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Courtesy of the Rangers:

November 11, 2011 (Game 15, Home Game 7)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Team Notes:

-The Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 5-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden to extend their winning streak to six games, and have won five straight home games.

-The six-game winning streak is the longest for the Rangers since they won seven straight during the 2009-10 season (Oct. 3 – Oct. 17).

-New York improved to 9-3-3 (21 pts) on the season, including a 5-1-1 record at home.

-The Rangers have out-scored their opponents, 23-9, during their current six-game winning streak.

-The Rangers’ 5-1-1 start through seven games at Madison Square Garden is their best start at home since they posted a record of 5-1-1-0 through seven home games to begin the 1992-93 season.

-The Blueshirts have registered at least one point in 10 of the last 12 games (9-2-1 over the span), including in each of the last seven games (6-0-1).  The last time New York registered a seven-game point streak was Mar. 12, 2011 to Mar. 26, 2011.

-The Rangers tallied four goals in the third period, including two goals in nine seconds – at 10:47 and 10:56 – and three goals in three minutes – from 10:47 to 13:47.  The four goals in the third tied the Blueshirts’ season-high for most goals in a period (Oct. 18 at Vancouver, third period), and the five goals tied their season-high for most goals in a game (Oct. 31 vs. San Jose, Nov. 5 vs. Montreal).

-New York held Carolina scoreless in two power play attempts (2:27), and are now 14 of 15 (93.3%) on the penalty kill during their current six-game winning streak.

-New York notched one goal in three power play attempts (4:20), and are 8-40 (20.0%) with the man advantage in the last nine games.

-The Blueshirts registered a season-high, 40 shots on goal, including 17 shots in the third period, which marks a Rangers’ season high for most shots in a period.  The last time New York posted at least 40 shots on goal was on Mar. 15, 2011 vs. the NY Islanders (47).  Marian Gaborik led all skaters with seven shots on goal, while Derek Stepan recorded a season-high, six shots.

-The Rangers out-hit the Hurricanes, 29-18, led by Dan Girardi’s game-high seven hits.

-The Blueshirts were credited with 17 blocked shots in the contest.  Ryan McDonagh led all skaters with a season-high, five blocked shots.

Player Notes:

-Henrik Lundqvist made 34 saves to extend his winning streak to four games, and improved to 6-3-3 overall with a 3-1-1 mark at home.  He has posted a 1.71 goals against average with a .941 save percentage during the streak.  Lundqvist has made 30 or more saves in six games this season, posting a 3-2-1 record with a 2.29 goals against average, a .936 save percentage and one shutout in those contests.

-Dan Girardi notched the game-winning goal, on the power play, was credited with a game-high, seven hits and posted a plus-two rating in 24:36 of ice time.  He has recorded seven points (three goals, four assists) in the last nine games.

-Brandon Dubinsky tallied two points, including his first goal of the season, and was credited with three hits to earn third star honors.

-Ryan Callahan registered two points (one goal, one assist), four shots on goal and posted a plus-two rating in 19:33 of ice time.  He has registered seven points (five goals, two assists) in the last seven games, and is now one game shy of 300 career NHL appearances.

-Brad Richards recorded two points, including the primary assist on Girardi’s game-winning, power play goal and an unassisted goal with 1:34 remaining in regulation.  He has tallied seven points (four goals, three assists) in the last seven games.

-Sean Avery opened the game’s scoring with an even strength goal at 9:43 of the first period, and posted a plus-two rating to earn second star honors.

-Ryan McDonagh tallied an assist on the game-winning, power play goal, posted a plus-two rating and led all skaters with five blocked shots and 24:50 of ice time.  He has registered two assists and a plus-eight rating in the last four games.

-Jeff Woywitka, Brian Boyle and Michael Sauer each recorded an assist in the contest.  Woywitka registered the lone assist on Avery’s first period goal, and the Rangers are now 9-1-0 when he is in the lineup.  Boyle also recorded a season-high, four shots on goal, along with three hits and a plus-two rating.  Sauer tallied the primary assist on Callahan’s third period goal, and was credited with two blocked shots in 19:38 of ice time.

Post-Game Quotes:                                                      

John Tortorella on tonight’s game…

“It was good that other people chipped in. I thought the biggest factor in our game was – most of this year – we stay with it. We try to stay with our game.  Everybody did that. We had some contributions from other people.”

Sean Avery on the fan support…

“It’s about us winning. It’s about us getting two points, winning six games in a row. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. Seeing them (the fans) excited at the end of the game after we battled back is why you play hard. That’s why you are proud to play for the Rangers and I’m certainly proud to have them as our fans.”

Brandon Dubinsky on his first goal of the season…

“It’s certainly a good weight off your shoulders. Those are the ones you need. Cally (Ryan Callahan) makes a great play; (Brian) Boyle and Cally driving and shooting the puck to the net. You can’t ask for a better gift than a wide open net with the puck on your stick, especially when you’re in dire need of a goal.”


