Guest blogger Joekuh: Rangers-Senators in review


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to do something for the blog. I haven’t posted here much this season, but after this, things might change. It was a good game to watch. There were times both teams were flying up and down the ice. We have some foot speed, but not as much as Ottawa. They can fly when they want to. That said, let’s get into the notes.

1) The GAS (Gabby, AA, Step) line started the game with their foot on the gas, creating two chances on their first shift on the ice, and didn’t let up until the game was over. Beautiful finish by Gaborik on the 2 on 1 to make it 3-1.

2) That said, why no shot on the 3 on 1 in the 2nd? Torts properly rips McMonsta for not taking a shot.

3) Thought there would be more fights after the bad blood in the last game. But I guess since WW’s out and Alfredsson’s set to return, not so much. Couple of fights though. Avery- Konopka, Deveaux-Cowen. Nothing worth rewatching, to be honest.

4) Girardi makes some questionable passes in his own zone. Deep in his corner, going cross ice, with some traffic around? DO NOT WANT!!! In his defense, they mostly worked, but I do NOT want to see him drop passing between his legs with his back to the opposing goalie right on top of OUR net. I don’t care if you don’t see anyone around you, still too dangerous.

5) Speaking of D-zone corners, why are both D-Men (I’m looking at you Sauer Pawr/DZ) chasing the puck holder behind the net? Talk out there! That said, I’m curious to see if DZ will stay with Sauer. I think they could potentially be a good pairing.

6) Why do you never hear of a young, SLOW team? It’s always, ” ________ (Insert any young team from any sport here) is a young, fast team.” Just one of those things that make you say “Hmm.”

7) Hit the net. PLEASE. Wasted some good chances out there because some people couldn’t hit the wide side of the Garden with a puck. Considering they might hit an NBA rep with a shot, maybe they should continue missing the net and knock some sense into both sides of the NBA dispute.

8) I liked the highway robbery The King pulled on Karlsson with his glove. I know  a couple people made an issue of it last season. Looked like he’s been working on it.

9) Ottawa’s D coughed the puck up if you breathed on them on the forecheck, it seemed like. Although Gonchar started that 3-2 goal slipping Deveaux’s forecheck, he coughed the puck up to Step’s forecheck to create our 1st goal.

10) Two Senators, three Rangers behind the net, two of them defenseman. Tell me where this might prove to become a slight problem.

11) Step passed up a good chance trying to be cute in a 1 on 1 situation. Gotta be selfish sometimes, man.


13) There’s a penalty for kneeing now? I learned something new tonight!


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  1. I loved how Step completely faked the goalie out of his crease/lunch/pants leaving Gaby with a virtually wide open net – this kid really does have a great hockey brain. Those 3 have really clicked, now its Richie’s turn to earn his money getting Doobie & Cally going.

    Kudos to Aves for stepping in with Konopka, who is taller, heavier and a much more dangerous fighter than Sean will ever be.

  2. The White Plains Batman on

    Nice review Joekuh! Yes, the 3 on 1 their absolutely needs to be a shot!

    Deveaux did a nice job in his scrum and maybe it was youth but Cowan NEEDS to take off the helmet with the shield before fisticuffs. That’s hockey fighting etiquette/respect 101.

    Henrik made those two key saves in the 3rd to preserve the win.

    Not perfect, but take the 2 and move on to what’s going to be a hostile/raucous Garden vs. Eric Staal (I’ve always like him but unfortunately he will be booed heavily, that’s the reality of the situation).

  3. Thats right bull dog. Torts hates deveaux. Because Torts is an egomaniac. Speaking of…..Did Avery get more penalty minutes than ice time?

  4. I forgot to mention that about the Deveaux-Cowan fight Batman, good catch. He kept the visor on through nearly the entire fight. Not cool. If you’re going to fight, man up and take your helmet off.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    OK we found a left wing and center for gabby. Now we just need a left wing for Richards and cally.

    Be interesting to look at scoring chances over shots. Even though nyr had only 4 shots in 1st, they were all legit scoring chances. Understand the “get pucks to net” mindset, but much rather have legit chances than harmless shots.

    Guess we needed them to score to wake up.

  6. Anyone see the Philly-Lightning game? What a joke they are. So what if the Lightning line up 1-3-1? Get the puck and try and score otherwise we are going to end up with some sort of stupid possession clock where they have so many seconds to get out of their own zone.

    Whats the uproar about? The Devils have played that way for years!

  7. My Stepan PGS 10 rookie card went up a few cents last night! He was 99.97% responsible for Gabby’s goal…hell I could have even finished that one off after Step cleared out the goalie. Awesome to watch.

  8. Amen, Alexei. Stepan is kind of the man. The kid just has something special about him and lordy is he playing well with Gaborik. Credit to Carp and this blog for demanding that Stepan play 1st Line LW.

  9. Long live the NBA lockout!!

    Nice to see win on the road after a long homestand, they were primed for a let down.
    How long do these lines last? Does one loss mean another shuffle?anyone?

  10. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Pimp, always with the optimism! Step’s centering the line because AA wasn’t working very well with Duby + Cally for some reason this year.

    Stranger, I should have clarified what I meant with my “pucks. net. PLEASE!” point. You’re right, we did have more legit scoring chances than them in the 1st. But, we missed the net completely on some good opportunities as well. That’s more where that comment was headed in my mind. Just didn’t come out well when I typed it, LOL.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, I actually thought what the Flyers did was pretty smart. Eventually, Tampa has to press or it will literally be a 0-0 game with a shootout. Once Tampa presses, then they are out of their desired formation and gameplan, which is exactly what Philly wants. And since the game was in Tampa, all the more reason to stink out the joint.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Charlie, just because they won doesn’t mean they played a good game. Are you saying that if the Rangers had won the shooutout against Ottawa the last time around, it wouldn’t have bothered you that they blew the 4-1 lead?

    The offense on this team is pathetic. Dubinsky has been terrible. Bench him for a game.

  13. “The offense on this team is pathetic. Dubinsky has been terrible. Bench him for a game.”

    Yeah, he needs some Torts love. He should see more time on a grinding line. The guy just isn’t a pure scorer and is pressing too hard. I’m not sure he should be playing to the left of BRich…Pruust sayin’

  14. Doodie, I’m talking about complaining about one play that a guy makes – when overall they played well. Nobody ever plays a perfect game. Yes, McDonagh didn’t take the shot and Girardi made a cross-ice pass. BFD.

    Now, if you want to state that somebody stunk up the place during the entire game, that might be noteworthy.

  15. Luigi is pressing pretty hard and he passed up a few great opportunities to shoot attempting to make a pass that ultimately failed. Looks like his confidence is shaken.

  16. Yeah Dubis contributions are missing at all.. But also Richards is under performing..There was a scene when he was completly uncovered and his shot was so easy to stop absolutely unimpressive….

    But anyway a good solid away win, cant even rember when Rangers won five in a row…:)

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “Now, if you want to state that somebody stunk up the place during the entire game, that might be noteworthy.”

    Dubi stunk up the joint.

  18. Joekuh – Good job on the review!

    I do disagree about Girardi though. I mean it’s kinda hard to say anything bad about him at this point when he plays 30 minutes a game and has been a rock for them. Plus you can’t criticize his outlet passes and then say but they worked. Sometimes players at his level have confidence in their passing ability and are willing to take risks.

    As for the missing the net. I’d rather they keep shooting and miss the net than wait for the perfect shot and get nothing for it.

  19. I disagree, HWirth. No player is is ineligible to be criticized. The thing that irks me about Girardi is that yes, he’s developed into a great defenseman, but if he were just able to shore up some areas of his game, like the outlet passing Joekuh mentioned, I feel he could be a lot better.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Joek – was not addressing your point in the review, just an observation. I agree some players wait too long to shoot and, when they do shoot, they miss the net with regularity.

  21. Hwirth

    HOw I agree with you about taking the shot. I’ve been moaning for YEARS about the tendency of the team to make that extra pass whether called for or not. And I reiterate
    that a noted color guy on NHLCI came out with the info that the Rangers are the team that is at the very bottom in getting shots off at the net.

  22. Morning ILB and all!!

    Nice write up Joekuh, thanks!

    I had the score correct and was close on shots, but had feds with the GWG.

    I thought the bahama bomba fight was pretty good.

    Huginsky needs to sit a game and play some 3rd/4th line a while. Preferably 4th line to get more distributed ice time among the forwards.

    I wonder if sallycrepes cat does bad things when huginsky does??

  23. Doodie – didnt the Flyers get whistled for delay of game? and the y eventually lost the game?

    Sore losers in my book. TB will be punished in lost ticket revenue if the fans dont want to watch the NZT, no need to change the rules.

  24. Do you know what I really think to realize people tend to criticize Girardi and Dubi but there is few complaints about Richards…

    Wasn´t he the one who should help out the Rangers on the powerpllay or beeing the centre for Gaborik ??? What a luck that Gabby seems to be reenergized but Richards is not the saviour until now what a lot of Rangers fans hoped for…..

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi is expert at ice sliding – last night at one point, he and Step were sliding behind the net – WTB?

    Sens have talent and speed, but see them fading as season progresses due to poor D play in own zone.

    Dubi should grow stache again to go incognito – needs to change something. One instance last night he has puck on side of net and passes into Dman who is sprawled out in front of goal.

    That ice was Carcillo – how does a sheet up North get so bad? players were losing an edge all night.

