Rangers-Islanders in review


Last night’s game shows how much parity there is in the league, and how difficult it is to win on any given night.

Here were the Islanders, skidding to oblivion, unable to score, exhausted from a one-game trip to the Pacific Northwest (Seinfeld reference), and not playing particularly well in this game either, and they were still awfully tough to put away.


1) Having said the above, this game is the Islanders’ Stanley Cup, and this time they lost it.

2) I thought a big, big key to the result was the Rangers dictating the pace from the start, even though they couldn’t dictate it for the whole game.

3) Sean (Almighty) Avery. The Rangers are 6-0 since he was recalled, even if he didn’t play in all six. The funny part of this whole thing is the idea that he’s proving people wrong. When in fact, he’s proving people right. He did not play this way last year, and this is the way he has to play to be in the NHL. When he does, he’s a factor. When he does, he’s an NHL player. And when he does, he’s better than some of those players John Tortorella thought were better than him. But when he doesn’t, then he’s not. And, on cue, Avery got another one of those “Two Minutes for Being Avery” calls. (PS, Mike Mottau has shown that he’s a pretty decent fighter in his own weight class).

4) What a game by the Captain. Still tough and gritty (and sneaky dirty), and with skill. Like Avery, the closer to the edge he gets, the better.

5) Speaking of Ryan Callahan, I don’t get this NHL. Touch a guy’s gloves with your stick, or lift his stick, and you get a penalty. But when Callahan moves in on a break-in and gets grabbed and shoved from behind by Jurcina, right into the goalie and the net, no call. And I’m all for that not being a penalty. But if the pansification stuff is going to be called, then that has to be called too. Ironically, later a much weaker call against Jurcina on Callahan was made.

6) And one more play by Callahan. First period, end of a shift, Rangers ice the puck. Callahan busts his aasen to try to negate the icing. But he can’t get there in time. And in today’s NHL, I wonder if that’s still a good play, making the long sprint in the unlikely event you might get there first and risking being bagged for the D-zone faceoff since the offending team can’t change players on an icing. I know it’s not in Callahan’s DNA to not try. But this might be a case where less effort is more.

7) I thought Brian Boyle had one of his best games of the year, especially early. Great play on the Avery goal. Not saying he is or isn’t one of the best third-line centers in the league. Just saying, I don’t get that some people don’t like what this guy does. Though his failure to get the puck out at the end of an Islanders PP pinned the PK guys for a long, long shift after the PP ended.

8) Some of the Rangers’ top skill guys were really good again … especially Marian Gaborik and Brad (GWG) Richards, along with Callahan, Dubinsky (in spots), Stepan and Anisimov, and Del Zotto. Say what you want about Richards, but most of his points this season have come in big situations.

9) And, of course, the Rangers’ best player had to be great. Henrik Lundqvist made that remarkable save after the header. (though I wonder if the header really is a good idea in traffic, because of the uncertainty of where the rebound goes). There were times when the Rangers needed Lundqvist to save their butts (especially on the Isles’ PPs, and shortly thereafter), and he did. Again.

10) Partly because of Richards’ acquisition, and I know they didn’t score on it last night, but these Rangers are pretty darn good with the 5-on-3.

11) Other than the PP, did John Tavares play?


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Brad Richards. 


AP photos, above.

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  1. Great review, Carp.

    I looked at some stats from last night. EC played more than 8 min, Deveaux a little over 3. I am not sure who was more visible.

    Also, I want to mention something that tends to be overlooked oftentimes. Fedotenko may not wear a Broadway hat too often, but how good has he been defensively? On PK and during 5 on 5 when the opposing team is pressing, he appears to be always in position to make a play. Guys like him just don’t get enough credit.

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – no comment on line combos? Didn’t see game, but read game thread and new line combos during winning streak is putting the Torts’ line shuffler in full effect.

    This is a game you throw away style points and take the win and get ready for the Habs, another place we usually lay a stink bomb. They win up north and this team will exercise some ghosts.

    Who is number 8?

  3. I guess Eric got to see his first ranger win on Long Island in five years. Unless he heeded Manny’s advice and stayed the cooke away. Now to Montreal. I was supposed to be there for a hockey tournament this weekend. The tournament was cancelled due to lack of interest (and expense if you ask me). Let’s see how they handle this house of horrors. A place where a win is never, ever easy.

  4. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You are right regarding parity in the league, Carp, as almost every night we are seeing pronounced “upsets,” Ottawa winning vs. Calgary being last night’s glaring example. Ottawa is the worst team in the league, right now, and no team losing to Ottawa should show its face for a week.

    Another factor which plays into all these surprising “parity” results is the schedule. Sometimes the better team will lose a game to the schedule-maker, as much as to the opposing team. This is what happens when you have teams playing three games in four nights, and when you have teams flying through time zones for a back-to-back game. You can tell when a team is flat, emotionally and not sharp physically. Too many damn games is bad enough, but when too many damn games are crowded together on the schedule it can make a mockery of a team attempting to play to its highest level on a consistent basis.

    You combine the above with the fact that the regular season qualifies 16 teams for the post season and there really is no reason for top teams to bust their buns every time out just for “home advantage” until play starts for real. If home advantage were so decisive the home team would always win. A bad call by the refs, or a crazy bounce in a playoff game and your entire season of working for “home advantage” is out the window. Years ago Montreal beat a stronger Chicago team in the seventh game of the finals when a puck, just dumped into the Hawks zone from center ice by a Montreal D-man, found the net after taking a big, crazy bounce.

    I don’t know how these interminable-season with a big playoff inclusion format leagues can be so blind as to think their format is above criticism and cannot be improved upon. If it were my league I would start with fewer games, no back-to-back games, and all teams playing three games per week, no more no less. The product would be greatly improved, that’s for sure.

  5. Although Montreal is really banged up, having trouble scoring and no where near the team they have been in recent years. Paging Marty Biron for a provincial homecoming, although with that mask and that american wife and those american kids, he doesnt seem so quebecois these days. He does tweet in french from time to time.

  6. Ottawa is not the worst team in the league, that would be Columbus and its not even close between them and the Isles. Calgary isn’t exactly that good either, 28th in GF and middle of the pack in GA.

