Some post-practice audio


Here are some interviews from the Rangers’ lockerroom after practice today, just before they left for Montreal.

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Henrik Lundqvist:


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  1. *Re-Post*

    Cynar – Thanks for sharing! That is a very good response. I actually do think of those things! I know that these kids create situations in which they get themselves hurt. My wife and I are both lawyers, she actually works for the city, and we were talking about the impact of all the legalities that go into arresting someone and how while it’s great that those safeguards are there some people just need to be hit over the head and cuffed.

  2. HUUUUUUUGE test tomorrow. Montreal is beat up, stuggling to compete for 60 minutes, and playing their third in four night. The Rangers are rested and have really not played their best hockey yet are riding a seven game win streak. This is another one of those houses of horror where the rangers usually lose and lundqvist does his best softqvist impersonation. Hopefully they pounce on the habs early and often and lundqvist keeps the habs from one of their epic comebacks.

    rangers 4-Habs 2

  3. You know who also hasn’t been playing great hockey? The Habs!

    Carey Price is doing his best “Luongo-in-crunch-time” impression, or at least was. They might even have to play their backup because of their heavy schedule. PK Subban just scored his first goal after taking 1,000,000 shots.

    We can win this game.

    Also – not a chance that Hank doesn’t play with the schedule.

  4. That’s a borderline trade for me. I will write off the fact that he trails Sean “Fashion Forward” Avery in Goals because the Jets are horrendous. I think the ^hobbit wizard^ can do what Wheeler does, just not immediately. But the ^hobbit wizard^ can eventually play 16+ Minutes a game and score 20. I might even say that ^hobbit wizard^ will be better than Wheeler.

  5. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    ^Hobbit Wizard^ may be half Wheeler’s size but he has a lot more stick handling and hockey smarts! Prust sayin’!

    Too much potential to trade away for a guy like Wheeler, IMO.

  6. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Young skill guys like MZA come at a huge premium in today’s NHL (even though he’s kind of a special case). That’s why his cap hit is nearly $2m. Other teams were bidding for this guy hard. I think he’s already proven he can play at the NHL level between last season with NYR and the Olympics. Right now, it’s just a question of how durable he is. Can he play an 80 game NHL season?

  7. Has anyone noticed that the Caps are sucking right now? Anyone think Fatso Brucey B will be canned? Seems like his players didn’t really respond to his brilliant idea of a bag skate.

  8. Wheeler has proven he can play, just not as well as his rookie season suggested he could.

    The question really lies beyond this season. Do we ever see MZA as a top 6 player on the team with the current group of forwards that comrpise the top 2 lines all under contract for next year? Or do you go with a more proven commodity but potentially miss out on some upside? Someone is going to have to take Feds role and potentially Prust’s. Now well Wheeler isn’t a defensive specialist like those two are, him and Boyle could provide some nice size on a 3rd line. Then you could have someone like Hagelin come in to soak up the PK minutes that Feds and/or Prust currently absorb.

  9. I don’t think BB gets canned right now. He’s proven he can coach that team through the regular season. His ultimate test is going to be in the playoffs.

  10. Yea – that’s a good point. I thought he might have lost the team with the whole “bag skate” thing he did recently. I don’t think those stars are going to respond to that but who knows. They love these hot and cold streaks.

  11. Young skill guys like MZA come at a huge premium in today’s NHL (even though he’s kind of a special case). That’s why his cap hit is nearly $2m


    That has more to do with him entering the league as a free agent than getting drafted and having to sign an ELC. Same thing happened to Gilroy. The young guys with the premium price tags are the ones that have their arb years and RFA years bought out like Giroux, JVR, Toews and Kane.

  12. Hi, ‘Heads…

    Caps aren’t getting the goaltending they expected to have, either. Their goalies have not been playing well.

    I don’t know what’s eating Ovechkin, but he’s sure slumping….

  13. The other issue with the ^Big Guy^ is that he is an RFA next season and his EL contract runs out. It may not be very easy to resign him since at the current rate he is losing approximately half of his pay by playing in AHL

  14. OvechCANT!

    I never realized it, but Vokoun doesn’t have much playoff experience for a guy his age. Only two appearances, last in the 06-07 season. Only 11 games, 3 wins while playing for the Preds.

    I picked the Craps to make it to the Cup Final, which they still can, but in my opinion, they should dump Humpty, pun intended.

  15. That was my point Orr, he basically hasn’t grown since his rookie year. Now even if players don’t always grow by leaps and bounds every season, it would have been nice to see him hitting closer to 25 goals and cracking 50 points. But he’ll get top 6 minutes and better PP minutes in Winnipeg than in NY that’s for sure. The big issue is however whether he’d be more adept to fitting in a 3rd line role than someone like MZA. I think they’re both guys that both straddle the top 6 and top 9 threshold. But in all likelihood MZA is not going to get a solid top 6 role on the Rangers this season or even if he returns for next season. And it’s probably in his best interest for him to pursue a team that could give him that chance so he can prove his value in the NHL. The big obstacle to that is his NHL rights would still be owned by the Rangers if they tender him a qualifying offer after this year.

  16. Caps recent problems have been mostly scoring related. They’ve scored 3 or less goals in their last 6 games, 1-4-1.

    Ovechkin’s production is down, but we saw that last year. Semin has been a bigger disappointment. He’s on the fast track to becoming the next Kovalev although he was a more consistent producer earlier in his career than Kovalev was.