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  1. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    WOW another 1st tonight ! Me getting Carped lol! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOV this team?:-)

  2. I thoght Anisimov had a great game.

    Dubi is as strong as anyone on the boards. Best since graves and jägr?

    Avery has very strong legs!

  3. 4ever- I agree about Woywitka, we should all be as perfect as we expect every player to be.
    He does the best with what he’s got to give.

    You guys can bash Dubi but that mother never stopped competing, others may think otherwise, but I have have a lot of respect for him for that

  4. Good for Dubi.

    Happy, better late than never Veteran’s Day to all veterans including my Dad, Uncles, Cousins

  5. Lloyd Braun
    Sean Avery scored probably the best goal the Rangers have scored this season

    Go figure

    true Lloyd, really got the team going

  6. Quotes from TSN (canada):

    “Sure it feels good,” said Avery, who received a sustained cheer from the Garden crowd. “I’m proud to play here. That’s why you play hard. Getting two points and winning six games in a row is even bigger.”

    “I think that was the exact type of game that I need to play and try to get it done every night,” Avery added.

  7. Six in a row, eh? Mark of the beast. Great job Avery. Dubisnky scores? Are we still gonna bench him? Looked like he had a good game….eh boys?

  8. Good call, Olga. I have been trying to make Benoit Allaire the new scapegoat but people don’t seem to be into it.

  9. Say what you will about Dubinsky, but he could never score a goal like the one Avery scored tonight. Yet there are people who think he’s an inferior player to Ruslan Fedotenko and should be limited to 5 minutes a night with Andre Deveaux and Erik Christensen. I think some of you people watch the TV with one eye open.

  10. Not a bad idea, NYR. I haven’t seen Sully doing any good drawing on a white board lately. He has been pretty inactive during timeouts and other than that I can’t think of a way he contributes. Unless he is also the traveling secretary.

  11. Lloyd, here’s the thing, I trust Feds on the ice against more talented players than I do Avery. So does Torts, and so would most coaches.

    Avery had one good game. Let’s not get crazy here. Let’s see if he can continue this. Don’t get your hopes up!

  12. Was out with a few of my closest friends for birthday festivities… seems like I missed a great game!

  13. I’m glad you trust him. He’s a 4th line player who does a good job when he’s allowed to play with absolutely no offensive pressure and is required only to trap the puck. John Tortorella didn’t trust him at all when he was trying to be a goal scorer because he was prone to turning the puck over constantly. Now that he basically plays like a defensman in the forward position, he’s somehow mistaken for a great player. I’ll take Avery, warts and all.

  14. I actually watched the game at Warren 77 and there were a lot of Avery over Torts type folks there. I honestly don’t get it. Avery scored a goal. Woop-dee. So does Christensen from time to time. I am not going to go crazy about Avery scoring goals because drawing two penalties in one game was more important. He also sure got those ‘Canes off their game and focused on him, eh? This game will get him 1-2 minutes more ice time. Let’s see what he does with it.

  15. Oh also, I am not going to go through and read all the comments but…..everyone still down on Girardi after tonight’s game?

  16. Why would anyone have been down on Girardi before tonight’s game. Guy has been the Rangers best defenseman this season.

  17. I agree Lloyd…some people (doodie) were talking some real garbage on Thursday about Girardi. I think he has been an unsung hero and more.

  18. that guy is a bit of a dummy. Girardi’s probably the last guy on the roster worthy of criticism at this point.

  19. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    dde I LOV THEM MORE !!! Manny I could watch a game like tonight in 60 ,90 120 it doesn’t matter

  20. Lloyd Braun- you’ve gone from being a nuisance, a clown, a dolt,and a hater, in no particular order -never passing through being Rangers Fan

  21. Amen, Lloyd. Really wish you were around to help me back up my boy Dan Girardi a/k/a our second goalie a/k/a our hero. Can you believe he’s a WALK ON? Unreal.

    Amen RIA! And I will!

  22. Actually, Ria…I can watch this game in 240 and 480. I don’t mind seeing the whole thing in slo-mo.

  23. Manny:

    Did you see the Tortorella press conference? When talking about Girardi, he made a comment about how guys “without pedigree” don’t get attention in the NHL. Pretty honest thing to say and totally accurate. Girardi doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he deserves because he isn’t part of the NHL establishment.

  24. Man they just replayed his goal. What a GREAT goal. Honestly, I know this guy can’t take on any more minutes but he’s pretty darn good on the PP.

    And look at Luigi score and Torts smile and Sully clap (something else Sully does)

  25. Wow – that’s a great point by Torts. I was still at Warren 77 so I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. That’s a GREAT point. Another part of the NHL PR Staff that absolutely STINKS. With the NBA in shambles they should be all over this stuff. Girardi is the Ben Wallace of the NHL. But it’s just Ovechkin, Jonathan TOES (how could they eff up his name) and Concussed Crosby…..such a flippin’ shame

  26. “Amen, dde. This team is SO much fun when they are winning.”