  26. hilarious

    WomensHumor Women’s Humor
    The 1st testicular guard was used in 1874. The 1st helmet was used in 1974… took men 100 yrs to realize their brain is important too

  27. Are we really having a thread that criticizes the play of Dan Girardi? He leads the NHL averaging 27:59 per game.He is a +5 rating. Tied for 9th with 37 block shots. 5th with 11 takeaways (btw McDonagh is 1st). That’s a hard sell even for me and I’m one who obsesses over offensive defensemen.

  28. Amen, HWirth. Let’s give Girardi a break for a bit, ok? Why don’t people critique Woywhatever and his incredibly slow skating. Slower than CABER

  29. Stranger Nation on

    B Rich is not playing well with Dubi who likes to scape the boards, playing knee hockey for a couple of cycles and then turn over puck. Richards likes it better around circles in front of goal where the offense actually has a chance to score.

    Not a coincidence the B Rich’s performance has sufferred since Gabby went off his line. Still second on team in scoring, but fading playing with Dubi.

    In last 5 games – 2 pts and 8 shots

    Hey – we’re winning…

  30. Doodie – the Flyers’ “game plan” was one of the dumbest things I think I’ve seen in a long time. And it didn’t work. Every time they held the puck for more than 30 seconds, the ref whistled the play and the ended up with a faceoff in the defensive zone. Unless you have a center who is winning 75 percent or better in the circle, you’re really taking a large unnecessary risk, especially with a team that has a gun like Tampa: Faceoff loss, pass back to the point, one-timer, goal.

    The thing I don’t get is that the Flyers were wasting time against a goalie they probably could have overpowered with little difficulty. In other words, they had the better tender and had enough firepower in the lineup that they could have beat Tampa at its own game. Apparently, Laviolette has started sniffing glue.

    On Dubinsky – He’s clutching his stick. The kid’s in a slump. Stunk up the place? No. He just isn’t getting anything going his way.

  31. Stranger – I must have missed the tremendous wrist shot that turned the Montreal game by getting it back to a 2 goal lead. He’s recorded points in 8 of the 14 games played, which is pretty good. The tying goal against Anaheim and GW vs. Montreal. Is he the greatest two way center? Clearly no as we saw yesterday with McLean trying to get Spezza out against him as much as he could. He’s over 50% on faceoffs which is also pretty good. This was the problem with that contract. Again, another player that won’t be the ultra star he’s being paid like but isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  32. Stranger Nation on

    HWirth – I am referring to last 5 with Dubi, not first 9 with Gabby. I think he has done well for pressure of NYR/NYC and performing well. My point is Dubi is hampering B Rich’s effectiveness, not that B Rich is not a solid player (contract be damned – who cares now – in 4 years, another story…)

    B Rich is a great passer, can carry puck into zone, has serious wheels, hustles up and down ice. But he cannot perform at a high level with a wing who is performing below expectation$.

    BTW – B Rich FO% is under 50 for the last 4 of 5 games as well.

  33. Instead of letting Dubi take any crappy long distance shot he wants, and moving things around to try to get him going, try benching his ass. Coddling it and trying to “get him going” hasn’t done anything. Time for some sky view for that guy.

    Man, does Step look good. And it’s great to see AA getting some quality time with quality. He’s the best of that slightly older generation.

    Poor Richards. Bet this isn’t what he was expecting.

  34. Chris – You only bench a guy when you feel there is something better to replace him with and that doesn’t exist. Heck, Torts hasn’t even wanted to bring up an extra fwd to scratch right now. They have to ride this out with him.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Bring the Feds, Hobbit, or Aves up to play LW with B Rich

    (Comment sure to boost non game day blog traffic)

  36. Are you guys honestly suggesting BENCHING Dubinsky? That’s insanity. Until last night he had been playing VERY well. He was just not scoring on his own. His line was creating good chances and he was playing hard, forechecking and getting back on defense.

    Now you want him benched? I don’t think that is going to happen. Let the Callahan – Richards – Dubisnky line keep going.

  37. Trade everybody!

    Good call, Stranger.

    Great review, Joekuh.

    Aside from all the 1-3-1 b.s. in Philly-Tampa, did you see the Downie-Coburn fight? Coburn took of his helmet/shield, and so Downie took off his, and they threw haymakers. A real old-fashioned, manly fight between two guys who can play. Good for them.

    Just going through the contest results with a comb. I pretty much know who won (and you guys do, too, thanks to the great book-keeping by dde and Spider), but I want to make sure I avoid any fiasco by double-checking.

    And those (very few) who don’t like guest bloggers, would you prefer blank space when I can’t do the review myself?

  38. Manny,

    He has not been playing VERY well. He’s been his solid excellent penalty killer, but otherwise, he’s stunk. He looks slower, less skilled, and more prone than ever to being on his butt.

  39. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Honestly, we only won the game because of 2 horrible TO’s by Ottawa’s D, in their zone. We buried the chances, yes, but we were outplayed in the neutral zone for long stretches last night. By just looking at the score you’d think we outplayed them all night, but while making notes for last night’s review, I took a different perspective while watching the game. I’m usually not this pessimistic about a win, but what I saw is what I saw. I’m only commenting on it.

  40. Blank space :) yes….

    You would have probably 1000 comments…hihhihihihi…
    And dont forget your bonus for every comment :)

    No I am just kidding..I really like the reviews because I wont be able to see any Rangers game in the future….

    Carp- Monster :)

  41. Except for one dork, I didn’t see anybody that says don’t use guest bloggers. Are you insinuating that disagreeing with the guest blogger = not wanting guest bloggers? Are we not allowed to disagree?

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    “Every time they held the puck for more than 30 seconds, the ref whistled the play and the ended up with a faceoff in the defensive zone.”

    Incorrect. They were whistled only twice because Philly didn’t move the puck at all. Philly then corrected that by slightly moving around in their own zone, once for almost 50 seconds.

    And yes, they lost in OT, but they got a road point against a good team. I think they’re happy with that.

  43. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    There’s a theory about passing called 100-70-50. You only make passes that you’re 100% sure about in the D-zone, 70% in the middle of the field, and 50% in the offensive zone. Girardi’s cross ice while DEEP in his zone passes just struck me as questionable because of the risk. If they work, great. But one day, one is going to get away from him., or worse. The rest of G-man’s game was rock solid though. I can’t say anything negative about that from last night.

  44. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Tampa did what they had to do to get a point. I wont knock them for it. Philly’s the team that needs to man up and attack.

  45. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Hat Trick! Avery’s been VERY quiet in his time back up. Only problem with a Rich Avery Cally line is…who plays D?

  46. Keep your slanderous propaganda on the logging thread, louts. Don’t infest the nice boneheads with your lies.

  47. LMFAO @ more PIM than Ice time Manny. and Wick I’m stealing that quote and Spider- ty for your efforts last night with the contest

    Couple things-

    1)Dubinsky needs a break so he stops pressing. He’s gone through this before it’s just usually mid season when it happens. He doesn’t have confidence right now thus you don’t see his puck possession game that he plays when he’s playing well. He also hasn’t been set up with many chances to bury it yet. He’s gotta fight through it before his ice time plummets. People that want to bench him sound like they care more about having a problem to go off about than they do about having a successful hockey team. Too many NHL video games people. It’s not healthy.

    2) Seriously, They didn’t play well. But good teams find ways to win even on nights when they don’t have their A-game. Helps when you have that one elite player/legit first line that can throw the team on their shoulders.

    3) So I lost a bet and was on TSN reading Hodgemail yesterday and I love how this guy is talking about “Brad Richards has been a disappointment thus far with only 4 goals in 13 games after signing a massive deal”…It’s that Holik syndrome again. Maybe he could have a couple more points if he had hit his stride right out of the gate but what do they expect? Now that he got a boat load of money he’s magically gonna have 15 goals in the first 13 game? If the guy had 2 wingers that werent struggling at some point he may have numbers similar to someone like that guy Jagr in Philly. Don’t know much about him but he seems to know how to score

    4) No one is perfect. But some people leave it all on the ice every night. Thus If you’re criticizing Girardi please line up over there to your left and Carp is going to come by and smack you in the head with a tack hammer. That is all.

  48. Hell, call up Aasen for a bit. Shaking up the lines with what the Rangers have didn’t work last night, maybe remind everyone there are players lurking…

  49. 4) No one is perfect. But some people leave it all on the ice every night. Thus If you’re criticizing Girardi please line up over there to your left and Carp is going to come by and smack you in the head with a tack hammer. That is all.



  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Joekuh- I’m with you. It’s something Girardi consistently does. Very careless with the puck in the defensive zone.

    Am I the only one that thinks he really hasn’t been amazing? He’s playing a ton of minutes, sure, and for the most part he has been effective, but has there been a game this season where we haven’t been completely on the ropes defensively? Has there been a game this season where you looked at how Girardi was defending and said to yourself “man, he is just DOMINATING this game?”

    He still plays exactly the same way he did last year: do nothing and wait to block a shot. We are giving up the 6th most shots in the league per game. Honestly, if it wasn’t for how good Lundqvist and Biron have been, nobody would be singing praises for this guy. Further demonstrating our time playing defense is the fact that we are last in shots per game. The NHL no longer tracks time in the various zones, but I bet our defensive-offensive differential would be among the 5 worst in the league.

  51. No, Charlie, I was talking about one particular commenter.

    Somebody please tell me again why Dubinsky should be benched? Because some of us are angry with him?

  52. Actually, I’m for benching Dubi and I don’t play video games. But I also don’t think it will happen. I just wish he’d be better and nothing Torts has done so far has helped him. I’m not a huge believer in the “goals will come/he’s just tight” theory — I think that’s how the Rangers have been so mediocre the last many years.

