Rangers-Canes in review


I was on a plane while this game was being played … but a cool thing about JetBlue — not only do they have TVs on the plane (no MSG) but they also have satellite radio. So I was able to listen to Dave Maloney and Don LaGreca in the air until it was 1-1 in the third, then come home and watch the game with no idea what happened in the third.


1) I told you Sean Almighty was better than some of the guys who were on the ice at the start of the season. He’s not going to have nights like this every night, but he’s capable of having them sometimes, and when he does, he’s a factor. An absolute factor.

2) So I imagine Rangers-Islanders Tuesday is going to be a lot more fun than Rangers-Islanders the first time around.

3) Good for Joe Micheletti for giving it to Eric Staal. He pretty much said he thought it was a cheap shot, that Eric knew Marc was in a vulnerable position and took advantage of it, and of him. And he wasn’t happy about it.

4) The Rangers weren’t great all night long, and they allowed some shots. But they sure didn’t give the Hurricanes much, did they? And it’s going to be a good thing for this team to have some nights where Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t have to be their best player, though there will be more than enough games where he is. And he was plenty good last night.

5) If you want to nit-pick, there’s been a few times this season where the Rangers have been burned by an inability to make a line/defense change, in this case due to an icing by the power-play unit.

6) Not sure if that was Michael Del Zotto on the icing, and it was Del Zotto as the only defenseman back (Brad Richards was the other), and Del Zotto did make some mistakes. But I think the kid’s game is really coming, and when he’s not afraid to make an occasional blunder, that’s when he’s going to be his best. Because the Rangers don’t have another player like him. And maybe he’s the one guy who benefits from the Staal injury, because he’d be getting third-pair minutes otherwise.

7) You’ve gotta like that the GAS Line keeps going, that it might not be one of those flash-in-the-pan things that fizzles out. I don’t know how it shakes out, but I’ve liked Stepan and Gaborik together since the summer, and liked how they’ve looked together since John Tortorella first tried them.

8) And the coach did some interesting, and successful shuffling last night. Just so you don’t all think he’s just a complete line-juggling nut job.

9) I continue to say this. Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi is really pretty good on the power play. Something to be said for simple passes and getting pucks to the net. He also took another one to the chops. Of course.

10) Brandon Dubinsky broke his tie with me for total goals this season, and tied Sean Almighty. Did it with the Luigi ‘stache making a comeback too. Bet he gets a bunch now. And let’s face it, this winning streak has come without a lot from that cornerstone second line.

11) Thought Marian Gaborik=Beast. Again.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Sean Avery.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Dan Girardi.


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  1. good morning. Del Zotto playing better this year. Gaborik playing better this year. Is there a connection? 2 years ago they had very noticeable chemistry.

  2. mundo...FREE HD FREE HD FREE HD! on

    I think it was Richards who iced the puck. Icing should have been waved off though due to the fact there was a Ranger a foot or two from that pass.

  3. On the Callahan goal the TV replays weren’t definitive, but it looked like Boyle came crashing in and slid the puck past Ward. I imagine they had better replays and gave the goal to Cally. Doesn’t really matter in the end, but did anybody see it the same as I did?

    I realize that they haven’t played the top teams in the division like Philly, Pittsburgh and Washington, but when was the last time they won 6 in a row? I’m impressed.

    I thought Avery played well, but I don’t know about giving him the first star. If he can play that way consistently though then Torts has no other option than to give him more minutes.

  4. Carp,
    you liked the idea of Stepan playing with Gabby since the summer? if I recall correctly, what you liked was moving Stepan to left wing.
    Cross Check, replays clearly showed Cally scoring that goal.

  5. The refs let a lot go last night…which made the game better…even though it seemed the Rangers probably would have had more PP time if they did…and what’s with Ward sashing Boyle in the crease after Cally goal…from the reaction of the bigman I’d say it must have felt like a gnat banging against a barn door….Man was Dubi primed last night…if that line gets going, I’m gonna revise my thoughts on how far this team can go. I don’t know about the team’s thoughts-but I’more confident with Avs in the line up…always! The last time I saw anything like the GAS line on this team..it was the GAG line, except the GAG line would look like slow motion against these guys…I’m sure Rod would agree. Lastly-thanks Henrik for just being you…

  6. “Avery is gone, get over it” – that was the theme of so many here.Have a little crow with your coffee this morning.

    Richards playing point was suppose to fix/help the pp. Would like to see #27 there.Its early, but we are not.the Bruins and need a decent pp to get far.

  7. Despite it being one zip after one and tied after two, I was pretty happy with the way they played through the first two periods. Sure there were some mistakes, but the game is too fast and the players too good nowadays for there not to be. Passing was much crisper and overall team positioning was improved. The few odd man rushes were snuffed out pretty quickly and they covered for each other well.

    I sense a growing chemistry throughout the team. Their defensive units are starting to jell as they adjust to Mark’s long term absence and this will help the offense come along too. I like the slow growth and the team “sticking with it” as Torts likes to say. Can’t wait to eat some Fillet O’Fish in a few days.

  8. glad Dubi and Aves scored , Aves shoulda got the fedora though.
    The 2nd pp Aves drew, man the passing and chances looked good even though they didn’t score on that one ..i’m glad it looks like the pp is improving and they have some set plays

  9. rangerj

    I posted this in a prior string which has long been carped, but I wanted to leave it out in the open….and it refers to the much maligned Christensen. It’s almost as though he reached an epiphany and said to himself, ” Oh…so THAT’s what they want me to do!” and he has been banging people around wherever he could find them and also made some pretty good passes to people. This fellow brings enough of the “incidentals” to the team, that they can tolerate a certain amount of hesitancy in his play now and then. I doubt that there are many teams that don’t have one “black sheep” in their pen, but tolerate him for other reasons.

    And like you I watched that replay, and there were several sticks in the pile up, but it most certainly looked to me that Callahan’s was the last to touch it.

    This was a fun game to watch in many ways.
    More, more, more.