  7. I had a bad feeling about this game before they got their first goal after a pretty good stretch of controlling the flow and no results. Then the quick response by the Isles and the the penalty parade in the 2nd reignited the dread of a letdown game. Glad to see they gutted it out in the 3rd and escaped with a hard fought win.

    The Isles might have been a bit snakebitten last night (one post away from tying the game late and one Lundqvist away from putting in quite a few more) but they really are a poorly organized outfit in their own end. Read any Isles blog and you can see the scorn for players like Mottau, Eaton, Staois and the supposed responsible veteran forwards like Rolston and Pandolfo. I had actually thought they had a chance to hang in the playoff race for longer this year and their offense could bail them out of their three headed monstrosity of a goaltending situation, which hasn’t been that bad outside of DiPietro, however the goals have been hard to come by out in Uniondale. Particularly once you get past Tavares and Moulson. Terrible slumps by Comeau, Okposo and some mean regression from Grabner add up to a long winter for the team we love to hate.

  8. Now that i check, Montreal is 6-3-1 in their last ten but 2-4-3 on home ice. A few of those wins have been in OT and SO and their home ice performance has been sub par. For instance they blew a 2-0 lead and 40 minutes of solid play in the final 20 against the baby buffalos and then dropped the shootout. Maybe the streak doesn’t die in Montreal. They could actually go up there, take fewer penalties (lol) and play the 60 minute game we have been waiting for. Or they have been waiting for.

    On a side note, i have never been the hugest Avery guy (unlike a lloyd braun for instance) but what a difference the ranger record is with him in the lineup. That has to mean something. Then again, playoff success has proven elusive for this squad even with the almighty in the lineup. Maybe this year will prove different.

  9. Great Review as always! I’m glad you mentioned that Cally touch up play because it went through my head at that exact moment as well. If and most likely now when they change the icing rule to either a hybrid or no touch, players will have opportunity to do that more often. Just let it go and catch your breathe.

  10. Carp, I wish you would’ve added something about the defense (I know it’s an obsession). Love that Eminger jumped in the play and scored. Sauer had a solid opportunity on a similar play. Just look at the defense between our defense really contributing and the Isles has only provided 2 PPGs this year. It makes a difference.

  11. Hi guys. Lots of good points here early this morning. I’m very happy about lucky #7.

    Did anybody else cringe last night when Sam mentioned how clutch Brad Richards’ points have been? Yikes.

  12. Good morning all! Totally slept through the game but woke up happy!!

    Get well soon Buff!


  13. Nice review, but why must we always try to disect Avery?

    Agree Feds is the unsung. One of those guys that makes the engine run, night after night.

  14. Well everyone – since people love to nitpick in a win, McBust quietly had a pretty rough game last night. Sauer Pauer got burned a few times. But boy-oh-boy does this team play with grit and determination.

    For the second time during this streak I felt really comfortable even when another team tied it up (twice). I really felt like our boys were dictating the game, as Carp pointed out, and were playing their game and that has to work, right Torts? They played the “right way” and it worked.

    Seven in a row! Hard to argue with that!

  15. Carp
    great review…

    In many ways I think Tort’s is pretty smart guy…I think he knew that no team would ever claim Avery even at a fraction of the cost…he also knew that the move to the Whale could motivate Avery to play the way he has. I think Tort’s also knew that Avery would be back at some point…Avery is the only true NHL player who could pretty much pass through waivers at will, without being claimed.

  16. Anybody see Stewar’ts hit on Kronwall? More of a push than a hit. Any guess on suspension length there?

  17. Went to the game last night, where else could you get 4th row behind Hank for $ 105 Great game I havta say besides being a toilet of a venue that I have never seen more drunken,out of it, white trash fans in my life than the Islander fans. I think they give qualudes at the door if you have a fishsticks jersey on. It was great to see approx 70% of the place filled with Rangers fans

  18. Great game. They had to win and they did.

    One thing Carp…the 5 on 3….not to pick nits but they stink on the 5 on 3. Standing around stationary is not a PP. Also, without a bomb from the point, all the opposing team needs to do is play the triangle in the slot and we got nothing. How many 5 on 3s have we had this season? I think we scored 1 maybe 2 on the 5 on 3 and I am guessing we have had 8 opportunities or more. 25% in 5 on 3s (best case) is a horrible number.

    Nice streak. Keep at it.

  19. I didn’t get to see a lot of the game, but reading it here is the best place for a good review.

    Wanted to bring up a quick point. This was in the bottom of a couple of newspapers, and I thought it was great!! I’m pretty sure the Rangers don’t plan on signing him, but it appears that our GM does in fact have a heart. The Rangers may or may not sign him but Glen Sather has given this former Ranger the chance to continue his career. Voros get’s the chance to play on our AHL club to try and prove he still belongs in the NHL. Just the fact that Sather has done this makes me raise my value of our GM. Sather apparently does have a heart and it does MEAN something to be a Ranger. I know Messier was always big on the fact that once you play for my team, your always on my team. Not that Messier didn’t like players from time to time (One of my favorites Mike Gartner comes to mine) but he is showing some loyalty and allowing Voros a chance to come back is an awesome gesture and just makes me more proud to be a Ranger fan.

    Former Rangers forward Aaron Voros will skate for the AHL Whale under a 25-game PTO (professional try-out). The winger spent two seasons with the Rangers before being sent to Anaheim during the summer of 2010 for Steve Eminger. The tryout will give all NHL clubs a chance to look at and sign Voros.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/rangers/bow_wow_tortorella_breaks_up_arf_3QGyl8tOZf7pIxprATwnNP#ixzz1dsdR3cZL

  20. Been keeping an eye on AA lately. He’s a player. Not flashy, but does a lot of good thigs.

    My favorite thing about this team right now is how strong they are on e puck! No one can get the puck from Dubi along the boards – and as a whole the team is just tough to get he puck from.

    Go Blue !

  21. I agree Cynar but I also think Glenny Boy has done a fine job of keeping our team together.
    Not trading Anisimov, Dubi, MDZ, etc etc has build an outstanding core of good players.
    While I’m not the biggest Sather fan, I think Tort’s, Sather etc have the organization moving in the right direction.

  22. 1 of 6 on 5 on 3. they nee dto shoot more, trying backdoor play to much. they look ok on the 5 on 3 but need to put the biscuit in the net……….