    But I could be wrong. Have been once before.

  53. Carp,

    It’s because this team obviously needs more secondary scoring, Dubi hasn’t responded to any line-switching that has happened, and I, personally, would prefer to see someone else (MZA) get some time to see if he’s better. Now I admit it’s flawed, but I’m also bored by watching Dubi be mediocre.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s to send a message to the rest of the team that nobody is above the law. When you aren’t scoring, you take a seat. Besides, maybe taking a step back for a game might help him see where he is going wrong.

  55. Doodie,

    I’m with you. I feel there’s a lot of simple adjustments Girardi could make to his game that would make him a much more effective player.

  56. When you aren’t scoring, you take a seat


    Really? Anisimov isn’t scoring either. I guess we should bench him. When’s the last time Richards scored a goal? Bench him. Callahan didn’t get the empty netter last night. BEnch him.

  57. Fedotenko should be benched too. For not scoring. Lundqvist doesn’t score either. BENCH HIM. Eminger has no goals. Bench him. Bel Biv Deveuax doesn’t even shoot the puck enough to score. BENCH.

  58. I don’t watch to bench Dubi. Still an important player to this team. I just don’t think he is pure scorer and there really shouldn’t be so much pressure on him to be a goal scorer. What makes Dubi a good player is his puck possession skill and physicality. He needs to get back to basics because his game is out of whack. I want him on Boyle’s line….Let the ^wizard^ come up and put Stahl on LTIR….

  59. You know, Marc Stawul doesn’t score a lot of goals either. If he had been benched then he wouldn’t be injured!

  60. Stranger Nation on

    What was more bothersome than the lack of scoring chances for Dubi and the turnovers is the horrible back-check when his man came in on Hank with dubi water skiing behind him. It was a great pass to the forward, but you have to be skating goal to goal.

    Would I bench him – NO. Would I look to shake things up on 2nd and 3rd lines – YES. Torts thought so too and had Feds playing with 2nd line for a bit.

    Re Girardi – he had an amazing break out pass in 3rd at end of game when Sens were pressing (and so were Rangers) Sens were covering end boards pass so Girardi went to slot (to B Rich?) for a nice break out. Pass was not more than 15 ft, but very smart play.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Ottawa goal #1 could have been prevented if Girardi was more aggressive on the puck carrier in a one on one situation. Also, if it wasn’t for Lundqvist bailing out Girardi (I think was against Da Costa) near the end of the game, it could have gone to OT.

  62. I guess we should just Bench Girardi then. Who needs his 40minutes of ice time! We can get one of the kids back up here and move Del Zaster to the first pairing.

  63. I think the only prescription is benching about 60% of the team. Heck, let’s forfeit the next game! That will teach the team. You don’t want to play hard enough and score more goals? We will end our winning streak with a forfeit!

  64. Doodie Machetto on


    Anisimov has 6 assists in his last 3 games. That’s Dubi’s season point toal.

    Richards scored the GWG against Montreal a few games ago. But I think Richards has been disappointing too, and have already said so. But he at least looks dangerous at times. Honestly, other than the San Jose game, it’s hard to think of a game where I watched Dubi and play and say “man, that’s the guy we were hoping for this year.” Maybe the Montreal game.

    The Eminger and Fedotenko comparisons are lame and you know it. I wasn’t talking about role players and 3rd pair defensemen. I was talking about our “top 6” forwards.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    As for Dubi’s play last night: Twice Karlsson ended up with a great chance because of Dubi. Once in the first when he beat Dubi’s back check to find a good back door opportunity on a rush. And the again in the third on Dubi’s sloppy defensive zone clearance that led to the GREAT save by Hank.

  66. I know Anisimov has had a lot of points – but they aren’t goals!

    I know they are lame. I am just going for an “over the top” sarcastic response to prove my point which is that this team is on a five game winning streak. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Therefore, I am willing to let Luigi find his stroke during this successful little run. I am also willing to leave Girardi alone.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Hey, I slammed Girardi more than anyone last season when he turned into Peter Penguin sliding across the ice at the drop of the puck. This season, when the team needs him most with their co-captain and best D-man out for who knows how long, he has stepped up BIG time.

    Does this make him infallible? NO. But it does increase his value significantly to a team with the other three top D men are young and learning (some much more quickly than others).

    I can do without the goalie impersonation (shot blocking), but I noticed he has stepped up his hitting and offense as well.

    I just hope he is not Mr. October given his TOI, because we want to be playing in April and cannot afford to lose him.

  68. I’m all for benching Dublowsky for a game. Let him watch. There’s no harm in it, and it wont hurt us all that much having him out of the lineup. It’s not just the fact that he’s not scoring goals, he’s just not making smart decisions. I don’t like it. Just let him sit for a game. No big deal!

  69. Also, Strangers, Girardi had a great blocked shot, two I believe, last night while staying on his feet and turning those blocks into odd man rushes.

  70. Bench everybody!!

    5 game win streak, points in 6 straight and yet people still complain and are actually inventing excuses for why we really should have lost the game. Unbelievable.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Manny – I agree

    On his skates shot blocking = good thing.

    on his belly/knees shot blocking = dangerous thing

  72. Oh my. I know Stranger. Everytime I see a puck hit him while he’s on the ground I stop breathing for a moment. Imagine if Girardi broke something right now. Who would possibly replace him? We would have to trade away two or three young guys to do it.

  73. Why do I get myself so worked up reading some of this motherbyfuglien carcillo?
    Time for a self imposed time out.

  74. I agree for a game isn’t really a problem to let him “see” from the pressbox like so many before him have.

    James g
    which quote?


  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    i predicted a 48 game winning streak once AVERY was recalled…43 more to go


  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    AVERY is averaging even less than last year’s 6 minutes per game….but if they keep winning, Ill stop sinning….

  77. Stranger Nation on

    B Rich gets his Left Wing next season:

    Chris Kreider off to good start


  78. Good afternoon all! My my, if this is the ‘tude after a 5-game winning streak, I imagine you’ll want to jump off bridges or become Devils fans if they win the Cup :)

  79. This Girardi stuff is making me laugh. I admit he’s not an elite NHL number 1 defensemen because his offensive game doesn’t match the likes of Weber, Suter, Letang, Pronger etc. but on the defensive end there is no doubting anything he does. He’s a coaches dream! Plays 30 minutes, blocks shots, rarely takes a bad penalty and is usually physical. With that resume, they will take the occasional mistake.

  80. As for this idea that MZA should play over Dubi. What exactly has he done to prove to be a better all around player than Dubi? Is he better defensively? NO! Is he better in the corners? No! Way too much focus on scoring around here and not on overall game. We realize just looking at points in hockey is kinda silly when it’s a sport when guys get goals that graze their jersey or stick while going in the net.

  81. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Way too much focus on -scoring- homegrown Dubi around here and not on +the+ overall *team* -game-.

  82. absolutely bench your 24 year old at worse 2nd liner since the team has only won 5 in a row.

    the point you want to prove is what? Dubi has not scored a goal yet. I think he realizes it.

    Orr with 1 of his usual stupid ideas, at least you are consistent with your utter stupidity.

    why don’t we move Avery up to the first line while at it….

    this team is not really playing that well but is 8-3-3 becaue they have had great goaltending and there d overall is very solid.

  83. And with that Bench Dubi Theory? Weren’t you all the same people that wanted Torts fired for juggling lines until of course he found some combos that started to work.

  84. orr got his hockey coaching ideas from maclean the devils coach last year.

    orr with a erskine comment.. orr the book of your stupid ideas would fill your whole hard drive…

  85. HWirth – I think everybody just wants something to complain about. The 5 game winning streak has been a real hit to the negativity. Hard to find stuff to hate. Thus, we should start forfeiting. Get this team back to where it belongs! 11th place.

  86. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Fire Torts. Trade Dubinsky. Make MZA captain. Put Devaux on Richards’ line. Then, maybe, I’ll be happy. ;)

  87. Stuart a – While I don’t like the personal shot at ORR, i agree with your points. They are 8-3-3 while missing their best defenseman. They were on the road essentially for 2 months minus the week break before the Isles game and pro athletes hate a break in routine. I would say they’ve done a nice job bouncing back from a rough start and are even getting a lot out of a defense with little NHL experience. They got AA going. Really hard to complain today.

  88. Another great point is that Deveaux has been up for a bunch of games and has not come close to playing himself out of the lineup. That’s quite an accomplishment. AND he has fought some big boys. That’s nice. Don’t bench him!

  89. I got my coaching ideas from Maclean? Okaaaay….

    “orr with a erskine comment.. orr the book of your stupid ideas would fill your whole hard drive”

    LOL! You say stupid, but +you+ are the one that said he has a great shot. Hahaha! I love it!

  90. Heck, even Avery has done exactly what’s being asked of him. Quite honestly, I’d think the Coach is very satisfied right now with the group considering injuries, travel, winning home stand, less penalties, and now a light schedule with days off coming up which allows for more practice time. That’s a coaches happiest of dreams.

  91. I think some have mentioned giving huginsky a game off prior to the 5 game streak and are not necessarily looking for something to just complain about.

    Other players have been benched or dropped down a couple of lines by torts for far less issues/scoring droughts than huginsky, I fail to see why it is such a “travesty” if huginsky is.


    Look at what wicky had to say about you:

    The tawdry ramblings of an evil evil lunch point nazi doling out lunch point to the voluptuous breasts of the leader and the dolly partonesque guise which they portray as well as frivolously awarding his minions (Jimbo and NYR) at the mere drop of a hat, while the rest of the good folks diligently try to impress the tyrant with heartfelt and earnest effort in preparing that mid day culinary delight he so trivializes with unfair practices and shameful unearned rewards!!

