Rangers-Jets in review


Pretty good homestand afterall, eh? 4-1-1 sounds better than 4-2, which is really what it was, right? I mean, if the breakaway contest win is a win, the breakaway contest loss should be a loss. But, you know, this is the NHL.

No matter how you slice it, that’s nine points out of 12 on the ‘stand, and 17 of 26 points for the season.


1) Derek Stepan. I know not everybody’s in love with his skating. But the kid’s hockey IQ is so high — really high — that he wins footraces because of anticipation. And he’s fast enough. Rugged enough. Responsible enough. He’s one of the head coach’s favorite players for a reason, or for a lot of reasons, and they have a great rapport. And that pass he made to Marian Gaborik was off-the-charts good.

2) Maybe it’s because he plays only once every four or five games or so, so you don’t think if him this way, but Martin Biron (3-0) is one of the best Rangers free-agent signings ever. And probably the best backup goalie in the NHL.

3) Ryan Callahan sure had his face rearranged a few times this weekend.

4) And Dan (Block Ness) Girardi already leads the league in ice bags and bruises and stitches. Seriously, though, the Rangers MUST find a way to limit his minutes some nights. Even if they have to lose a few battles to win a war. Girardi can’t play 30 every night for very long. And the Rangers can’t afford him either wearing down or getting hurt.

5) Dave Maloney predicted it on the radio side while I was driving to Blog HQ from my football double-header. Second night of back-to-backs, against a weary team on a long trip also playing back-to-backs, with no divisional animosity or rivalry … this had the smell of a flat stinker from the start. And it was. You know what? Good teams win those games anyway.

6) I am one of those who thinks Brad Richards is never going to live up to that contract. He’s just not that level of player. BUT … He sure does some nice things at the top of the power play, his presence has given it more confidence. Adding a No. 1 center has made the Rangers a more formidable faceoff team (critical for a team that needs puck possession) and the idea that he’s mentored the Step-child and Michael Del Zotto and other guys is big. That all said, it’s hard to believe how often he’s missed the net during 5-on-3s, and it’s not just him. You can’t miss the net 5-on-3.

7) I think Brandon Prust is banged up again. That’s just a guess. He looks it.

8) The Saviour Sean Avery’s done alright with the few crumbs of minutes he’s gotten. Going to be hard for him to get more.

9) So I guess we’re not firing/trading everybody today.

10) How about The Captain, at 50, running the NYC Marathon like he’s trying to win it. Awesome.

11) Byfuglien.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Martin Biron.
3) Marian Gaborik.


 AP photos, above.


Just a heads-up. Our friendly Bonehead donor has some more tickets to give away. So we’re going to be doing a contest of some sort this week. Stay tuned for details.

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  1. Good morning all!

    mundo, that’s cause he gauranteed it.

    LW, you sure a had a week! have a safe trip over the pond. TA!

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Mama, are you ok? It’s a little early….
    Good review, Carp. I like that #5. Yes, good teams win those anyway…

  3. Kudos to Messier – i ran London in 4hrs32 when i was 33yrs old, 6ft2 and 190lbs. If he’s still around 210lbs and running that time, no wonder he needed oxygen!!

  4. I’ve been up since 5:30, of course I’m not OK!!!! :) Got an early assignment in Queens today. Hartnelll.

  5. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, great write up, as usual! I keep missing these games, but I did listen to the broadcast on the radio. Mister Maloney couldn’t say enough good things about Stepan and that was great to hear. I’m always worried that young talent won’t live up to expectations on this team, but it seems like Stepan may break that Rangers’ mold.

    You may be right about Richards…but didn’t we all know that? I ask you, looking back at the history of the league, or maybe just the Rangers, what player would live up to that kind of money? Who’s at the bottom of the historical player for B. Richards money barrel? Probably somebody a lot better than Richards :/

    If the Rangers had to overspend to get this guy like that, they should not only HIT the NET on every 5 on 3, they should score a goal on every 5 on 3 that’s 30 seconds or over. I know that sounds extreme, but c’mon already with the PowerPlay. Will I live to see a dangerous PowerPlay on this team? Please?

    I heard they are renaming that footrace to the Mark Messier Manhattan Marathon. They should anyways. The guy’s a beast.

    BUFUGLIEN! hahahahaaaaa

  6. Who knew. There already is a Messier Marathon!

    “A Messier marathon is an attempt, usually organized by amateur astronomers, to find as many Messier objects as possible during one night.”

    Gotta run, later all!

  7. Carp,

    Agree with you on Stepan.

    He is a “right place, right time” type of player who can excel in any situation. Now, he’s better on faceoffs, stronger along the wall – and man, can he pass the puck. Reminds me of Claude Giroux in many respects. Aside from the coaching and mentoring he’s receiving at the NHL level, you can tell he was well coached in college as well. He and McMonster – the Wisconsin boys, are outstanding players – and certainly not by accident.

  8. Great write up Carp! I’m 2-0-0 when watching the games in the middle of the night, should do it more often I guess…

    StepOn really had a great game, and we now have to legit scoring lines, long time ago… I agree with limiting Girardis TOI because man I felt worried a couple of times last night after the shot block and the non-interference call. Also Woywhatever looks decent but not Ms Emigrater, so maybe my country man can get a chance there…

    Prust does look banged up and Boyle had some flashes last night but still has a way to go before looking like the one we saw last year.

    Got to go do some soccerpansy work, enjoy! LGR!

  9. good game except for the 5 on 3 , i was also thinking how many times are these guys gonna miss the net , they need target practice

  10. Swede – nothing wrong with some soccerpansy work. I did some yesterday, i scored twice and we won 3-2. Not bad for the oldest guy on the team who plays in defence, huh?