  23. Thoughts:

    This game was so riveting that Sam Rosen actually stuck to the play by play.

    Girardi and McD had their worst game perhaps all season. Both turned the puck over way too often.

    Prust is receiving maintenance days to heal and celebrates by fighting. His play has deteriorated to the point he only had 5:59 ice time. Perhaps he reinjured himself.

    Richards may be a lifetime minus 70 but he does a nice job back checking. In fact, the most underrated aspect of the Rangers success is the defensive play of the forwards: Cally, Dubi, Steps, Boyle, Feds and Artie, Prust, when he’s his old self, even Gabby has made some great defensive plays.

    Stepan has developed a heavy one timer and he’s had three opportunities in the slot the last two games but missed the net twice. Look for him to pot one of these soon. Speaking of one timers, it’s great to see the Rangers finally taking more of them as well as slappers. I think it’s the Richards influence. The power play will be better when they set up guys for one timers in the circles like the Lightning sets up Stamkos. Today’s goalies are too quick for wristers in most cases.

    Hank was lucky he didn’t get Millered when he ventured up the ice to push the puck away.

  24. finally at last i see a win on long island. its been a long time coming walking out of the cesspool i mean coliseum with a win. for once i go home happy. the one negative i have is that damn freaking 5 on 3 which could have ended this game after 2 and not have it come down to mcdonald hitting the post in the frantic seconds. can the rangers move around on the 5 on 3. guys just stay stationary and its pathetic.

    7 in a ROW is this really happening am i dreaming.

    want to make easy cash take montreal on saturday no way and i would be shocked if the rangers win in the house of horrors known as the bell centre. you could bet we will be shorthanded at least 6 times. i would start biron. hank in montreal has been a disaster

  25. I don’t think there is any chance that Hank doesn’t start on Saturday. Three games in 8 days, you better believe they are putting their best goalie on the ice with all that rest.

    Prust really has fallen apart. I don’t know if he’s injured though because he seems to skate well. Who knows really. It’s just pain.

    The GAS line and the ARF line have been awesome. Really exciting to see. Such pressure on the puck and such vengeance to get shots on goal.

    5-on-3 could be better but the PP in general is so much better than it was. Pretty happy to see that.

  26. Staal Wart I agree….I’m not sure if Sather sucombed to pressure from the fans and media but they have been clamouring for us to keep the youth for a long long time. It took Sather some time to finally do this. We all remember Kaminsky, and others, and the tons of money we spent, but Sather over the last couple of years has really changed a lot of different things about this team.

    As far as the coaching goes, Renney is still a great coach, but his loyalty laid with the vet’s and we needed someone to take our youth tell them HOW to play NHL hockey, and make them a team. Tort’s by far seems like one of the best coaches to make a team a TEAM. I don’t know if he tells the Captain, “hey after the game take the team out for a beer” but he gets his point across, and his team in Tampa and NY are and was a great team. Maybe not the most talented but they were teams.

  27. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    When MZA joins this team, the power play will get better, especially the 5 on 3, as he is a wizard on the point. He can definitely be a spark on the power play. Remember how he got the PP going last year?

    We’ll see what Stahl’s doc says tomorrow. If after the appointment, they opt to put Stahl on LTIR, look for the hobbit to play this weekend!

    Btw, another great period (or so) of play for the Doobie Stash last night….

    7 W’s in a row can only be explained by 1 thing: The Woywitka effect…

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Last night I said I didn’t like the line combinations. Then immediately after I said that, Richards took a shift with Dubi and Cally and Boyle took a shift with Avery and Avery scored. There is only one logical conclusion to this: John Tortorella is not only a bonehead, but he took my advice as well.

    In all seriousness, this was one of Richards’ better games as a Ranger, even before he scored the goal.

    Also, I have to admit that Avery had yet another really strong game. I don’t even think his goal was even his best chance offensively (more just rotten rebound control from Nabokov), but nobody ever asks how, they just ask how many. Kudos to him for matching his goal total from last year.

    I also thought MDZ was excellent.

    I just want to say that as amazing as Hank’s save was in the 2nd, it was entirely his fault that he had to make it. Instead of catching the puck and getting his PKers a whistle, he headed it and it led to him having to make a ridiculous save. Imagine the outcry if that had gone in? It was careless and selfish. Also, what the hell was he thinking on that play in the 1st when he tried to race out for the puck? Just not a smart game from him. We didn’t get burned this time, but more brains in the future, please.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    For the people complaining about the 5 on 3, I thought it was actually really good, even though they were unlucky not to score.

  30. Anybody who wants to attend subscriber night tonight 7pm e-mail me zheka66@yahoo.com
    2 free tickets.
    Forum style Q&A with Richards, Gaborik, Dubinsky, McDonagh, MDZ abd Deveaux.
    Something come up and i can’t make it.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I love the new wrinkle in our offense of having the defensemen creep in for shots at even strength. We’re scoring a lot of goals that way.

  32. Noah-aal-olski-upp, 28 on

    It is amazing how quiet it is here during a winning streak. I bet it would be interesting to compare the amount of comments on Carp’s “in review” posts when it is written after wins and losses.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Cynar, my brother is a cop and Warren 77 is in his beat. He says that he’s bumped into Voros there a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. He told me that Voros told him that he was offered a $1 million contract in the KHL, but he turned it down on the advice of his agent, who claimed that Voros would eventually get an NHL deal. “Now I’m [Byfugliened]!” is what he said at the end of it. Good to see he is getting the PTO.

  34. Atta boy, Seven.

    LMAO, LW.

    New Newman and eric, I thought that 5-on-3 was everything you want a 5-on-3 to be … except it didn’t score.

  35. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Not only is Hank apparently obsessed with it, by rosen just gets giddy when he does it!

    So my guess would be with the overall lack of D man talk, everyones favorite whipping pair (woywitka—> and eminger) had a good game and the “golden” pair didn’t play so well?

    speaking of D men, does torts dress seven for a game when stralman can play (he clearly doesn’t really roll 4 lines, all the special teams play did not help last game with the 4 line thing though)?

    Anyone notice the bahama bomba’s PIMs? 10…he doesn’t take bad penalties, good habits for a 4th liner. Of course devils advocate would say hard to take penalties when you are on the bench. either way, seems like a good 4th liner to me!