  93. Right – WAY less penalties. Look at what happened last night! The Rangers were pinned in their zone. The G-A-S line. Definitely guys that struggle on defense. They not only didn’t take a penalty, they broke out and scored. That was a big turnaround. I expected a dumb hooking penalty. Instead I got a goal

  94. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Orr, they just don’t get it. They think we are picking on Dubinsky because he isn’t scoring…it seems you can’t be honest about the kid’s play….He’s sucked (from head to toe)….Scoring (lack thereof) is only one of his problems….

    It’s because his whole game is suffering. He needs to watch…or see less playing time…

    Back to basics…win battles, be strong defensively, maintain puck possession….that’s what makes Dubi good, not his “goal scoring prowess”…DUH!!!

  95. Darn It Latona! Get back! Get Back you wretched beast! Get back to the cave from whence you came! You do not belong here! You SHALL NOT PASS!

  96. Wicky…. What players got benched during this winning streak? Did lines get juggled and players benched for bad play or penalties earlier when they needed a kick in the butt when the team was losing? I’d hope so. But to do anything now is kinda silly when the team is winning and showing some chemistry. It ain’t broke so there’s nothing to fix.

    As I’ve said here before, show me a coach benching players, juggling lines constantly and I’ll show you a team on a losing streak. Show me a coach just throwing the same guys out there and I’ll show you a team on a winning streak.

  97. Dubi is a big part of this team…if he is not scoring (which will come) he’s doing other things very well. Benching him or scratching him will only hurt the team.

  98. Right, NYR. But, I guess we have to wait until NYR loses until we can bench him…..

    I think it’s a valid complaint. If Dublowsky was on his game, things can be even better. I mean, for fuggs sake, he was penciled in as the top LW, and has played like a 3rd liner. I expect more from him.

    Absolutely no harm in letting him watch for a game. It’s not like we’ll miss his goal scoring.

    Also, I’d appreciate this move, because then the Torts haters would resurface, and complain aboot Torts, which is what I’d like!

  99. Jimbo,

    They’re saying I’m a corrupt lunch autocrat!


    You started the public loggerambling!

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Don’t forget to put Avery in Dubi’s place on that line so the blog will really heat up.

  101. Doodie I know you don’t exactly lack hockey knowledge but cmon man I mean what do you want? Only in a perfect world does every top forward on a team score while every D man dominates or impresses on the blueline and you know that. I’ve never sat here and defended someone who is stinking it up and I certainly have never joined in on a love affair for guys whose play is usually on the fence at best.

    Girardi isn’t an all star. He’s never going to be a bruising physical dman and he’s never going to put up points like a mad man. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a work horse for this team and someone who is an important part of the defensive corps. You think I don’t get sick when they show a replay of him carelessly backhanding a puck from behind the net without looking and they praise it as “a great pass out of the zone” because the opponent didn’t get to it at the blueline and fire a wide open shot? He’s not elite. And he can definitely be careless at times but more times than not he gets the job done. Even if it isn’t pretty or the result of talent. And yes a big part of it is Lundqvist but every teams d benefits from a great goaltender. Frankly there are plenty of other issues further up on the list to raise hell about.

  102. Has Dubi taken lazy penalties? Yes. Has his offense struggled? Yes. But! He’s 2nd on team with 30 credited hits. He’s plus 50% on faceoffs. He’s an even player, which is pretty good considering with his lack of scoring haven’t been a lot of plus opportunities. I don’t think his play is worth a benching.

  103. this is a playoff team. they do need some more offensive production. dubi and boyle mainly dubi have done zilch so far.

    i know this is crazy but if Kreider signs after the college season can he play in the NHL right now?

    they need more forwards plain and simple.

    if everyone plays to expectations is; gabby, richards, cally, dubi, aa, stepan, prust, boyle, and feds enough top 9 forwards??? if wolski or christensen ever turned into a day in and day out player there skill level should produce that would help but that is not happening.

    they have 1 game breaker in gabby and 1 very high skilled set up guy, and some nice players…they need more O, the problem it is hard to find…

  104. Today’s scapegoat of NYR fans: Dubinsky. Because Avery needs a break, too.

    Let’s bench Callahan… after all, he only has 1 assist! he needs to be more involved in playmaking!

  105. latona
    where and when??

    just follow the above link link for jimbo, that tells the sad sad story of the fall of the mighty lunch point king!

  106. You don’t think benching one of the core members of the team during a winning streak wouldn’t be a distraction? HUH!? Now if he did something to distract the team during a winning streak, I’d start the Fire Torts chants. Again, fans overreact more than the lockerroom does. They got the W, hit the charter and started thinking about practice today.

  107. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Doodie, it was Da Costa who went around Girardi after batting the puck over him a la foot…I mean soccer style. I though it was more a great play by Da Costa than a brain fart for Girardi. And yes, its was a pretty good save on DC’s subsequent shot.

  108. Manny November 10th, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Fine – sit him. Make him miss the game on Friday night in favor of …… who?

    Wicky© November 10th, 2011 at 11:44 am

    in favor of latona, he has some issues he needs to get out on the ice

    Manny November 10th, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I doubt Latona has the ability to skate. He is so evil that his mere presence would melt the ice.

    Wicky© November 10th, 2011 at 11:51 am

    I yield yet again to your superior intellect and rationale!!

    Manny November 10th, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Gust blogging is suite. Never stop it. Just never let Latona participate.

    Wicky© November 10th, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Agreed, latona must never be permitted to spew his verbiage with the attention of the masses!

  109. ORR

    “CC, I disagree, I don’t think it will hurt the team.”

    read the post right under yours for the answer. Thanks, HWirth.

  110. one of the reasons I find this whole thing about huginsky a bit ironic, is that if avery was NOT producing at at level huginsky currently is his head would be called for. Especially if he was making like 4 mil per season and in the top 6.

    I understand avery does not have the upside of huginsky and I am not saying he is the same caliber of player huginsky (which in a way makes this even more ridiculous), but I think there is a double standard that goes on.

  111. latona
    that was in no way shape or form the airing of dirty laundry in the manner that which you did!

  112. Um it would seem to me that if we were on a LOSING streak there would be much more urgency for Dubinsky to find his game. You don’t wait until you’re struggling to sit one of the most important players on the team to send him a message. I’ve been critical of him in the past but the fact of the matter is that if he’s going to be here and used as a top 6 forward then you need to let him play through this and hit his stride.

  113. Well, I’d like to apply for the job of “Jimbo King” here, and suggest that we all try to get along – I know that there was lunch-point rancor yesterday (and maybe the day before?), but that’s no reason for fighting amongst ourselves!

    If we fight amongst ourselves, then the terrorists win!!!! ;-P

  114. Stranger Nation on

    I believe Da Costa (Nostra) batted it up with his hand/glove, not skate/foot. Either way – it was very effective. Girardi should have just leveled him, but was not expecting that move.

  115. Sauer has 0 points in 9 games. Boyle only has 2 points in 14 games and is minus 1 while averaging around 15+ minutes a game! Do you think Avery can do worse than that with 15 minutes a game?? i’m just sayin’…

  116. CC, regardless, if we lose against the Canes, with Dublowsky out of the lineup, it’s not going to be because he’s out of the lineup.

    And he’s a much better offensive player than Cally is, but his only problem is consistency. I expect more from him, as opposed to Cally, who really is only good for 20 goals, 40 points.

    I mean, c’mon, he was on a line with Butt-Chin and Richards, and couldn’t get anything going, he was with Cally, and Step-On, Cally, and Richards, and so on, but nothing has changed.

    “Cally only has one assist because he plays with Dubi – BWHAAA!!”


  117. Latona GET BACK YOU FOUL BEAST! BACK I SAY! Leave these people be!

    Amen – Bench Cally. He’s been useless. Missed the empty netter (let someone tip it). Waste of space. Bench Anisimov because Assists are not the same as Goals. Forfeit the games until this team is ready to score 12 a night.

  118. “Minions!?” I’m a “minion” now!!? That can’t be true! I’m the only one here, so we *can’t* have a minyan!

  119. Orr – If they lost to Carolina on Friday after benching Dubinsky creating a distraction in the lockerroom, this place would be calling for Torts head. Let’s be honest. You can all hate this winning coach all you want because he’s not the easiest guy to deal with but I think he knows what he’s doing and that’s do nothing when it’s working.

    As for the Avery stuff, he’s doing exactly what’s being asked of him. He’s a 4th liner playing 4th line minutes. He fought when they needed him to yesterday. OH and his line gave up the 3-2 goal 30 seconds after they made it 3-1.

  120. Latona
    let’s try not to spin things for your benefit and disrupt the true message here about your laughably fair practices on lunch points..

    Wicky© November 10th, 2011 at 1:04 pm
    I would love to see proof of these victories from the first 3 people on that list.

    The number of points doled out to the top three would indicate over 3 years of lunch contest victories when in fact the lunch contest is less than 6 months old…HMMM

    The tawdry ramblings of an evil evil lunch point nazi doling out lunch point to the voluptuous breasts of the leader and the dolly partonesque guise which they portray as well as frivolously awarding his minions (Jimbo and NYR) at the mere drop of a hat, while the rest of the good folks diligently try to impress the tyrant with heartfelt and earnest effort in preparing that mid day culinary delight he so trivializes with unfair practices and shameful unearned rewards!!


    Wicky© November 10th, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    I do not insult them, I pity them for the spell you have cast!

