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Courtesy of the Rangers:

November 6, 2011 (Game 13, Home Game 6)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Team Notes:

– The Rangers defeated the Winnipeg Jets, 3-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden to close out their six-game homestand with a 4-1-1 mark.

– New York improved to 7-3-3 (17 pts) on the season, including a 4-1-1 record at home.

– The Rangers’ 4-1-1 start through six games at Madison Square Garden is their best start at home since they posted a record of 5-0-1 through six home games to begin the 1992-93 season.

– The Blueshirts have registered at least one point in eight of the last 10 games, posting a record of 7-2-1 over the span, and have won each of their last four games.

– Tonight’s win was the first by the Rangers at Madison Square Garden against a team based in Winnipeg since a 6-4 victory over the previous Winnipeg Jets franchise on October 11, 1995.

– New York notched one power play goal in tonight’s contest, and has now registered seven goals with the man advantage in the last seven games (7-36, 19.4% over the span).

– The Rangers swept their second of 14 back-to-back sets on the season with tonight’s win and last night’s 5-3 victory against Montreal.  New York improved to 1-0-1 in the second game of back-to-backs, including a 1-0-0 mark at home.  Since 2009-10, New York is 22-8-3 in the back-end of back-to-back sets, including a 10-3-1 mark at MSG.

– The Blueshirts now own a 2-0-0 record vs. Winnipeg this season, and are 1-0-0 at home.  The Rangers have held the Jets scoreless in five shorthanded situations (5-5, 100%) in two games, while their power play is 3-11 (27.3%) in the season series.

Player Notes:

– Martin Biron posted his first shutout of the season, and 27th of his career, stopping all 23 shots faced to record his third consecutive win.  He is now 3-0-0 on the season, with a 0.95 goals against average, a .963 save percentage and one shutout.  Biron improved to 2-0-0 with a 0.50 goals against average and a .980 save percentage in two games vs. the Jets this season.

– Marian Gaborik notched three points, including two goals (one empty net) and a power play assist, posted a plus-two rating and led all skaters with six shots on goal in 19:08 of ice time.  He registered nine points (three goals, six assists) during the Rangers’ six-game homestand, and now leads the team in scoring with seven goals and 13 points on the season.

– Derek Stepan opened the game’s scoring with a power play goal at 10:01 of the second period, and an assist and posted a plus-two rating in 19:24 of ice time to earn first star honors.  He has recorded six points (two goals, four assists) and a plus-five rating in the last five games, and is now tied for the team lead in power play goals (two) and power play points (four), and fourth in scoring with seven points (two goals, five assists) on the season.

– Artem Anisimov tallied two assists and posted a plus-two rating, and has now recorded five points (one goal, four assists) in the last four games including four assists in the last two contests.  Anisimov leads the team with seven assists and ranks third in scoring with eight points on the season.

– Michael Del Zotto recorded a power play assist and logged 23:15 of ice time in the contest.  He has tallied five points (two goals, three assists) in the last seven games, including four points (two goals, two assists) during the Rangers’ six-game homestand.  Del Zotto is now tied for the team lead in power play assists (three) and third in power play points (three), and ranks second among Rangers defensemen in assists (four) and is tied for second in points (six).

– Dan Girardi led all skaters with a season-high, five blocked shots and logged a team-high, 26:47 of ice time.  He leads the team with 34 blocked shots, and ranks first among all NHL skaters in average ice time (27:58).

– Brian Boyle and Andre Deveaux tied for the game-high with four hits in the contest.

Post-Game Quotes:                                                      

John Tortorella on the team…

“We have to try to establish ourselves.  I think this is the start for us.  It opened up our game pretty well.  Some guys, you can see their games coming.  You look at Stepan and he’s stepping out.  Our defense, you just see guys getting into their games.”

Martin Biron on the homestand…

“We showed some resilience, some battle and some heart. You lose a couple of tough ones (the first two games) and then come back with four big wins. Being able to do it the way we have: playing solid defensively; special teams picking it up for us; being able to use a lot of guys today – we used pretty much everyone and really tried to help out in every aspect. It’s hard when you go on the road for that amount of time because sometimes there’s a let-down feeling that we’re home and it’s going to be a lot easier. There was none of that. It was a lot of hard work that has paid off in the end and that has to keep going.”

