or 99 though. I mean, those are the No. 1 player in the history of the sport, and one of the top 5 or 7.

    So who wins a slap fight between Wolski and Christensen?

  41. Torts and I think Gilmore was quite a bit smaller than Cindy , he is real powerful from legs but dives as we know. Your right on the chippy part of both

  42. bull dog line

    my thoughts are, wow that was a hell of a beating, and next year I am drafting goalies with my first 4 picks.


    next year i might switch things up a bit. keeps things fresh that way…so drafting 4 straight goalies might not be a good idea ;)

  43. My 2.5 c. Simple thing…Carp is right, -”Greatness”, by definition is to be *much* better than anybody else under same condition (i.e. time, rules, so called protection, etc.) and also to be in “line of globally immortals”. Many years ago, in former USSR, where info and knowledge about West was so-o-o scarce, all *casual* and not so citizens, not just hockey fans, knew few names from West (in a close order): Coca-Cola (did never drink it), Current US President name,(whoever was at given time), *Gretzky*, (never saw him playing), newspaper “New York Times”(never read it) and Yankees – in use of: “Yankees go home!” (Didn’t know game of baseball existed). That is for universal or world Greatness!…I don’t think Crosby qualify even in our age of information revolution. Basta.

  44. It is not to say he is not a star, but there are a lot of stars, in hockey universe, – TGO is One and only!

  45. CCCP,
    well drafting Dmen with my first 2 picks is not working out, so I might try something new next season.

  46. SWhen you begin speaking about the greatest of all time, and especdially when it comes down to a defenseman, you relaly have to have the long perspective on this. Given that at this time, Lidstrom is perhaps best overall, ( although there may be a few Bostonians give you a bit of lip about that), but there’s only one of them all player in my memory that I would have to rate as the greatest of them and that one thing that all of the greatest have going for them………. and that is Bobby Orr. Given he had a short career life, but he did what all of the ones to carry the label “greatest” had to do….he changed the game.

    How? Prior to his arrival D men had limits not only to what they could do but what they were supposed to stalwart defense, dish out hits, and keep the puck out of his goal.

    Spectacular feats of skatemanship not only weren’t looked for but in many instances frowned upon. They were only incidentally considered in the attack. Buhjt his moves which he coined, had never been seen before and especially by a D man, and his tenacity and spectacular end to end rushes, were so dynamic that his moves and his style was very soon copied but lesser skaters fore and aft, and from that time on D men were givena much greater latitude in the attack. After Bobby…the game was never the same.

    Bobby…………..the greatest of them all.


  47. The Stralman comment about hoping “it’s worth the wait” is laughable considering the guy is barely an NHL player.

  48. If Crosby was a Ranger, hed still be nothing compared to The Great One….the Great One is all time best player ever hands down end of dicsussion… matter how many big moments Skid has……the man had more assists than anyone ever has had points and nobody got 200 pts in a season (lemieux was close) but Wayne did it FOUR TIMES……50 game pt streak wit 100+ points durin that alone…..wat comparison? Gold medal winning goal or not, There Is Only One Great One

  49. it’s debatable that Crosby is the best player in the NHL – top 5, most likely, but comparisons to immortals or totally out of line right now.

  50. Yeah, the national media and Canadian media are all descending on Pittsburgh. Wonder if they’re bringing gifts. “Here’s some frankincense and myrrh, Skid.” Our friend Kevin Allen at USA Today is live-blogging Skid’s return. What a clown show.

    Think Bob McKenzie is going to end up in a manger if the hotels are sold out?

  51. What a joke this is. Though, I guess, we’re watching it, right?

    If the Penguins need a goal in the next few weeks, all Skid needs to do is get bumped and go down in a heap. Instant major power play.

  52. Mario never had cancer. But he sure took advantage of that unlimited Hair Team gift certificate.

  53. Is anyone counting how many times Crosby’s name is mentioned today? Bet you it’s the only way for him to brake any of TGO’s records.

  54. Holy crap. I wasn’t going to come on here but holy crap. That was a beautiful goal. Almost like the one that kid Smith went for on the empty net, except BACKHAND.

  55. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    Anytime I hear Asham’s name in an Atlantic Division game, I never know what team he’s on.

  56. >>>Deb Placey went from Isles to Devils. There’s a word for that…

    Enlighten us, ORR – what’s the word!? ;-)

  57. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    Already downright sick after listening to McGuire.

    But I also cannot STAND Goring’s voice. This is a real Sophie’s choice.

  58. Oh, the worshipful words of the voices of the announcers……..I think I’m gonna barf….

  59. Guys – when this happens I just watch the game on mute and put some music on. We know enough to not need announcers.

  60. It took him 5:24 to get on the scoresheet. No flare for the dramatic or anything. I know it’s annoying and he’s always the focus but it’s hard to argue when he comes through every time.

  61. canada is creaming in their pants. cindy is back…scores a goal early in the game… they may declare tommorrow a national holiday in Canada…

  62. Agreed Hwirth. I don’t even hate him anymore. What happened to him with the concussion and everything is awful. It’s not something I will revel in. The hit, sure, I laughed in the moment for the pain he immediately felt but the aftershocks and repercussions are just downright sad. Now Sid gets a big pass from me until we play him.

  63. And let’s all be honest. We’d all be acting the same way the media and fans are in Pitt if he was a Blueshirt.

  64. Manny I hope Dan Girardi buries him along the boards every time he crosses his path but you do have to be fair sometimes. Believe me, I wish he was a NYR or in the Western Conference and certainly not a divisional opponent.