    Odd, how you left some of the facts out…fascist!!

  121. Let me get this straight. They are 8-3-3. 4TH in the Conference. Yet, Brich can’t play. Dubi is awful and should be benched. Girardi is not as good as he’s playing. Cally can’t score. Avery is not used right?

    WOW…. 8-3-3- with all these problems. Torts must be a better coach than even I give him credit for.

  122. Jimbo,

    Look not upon what wicky’s deranged mind has wrongfully wrought, but ponder this:

    Manny November 10th, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Latona, learn to go eff yourself.

  123. Manny the One True Logger on

    Latona – get it out of this post. Go back to the logging post. You cursed, wretched foul beast of scaly skin and bloated abdomen!

  124. Today’s conversations proves to me that this team could go 80-2 and people would still find something to be outraged about. Doesn’t matter if they win 5 or lose 5 everyone’s gotta nit pick about what the problem is, was or eventually will be.

    Here’s a bold prediction I think we can all agree on without arguing and stroking out: theyre going to win a bunch more games and they’re going to lose a bunch more games. Some players are going to play real well while others struggle.

  125. “OH and his (Avery) line gave up the 3-2 goal 30 seconds after they made it 3-1.”

    OH and it was Callahan Fedotenko McD on the ice when Sens scored first… what your point?

  126. latona
    you tyrannical reign of terror is over here and even the captain of all things medical, good, pure, and bloggish said you were on your way out!!!! Your 4 week clock is ticking…

    ilb2001 November 9th, 2011 at 12:49 pm
    Latona, your contract has a 4 week notice clause. While we are looking for an appropriate replacement, you are to continue your lunch point responsibilities. Unless you want one of our resident lawyers sue your MZA. I’m sure Manny would be delighted to oblige :-)

    If there is any honour left in that cold dark lunch point heart of yours you will just step down now latona pa!!

  127. Manny the One True Logger on

    Blasphemy James! We must right the ship. We must score 15 goals a night. We must give Avery ample ice time. We must fire the coach and we simply MUST mock and ridicule our players who are slumping!

  128. Manny,

    Control your underlings before you tell me what to do. If wicky resumes logging, so will I.

  129. Who in their right mind rocks the boat during a 5 game winning streak?
    Dubi has been awful offensively but he continues to work hard, plays well defensively and is a corner stone of the PK. Yea he is having his issues but he is still contributing to these wins by doing things other then scoring. So why not let our guy get it done.

    Nah, lets call up MZA and put him on the PK.

  130. Manny the One True Logger on

    Wicky is a man of free will. You and he have chosen to let the battle spill onto this field. I am no more in control of wicky than I am of you. We are all of free will and free choice. Now! Get back you beast! Go back to the dark abyss of fire where you came from! Back I say!

  131. Stop it, stop it all of you!! Bin Laden’s replacement is monitoring this blog, and planning a terrible attack upon us while all this arguing is going on!!! ;-O

  132. Wicky, do you “log roll”? I saw a show once where a bunch of guys was doing that in a big pool – it was neat!

  133. “Orr, they just don’t get it. They think we are picking on Dubinsky because he isn’t scoring…it seems you can’t be honest about the kid’s play….He’s sucked (from head to toe)….Scoring (lack thereof) is only one of his problems….

    It’s because his whole game is suffering. He needs to watch…or see less playing time…

    Back to basics…win battles, be strong defensively, maintain puck possession….that’s what makes Dubi good, not his “goal scoring prowess”…DUH!!! ”

    Although I don’t agree with benching Dubi, I think you are at least making a fair argument (as opposed to being a Dubi hater). I disagree that he has sucked with the exception of last night. I think that was really the only bad game he played all season. I do agree he is not playing anywhere near his ability. But I do see him focusing on the basics of his game as you stated. The guy is a competitor and has just he right amount of swagger and ego you want in a player – he will find his game (and the back of the net). Dubi has always shown his emotions for everyone to see – you can tell he’s not pleased with his overall game. I don’t see benching him as helping – I think he is one of those guys that just needs to play through it until he comes around.
    But I’m no coach and that’s just my opinion

  134. Jimbo,

    I can’t stand down in the face of unwarranted personal vendettas towards myself, and a great assault on the principles and foundations upon which the lunch brigade rests. I will fight for us all!

  135. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    Manny, Latona and Wicky- LMAO!. That logging post is historic. It’s still going, no? But I’m telling you, the way you continue it on this post, people who don’t know the history, or are not regulars, may think that you are really fighting and getting persona. lol

    I do not see any value in sitting Dubinsky. The team is winning, and other people are scoring. Every player goes through ups and downs. Let him get out of this slump…He is still being used, and used successfully, in every other game situation, including PK. He is not a defensive liability. Torts trusts him to play pretty much in every situation.

    Now, about the game. I honestly believe we are doing a lot of nitpicking this morning. I’ll tell you what I liked. At no moment, including the first period when they were out shot, it felt like the Rangers didn’t control the game. It felt like all they needed is to bring it up a notch and they would. Exactly what happened after Ottawa’s goal. I think it’s a sign of a good team.

  136. “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called children of God…….”

    Knock it off, you byfugliens!! Or else!! ;P

  137. “win battles, be strong defensively, maintain puck possession….that’s what makes Dubi good, not his “goal scoring prowess”…DUH!!!”

    He’s making too much money to just be “strong defensively, to maintain puck possession, and win battles.

    We need more, specifically from him, because that’s what he’s supposed to fuggin do!! We don’t need another overpaid 3rd liner, like Dreary. We need a guy who’s going to score goals, and make the players around him better.

    I’m not saying he’s a future HOF’er, but he has the skill set to be that kind of player.

  138. Manny the One True Logger on

    Thank you, Ilb. No reason to sit Dubinsky. None.

    And I agree – I felt very comfortable watching this team. Even with only a 1 goal lead. Control!

  139. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on


    Thanks. Good post. Just one man’s opinion. I don’t hate Dubi but he sure has frustrated me as a fan ever since I started watching him back in the Jagr days. I never thought of him as anything more than a solid all around player, certainly not a sniper or pure scorer/playmaker…expectations need to be tempered…I thought his start last year was very surprising….

    I just want him to play well defensively, maintain possession of the puck, and not take dumb penalties. He should not be focused on leading the team in scoring. Fans should not expect him to be a 30 goal scorer.

  140. Manny- you watched the game? Could fool me. You were slugging it out with Latona and Wicky an logging post, lol…

  141. Good review, joekuh …And it’s the same jackwagon who has to be negative about guest blogging, I wouldn’t worry about him.

  142. Manny the One True Logger on

    Oh right. But I never watch the games, Ilb. Someone established that me and Carp specifically do not watch hockey and therefore can’t comment.

  143. ILB
    who says we are kidding?? LOL

    I also love the way no one gets sucked in, they just move right around it like opposing players do to huginsky in our D zone!

  144. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Stranger, , Da Costa batted it up out of about waist level height with his stick over Girardi’s head then caught and put it down with his glove. VERY slick move. You’re right though, if Girardi levels him right there instead of trying to counter-juggle, that whole scenario could have been avoided.

  145. Wicky, I was there reading that logging thread for a time – and I know,that many nasty things were said, but we must get past this great national tragedy and rebuild our great blog – a blog divided cannot stand!!

  146. Manny the One True Logger on

    Right- Girardi made a mistake for .08 seconds of his over 30 minutes of ice time. He Sucks. Bad percentage of good/bad play

  147. manny
    why would you bench rammer when he has the same number of goals as huginsky and doesn’t take as many stupid penalties?

  148. Manny the One True Logger on

    Haha. Good point. Rammer should move to the top line. Bench Benoit Allaire!

    Sully draws stuff out on a chalkboard and sometimes does interviews where he talks about how they have to “play better in their own zone.” He also wears nice ties and puts his hands on his hips.

  149. LMAO, guys, are really still there? Your maturity level is just about equal to a 3 month old baby with diaper rash….

    One more thing. If Bahama Bomba can continue playing and fighting the way he’s been so far, I don’t think it will be him who will go down to Hartford when Rupp is back.

  150. I suppose Sully’s job is to talk to Giagnome, and make him blush like he always does. Seriously, those two have something going on the side. I don’t want the details, but you can see the love in their eyes. Reminds me of that scene from Lion King, with the Elton John song.

  151. latona
    so let me get this straight, you are saying this whole thing is actually ILB’s fault??

    why won’t you answer the question?

    oops, wrong thread, sorry!

  152. Manny the One True Logger on

    It’s probably because Torts dislikes other people with 5 characters in their name! Examples:

    1.) Avery
    2.) Sully

  153. I haven’t seen anyone suggesting to trade AA lately, eh… He isn’t scoring? He leads the team in assists at the moment. How about a couple of defensive plays he made last night, including saving a goal? And, apparently, there is nothing wrong with trying one or two of your young, promising centers on the wing. It may work! And it’s nice to have two players who can take face offs too.

  154. “If Kreider signs after the college season can he play in the NHL right now?”

    No, that means he can play in the NHL after the college season.

  155. Manny the One True Logger on

    I see a direct correlation between Modern Warfare and scoring goals. At least he gets his frustrations out.

  156. manny
    agree. at least he isn’t taking his frustrations out on the ice by physically abusing our opponents!

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    “Girardi isn’t an all star. He’s never going to be a bruising physical dman and he’s never going to put up points like a mad man. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a work horse for this team and someone who is an important part of the defensive corps. You think I don’t get sick when they show a replay of him carelessly backhanding a puck from behind the net without looking and they praise it as “a great pass out of the zone” because the opponent didn’t get to it at the blueline and fire a wide open shot? He’s not elite. And he can definitely be careless at times but more times than not he gets the job done. Even if it isn’t pretty or the result of talent. And yes a big part of it is Lundqvist but every teams d benefits from a great goaltender. Frankly there are plenty of other issues further up on the list to raise hell about.”

