Rangers-Canadiens in review


The Rangers didn’t lose because they’ve had all this time off. They didn’t lose because it’s Hockey Night in Canada in Montreal. They didn’t lose because of the ridiculous pansification rules and penalty calls. They didn’t lose because of a bad goal given up by Martin Biron. They didn’t lose because that sometimes happens when a grinding team runs into a skating team.

They lost because they stunk. I don’t have an explanation for it, but they stunk. They didn’t have the puck at all, they didn’t grind. Cas Marques worked harder on Biron’s broken buckle than Carey Price worked all night long.


1) So I had a football game in upstate Connecticut Saturday afternoon, and I’m on my ride home during the early part of the game, listening to Don LaGreca and Dave Maloney through all the scratchy static that comes with ESPN radio. And as Maloney’s talking about Scott Gomez and how he and his $14 million might be buried in Hamilton, I was actually driving through Trumbull, Conn. I thought some of you might appreciate that.

2) That was an awful goal allowed by Biron. That happens. This is what I meant when I said a few weeks ago that there’s tremendous pressure on a backup to be perfect. If Lundqvist gives up one of those, it’s a softie and it’s aggravating to him and to you guys, but if Biron lets one in, it’s “Why did they decide to let him play tonight?” And “what happens next time they give him a start?” It’s totally unfair. And this game was not on him.

3) The Rangers can learn a lot by watching video of how the Habs forwards rotate down low in the offensive zone without the puck on the power play. I don’t think they will, but they can.

4) The GAS line was good again early, but came up empty and mostly without chances. The Dubinsky-Richards-Callahan line, same thing; even getting a rare forecheck going and drawing a penalty in the second. But, geez, there were sure long, long stretches, including the entire third period, when the Rangers couldn’t even gain control of the puck, much less do anything with it.

5) There are times when you can’t miss the net. During a 5-on-3. Or on an odd-man rush. Richards has missed quite a few in both situations, including one on a 3-on-2 in the second period.

6) Ryan Callahan has really taken some unnecessary penalties lately.

7) I don’t know if it was effort, and I’m inclined to think it wasn’t; or if incompetence against a clogging team like that makes it look like effort. But it looked bad. And I did see a fair amount of gliding by a lot of players. More than usual.

8) If we’d done a predict-the-score contest on this game, I wonder how many would have picked the Habs. By a lot.

9) That penalty on Stepan in the first? Pansification. The call on Brandon Prust in the third — well, he kind of pawed at Price, might have made glove-to-mask contact. But, geez, roughing? Really? Is this really, really, really what the NHL wants?

10) Brian Leetch is getting very good in the studio. Not that anybody should have expected anything less.

11) The call against Michael Sauer, for not playing the puck on what would have been icing, no doubt in my mind, stems from the Philadelphia-Tampa 1-3-1 debacle last week. Refs are sensitive to not playing the puck. But Sauer was doing something very smart, using what should have been an advantage to the Rangers’ penalty kill. If anything the officials could have blown it dead and enforced the icing. But to punish Sauer, and not the team that iced the puck, is idiotic.

12) Look at the bright side, after three more days off, there’s another game.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Prust.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.


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  1. First ? After two hours ? Amazing ! I always thought that discussions here goes around the clock !:) i havent Seen the Game and its seems i havent missed anything:)

    Rangers seems to have Problems in the last Games in Montreal, remember that Game when they lead by 5 or 6-0 and Lost !

  2. Boy that game was ugly with a capital UG. They generated nothing. During the winning streak they didn’t play the Pens, Flyers, Capitals, etc. If they play the top teams like that it won’t be watchable.

    I still have a hard time understanding the thinking behind passing the puck along the boards, behind the goal, to the corner, behind the goal, lose the puck. Geez, get it in front of the net. It’s easier to score from there!

  3. There’s no question but that this was a total disgrace as a hockey game from Rangers viewpoint. And one of the things that Canadiens taught the Rangers ( if they were paying any attention at all which is doubtful),is how a major league team runs it’s passing game. They are marvelous passers. Sure they had a few lucky breaks, but you make your own luck most of the time.

    It was strange to look at a team perform that you know is better than they showed, and wonder how they got this far and then wonder if they will ever be able to put this night of shame behind them. I believe that this will always be known as “the Montreal exhibition”.

  4. Total garbage. The most frustrating game to watch this season hands down. I get it, they weren’t going to win every game from here on out, but to lose like that, with absolutely zero effort, you would have thought the Rangers were on a 7 game skid with how little enthusiasm they played with. Brandon Prust and Biron are the only two guys that showed up for that game. And I’ll even give Deveaux(sp?) and Avery a pass for atleast attempting to look like they cared. UGH…Im done.

  5. Carp, you’re right, it wasn’t the refs that lost the game. The team flat-out sucked.

    The guys in the HNL studio inferred that the team was out partying late on Friday night in Montreal. That could be the real reason for their inability to compete in the game, and if true Torts had better install a curfew going forward before Saturday (and Sunday) games. That was an important game and we could be desperate for those two points at the end of the season. Unacceptable.