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle skating has a lot gotten better in free space, but his board work has not. He is way too upright all boards and has a tendency to fall down a lot (is Dubi helping him?) He needs to get his board game going to help us control puck when that line is on ice.

    Prust always looks hurt – plays bigger than he is and that will take a big toll on him. Not sure what you do to address that other than give him a night off to rest his wounds.

    Avery – did they call him up? Haven’t seen him yet.

    They really miss Wusskie…

  12. my first game at MSG this season and I’m shocked at the room we now have on the concourse level. Me and my son got some food (most of the concessions are still not open that’s disapointing) and sat down at tables in the concourse, never thought I’d see that at MSG. We got to tak with some Winnipeg fans who made the trip. Loved their enthusiasim about having an NHL team again.

    The new concession stands in the “balcony” that used to be sky boxes are great but this seats really suck.

    Is this the best goalie tandum the NYR have had since Giacomin/Villemure ?

    Agree 100% on Girardi it seems like he comes to the bench for a drink of water and he’s right back on the ice.

    Torts seems to like Deveaux as he let him hitch a ride with Gaborik and Richards for a shift. I’d love to see all 6’3 240lbs of Andre The Giant parked in front of the opposing goalie during a PP.

  13. If Bel Biv Deveaux, who I think is playing well and fitting in nicely, is going to stay in the NHL someone has got to keep this kid to keep his flippin’ stick down. I saw many, many passes slide under his stick when he was trying to break things up on the forecheck.

    Stepan + Gaborik = Duo-Beast Monster

    Someone please come save Girardi. Stralman? We can’t lose this guy!

    Anisimov had a really impressive homestand. Wowzah.

    Christensen looks like a hockey player. An NHL level one. Weird?

    Marty Biron would start on a couple teams. Philadelphia could have used him last season.

    Prust = Eternally Hurt

    I know the 5-on-3 didn’t look great but holy crap this PP improved in the course of two weeks. I am really excited now when someone draws a penalty. No more heating up my tea/coffee during the PP.

    Avery becomes a real “no story” when this team is on a *4 Game Winning Streak*

  14. Watched the Bolts game against Florida on tape….bolts were down 3=-0 in the opening stanza, and finally pulled the game out with a beautiful dipsy do set up by Matt Gilroy to Stamkos who parked it after the Bolts had come from 3 behind to tie. They interviewed Gilroy afterwards, and he was very casual about the whole thing, gave credit to his team mates and said that he was really enjoying it down in Jean Lafitte country.

    Oh yeah, I’ve been following his progress and he’s becoming a fan favorite of all things. Just wanna keep track of the good ones that Rangers let get away.

  15. fran – I 100% agree. That was a beautiful set up by Gilroy. Really enjoyed seeing that. I really, really liked Gilroy and I think he would actually have been really useful had we been able to predict what was going to happen to Stawul. I think his cap hit was just too much for this little team to bare.

  16. Agree with Carp on Stepan. Very smart player. That 2 on 1 pass was indeed terrific – he held off until the last second, keeping the goalie and the d-man guessing as to whether a shot or pass was forthcoming. That’s textbook execution.

  17. Manny: I suspect that’s really the only reason Gilroy isn’t still a Ranger (the money they would have had to pay him). I mean he’s better than Eminger, isn’t he?

    And the fact that there’s no one on the farm it appears (save for Erixon) is something management surely were aware of.

    How ironic in that defense appeared to be the team’s strong point from an organizational depth perspective at the end of last season….

  18. I know – all off-season we were all saying, “another D-Man? How many of these guys can we sign!?”


  19. Carp,

    I love the blog, I love the way you write and make an effort to cover the team even though your employer would rather send you to high school football games. I have nothing but respect for you and will continue reading. But…

    Does nearly every single post have to include a snarky remark about the shootout and the points for overtime/shootout losses?

    We get it. You don’t like them and that’s fine, a lot of us don’t either. We see the absurdity in rewarding a team for a loss. But those are the rules, and all 30 teams in the league participate under them.

    It’s really a non-story, non-factor at this point. I don’t think you need to harp on it anymore.


  20. Also – just because it’s important to say it at this point…

    Eli Manning = *Elite*


  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery’s oh so good, Avery’s oh so fine, Avery’s so healthy in his body and his mind. He’s a well respected man about town doing things so conservatively.

  22. Carp,

    What do you mean Richards isn’t that type of player (to have that kind of contract and be able to earn it)? The guy won a Con Smythe as the best player in the playoffs! He can raise his game to the highest level.

  23. Mister Delaware on

    “Is this the best goalie tandum the NYR have had since Giacomin/Villemure ?”

    Richter / Vanbiesbrouck?

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is the best puck possessor and passer the rangers have had in a long time. He plays so calm with the puck. While he may not be worth 5.8 trillion dollars, Henie definitely improving this team.

  25. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    disagree with number #9…im still looking to trade pieces that are on an uptick. I don’t care what the SEC says about shorting downticks…sell ’em when u can, not when you have to!

    Upticks Downticks

    Gaborick Dubinskee
    Gerardio Eric ‘Hans’ Christianson (perpetual state of downtick even when in an uptick)


  26. I think pro athletes shouldn’t be allowed to tweet during their season. I don’t wanna read Dubi’s 140 character bs about how the goals will come; I want to think he’s working harder to make that happen. So many Ranger teams over the last few years have operated on the “if we work hard, we’ll win” and “if we work hard, we’ll score goals”

    Yeah, just enough for 8th place. I’d like an abundance of easy goals and a higher than last place, last-minute entry into the playoffs.

    Goals will come my ass.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – you have it backwards….get rid of the game and go with a 60 minute shootout…..this brings excitement into every game, eliminates the physical play – no checking/no suspensions/no prison time, and it eliminates fighting…………what could possibly be better?