Derek Stepan on his line’s play…

“I feel like we all create space for each other and I think that’s the biggest thing. And Gaby [Gaborik], the way he is, I don’t even know how he does some of the things he does. And me and Artie [Anisimov], we’re finding ourselves, finding space and creating space within ourselves. The three of us have good chemistry and with that chemistry, it’s awesome.”


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  1. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    whoahhh…a first??

    well, the blunden hit became a hot topic and I think I upset the captain (not intentionally of course) and was not getting any responses to any of my posts (which is a rarity) so thought maybe I was on double secret probation (banning) or something!!!

  2. “As the video clearly shows, wicky carries out a sustained and pre-meditated attack on a blog in a vulnerable position.

    “Based on this, we have decided to ban wicky until the Rangers dress a crease-clearing defenseman.”

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    from previous thread.. LMAO WICK!! the scripted nonsense that is vulnerable hockey lol

    LW, i have an extra room, but am about 900 miles from MSG.

  4. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    if that is the case, i’ll be back when mcilrath plays next season, later aasens

  5. Speaking of which, somebody had a banner in the crowd that read “2012 END FED RON PAUL”.

    Somebody doesn’t want Ruslan to get a new contract.

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery with 5 and change minutes…. By march he should be at last year’s average of 6 minutes.

  7. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    only for you

    heritage jerseys 2-0 this season (way opposite form last year if I remember correctly)

  8. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    I think it is about time to put huginsky on the 3rd line…too soon?

  9. was at the game – it was incredibly boring :(

    How was it on TV?

    the 2-1 was a nice play.
    The chaos to start the game when everyone was in the net was nice – but overall dullsville :(

  10. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    nice match up captain waiver wire!!!

    when I picked up rome he was IR eligible, so I picked him up to add another player…who knew!!

  11. You have to laugh how things go sometimes. You know they’re all looking to get him off the schneid with an empty netter and he can’t get a wiff. Then Gabby lobs the back hander in just like that. Even Cally’s EN yesterday went off of PK’s stick.

  12. Just getting chance to check in after getting home from Garden. That was a big win in that situation Coming off an emotional win vs. Montreal against a bad Jets team. It easily could have been a let down game. Instead they played a very solid defensive game which is what you need on the back end of a back to back. Biron was terrific especially that he can play and move the puck. Saves the D about 15 feet of ice.

  13. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    septemous, the insipid nature of this team is the fault of one Glen ‘Hanlon’ sather….carry on!


    Not going to see better value for Gabby…he is flying!!! send him for two #1s and a #2 …that is all!

  14. Loved the play of Stepan tonight. Really developing into a top talent. He, AA and Gabby have clearly found something that is working. AA is definitely playing better. Dubi just can’t buy one. The play of Del Zotto was really good again.

    Of course, the one downer is still the PP. Although, Pavlec played well on the 5 on 3.

  15. Oh and there was a funny moment in that ZZZZZ of a first period. In the new 300 seats behind the net which is where my season tickets are, in row A, which I’m in, there are TV sets. So of course I, like most people in Row A changed the TV sets to the Giants game. As the Giants were driving for the winning score the fans were cheering for the Giants confusing the other half of the building and I think even the players on the bench. PS. Don’t ask the beat writers about the 1st period. I caught them all watching the giants games on their TVs.

  16. It wasn’t too exciting on TV either – but it was nice to see Stepan show that he’s becoming a really good player. I like this kid’s game.

  17. That was a good match. I thought you were going to win.

    4-0! CC is also undefeated. Hopefully he loses this week, and I win.

    Good luck with Halak. He’s been giving me a headache. But, who knows, maybe with the coaching change, he’ll do better.