  65. If the Rangers had a top-5 NHL forward, of course I’d be excited about him coming back to the lineup. That’s not much of point you’re making.

  66. We have a top 5 forward?

    Actually Hwirth I can’t wait for Stahl vs. Crosby when they face each other. Battle of the fragile skulls.

  67. My good friend Eric Hornick (I know he’s an Isles guy.. but if you like stats he’s the best) just retweeted this classic.

    ehornick Eric Hornick
    RT @Jeffler: FACT: Sidney Crosby has more goals in 2:20 ice time than Scott Gomez has since February 6, 2011 #Pens #Habs #NHL

  68. And there is his first assist.

    Hey Nilssen who got their first assist against you?

    Oh some guy named Crosby.

  69. And you guys can all ask Latona why he traded me Crosby for Marion Hossa and Zdeno Charra early this season in our Yahoo! League.

  70. Pierre needs to get a room and “relieve” himself….my goodness, it’s borderline disgusting how he analyze everything little morsel about Sid….

  71. I think you can live with Kovalchuk. Even though that guy is na idiot savant he is pretty flippin’ good at shooting. He’s like Christensen who tries 40% of the time.

  72. Carp – Add Gomez 0

    to that. I really don’t like him. How a guy who hasn’t scored in almost a year laughs and giggles all the time on the ice irks me. Then again, with that contract, i’d laugh and giggle all the time too.

  73. not watching the game because I couldn’t give a crap about Sidney Crosby but did you guys who are outraged at the attention he’s getting not pay attention to the NHL’s p.r. strategy for the last seven years?

  74. Chris Kreider twitter:

    ChrisKreider Crosby has actually been playing in the KHL for the past 9 months under an alias #conspiracytheory #fromrussiawithlove

  75. Did Versus just dump out of the New York market?

    I wondered about this, since it wasn’t an exclusive telecast and the Islanders/MSG have rights in this area. I wondered if Cablevision would allow it. And now it appears to be gone from Versus.

  76. Clarkson is lighting it up AND pouring on the Penalties this year. Without fighting. It’s pretty odd.

  77. Usually an F, Manny. I got to see the greatest man in the history of the world, score on a sick backhand, so +. And, I don’t have to see or hear Pierre for the rest of the evening, so another +. Usually an F…

  78. wow, I would be shocked if the penguins weren’t representing the eastern conference in the stanely cup, with Crosby and malkin, they are really good.

  79. But, in all seriousness, tonight is a serious FAIL for NBC. How could you just drop the NY market?

    Jeez this promo for NYR v. Pens is awful…

  80. I don’t know, ilb. Getting pulled in your first start would be really rough for Nilssen. I think you’re committed to him.

    It’s his first NHL start, right?

  81. This is win-win. Wouldn’t mind if Pens lose his first game back, but there is never, ever anything wrong with Fishsticks losing either.

  82. I wouldn’t doubt it, NYR. I mean the orange will blend in with many parts of his jersey so he can just wipe his hands on the cuff at the bottom of his sweater.

  83. Versus drops the game here in New York City!? WTB!? If they were able to show the first period, why wouldn’t they stay with it!?

    They didn’t even switch to the Bruins-Habs game – they’re showing some azzwipe motocross nitwits on there now!

  84. Guys, the fellows in the NESN booth up in Montreal were talking about the Ranger game on Saturday, and they talked about how the Ranger players were more interested in indulging in the Montreal nightlife than they were about playing the game the next day…..and that the NYR players didn’t seem too interested in competing in the game.

    I wonder if this is exactly what happened with that game? We heard some joking about it on the NYR broadcast, but only as a “joke”, as it was later explained….but maybe the “joke” was on *us*!?

  85. That’s interesting, Jimbo. I would imagine though that if the players were tired from partying they would have been on the ice a lot longer and a lot tougher today than they were.

    Crosby’s backhand is like a tennis backhand. It’s crazy how much he can get on it.

  86. I have never had that, ORR. That sounds AMAZING. WHISKEY CARAMEL!? Are you joking? I was having Bulleit Bourbon with my iced cream (and since I got home from work of course). It’s really high in rye content so not too sweet and a terrible match with iced cream. Bad choice by me.

  87. See, Manny, the only problem with that is that A) First of all, I traded Crosby for Zdeno CHARA and MARIAN Hossa, and B) I currently am first in the league and have a 35.5 lead on you.

  88. You would think so, Manny – but that’s what was said.

    Carp, it *may be* ridiculous, but I’m just repeating what the Bruins guys in the booth were saying. I wonder why they would even have any knowledge of what the NYR players were doing during their stay in Montreal, and why they would comment on it….?

  89. pp goal canes 4-2 over flyers.

    i always knew how much i hated crosby i didnt realize how much to tonight.

  90. ORR

    They should pull him. cant stop anything tonight.

    i hate when there are like 5 games on at same time. always tend to go to closest game

  91. Players on the Habs that I would like to see Zdeno Chara run completely and totally through the end boards tonight, in specific order:


    Sorry for the hockey-related posts – carry on!

  92. I really dislike Crosby. I don’t want anyone to be hurt and out of the game, but, I can’t tolerate him.

  93. You were right about Asham and the number of teams he’s played for… and I wonder about this, because of several things…One: He’s a solid team guy and always goes to the wall for his team mates. Two: he’s a pretty good skate and can pop the occasional goal when he gets the chance.
    Three: He handles himself well in a scrum or a drop the gloves tussle. But admittedly, even though I wouldn’t mind him coming to Rangers ….if there is a reason why he has passed thru so many portals.

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