Happy non-hockey Monday


As we await the only game until Saturday — tomorrow in Uniondale — I don’t have much to offer.

I am thinking, though, that if time permits maybe we can do our first live chat Thursday or Friday. The inaugural chat, you might recall, had to be postponed when that nice October snowstorm changed up my schedule that week.

I’ll let you know. I also plan on being at Nassau tomorrow night, so we’ll have the full blog experience from that woeful place.



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  1. A good recap in the week of the locals. Plus an old friend provided a nice shout out.

    nytimesslapshot NYTimes Slap Shot
    Metro Pucks: Rangers and Devils Winning, While It’s Getting Late Early for Islanders nyti.ms/tDh2ri

  2. From Page Six in Post (sorry Carp – for the references to the competition today.. but some good stuff nonetheless):

    Olivia Munn isn’t letting Brett Ratner’s unkind words deter her from the company of men. The actress dined with New York Ranger Brad Richards at Spasso in the West Village on Thursday and then went to the game at MSG on Friday. It isn’t clear if Munn and Richards are dating, but he would likely make a more chivalrous boyfriend. Ratner had claimed,“I banged her a few times, but I forgot her.” He later apologized and admitted to lying about sleeping with Munn.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/rangers_fan_FlJiMg7gbE1FVkpwzgzPjO#ixzz1dgRTWE19

  3. Carp – be careful because it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow so I am sure the Mausoleum will have roof leakage problems.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Wow, is that what that idiot says about women? We can safely add the name ratner to a long list of existing substitutes: carcillo, hartnell, byfuglien, and now ratner. Fits perfectly!

  5. Not sure what the longest winning streak is but I believe they had a very long unbeaten streak in 93-94 that was ended by the Islanders at the Mausoleum

  6. billybleedsblue on

    ‘Morning Carp, Sally; ‘Heads.

    Uhhh, in the ’34-’35 season, the Rangers had a 13 game unbeaten streak going 10-0-3 across the span. I’ve been searching around to try to find the longest stretch, but the Interwebs is not cooperating with me and my advance searching techniques… so that’s the best that I got so far. Anyone else?

    I’m gonna say, let me know when it’s 10 straight. THAT would be something to talk about!

  7. dr. ilb please report to psych ward, your patient grabby is smashing things and growling like a dog. please give him his thorazine. hes humping the plush stuffed animals and is screaming AVERY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. billybleedsblue on

    holy cow, in the 1939-1940 season, the Rangers went 19 consecutive games without a loss! I’m still trying to find the actual record from that span. Not too shabby!

  9. billybleedsblue on

    I realize that’s not “win” stream…but… hey, I’m tryin’ here!

    Oh, and…

    *AVERY* :D

  10. get back in your byfuglien cage gravery! dr ilb, get my framed tortorella poster, thats the only thing that will work, ohh wait, no, it will only enrage him further. the christensen one, he gets sad when he sees that

  11. Why??? Why??? Why???? would you have this much time in between games? I know the Rangers went to Europe and all, but this is down right stupid. Everything you’ve worked for comes to a hault, and it’s like starting over. I just don’t get it. Carp, has anyone talked to Tort’s about this? Does he feel keeping his team focused, or anything else related to hockey is a problem, with this much time off? I know time off is good, but were only a couple of weeks into the season.

  12. This is the game from Nov. 1993 I was thinking of. I was at this game and I was also at the game later in the season where they finally won at the Mausoleum.

    Steve Thomas scored three goals for the Islanders, who extended their undefeated streak to five games. The result ended the Rangers’ winning streak at 4 games and their undefeated streak at 14. In local terms, it gave the Islanders a 15-game regular-season undefeated streak over the Rangers in this building, 12-0-3 since October 1989.

  13. Stretches without games just suck…
    On the other hand…the schedule gives me a game on my birthday tomorrow.
    All they need to do now… is win…

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, what’s up buddy? I’m not making any kind of prediction here, I’m just sayin’ that it would really be something to talk about when the Rangers do 10 in a row! :D “when”

    Cynar, what a great link, thanks for posting that. Sutter and Brown, ugh, those guys… man, that brings back memories. Ruotsalainen was totally my favorite player at that point. Haha, Sutter pulling Beck’s hair! Man, what a trip!