  36. Carp,
    agree I think the power play overall is starting to look more like a power play…like you said, they just need to bury a few and get rolling…

  37. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    While I’m not a fan of torts line juggling at times, I think last night was a bit of an exaggeration due to all the special teams play

  38. Feel better, Buff.

    ilb, I agree. Whenever I fail to mention how good Fedotenko was, I feel like I left something out. But he’s pretty much good every single game.

  39. Fedotenko = SOLID as a Rock. He does what is asked of him and stays within himself and rarely makes mistakes.

  40. With all the concussions in sports, is anyone else worried about Henrik when he does those headers? And I agree Carp, even though we didn’t score on the power play, it’s obviously 10x better than it’s been in a long time (and exciting too!).

  41. I will say one more thing about the PP: Last night I even said, “man we could really use a PP.” That is something I would not have said last year. It’s not just what we do on the PP but how it actually swings momentum (within the game – not between games) in favor of the Rangers. On a couple of those PP the Islanders couldn’t clear the puck more than once. That’s a big advantage and it really tires out their PK’s.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Something bad that’s been happening with our PP lately is that the players stay on for entirely too long. It creates problems when the game switches back to 5 on 5. I think we were scored on a couple of games ago after one such situation. I understand that they are keeping possession in the zone, but at least switch off a point man or something after it’s been 1.5 minutes. The PP gets pretty stagnant also when eveyone is tired.

  43. Woywitka and Eminger has been doing much better for the last three games or so…It’ll be tough for Stralman to get in. Devaux, indeed, is what the 4th liner should be. Just too bad he wasn’t there to “talk” to Martin. Although I thought Prust did very well. I really dislike the way the officiating is going so far, I hope they step back a bit. There is no flow to the game, and clearly some of those penalties were soft calls.

    On 5 on 3- agree with most, it was fine. If they scored on it, everyone would be mentioning how good it finally looked.

  44. And all of a sudden the Rangers are first in the league in points lost, and last in the league in GA. Go figure! And fire Torts!

  45. Torts will never get fired – he will just fly away when his job is complete. “My work is done here” and then he blasts off into outerspace.

  46. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    Good review Carp…taking notes for the next time I’m graciously allowed to do one. Avery’s always had a good shot, just had times when he couldn’t hit the net last year. Nice to see him do it this year!

  47. I was equally confused after the failed 5-on-3 against the Jetlanta Thrasherpegs to read how “pathetic” it was.

    Disappointing when they don’t score and they need to stop missing the net, true, but sometimes it just doesn’t go in and the opposing goalie and D-men do a good job and get in the way.

  48. I think rosen mentioned it a few times that hank said he hates puttin his glove hand in front of his mask so instead he use his head for the save. And personally i dont mind. Can a freak accident happen? Of course. But his headers have a perfect record so far.

  49. Still one degree too precious on the PP. Some decent passing, but they’ve got to shoot. And, stupid and obvious as it sounds, they need to score. Ice these games away.

  50. This was good, but not the best Rangers game of 7 wins in a row (especially penalties). It’s the longest winning streak since October 2009, but it is too early to be happy, do not forget that Rangers missed playoff in that season.

  51. Hey, at least we get 5-on-3’s now. Last year we would get a man advantage and then take a stupid penalty. This year we draw penalties and gain momentum with the PP.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CT BLUESHIRT you are certainly entitled to your opinion, same as I am. So let’s just see how it grinds out, long term, in a little private competition between Columbus and Ottawa, over the entire season. I say you will come to discover Columbus is better.

  53. I thought the Rangers cycling was at it’s most effective of the season so far. There were many shifts where they had the Isles pinned for an entire shift or more, especially the Richards – Dubi – Cally line.

  54. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    LMFAO @ “talk” to martin!!!

    Lets be honest here, if we are going to poke fun at the “fire torts” crowd and insinuate that the 7 game win streak is due to him by poking fun at them, then we must be adult and be prepared when there is a bad stretch of games that it IS all torts fault.

    you can’t get all the credit and none of the blame!!

  55. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    “Girardi and McD had their worst game perhaps all season. Both turned the puck over way too often.”

    I did notice that, too. It turns out that they are human, after all….they are not literally monsters…

  56. Chris- that’s one of the things I like about Richards on the PP last night. He was trying to put it on net a lot more than he was trying to look for the pass. Esp on the 5 on 3s

  57. Nothing to do with giving the coach all the credit, wicky. And a bad stretch of results will no doubt come.

    But there’s probably enough in a 10-3-3 record to suggest that the coach isn’t clueless, incompetent etc. just like some of us were arguing when the team was winless after three games.

    If some (not all) of the pro-firers had such conviction behind their arguments as it seemed three weeks ago, they’d still be here making them now, not disappearing entirely.

  58. Carp,

    Ever any sense that Richards is disappointed in the grinding role he’s suddenly found himself in? is all the “rah rah team” talk legit? Hope so, but this can’t be what he expected.

  59. I’ll go out on a limb and say that if the Rangers lose the next seven, I won’t be arguing that the coach should be fired either.

    But that’s only because my personalised Torts greeting cards business would go under if that happened.

  60. Winning 7 in a row = Over-Achieving. Over-Achieving can be credited to the coach just as under-achieving can be.

    Torts will, and should be, judged based on his tenure here, not game in and game out. I know people will do that regardless, but this is how it should be.

  61. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    while I am not disagreeing with you on torts ability in the least, I am just being reasonable here. If we are going to make statements/remarks that imply torts is doing a great job and this win streak is due to his “coaching” then we also need to be making remarks/statements that imply torts is doing a bad job when we are losing. It seems the only logical way.

    Of course unless the players deserve the credit for the wins and blame for the losses, or it a really strange circumstance, perhaps a (GASP) combination of both…oh the irony!!!

    Either way torts is not perfect nor is horrible. I think the always backing torts crowd is just as ridiculous as the fire torts crowd and vice versa. The guy makes bad coaching moves and good ones.

  62. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    I feel the same way about the avery “crowds” as well.

  63. Amen, wicky. Over reaction, although it drives media, is kind of ridiculous in the grand scheme of things.

  64. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I were a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    on that note, please tell me no NBA for a whole year…PLEASE

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Should move forward behind net on 5v3. Will force D deep and open up wings and point. Reality is a team can stand across goal line like soccer and prevent goals no matter how many are on ice.