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny/chris…i disagree….i would like to see tweeting on ice, during play…..*RTdoobie17 – i am going to forecheck right now…brb*

  29. “Chris – I would expand your rule to this. “No one is allowed to Tweet. Ever.””

    i would vote for that rule.

    so who do we blame for the still stinky PP and for the half the team can’t hit the net? Can we blame the coach here? once? please? :)

    I mean, jeez… you’re a bunch of pro-hockey players who play this game since forever and still can’t find the net??

  30. Fire everybody!
    Trade everybody!

    Oh wait….

    I’ve been saying from the beginning what a good addition Richards has been. I don’t care what his goals/assists are. He brings a talent to the game that they haven’t had in quite a while.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi and erixson for suter? Paying way too much for good knee hockey player. He is not a finisher with B Rich.

    The answer to the question of step or Artie is step AND Artie. Artie playing better on wing – can use his skating and skills while not pressured to be handling such a pivotal role.

    Where are the Torts haters? This blog is quiet after win as the haters stay away.

  32. The Torts haters must be sad to see Hitchcock getting a job. One less guy they can suggest to replace Torts.

  33. CCCP, you’re right. It’s just adjustment for North America’s turf. lol. Can’t help a temptations…sorry.

  34. Impossible to explain the depth of this simple saying to anyone not lived under comrades rule.

  35. Isn’t it against our nature as Ranger fans to chant Marty, Marty, Marty? Loving Beer-On but it just sounds so wrong to hear this at the Garden without the sarcastic tone behind it.

  36. >>I think Brandon Prust is banged up again. That’s just a guess. He looks it.

    The coaching staff might want to tell him to eliminate those meaningless fights against other teams’ goons.

  37. The Torts haters don’t come around much during four-game winning streaks.

    Sorry, Rob. I hate the breakaway contest they hold sometimes AFTER hockey games are over.

    Mr. D beat me to the Richter/Vanbiesbrouck answer.

    Alex, Richards is a very good player. He’s not one of the top 10 or 20 players in the NHL, but he is being paid like he is one of the top two or three. That’s all I meant. I think he has been terrific so far, and I suspect he will prove to have been an excellent signing. Just too much money for too many years for a guy who’s really not a superstar. So, in a few years, if he has 20 goals and 40 assists, it could possibly be Drury 2.0.

  38. Johnnyboy

    Is it Gilroy’s SKATING that you question?

    I don’t know who you’ve been watching, but he skates at top speed while carrying the puck and can weave in and out with the best of them..Skating is one of his strong points. He was also instrumental in the winning of the game last week. He covers his defense position and can zag with the best of them.

  39. Look this is just one man’s opinion (me)….about Gilroy.

    I thought he’d received a bum deal here with NYR team, but hey, who doesn’t have an opinion,and I frankly was really surprised when they cut him loose and kept some other more questionable folks ( IN my opinion), but that’s all past history. Tampa will be coming here sometime this season, and every one can judge for themselves about whether he can skate, or do anything else properly……eh?

  40. It pretty much sums of this man’s (mine) opinion also, fran. So consider it “two men’s” opinions.

  41. as for #4

    he was limited a bit last night:
    (from Gross blog)
    “Dan Girardi (26:47, five blocked shots), Ryan McDonagh (26:27, three blocked shots), Michael Del Zotto (23:15, assist, two shots) and Mike Sauer (19:06, three hits)”

    that’s nice to see
    and i think and hope that with Torts having more confidence in the other
    defensemen he’ll be more willing to use them in situations
    that have been mainly been Girardi’s territory.
    i thought the Blockness Monster wasn’t out on one of the pp while MDZ got
    extra time and i wonder if he’ll get some additional rest if Stralman
    turns out to be all that on the point and get pp time.

  42. Could Kovalev still crack this roster, and play only 8-10 minutes a game at the point on PPs?

  43. “So, in a few years, if he has 20 goals and 40 assists, it could possibly be Drury 2.0.”

    20 -40 isn’t that bad, Carp! Of course, BRich is pocketing 12 mil in salary this year but his cap hit is less than Hanks and Gaboriks and is definitely less than what Drury’s was! So i have no problem with how much he makes, at all.

    And Richards was 10th in the league in scoring last year… so how can you say that he is not even top 20 player in the league?? makes no sense to me…

  44. as far as Richards
    you brought it up and so did Torts
    his value to the team is more than just

    i REALLY like the way he plays in that
    he doesn’t give up on the puck.
    so many teams i’ve seen other players such as Dubi
    watch a linemate take a shot and then turn around in
    defensive mode when they should have been moving in
    for a possible rebound and/or be ready to retrieve the puck
    and keep things moving.

    i think that type of work ethic by Richards on the ice can be
    invaluable to our younger players

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Joe Mich for a bag of hockey pucks. Never realize what you have until its gone – Sam Nosen – John G is a good guy, but that was a boring call to a boring game.

    What is the rule on Defense-man skating full speed and performing swan dive into net like Byfuglein did? That was very dangerous with a guy that size hurdling down on top of the pile when players are defenseless on ice and also his skates in the air. That whole sequence was disturbing. It seemed like a new sport was being tested out merging football and hockey.

    Can we get Beer-on to play 3 games out of every 10? Will help Hank and team in long run.

  46. Kovalev couldn’t crack the top 2 lines and would be completely useless on the bottom 2 lines…….actually, he’d be completely useless on any line

  47. what a great finish to the homestand. 4-1-1. fix the freaking pp its giving me heartburn. how do guys miss the next consistently especially on 5 on 3.

  48. saw the new Garden last night for the first time, and while I’m admittedly impressed with some of the renovations, I don’t see the need for a lot of the crap in the hallways (i.e. Sushi?! really?????).

