Geez, these slow weeks are awful


Seriously, it’s like one big seven-day rain delay where they take the tarp off for two and a half hours and the rest is just waiting around.

I can’t even tell you how much I dislike parts of the schedule like this. And after tomorrow’s game in Montreal, guess what? Yep, three more days off, for a total of two games, or about five hours of hockey, in 11 days. Then they play three games in less than four days. Horrible. Just horrible.

So I’m going to try to get over to the skate today. Not promising that I will, or how long I might be able to stay, but I’m going to try.


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  1. Late on this, but Manny is going to a wedding on VinceA Day?!

    If there was ever a time to respond to a wedding invitation with “Thanks but no thanks”, this was it.

    The very words fiancé and fiancée sound a bit Europansy to me.

  2. If you’re looking for something to do between games how about the Parks Department production of The Mikado.

  3. I hate these days off for us but as long as the team keeps winning, it’s a great thing. It allows guys with nagging injuries like Prust and MDZ to get a little healthier. It allows Hank to stay fresh. It’s less games that Staal misses. And now the whole team is fresher with what is basically starting a 60 game schedule.

    Now, if we were losing, I would have a totally different attitude.

  4. Good Morning all! I am also hating the schedule right now but I get to catch up on all the other crap I have on my DVR.

  5. Bwahahaha. Great point LW. Let me tell you the worst part…THE KID GETTING MARRIED IS FROM AMSTERDAM! Talk about Europansy and a europansified country! UGH

  6. LW3

    You dislike the term Fiancee etc?

    What else would suffice? Do not tell us that you prefer the neanderthal word that Bikers use for a female animal…surely you are all familiar with that deathless memo many bikers had on their tee shirts, ” If you can read this …….then the bitch fell off!” Really puts the gentle sex in their place eh?

  7. Actually I recently heard a good one. This woman called her fiance her “Husband-Elect.” Kind of a good one.

  8. Carp,

    With the slow schedule how about a chat? My prediction is Staal does not play this season.

  9. I was hoping to do a chat today. But I have to go to practice, so no chat. Makes no sense to do one late in the day on Friday or on the weekend. Maybe early next week.

  10. Good Morning everyone!!

    Just a stat I got from another web site, and I’m not sure if it was discussed here. Did anyone know or realize, the Rangers have not played a team above (I think they said) 7th place!! The Rangers have been playing well, I will not deny that, but we need to take our game to the next level. There are some really tough games coming up.

  11. Hey Carp I have a good off day question for you.

    We all know Tort’s doesn’t like Larry Brooks from the Post. Has anything ever happened, that you can talk about, between the 2 that was funny? Or do the 2 of them just fight all the time, and butt heads?? LOL

  12. Is Tort’s a NYorker?? He should have been if he isn’t. All in all I can see Tort’s being a little annoying if your a reporter just trying to do your job, and he gives 1 line answers for everything.

  13. It would be nice to have all of these off days at the end of the season so the boys could get a break before the playoffs start. Maybe, just maybe, one time, we will clinch a playoff spot early enough to rest some players. Hey, if we could have snow before Halloween anything can happen! :-)

  14. Everyone set the DVR’s now!!! When 24/7 mic’s up Tort’s!!!! Oh my god, I wonder if Sather will stop that, and won’t let them mic him up?? I can’t wait……good point whoever brought up 24/7.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    Be responsible, respectful, stable, but gullible
    sound the caring, help the helpless, but always remain ultimately selfish
    get the balance right, get the balance right

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    how many goals will AVERY get against Les Habs…..over/under is 4…i predict 5 goals for our savior

  17. I hope no one minds all of the posts…..I’m a retired Police Officer and have a lot of time on my hands. It’s this or doing laundry and stuff :(

    I was suppose to post this on Verteran’s day!! It’s a great video of college football halftime show. Great stuff

    Sept 10th 2011 not 100% but Norfolk game??

  18. No way, Cynar! POST MORE!

    Can I ask you a question please? As a retired police office you must have an opinion on this whole riot gear vs. protestors. When you were working, did you get excited for that situation?

    I only ask because I think I would get excited for that. Especially those types of kids – the 21 year old “my parents pay for everything but i hate the world” type of kids.

  19. Speaking of Thanksgiving- Am I the only one who can’t help but always remember that terrible game that we blew to Atlanta on Thanksgiving back in like 02 or 03 this time of year? Most people think of family memories. I think of bad Rangers games lol

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    i say play Marty Beer On…..he has played great this year. And hank is horrid in More-e-el

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – in other words, marc can go get the newspaper at the end of his driveway and empty the dishwasher.

  22. Manny of course everyone gets excited for those situation. But there is a distinct difference between a rookie, and the married cop who is a little older. Now I’m saying older but you can be a Police Officer at 21 or younger in some places, so I’m not talking about a 50 year old. No offense to 50 year olds. LOL The excitement for the rookie maybe cause he gets a chance to get a little physical with the rioters. The older guy though may get a little excited but he usually is a little more concerned with going home that night, and waking up to his kids the next morning. One thing always amazed me about the press. I’m not talking about where I live, but in NY especially the city. If a cop does something wrong, no one stops to think, sometimes the situation evolves so quickly, and you are forced to make a decision, (and it better be the right one) in that split second, and there’s no reset button like in video games. It just amazes me how they can hound that cop or NYPD cause maybe the decision wasn’t right. I had only 1 or 2 situations where it became a shoot don’t shoot. I didn’t, but if I had the questioning would have been on and on. All in all I’m just saying that yes some of the cops get excited, but most just want to make sure they go home at the end of the night. People forget that, so, even thou I’m biased, I say put yourself in his/or her shoes, and think that you have a split second to decided someone’s fate. In a potential riot situation, things get even worse. Look at the guy who cut the cops hand with glass. What if he cut his neck, or something like that. He got away, and a situation like that can disolve into an all out riot. I think NYPD for the most part has done a good job. For their Chief he has to worry about the Mayor and making him look good, so that is a job I would not envy. Just my opinion.

  23. Does anyone here play NHL12?? Carp do you know anyone at EA sports?? I would love to give them some ideas for their next game!! If you play, what do you think?? I know it was probably brought up before, but this is very slow Hockey News week.

  24. Common Carp!!! Get with the times. I’ll invite you to a XBOX live Party and we can play NHL12 until it’s 1999!! LOL EA Sports is this huge comglomerite who makes sports video games. They own, and make John Madden Football, but they should be embarassed about that game over the last couple of years. They are also the maker of NHL series which by far has been one of their best games through the years. Just a little info for ya.

  25. I’ll stick to the Rangers, and won’t comment about cop stuff, and EA Sports, I don’t want you to have to think about to much. LOL

  26. Cynar – Thanks for sharing! That is a very good response. I actually do think of those things! I know that these kids create situations in which they get themselves hurt. My wife and I are both lawyers, she actually works for the city, and we were talking about the impact of all the legalities that go into arresting someone and how while it’s great that those safeguards are there some people just need to be hit over the head and cuffed.

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