  18. HWirth, it was happening here on RR also – folks were posting here like it was a Giants board!

  19. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    who was that??

    well, with elliot, i have a sure starter (between him and halak). Not sure if that is a good thing or not though

  20. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    on a serious note, did blunden get suspended by the NHL??

  21. HWirth

    I heard the “Brady sucks” chant in the first period, but I did see somebody walking around in a Brady jersey before the game (“Hello! Look at me everyone!”), so assumed it was directed at him.

  22. Blunden is at risk of his place in the line-up being taken by Gomez when he’s healthy again. That should be sufficiently embarrassing as a punishment.

  23. Rangers go almost a quarter of their schedule before playing a division team other than the Islanders (game #20 Flyers) . Seems a little weird.

  24. Carp – Ask Gross what he remembers about the first period. Eyes were set directly on the TV in front of him.

    Jimbo – In the new 300s behind the nets. In row A in front of me is a TV set for every 2 seats. They are like maybe 10-12 inch sets. Not only that but I figure out today there is a USB port on the side of the tv so I was able to plug my IPhone into TV as well. which is cool.

  25. DDE – I was thinking about that during the game because I heard O canada again and you reminded I wanted to look that up. It seems like we have played a canadian team every game this year.

    You know what that means, lots of tough Pens, Flyers, Isles and Devils game coming up.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery’s oh so good, Avery’s oh so fine, Avery’s oh so healthy in his body and his mind, he’s a well respected man about town doing things so conservatively…

  27. LW – It actually worked out great. Nothing was happening on ice so everyone where i was sitting was watching the game.

  28. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    you know, this team seems to play more consistent when the coach isn’t changing lines all the time…

  29. What was the point of that dive by Byfuglien, anyway? He should have been penalized for that, unless someone threw him into the scrum….

  30. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    Eddie x3
    LMFAO at jail time

    LMFAO x2 @ touchdown dive and losing spot to gomez

  31. >>Avery’s oh so good, Avery’s oh so fine, Avery’s oh so healthy in his body and his mind, he’s a well respected man about town doing things so conservatively…

    E3, he’s also “a dedicated follower of fashion”!!

  32. Wicky – That’s very much a chicken or the egg – which came first? discussion. Torts is keeping the lines together because it’s working. If they lose 2 straight and struggle for offense he’ll change it up again. Plus, to be fair – the lines changed when Wolski and Rupp got hurt.

  33. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    true, and they will change again when dubi goes to the 4th line centering avery and the bahama bomba

  34. Was at the game again tonight – good performance from Stepan and Gaborik, both of whom look really good. Nice game from Biron, probably deserved the number 1 star, for whatever those things are worth. I think the right move now is to keep Stepan with Gaborik as I think he’s probably the best center on the team at the moment.

    Dubinsky looks abysmal, as did Richards tonight btw. His shot really isn’t very good.

    Not a doubt in my mind the coach is playing games with Avery either.

  35. Yeah that horrible coach who hates the players and the players hate him as he’a slapping them on the back side up and down the bench letting them know how proud he was they stuck to it and completed the home stand strong which was his sticking all week.

    Fire that guy and bring in Hitchcock or wait… too late! Now will coach this team? HAHAHA

  36. speaking of homers, good job by the Chicago announcer saying “Oh, a big right from Mayers” as Mayers was literally being knocked to the ground.

    how the hell is Jamal Mayers still in the NHL

  37. Just finished watching the game on DVR. Glad we won but boy was this game BORING! I literally passed out in the middle of the second period!

    Biron with another strong game. When was the last time we had such a reliable back-up?

    Stepan and the rest of the team getting hot…aha aha I like it!

  38. HWirth:

    Pretty good display if you’re six years old. If you’re an adult and wrote that post, I’d suggest getting your feet above your head for a while.

    I know it’s the m.o. of many of the people here to resort to the most absurd hyperbole imaginable whenever a member of the Rangers organization is questioned, but christ, people, try to form a coherent thought once in a while.

  39. Lloyd – If you can’t realize that the Torts post was meant to represent the hyperbole that goes on all day long on this board than I can’t help you. I was clearly being tongue in cheek. GEEZ PEOPLE!