  6. Good morning, boneheads! I’m upstate this weekend, had some important stuff last night. Came home and for some reason couldn’t connect to my Slingbox. I guess I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Can someone explain to me what happened on number #11 exactly?

  7. The bottom line here is that this team didn’t even get anything close to a score for the entire first two periods..throughout the game they never put that goaltender in any danger…there was no pressure applied the entire night. Yes disgraceful but more remarkable…. unbelievable.

  8. anybody who sees my post leading up to this game knew how the bell centre was the house of horrors for the rangers and last night was just another disaster in that building. michael del zaster was awful on the first cole goal and his pp presence is just brutal to watch. no one came to play and in that building on a sat night you know the habs will provide extra energy. the rangers were flat and thats on the coach.

    look at the bright side we only go to the house of horrors one more time.

    1-5-2 the win coming on super bowl sunday when the giants beat the patriots. seems like ages ago.

  9. Cross check, it was inevitable….ill still take the previous 7 wins though…..they play maybe a handful of atrocious games a year, this was #1

  10. I thought their last win was St. Patty’s Day 2009? They showed a clip of that during the game.

  11. The glaring weaknesses of this team are all on the offensive side of the puck. We don’t hold onto the puck long enough in the offensive zone. We’re okay moving the puck along the boards but goals rarely come from those sharp angles. As soon as the puck moves to that box between the dots we turn the puck over. No possession time in the offensive zone = no sustained pressure = very few goals.

    Also, our forwards with the exception of Gabby rarely have their sticks in a position to fire the puck quickly and on net.

    It’s no surprise that we had more hits than Montreal, they had the puck most of the night.

  12. Paul in sunrise on

    Rangers always have problems with exceptionally fast skating teams and fast ice. But just like before. One game out of 82. They will bounce back. But the panthers have given them fits lately. I will be at game. Let’s go rangers.

  13. Stinkers, even stinkers as stinky as the Rangers collectively farted out last night, are almost expected so it’s tough to get too negative here. However, stinkers turn into problems (ie losing streaks) if they aren’t isolated, meaning how the team comes out on Tuesday is very important IMO in terms of how their season plays out.

    Too often over the past few years this team follows a good stretch by a bad stretch and so on and so on and so on, which is a primary reason they’ve been a PO bubble team in during that time (actually since February 2006 to be precise). You wanna contend for the top 4 in the east, you make sure bad stretches are minimalized. They started the year in a bad stretch, albeit with a reasonable excuse due to the stupid schedule. No excuses now, IMO….

  14. glad i totally skipped this game , the aggravation and did Christmas shopping , mostly for myself ..lol back out today to buy for the rest of the fam

  15. hey, look at the bright side… at least they had fun partying on Friday night in Montreal…they didn’t worry…they weren’t looking forward to the game the way we all were…the bright side…you know.

  16. #2 is a great point. I didn’t really think of it that way. I really thought Hank should have played because you put the pressure on the guy that is supposed to have the pressure and the guy that can handle it. That said, I didn’t think it through the way you put it. Better thought train.

    The penalties were ridiculous. Some were pansifcation and some penalties taken by the Rangers were nothing short of lazy, lazy penalties. I want to know what the HECK was up with that penalty on Del Zaster? Embellishment? Really? I just don’t agree.

    I am very happy to be 7-1 in the last 8. I think we all expected this to be a loss and regardless, let’s hope this horrendous stinker of an effort is out of the way for a while.

  17. That’s ridiculous to blame the game on Friday night partying. The guys in the studio were joking, and it was obviously very clear they were joking.

    ilb, the Habs were late in a PP when they iced the puck. The Habs players went for a change. The linesman had his arm up. But Sauer, the first to the puck, decided to wait and allow the PP to expire before he touched up and the icing was called. Instead the linesman told him to play the puck, I imagine, and when he didn’t they blew the play dead. So instead of an icing and an offensive-zone faceoff for the Rangers, with the tired Habs back on the ice, it became a defensive-zone faceoff, with fresh Habs, and still a few seconds of PP time left.

  18. The NYR seemed to possess a will when it came to losing last night. There’s losing a game, and then there’s not showing up at all. There’s knowing you don’t have your legs, and there’s trying to skate in spite of that knowledge. What’s most disturbing was our lack of will to even try.

  19. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I agree on #11, nothing like icing the puck and getting rewarded for it!

    I also thought the rangers didn’t seem to move their feet a whole hell of a lot!

    the best ranger part of the game was the hit by the bahama bomba and subsequent aasen wooping by him…the end.

  20. Thanks, Carp. So instead of punishing the Habs for not willing to pursue the puck in order to extend their PP he punished Sauer for delaying the game. Wrong call. The Habs are as responsible for delay of game in this scenario as are the Rangers.

  21. FIRE TORTS!!!

    Just kidding. Sort of. But seriously, I think we as a fan base all saw that loss coming. In fact, the game reminds me one they played just about a year ago in Montreal. I’m kind of surprised Tortorella didn’t switch things up a bit until the third, when it was pretty clear that the team was stinking right from the get-go.

  22. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I wonder if the studio guys were right about leaving their legs in the training room and on the practice ice??