  17. Vokoun was supposed to be their “savior” in goal – so far, he hasn’t been – but to be fair, the rest of the team is playing lousy in front of him.

    Ovie is a mystery, though….

  18. Geez, Boston is +30 better than Toronto in goal differential but 2 points back in the standings. That’s changing rapidly however.

    It will be interesting to see which Florida team is better by the end of the year. I’d like to see a show of hands of people that thought the Panthers would be the higher scoring team (albeit by 1 goal) even this early into the season.

  19. Eh, Vokoun hasn’t really been their main concern even during their skid. He had one 4 goal game where he won and one where lost. Then he gave up 5 in his first game of the season. The rest of the time he’s given up 3 or less goals, although he got yanked in one of those games after giving up 3 in one period vs the Canucks.

  20. LOL! I love Lupul talking carcillo to him after it happens. You’re down 3-1, and your team is playing like garbage, so you shouldn’t be talking.

    CT, maybe if he played for a team with some better offensive options, he could pop in 25, 50. Although, I’m assuming he doesn’t have that in Winnipeg. But, then again, he did have some good players with him in Bosotn. You’re definitely right, he wouldn’t get the chance to do any of that here.

    Come to think of it, he’d probably be the new Chris Higgins, if we were to acquire him.

  21. That kid must have felt like a real jackwagon, eh ilb? looked like some of the opponents weren’t too happy about the showboating, too.

  22. I hate to say anything even in mild support of Higgins, but he certainly was hit by some bad luck in his thankfully brief tenure in NY. His shooting % was less than half of his career average.

  23. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Pretty huge dropoff in pay too for the ^Italian kid from Norge^, ilb. $65K at the AHL level and $1.75 NHL salary incl potential bonuses….

  24. I’ve seen Carcillo a couple of tiems, and he looked almost sedate…made one great solo rush and cored an pretty nice goal. He can play…too bad he has nothing much between the ears.

  25. Bag Skate

    A hockey practice where players are forced to do repetitive skating drills until they are exhausted, or have “skated their bags off”. It’s often used as punishment for an underperforming team.

  26. speaking of Dan Carcillo,im growing a some sick Carcillo-esque facial hair in honor of our winning streak!

  27. with this scraggly assen look,its a good thing i already have a hotass wife,if i was on the single scene i dont think id be getting much love!

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  33. thats Beastie Boys 4ever,if i could write that i wouldnt be working from 5 am to 4 pm as a fisherman.

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  36. Morg,
    I wouldn’t be surprise at all, if that would be YOUR’s lyrics,- this place has, in amazing concentration, such a deep reservoir of talents, a ledge of unique characters and constellation of star’s quality gifted people, it would proudly and easily fulfill any and all All Stars blogs in any sports in this country, as well as an exquisite International Philosophy Clubs.

  37. agreed 4ever,your unique Russian angle (as well as our other Russian Boneheads,CCCP cpt ILB etc etc)add to that reservoir.
    I really love this place!(so dont ban me Carpy)

  38. Morg,

    “saturday night i was downtown working for the fbi sitting in a nest of bad men whiskey bottles piling high”

    I always wondered what the Clutterbuck they were saying in that lyric after “fbi”. Hah! now I know.

  39. Kreider scores on the penalty shot, 1-0 after first

    BC vs Notre Dame on CBS College Sports channel

  40. The schedule-maker should be shot! So many days without a game, and then an avalanche of them…the fans hate it, but it’s not good for the team, either!

  41. Everyone is definitely on the Maurice death-watch….but what does that have to do with Victoria’s Secret supermodels?

  42. ORR, you’re *always* thinking about Victoria’s Secret supermodels – not that there’s anything wrong with that….. :-)

  43. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on


    If we did a trade like that I would think it was the precursor to another deal perhaps

  44. In LQ’s first three starts in Montreal he was 2-1, averaging about 2 goals against per game.

    Hank’s first “bad experience” in Montreal was Mar 27 ’07.

    Going into that game both he and the Rangers were riding a 5 game win streak.
    It was the 65th game of 70 for Hank that year and his 3rd game in 4 nights, with the two prior games ending in a Shoot Out and OT.
    It was also his10th game in 18 days.

    The Rangers grabbed a 2-0 first period lead, Hank gave up 4 goals on 7 second period shots and was pulled. IMO you’d be hard pressed to place major blame on LQ for any of the goals allowed.
    Go look, I’d like to see other peoples opinions.

    Listening to Hank speak about playing in Montreal I wonder if he’s got a little bug in his head. It just sounds like he’s too willing to accept that games are going to be a crazy. UMM you have a say in the matter Hank, as do your teammates. Play your game, steady and patient. What the byfuglien! It wasn’t mystique, that planted the bug in your head it was exhaustion of both you and your team.

  45. Canes have been shutout in back to back games now….imagine this place if Rangers got shutout twice in a row?

  46. We want the world and we want it, we want the world and we want it… Now?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. LOL! That’s hilarious, Lev.

    I remember when I was a kid, in Social Studies class we were reading something aboot Niger, and this kid that read pronounced the “G” with the “Guh” sound, and the whole class gasped, then laughed at him. Then he left the class and vomited. No joke.

    I felt bad for the kid, but I love it when people vomit, especially in school.

  48. Morg

    Are you showing your age???? That song Show me the way to go home, is a roaring twenties piece…MY father used to sing it.

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