    I do feel bad for Avery. The guy is a New York hockey hero, but how the heck is he supposed to do anything by playing for what seemed like 3 minutes the whole game last night. I would love for someone to really press Torts about his personal feelings towards Sean, because you know there’s a reason other than skill for why he isn’t getting the minutes he deserves…

  49. I think Johnny Giannone had a cold. He sounded weird. That might explain his lackluster performance.

  50. Imagine biron playong vs maaaaaaarty at msg. And fatso allows like 4 goals and the crowd will start the maaaaaaaarty chant. Wonder how biron would react. Probably have a laugh about it

  51. QUESTION?????

    Is Mara playing anywhere, for anyone? There was another guy who got short shrift, but whom, ( in m-y
    opinion was never given proper credit for his playing with Rangers. I still recall times when Kovalev would start his flashy circling of the goal mouth at top speed and there was Mara skating stride for stride with him, and shoulder to shoulder wherever Kovalev went, and drove Kovalev nuts, because he couldn’t shake him, and he couldn’t get off a shot on goal. He wasn;t a gazelle ( Mara) by any means, but he had his strengths ( most of which were not taken advantage of by the then coaching minds,) including his ability to fire hard low slap shots ON TARGET at the opponent goal. But no…there would be Roszival, holding on to the puck and looking around for the ghost of JR to pass to. Poor old Tyutin also got that oh, HO Hum treatment also. (Was it Renney? Oh my.)

  52. glad you mentioned that Stranger

    byfuglien’s football like action
    was disturbing
    and it bothered me
    that the MSG announcers
    just found it funny.

    he easily could have caused a serious injury to
    Biron and/or others with his size tumbling down
    on them
    or with his skates

  53. btw…Mara didn’t reserve this tactic in the D zone to Kovalev, he used it on all the speedos who liked to circle the zone solo ( like Zherdev and Briere et al.

  54. thought Mara is still an ufa
    w/ a price tag higher than teams can or
    want to pay
    which may have been a reason for him
    to coming back here

  55. btw, what’s up with Stralman? is he going to play any time soon?

    One thing i found funny when he was interviewed by Trautwig during the game against the Habs… Trautwig asked Stralman what was his weakness and Stralman said “My defensive game” REALLY?? YOUR DEFENSIVE GAME?? AREN’T YOU A DEFENSEMAN? Torts is gonna “love” this guy! lol

  56. Stralman is an offensive Dman who scored most of his points on PP, CCCP. He may need a week or so before he is in the line up.

  57. Did some of you guys really criticize Derek Stepan’s skating? You guys have way too much time on your hands. I’m starting to understand the ‘Bonehead’ tag.

    Regardless, Carp, your reviews are the best. Huge fan.

  58. read today that Stralman
    will join on tuesday’s practice

    sounds like we mainly got hit for
    his shot from the point

    i could live with some degree of
    defensive liability if it’s really that
    good and it allows Girardi some time
    to rest during the pp

  59. The Garden actually looks a bit worse right now unless you’re on the lower level with the tickets no one can afford. Up higher (7th floor) it’s just a total mess right now, since there’s a lot of stuff closed and crap all over the place.

  60. Derek Stepan is the best center on the team right now. I think he’s fine skater. At this point, I’d rather see him out there than Richards who I think has a very poor shot and can’t hit the net with anything but a wrister. Also, Richards played a terrible game last night.

  61. Oh, so we now decided to give Carp a hard time because the team is playing well and there is no one to blame? geez….

    Fran, Mara isn’t coming here…or anywhere else. His play has declined last ear too. On Gilroy- he’s looked goo in Tampa and it’s a shame he isn’t here. Truth be told, though, by the end of last year he was not at our depth charts to justify $2.1M contract. It is what it is.

  62. Capr,
    I believe that in players price, their talent and skills measure is only part. Another part is availability of particular type in some particular time and particular needs for a buying team. That’s how market works. So money reflect just this “historical” particulars. Real judgement on money/usefulness ratio could be done only by time and will include “cliche’ed” intangibles, such as bringing to team confidence, making other players perform better, mentoring, making big stars willing to sign with a team in future and other statically incalculable things(only in time and developement). So far, you can see that Richards IS thoroughbred player (which is his big difference from Drury,who made most of it just by tremendous efforts, will and concentration) and it means he will stay (hopefuly, injuries notwithstanding) this way the rest of his career, IMHO, and there is no reason to thing otherwise, or be afraid that he is not worth all this money. I’m sure it’s one of the best Rangers signing of last 10 years.(which is not to say a lot, I know)

  63. lloyd- Richard’s shot looked fine against Montreal. And on many other occasions when he scored from the point in Dallas. He is a great addition to this team. Opposing coaches need to really think twice who they play their 1st pair- against Dubinsky-Richards-Callahan or Gaborik-Stepan-Anisimov. Speaking of AA- he is quietly leading the team in assists so far.

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    The lines do have chemistry……step/aa/gabby playing well…..Doobie/BR/cally as well. Tho, I think dubi hurt his noodle in the habs game…..leave 3rd line alone and try to give the 4th a little extra time…….Girardi needs to play less or he will be like a speed horse coming round the far turn at the Belmont…Exhausted…

    More shootouts…

  65. The only people concerned with Dubinsky right now are those that are predisposed to hating him.

    The goals will come and I think he’s playing just fine. It’s not like that line is suffering due to his lack of goal production early on.