    No one is going to play well in every game and our boys have played pretty well for the previous ten games or. I would take a ten game record like that and one stinker like this the rest of the season.

    I do think the coach should shoulder (that sucked to type) a lot of the blame on this one.

  23. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I think it was nokalienen….”talk”=LMFAO

  24. ilb – It was the right call. Sauer was delaying the game by not touching the puck. If he didn’t blow the whistle, that would become a common play anytime the puck is iced by a team on the PP. Imagine if he waited 30 seconds or more.

    The play was a brainfart on Sauer’s part. The ref was telling him to touch up, he should have touched up for the whistle. The minute the ref warns you to move the puck, you gotta listen.

  25. Haven’t seen too many downers and firetorts “guests” yet. In case you guys need a reason, how about this: “The suckers couldn’t win 73 games in a row? It’s on the coach!”. And another one: “If you lose, lose in style!”

  26. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    man, mcgratton is just thumping guys…

  27. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    i was trying…

  28. ilb:

    there were only seconds remaining on the power play, it’s a common move in every sport for teams to do some version of what Sauer do there. if officials really want to help the flow of they game, they should stop trying to turn the sport into basketball and calling penalties whenever there’s contact. hockey was, at some point, a contact sport. probably best to officiate it accordingly not and not like it’s basketball.

  29. Really, if there was one good moment if the game it was when Deveaux beat the living piss out of Nokelainen, a retard who gives mentally challenged people a bad name. The idiot gets hit cleanly and even saw the human wall that was coming for him, then gets up and throws down with 40 pounds heavier and who knows how to fight. What an idiot.

    The only other moment that was worth watching was when Gomez shot the puck directly at Biron’s pads twice, highlighting again how bad that deal was for the Canadiens.

  30. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    you are welcome sir, and yes indeed

  31. Nokelainen hit is going to be called boarding 99 out of 100 times. My issue with it was that additionally roughing penalty that made zero sense. Nokelainen instigated and then proceeded to throw punches (read: pansy slaps) with a gloved hand. That only Deveaux got the extra minutes is a joke.

  32. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    i like this from brooks

    The GMs apparently believe the NHL’s duty to protect goaltenders is equivalent to the NFL’s approach to protecting quarterbacks, and that’s a worthy comparison.
    Of course, the moment a quarterback leaves the pocket, he is considered a running back and therefore due no more or less protection under the law than any other ballcarrier.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/more_sports/less_not_always_more_ILKnrGpFUAF6fWMDCkyzgN#ixzz1eGTyl5Za

  33. it’s the wrong call on Sauer. If the Canadiens aren’t interested in pursuing the puck on their PP, why should he be in a hurry to give them more PP time? Maybe this is another reason to have no-touch icing, then.

    It’s like when there’s a puck touched with a high stick, and the offending team doesn’t want to touch it … so it waits it out hoping the opponent will play it first and negate the high-stick call. of course you should use situations to your advantage. Sauer was right … or at least he was right until the official told him to move the puck, if that actually happened. Still, there’s no way an icing should work to a team’s advantage. The refs should have blown the whistle and enforced the icing.

  34. Brooks makes a good point there. In fact, the flow of the game would be much better if the goalies were reluctant to leave the crease too far. @That said@ , the current rules *DO NOT* consider the goaltender to be a fair game.

    LMAO @ 3.1% of viewers voted that fight to be a draw!

  35. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    agree 100% carp

  36. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    LMAO x2 and correct and correct

  37. QB can’t be hit if he goes into a feet-first slide, something a running back can’t claim. Goalies really should be hit whenever they leave the crease, but you’ll see roughing called basically automatically whenever contact is made with him. Not a fan and I played the position for 7 years.

  38. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I need more coffee, I am agreeing too much here

  39. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    so the goalie needs to go into the duck and cover if he doesn’t want to be hit…BOOM!!!

  40. 1.) that was probably the worst officiating I have seen in the NHL in a long time. yikes!

    2.) you’re right, Rangers stunk. that’s it.

    3.) going back to my first point, the NHL needs to get rid of that call for tripping AND diving ASAP. I couldn’t believe it when Del Zotto got penalized for that. We could’ve had a 5 on 3 and that could’ve changed the whole game. It’s either one or the other, NOT both!

  41. Lloyd – Don’t fall off your computer chair but I totally agree with you on this. It is the biggest myth that the NHL still never gets! There is actually less scoring when the game becomes basketball possessions with these PPs. Think about it. The Best PP teams are only 20% (1 for 5). That 10 minutes of play and 1 GOAL!

  42. No, it is both sometimes. They want to get the embellishing out of the game. So if you are tripped and take a swan dive, they should call it.

    Atta boy, Seven. Er, I mean, Tony.

  43. They also need to start calling dives when guys get tapped from behind and fling themselves into the boards. that’s epidemic.

  44. Yergs – I agree with you that a play like that can’t be diving and tripping. BUT, I think that was only a diving penalty and if the REFS did that more you’d see less penalties because players would stay on their feet. The same way I laugh at Wicky’s name but it’s true. Players that turn into the glass to draw a boarding should be penalized. It is something Don Cherry very correctly mentioned last night. When someone breaks their neck doing it the NHL will then overreact and call it a dive instead of being proactive and stopping it now!