  10. Anyone think the Canes looked a lot like the rangers these past couple seasons? No real sustained pressure, bad penalties …… Avery had a very good game, cool but no first star. Dubi and Gabby were more deserving. Richards has very good hockey sense on the ice. Del Zotto is ready to break loose, but let’s keep him out of the clubs please.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Fran – remember that Feds is wearing #26 this season, EC’s old number. Just kidding, he is playing better and he 4th line got them going although it was hard to keep up with who was on which lines with the Torts Line shuffler in full effect.

    One line change at the start of the game that was noticeable – boyle up with cally and B Rich. Dubi was down with 3rd line and that had to make the ‘heads happy who wanted a demotion (or worse). Boyle looked like am fish out of water the first two periods on that line.

    First time at new look garden and the bathrooms are clean, but no real food to eat. Less room between some rows, more in others. Sort of like airplanes these days.

    There was a stirring moment during TV timeout when they introduced a number of Vets to crowd. Polite applause leading to louder applause, leading to standing O, leading to USA chant. That was special.

    And then who scores the most entertaining goal this year? Our savior out of slavery, #16 Sean Avery. Place went absolutely nuts! HAve not seen replay of game so not sure if it came through, but the garden was rocking.

    Gabby is an absolute skating machine out there. Canes started to run him, but he kept going. This will be a great season to watch if he keeps up this level of play.

    Dubi, dubi, doo…started on third line, played OK first 2 periods. Had a rush with puck up ice when his legs were going at top speed where he dipsy dooed through 3 canes and had a great scoring chance. He needs to play full tilt like that every shift, every night.

    Torts was a slap happy gran pappy during 3rd. Up and down bench congratulating all the players. Had a great quote post game about riding momentum in this league. He gets to keep his job at least through the holidays, right?

    Now time to send the NY’s junior team back to the minor leagues.

    Cheers assens!

  12. “‘Avery is gone, get over it’ – that was the theme of so many here.”

    ‘The coach won’t give Avery the chance to contribute and play more than five minutes’ – that was the theme of a lot of others.

    So, crow pie for everybody, it seems…

  13. It was 57 here this morning…….FIFTY SEVEN…on the space coast in Florida Fifty Seven…and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! For a replanted New Englander ( with a tour of a couple years in Duluth), that’s coooold..especially with any kind of ocean breeze off the Atlantic that is routine for down here, and IMO the best section of Florida for easy livin’…………but what a beautiful day, and TBW is gone with her sewing posse
    for a gathering of the threads and sewing gang.

    Gotta go on a belated outing today, a gathering of MY crew, old buddies of mine that I served with years ago, who also moved down here and we have to celebrate the birthday of the Corps ( Nov 10th, 1775 Tun’s tavern Philadelphia, oldest armed forces * ) but we have a big outing with adult beverages consumed
    to a responsible degree and have to hold it on the next Saturday which is today.

    * Coast Guard was actually older, but we don’t count them. It’s a fun time, and we enjoy seeing who can out bullshavings, the other guy. Fact is we all have funny events that we recall…and some guys look old…
    and they are.

    I have no driver so I’ll be on ginger ale the last half of the day.

    Cheers folks. Turkey day is on the Horizon.

  14. will be at the coliseum tues night. just so you know the last time i saw the rangers win there in person may have been 1994. it seems all the games i choose to go to the isles win. you would think i am due. i mean i just broke my garden losing streak against montreal last week after seeing the rangers lose like 12-13 regular season games in a row.

    great review carp. you rock my friend

  15. Wow, 6 game winning streak, 21 points overall and 2 points out of being tied for first overall in the east. Heady statisitics, no? No matches against the likes of Washington, Philly, Pittsburgh, Tampa and Boston yet, however; those will be truer tests IMO of this team’s true top 4 contender capabilities.

    This isn’t to discount what they’ve done so far (especially when you take into account the asinine opening 2 weeks of their schedule) because if you are to be top 4 contender you gotta win the majority of these games.

  16. Czechthemout!!! on


    Like said to you in a post early last week. Hockey like all team sports is a game of chemistry. And a team that might look good on paper many times doesn’t win and fans and sports writers alike are surprised.

    The Rangers have been and are a Better TEAM with Sean Avery in the lineup. The evidence of this is clear. What we watched yesterday was the Avery of

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry. Pressed the post bottn on my iPad by mistake.

    Anyway. Yesterday we saw the Avery prior to last year. I don’t know if he will be this type of player going forward. But if he is, he is clearly a top 9 forward and will be a valuable player for this team despite your dislike of him. Torts is going to have to get over his prejudice of him as well.

  18. FFS…

    Czech – for what seems like the 100th time, I don’t dislike Avery, would have been perfectly happy for him to have made the roster out of camp and am more than happy for him to play well and contribute.

    The only thing I can remember saying to you last week was that the line about the team’s record with Avery in the line-up is open to interpretation, not “proof” of his positive impact on the team that you stated it to be and certainly not indisputable.

  19. And to say we don’t know if he will this type of player going forward is the crux of the matter.

    If he is, fantastic. Much of the supposed “anti-Avery” sentiment when he got cut was just a realistic view that he wasn’t that player on a consistent basis last year (and not just because his TOI was down and the bullying coach neutered him), and the odds were that a 31-year-old player with declining production and a risky game in a number of ways wasn’t likely to suddenly become the player he was three or four years ago.

    Again, if he bucks the trend, great. I’d rather be a bit more cautious after one productive game.

  20. Carp, I’m surprised you praised Micheletti for that repeated diatribe about the hit. Just look at the stress on Eric Staal’s face and his uselessness on the ice and you know how much he’s suffered from the incident. Micheletti virtually insisted that it was a dirty hit as if he knew what was inside Eric’s head. Michaletti threw a dirty hit at Staal’s parents who were likely watching as well as Mark who was almost certainly watching. The Staals have obviously suffered enough over this and certainly don’t need it prolonged. Micheletti needs to learn that when someone is drowning, there’s no point in hosing him down.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Rangers continue toward 48 in a row since the Avery call up. Kudos to torts for giving Avery time with Richards. I remember MANY saying that would NEVER happen. This team is playing well but as Dave M said on radio, we haven’t really played any if the big boys yet.