  66. Wick- I just so your post from the previous post. What are you talking about, bud? That you upset me? LOL. I can’t get upset at you even if I wanted to. Just look at your face in the mirror :-). seriously, just we see some things differently doesn’t mean it upsets me at all. Love you bro…

  67. Thisyearsmodel on

    So nice to see Stepan growing. The kid has a great attitude and some killer skills. Could Anisimov be better on the wing than at center? That big frame looks good along the boards. 2 guys that can pass with Gaborik on the wing……looks good so far. Heck, even the 4th line is showing some life…..even the Crusher.

  68. Luigi is playing so well that I don’t want to mess with his game and start demanding goals. As long as his line is scoring and he is a big part of those scoring chances then I am 100% happy.

  69. fran -Gilly will be an UFA after this season, everything with fall together perfectly when he signs with the Isles next year. Seriously though, I always liked Gilly and wish things had worked out differently.

  70. I forget who, but people suggested to decrease Dubinsky’s ice time and give it to someone else because he is struggling. LOL, is that how you deal with your young second line player? Do you really think it will help his confidence? Those are the same fans who want him traded. Well, guess what, that won’t increase his trade value either. Let the guy get out of this stretch by playing. It’s not like he is a defensive liability out there…He plays in all different situations and is trusted by his coach.

  71. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Morning ILB and ‘sup vulnerables??

    great write up and that is what I have been saying all season (#4 that is) and not just with OPG!!

    post @ 1154 is a coffee spitter, LMFAO!!

    JPG and others
    couldn’t agree more on the big buff dive, totally irresponsible IMHO!

    did blunden get suspended yet?

    home safely yet?

  72. C3, just off the top of my head: Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Sedin, Sedin, Perry, Nash, St. Louis, Stamkos, Lecavalier. That’s 10. If I thought about it for 30 seconds more, I’m sure I could find another 10 or more before I got to Richards … and that’s not counting goalies and defensemen.


    Again, I’m not knocking Richards. He’s a very good player and a very good addition to this team. But what is that contract going to look like down the road?

  73. I think it goes beyond that, ilb. He is playing WELL. Just because his personal numbers don’t reflect that is no reason to get on him or diminish his ice time. Many of his goal opportunities are being put home by other players (Capt. Callahan). Just let him play and keep skating and eventually he will get more goals and we can worry about someone else not scoring enough.

    I just want this team to make the playoffs. Right now they are winning. Change nothing. Even play Christensen nightly. Keep winning. Get Points.

  74. Fran, I’m just curious since you seem to spend a lot of time talking about departed defense men while our top young D have been playing pretty well. What would your ideal blue line look like? I assume Gilroy would still be here…perhaps Tyutin? Wouldn’t mind either myself..just picking your brain..not criticizing.

  75. LMAO @ forgetting Ovechkin! It must’ve really been cold at the football games yesterday….:-)

  76. Just to add to what Carp is saying. Richards has never been a 30 goal scorer in the NHL. He is usually a minus player defensively.

    However, he’s been a near 70 assist man twice, won a Conn Smythe, elevates the play of others around him, shows some real leadership skills. Again, not everything is black and white. Just because Carp doesn’t think he’s worth that contract, which I agree with too, doesn’t mean he’s knocking him as a player. A lot of black and white with no grey on this board.

  77. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I know, I was just kidding around (if had had really pissed you off I figure my phone would have been going off like crazy).

    I posted this last night (not sure if it is what you are talking about)
    Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a”vulnerable position” November 7th, 2011 at 12:43 am
    true, and they will change again when dubi goes to the 4th line centering avery and the bahama bomba

    Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a”vulnerable position” November 7th, 2011 at 1:15 am
    now si the time to swoop in on the bluejackets and trade huginsky for carter (LOL, joke folks)

    Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a”vulnerable position” November 7th, 2011 at 1:16 am
    is, not si

    Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a”vulnerable position” November 7th, 2011 at 1:21 am
    I was kidding about it, but the truth is I agree with you on the no place to put him if not on the top two lines. Now if we had another top 6 guy to plug into his spot, then I would put him on the 4th if for no other reason than maybe torts would roll four lines

    so I may have been the one you were referring to and I was kidding with the exception of it perhaps making torts roll four lines more evenly in what is my elaboration of carp’s point #4

  78. Richards is quite simply the best puck-handler this team has had in quite a long time. Overpaid? Almost certainly. But I think the ripple-down effect of his play on the rest of the team is not something that can be quantified (not to be compared with Drury’s “clutchness”).

  79. Ovechkin? Who’s he?

    Not sure I’d necessarily put Mike Richards ahead of him … but I’d put Gaborik ahead of him. And Kovalchuk, of course. And Rex Ryan’s favorite, Toes.

    Lloyd, if you want me to defend him, no thanks. I thought he made some strides in the middle of the homestand … I didn’t see Saturday’s game. Thought he was off again on Sunday.

  80. Just looking back at other posts. ILB – Richards shot against Montreal. Don’t forget the top shelf wrister in Stockholm that tied the game late. But, of course, Richards can’t shoot. Now, does he have a slapper from the point on the PP ala Al MacInnis of course not. But, the Rangers haven’t had that kinda shot, well…. ever.

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – crosby needs to scratched off of your list…..the next bodycheck on him and he is done forever and the guilty party will be looking at 20-life

  82. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I don’t think st louis is that good and probably should not be on your list, they just fired their coach!

  83. “But what is that contract going to look like down the road?”

    Trumbull’s own, a legendary dough tosser, clutch faceoff guy….Chris Drury!

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – Barry Beck/Larry Sack-a-Rack both had boomers…even greschner had a good shot from the point…

  85. What’s “four” lines, Wicky? I thought in hockey you only used 3 lines and one “auxillary, 2 minutes or less a game, 15 second shifts” line.