  40. As I said before, I’m not going to spend my time getting personal with people. I’m here to discuss hockey and the Rangers. You have the right to your opinions as do I. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I think you are an idiot so please don’t respond in kind.

  41. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    your league hosed me today hoser!!

  42. It’s amazing how if you say something about the coach or the fourth liner that doesn’t go along with the certain group of people who actually believe there is this personal vendetta between them it is immediately taken as a person attack on them and deserves and uncalled for response.

  43. HWirth:

    I’m not a fan of how he operates, nor do I care for his selective praising of certain players while completely freezing out others. You can call it conspiratorial thinking if you’d like, but I’m convinced the guy holds grudges and plays favorites. I don’t consider that effective leadership, especially when he insists on inserting Dubinsky in every spot and isn’t getting a damn thing from him. Not sure how obvious it was on TV but in person he looks absolutely lost. And for all of the chiding he supposedly takes from Tortorella he’s got 20+ minutes. There’s no logic behind that. At his best he’s barely good enough to warrant that kind of time – right now he’s just wasting the time of a better forward. I fully realize there is a talent deficiency on this roster, and there are only so many options to explore, but Dubsinky needs to be dropped to a lower line until he can do something other skate around lost.

  44. “Not a doubt in my mind the coach is playing games with Avery either.”

    You’ve got it all wrong Lloyd, the coach is playing games with _you_.

  45. It’s amazing how many people go after this coach even as he continues to push all the right buttons. But I know what that comes from. The funniest part of the whole deal is the players these people are “standing up” for admitted himself he’s just trying to fit in. If Avery came out and said to stop chanting my name, they’d say Torts made him do that. Enough people! The Player Himself says he’s happy where hes at. Stop making it something it is not.

  46. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    so I pick up biron this afternoon prior to the ranger game and it won’t let me use him until tomorrow, so I lost my other goalie (the monster) and didn’t get to use biron in my match up….honestly not sure why I couldn’t put him in .

    Not a big deal though, I think orr would have won anyhow!!

  47. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    now si the time to swoop in on the bluejackets and trade huginsky for carter (LOL, joke folks)

  48. Here’s the deal with Dubinsky. Yes, he’s overpaid at 4.2 million. Yes, he is overrated by the organization. Yes, I think he doesn’t have enough natural offensive ability. However, you can put him on the fourth line or reduce his minutes all you want, but there is no one better to replace him. The Boyle-Prust-Feds line works and has had chemistry since last yr, and as Ive learnt from this board changing lines makes you a bad coach. Clearly, something has clicked so far between Step – Gabby and – AA so no go there. You want EC to play more? Deveaux? I know, Avery, except he’s done nothing when he’s been on the ice in the two games so far and will probably be waived when WW is ready to come back. But the truth is, Avery is doing exactly what he should be doing. He’s on the 4th line, he’s kept his mouth shut, and been a good teammate. When the time comes and need his edge, they will use it if they keep him up. It’s really that simple.

  49. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    i was just giving our ukrainian friend a hard time, you won fair and square and I have no complaints what so ever

  50. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    I was kidding about it, but the truth is I agree with you on the no place to put him if not on the top two lines. Now if we had another top 6 guy to plug into his spot, then I would put him on the 4th if for no other reason than maybe torts would roll four lines

  51. Wicky

    Biron probably had to go through waivers maybe that’s why you couldn’t use him right away.

    Your next matchup is against me. ORR is enjoying the beginners luck!

    Don’t disrespect me, BRO! lol

  52. Avery isn’t going to get that chance because the coach won’t allow him to play more than 5 minutes a night.

    Were you at the game tonight? I’ve noticed something rather odd these last two games. Avery’s line is frequently shifted just before the TV timeouts. So, you’ll see he’s on the at like 14:30, 10:15, etc. As soon as the next stoppage occurs, his line is immediately off the ice. This has gone quite a lot in these last two games. I’ll be curious to see if it continues in Ottawa. I don’t know if this is common practice when shifting a 4th line but it’s happened too frequently in the last two nights for it be a coincidence.