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, how did you find that stat? On the Interwebs or ol’ trusty analog style? Just curious. I was really annoyed earlier when I didn’t easily find that stat. :/

  16. Speaking of women, the Herald Square Victoria’s Secret window display should be illegal. Or at least in a more private place.

  17. So has anyone heard about the debate over whether teams should be penalized for playing a 1-3-1 type of defense?? Recently, on a National Televised game, the Tampa Bay Lighting played this style of game, and it was boring to say the least. TV exec’s were not happy, and in a way as a hockey fan I’m not either. Hockey has come a long way, and although I don’t agree with all of the hockey stuff these TV people try to do to dress up our game, what Tampa did was take us back 10 yrs to Devils hockey which is boring, and sucks!!! I don’t like shoot outs but apparently it’s good TV, so we put up with it, but what about playing a game, and not trying to create any offense on your own? Not trying to push the puck foward, but stay back with almost your whole team, and wait for an oppurtunity to go the other way, and when it comes, you send 1 player!! That’s right 1 player. Why does hockey have to put up with this, well that answer maybe in Bettman’s expansion, and having too many teams in this league. The quality of players doesn’t seem to fit the amount of teams. I don’t know I’m just throwing some stuff out there, but I hope the league does something about this. I hated the Devils and their defense style not just because I’m a Ranger fan, but for the fact that they slowed the game down, and made it suck!! That’s putting it lightly.

  18. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    We’re only a couple weeks into the season? The season started October 6th and this is November 14th, 39 days later. That is a put-on job statement, right?

  19. Ruotsalainen was my favorite to….and when Espo said they were pulling Beck’s hair I had to rewind it cause I missed so much because we were all laughing so hard. LOL

  20. is there a more injury prone dman than Crapitals Mike Green?! this guy is on a “day-to-day” list all the time! he just came back after being out for almost three weeks, and got injured again in his first game back against the Debbies! Talking about soft!

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see the NBA wants to have a 72-game schedule starting December 15th. So they lop 10 games off the schedule and start the season seven weeks later than usual, so that teams will be playing – if they play at all, of course, 4-5 games per week. So that the fans will get a tired, sloppy, over-priced product. Damn I wish sports owners and executives, particularly the TV network variety, would come out of their brain-dead stupor.

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Why cannot all winter-sports teams, hockey and basketball, just play three games per week, every week of the season. Period. Does that make too much sense?

  23. Boom, you are absolutely right..Its nothing more than money involved, its ridicoulous and infamous..Can you imagine to play four or fives games a week….what does that mean for those teams to produce a good product on the field…and what does that mean for the paying customer in the arena….

    a nightmare that is….

  24. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, I heard the NHL was going to take advantage of the NBA lockout by adding “Goaltending” as a penalty. At least the Devils don’t have much to worry about there.

  25. Can you imagine season ticket holders going 3, 4, 5 times a week??!!! Maybe those people seating courtside can do it, but there will be a slew of tickets going on sale, plus the season tx holders not being able to go to every game, which in turn will probably mean empty seats. It may turn out to be a lot of empty seats!!

    Yes, hockey has done nothing since the NBA isn’t there to compete with. The NHL executives are idiots being led by an idiot. This is your chance Bettman!! No NBA and what have you done?

  26. Haha.. Good one, billy!

    I can’t believe they aren’t doing more. I mean, there are slots on television where NBA games were supposed to be…GET HOCKEY IN THERE. Advertise people!

  27. even more reason to hate Brett Ratner. if X-Men: Last Stand, the Rush Hour movies and Tower Heist weren’t enough reason already, there’s always his awful, awful personality.

  28. The NBA is howing how money is the main driver for both sides – no-one is caring about the fans missing out, or how on earth the fans can make it to 4 or 5 games a week.
    I also dont think there is much crossover between NBA and NHL fans – not serious season-ticket paying fans – maybe the odd casual fan or armchair fan. Maybe a bit of a lost opportunity to renegotiate on TV rights though.

    As for the TB/Flyers game – the ref should enforce delay of game against the Flyers, it doesnt matter how the defense lines up its the offense’s job to break them down. Stop the whining about rules changes to force a forechecker, play the puck, advance it up the ice or give up a face-off in your own zone and maybe a 2min minor.

  29. Miller isn’t the only one. James Reimer has been on IR for quite some time and that collision was directly in front of his crease.