    Need bigger sheets and less BS penalties and game will open up.

    Agree that better puck possession on pp leads to longer shifts and messes up 5v5.

  66. Agree, wicky. But again, who exactly is the “always backing Torts crowd”?

    I haven’t seen anyone (myself, the blindly infatuated Torts lover, included) making statements, implied or otherwise, that the win streak is due to the coach alone. And I, the blindly infatuated Torts lover, have mentioned things I don’t like or disagree with.

    And most of the pro crowd were so when the team was losing. The firing crowd is a bit more muted all of a sudden. Bit of a stretch to say the two positions are equally as “ridiculous”.

  67. That is a good point, LW. The Pro-Torts crowd really comes out only out of necessity when the anti-Torts crowd comes out.

  68. Boom boom,

    While both teams are terrible defensively (29th and 30th in GA), the Senators can at least score. Ottawa’s special teams have also been substantially better. Columbus right now has a goal differential of -1.5 goals a game, 0.7 g/gm worse than the next worst team in the league (Islanders) and a full goal worse than the Sens. Combine that with Columbus playing in a stronger conference, particularly where the current top 8 in the West are all top half of the league in defense, the 12 point gap that already exists between the two teams and there would have to be a major correction to the Sens performance for them to fall behind the Jackets even over the rest of the season.

  69. Torts will be, and should be, judged by how the Rangers perform in the playoffs (we know how to judge him if they dont make it).

  70. Again – even judging him based on the playoffs is unfair. Torts is building towards a future. He is preparing a group on young players with varying talents to excel in the NHL. We have to realistically set a bar for this team, as if they coached themselves. Then we figure anything above or below that line can be somewhat attributed to the coaching staff.

  71. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    allow me to retort(s)

    I will rephrase, I think it is ridiculous for those who always complain about the “fire torts” crowd to mock them when they are not around when the team is playing well, yet when the team is not doing well, fail to admit the coach may have a substantial part in the problems going on at that time

    Even though, the fire torts people are certainly extreme, they raise valid points at times. It seems to me to be just as extreme to not admit torts wrong doing (regardless of who brings it up) when mistakes are made.

    It is ok to say the coach made a bad move, I don’t think you (not you personally) would be ostracized from the torts lovers club if you (again, not you personally) actually made objective comments about the coach. Just because someone says that was probably a bad coaching move or good one for that matter, doesn’t mean you are being a hater or a lover, just being objective.

    Seems like not many here can just have an honest opinion about their favorite team without immediately being lumped into a “pro this guy” or “anti this guy” faction.

    I am starting a new faction of “I want the rangers to win a cup ” (IWTRTWAC) and I could care less if the winning roster has free agents, homegrown players, or waiver pick ups on it. I don’t care who the coach is, if it is torts great, if it is byslma or keenan, that is great too. I want the team to win the cup. If OPG helps them get there great, if he can be traded for someone who is better and will help more, see ya OPG!!

  72. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    But clearly I am one of the few truly objective people here, so what the hell do I know

    pssst Carp (I think it may be working)

  73. Chris, I think Richards was smart enough and experienced enough to know that this is all part of the deal, and again, you have to hope that he didn’t come here thinking, “Boy, they’re paying me like I’m Skid Crosby; they should play me and treat me like Hot Dog Lips.” Because we’ve seen over and over and over again that just because somebody makes a lot of money, he cannot ever become a better player as a result of that.”

    It doesn’t happen. Plus, Richards is very adept at a grinding game. And I don’t think he was completely married to the idea of playing with Gaborik all the time.

    wick, what’s working?

  74. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    I was trying to prompt a debate to get some extra lunch money for you, but LW seems to be the only one contributing.

  75. Wicky, I do not know if there are too many people who think and say that Torts is infallible. He makes mistakes, as every one of us does. And I will (and did) tell you it was his fault. But I do think he is good for this team and I do like the direction he is taking them in general. What LW said was right, I haven’t seen any Torts haters, the usual suspects, who would come out and give him any credit for this teams’ winning stretch.

  76. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, nice write up, thanks! Maybe if I keep missing games, they will keep winning? Is that crazy to think like that? Is that crazy like, *AVERY* ?

    hahaha, undefeated since his return. what a great story.


  77. Oh, sorry Doodie…Just saw it. The Rangers lost 9 points so far- the best record in the league.

  78. wick, allow me to contribute.

    I generally disagree with the anti-Tortorella crowd, because I happen to think he’s a fabulous teaching coach who has his fingerprints all over the plan to build something here. I respect that everybody’s entitled to their opinion, and I also understand that Tortorella is not without his personality imperfections.

    I just more strongly (understatement) disagree when it’s fairly obvious — by a minority of our commenters — that the only reason they hate this guy or want him fired is his relationship, or lack thereof, with a fourth-line player. I am not as anti-Avery as some of those are anti-Tortorella. And I don’t think Tortorella is as anti-Avery as they think. Whatever, if Avery plays as he has since his recall, then he’s going to stay and help Tortorella succeed. And if he doesn’t, he won’t be around for very long.

  79. Who’s still worried about the richards signing lol. Seriously though the guy is smart. Exactly what the Rangers needed was a smart player who knows how to make plays and be a leader. I love cally a lot as the captain but Richards is right up with him. You can tell he’s taking some of the younger guys under his wing.

  80. mazz0, I still think we will judge the Richards signing for years to come. As I’ve said many times since the night before they signed him, he’s not one of the top 20 players in the NHL. Will that contract be an albatross later on?

  81. Tony i just dont understand why do you want your #1 player to play a different type of way than he is accustomed to? If hank says hes not comfortable gloving high pucks and would rather header them then by all means he should. Its taking a risk at a concussion sure, but what if he starta gloving them and accidentally breaks his wrist when the puck hits his hand instead? Accidents happen i get that but you dont tell blake griffin to stop dunking and instead do layups because it is safer.

  82. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    Of course it will be Carp, but hopefully it wont be THAT large of an albatross in the end.

  83. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You are right, CT Blueshirt, I referenced the wrong page of my notes. Sorry. Columbus couldn’t win the Calder Trophy this year, if they still have one.

  84. He has been neglecting his logging duties actually. Maybe he is stuck at work or with the children?

  85. This is true Carp, but I got to believe Torts knows what buttons to push with Richards. Obviously everything he does is under a magnifying glass right now, but i have faith in this guy, and this team for that matter.