  45. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    They should penalize these guys that turn their backs to the ice surface along the boards so they get hit square in the numbers and place themselves in vulnerable positions…hell, suspend them if they are repeat offenders (that might make a good call sign…hmmm)

  46. Carp – Had AA received a concussion for that bogus 5 min. major he drew against Konopka – the scary part is Konopka would’ve been suspended instead of blaming AA for embellishing a tap on his ribs.

  47. Do you think MDZ embellished that one? I still believe that it’s either one of the other. If you get called for embellishment, then it shouldn’t be a trip. It’s logic, isn’t it? Then again, the NHL doesn’t know the meaning of the word “logic”.

  48. Yergs – It’s like when you see goalie interference called AND the goalie called for diving. He either interfered or he didn’t. Can’t be both and quite honestly you r right makes no logically sense to punish the guy who got a penalty called on him when opp. dove.

  49. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    dtolensky Daniel Tolensky
    RT @TedStarkey: Six points separate the top 21 teams in the NHL right now.


    The way the NHL is pansifying the game


  50. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    Agree on the AA statement

  51. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    was that supposed to be serenity now?…my bad.

  52. Again like I said last night here. It’s becoming blatantly clear that the No Hit League is coming and we WILL see the day a team signs a speed or figure skater because of their skating skill and no fear of contact. Yet, I constantly read so-called expert hockey writers take shots at guys like Milbury (forget his Isles day – no GM could work in those ownership conditions), Don Cherry (yeah he’s so nuts – he’s one of the winningest NHL coaches of all-time), Pierre McGuire (what a moron! Finding Jagr in the Czech Republic grooming him into a star in Pittsburgh) or Ken Daneyko (yeah he’s a Devil but I’d say his 1000 games and 3 Cups and being one of the most reliable D ever counts for nothing).

    Because guys like Puck Daddy or Adam Proteau of the Hockey News or Damien Cox in Canada cry wolf every day that SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN yet it never does!! Drives me nuts that they get more credibility from fans than guys who have won RINGS in this League!

  53. This game reminded me of the game in Edmonton. Crisp hockey on one side and discombobulated suckage on the other…

    Rangers were chasing all night last night. And, I don’t mean chasing shots of liquor, CCCP.

    This highlights the glaring weakness the Rangers will continue to have: _Puck possession on real ice against fast teams._

    Forechecking doesn’t work when you don’t have the puck. Duh!

    Dump and chase only works if you beat the opposition to the puck! Duh!

    Richards has scored a few timely goals as a Ranger but, boy, he surely gets lost in a game like last night, eh?

  54. Amen, Hwirth. Amen. Whenever I hear old players they say, “drop the instigator penalty and move on. These guys can police themselves.” But the NHL (No-Hit-League = Clever) is just slowly destroying the game lead by a Commissioner who doesn’t even like Hockey. Who isn’t even a fan of the sport. Just someone looking at business and TV deals. It’s absurd.

  55. Like to point out to Adam Proteau of the Hockey News (who has probably never paid to see an NHL game) last I checked NO ONE LEAVES or even SITS during an NHL Fight oh and by the way UFC is doing pretty good $$$ aren’t they?

    And I’ll be honest on this one… As a purist, I HATE the skills competition and that a team who wins a game 4-0 gets the same credit as a team who wins 2-1 in a shootout BUT every game I’ve been to around the League (yes i go to hockey games that don’t involve the Rangers) NO ONE SITS OR LEAVES before the shootout and therefore it should stay because the average fans are into it whether the diehards and purists like it or not.

  56. Carp-

    Correct, in that no way you blame Biron for that loss. Even if the King had been in net they would have lost. That flat out sucked. Maybe if Hank played it would have been 2-0. That’s the only difference.

  57. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    Absolutely 100% correct

    you sir, are also 100% correct

  58. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    thanks btw

  59. Manny – Best Example…. Go to cbc.ca and see if they have the replay of the Mark Howe interview from the Hall of Fame weekend. He’s dead-on and he has credibility having played in the “old-days” and he’s in the Tri-State Area teams press boxes on a daily basis scouting for the Wings.

  60. You got it wickster. Once again we stand on the same side of an argument (that we are having with no one)

  61. I think DZaster did embellish that. you dont do a 360 when you are tripped. and i understand that whole he was going full speed thing.

  62. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on


  63. Lev – I always laugh and find it curious how professional skaters who when needing to cut the corner to drive the net can skate on their edges like no one in the World can then fall to the ice like 3rd grade amateurs when tapped on their legs in the middle of the ice. UMM curious!

  64. The NHL needs to honestly assess the state of officiating in today’s game. Because it is truly abysmal.

    I don’t think the outcome of last night would have been any different but, man, it was a disgrace….

    There should be one ref and 2 linesman….that’s it!!! Too many cooks in the kitchen!!!! Bureaucracy rules!

  65. I agree with him, HWirth. You’re right. He has the cred and he’s correct. I really like this quote:

    “The game in the old days got rid of the pretenders and the guys who do the whacking and the hacking, guys that are chirping back. That stuff got eliminated years ago. If somebody was taking a shot at your best player, somebody got rid of that right away.”