    James, that’s all I was saying. He’s been good, but let’s temper the praise a little bit. He’s been a big minute eater but he hasn’t been playing like an elite defenseman or anything. He’s just been Girardi for 27 minutes a game instead of 23 minutes.

    As for what I’m saying about benching Dubi, a lot of you are saying how he is doing well in other areas, but the truth of the matter he isn’t. The only two games where he looked really good were San Jose and Montreal. He just hasn’t played that well this year. Callahan started slowly too but found his game. Dubi looked like he was about to turn the corner also, but the past two games he has just be absolutely terrible. I think it’s time for him to have a seat, take a step back, and start over.

  158. Manny the One True Logger on

    Why isn’t “Clutterbuck” used around here? I know he’s not a bad guy but his name is suite.

  159. Just a thought, how do we feel about a trade that is based around Rick Nash for Dubinsky & Kreider? I know Nash is the centerpiece to that organization but they are doing abysmal right now and maybe Nash can be had for the right price?

  160. Manny the One True Logger on

    He’s just been Girardi for 27 minutes a game instead of 23 minutes.


    Is that a joke? Are you serious? I can’t help but be semi-flustered at this attitude towards Girardi. He doesn’t take penalties, he has stepped in on the PP, where he has SCORED goals and he has stepped up as a more offensive minded player when need be. I think Girardi has become a new, better Girardi. One that doesn’t deserve all the talk in the off-season where people wanted to trade him. I think that extreme attitude deserves the extreme attitude in the other direction right now to point out how valuable this guy is.

  161. Please stop with the “that said” it is too over used – try “however” or “otherwise” etc. jeez.

  162. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    I see Dubi takes being a professional NHLer pretty seriously by going home to play video games??? How about watching old episodes of Flipper to avoid looking like one on the ice?? Trade this mental midget immediately based on that tweet alone where he references a video game.

    140 never enough,

  163. I think Nash has a NTC, and, apparently, has no interest in leaving Columbus.

    I think trading for Nash wouldn’t be a good idea, because we’ll basically blow up the team in order to bring him in, while giving up on top prospects. Too risky.

  164. Doodie –

    Here is the first goal, and the basis for your criticism of Girardi for not being aggressive enough “in a one on one situation”, where he could have prevented a goal
    yeah, that’s Cally chasing the 4 on 2, and Feds after him. You think you’re reaching just a little bit?

    Be honest, you called Girardi’s contract “ludicrous” and now you’re trying to save face.

  165. Manny the One True Logger on

    Contract is not looking so ludicrous when you realize he’s our #1 Defenseman playing close to 30 Minutes a game. Seems like a bargain.

  166. That’s definitely true, CC, but we wouldn’t be trading one prospect, and one roster player. We’d be giving up a lot of important players on this team for one single guy. Does it make us better? Hard to believe, to be honest.

    If he has a brain, he’d ask to be dealt. Columbus will never win a Cup! NEVER! Talk aboot drafting busts, that’s one team that has had high picks, and have blew each of them, aside from Nash.

  167. This is ridiculous. we’re tied for the longest win-streak in the league ( with the wild ) and people are complaining about things that certain players arent doing right, and I defintely dont think benching dubi will send the right message to the team, hes just frustrated..benching him or anyone else during a 5 game win streak is just asinine.

  168. Manny the One True Logger on

    Awesome stat, dde!

    Amen, Albo.

    ORR – what do you think the package would look like? I don’t think I would flinch at giving up 4 or 5 guys for Nasher.

  169. not that we would give him up manny but if we were to trade for nash colombus would defintely want stepan in the deal among another current roster player probably about 2 future picks and probably little bourque and mcilrath

  170. Manny the One True Logger on

    Hmmmmmmm. Good point. I didn’t think about Stepan. I was hoping for like…

    Dubinsky, Fedotenko, Christensen, Bjork, Mcilrath and Ocho Cinco

  171. even with all those players gone though, the rangers wouldnt be able to carry his cap hit for the next 8 years. nash is makin close to $8m/per if im not mistaken

  172. They’ll definitely ask for McDonut, Stahl, Step-On, Artie, Dublowsky, Callaman. Not all of them in a single package, but a few of those guys would have to be involved. Throw in a few top prospects, a 1st round pick, maybe two. Who knows.

  173. Manny the One True Logger on

    That is yet another good point. Cap hit. Ok – Trade them Avery and Dubinsky. There’s $6M. Biron?

    Maybe they will ask for Girardi to play goal for them?

  174. lol manny if torts asked him too i dont think he would say no. not to mention hes gotten some pretty good practice at it what with all his shot blocking

  175. Manny the One True Logger on

    I can’t believe that guy plays without a visor. He got drilled between the eyes last year, bled all over the ice and got stitched up. I remember him coming back out and being tossed off the ice for bleeding all over it through his stitches. Then this year he takes a puck off his eye. Still, no visor. Tough guy.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    “Here is the first goal, and the basis for your criticism of Girardi for not being aggressive enough “in a one on one situation”, where he could have prevented a goal ”

    Yeah, I see him let Spezza have all the time he wants with the puck along the boards. Even the announcers say how soft Girardi played him.

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    Comparing straight cap hits is disingenuous. UFA deals are typically higher than RFA deals. How many of those were UFA and how many were RFA, as Girardi was. My unofficial count is 43. So his RFA deal was less than only 24 other RFA deals. And ignoring some of the worse contracts (Keith Ballard for 4.25 per?!), his deal seems about right. It’s not some fantastic value. On a good team, this is a second pairing guy. 3.4 for a second pairing defenseman isn’t some sort of great bargain by any means.

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    Ranger, I just don’t see him having that much higher of a ceiling than where he is at now. I think his offensive game will improve slightly, but as far as defending goes, I think this is probably the best he will play in his entire career. He’s a hard worker, but I just don’t think he has that next level talent. I just don’t see it.

    Staal, McDonagh, MDZ, McIlrath, and Erixon all have higher ceilings, and I would argue Sauer does too. He’s just a place holder until one or more of the other guys develop.

  179. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I love Nash as much as the next guy. But, I think other teams may be able to give up more talent with less salary going the other way than the Rangers…that’s probably what it would take to get Nash.

    Maybe a team like Edmonton or the Islanders have a shot because they have the young scoring talent but without the hefty price tags…

  180. one quick reminder: Girardi got to the NHL UNDRAFTED! he’s doing pretty damn well for undrafted player and is second (after Hank) most important player on this team right now.

  181. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, I am just saying that all of the praise that is being heaped upon him is unwarranted. I think he’s just been Girardi. He isn’t the second coming of Brian Leetch or anything. Hell, he isn’t even the second coming of Kevin Lowe (and I’m talking Rangers years Lowe).

  182. “Player plays well and is on reasonable deal. What’s the argument about?”

    the argument is about how rangers fans can’t live w/o nitpicking.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP: Gaborik is the 2nd most important player. After that I would say McDonagh. If McDonagh goes down, you have MDZ playing 1st pair minutes. If Girardi goes down, is the drop from him to Sauer that big? I don’t think it is at all.

  184. I am not the biggest of Girardi fans, and I tend to lean to what Doodie is saying about him overall, but to be critical of him right now is not fair. he has been a horse for this team on the blue line. not sure where they would be without him right now.

  185. Manny the One True Logger on

    The thing about Girardi is that he doesn’t have to be Leetch. He is asked to be SOLID and with Stawul on the shelf he is asked to step up in minutes per game and he has. Therefore, right now he’s a bit of an unsung her.

  186. Doodie Machetto on

    Edmonton and the Islanders don’t want to trade for players like that because it would be a waste. They are several players away, so might as well just develop their young guys together and stockpile high picks for the future when they actually are just one player away.

    There really isn’t a good market for him right now. LA last year would have been a good team, but now they’re stuck with Penner.

    It’s all moot anyway. There’s no way Columbus would ever move Nash.

  187. as far as dubi goes. benching him would accomplish nothing, probably even hurts the team. what I would do is put him with Boyle and Fedotenko for a little while, a checking role if you will. I would then call up MZA and put him with Richards and Cally. the team needs some secondary scoring. Prust would go to the 4th line where he belongs, and you could scratch Avery, or Deveaux. Torts hates the both of them, so it may be a hard decision as to who it will be.

  188. i see what you mean doodie but i somewhat disagree. I think his vision on the ice will most defintely improve in the next couple years. His decision making, less know the little things like not forcing the pass right away but seeing the right pass, not to mention he’ll defintely get stronger. Dmen have always taken a bit longer to hit their primes then forwards. Recently dmen have been entering the league a bit younger then before but i do believe that theory still holds.

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, and that’s all I’m saying. He’s just been solid. Solid, but unspectacular. I honestly think Sauer could do what Girardi has been doing just as well as Girardi has. The only thing is Sauer is playing through a shoulder injury and I’d be concerned about his ability to carry the heavier load. But from a talent stand point, I think it might even be an improvement.

  190. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, I think it would be way worse if you took out McDonagh. McDonagh is putting in 25 minutes a night. Imagine if he went down? Woywitka would get 20 minutes a night on the 2nd pair! If Girardi goes down, then Eminger gets 20. Eminger>>>>Woywitka.