  30. It’s so nice without basketball. Hockey highlights on ESPN and a ticker that isn’t 4 hours long. Now if only they’d lose college basketball…

  31. I am with you, Chris. Never been much of a fan of college sports because the team changes like every 2 years entirely and it’s jut far too much to pay attention to.

  32. speaking of movies… “The Devil’s Double”, highly recommend it. Based on a true story about the double of Saddam Hussein’s son.

  33. @CCCP@ reminds me of Arrested Development when they go to Iraq and meet all the Hussein doubles who are living in a house that is a double of their own in California.

  34. Good morning, Sally!

    billy, I have the Rangers media guide, which lists all the team’s records in it. Good old-fashioned paper book. Imagine?

  35. @CCCP@ that is season 3 one of the last 3 episodes. Pretty great stuff.

    I just worked on my awesome lineups in the ESPN fantasy leagues. You should be excited. I am trying to increase my win total to “2.”

  36. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I used to study those media guides as a kid. Also, had an extensive collection of hockey cards. Before the internet, you had to be a geek to be a hockey fan….

    Yeah, I was one of those kids…

  37. LOL, that brawl with Philly. I have the entire game on tape … a few things:
    1) It was a preseason game. If it were a regular-season game, it would have set the record for PIMs.
    2) Ted Sator, rookie coach. Every player in the Rangers lineup that night made the team, including goalie Terry Kleisinger, who fought Bob Froese at center ice in the earlier brawl.
    3) In that earlier brawl, James Patrick beat the snot out of Dave Poulin.
    4) Dave Brown, rookie trying to make Keenan’s team, went right after Beck on the first shift after the first brawl.
    5) All the Rangers ejected in the first fight tried to come back onto the ice for the second brawl, and one of them (Steve Patrick, I believe, was putting on Mark Osborne’s shirt before trying to get back onto the ice).
    6) Even though he had only two or three extra skaters for the entire third period, Keenan was called for a too-many-men on ice penalty.

  38. Ladies – I have to admit, even though they still have some problems with their aim, this year’s squad is getting more quality scoring opportunities than they have in years. Are we seeing guys like Stepan passing gusy like Duby in the pecking order, because of some uncanny/innate ability to cash in on opportunities? As some of these guys get bigger and older, are we witnessing the transformation from hard-playing 92-pointers to true 105 point contenders?

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Gotta love our 31 year old, 6.66 million cap hit for the next 9 years 3rd line center! What a great signing! He fixed the PP too! A whole 14.3 %!

  40. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Sounds like someone else we signed a few years back….almost lunch time…Pizza anyone?

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “Sounds like someone else we signed a few years back”

    He is also good at faceoffs and brings intangibles!

  42. Doodie – did you start taking Negative pills about 6 weeks ago? You seem like a totally different person. What’s going on, buddy?

  43. I thought the Devil’s Double was the special burger (“Everything twice!”) available to special patrons of the McDonald’s in Newark?

  44. Are we talking about the player who is second on the team in scoring, third in goals, second in assists, saved us a point against Anaheim in Europe, set up a GWG against Carolina, scored a GWG against Montreal, just to name a few? Is that who we are talking about?

  45. Leetchhalloffame on

    Anyone want to take a guess as to how many points that superstar Parenteau will have tomorrow night? He always seems to have multiple points vs. his old club.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Just trying to temper the enthusiasm a little bit. I have yet to see them play a complete game against a good squad. San Jose was probably the closest, but there were solid stretches of 5 on 5 play where it looked like a SJ PP (and they scored on one such occasion).

  47. Oh, Doodie – that is because this team isn’t very good. They are over achieving right now and man is it fun to watch. I fully expect them to be a last minute entry, if at all, to the playoffs once again.

  48. Doodie Machetto on


    Oh right, they still have no defense, no goaltending, and are in last place again.

  49. Didn’t Nabokov’s agent just say that his player would be willing to move anywhere that he would be part of a two-goalie system?

    So being Steve Mason’s backup must be preferable to being part of the DiPietro gong (Wang?) show on the Island.

  50. He will say he prefers that system but then he will just not report when he’s traded. At least backing up Steve Mason means you will see a bunch of ice time.

