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Thought you might like this photo posted by the Associated Press when Mark Howe — a great player and really good guy — was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Toronto this week.

It’s a picture of Mark playing with his more-famous dad, Mr. Hockey. But check out Ron Greschner and John Davidson in the photo. And the low glass (which used to scare the Holy Hell out of me in the corner pressbox). Cool stuff.


Our friend Paul Swaney, of — a site that has reviewed about 630 different stadiums (or is it stadia?) dropped us a note to tell us that they have reviewed Madison Square Garden, the World’s … well, you know. You can check out the review here.

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  1. Not sure if this was brought up yesterday. I’ve been avoiding youse guys during this 7 game streak, and will continue to do so til the inevitable.

    But for those who have FOIS, my Verizon Co-worker just sent me this:

    November 16, 2011 – 1:57 PM
    Verizon announced today that it expects to provide MSG Network channels in high definition by mid-December.
    The Federal Communications Commission ruled in September that MSG could not withhold HD feeds of its programming from Verizon and AT&T. MSG sports programs include Buffalo Sabres games, which have been available to Verizon FiOS viewers only in standard definition.
    A federal court last week upheld the FCC ruling, which compels MSG to negotiate with Verizon regarding HD feeds. A statement from Verizon today says the HD programming is expected to be available by mid-December.

    Sabres viewers who get their TV via the Dish Network are still in the dark when it comes to watching their team. Dish last year dropped MSG from its lineup, along with YES Network and SportsChannel New York, in a dispute over rights fees. All indications are that those channels won’t be coming back to Dish anytime soon.

  2. Holy Crap, I don’t remember the back glass being that low???? And I’ve been watching hockey since ’70!

  3. Hey BANJ- thanks for the note! But I thought they were getting the feed in a couple of days. I, of course, know nothing about the technical aspect of providing the channel to customers, so maybe it does take a few weeks to set up a channel.

    Either way, I’m thrilled to finally watch the Rangers in HD finally. Now I officially have no reason to look forward to Versus games anymore. However bad it was, it wasn’t bad enough to go back to Time Warner.

  4. I always wondered why Alec Berg had all these playoff tickets but would then just give them away? I guess he just loved those thank you calls.

  5. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    At first glance, I seriously thought that was Boyle for a second. Great pic.

  6. Good morning, boneheads! Got to run, but have to direct you to waseka——>
    Looks like Dr. Cantu cleared Staal for light physical activity!

  7. NYRanger4life. That is true. If you go to the FCC website, FCC.GOV, search msg-hd and Verizon Fios, you can read about the ruling. According to the FCC, Verizon should have the HD feed by November 25th. Dolan previously appealed the FCC ruling, but he lost the appeal, so Dolan must make MSG HD available to Fios.

  8. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    “Light activity”? That doesn’t sound very good at all…especially since it’s so vague….

  9. Good morning all….Does anyone know when the winter classic tix will be released to non-season ticket holders thru ticketbasterd??

  10. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    morning ILB and all!!

    are your legs tired yet? You are not a spring chicken anymore!!

    we didn’t think you were missing, just thought you were on a previous thread posting

    re Torting of Torting..I agree with you on both!!

  11. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    I don’t think you gainey’d me, I would say i sather’d you in a 2004 helping all the canadian teams way!!

  12. If you look closely at the photo, the glass goes past the supports behind the net. The glass was lower on the side boards and changed when Milbury and the Bruins climbed over it into the stands.

  13. irish99
    I don’t think they are going to release any tickets to the public.
    All of them went to the teams, nhl and all other parties involved.

  14. don’t get too excited about Staal. It would be a long process, at best, for him to begin heavier workouts and then a long way to get into game condition. then be cleared for contact. then for games.

    there’s a very real possibility he won’t play this season.

    Johnny, he has a great John Housman name.

  15. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    Alec Berrrrrrrrrrrg…Mr. Berrrrrrrrrrrrrg.

    As for Stahl, I’m already resigned to the fact that he will not be playing this season. Not that all concussions are the same, but look at Sid the Skid’s timeline. He was knocked out in January 2011 and it is 10 months later and he is still not back.

    I just hope this injury is not career-threatening…that’s the bigger concern right now.

  16. I’m glad Staal is feeling better. I agree with Carp though, and take it a little further and say i’d be surprised if he came back this year. It just seems like if you gauge the recovery process by what he’s gone through so far, it’s gonna take a while. Will the NYR really win a cup if he returns to the lineup? I don’t think so.

  17. “The glass was lower on the side boards and changed when Milbury and the Bruins climbed over it into the stands.”

    First and probably only time that Milbury has been responsible for _increasing_ people’s safety.

  18. Carp, thanks for the picture that’s frome when I started watching the Ramgers fulltime.
    I don’t remember the glass being that low. It must have been as scary as you said sitting in the press area. I saw a clip of Eddie Izzard called Thanksgiving which was funny but I went to Wikipedia to find out more about him. It was interesting but I found a wild fact

    MarathonsOn 27 July 2009, with only 5 weeks’ training and no significant prior history of running, Izzard began seven weeks of back-to-back marathon runs (with Sundays off) across the UK to raise money for Sport Relief. He ran from London to Cardiff, to Belfast, to Edinburgh, and back to London carrying flags of England, Scotland or Wales depending on which country he was in, and carried a self-designed green flag bearing a white dove when in Northern Ireland. The blog Eddie Iz Running was a document of his road running marathon, in which he ran 43 marathons in 51 days. He completed the run on 15 September 2009, after having run at least 27 miles each day, 6 days a week for 7 weeks straight, covering more than 1,100 miles across the UK.[37] Izzard received a special award at BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009 for his achievements.[38]


  19. That photo of Mark Howe in a Whaler uniform with his Dad, brings me back to the day when he was spiked by that goal shaft that used to extend from the middle of the cage forward, and changed the goal construction forever. TBW and I were in 3rd row seats when it happend right in front of us . I’d say about 30 feet away. John Tonelli of Islanders cross checked Mark from behind and as Mark was facing the goal his feet went out from under him and he was slammed hard on his back with his feet in the air and his butt end banged right into that spear.

    And you could see the agony on his face as he was writing on the ice, and thrashing about, and at first it wasn’t apparent exactly what had hurt him, and many folks around us thought that Tonelli’s stick hadf hurt his back, but almost immediately you could see the blood all over that spear part of the goal and that;s when it all began to sink in. Deathly quiet in the Civic Center after that and they really rushed a stretcher out…I cannot recall if Gordie was there or not, but it put me in mind of a game in Wrigley field Chicago a few years prior when Bubba Church pitching for Cubs was hit by a line drive in the face by Ted Kluszewski. They thought he was dead on the mound there flat on his back. I also believe that some women around us began to cry with Mark on the ice there, and that also happened in Wrigley Field.

    That was one of the best changes the NHL ever made.

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