We interrupt this winning streak …


The schedule can play tricks on a team. Like right now with the Rangers.

The last thing they want or need is a schedule that just staals (spelling intentional) out while they’re on a six-game winning streak.

But that’s exactly what they get. After beating the Carolina Hurry-canes Friday night, the schedule shifted into low gear … one game over the next seven days. And that one game is on Long Island, which never feels like it fits into the normal schedule, and it starts a string of four straight on the road.

Can the Rangers use this time off? Well, yeah. They’ve got some bumps and bruises (especially Brandon Prust and Michael Del Zotto) and they’ve got some guys playing too many hard minutes (Dan Girardi) and I think overall they’ve never fully recovered from that stupid schedule that started with the unnecessary four exhibition games in Europe.

So this will give the Rangers a chance to rest up, heal up a bit, and practice.

I just don’t think, if they had a choice, that they’d be playing once in seven days on this six-game winning streak. You?

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  1. Well if you think about it Saturday is over and today is almost done. Weekdays go pretty fast. If you take out sleeping, meals and showers it’s like 2 days really. It’ll go by like that.

  2. The lull in the schedule comes at a good time for me. I’m going to be traveling and wouldn’t be able to watch anyway. I was hoping to go up to DC to catch the game the day after Thanksgiving,but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. :(

    Watched the Hurricanes – Pens last night and the Staals were well accounted for. The Canes grabbed a 3-0 lead after 2. Then the Pens tied it up at 3 in the third – Jordan Staal got two of them. The Canes then got a goal from Eric to put them ahead.

    Hope the best for Marc. I wonder if he hopes to be able to hit his brother in the head with a turkey leg at Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Thank god the schedule works for Charlie!

    Im sure the players would take the rest over the streak. That was an unprecedented starting schedule, time to catch your breath.

  4. With due respect, Carp’s topic is not about how the Rangers schedule will fare for fan’s personal schedules and convenience or not, but about how it may affect the team’s momentum. For the first time this year, they seem to possess a certain will to win that is reflected by the recent corrections of puck possession, shots on the opponents’ nets,slimmer effective power play, and, perhaps most importantly, a better defensive posture. Yes, they still miss the net and are guilty of that extra pass, but whateves, it’s always been a problematic team, whether winning or losing. I think there is one concern: psychologically, unconsciously, some on the team may manifest a perverse entitlement to lose, especially vs the Islanders in this first game. If we win that game, who knows how long our winning streak can last, if a slew of players keep scoring and we stay healthy.

  5. Bueke23 you won’t get much love on the Boyle posts, but I agree somewhat. The post about Sean Avery ceiling is the same with Boyle, he is what he is and not get any better than first half of last yr. If your soft. Your soft and paging Mr.Boyle your soft. Probably a nice guy but he’s Willie Huber on offense. Team looks good so we have to complain about something after all we are NYR fans

  6. That’s good Charlie. The schedule has been killing me every time I go to Connecticut to see my parents, and they don’t have MSG, it seems they play 3 games in 5 days.

    So sorry in advance Zubov.

  7. I think the time off will affect them positively. It gives the guys on the bottom 3 lines a chance to relax, breathe, and refocus which they can finally do after the last game. If it wasn’t for that game against Carolina, I wouldn’t be saying this but I think with that game, they can feel good about themselves and just unwind a bit (especially Dubi) .

  8. It also means that they’ll end up playing a whole bunch of games in a single week because it’s not like right now they’ve played way more than anyone else.

    Quirks in schedules, in other words, exist in the opposite way, too and teams experience both, probably more than once in a season, too.

    They should take advantage of the down time in whatever way possible.

  9. iManny

    That was funny to me…you going TO Connecticut
    to see parents, and I’m going to Connecticut come Christmas to see my girls and granddaughters…(both my grandsons are living down here now with my other daughter.) tbw’s brother ( my in law of course) has been living in Palm Coast for eons, and her niece lives in Edgewater for years now, and my own late sister’s child lives in Brandon ( near Plant City), and my nephew, my late oldest sister lives in Palm Bay… We are gradually taking charge of this State………and it wasn’t planned.