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    that game was horrid last night…it reminded me of rangers 10-12 years ago…it seemed taht there was an extra hab on ice the whole game…when when they were a man short….terrible effort…

    on another note, trouble brewing in caps land…..

  67. NYR_Fan – You make a great point in this whole debate. The majority of this stupidity started with the addition of the second ref. Before the two ref system it was impossible for him to see EVERYTHING and therefore no one crossed a line with hits from behind or high hits because there was a LEGIT chance the ref wouldn’t be looking when you got your revenge. There was a fear of retribution. Now the fear comes from the League. Too late! It’s after the fact!

  68. The whole issue of fighting/hitting is too complex to ever articulate properly on here, but I will say that, while I’m not anti-fighting or averse to physical play by any means (probably to wicky’s shock and despite my Europansiness), the overdramatic and over-publicised leanings of the likes of Milbury and Cherry that practically anything that might promote safety or reduce _illegal_ hitting will result in no hitting at all don’t stand up to much scrutiny either.

    We’ve been hearing them complain about such impending doom for years – is there really any less hitting now than there was pre-lockout? Not talking about puck battles, crease-clearing, clutch/grab, just hitting.

  69. On top of just calling too many penalties the ref’s/linesman are ALWAYS in the way. The NHL is aware that their ice size is smaller than Europe, right? Why put MORE zebra’s on it? Why? It’s too much.

  70. Eddie – I don’t even blame the refs at this point. They are doing what they are told. In this over-reactionary NHL, since the Lucic-Miller I think I’ve seen over 30 goalie interference or no-goals on incidental contact called that was borderline at best but they were told at the GM meetings to watch for it. The Sauer nonsense from last night, something players have done for 50 years, was in reaction to the TB-Phily non story. The front office of the NHL would ban cars or trucks after every accident if they ran the DOT or at least they would lower the speed limit each time.

  71. HW, it the 1-2 system worked pretty well in the 90s. There certainly wasn’t pansification and headshot/boarding crap to the extreme degree that we see nowadays…

    Now, do I think that will magically fix everything? No, but it’s start.

    I bet you that linesman who punished Sauer for not touching the puck was told to look for those types of situations….blow the whistle and make a subjective call. I can almost guarantee you…those are the types of things the league office is looking for…ridiculous….

  72. LW – Are you really serious with that comment. You are exactly the type of people I’m talking about. You can’t see the physical play reduced? Really? Question, Scott Stevens – How many game suspension for a clean hit on Eric Lindros? or any of his 1000 clean open ice hits?

  73. Right. These guys are behemoths! Gone are the days when Michael J. Fox could play goalie in a celebrity hockey league. Now we sign goalie’s that are the size of Yao Ming!

  74. You can’t blame Beer-On for the loss. If not for him, the game could have looked like the Oilers/Hawks game.

    The team didn’t show up for him. The offense sucked, the defense sucked. As a goalie, you can only make so many great saves before giving up a few. The second was pathetic, but he had a good game, in my opinion.

  75. NYR_FAN – Your guarantee is fact. Every NHL official is given a laptop (IBMs – I think they are still the League sponsor). Daily – they are sent emails from now Shanny with clips of things that happened throughout the League that they obviously might’ve missed working or traveling to another game. In those memos, they are “reminded” of what rules to look for (ie. this is our new focus). All you need to know is, pre-Lucic/Miller, goalie interference was not on the GM agenda last Tuesday. It’s a joke!

  76. ORR – Careful what you wish for. They still have loads of talent and I think some of their issues will look a little different when Mike Green comes back from injury.

  77. Yup – more great points HWirth. Mike Green is the Key to their success. Like that thing on the deathstar.

  78. Caps are 2-8 since the injury to Green (really 3-8 but he dressed for the Nov. 11 game before getting hurt again).

  79. HW

    Again, I’m not trying to articulate my position on everything – I certainly don’t see how you can decide what “type of people” I am based on what I’ve said.

    I specifically made the point of not making “hitting” synonymous with the whole concept of “physical play” and never claimed the latter hadn’t reduced. I just think some of the individuals you named don’t help any sort of debate when they make apocalyptic claims about hitting being eliminated anytime issues such as reducing concussions come up.

    Given that, it’s probably hypocritical of me to characterise Milbury as such an ignorant, one-issue candidate, but he plays on on TV most of the time.

    I honestly don’t know if hitting in isolation has reduced, but I’d be sceptical. There’s certainbly been enough publicised sentiment (from both sides of the physicality spectrum) over the last few years about concern how the game and players are faster now and how things like the trapezoid created the “kill zone” behind the net (see Raffi Torres hits last year).

    To your point on Scott Stevens – again, a complex issue without an easy answer. But I don’t have a massive problem with head-targeting hits being punished (and the players as much as the league seem to be on board with that), and was of the opinion that Stevens went after players’ heads on occasions, legal as it was then.

  80. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I would love to see a 4th line of avery rupp bahama bomba, prust saying

  81. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    caps need to trade semin…

    stahl on the block in carolina??