    Also, if Gaborik goes down, this team scores 0 goals. Even if Hank is lights out every night, we would never win.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    Ranger, I agree with you that he hasn’t hit his prime. I just don’t think he improves that much more than this over the course of his career. And while you hope the vision, the outlet passes, and the puck security in the defensive zone improves, and I think it will somewhat, I just don’t see him ever becoming an elite guy.

  192. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, my point is, people are talking about this guy like he’s playing great. He’s not playing great. He’s just playing like Girardi, but for more minutes.

    And you ignored my point about Girardi vs. McDonagh. The replacements on the right side are better than the ones on the left. McDonagh is already the second string guy. If he goes down, you have the third string guy playing 25 minutes a night and the 4th string guy (a waiver claim that Torts has publicly ripped over being out of shape) playing 20.

    I honestly think Sauer is actually a better defenseman than Girardi, but because of his shoulder injury, he can’t go out and log the minutes Girardi is. But if Girardi went down, I would expect him to play maybe 25, and Eminger to get like 20, and Erixon to get like 15.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Compared to if McDonagh goes down: MDZ 27, Woywitka 17, Erixon 16. That scares me a lot more.

  194. You’re being far more disingenuous than I. Giving Spezza “all the time he wants” is a bit of an exaggeration to say the least. Tracking Spezza from the weak side and playing him a ‘little soft’ is a far cry from being the scapegoat you’re trying to make him.
    Qualify the cap hits to your hearts content, it is was it is. The contract will only improve in value with every passing year assuming similar production from Girardi.

  195. Nash isn’t going anywhere.

    Doodie- the Islanders have been several players away for 15 years. Most of them are playing for different teams at the moment( Spezza, Chara to name a couple).

    Girardi has been doing much more than he was expected to this year. He has limitations, for sure, but he is playing much better than expected. Agree that Sauer( and, of course McD) has better upside, but none is ready to fill the role the way he has as of now. He isn’t a problem. Woywitka scares the living carcillo out of Torts, you can just see it. Eminger, at best should be 6/7.

  196. i cant see sauer being better then girardi. girardi leads the rangers dmen in points blocked shots and hits. sauer hasnt even registered a point yet and he only has 3 sog. if we’re talking about a dman that has no offensive upside its sauer.

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    “He isn’t a problem.”

    And I’m not saying he is. I’m just saying he isn’t as good as he’s been made out to be. He’s just Girardi plus a few extra minutes.

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, Girardi went from 24.5 a night to just under 28 in his 5th season in the league, and he is just playing the exact same game as he was last year. McDonagh went from half a year in the AHL and 18 mins a night in the NHL last year, his first year out of college, to 25+ a night playing better than any defenseman, including Girardi, in his second. He is what is holding the defense together. Without him, you’re looking at MDZ and Woywitka as your 1-2 on the left side.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying I dislike Girardi, I’m just saying he isn’t a true first pairing defenseman. He’s a strong 2nd pairing guy on a good team. I hope that one day our team is good enough that he becomes that for us.

  200. I don’t flat out disagree with you at all, Doodie. It depends what you mean by playing “great”. Is he playing (or ever capable of playing) like what people would class as a “great” player? No. But given the circumstances, and what are his limitations, it’s not much of a stretch to say his contribution to the team has been “great” so far. “Just Girardi but for 27+ minutes” is selling him short.

    As for the left/right side point…true, but you don’t think they would swap Sauer to the left (or similar) ahead of playing Woywitka 25+ minutes?

    And not sure I’d class Torts’ comments on Woywitka’s fitness as “publicly ripping” him. He was generally being complimentary about the guy in talking about him and just said they would like to get his fitness up (he hadn’t been playing regularly for a start).

  201. Doodie Machetto on

    ” Tracking Spezza from the weak side and playing him a ‘little soft’ is a far cry from being the scapegoat you’re trying to make him”

    You mean gliding towards him at a leisurely pace from the blueline to the circle with no intention to apply any pressure whatsoever? Because that’s what happened.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, fair enough on the “public ripping” phrasing. But that doesn’t change the fact that he made it public that he believes Woywitka needs to be in better shape.

    As for selling Girardi short, I don’t think I’m doing that. I think I’m selling him right. It’s great that he can eat all of those minutes without sacrificing the quality of his play. It’s important for the team right now. I just don’t think it means he has been playing particularly well. We are 6th worst in shots against and worst in shots for. A lot of that is on the offense, for sure, but some of it is on the defense for not being able to keep the puck out of our zone. When Dan Girardi is taking 28 minutes of ice time, that’s a lot of time for a team to play in our zone because Girardi is just waiting for the opportunity to block a shot. He just doesn’t play the man.

    Perhaps the Sauer comparisons are unfair. I’m still thinking last year Sauer compared to this year’s injured version.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    dd, the trailer was absolutely a blown coverage by the forwards, no question. But Spezza wasn’t even trying to hit Michalek. He just was trying to pick out the guy he was 2 on 2 with (Greening?), and it wasn’t even a good pass. He doesn’t make the pass at all if Girardi pressures him.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    Spezza didn’t have good control of the puck because he had to play it around the linesman. If Girardi had been pressuring, he could have forced a turnover, or at the very least, forced Spezza to take the puck deep instead of have time to put it in the slot.

  205. I thought Spezza was trying to pass to McD’s check at first too, but I’m not sure.
    If that’s the case, listen to what you’re saying. Now, you’re criticizing Girardi for an errant pass and Girardi _did_ swipe at Spezza’s stick, whether it had any impact is hard to tell.

    Image is not very clear:

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    dd, yeah he swiped at it, but if he had skated hard to Spezza instead of lazily gliding in from the blue line, he could completely neutralized the play.

  207. Spezza was by the linesman with control of the puck already, Girardi had no chance to contest before that, it would have required taking a ridiculously poor angle to have even a chance.

    Girardi was happy to keep Spezza contained and close on him gradually, perhaps he could have been more aggressive, but if everyone else has done their jobs -no problem.

  208. The Bruins starting Tukka Rask tonight for the second straight game. That’s odd, considering Thomas is coming off a shutout in his last game. Oh well! My opponent has Thomas, so this is good news!

    He, Ho, Five In A Row!

  209. In that Philly Tampa game that was quite a little bout of fisticuffs there…Downie scored pretty good early on, but then Coburn’s long reach turned the tide, but both came away with their lumps. ( And they both dropped their hats.)

  210. I saw that, CC. Disgusting and disturbing.

    Those Penn State kids rioting are a bunch of mindless jackwagons, too. After reading what they have done, you would think the Canucks lost the cup or something….

  211. CCCP- I agree, it is very disturbing and bound to get worse.
    -That said-However, I also find it bothersome when I see such bombshell allegations prefaced by “I hear there’s a rumor”.

  212. ORR,

    People can look at that in a negative, shoor, but I see it as positive for two reasons: one, I think all those players realized there were prospects ahead of them on the depth chart, which means the Rangers are gathering a pretty fair amount of talent, and secondly, the Rangers are trading the players per their request; organ-eye-zation is listening to the concerns of the players. And better to get assets back than to let them walk for nothing.

  213. Well, apparently Werek wasn’t happy aboot something, and Grachev was not happy aboot his ice time. I just hope it’s all a coincidence. I’d hate to have a bunch of baby prospects wanting out when things don’t go their way.

  214. Hey, the Bouchard kid we got in the Kundratek trade exchanges tweets with Sheldon Souray.
    That should make _someone_ happy.

  215. Terrific as he is, Nash won’t be the guy. The CBJ’s are highly unlikely to move him, gave him 8-year deal (which includes a NMC for first five seasons) – and Nash prefers the relative anonymity vs. the spotlight.

    There is a guy, and he is a m-o-n-s-t-e-r.

    Question is whether they can land him (and on this one I’ll never tell so don’t ask).

    Put it this way…. if they could find a way to finagle it, contending for the Stanley Cup becomes quite logical.

  216. Olga Folkyerself on

    Uh-oh. Rod knows something again.

    Let’s see… There’s a guy… Step Two… Stanley Cup.

  217. >>>Tomas Kundratek apparently asked for a trade.

    Hmm, Werek, Grachev, Kundratek? Interesting.

    Are we purging the Europansies from our minor league affiliates!?

  218. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo- see what you can do with a guy named Clitsome on the BJ’s…

    It’s almost too easy…

  219. Olga Folkyerself on

    Montador makes it 4-1 Chicago

    Is it true Montadors have to put up with a lot of bull….?

  220. Olga, I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten in…….Oooops!!! Sorry Mama…no papers for me, please!! ;-P

  221. I recently checked up on Grach…He’s been an underwhelming 4th liner for St Louis, with flashes of offensive brilliance…still hasn’t scored….

    Grachev may see time on the top lines in St Louis. Apparently, the Blues fans think Grachev is too talented for the fourth line….and Payne was criticized for not using him correctly….at least that what I’ve read on forums….

  222. Olga Folkyerself on

    Grachev got 8 games as a NY Ranger. Was that a fair evaluation? Can you really tell about a player in just 8 NHL games? Sather does this all the time…

  223. billybleedsblue on

    Good thing we went out and spent all that dough to get a Center for Gabby. Bah.

    Nice write-up Joekuh.

  224. Wow, we really had another day pretty much dedicated to hockey talk only, very little gibberish (jibberish) … but still a fair amount of nonsense.

    Especially about benching Dubinsky. Please.

  225. Olga Folkyerself on

    Final score- Chicago 6 Columbus 3

    Note to Columbus: HIRE SATHER! He can get you to eight place about half of the time.