  86. Carp:


    no, not at all. I think he’s been dreadful – thought he was largely invisible last night and ineffectual.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    People say I am crzy, doin what Im doin…well they give me all kinds of warning…trying to save me from ruin…

  88. Shoot the Puck Barry did have a good shoot. You are correct. I should’ve qualified that with like the last 25 years.

  89. HWirth- exactly. His shot is fine. And if you look at some videos from his days in Dallas, his shot from the pint looked very good too. Not overwhelmingly heavy, but very accurate.

  90. Lloyd – I know I’m missing something, but why would Torts need a TV timeout to assure an Avery line change? Why isn’t a normal stoppage of play good enough?

  91. I still think when the team looks to make an upgrade either with a top tier defenseman or possibly another top 6 fwd, it will be Dubinsky floated out there by the organization. He has enough upside that people would be interested.

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    i wouldnt trade dubi……he will be fine….they are winning…that is all that matters……if Biron scores every goal and they win out…i am content

  93. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    My thoughts on huginsky are…
    If the coach is fair and equitable with his “not currently scoring forwards” demotion of lines (like he demoted step, AA, EC, and others over the course of his tenure at different times). I think he is a fair coach, I mean this honestly but you guys closer to the organizational heartbeat than I am think he is the bomb, so I trust you guys.

    Then huginsky should spend his time on the 3rd and 4th line like everyone else right?

    The one reason I see for this not to happen currently is if torts does not feel he has anyone else to fit in the top six, then huginsky stays where he is currently.

    You could argue to bring up a guy like hagelin or bjork or MZA and give then top six for a game to see how they do, but with the team playing fairly well and consistent lines and all no reason to do the juggling at this point, but should the juggling start. Why not make the team deeper by moving dubi down and calling up a “young” guy to give them a top six shot for a game?? Doesn’t have to be permanent and it might just motivate huginsky!

    That is if all things are equal for players in that lockerroom of course.

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    eli was amazing yesterday…even with Stevie Nicks out…..they beat a great-at-home patriots team….just that one horrid interception in the red zone

  95. As an example, and I’m not saying this would ever happened, it’s a hypothetical. The Flames look to clean house and blow it up, Jerome Iginla wants and asks out of that mess. Would the Rangers depart with Dubi to get Iginla who has another yr. at 7 mil left. Maybe? Would Dubi be one of the guys the Flames would ask for? Yes.

  96. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on


    is he drinking Irish carbombs or boiler makers in Dallas???

    ilb2001 November 7th, 2011 at 12:38 pm
    HWirth- exactly. His shot is fine. And if you look at some videos from his days in Dallas, his shot from the pint looked very good too. Not overwhelmingly heavy, but very accurate.

  97. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    i would do that deal for iggy in a heartbeat, I’d have sallycrepes drive huginsky to the airport and Eddie x3 drive his moostache!

  98. Stranger Nation on

    While discussing NYR Dmen with good shots, need to bring in Beck’s D partner – Reijo Ruotsalainen – he could skate and rip it.

  99. Wicky… For the most part, I agree with that. There is no reason to push Dubi down right now because the lines are working. If he had someone better to put up there he would. Where I disagree, I don’t know if Hagelin or Bourque are ready for top 6 NHL minutes though. But, you are right in giving them a try and that you never know when you might catch lightning in a bottle. Believe me, no one would’ve guessed Prucha would score 22 in his rookie year.

  100. Carp

    Yes, those are all good players but that didn’t stop BRich from being top *TEN* in scoring for the past 3 years. With less skill he is still able to be a very good and productive player. To me it says a lot.

  101. is there a sense than Dubinsky is really that valuable outside the Rangers organization? Maybe if he was packaged with picks and other players, but I couldn’t see a team trading a top 3 forward or top 2 d-man for him straight up.

  102. CCCP – Lecavalier over Brich? Ummm, good one. I think I’d go with Richards on that one as well. Mental toughness counts for something.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    Richards has a vision for ice not seen since the aging Great One laced them up at MSG. His ability to carry the puck into the zone and play both ways is impressive.

    Need to put him at one side, Gabby at other side, a booming shot in middle at blue line with 2 forwards circling in front and the PP would work better. Hopefully Stahlman is that blaster.

  104. simmonssteve steve simmons
    Tim Connolly out two weeks to 10 days. The scorecard to date: Six games played, nine games missed as a Leaf. And counting.

    Speaking of toughness, One of the real bow wows of the NHL.

  105. Richards may not live up to his contract but no one can really argue that he has been nothing but positive influence on the rangers. And if he ends up putting 20 goals 40 assists after 4 years or so, thats still far better than drury. He’s a great passer and you see him on the ice all the time. With drury, he was a different player. Basically even if the production decreases drastically it will never get to the drury point. Id give richards his contract every day of the week, except for shabbos of course. But i will agree that gaborik is better than richards. More valuable to the rangers? Not sure. And im one who loves gabby, even when most of you were ready to trade him

  106. Stranger Nation on

    HWirth: speed, not accuracy ;-)

    Reijo was very very talented and left after Brooksie left, was too bad, think Zubov with a cannon.

    No one had zubov’s ability to keep puck in zone. That was more than impressive, must have played soccer goalie in his youth.

  107. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    HWirth, I forgot to mention what a great job you did in guest review…VERY well done!

  108. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I don’t think it would be straight up either, but definitely a big piece of the deal.

    is brich’s contract higher or lower than drury’s?

  109. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Not easy to do the guest review…especially when we is used to the CarpFather, who is the best sports writer, imo. All the rest are just miscreants and should be treated as such and sent to Zamboni park with the rest of the 99% losers aka ‘loosers’.

  110. Remember Ruotsolainan skating around somebody backwards. Man, could that guy skate (in addition to shoot).

  111. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    carp, rofl…sometimes I feel the redundancy of signature removes some of the dramatic flair, as such, signage will be reserved for posts with a cornucopia of distinction also known as ..”AND MORE!”