  82. Are they going to put Stahl on LTIR? He is going to miss more than 10 more games, isn’t he? I really don’t know what the heck they are waiting for…why rush the guy back?

    I want to see Zucc and Hagelin get called up….They are both tied for the lead on the CT team in points with 12. Though Zucc has done it in only 10 games…

    Maybe it’s just the “you know what” talking but, if and when the ^wizard^ gets up here, I just think his magic will be infectious on the power play. Lord of the Rink knows a thing or two about puck possession and has a special hockey IQ. And, he improved since last season. Prust sayin’!

  83. Umm, NYR, I hate to break it to you, but, don’t you know Hagelin is a 3rd liner, and should be traded??????

    Who was the guy who said that all the time? I’m starting to think Hagelin cheated on that guys sister, which is why he wanted him traded so badly!

  84. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    he should take eminger’s spot right? (just kidding with you)

  85. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    speaking of hagelin, he isn’t on NHL12 anywhere that I can see???

  86. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    good question and not sure is my answer. If you believe the proverbial rumours more members of the team are aligned with BB than ovechcant if the lockerroom is indeed divided.

    Of course you can’t trade a whole team so….

  87. “I agree with you that a play like that can’t be diving and tripping. BUT, I think that was only a diving penalty”

    If you want to argue MDZ embellished it, OK maybe. But if it’s just one of the above, it’s tripping.
    And how does logic say it can’t be both? One player can commit a foul and the other can exaggerate its effect. If you want to disagree with the policy that’s another issue.


  88. Wick, College hockey teams are not in the game, so you wont see Hagelin, Kreider, or anyone else that’s in College. Also any US teams, where JT Miller played.

    Although, if you wait for the next roster update, I imagine Hagelin would be on the Whale.

  89. eddie eddie eddie on

    This is exactly why NHL should go with 60 minutes of shootouts and if the game is still tied…then 5 minutes of play…folloewd by more shootouts…it is the ONLY sensible thing to do…

  90. LOL! Yeah, who was that guy that hated Hagelin? He kept saying we should have gotten at least a second round pick for Hagelin before he was a bust! Haha! What a dope!

  91. Probably fair to say that diving combined with another penalty is called way more often than it _should_ be because too often officials would rather make the “safe” call than just identify the diver, but like dde, I don’t see it as being completely illogical that both penalties _could_ be called in some circumstances.

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – i know LW, i worked with LW, LW is a friend of mine…and HW, what you said about LW is correct…he is that type of person

  93. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    thanks orr

  94. Hagelin for a 2nd round pick was one of the late Bob’s personal crusades.

    The Werek-for-Europansy outrage was from VinceA, founder of VinceA Day.

  95. Oh yeah! It was the OG bob.

    bob September 24th, 2011 at 12:59 pm
    best course of action is to start shopping Hagelin. There were rumors last season that Red Wings wanted him.

  96. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    eddie x 3 LMAO!!

  97. Eddie

    That’s only true if the “type of person” is “Europansy greeting card entrepreneur with Torts-loving tendencies and total lack of credibility”.

    If not, you must be thinking of somebody else.

  98. This is stuff I am talking about. The word “apocalyptic” and it’s the right word here because the people who would agree with your point (and it’s a debate – nothing personal LW – by “type of people” I meant exactly what you posted with apocalyptic) is crazy. Those guys don’t like or glorify injuries but DO UNDERSTAND that no one put a gun to a player to be in the NHL and they ALL knew what they signed up for.

    The same way Adam Proteau, who is not a blogger, a fan but the lead writer for the Hockey News one of the top National Hockey publications makes irresponsible comments like “I saw Howe’s thoughts. Interesting indeed. I’d argue he’s the product of the culture, making it natural that he’d reinforce it” or Titles his book “Fighting the good fight- why on ice violence is killing hockey”

  99. 64.1 Diving / Embellishment – Any player who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty under this rule.


    That could be:

    1) making a non foul appear to be a foul
    2) making a legitimate foul appear worse than it was

    penalizing someone that embellishes a foul in situation #2 is used as a deterrent for situation #1

    I may be wrong but that seems to be how the rule is being enforced.

  100. DDE – You are right in what you were saying. My point to this is that IF refs started just calling diving penalties and not giving the initial hook, you’d see less players falling so easily and players would go to earning the call. At least, that’s what I mean by logical.

  101. MDZ did embellished, but it is not diving.
    He was tripped.
    By embellishing it he should get unsportsmen like conduct penalty.
    And yes they stunk last night,

  102. Yes. I think if you did that. It’d be the last time he ever dove like that and the next trip he really got tripped he’d go fighting to stay on his fight.

  103. You know what’s kind of ironic? The guy that probably could have used a night off the most, played with the most determination and passion. I thought Prust (Puck Norris) was our only real presence last night…he had a good game in the middle of a stinkbomb by his teammates…

  104. HW

    Agree that nobody likes or glorifies injuries (though Don Cherry in his confused way is implicit at best about advocating physical play beyond the rules of the game, while on the other hand, commendably advocating stuff like no-touch icing, softer equipment and STOP signs on minor hockey jerseys).

    Saying players knew what they signed up for is a bit of a sweeping statement.