    And oh yes, lest I forget…tbw’s late sister ( she the magnificent artist whose beautiful scapes and still life oils bedeck the walls of our home,) and many of my friends had purchased pictures of hers. She passed away young,,,,, of lung cancer having been a smoker all her life……..and HER lovely daughter living in Edgewater is a rabid smoker….we pray for her.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    I think they might happy to take a few days off…

    I saw the Lucic on Miller hit. Didn’t like it. And I understand the goalie was very far
    from the crease and such. But what I don’t understand is what happened after the hit. The referees should’ve been busy peeling the whole Buffalo team off Lucic!

  11. Morning ILB and all!

    Buffalo is soft!! I honestly thought when the goalie was that far out of the net he was fair game so to speak???

  12. I didn’t have an issue with Lucic plowing over Miller. You leave the crease, you’re fair game. Shame on Buffalo for not retaliating.

  13. That’s not the point, Wicky. He was far out, true..But there are unwritten rules in hockey, I’m sure you know. If you look at the video, it appears that Buffalo players were simply afraid to engage Lucic. They, btw, had Paul Gaustad on the ice. It shouldn’t matter. Does anyone remember Rachunek ( RIP) jumping Simon after he almost decapitated Hollwig?

  14. ILB
    I thought lucic was called for goaltender interference, but he wasn’t just charging (which seemed to be the right call to me).

    I agree with you 100%on the unwritten rules and I bring up rachunek in the simon incident occasionally. I do not think that response was clearly enough and there are the occasional times where the focus of the game should change for a period of time to retribution…

    You know, just because I post a response to one of your posts, it doesn’t mean I am disagreeing with you! sheesh ;)

  15. Regarding Lucic hit.
    Goalie is never a fair game. no matter where they are.
    Agree or not, but that what the rules are.
    I would be really pissed if it was Hank.

  16. Okay, but since that isn’t a rule enforced by the officials, isn’t it the responsibility of the players to handle discipline? Buffalo failed in that regard, ergo encouraging similar plays in the future.

  17. yep, gaustad was pretty hard on his team after the game…kind of sounds like OPG did after the gabby incident.

    Wonder what sallycrepes thinks of the whole incident?

  18. NYR
    there is an unedited version of miller’s presser on youtube and he uses carcillo a couple of times and it is pretty funny

  19. Hedberg-

    How can you lead the team in hits last year, be 11th in the league, and be soft?
    How can you lead all Rangers forwards on the team in blocked shots and be soft?
    How can you play all 82 games, dealing with back issues along the way and be soft?
    Perhaps he hasn’t learned to use his size effectively enough to satisfy some fans, but he is by no means soft.
    Your barcalounger -now that’s soft.

  20. I don’t know what Miller was expecting Lucic to do, either. Bow out of the way? Know your opposition.

  21. I’m compiling a list of all the elite goal scoring 6′ 7″ power forwards to ever play in the NHL.

    Where’s Stan Fischler?

  22. If I played hockey and a goaltender came that far out of the crease I would obliterate him (assuming I was much stronger than I am now). Once the goalie comes out of the crease he is on MY territory. I don’t go into his crease and he doesn’t come onto my ice.

  23. Manny November 13th, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    If I played hockey and a goaltender came that far out of the crease I would obliterate him (assuming I was much stronger than I am now). Once the goalie comes out of the crease he is on MY territory. I don’t go into his crease and he doesn’t come onto my ice.

    You can’t hit the goalie. The NHL rule book is clear about it.
    Goalies are not fair game.
    And shame on those sabres. If they can’t handle that piece of carcilo Lucic they should have run Thomas.

  24. Goalies out of the crease are fair game. At least they should be. You have to put some fear in them so that they play in their crease and on their heels.

  25. Cup, it would piss me off, naturally, but Hank, especially Hank, shouldn’t leave the crease. The guy can’t even play the damn puck right.

    Remember that game against the Isles last season, when Hank did what Miller did, the guy fell down, and an Islander missed a wide open net.

    I’m all for goalie bashing. There place is in the crease. You don’t want to get hit, then stay in there.

  26. Yeah, ORR. They need to teach Henrik how to do that. Only thing that he’s improved over all these years are his breakout passes, like when the Rangers are on the PP and stuff. Otherwise, I still get chest pain every time he leaves the crease.