  22. I have been listening carefully to Joe Mich’s announcing for the Rangers the last few seasons and he has improved his play by play, and even gives some good insight, such as last night’s, “he held the puck forever!” regarding Brad Richard’s bluff to shoot, perfect pass leading to a goal, action.

    Yet, there is something concerning and I would like to know if others have picked this up as well:

    Consistently, he seems to reference young players by body parts or by their looks.

    At first, I thought it was just a coincidence, or that it was just that so and so was a handsome player, but here is where the consistency is seen:

    1. The references to ‘good looks’, including muscular structure, is only to the very youngest of players

    2. He does not use similar language to those who are older.

    3. It is season after season.

    It goes from light comments such as “he’s a good looking kid” to some more uncomfortable references to “thick, strong legs on that young man!” and references to a player’s build.

    I don’t think I have heard any of these type of comments to older players.

    Anyone else?

  23. Didnt this 6 game win streak start before Avery was in the line up?
    He played a good game, kept his mouth shut and for that I am thankful. But he’s not the “key” to anything.

  24. Lowell wrote:

    Lowell November 12th, 2011 at 10:13 am
    Carp, I’m surprised you praised Micheletti for that repeated diatribe about the hit. Just look at the stress on Eric Staal’s face and his uselessness on the ice and you know how much he’s suffered from the incident. Micheletti virtually insisted that it was a dirty hit as if he knew what was inside Eric’s head. Michaletti threw a dirty hit at Staal’s parents who were likely watching as well as Mark who was almost certainly watching. The Staals have obviously suffered enough over this and certainly don’t need it prolonged. Micheletti needs to learn that when someone is drowning, there’s no point in hosing him down.>>>

    Excellent post. The brother is suffering, clearly, and it is impacting his play. He looks sick with fretting over his brother.

  25. Agree with you about Girardi on the PP. This guy really can’t take on any more minutes as it is but I don’t know how you DON’T play him on the PP. He’s really, really good. That was a brilliant move pinching down on that play to score a goal.

    Girardi is GREAT. Anyone who was saying disparaging things about him can please exit stage left.

    Gaborik + Stepan = Two Headed Duo-Beast.

    Great to see Luigi making a comeback there – and great to see the entire team get so excited for him to get that monkey off his back and net one.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lw – what many if us were saying was that Avery was NEVER given a chance coming into this season. Moreover, as one of only 2 forwards that played well in the Caps series, Fed being the other, it just didn’t make sense to me. That aside, Avery is here, contributing, and the rangers are winning.

    All we are saying, is give Avery a chance….all we are saying is give him a chance.

  27. Winston, I think Avery is a marginal NHL player who has had a few sparks of play; very few, in years and twice, thus far, he has cleared waivers. No one wants him.

    He played well, two years ago, against Dallas, and then returned to sloppy play.

    He looked like he was suffering from depression, making no eye contact with reporters. My guess is that he will announce his sexuality to the press, and blame all of his homophobic rants on surpressing his own identity.

    It was a nice goal, but it is rare and most of the time, he puts us a man down.

    Torts does not want him here, so this provokes Larry Brooks, who, since the “bus stop” incident, continues to attempt to drive Torts out of New York.

  28. Calm down about Avery guys. Come on. He scored a goal and he drew two penalties. You have now seen the ceiling that belongs to Sean Avery. No one can be at their best every night. Let’s see if you guys also love his downside.

    Let’s also be clear that I do like Sean Avery as a person. I would love to hang out with him because he seems like a blast. Also, watched the game at Warren 77 and there was marginal excitement when he netted that one.

  29. torts on Girardi was excellent.

    Torts is a pushy, hard nosed coach who LOVES players who leave it all on the ice. He was very harsh on MDZ and I worried that he would drive the kid out, but it looks like he is responding. Torts worried that Avery would be a negative influence on the younger players, especially MDZ.

    Derek Stepan, in particular, appears to have a 30 year old head attached to a 21 year old body and sees the eyes as well as anyone. He is a gem.

    We are a working class, self sacrificing team. I worried how Richards would fit in, but he is a Torts like player.

    Cally got the C not because of a big mouth, like some captains, but because he leads by example. Richards appears to be supporting his captain well, in spite of the age and salary difference.

    Dubi has played hard, and well, all season. The goals will come.

    Our defense even without Marc, is young, strong, and shut down.

    I think we are performing the way most of us predicted this past summer.

  30. Manny hit it on the head. That’s Avery’s ceiling. He has to play that way. If he does he will get minutes and help the team.

    Last night is the way he played the first time he was here, and the way he played when he first returned.

    But let’s also not expect him to score 30 goals.

  31. I think you guys sometimes give hockey players way too much credit for bringing their off-ice emotions to their game

    Re: Eric Staal – I’m sure he feels bad, but his job is his job. He was doing his job when he hit his brother and he’s doing his job now. Also, for those jumping inside his head, he is known for his slow starts to the season.

    Re: Avery – Earlier this season I was believing the hype about the Tortorella relationship. But in hindsight, I really think its a construct of fans. I don’t think there’s any leash. I don’t think there’s any off-ice issues being brought on the ice. I think it’s simply a matter of where he fits into the lineup. If the coach really didn’t like him, we’d be watching Newberry on that line.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lets all hope for the team’s sake that Avery has a great season. I know just reading this will likely give some of you hives and if so, reach for the Claratin.

  33. Good morning all! What a game!!

    don’t if anyone brought this up in earlier threads but:

    WTB with Ward slamming MDZ’s leg with his stick after that goal????

    I nearly choked when Torts made his comments about the league after Gross’ question about Girardi. Wow!

    p.s. it goes without saying, but I will….Sweet 16! :)

  34. Eddie – no one wants Avery to fail, and if someone does then they aren’t a fan of this team. We all want him to succeed because it helps the team. Just, the hype that he’s going to save the team is absurd. What is going to “save” this team is the GAS line continuing to be an absolutely uncontainable monster, the second line being somewhat the same, the third lind grinding and the piecemeal 4th line over-achieving.