  112. One thought on Richards. He may come closer to earning the salary on this team compared to any other because of how much of a need he fulfills (i.e., increasing the skill level among the forwards). Over the course of the year, his impact will be in good part on other lines, not just his own. So, while his stats likely will not justify the contract, his overall benefit to the team may get closer. Ultimately, though, I agree with Carp about not being to the value of the salary. That does not mean it was a bad signing.

  113. Carp,

    We all read the blog every day, we know you hate it. That was exactly the point of my comment. You repeating it every day brings nothing new or enlightening to the table in terms of the discussion of this hockey team, which is what I look for when I come here.

  114. But I really do hate the breakaway contest they sometimes hold AFTER the hockey game. They might as well have a tiddly-winks contest.

  115. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    WTF is this all about??

    This season, Branch has already handed down seven suspensions for 10 games or more, with 10 games apparently now the minimum. Right now, Oshawa forward Ranger draft pick Christian Thomas, son of former Leaf winger Steve Thomas, is serving a 10-game ban for swinging his stick at an opponent’s head

    It came form this article…


  116. Stranger Nation on

    They should settle ties like tourney lacrosse with “Braveheart” competition –

    Two players face off center ice, goalie in nets and play until someone scores. Changes are allowed. Would be fun to watch..

  117. MD, how about the day Herb Brooks put Ruotsalainen on the wing on a line with Pavelich and either McClanahan or Hedberg up on that little rink at Boston Garden? They drove the Bruins absolutely nuts.

  118. Those smurfs also drove the Flyers more than a little crazy. That was more than a little entertaining. Too bad Herb Brooks did not coach in this era of minimal clutching and grabbing.

  119. My main problem with the skillz competition is that it does the OPPOSITE of what they intended it to do. The NHL wanted more excitement because ties are so boring (you know how that sport Soccer has ties and who the heck likes Soccer in this world!? /sarcasm). The problem is that the 4-on-4 can be crazy exciting and then the skillz competition is the LEAST exciting thing I have ever seen. I would rather watch the little pee wees do shootout contests. It’s insanity.

    Go back to the old system. Heck throw a third OT of 4-on-4. FINE. Just change it please. Then Christensen will be 100% irrelevant (even though he has looked like a real NHL player lately)

  120. “killz competition is the LEAST exciting thing I have ever seen”

    really?? wow..your life must be very exciting! :P

    you know what is less exciting than skills completion? dump and chase hockey.

  121. I have an interesting question – before people were naming players you would take over Brad Richards.

    What about MARION GABORIK? He has to be named ahead of Brad Richards, right? Guys an elite goal scorer (in theory and sometimes in practice)

    Anyone? Anyone take Gaborik?

  122. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    neither will I.

    they need to change the points system first of all
    2pts for regulation win
    1pt for ot win
    0 pts (ZERO) for any loss, regulation or ot

    If you do not award any points for a loss, guarantee you the OT (make it 5 on 5 for ten minutes please) would produce 98% of the winners, especially if the losers get nothing

  123. Biron the best backup in the NHL? I mean I like the guy and he’s very good for us, but Cory Schneider would like to have a word with you.

  124. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Practice?? you are talking about practice?? practice??

  125. Carp is right, the shootout stinks

    No reason to not have games ending in ties. I think we can conclude that the experiment to boost fan interest by having a clear cut winner didn’t work. Just go back to the way things were. You’re not going to bring in thousands of new hockey fans with a shootout.

  126. I like soccer and I can introduce you to a few billion people who do (and a few million AMERICANS as well). Ties were not a problem, I’d be 100% okay if they went back to that system.

    What they should do is award 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for an OT/shootout win, 1 for an OT/shootout loss, that way all the games at least have equal weight. They’re not getting rid of the shootout though, mark my words. And I don’t enjoy it either, but I see why they have it in there, and I know plenty of people who do enjoy it.

    My point is: Carp, honestly, you’re a smart guy and we all respect your opinion. But there’s something a little silly about constantly beating the dead horse. It’s off-putting and makes you sound a little whiny.

  127. Yes, Rob – that was my point! Soccer is easily the most popular sport worldwide.

    That thing I put “/sarcasm” means I was joking!

  128. Brad Richards is not a pepperoni on Chris Drury’s pizza.

    (just sounded fun to say)

    Speaking of Drury – what happened to his pizza pants? Does he wear those in the kitchen now?

  129. Richards has never scored more than 28 goals…just sayin’

    Drury has two 30+ seasons….just sayin’

    What Durry did in his playoff career is nearly as impressive as what Richards did in his, just sayin’.

  130. Just to be clear here, I’m not disagreeing with the majority: I don’t like the shootout either, though I totally understood the logic when it was installed after the lockout, and I believe it worked. This is not an argument about the shootout.

    I’m also not trying to insult Carp, as I’ve said numerous times. It’s just frustrating to read a post about a game that the Rangers won 3-0 in regulation and have to deal with a needless remark about the shootout/overtime loss element of the game. It’s neither here nor there. It’s out of place. It’s forced. It comes across as whiny (and Carp, you’re better than that).

    As I said, it’s a fact of life and it’s not changing anytime soon. All the other 29 teams are governed by the same set of rules. I don’t think it needs to be remarked upon in 80% of the blog posts here. I’m personally annoyed by it, it brings nothing redeeming or enlightening to the discussion.

  131. Rob – it comes across as whiny TO YOU. I think many of us here want to voice our displeasure with the current format of the game as often as possible because maybe one day Mr. Bettman will read this forum or hear about it and understand that the real hockey fan hates it.