  27. He wouldn’t be able to slash the legs of opposing players in the crease, then.

    Oh, wait, he’s not Cam Ward.

  28. The ONLY defenseman we’ve had in the past decade that could police the crease was Redden. Bring him back at once.

  29. The late Dan Blackburn trierd to come back wearing two blockers didn’t he? So two gloves for Lundqvist should be OK. If only he didn’t have the worst glove hand in the league (apparently)…

  30. If the worst time to make a deal is when you’re losing and everyone knows you’re desperate, then the best time is when you’re winning and almost everyone is playing well (assuming you’re moving someone off your roster), which is where we are right now.

    Just saying, sounds like there’s been an uptick on the rumor mill ,though Im not sure what Sather can swing until they get answers to some question marks they still have with guys like Stralman and Wolski and even Staal and Deveaux.

    But indications are they’ve been canvassing in an unusually heavy way since the start of the year, and they’re right if they think their team isn’t complete. It’s not yet.

    But that’s pretty good news because unless I read it incorrectly, if they beat the Isles Tuesday it matches a 36-year streak? Hmm, not bad.

    I dont think they’ve been great or necessarily beaten very good teams in this stretch, but you play who you play.

  31. It’s on. @CCCP@ kind of ruined it there with his over-the-top irrationality about Avery’s abilities.

  32. Several folks have made the statement to the effect that…goalies should stay in the net and they won’t get hit …………perhaps, but no guarantee….also …that goalies should stay in the crease because skaters don;t go in their crease ……either there is something more wrong with my eyesight than I have imagined, or we have to accept this as fact.

  33. Carp,
    I’m struggling to understand why you keep harping on the early season schedule. Enough whining about it already.

    Was Europe inconvenient for the team, probably. Yet I would argue that the preseason didn’t matter for 20 guys in the lineup and the guys who were trying to show something to make the team aren’t impact guys anyway. They got a week off then played four games in the West. Big deal, they’re supposed to be professionals.

    Teams from the Western conference have two week road trips with 6 or 7 games in case you didn’t know. They would probably make the trade for two games in Europe, a week off then a four game road trip any day of the week.

    Enough is enough, the schedule is a non factor. Why don’t you just post ‘shoot’ every time someone has the puck on the powerplay if you’re going to discuss such silly issues.

  34. Olga, who is this Crawford in goal? I know Emery is their backup, but did the Hawks go into the season with this goaltending duo?

  35. Oh – OK, thanks! Yeah, Turco was washed up – I thought that maybe they got a “bigger name” goalie to replace him, though…..

  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    Crawford was in the system when they won the Cup with Niemi. But at the time they had Huet’s bloated contract to get rid of. Then they traded Niemi, picked up Turco and brought Crawford up.

  37. I thought they really screwed up by not keeping Niemi, but I know they had tons of cap issues….but jeez, the guy wins you the Stanley Cup, and you get rid of him a month or so later!?

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    I regretted losing Niemi and Byfuglien. It surprised me too that they would have let him walk. I knew Turco wasn’t the answer but Crawford has done the job. Emery scares me sometimes, but I guess Crawford can’t play all 82.

  39. He well might be, ORR – but he did play great during their cup run…..that’s not much of a reward for him for such a performance!

  40. This Oilers-Hawks game coverage is VERY weird – they just put up a graphic for the whole between-periods coverage! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before on the Center-Ice Package…

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, Chicago had to lose some bodies after overextending their Cap. I knew some changes had to be made, but a lot more players went than I thought were going to. Ladd, Versteeg, among them. I really wanted them to get rid of Campbell, and Huet.

  42. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks win! They lead the league with 25 points. (18 games) I hope Seabrook is ok, he wasn’t out in the third period…

    BTW, Buffalo’s Miller out with a concussion after the Lucic hit.

  43. Respectfully disagree, Latona. This is from the NHL rule 69.4:

    “A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an attacking player makes unnecessary contact with the goalkeeper. However, incidental contact will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such unnecessary contact.”

    Not only he didn’t make any effort to a contact, he hit him intentionally, and hit him hard. He will get a few games.

  44. Amen – no discipline. Miller should gain some weight and get tougher. This is Europansification at it’s worst!

  45. Jimbo – according to National Geographic there are an average of 11 Concussions per week in the NHL while there are 9 per week in the NFL. Interesting to me.