    That you mention it’s a debate is part of my point. Whether “apocalyptic” is the right word or not, I don’t agree that it’s even close to the point where hitting will be eliminated from the game, so it stifles debate when significant voices in and around the game simplify things to that level whenever issues of player safety come up.

    And yes, there are some equally intransigent views on the other side of the fence. I wouldn’t pretend to support all of Adam Proteau’s views either. Not sure his opinion pieces have as much influence as some of the old school GMs who are in the “hitting is in peril” camp though.

  105. LW – Well stated.. That’s why to me it’s a topic that’s more important to the NHL than worrying about whether TB (and their 60 Goals Allowed) are hurting the League. The League needs to realize what bores fans are these all PP no flow no hitting games that are ALL over the League and not just in some trap system that barely works. Games that have intensity and yes that means borderline hits, fights, some hatred get the fans attention and the League is going away from that by making physical players have to question everything they thing which is wrong and bad for the sport!

  106. Want a great example of this.. Give credit to Dano last night on HNL. The Isles were a better and more difficult team to play against when they had Konopka, Gillies and Haley. Were they better hockey players than Reasoner/Pandolfo? Not really, but they made the other team aware of them on the ice. Those guys would not have laid down last and gotten embarrassed by the Bruins.

  107. What would Christensen say if asked “why do you suck 95% of the time, and then look skilled as hell the other 5% of the time”? Not that he looked even 5% good last night, but I’m curious what an enigma of a player thinks of himself.

  108. So not calling a legit penalty to avoid a semi-penalty makes sense to you. I have to disagree with that and I’m not so sure how much MDZ embellished it although I can see it looking that way at full speed. I could argue that he tries to avoid being tripped by keeping his back skate up hoping that the stick passes under it.

  109. Forgot this one instance, in general, if they just call diving and not the matching hook or trip you’d see more and more guys staying on their feet. Coaches don’t go crazy at 4 on 4, but how’d you think a Torts or a Ron Wilson would react if a player just got called for diving. Think that player would do a triple axel when he’s barely touched.

  110. I think calling both penalties, when one is a legit penalty and the jackwagon swan-dives to embellish it, makes perfect sense. They should both be called.

    But I also think the diving penalty should be called more often whether there is a legit foul or not.

  111. yeah Carp
    i predicted 5-0
    after seeing the gliding play
    by the Rangers in the first
    (wasn’t able to watch anymore
    til middle of 3rd period when it
    wasn’t worth it)

    i was surprised by what happened to Sauer as well.
    i think there was 8 seconds left in the pk
    and he seemed to be either talking to linesman
    or one of our players.
    if you look at it again, the linesman looked kinda
    peeved when the whistle blew…as if someone else muscled
    in on his territory.

  112. *NYR_FAN* November 20th, 2011 at 1:50 pm
    I think I might I have cried when NYR traded Werek. I was also watching Forrest Gump when I heard the news…


    Made my day.

  113. A loss is a loss. They’re going to have to regroup and get ready for next week. Between Wednesday and Saturday they’re going to lock horns with the Panthers, Caps and Flyers. Going to be a great test and put a few more things into perspective.

  114. HWirth,

    I agree with your logic; however, what you’re saying is that it was a blatant dive by Del Zotto, and that’s where it goes afoul for myself. If you’re skating at nearly top speed, and a defenseman gets his stick in between your thighs and tugs while you’re changing course, you’re going to spin and fall. I didn’t think it was a dive at all.

  115. Goaltending was the least of the problems faced last night. What – they were supposed to go a game with a shut out no matter what? This was a complete rejection of everything that they’ve worked on year to date.

    It almost looked like a Mr. Bean adventure, with Torts playing Mr. Bean. Breakdowns…. Wanna know the meaning of the word “disbelief”? Get a still photo of Torts face at any period there when action was underway.
    Priceless was the expressions on his face after one then two and then three complete attacks by the Rangers……..you’d think that this was a recreation of Iwo Jima, instead of the Bell center Ice rink.

  116. i think the whole team was confused due to Torts
    getting a haircut and finding out that
    his hair is actually thinner than they previously

    couldn’t take their minds off that
    which led to all the lack of skating, effort,
    forechecking, backchecking, shotblocking
    and scoring

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    Latona – agreed…that didnt seem to be a dive at all…..a tad embellished at best….but MDZ was flying and the stick between his legs (remember sonny corleone’s comment about hiding the gun in that Bronx veal joint) caused quite a bit of torque,,,,,MDZ would have twirled no matter what….

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    is there an update on crosby?….seriously, tho, how many pucks can crosby hold in those lips?…i bet at least 7

  119. eddie eddie eddie on

    sorry, to all those crosby haters….he is the greatest player to ever play and not play……comparisons with crosby and TGO are absurd….i dont recall a single person ever wanting to know about TGO’s poops….

  120. LW

    i was trying to avoid that bit of news
    but you bringing it up does allow me to add

    how will the rest of the nhl players and refs
    treat cindy coming back?
    will he be allowed to be bodychecked?
    or will his players take offense at anyone
    too close to him or will refs give out penalties
    for any such action?

    and i’m being sarcastic and serious
    i used to watch lots of pens games
    after mario came back and until the playoffs
    players were at least a stick length away from
    him at ALL TIMES
    and he was NOT checked during the regular

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    …speaking of which, i know crosby had to have dropped a deuce at least once today….