  51. Hi fellow Rangers fans! I read Carp’s blog everyday and all of you comments as well. It gets me through the long days at work. LOL! I only get to post every so often though. But I do consider myself one of the Boneheads! LOL! I need your help. I was chosen by Roger Taylor from Queen as a semi finalist for the Queen Extravaganza. Could you vote for me? My name is Brian Butwin and I’m on http://www.queenextravaganza.com as one of the drummers. Please help a fellow Ranger fan! My first dog was even named Beukeboom :) so please help me out with a vote or two! Thanks, Brian

  52. CCCP too funny! You have no idea what childhood was like with that name. LOL!!! Thanks for the compliment and your help!

  53. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, nice job with the book, whatever that is :D I figured you had it in print… I was stumped to find it easily on the interwebs. I got results about the Texas Rangers and something about the Mets being 5 and 2 too. What a joke.

    Manny, “Steve Holt” LOL nice. the movie’s coming out at some point I hear…

    Yeah, that brawl was really nuts. Leave it to the Flyers to have 2 brawls in a pre season game. Gosh I really don’t like them.


  54. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Abotts 4, Costellos 2 GWG Lon Chaney SOG: Abbotts 25 (+5 from the Invisible Man), Costellos 22

  55. I will love it if it works out well for the NHL. My guess is that it won’t. More focus will be attributed to the fact that there is NO NBA rather than the fact that there IS the NHL.

  56. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    YES!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE NBA League of UN-extraordinary gentlemen…league of idiocy and thuggery!

  57. NOT GOOD! That may improve the ice quality at MSG. The Rangers are not used to playing on better ice :-)

  58. Good ice means quicker game, and the Rangers have good speed, if not above average speed, which should help there game if anything. Just my opinion. That little guy in the AHL would probably excel at a quick game. I have memory problems, (scared I might have or get Alzheimer’s) but the hobbit guy in the AHL. Not that he fits at the moment, but putting him into the top 6 he could probably excel.

  59. I think Spike Lee’s son is a Rangers fan, or so he says. I think Spike Lee is one of those NY sports fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if he roots for the Isles too.

    I can’t stand those types of fans!

    Maybe MSG can have another “Blue Carpet”, and invite more celebs that pretend to be NYR fans while whining aboot the NBA lockout.

    Seriously, I think that might have pissed me off more than Ace Frehley.

  60. For those of you who are sick and tired of Dolan’s gamesmanship, it looks like he finally lost a big one. According to the FCC website, Dolan, the jackwagon lost his appeal to keep MSG HD off Verizon Fios systems. He now has until November 25th to make MSG HD available to Verizon Fios. If you’re sick of Dolan, and you cannot get Directv, wait until November 25th, and order Fios.

  61. Manny, Verizon Fios is a direct competitor for his company, Cablevision. So by keeping the HD feed for his MSG network away from FIOS, he knows that sports fans will be hesitant to switch from Cablevision to Verizon.

  62. Well their StadiuM (singular) is in New Jersey but I would watch what I say about my precious New York Football Giants there ORR. I might have to come to where you live and buy up all the Ben & Jerry’s in a 5-mile radius.

  63. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    Woooo hooooo no basketball, now if baseball would follow suit!!!!

    Who the hell is Steve holt?

    What brawl are we talking about?

    Afternoon sallycrepes

    If hank got hit like that I would hope the focus of the game would change

  64. Don’t threaten me, Manny! I’ll steal your wedding vows! No man can write wedding vows twice!

    By the way, Nino Nedermayer will make his season debut tomorrow. I”m sure he’ll have a huge game for the Isles! He was their 5th overall pick two seasons ago.

  65. Mike S

    are you sure that fios will have MSG ND by November 25?

    i can’t have Direct TV in my building because my co-op won’t allow anything to be screwed or installed on the building. My cablevision bill is about to go up by $40+ at the end of the month and i don’t even have all of the channels! So if fios will get MSG HD then i will definitely ditch the cablevision completely! Triple Play my tuhes!

  66. CCCP, According to the FCC website, they ruled on November 10th, Cablevision has 15 days to make MSG HD available to Verizon FIOS. Dolan appealed an earlier decision, and the FCC denied his appeal. It looks like this is the end of the line for him. If you go to FCC.GOV, search for MSG HD and FIOS.
    I’ll let you know if and when it happens. Dolan’s been screwing us fans for so long, it is time for some payback.