  46. I wasn’t aware of the rule; if that’s the case, yes, perhaps he deserves some form of discipline. However, I then disagree with the rule. If the goaltender makes a conscious decision to leave the crease, he should understand that he’s on thin ice. Players should be able to play the goaltender just like any other skater if he leaves the crease.

  47. I think that’s the perfect way to explain it, Latona. It’s a silly rule and all thought and conscience I have points towards the fact that once a goaltender leaves his crease to play a puck he becomes fair game as any other player. That said, based on the stupid rule I guess he gets a suspension and appeals it.

  48. If the rule wasn’t created and upheld, Latona, we would see goaltenders from Mexican amateur league playing in the NHL by Christmas…

  49. I don’t understand where you’re going with that, ilb. Rarely do you see scenarios similar to what transpired last night occur. If anything, the lack of a rule would dissuade netminders from leaving the crease and thus lower the possibility of injury. The onus should be on the team whose goalie gets trucked to retaliate.

  50. LMAO @ both of you! I forgot who I was talking to… I suppose I gave you enough “food” to bring the total posts on “logging” to 1000 tonight! I thought you were serious for a sec. Had a long day…

  51. I believe ilb’s point was that goaltenders would be injured very frequently.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me that a goalie can leave the crease without repercussion. Especially while I root for a team that demands an energetic forecheck to have a chance to win. We need to be able to hit a goalie that leaves the crease. If the goalie is protected you essentially destroy the forecheck.

  52. I’m confused, ilb. What exactly did you think I was serious about? If it was about the Lucic-Miller hit and subsequent discipline/the rule, I was being completely serious. I only engage in tomfoolery on the logging thread.

  53. Oh I am serious also. When I discuss hockey I am always serious. Sometimes I am sarcastic but that is to get across a deadly serious point.

  54. Which reminds me, Olga. Chicago lost 11 points so far. Rangers- only 9. You think Chicago needs to hire Sather?

  55. Wow, JJP. Somebody whiz in your cornflakes? Kind of an overreaction to a fairly benign observation.

    But you’re wrong if you don’t think it was a factor in the start of the season … and it still might be a factor when it’s all said and done.

    Having to start in Europe and with seven in a row on the road is one thing. To tack on four exhibition games — in which they developed the bad penalty habits they carried into the season — in Europe just to make a few bucks, was stupid and silly.

    And I’m not whining. I care a lot less about whether the Rangers win or lose than you do.

  56. Calm down, Latona. You’re gaining points YET again in our Yahoo! League. That’s the one that I pay attention to, @CCCP@

  57. This Canucks-Fishsticks game is one of those games – ice is tilted in one team’s defensive zone for the whole game and they are totally outplayed, but just a breakout or two and they wind up winning it…Nucks, beware!!

  58. Olga Folkyerself on

    NOBODY should be hiring Sather.

    Or employing Sather.

    I have no conflict with Rangers vs. Black Hawks until they meet in the Finals…

  59. Epic win from behind beating wicky in my fantasy league! Still perfect 5-0

    and little cherry on top… i beat wicky’s wife in wicky’s league and snapped her 4 game winning streak to remain perfect in his league as well!

    the secret is – draft well. ;)

  60. Yeah, smart move picking up Nabby at the end. I destroyed the guy you’re versing tomorrow.

    5-0! Good thing I picked up Enroth a few days ago, cause it looks like he might be the starter, unless Miller recovers from his little concussion.

  61. Good evening all! Off to bed, and haven’t read this thread, but, Carp, to answer your question…no. And I’m loathe to say it, but meeting the Fishsticks Tuesday makes me a tad, um, uneasy….


  62. SA Titans is Eddie the Mouth lol

    should be another great week!

    P.S. Manny, yeah i figured that you don’t follow my league… but don’t worry, soon you won’t have to worry about it at all :)

  63. >>>and little cherry on top… i beat wicky’s wife

    C3, who do you think you are? Denis Potvin!?

  64. ORR

    not Eddie x3 lol

    Eddie the mouth from Rangers Crisis and Blueshirt Banter Radio with Jim and Eddie.


    lol i am Marty Brodeur! And i enjoyed beating wicky’s wife… in fantasy hockey ;P

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