  86. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    To Carp’s point about Richie not being in the top 20…

    With or without Richards, the Rangers are not a highly-skilled team, but we’re getting there. We don’t have a single player (yet) in the top 30 in NHL scoring this year…

    Hopefully, Richards will be more of a mentor than albatross in his NYR tenure, than anything else. Because if he is leading the team in scoring when he is 35, I doubt that would be a good thing….because that would mean our young guys didn’t develop properly….

  87. In terms of Richards’ contract being an albatross. It will be to an extend. But to what extend, and when, we will be able to estimate after the new CBA is ironed out.

  88. Richards contract is really graded. It’s more like a 6 year contract because after that he only makes $1M

  89. I, too, thought it was well structured to protect both sides. It’s just tough to judge at the moment before knowing what the new CBA will contain: the roll back percentage, buy out implications etc.

  90. Richards wasn’t really the #1 center and PP quarterback in Dallas. Mike Ribeiro was. So that might have hurt his production a little.

    On a side note. Im not the type to beat up on certain Ranger players too much, but christensen must be homophobic or somthing. Anytime there is physical play he disappears.

  91. During Ranger 5-on-3 power plays, I would like to see the points (whether they are forwards, d-men or any combination thereof) not play at or below the top of the faceoff circle. The closer they are to net, the easier it is to defend the PP. The three defenders have less space to cover and can clog the slot and defend the cross ice passes (like the one Cally made on Eminger’s goal).

    By playing closer to the blue line, you force the three defenders to cover the entire offensive zone instead of just a portion of it. If they sit back, then you can walk in and really blast slap shots instead of trying to time one-timers.

  92. fans get the credit on

    yeah, especially when Avery gets to play with decent players, not Snitchensen and Bellbiv, or be relegated to the 4th line sloppy seconds icetime.

  93. Manny,

    I didn’t mean in the playoffs this year alone, but over his career as the Rangers coach. If they have eventual success in the playoffs, he’ll be judged well and if they stink it up, he won’t. Fair enough, I think.

  94. Wicky© IWTRTWAC!! on

    I was not directing that at you in general just trying to incite…umm…start a lunch money making debate for carp!

    neither of you is chopped liver btw (as if I even have to respond to that)!!

    getting ready for work btw

  95. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Orr, you’re only winning because of the deal you made with wick! You “gainey’d” wicky….

  96. Sorry Chris – didn’t mean to single you out. I just was reacting to most people’s over reactions. None of that is happening today because when the team does well those people hide. This place is mostly used for venting I guess.

  97. Haha you bet it is @CCCP@ it never dawned on me that you could put guys in and out of the lineup because I am used to WEEKLY formats! I am a moron. You’re in trouble now.

  98. Wow, ilb. That is horrendous. I wonder what could even be done to stop freak incidents like that. It’s like people getting their throats slit by ice skates, there just isn’t much you can do.

  99. Mister Delaware on

    “Will that contract be an albatross later on?”

    Or is there a 14 year old out there somewhere, probably Canada, who will one day be drafted by Montreal then traded to us for that would-be albatross contract? Hmmm …

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    “Who’s still worried about the richards signing lol.”

    Me. And I have been since last season when it was becoming more and more obvious that the Rangers would sign him. And I continue to be despite his good game last night.

  101. You called out ilb just now. I have seen you call out a lot of people lately. You called out me for sucking at fantasy hockey. I am not mad about it…just asking if you are cranky or something. Prust Sayin’

  102. I don’t think so, mazz0. Richards was definitely the number one center in Dallas; Mike Ribiero is the number two. In fact, he’s still the number two there, behind Jamie Benn.

  103. On the other hand, that same person is getting marginally more production from Eric Staal than if he had chosen Marc.

  104. looks like i need a flame shield lol. Look i have faith he is going to be a consistent player for us. It looks like he can handle the pressure. Im not saying he will, but he has proven worthy so far.

    And i was not 100% sure about the ribeiro being #1 center. Even though the Stars are doing well doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be doing well with Richards. The sad thing is even though there one of the best teams right now. There home crowd doesn’t show up. Its almost as bad as the colisium.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Stars are starting to show what kind of team they actually are. The same goes for the Islanders, Senators, Oilers, and all of the actually terrible teams that started hot. The one exception to this rule is the Panthers, although, I think they succomb eventually as well.

  106. Richards averaged 5:20 of PP per game last year, Ribeiro averaged 3:50. From footage I’ve seen of his highlights on the Stars I believe they used Richards similar to how the Rangers use him now which is on the point for the PP.

  107. I wasn’t trying to belittle you with my response about Ribiero, mazz0, so I apologize if it came across that way. I agree with your post; I think Richards fits in here and will be a valuable asset, just as he was in Dallas and Tampa Bay; it’s a great travesty nobody shows up for the Stars games as well.

  108. Hey no worries Latona. I was just jk. I love the strong opinions here. Shows the Ranger fans really care…in a tough way lol.

  109. I hope this further proves that Torts doesn’t have anything personal with Avery and sending him down (and back up) was a hockey decision. Avery did not play anything like this last year. I don’t think I saw him dive to block a shot all year. Last night he blocked two shots alone like that.

    It’s not the scoring with Avery that I’m seeing though, it’s just his overall effort. He skates hard to every puck, he won’t take himself out of position by throwing a stupid hit, but instead picks his spots when he does check someone. He holds the puck instead of just throwing it away when he has nothing.

    Those are all things he didn’t do all year, or at least barely did. Torts new that and was hoping Avery would see that as well. He knows he’s playing for his last NHL contract, Torts might’ve actually saved him another payday by sending him down earlier, which is good because when he’s playing like he is, he is very effective. When he plays like he did last year though, he’s a waste of a roster spot.

  110. Stars weren’t terrible last year, they just eventually regressed to what a team with basically an even (or slightly negative) goal differential says they should, which is what is happening this year too.

    I think with the Isles there are a lot of pent up goals in their lineup. True, there are some players that probably had above average years last year (Grabner in particular) but they have way too many guys that are underachieving now. The equally big surprise for them has been that outside of DiPietro their goaltending has been reasonably decent. I’d actually say they’re better than what they are now.