  67. Thanks, Mike! i already called the fios and made installation appointment for November 30

    when you get MSG HD, please let us know! If not, still let us know so i can cancel my appointment with fios lol Can’t be left w/o MSG HD!

    btw, how’s the fios service?

  68. Wether you like the guy or not he really doesn’t deserve a suspension. These goalies want to play the puck more and more, and what are the other players suppose to do. When Brodeur played the puck a lot for the Devils, everyone hated it, because it was like having a 3rd defenseman back there. Maybe the rule needs to be changed, or something, but hitting a goalie when he is outside the crease is legal, and he didn’t appear to run him or anything.

  69. it will be open season on goalies now. the precedent has been set, you can run the goalie and only get a penalty. most teams will take that exchange.

  70. Well bull dog you also will get your butt kicked. That’s part of the “self-policing” that we all love so much about this league.

  71. CCCP, Fios is great. The only thing missing is the HD version of MSG. I had Cablevision, and in my opinion, Fios is much better. I’ll definitely keep you updated.

  72. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    “Cynar November 14th, 2011 at 2:35 pm
    Good ice means quicker game, and the Rangers have good speed, if not above average speed, which should help there game if anything. Just my opinion. That little guy in the AHL would probably excel at a quick game. I have memory problems, (scared I might have or get Alzheimer’s) but the hobbit guy in the AHL. Not that he fits at the moment, but putting him into the top 6 he could probably excel.”

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Amen.

  73. Orr, I agree with you, I’d be pissed too!
    I’m just wondering what the league is doing…on one hand we have the complete wussification of the league. The NHL is making it hard for players to figure out what is allowed and not allowed.
    I agree the hit on Miller was clean but players are not allowed to hit the goaltender…
    Miller had already release the puck and Lucic made no attempt to avoid the hit…
    NHL Rule 42…
    A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease area. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an opposing player makes unnecessary contact with a goalkeeper. However, incidental contact, at the discretion of the Referee, will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  74. On the other hand, Cynar, hitting the goalie outside the crease *IS NOT LEGAL* . I posted the rule last night.

    So Shannahan’s explanation was that after talking to Lucic he felt that the hit wasn’t intentional and Lucic simply (from his words) didn’t have enough time to avoid the hit. Fair enough. I’m not buying it, but I’ll take it as an explanation. Lucic also has never been suspended before, he’s been fined. So perhaps that explains no suspension.

    Then can someone explain to me why, considering that he simply couldn’t avoid hitting him, everyone feels that charging was the right call? I don’t see consistency.

    Lastly, I do hope bulldog is wrong, and it’s not an open season on goaltenders.

  75. I might have called “elbowing” on that hit.

    It will never, ever be open-season on goaltenders. It’s an exaggeration. Maybe some people will nudge the goaltender around and maybe a few goalies will shy away from playing the puck like a defensemen and maybe there will be some great fights over it.

    I wouldn’t worry.

  76. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    How the heck did Miller’s helmet fly off so easily? To me, that’s a bigger concern then fear of guys running goalies routinely….his injuries could have been a lot worse….

  77. That helmet could NOT have been strapped on properly, NYR. No way. It just flew off like it was catapulted!

  78. ILB
    very inconsistent, I agree. I thought the blunden “interfernce” call was also inconsistent with the actual event (not trying to open an old subject)!!

    I would have liked to see what would have happened if miller would have connected with that stick swing!!

  79. Beuk, you got it, budd…Liked your skills and, as our Joe M. would say”good looking too”, lol.
    More important, Rangers funship, though…Good luck.

  80. Orr,
    so now your talking like Rex Ryan and the Jets! its time for me to put a hurting on your overrated soft team.

  81. Interesting move picking up Brian Boucher. He’s not in net tonight, so unless Roloson and Ward get pulled, it looks like you’ll be scoring no points today! Bwaha!

    I have Derek Roy, Scott Hartnell, and Jhonas Enroth!

    Can I get a “whooooaaaa Bundyyy!”?

  82. Been reading the Lucic/Miller stuff. Totally agree with no Shanaban! Miller choose to leave the crease and put himself in harms way. Lucic didn’t pull up so he got 2 minutes, fine! But seriously, I am not in favor over over protecting goalies that leave the crease. You leave the crease, you become a defensemen and should be treated accordingly.