  35. Don’t know if I would’ve felt the same way if they had lost but that GAS line, even with 0 points amongst them, is a joy to watch. They seem to produce chances out of nothing, which is the hallmark of a first line. Keep the car running!

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – the shoulder/groin had to bother gabby last year…this year he has been a top 5 player in the league.

  37. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I’m at work already again, so quick recap (I watched the game early this morning before work, didn’t read previous threads so apologize if repeats)

    OPG played his best game of the season I thought, very little penguin routine as well

    Dubinsky finally scored and good for him

    Also good on torts for moving him to the third line to start. Like some of us said, he needed to be moved down for a bit and he was.

    Please tell me no one brought up the ridiculous “dubi kisses” last night

    Gabby played great, ec wasn’t noticeable which could be good or bad

    After watching all the replays again Staal on Staal still looked like a clean hit to me

    Great job by chase for the vets

    Hell of a goal by Avery

  38. I seriously doubt Michelleti would ask E. Staal in an interview face to face if the hit was dirty. But he will talk about it on the air for sure.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery knows he needs to stay focused and on task. That is my guess. I have to think that he is tickled pink on the inside.

  40. Good morning, boneheads!
    Feels good, eh. I’m surprised no one is complaining about the team this morning.

    Avery played a great game, stayed within his own comfortable limits and scored a gorgeous goal. If he plays like that he’ll stay in and will get more minutes, regardless of what kind of Torts- Avery drama some fans are trying to paint. Give us a break, Torts wants to win, enough with this high school drama, people.

    The best to me is that the last few games the team looked far superior to their opponents, and Hank, while was outstanding, didn’t have to be the difference. Those games gave us a feel of what this team may look like- exactly what most of us expected during the summer. And, please, don’t start with “we didn’t need Richards” bull carcillo. He’s done exactly what was expected, even without centering Gaborik. Every other player just fell into appropriate place. The GWG by Girardi showed what makes Richards different from what we’ve had till now.

    I know it’s been mentioned that we haven’t played the big boys ( -that said- , -having said that- , -that being said- , *HOWEVER* , they did play SJ, Anaheim, and Vancouver ), it feels like they might be ready to compete with them too..

    I’m tired of talking about blindsided hits. Just because the hit was legal by NHL “standards” and rules doesn’t mean it was clean. Just look where these two players involved in it are now….

  41. Amen, captain. Well said.

    This is a repost from last night, when I got home:

    Gaborik is amazing. It’s unreal what some confidence can do for a talented man like Marian…Even though he didn’t make the scoresheet, I thought he was the best player in the game. The GAS line is going to be among the best in the Least.

    Cam Ward made some unreal saves. Nothing new for him at MSG….

    Avery’s goal was a beauty! I will admit: TONIGHT WAS THE BEST I’VE SEEN AVERY (GOD) SKATE IN YEARS. He looked great tonight. If Avery can skate like this and stay healthy he can be a top six guy and could play with Richards. But, honestly, how likely is it that Avery stays healthy and/or doesn’t get himself into trouble on the ice with bad/stupid/selfish penalties???? It won’t last but it will be fun to watch over the next bunch of games…
    You know, I’m starting t think this whole “Waivery” controversy and media-portrayed Torts “hate” was to Sean’s benefit.

    Good for Homegrown Dubi but he’s not out of the woods yet. He didn’t come offensively on until mid way through the 2nd, IMO. But hopefully, this gets him going. He can and will do such much better and we all know that.

    This is the Jeff Woywitka era.

  42. Also, the comments about what Avery had or hadn’t done are hilarious – before last night, I don’t think he had a shift longer than 30 seconds.

  43. I would still take Avery over the “skill” of EC and Wolski. Those guys are invisible 90% of the time.

  44. ““Avery is gone, get over it” – that was the theme of so many here.Have a little crow with your coffee this morning”

    LOL! One good game out of three or four, and everyone has achieved multiple averygasms. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

  45. StanFischler Stan Fischler
    If Sean Avery continues to play smart, Torts hockey it’s not inconceivable that he some day may wind up on the first line. Could happen.

  46. Lloyd, they lost because they are an inferior team, not because Ward didn’t play well. In fact, if it wasn’t for Ward, the game would’ve been over before the second intermission. I’m sure Torts has the most sophisticated stopwatch in his pocket to make sure Avery doesn’t spend more than 30 sec per shift…

  47. Lets see where Avery ends up afte taking one penalty, because clearly Torts has different set of rules when it comes to Avery. Why else is it that only Avery must play a certain way all the time to stay in the lineup? Do these rules apply to anyone else? EC looks like he is on all star break already.

  48. It would depend on the penalty. If it’s a borderline soft roughing call, like the refs like to call every now and then, then it wont be a problem, and I doubt Torts benches him. But, if he takes one of his usual dumbass “look at me, look at me” penalties, then he deserves to lose ice time.

    EC, in his last few games, sort of looks like how Avery looked in his first few games. Kind of a wash, really.

  49. was anybody besides me leery of giving Boyle a 3 year contract last summer? he’s a guy that had played two full seasons in the NHL and, after he scored about 15 goals the first half of last season, he’s done Byfuglien since. now we’re stuck with him taking up a spot that could go to either Bourque or JT Miller or another kid for two more seasons. I knew that wasn’t gonna be a smart move. what do the rest of yous think?

  50. I don’t know that Boyle’s taking up a spot; he’s an effective forechecker, PKer, and a big body (paging Micheletti) who isn’t afraid to get physical. I think he’s a fine third line center, especially with the chemistry he and Prust have together. Bourque and JT Miller will get their chances with the big club; for now, Boyle’s just fine. I would like to see a few more goals out of him and Feds, though.

  51. Beuk23, we’re not “stuck” with him. Last I checked, he doesn’t have a NTC or NMC. If a prospect outperforms him, then he’s either traded, or waived. He’s no Dredden/Dreary.

    And let’s give Bourque and Miller some time to develop. No need to rush any of them.

  52. Is claiming (inaccurately) that Avery hadn’t had a shift longer than 30 seconds before last night what you might class as hyperbole, Lloyd?

  53. Ward was giving up bad rebounds all night, but in the third he gave up rebounds on just about everything. He totally spit the bit in the third period.