    Sens still have the problem with defense and they’ll drop off if their scoring cools down.

    Oilers are another surprise team, but yes they should regress as well. No way they go from one of the consistently worst defensive teams to being 4th in the league now for that much longer. And no way does the Bulin Wall maintain being anything other than the below replacement level goalie he’s been since the lockout.

  111. Crosby ready to play against Florida on Saturday? I can’t believe I am relatively excited for his return!

  112. Oh – does anyone like my new nickname for Avery a/k/a Aves a/k/a Faves a/k/a God a/k/a Messiah a/k/a Saviour (did I miss any?)

    Fashion Forward

  113. You just know. That the penalty calls on crosby are going to be even more rediculous when he comes back. Your not going to be able to touch him let alone look wrong at the guy.

  114. It’s true – Crosby will be more protected than goalies!

    Also – Bill Simmons said, now that there is no basketball he has LA Kings season tickets, if given the choice next year he chooses LA Kings over LA Clippers or NHL > NBA

  115. What do they have in common? Hint: ‘5 people who’ve never been in your kitchen’ is not the right answer.

    George McPhee
    Chris Drury
    Jason Krog
    Mike Mottau
    Matt Gilroy

  116. Late response to your reTort, wicky…

    In short: what ilb and Carp said.

    In bit longer: What you say about people being labelled is exactly what I’ve been saying throughout! So no argument there.

    On a scale of 1-100, 1 being “I hate the ratface, clueless egomaniac because he hasn’t turned a dysfunctional, marginal playoff team into Cup contenders within two and a bit years and doesn’t like Sean Avery, so want him fired yesterday without actually proposing a replacement” and 100 being “Torts is infallible and has the cure for cancer written on one of his ugly ties”, I’m not actually that close to 100 and opposing or poking fun at those who are 1s (or at least single digits) doesn’t mean you are at 100 either.

    So I’d agree that anyone at 100 would be “ridiculous” too. My point is that I don’t remember anyone expressing views close to that, so I’m unsure who the first half of your piece is aimed at.

    Hell, Carp is arguably the person who’s written the most positive things about the coach. And I’m guessing he’s closer to having an objective view than any of us reprobates.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    If you left out Krog and McPhee, you could’ve had Hobey Baker winners for “Boston” schools. If you left out McPhee, it would have been Hobey Baker winners from New England schools.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, forgot that Mottau played 1 game for us. So I guess they are Rangers Hobey Baker winners, 4 from NE schools, 3 from Boston schools, two from BC.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    McPhee was too old and fake Carribean birth certificates hadn’t been used yet in LLWS play.

  120. If I left out McPhee, Krog and Mottau, it could have been players that _were_ in Drury’s kitchen.

  121. There is great parity in the league primarily because Bettman lowered the talent pool when he expanded the league to 30 franchises.

  122. M-yes, it certainly would produce 6 all star teams.
    I should have said that when he did that, the number of teams stretched the talent pool too thinly. The line between major league and minor league was blurred, which is one reason why there are sooooo many call ups, send downs today. It’s like, he was good enough for the NHL on THAT DAY, but not TODAY.

  123. Zubov – I agree there are too many teams. I actually think that for most sports there are too many teams. Just making a jokesie.

  124. How do you guys feel about this for goalie protection: The NHL adds a line around the goal, or just uses the trapezoid area, and within that area the goalie cannot be “checked” but there is allowed incidental contact. Outside that area, Goaltenders are like any other defenseman.

  125. Zubov,

    So are you hoping that eliminating some teams raises the talent pool and creates less parity?

  126. I worked on that thought for some time today. I am not defining the “area” yet in which a goalie should be “safe” because I don’t really know how big it should be.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    “How do you guys feel about this for goalie protection: The NHL adds a line around the goal, or just uses the trapezoid area, and within that area the goalie cannot be “checked” but there is allowed incidental contact. Outside that area, Goaltenders are like any other defenseman.”

    If anything it lowers protection. As it stands, no contact is allowed other than incidental, in all areas of the ice. With your proposal you have created an area where they are fair game, which is worse than the way it is now.

  128. That is my point, Doodie – I was putting it out there as a compromise. I am on the side of, “goalie acting like a defenseman should be fair game” in an effort to keep them in their crease. Miller coming out that far took away an exciting scoring change for the Bruins. The league has to want more breakaways. Isn’t that why they got rid of the two-line pass?

  129. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Did youse guys see that Shanny didn’t suspend Lucic? Clear evidence that the NHL is biased against whining goalies. Goalies are now fair game, but only if you’re willing to sit in the box for 2 minutes while your team skates a man down…

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    They got rid of the two-line pass offsides because it ruined the flow of the game and allowed teams to trap the bejesus out of each other. Breakaways were an incidental benefit.

    As for Lucic’s hit on Miller, it was illegal anyway. He charged Miller.

  131. Eliminate the crease, players free enter area at their own risk but goalie has a taser attached to the butt end of his stick.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Not that particular hit, but certainly some the hits that would come in if goaltenders were fair game would be suspendable under the current rule regime.

  133. But why can’t goalies who choose to come out and play the puck as if they were a defenseman be fair game – and by “fair game” I mean subject to the same rules of conduct as other players.

  134. CT–Just sayin that there’s a finer line between a minor league and a major league talent today. Not sure if that’s a good thing. I just think the overall game today seems a bit less MAJOR league at times. Is it easier to get to the NHL today than in 1992, before the expansion? Is the game watered down in some respects? Like pansification, these are just questions that a concerned fan considers.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, because there becomes too great of a risk of their being targeted for actually otherwise illegal hits because taking out a team’s starting goaltender will sink it faster than anything else. Remember when Gomez slewfooted Miller? We made the playoffs because of it.

  136. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Manny – So you’re arguing that a goalie should be allowed to play the puck like a regular player? If that’s the case, then they should also have the same equipment as a regular player, no blocker, pads, goalie stick….Then and only then would they be considered truly “fair”.

  137. I’m the last person to defend Gomez, but I thought that was incidental contact and the Sabres whined about that one too.

  138. Im not sure how the rule precisely reads on goalies coming out of the crease. But it seems to me that teams shouldn’t SUDDENLY be allowed a 6th man back on D in emergency scenarios, and then have a rule saying you can’t hit them when they do CHOOSE to come out there.
    You can’t have it both ways. Or can you?