    Further, MUCH of what the NHL is doing and does PR wise is horrendous and a huge waste. Like their adds calling Toews TOES. It’s inexcusable with basketball on the outs for them to not take advantage. It’s a real shame.

  132. Sorry aboot chiming in late on the goalie tandems, but the boss actually wanted me to do work on a Monday morning! I think Richter/Healy was a better tandem than Richter/Beezer because you have the classic starter/backup vibe working. Richter and Vanbiesbrouck were both number one goalies who needed the lion share of playing time.

    What made Healy so valuable, and what makes Biron so valuable, is that they sit out for games at a time and then step in and give you a big game, the rust be damned.

  133. We never had Drury when Dru was Dru…we got the used version of Dru.

    But we do have BRich who can be our Dru when Dru was a Dru ;)

  134. Carp,

    How about we remove the shootout.

    Each team has their 2 healthy scratch players (Christensen) and backup goalie compete in a shootout between the second and third periods for the fans.

    In the event of a tie game, whoever won the shootout gets the point. If not, the fans get a nice show.

    Will lead to teams really going for it late in the game if it is tied and they already lost the between periods shootout.

    This would never be implemented, but a good idea to brainstorm off of right?????

  135. Stepan also has a little edge and grittiness to him. Everyone remembers when he jacked up Mike Greene on the Caps last year right? He sort of did the same last night to a Jets guy in the corner. Yeah he got flagged for it, but I like his sneaky little edge he plays with as well. He’s a keeper.

    If Chris Kreider can play a bit like this kid (I’ve not watched him enough other than the Worlds a very little bit) they are doing something right in US college hockey these days. We are deep and young. I love it. Someone pls tell me that 3 yrs from now we aren’t trading these young up and comers for some old, used puckbag. Hear me Slats?

    Overall the team plays well and seems like we are at least competing every night. Mbe you give Prust a night off coming up. As it is, I think we only have 3 games in the next 12 nights. Hopefully these boys can rest a little. They deserve it.

    The next 5 we have Ott, Caro, NYI, Habs, and Florida. I think 6pts from the next 5 games seems reasonable right? Then we host Philly and Pitt. Those are the measuring sticks.


  136. Still here, wicky. Evening flight. Can’t get rid of me that easily.

    Just to wind you up again, what about the premise that it is the right thing to do for the OHL and other junior leagues to punish violent play more harshly, because the vast majority of players won’t ever make the NHL and a decent majority won’t even have a long pro career of any kind, so the players need to be protected more than NHLers do?


    Anyone living in Brooklyn has Direct TV? or anyone in general, i guess. Is it a good service? Any weather interruptions? Any of you has the dish installed inside the apartment? How’s the signal? I am looking to ditch cable vision but my stupid building does not allow a satellite dish to be installed anywhere on the building or fire-escape! I am so pissed! thanks

  138. Mister Delaware on

    The way Stepan and McDonagh are playing, we really should just go out and grab Turris, right? Seize the trend!

  139. Rob C – “But there’s something a little silly about constantly beating the dead horse. It’s off-putting and makes you sound a little whiny.”

    LOL You’ve posted 4 times now on Carp’s comments regarding Shoot Outs. Prust Sayin’

  140. 7-3-3 and still figuring things out. stepan is 21, mcdoinagh the same. this is the low water mark…..

    kreider after the NCAA tourney? heard he is dominating at the NCAA level!

  141. Carp:

    ‘Best point shot on Rangers in last 30 years: Reijo Ruotsalainen.’

    Just reading through the blog and needed to comment. I loved Reijo, but he didn’t get the name “Rexy Plexy’ for nothing. Accuracy was not one of his finer points.
    My fav point guys for the Blueshirts over the years include: 1) Bobby Rousseau, 2) Boomer Geoffrion, 3) Zubov, 4) Leetch (early years, before he hurt his shoulder, but still underrated for being able to keep the puck in at the point).

    Got to get the puck to the net.

  142. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Rob C, using soccer, aka the fecund game for wayward divers with hot british wives, should never be used as a comparison to the Lord’s game aka NHL aka the only league of distinguished gentlemen.

    Bob, don’t call me ‘Wilson’

    iwicky, whatcha ya talking about, willis? ;)

  143. CCCP Directv is great. I hardly ever lose signal. That is a myth put out there by the cable companies to scare you from getting a dish. I lose my Directv service less often than I lost Cablevision when I had them. You also get the home and away feed for all games on the Center Ice package, and just about every game is in HD.
    AND it is illegal for any apartment building to not allow a dish. see link:


  144. James

    I try to not get too anti administration in connection with this team, but It’s difficult for me to review in my mind the really fine players that the Rangers had within their organization and let slip from their hands by poor judgment.

    It seems as though I center on D men, but it is beyond that. I remember Parenteau ( I think he only had a few chances to make the team, but he was up and down. ) BUt this is the same organization that traded Brian Leetch and Brad Park, for Pete;s sake. There were others. But it does seem that I concentrated on D men because that was where most of the problems seem to have been. Look at how long they went with Roszival
    ( as their KEY GUY) and he was on every PP, but you could count on one hand the times he took a hard slap shot from the point.look at how long they tolerated Malik, and his Sentinel pose when he’d go stand in a far corner when our net was under assault and left the other D man to cover the whole thing. There were a couple of others that are forgettable to me, but then then they’d turn around and cut loose a pretty good player.

    You folks probably have a better read than I on the ones they lost out on.

  145. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Again, don’t want to get rid of you at all, sadly, I kind of like you. The article I posted and question was about Thomas being suspended in the ohl, I had not heard about the incident.

    Direct tv rocks. We have not ever had reception problems with them up here(hope I didn’t jinx it). We went with optimum here for a while but the equipment and channel selection blew, even their version of centre ice sucks…go with direct tv!!!

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