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Don’t let him bring you down, it’s only castles burning find someone who is turning and you will come around

  227. billybleedsblue on

    If there’s 2 things I can’t stand in this world, it’s people who are intolerant of other peoples’ culture, and the Dutch.

  228. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- Columbus needs to blow up the whole thing and start over. From President on down. Their best season was the lockout year. They need someone there that knows something about hockey. Someone that has won a few Cups long ago. Someone like… well, like Sather. He’s useless in NY, but in Columbus he would be (Out of New York!!!!!!) just what they need.

  229. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny’ wife wants me to pick her up at the train station……I live at 22 twain, but this might have to do with some choo choo, if you know what I’m sayin

  230. Hey NYR!

    NO eddie…don’t go there! She does like wine though and you live in wine country (where we are coming for our honeymoon in May)

  231. I think that’s always a factor when a team signs a productive older player; trade bait for contenders.

  232. Oh Prospal is for sure trade bait. He was just offered up in some absurd trade in our Yahoo! fantasy league, Latona.

  233. I don’t know yet, NYR. It’s a good question. I think Santa Cruz is in there (wherever that is). I have traveled outside America but I am an idiot about our beautiful country.

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I will do a non stop …. When the train left the station, she had a suitcase in her hand, it’s hard to tell, it’s hard to tell

  235. hey, all! nice win yesterday….gabby a speed demon olympics this year to wear him out thank goodness….

    what happened to the CBJ backline? At one point seemed like every d-man they had was very good…that’s a shame…

    Dubi gotta calm down out there…im sure he is feeling the pressure big time…when he came up he was a puck hog in a good sense…that injury broke his early season mo-mo when he was a terror with the puck…i aint givin up on him…that video game tweet was horrendous tho

  236. My guess is the afore mentioned monster might be iggy, but only a guess!

    As far as OPG goes (I would have said in anyhow LW, but since you brought it up), he is different from last season in one major way, his penguin routine.

    One of the worst things he did last year and part of the reason he is labeled OPG by me is he constantly took himself out of position by leaving his feet and sliding on the ice. This season he has not been nearly as penguinish in his play and is in position much more. I have actually mentioned that a few times over the early course of this season.

    The best thing for OPG and his development is next season, when staal gets back, do not pair OPG with him.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – we can go to Santa Cruz / that is where we shop for the DQ ..manny does she prefer edibles, oils, Cush, saliva, sheesh…let me know and the reds will be waiting

  238. Yeah, I heard that, Latona – Piggs McDonald is as articulate as he always was, the big fat byfuglien…

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am close to passing out……supposed to eat 1/8 of an edible and mistakenly ate half. I have to go buckle my seat belt.

  240. Olga Folkyerself on

    On the bright side- at least there are no basketball games interfering. Dolan’s Knicks are undefeated so far…

  241. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I also have a defibuator in case you get too reved up. Our pinots are good bur the cabs just dominate …

  242. >>>On the bright side- at least there are no basketball games interfering. Dolan’s Knicks are undefeated so far…

    My feelings exactly!! If the NBA never comes back, it’s no loss, really….all those guys with pituitary gland conditions will just have to go out and get regular jobs, is all……

  243. It’s no loss to those of us who already LOVE hockey. However, the NHL is not taking advantage. They have the worst PR ever

  244. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am going to see if I can make thru a blitz game of chess without passing out….wish me luck

  245. E^3^ Haha!! Can’t wait to try it! Like I’ve said, I plan on playing golf at Pebble Beach (near future…just don’t know when)…so you know I will holler…

  246. I was that. I haven’t played in a long time. My dad calls an 18 handicap “bogey golf.” Add one stroke to every hole and call it par. It’s a much better game. My dad is scratch, or better. It’s annoying as heck. He’s almost 70 and he still shoots par. Ugh.

  247. Stranger Nation on

    Did anyone see commish butt man with Stan the old man during isles game. First question, he stressed that the fans LOVE the shoot out. And the league knows that because they have a very close relationship with their fans.

    Excuse me while I vomit.

  248. That’s totally awesome, Manny. I hope I can be a scratch golfer at 70. That’s nice a goal.

    I could be like Cosmo Kramer and play on the Senior PGA circuit….

  249. Eh. My dad is a really good guy so I can’t say bad stuff about him. I wish I could but he’s a poetry major with a Master’s in Victorian literature and he is a professor (like eddie) and he’s REALLY nice and really smart. Annoyingly, he doesn’t usually get why other people aren’t naturally better than professionals at golf.

    My dad will often say things to me like, “I bet I can hook a ball over that Tree over there” he will then proceed to hit, on purpose, a vicious hook over at tree and out of bounds. Then he re-tees and beats me on every single hole. So frustrating.

  250. Let the Jackets purge begin

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    Confirmed #NHL trade tonite. #Bluejackets Russell for #Blues prospect Nikita Nikitin

  251. Mao, credit where it’s due – it was Olga’s comment – I was giving it a “thumbs up” with my post!

    But I certainly agree with you!

  252. Ouch! Blue Jackets are handcuffed. They wanted Hitchcock clearly but he’s taken. They are stuck in their position for now…

  253. That’s a bad sign for Jackets. Spend all that money in Free Agency than trade one of your better current dman for a prospect. Wonder how Carter, Wiz and of course Nash feel. At some point they need to try to win! Those fans are going to walk on that team which is a shame because it could be a great market.

  254. They delayed a little too long in re-hiring Hitchcock – now he’s gone – but there’s always Barry Melrose!

  255. Take that back. Nikitin not such a prospect. Drafted in 04 but played in Russia for Omsk till last yr.

  256. Ouch…Poor Isles fans. When I was there DiPietro let in two goals and the crowd was unenthusiastically chanting for Montoya,……and now this. All the best to PA Parenteau but …..the heck with the Isles.

  257. I gave up on the Isles game – but you’re right…not pulling my – – – – – ………

  258. Somebody laid a big hit on PAP earlier in this game – I don’t know that he was hurt, but he definitely was shaken up….

  259. It’s about time the Islandorks took on TWO goalies like a regular team. However, if Montoya is injured…plus DiPietro….oh man.

  260. DiPi is on the bench – he’s not hurt now (at this moment, anyway!)…..but Montoya killed his team with an OT penalty!!

  261. Potvin STILL sucks – and he always will! I hear him doing color-commentary on the Sens home games on Center-Ice…and he still blows!

  262. No sympathy for me for those 2 teams, either – or the Debbies…..I despise all of those teams…Pens are close, and maybe should be on that list, too…

  263. Because Mason can’t stop a beach ball at this point? Maybe he’s the best “available” goalie out there…

  264. Ouch. Can you imagine the legend that is Nabokov!? It’s better than any of his gran-daddy’s prizes.

  265. Let’s see this become official first. Not reported by their beat reporter or TSN. But if it does..

    Tyutin is signed 6 yrs. at 4.5 cap hit starting next year (2.8 this year) while Nabby is 570K for this one.

  266. And you know the Isles – they’ll pick up any old Ranger player – they’ve built a (failing) franchise on that practice..

  267. Not a deal now, according to Jiggs!!! It was a tweet on “Hockey Breaks” whatever that is….?

  268. Bad Job by MSG truck allowing Jiggs to go with that rumor. First rule of this stuff, if TSN doesn’t have it confirmed it probably isn’t done yet. Without getting into it, TSN usually knows a player has been traded before the player does because of how connected they are to GMs and Agents.

  269. Yeah, HW – it was really a premature announcement on his part, with no confirmation whatsoever – but it might mean that serious discussions are taking place along those lines…

  270. Did Mason have confidence? Seems like they rode a prayer and a wish and their checkbook is writing checks to the orthopedist.

  271. I’ve gotta say, though – If I’m the Isles (God forbid!) I don’t feel confident having DiPi as a regular goaltender on my team, either as the main guy or the backup…

  272. If the Jackets want a goalie, they should go after Josh Harding. He’s having a really good year. Undefeated I think.

    He’s the guy they should really target. He’s still pretty young too. Only 27, or 28. He’s outplaying Backstrom so far.

  273. Mason was streaky good last season – definitely a lot better than he’s playing now. He seems to have lost it completely.

  274. As I was saying…

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    I am told Tyutin is not being traded, there’s NO truth to the Nabokov rumors tonight and the Russell-Nikitin trade call isn’t done yet

    This from someone who would know this stuff

    ChrisBottaNHL Chris Botta
    One thing for nonsensical trade report to float around Twitter. Another for #Isles bcast, with 24/7 access to Snow, to go with it.

  275. The Isles need to cut back to two goaltender. The three-headed monster idea NEVER works. They need to get rid of one for something of value. Nabokov hates where he is. Makes sense.

  276. Nabokov was supposed to go to Detroit at the deadline last season – they haven’t been doing so well this year – maybe they can get Nabby from the Isles like they wanted to do……

  277. LOL- I just saw this and I’m surprised no one commented on it.


    Rupper17 At drive through at Starbucks, My 7 year old rolls down window and starts firing a snot rocket. Haha growing up so fast :)

  278. >>>Rupper17 At drive through at Starbucks, My 7 year old rolls down window and starts firing a snot rocket. Haha growing up so fast :)

    Eeeeeew!!! Disgusting!!

    And Starbucks has drive-throughs? None of them around here do…….?

  279. scratch that, if I win the tickets I want to donate them to defending the blueline or CT jr!

    on that note Happy veterans/remembrance day to bubblehead and any other of the bonehead or logger vets and thank you for your service!

    night aasens!!

  280. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Thanks for all the kudos + well-wishes.

    LOL, actually I wasn’t joking about the kneeing penalty. Had never seen it called before.

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