  139. Nicknames for Avery: SeanAvery, BehAvery, AgitAvery, PenaltAvery, ScratchAvery,
    WhaleAvery, WinAvery

  140. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    I know I’m late, but it was actually a well controlled header save. He put it into clear ice. What sucked is that Tavares got to it 1st.

  141. Im sitting on yhe train right now next to a guy in a rangers jacket. I told him nice jacket. He gave me a smirk and said how bout them fishsticks last night.

  142. Great Post Carp. Team really appears to be jelling and playing a system. Aves playing well has sure been a good catalyst.

  143. ugh and now i see that ilb noticed that i posted it already and apologized (no need to btw i was messing around) and now i feel like a double snakes.

  144. I think if a goalie CHOOSES, by his own, grown up self, to leave the crease then he becomes a defender and, sure he’s wearing more pads, but he should be hittable as *any other Player* would be. Just that when the goalie leaves a certain area he becomes a defender.

  145. Good job for an elite puckhandling goalie like DiPietro that he is not fair game outside the crease. His career would be at risk of being severely shortened by injury.

  146. Yea. Close call, LW. Really close call. Good thing he can serve the next 55 years of his contract without risk of freak injury.

  147. Agreed, ORR. Just wish they would drop the puck already. I am kind of sick of Milbury (who is starting to look old).

  148. 1-0 montreal over canes.

    rather habs win tonight so not on 3 game home losing streak against rangers

  149. Good evening from UKRanger land!

    Good recap Carp, as usual. Boy these Rangers are a totally different team then the one that went to Stockholm… Guess that’s where practice time gets you, who would’ve known…

  150. OMG. He Really does look like Ovechkin! That’s uncanny.

    Eric – 7 in a row man! Nothing should be frustrating to you right now.

  151. Friggin’ Parise!!! If we can’t figure a way to sign him, I definitely hope that some western division team does…..

  152. Habs romping up in MTL against the woeful Canes, and Debbies looking good against these soft Sabres….

  153. Lindy Ruff is probably pulling his (not much) hair out with this performance by his troops…

  154. So Lindy Ruff met individually with every player on the team following Lucic’s “hit” on Miller. Would you rather be first or last in that line of players to meet with him?

  155. ORR – does that clear up enough space? I think we are still a bit short. Honestly, a trade for the Rangers to get Parise has to involve more than two teams.

    Boy do the Baby Buffaloes look SOFT. The Devils are bodying the crap out of them.

  156. Yea. What ORR said! I don’t want the @CCCP@ police to yell at me for making a point someone already made! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  157. I think you’re right, Latona – but (unfortunately) Rangers have gotten lots of Devs players on their rosters….

  158. Paul in sunrise on

    Richter took a puck off the side of his mask (turn head at last minute) and he sustained a skull fracture is my recollection. I presume Hanks mask has the requisite protection for his headers that he take on the crown o the mask.

    As far as the neck/skate slashings – in my adult league I wear a neck protector like a soft kevlar neck wrap that a skate cannot cut through. With two young kids protection is important. Maybe they should be mandatory at all amateaur ages.

  159. That’s interesting about the neck guard, Paul. I didn’t know those even existed. Thanks for sharing.

  160. They’ll probably fire Maurice, hire somebody else, then re-hire Maurice a few seasons later. They have a tendency to do that in Raleigh.

  161. Paul – if you don’t mind my askin, do you play goalie in your league? Is this like a goalie neck protector of is it for all players?

  162. As carp mentioned another great effort from our skill guys. Its been nice seeing gabs going the way he has. As for boyle, he’s been a below average third liner in my view so far. His defensive play isn’t on par nearly with what it was last year and he hasn’t been able to find the net every few games like last year as well. Its odd saying it about a guy of his size, but he somehow seems like he’s grown a little soft for his size so far this year.

    Ill be in montreal sat night with 16 Rangers fans in the same section. Keep an ear open to listen to us blow the roof off the place when we (hopefully) pot a few

  163. Paul in sunrise on

    Manny, I “play” left wing. It is available for all skaters. The one I have is made by Easton. If I knew how to post a pic I could show you. It is a velcro closure in the back. But I just googled “hockey neck guard” and several links to the product showed.

  164. Oh cool. Thanks Paul. I was looking around at some but they mostly seemed to be marketed to goalies which, over the history of the NHL, are only 50% of the people who have had their throat cut.

  165. I know, right. It’s far to easy to create verbs nowadays. Like “Facebooking” or “Googling” or perhaps “Vibing”

    Right, NYR? Vibin’

  166. Paul in sunrise on

    Mine is much thinner than some I see on the net. Some look like a personal injury collar a Jackie Chiles client would wear. But I got mine at the shop at the “iceplex” our league is situated. “home of the panthers”. Transplanted rangers fan. Check out a place that has kid leagues and pretty sure you can see a variety of types. Good luck and totally worth it. Helped with the wife if you know what I mean.

  167. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ve seen that “Jesus on a dog’s butt” before. The last time I visited the Shrine of Saint Bernard…

  168. No problem NYR- They’re playing tonight too BTW-just no McIlrath or St Croix, there’s been some nice hits

  169. That is how Myers responds to a benching. With a suspension!

    Most third’s are hideous. We are really lucky with those Heritage jobbies.


  170. I liked it that Carp posted the older Fishsticks logo last night, with the Gorton’s fisherman that looks very suspiciously like Stan Fischler!!! ;-D

  171. Yea…Myers’ last few days and next few days are AWESOME.

    I hope you’re wrong, ORR. Just make a ROAD version of our Heritage Jersey’s. Same thing, Cream color, patch for BOogie…move on!

  172. Stan is a ho…..I’ll never forget when the Fishsticks came into the league, and Fischler left the MSG “family” and became a full-tilt Sportschannel Islander fan……

  173. Good almost morning all! Carcillo, I’ve been too busy to keep up. But will be here Saturday I hope!

    WTB with the Miller deal, and Yukon, if it’s quiet, go …. talk to the family :)

    sigh…miss you all….TA!

  174. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mama it’s quiet again and you can’t blame the family this time..

    PS: Chicago 2 Vancouver 1 after two…

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks Win Again! 27 points leads the league. I don’t want them any better than first, Greg.

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