    I didn’t say that, but yeah that seems coincide. :)

  27. Sean Avery I mean lloyd Braun you’ve been to four games this season and played in three.(not counting pre season of course).

  28. nice Lloyd, glad to see you got the big bucks to be going to all of these games. maybe one of these times you go to the game youll actually watch the play and not stand in line for food/beer. if you are really able to say that you will trust Avery over Feds in the last 5 minutes of a game with a straight face, there is clearly something wrong. Hope the $10 beer was good though.

  29. agree that it’s a darn shame that Girardi’s play has been pretty much ignored by the league. this guy was not drafted for crying out loud. truly is remarkable and im glad he’s on our team.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Was at game tonite and it was worth whatever you coulf shell out because the place was juiced on a Fridaynight. Aves scores, 11.11.11 Veterans Day intros > USA Chant, Dubi scores – heck, who didn’t score in the 3rd period?

    Very, very fun game to see live, Especially the third. Very happy I picked up tix late in day…it was special in the Garden tonite!


  31. What? Wasn’t this the same board that spent all day on Thursday ripping Girardi. When Torts says pedigree, I guess he’s referring to draft status and contract. While I agree with him, the fact that his offensive game has improved this season does make a difference in how he’s viewed. I think if he develops more of his offensive side, there is no question he can be a legit 1-2 d-man.

  32. Carp – Every team might take a run at him. He’s a player that is always on winning teams for a reason.

  33. Who would want Feds and his 88 career playoff games in which he’s recorded 20-13-33. Clearly, not a winning pedigree there.

  34. Just a quick note on Brandon Dubinsky- if you ever need proof as to how much this kid cares just check out his goal celebration tonight. You’d think it was his first NHL goal when he netted it. Must have felt great to breathe that sigh of relief. And on the same day that he shows himself to be a class act in that interview regarding Veteran’s day. Happy for him.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Favorite parts of game was watching Torts go up and down the bench slapping backs during third, dubi scoring and the crowd went nuts, but nothing like the Avery goal. Sorry haters but how the goal was scored, when it was scored, who scored it, and the crowd reaction was crazy. Had an Avery chant after goal from crowd.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi had a rush shift or two prior to scoring goal and you new it was going to happen tonite, that, and the canes D.

  37. I don’t think there was ever any doubt that Dublowsky cared. I just wish he would be consistent.

    He should grow his mustache back as well as use that horrible “Just For Men” coloring he used during the playoffs. Made him look like a mental patient, but it brought the luck.

  38. If Avery wants to play in the NHL again, then he’s going to have to play like that every night. If not, then he’s going to Switzerland, Russia, or where ever else he was offered to play, cause most likely he’s not coming back here.

  39. “All the Avery haters are in love with Avery tonight! LOL”

    All the Avery fans are Rangers fans tonight! LOL

  40. Don’t put any player above the team -“Avery fans” do that IMO.

    And I think ‘HE’ is not cool with that IMO. I think his fans don’t get that.

  41. Just telling it like it is – team sucks – coach sucks – 6 game winning streak sucks -fans awesome

  42. I wondered …who was this big guy throwing players around his net around like they were jackstraws, and was amazed to see that it was none other than the almost totally despised Christensen. And all this time I thought that he was never “physical”..well he was last night.

    It would seem that several old wives tales are being put to rest lately.

  43. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Olga – That is easy as regards the new whipping boy for the team. I nominate that plug Eminger. No even strength assists or goals all season? What does he think his job is – professional fire hydrant. Let’s get Stralman going – now!

  44. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Olga when I say no assists for Eminger I mean first assists. The second assist awarded on so many goals is a joke we really don’t have to buy into. They have a plus-minus category for extras on the ice when goals are scored at even strength, anyway.

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I don’t understand why, if Avery can be on the team, he cannot get at least 15 minutes per game out there? His reduced minutes puts an extra burden on one or two other players, besides. He looked like Davey Keon in his prime on his individual effort goal.

    Little story about Davey Keon, the brilliant Maple Leaf center, years ago. He was a little guy but one hell of a buzz saw skater and he could score. You had to admire his talent, whether he was on your side or not. I was at the old Garden the night Keon scored the most brilliant and creative goal I have ever seen at any level of hockey. He was playing center but was in control of the puck in the neutral zone, skating down the left side, like he was a left wing. Harry Howell was between Keon and the Rangers goal. As Keon approached Howell, one on one, he angled the puck off the side boards in front of Howell, so that the puck caromed off the boards behind Howell. He then zipped around Howell, regained control of the puck, skated in on Jake The Snake Plante in goal, and buried it. So that Keon beat a really smart and skilled defenseman twice on the same play, and assisted himself on his goal, using the boards like a setup ateammate.

    It was a higher dimension of stickhandling and skating talent I have not seen exhibited since, especially when you consider this was MSG, not his home arena Maple Leaf Gardens where the boards were livelier in those days.

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