  54. What’s wrong with having a 26 year old third line center who plays in all different situations at $1.7M again?

  55. there’s nothing wrong with having a 26 year old third line center who plays in all different situations- if he contributes $1.7 worth to the team. losing lots of faceoffs and adding absolutely nothing offensively does not get covered up for by occasionally sticking his 6’7 body in front of a shot from the blue line though. there are plenty of other guys who could do the same thing who are either cheaper, younger with higher upside or not signed for 3 years. that’s the only point I was trying to make. if he gets seriously hurt blocking a shot and decides to stop doing it as often after, then he really will contribute nothing to this team and we’ll have him for the rest of his contract. three years is a long time to be stuck with a player who risks getting hurt badly every game. that’s my concern.

  56. Oh cool – we’re down on Boyle now!? Neato. Yea he stink! I hate that guy. He’s too good at ice skating and being huge!

  57. I Boyle is an average talent who will be a whole let better as soon as he can learn to play big. Right now he concedes way too much of his size. As soon as he can play like he’s 6’7″, 240, he’ll be a better player.

  58. You’re right! He’s TOO tall. It can’t be trusted. His accent sucks! His curly hair sucks! So does his goal celebrations. So lame. Always smiling when his teammates score and doing fist pumps. AND that stupid handshake thing…oh my god…get over yourself, bro.

  59. I think Prust may need to sit a couple of games out….He needs to heal, whatever the injury is.

  60. LOL! Yeah, very sad. Which is why I call them “delusional Avery lovers”

    Despite the fact that there is three minutes remaining, and you’re down by three, you have a PP, and a rookie goalie in net. You don’t just give up. Avery made the decision to take a stupid penalty instead of letting his team try and get something going.

    That’s the typical dumb Avery attention seeking penalty that he tends to take every now and then, which he should avoid.

    Also the Tim Thomas slash to the back of his head, among other things he’s done. Funny as it may be, it’s not going to be funny when he’s the one getting called for the only penalty, and we’re giving up a PP goal.

  61. Oh yea. Trade that little fatty. Cook I believe was his last name….telling! Stiffed Cally who had to chase him down to give him the puck!

  62. I thought Ward was the reason it was 1-1 after two.

    and I couldn’t disagree more about Boyle. This kid is just figuring it out. He’s not a goal scorer. He’ll chip in a few. Shouldn’t expect 20-25. But he’s really good in a lot of situations, a coachable, likeable guy with leadership skills and some passion, and I think that he will eventually be much tougher. Relatively cheap, still young. What’s not to like?

  63. Wait…were people SERIOUSLY demeaning Boyle? Big Rig!? People are insane. It’s unreal. When is the last time we won 6 in a row?

  64. Hey NYR – can you tell your boy to put out these “Captain Cally” T-Shirts before the season is half over? Thanks.

  65. Maxim Lapierre, Max Talbot (though he’s 27), Tyler Bozak, David Steckel (29 years old) Greg Campbell (28), Kyle Brodziak, Jim Slater, Shawn Matthias, Boyd Gordon, Petteri Nokelainen, Vernon Fiddler, and Kevin Porter were the only guys who make less than Boyle who are his age or younger that I’d rather have instead that I could find in such a short amount of time.

    though, honestly, if I was Glen Sather I would rather have signed Boyle for 1 year and seen if he could actually repeat the only success he’s ever had in the NHL, then if he couldn’t, sign either Blair Betts or Brendan Morrison or any of the above mentioned players to a 1 year contract while Boruque and Miller were at the OHL and AHL developing, then once they were ready there’d be nobody to have to trade to clear room for them.

    but, I guess you’re right- all you have to do to earn a 3 year contract is have half of one good season in the NHL at age 25. I’d definitely assume from playing well for 35 games that a player is going to play just as well for 3 more years, and not as poorly as he had the first 3 times he was given opportunities in the NHL.

  66. at this point, Boyle is a decent 4th line center, but clearly not worth $1.7 and certainly I would not handicap myself by signing him for 3 years when, if we signed him to a 1 year contract last summer he would still be a RFA this summer. if he had the greatest season ever this year, he’d be an RFA and we would still be able to hang on to him long term, if he earned it. anybody remember Matt Gilroy? because we basically signed him to the same situation we did Boyle. how’d that work out?

  67. ORR

    So the best example of “look at me, look at me” penalty by Avery you could find is from 2 years ago in a game that we are losing 3-0 at the end of the third period??

    W E A K!

  68. *Lloyd Braun* November 12th, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Maybe so, but Ward was abysmal in period 3


    Lloyd – I think the word you were looking to use is “Adysmal.”

  69. The “Look at Me” penalties that Avery takes mostly happen off the ice. Like the naked picture of him on that Marc Jacobs shirt, his suspender collection, his checkered shirt collection and his selvedge denim jeans.

  70. CC, you wanted me to define that type of penalty, and that’s what I did. What’s “weak” aboot that.

    The point is, if he does things like that, he loses ice time. If he does things like he did against Boston, where he fought a Bruin for throwing a big hit, and was given a minor, then he wont. Pretty simple.

    Also, regarding Boyle’s contract, I’m pretty sure he would have been offered a similar, if not the same, contract as NYR offered him. So, I don’t get the point of whining aboot how much he’s making.

  71. Actually, (and sorry for going crazy here on the posting) the only thing I think of when I think of Blair Betts now is the vicious hit that Brashear laid on him and then the Rangers signing flippin’ Brashear in the Off-Season.

  72. Brendan Morrison- despite being nearly ten years older and having a poor season by his standards- still had 9 more points last year than Boyle. on a team that was so desperate for offense this season would those 9 more points come in handy or not? and at least Blair Betts can win faceoffs. maybe Boyle can be a valuable NHLer for the next three seasons, but the odds do not favor it.

  73. So Boyle is taking up space on this team but there are only 9 guys you would take over him? That’s a small percentage of the teams/players out there.