    The bigger and real issues to me. 1. How did Miller’s helmet come off so quick? (Kudos to i think NYR who said it first). 2. If Joe Thornton thought the NYR were soft, could you imagine what he thinks of the Sabres! I can promise you that the other 28 teams in the NHL took notice that the Sabres can be pushed around. Awful display by the Sabres. Glad to see Myers benched today. He’s 6’7 and did nothing in that spot. Gotta learn to be a presence. Ya think Chara or Pronger sit idly by there.

  83. And by the way, Kudos to the Stanley Cup Champion Bruins, who much like the Rangers the last 2 weeks, found their identity and that is a team tough to play against. No surprise that both teams are on hot streaks once their started to play physical again.

  84. I think Staal Wart mentioned would everyone be saying the same if it was Hank. Wouldn’t happen. A. Hank wouldn’t put himself in that spot. B. Lucic knows with guys like Cally, Prust, Dubi and even yes Avery he’d be putting Thomas in danger.

    It was a bang bang play for one but more importantly is Lucic knew they could be pushed around.

  85. The Miller hit was downright criminal. Not because Lucic didn’t get suspended. Not because Lucic totally BS’d Shanahan claiming he couldn’t stop. Not because Lucic dropped his shoulder and exploded out of the hit. But because the pansy-ass Sabres did nothing to retaliate. I mean, what the hell? A guy runs your goalie like that, someone has to fight him plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if you lose. You’ve got to fight. The fact that they didn’t says volumes about the Sabres and where that franchise is right now, which is to say they’re even further away from being cup contenders than they were last year. What a pathetic franchise. I guess Ruff made Myers a healthy scratch. At least someone is trying to send a message.

  86. This is the rhythm of the night
    The night, oh yeah
    The rhythm of the night

    This is the rhythm of the night
    My life, oh yeah
    The rhythm of the night

  87. LMAO! ORR, the creepiest part of the pic is the guy is smiling in the background….


    Clever Manny!!!

    ….I hope Eddie saw that one!!

  88. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Bet the WNBA gets higher tv viewing ratings than the NHL. Thanks, loads for that, Gary, you cute, cuddly little marketing genius, you.

  89. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Don’t write off the Buffalo Pansies, just yet, I have them ranked fourth-best team in the NHL, in this, the early goiing. In fact, with some post Lucic-Miller introspection, they might turn the page and come out with a demonstration of pride to go with the impressive level of ability they have.

    Or I could be wrong about that but the point is that we really never know the result of how people will react after they have been humiliated. This incident could bring that team together.

  90. I think the Buffalo organization is doing a great job. I heard the fans are REALLY happy up there.

  91. No Flipping way. I feel like that is a huge accomplishment? What happened to all those other pretty decent teams?

  92. That’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I don’t necessarily know whether it’s deserved, but, TSN definitely knows more about hockey than the NHL website does. I barely even log onto the league site; it’s laughable.

  93. Damn! I could have used that hat trick. I only have two players dressed tonight, and Giroux is one of them.

  94. I will tell you something Latona and ORR, I am a bottomless pit of hunger these last few days. Anybody else get hungry when they get sick?

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    That last Montreal goal almost gives “Pacioretty hits the post” a whole new meaning…

  96. What about in the beginning phases. Usually my illnesses are preceded by a few days of endless, ravenous hunger.

  97. My wife is complaining that she always makes dinner and I always eat later. She says she should just never cook. I say cook…just cook MORE

  98. I do get exceptionally hungry preceding illness. Probz instinctual, like my body’s preparing me for it or something.

  99. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I was a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    I eat all the damn time, I’m a grazer, sick or healthy!

  100. Does anyone think our 6’7 guy would take care of business if Hank was run never mind Chara or Myers. Oh yea he’s not soft he blocks shots. Lol Huberish

  101. Wicky© I would be embarrassed if I was a Buffalo Sabre!! on

    I agree, boyle is not the best fighter by any stretch, but he certainly doesn’t lack heart

  102. Sorry for your trip, but glad for your coverage Carp. Sigh, I miss the live chats I did back in the day :)

    Been busy and now going niters….what have I missed?

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny if I had an attractive wife she wouldn’t need to cook, clean, or shop. Just “to be there at all times” would be her job.

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