  122. So, the Fishsticks will be the guinea pig team to see how the officials will be protecting The Skid…..

  123. Ought to be an interesting game – Pens & Fishies have a nasty history over the last year or so, too – ever since that fiasco last year when the Pens goalie broke DiPietro’s face….

  124. What happened to Montoya? Is he injured too? They had some minor-league goalie backing up DiPi yesterday….

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    it would funniest if crosby spontaneously combusted in his first game back……it does happen often enough, its just not widely reported…

  126. I have never quite understood the Isles fascination with DiPietro…….first and foremost, he is a very ordinary goal keeper..nothing special. He seems capable of making all the established routines for a goal tender. But he is a wicked gambler. He over estimates his agility’ ability, and his wanderings and stick work which when he succeeds are noteworthy, but he takes some dreadful chances at key moments, and he often gets burned. I’d rank him a below most all veteran goal tenders at this time. They keep on with him at their peril.

  127. Eddie, I have NO idea! All I know is that the Hartford team seems to give up a lot of leads in the third period, but I don’t know if we can blame that on the goalies….

    Actually, I wish that there was an easy way to see the Whale games here in NYC – but no deal on that – not for free, anyway…

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    fran – i disagree…..in the modern era, Hasek and Dipretro are the two greatest net minders the game has seen….

  129. I’d like to see how some of our guys in Hartford are playing with my own eyes….it ain’t happening, though…

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    i watched the hockey night in canada crew last night…..did joe m mention anything about ww’s groin?

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    i bet that when crosby is ready to play, there will be a red carpet coronation for him. Mario will play pomp and circumstance thru his nose hairs as the arena will rise as one to greet those monstrous lips…

  132. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    Bouchard is playing on the first line for the whale, wonder if they are thinking of bringing him up?

    I agree with what HW is saying in the sense of if you started calling the dive more, they would probably stop happening (not that I think there is a league wide problem with “embellishing”, but it is very annoying when it happens). The same goes with the “vulnerable player” along the boards. start penalizing those who put themselves in that position and the injuries that come along with them would be curtailed significantly!

  133. I don’t remember that either from last night, E3 – Joe & Sam spent most of the evening marveling at how fast the Habs were, and how good they looked…they were trying out for a HNIC job, I think….

  134. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I love poutine

  135. Well I wanna see Hagelin play myself Orr! cause if it’s my opinion that he IS ready to play then idc what anyone with the organization says I wanna get sick over it and complain!!

  136. James G
    just going by what is being reported
    yesterday via Katie Strang

    did you see the link i provided after i brought up the subject?

  137. waiting for CBC to put out press release
    announcing that it’s a national holiday
    so everyone can be home from work
    to watch cindy take his first shift

  138. Another ridiculous “dive” call by a ref tonight…..all of a sudden, refs are looking for dives now..

  139. Carp
    Canadians and pittsburghers are
    going to celebrate tomorrow
    by falling down and
    blaming the person next to them

  140. Since Latona is here and he cares about food…

    My wife is sick so my dinner had to be made for myself and since I didn’t want to make a mess…I made penne and then poured some salsa con queso over it. Gross or amazing?

  141. I am going to have to disagree. I put a little milk in there to thin it out and it turned into a sort of “mexican” mac ‘n’ cheese.

  142. This week upcoming week is my week!

    First some Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and some Strawberry Sundae cheesecake. Probably some B&J’s at some point, and some tacos. Then Thanksgiving food and some pies!


    Go Me! Fire My stomach, if it gets full!

  143. You’re right. I am sorry Latona. Also, the taste of this is disgusting. I am not saying I won’t eat it a bunch more in my life. But it is gross.

    Buffalo Chicken Pizza = heaven.

  144. >>I have never quite understood the Isles fascination with DiPietro…
    >>They keep on with him at their peril.

    Isn’t he signed for twenty years? They have to show that the huge contract wasn’t a mistake.

  145. LOL Latona, nice little whineeeeeeeee there from Chico for a good 2 mins. “it’s a bump the Marty party” lol….hoooooooooooooooooooomer.

  146. I like a nice sweet, thin crust pizza. Nice piece of chicken breast smothered in BBQ sauce. Some Red onions and some sort of delicious crumbly cheese. And plenty of garlic. Now I am hungry (I just have to throw up that crap I just ate)

  147. That is one of the few times i like blue cheese in anything. I am not saying I won’t eat a nice blue cheese but I usually like it on a spoon with some spicy sausage and a nice big red wine.

    MAN N CHEESE!? Did that really happen?

  148. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on


    I wonder if the first person that hits crosby just gets mauled?

  149. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    you are the bomb

  150. “The NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions and fall down when they are tripped”

  151. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on


  152. It’s more than .7

    I still have three active players. It’s was a good matchup. Just as last week, I pulled ahead right at the last moment!

    Now, someone’s perfect record will be no more!

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