  74. I don’t know about anybody else- but I was extremely insulted when, after Brashear cheap shot Betts and ended his season, we let Betts go and signed Brashear. ‘how about a little loyalty to your players Glen?’ was my feeling. but, that move definitely worked out in our favor because Brashear became such a huge contributor to our team that season. maybe it was karma that his career ended shortly there after.

  75. Please, Blair Betts can’t even stay healthy. Morrison is the kind of signing you’d expect from Slats five or six years ago.

    Seriously, Rangers fans really do need to complain aboot something new every few days. The guy has a really good season, gets a raise, has one goal and two assists in 14 games or so, and we’re already saying he’s a waste of a roster spot?

    Gimme a break!

    NYR, there’s another good example. There’s so many more, but only the “greatest hits” are on youtube.

  76. Manny,

    I was limiting myself to players in Boyle’s general age range and making less then him, as was the challenge. obviously there are a lot more players that I’d rather have than Boyle, but either they’re much younger and would be harder to acquire, or they’re his age or older but making more money because they’re better than him.

  77. Agree completely beuk (about Brashear/Betts). That was an absolute slap in the face to every player that wears a Rangers uniform. It just said, “we have no interest in protecting or honoring our players.” Not saying that is how the organization works but it was pretty bad.

    ORR – Rangers “fans” love to complain. It’s nuts. Reading the game threads when the team is UP by three goals is hilarious. People are like…oh great here comes our horrible PP. Despite the fact that its 80% better than last year!

  78. Right, right. I didn’t mean to take your argument that far into extrapolation territory. I am just saying…there aren’t that many guys like him at his level and age that are better so the Rangers got the best they could. The Rangers almost never have the elite guys.

  79. Looks good on Eric – unforgivable nasty hit on his bro. I hope Eric’s game stays in the toilet until at least when Marc returns. What goes around comes around and all that…

  80. right because Boyle would definitely sign a one year contract after his season last year. Believe it or not there are other teams in the NHL who would have signed Boyle to a multi-year deal in a heartbeat. just because you want to sign Boyle for 1 year for less than $1 million in your fantasy NHL world, does not mean it’s possible in present day NHL.

  81. Imagine Boyle was a UFA? The Panthers would have signed him to a huge four year multimillion dollar deal like they did for all the third liners on that team.

    Although, Versteeg is having a pretty damn good year. 17 points in 15 games.

  82. ORR

    because argueing the possibility of scoring on that PP and somehow coming back from 3-0 at the end of the third period in a game where they were outplayed from head to toes is weak.

    That play did not hurt the team in any way. Give me an example where his “look at me, look at me” play actually hurt the team.

  83. Manny,

    I’ve enjoyed this exchange immensely and I hope there’s no ill will between us. these theoretical debates are what make hockey (and blogs) so much fun and so exciting. and, in all honesty, I hope Boyle turns into an all star caliber player. my only complaint with the whole situation is Sather’s track record of signing players to long term contracts hasn’t been very good lately. and when it takes a guy till he’s 25 to have one good season, the chances are very good it was a fluke. do we want to have to buy out another player or pray to god we can make another great trade like Gomez/McDonagh in a year or two when we didn’t have to sign Boyle to that contract, there were plenty of other options and we have guys coming through the pipeline that will need a place to play soon. so, who gets sent down to Conncecticut when Wolski and Rupp come back? Deveaux has to be the obvious choice, then is it either Christensen or Avery again? do we get to have that debate again and hear Torts’ explaination for that call?

  84. CC, that’s not the point. My response was to your post…

    “Lets see where Avery ends up after taking one penalty, because clearly Torts has different set of rules when it comes to Avery”

    Like I said, if he takes those types of penalties, then that will happen, but if not, then, as much as you don’t want to believe it, Torts wont bench him. You wanted an example of the type of penalty that will get him benched, and I gave it to you.

  85. Boyle was an RFA last summer, and if somebody wanted to sign him to a long term contract/offer sheet and give us two first round picks, a second and a third in exchange for Boyle, I’m gonna say I’d take that deal any day.

  86. glad to hear it Manny :) I appreciate all your posts here and I always enjoy reading them. I just hope everybody on this board remembers we’re all on the same side. there are 29 other teams in the league we should save our ill will for.

  87. Manny, not only am I ticked that you were at warren and didn’t tell me (I asked if anyone was going!) but that you defame the Marc Jacobs t-shirt is beyond belief!

  88. Carp,

    the day after we signed Brashear I was talking to a friend of mine who’s also a huge Rangers fan, and he said “I think this season, every time Brashear drops the gloves I’m gonna change the channel in protest.” just another great move by Mr. Sather that was appreciated by all of Ranger nation. hope you had a good flight the other night. how awesome is JetBlue that they let you watch tv and listen to the radio 30,000 in the air? gotta love technology.

  89. Boyle’s 50% or better on FO’s in 6 of the last 8 games

    He’s 3 under 50% for the year having taken 175, second most on the team. Throw out the Calgary game and he’s 50% on the year. One strong game and he’s +50% on the year.

  90. Ok…fair enough, ORR

    sorry if I’m a bit all over the place here …I’m in a pathophysiology lab right now lol

    BUT, getting on Avery for playing the game he supposed to play (being a pest) is not fair. Also, in that video, Avery got knocked into Varlamov and then camera moves away to follow the play back into the Rangers zone and then comes back and shows Avery all in Varlamov’s face. We don’t see what happened in between. Maybe Varlamov slashes Avery and got into Avery’s face first?

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Putting Brashear in a Rangers uniform was an abomination.

    Reason #87 for Firing Sather.

    And putting Lindros in blue is Reason #88.

  92. No problem, CC.

    Lloyd, we’re not, I was just using that penalty as an example of what would get Avery benched.

    Regarding the Brashyte signing. That was probably the one signing that really made me want to slice the mole off of Slats’ face. It’s not just aboot the Betts incident. There was the Kaspar incident, the Aaron Ward sucker punch, and so on. I hate the guy, and I *never* wished him well.

    In fact, he was the only Ranger I ever wanted to see lose a fight. Bull Dog was one of the only fans that really accepted him.

  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    Latona- I can always remember little details like that. I have a pornographic memory…

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – dont bother……contrary to what (b)oor says, he would rather Avery fail even at the Ranger’s expense….(b)oor is perhaps the LEAST LOYAL ranger fan on this blog

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    there isnt a player in this league that doesnt take stupid penalties….to get on Avery’s case for something HE HASN’T DONE YET is adismal at best…..

  96. ”’Avery is gone, get over it’ – that was the theme of so many here.”

    ‘The coach won’t give Avery the chance to contribute and play more than five minutes’ – that was the theme of a lot of others.

    So, crow pie for everybody, it seems…”

    how about, nobody eats anything and just shut up n enjoy the win

  97. Now you’re talking Manny! Still bummed I missed you last night. Was in city, but decided to head north.

  98. “to get on Avery’s case for something HE HASN’T DONE YET is adismal at best”

    As always, you fail to properly read, blinded by your eternal love for a 4th liner. It was an example of what would get him benched, and rightfully so.

    I want Avery to do well. I also want EC, Rupp, etc, to do well. But, face the facts, they’re 4th liners. I’m sorry I can’t look at them in any other way. Too bad

  99. babs- i am admitted to being against avery being called up. well, not so much being called up, but the fact that he is worshipped by some people. i like him when he does well, i loved him few years ago, but i dont have any allegiance to any single player. i cheered my assen off when he scored, but still dont think he will be consistent enough to make too much of a difference like he used to. if he has a comeback season i will be happy. i dont get why people get so attached to teh guy. hes exciting yes. that is one thing i like about him, but hes gotta prove himself agin. if he can play this way most nights, hell yea i want him here. after last season and a half, i couldnt wait for him to be gone. its too personal with some people. its just a business. if hes gonna hep, great, if not, bye. just like guys like gbby. he was terrible last year and everyone knew it. but do u see people fighting over him an defending him till the end making excuses constantly like with avery? no. duby either. hell, when ec had himself agreat game against the sharks i think, nobody cared. “oh it just a fluke”, “he got lucky on his pass to cally” and so on.

  100. Here’s a question, Eddie, will you still be a Rangers fan when Avery’s gone next season? Regardless, I just hope you don’t abuse your antidepressants when he’s playing for some other team, which will likely be some Euro team.

    Grabby, I finally got the NHL online pass. Let me know when you want to verse. I’m trying to get my game back!

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    (b)oor – the better question isnt whether i will be a ranger fan next year…the better question is will YOU *EVER* be a ranger fan?

  102. most of the Rangers roster wouldn’t be higher than line 3 in the NHL. I think we’ve established that the Rangers talent level can’t really be applied universally.

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    (b)oor – right…..if i yell at the world that I like oak trees, when in reality I prefer maple trees…maybe the world will believe me….right…

  104. fans get the credit on

    please. the only reason that Avery is getting a chance, or getting any minutes worthwhile, is the injury situation to Rupp and Wusski. Torts would have buried him if not for those injuries and the poor home start with the fans clamoring for Avery. Torts gets no credit at all in the Avery situation, instead he just got handed his crow on a platter, and had no other choice but to get on the bandwagon.

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    I will be happy if Avery can keep playing good, smart, energetic, and physical hockey. If he can get up to 12 minutes a game….or keep playing with Richards, I think only good things will happen……That burst of speed, the deke, and that goal, was lovely indeed……..perhaps the prettiest ranger goal this season……

    AVERY for the Shootouts…..

  106. You’re absolutely right about why Avery is getting a chance. The coach told everyone that the team had better players and buried the guy in the AHL, and made these ludicrous comments despite some very different feelings from some of his players.. So why exactly is the coach is deserving of any credit for this? The move (bringing Avery back) was most likely forced on him, and was spun as a “best for the team” decision so that he could save some face. He then proceeded to play Avery 5 minutes a night until he scored a great goal and demanded the coach give him some additional consideration. And again, duh, the guy scored a goal, so of course you have to play him more. The coach deserves no praise for any of this.

  107. ORR, ewwww, and lol….

    fran, brilliant! “rolling of the tumbrils”

    personally, in all seriousness, I think Torts brought Avery back up because Carp needs help pay his bills, and he knows that Aves brings Carp post money :)

    Trade the refresh button! Trade the bonesheads!!!

  108. “he scored a great goal and demanded the coach give him some additional consideration”

    You’re nuts, it was a brilliant and extremely innovative approach by Torts, I’ve never seen that done before.

  109. Let’s see… -6 game winning streak, Rangers 1 win shy of a tie for the best record in the conference-, the love of my life scored a beautiful goal and earned extra ice time.

    ..but I’m miserable.

  110. Wow, I missed some great stuff! So the team is playing as good as we’ve seen them play in a loooong time and we are having a little family feud? Can we just stop attacking each other, and instead of getting personal, realize that we have different views?

  111. It’s kind of funny because Avery’s goal is to get under people’s skin and he has effectively done it here!

  112. “Speaking of injuries, with Prust banged up, it’s a great time to sit him, and call up MZA.”

    Great call, btw, Orr. It’s early in the season and it wouldn’t hurt the team to do that. It will help Prust. Prust hasn’t been 100% anyway…I know “It’s Just Pain” but the guy can benefit from healing up…

    And who knows? MZA may have some chemistry with Richards and Avery!

  113. They don’t have enough cap space to call MZA at the moment. My guess is they’re waiting on Staal to see dr. Cantu next week. If the answer is not good, they’ll put him on LTIR…

  114. Wendy’s has a new delicious burger – Spicy guacamole chicken club with bacon sandwich! Almost a religious experience!

  115. ilb- If they had to LTIR Staal, would they call up someone to get as close to the cap first?
    Even if it’s more or less, just a paper transaction.

    Tim Erixon and Hagelin with goals for the Whale.
    John Mitchell with 2

    4-3 in second period

  116. Yea, dde. That would be the best way to utilize Staal’s LTIR. Call up someone with around 900K before placing him on LTIR.

  117. Wendy’s is the only fast food I eat, with the exception of the seasonal McRib from McDonald’s.

  118. Markets often become bubblicious. Do you remember the Nasdaq in 1999? How about the ramp right after the LTCM asian contagion crap? Housing market? Networking shares? Iomega? Any of these names ringing a dinner bell? The NY Rangers are in a bubble. That bubble will likely crash resulting in emotional distress for the Red Bull I Have Wings crowd. Sell short against this team or at least sell some covered calls to protect yourself from the pain and suffering of this stumbling franchise.

    Fire Sather!

    Cautious Pessimistic and Irrational Non-Exuberant,

  119. the comments made by Lowell and Observer are fairly ridiculous. So a journalist is not supposed to do their work because someone’s mommy and daddy are watching? The same way many of you cried sour grapes when Brooks questioned the death of Boogieman Brooks’ story showed it to be the truth. Do not give in to this europansy trend that permeates America (Byfuglien Yeah!). Stop running on emotion and you will become a better trader.


  120. Latona, the folks at McDonald’s are gastrointestinal polluters. That said, I am long Arcos Dorados (ARCO), but please make your own financial decisions. Bob thanks you in advance.


  121. Are you sure, Bob? I was just about ready to give you access to all my accounts. Strangers on the internet are the best people to leave finances to!

  122. Rangers don’t have another player like Del Zotto? McDonagh is already a better offensive defenseman than Del Zotto and is only getting better

  123. How is McDonut already a better offensive d-man than Del Z?

    He has 3 goals, 7 points and Del Z has 2 goals, 6 points. Seems aboot even to me. Stats aside, they’ve been pretty even offensively as well. McDonut also gets more ice time, being on the top unit.

    But McDonut is definitely better defensively. That goes without saying.

  124. And I, personally, have nothing bad to say aboot Del Z. A few mistakes here and there, but not like last season. Still early, but I feel he’s improved. His only problem is his reluctance to shoot. I know he’s not a goal scorer, but still, sometimes you just have to put the puck on net.

  125. Attention “Carped 4 Life” Fantasy League participants! Noah, Doodie, Manny in particular. Why don’t you guys follow the league? What was the point of joining? So you can be deadweights?? You’re online 24/7 and cant find a minute to set the lineup?! Not cool…

  126. Orr,

    Del Zotto accumulates those totals owning the majority of PP ice time. McDonagh has earned his points facing the oppositions top lines every night and killing penalties. So yes, he’s the better offensive player. Putting up more points in tougher minutes.


  127. Chico Resch is such a homer lol

    Semin mishandled the puck on his SO attempt and didn’t even take the shot so Chico says ” Oh wow, Hedberg denies Semin from even taking a shot” LOL what a d-nuzzle! Oh and btw, that guy Steve Gangelosy (sp) is even more annoying than Doc “perpetual orgasm” Emrick

  128. Freakin’ Debbies were behind 2-0 early, tied the game in regulation and won in the SO – Craps goalies (tonight Neuvirth) suck….

  129. Daneyko is just as bad a homer (and maybe worse) than Chico – I can’t stand listening to him…

  130. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eric Staal gets the game winner against Pittsburgh. He does not destroy his other brother’s career…

  131. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I know it just kills you when I am right but not only did I say he needed to be bumped down a line or two, but I also said he MIGHT need a game in the press box to “watch” the game. Torts has sat players before when they were slumping a bit or dropped them on the depth chart to get a response.

    Turns out to this point (it is only one game and one goal) I, along with some others, was correct and all it took was a bit of a demotion.

    I hope it worked for the rangers sake because I would rather see him score 45 goals and the rangers win the cup than see him score 5 and we don’t!

  132. I mean, I have 2 older sisters and I think it way too much! They used to beat me very hard when I was a kid lol

    I remember on time they tied me up, then beat the poop outta me and THEN they pushed me under the bed all tied up and left me there! It was a very traumatic experience lol

  133. Olga Folkyerself on

    My older brother would pick on us young ‘uns unmercifully. These days it would be called abuse. But back then it was “Why do you get him so angry?”

  134. U Otto Folkyerself on

    I remember being held upside down in the toilet bowl, and given a “Swirlie”. If you screamed, the toilet plunger would silence you very quickly.

  135. >>>Boyle has 13 siblings! How do you decide to have so many kids?? Crazy but fun, I guess

    Maybe his parents are devout Catholics!?

  136. Olga Folkyerself on

    CCCP- Oh, yes! We are one big happy family now. Once we got rid of Aloyusius. That was his name. Aloyusius Euwood Folkyerself. He died dancing. At the end of a rope. Last we heard, he was hanging around Binghamton somewhere…

  137. Hey @CCCP@ watch yourself – I am 1-3. That is the beginning of a comeback baby. Sorry if I am ruining your fantasy life I will super try harder!!!

  138. Owen Folkyerself II on

    Jeez, an eternity in Binghamton… That’s gotta be rough. I spent a year there one week in 1969…

  139. LOL @ died dancing!

    See, Manny…instead of throwing “threats” around you could have used that time to set your lineup for tomorrow ;)

  140. ESPN is the best! Yahoo blows hard! The only plus in Yahoo is that they have many players that can be used in multiple positions. Other than that, it sucks. But whatever…I am already looking for new owners…gonna be replacing the deadweight if they don’t pick it up.


    You’re on a roll, bro! Beginners luck? And i thought you said it was boring ;)

  141. Here’s what Miller had to say aboot Lucic after the Sabs/B’s game. He wouldn’t even talk aboot the game, only the hit.

    “I’m not going to go into that. I just stuck around because I just wanted to say what a piece of [expletive] I think Lucic is,” Miller said to the Buffalo News. “Fifty pounds on me and he runs me like that? It’s unbelievable. Everyone in this city sees him as a big, tough, solid player. I respected him for how hard he played. That was gutless. Gutless piece of [expletive].”


  142. Miller got hit hard but he was way out…I would like it if he hit Hank like that but I don’t think Lucic would go unpunished if he did this to Hank…Buffalo proved to be a very soft team

  143. I guess Miller didn’t get the memo about using “carcillo” or “cooke.”

    Maybe now he can say, “piece of lucic.”

  144. Lucic is a pretty good sized and tough guy…but I’d like to see him drop the gloves with Aaron
    Asham…and see if he doffs the helmet.

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