  53. Wicky… I totally agree with you. In fact, I still believe Dubi is the guy the Rangers should and may float out there to see his value especially Staal is out for year and they may need to add a defensemen or two cause at this rate Girardi and Mcdonagh will gassed by Thanksgiving.

  54. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    that was probably it, the waiver wire

  55. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    In NHL 12 I traded huginsky to the yotes for turris

  56. And whether or not he ends up on line 2 by default, Dubinsky has no business on the 2nd line right now. He’s playing very badly and shouldn’t be seeing the ice for 20+ minutes a night.

  57. Lloyd… the coach won’t allow it? Like he’d rather lose than play Avery? Do you think maybe he’s using his top three lines more because they are clicking, especially when your star is flying in Gabby. I’d think he’d rather do whatever he can to get Stepan – AA – Gabby on the ice over the 4th line. Sorry, but look at the event summary sheets from around the League. The 4th line is getting 4th line minutes.

  58. You mean times like:


    or is it just even 15 second increments where they always stop the game for a TV timeout.

  59. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    I think the bahama bomba has played well

  60. Wicky©news flash, anyone on the ice is in a"vulnerable position" on

    you are undefeated in both leagues??

  61. These are some of Avery’s quotes since being back and to his credit he’s handling it perfectly. The fans, and the numbers are dwindling on this one, that are more obsessed than he is over this need to follow suit. He undertands his role now you guys need to.

    “We’ve just got to keep stringing wins together,” said Avery, adding he is “excited” to be in the lineup. “That’s what it’s about, playing well at home.”

    “Listen, I love every game that I ever played for this team,” said the 31-year-old agitator, in the final season of a four-year, $15.5 million deal he originally signed with Dallas before the Rangers claimed him through re-entry waivers on March 3, 2009. “I love walking into the building and I’m definitely excited about playing in the new building. I just want to help these guys win. I just want to play my game, play as hard as I can and help them win.”

  62. Ya think Avery feels relieved he’s even back in the NHL considering if not for the fact that Sather likes to be a “cowboy” and do what no one else likes, he’d be out of hockey dating back to sloppy seconds remark. No one but Sather was giving him a second chance as proven by how he gets put on waivers, reentry waivers for 1/4 salary and still no one else will touch him. I’m pretty sure if Torts told him he was playing one min a game he’d take it.

  63. What do you expect him to say? He’s unlikely to get another contract from a team in the NHL and he’s walking on egg shells to make sure he remains on this squad. His wiggle room is zero at this point. There’s no way in the world he’s happy with the current situation regardless of the platitudes he has to use to insure he doesn’t make any waves. Have you played hockey before? Have you been in a situation where a coach limited you to a handful of minutes in a game? It’s not a lot of fun, particularly when you’re losing out to guys who aren’t exactly superior to you. But, if you want to stay part of the team, you bite the bullet and go with the flow. Avery’s no longer in a position to do anything but play the role of company man to the hilt because he’s got nowhere else to go.

  64. And I think you’re right that there’s a sense of relief from him. I don’t believe the decision to bring him back was ultimately anyone other than Sather’s. The coach went along with it because he didn’t have a choice. Now, his way of reasserting his control over the team is to make sure the guy who was forced on him by the GM barely plays. Apart from Avery magically scoring goals in the 20-30-second shifts he plays, I don’t believe he’ll ever get more than 5 minutes a game.

  65. Lloyd – You realize what you just said. Based on that theory you stated not me. Avery has to keep his mouth shut and just play the game. And what exactly about that is a bad thing? Avery has to act like every other player on the team and just deal with what the coach hands him? You mean he can no longer act like an NFL WR who whines all day long about not getting the ball and then drops it. The coach wants Avery to be like every other player on the team. WOW! Fire that guy!

  66. And as to the “have you played the game stuff” Like I said this morning, I’m not making this personal with anyone or I know more than you do or name dropping because I am here just to enjoy talking hockey. All I’ll say is, Ive been on both sides of the NHL glass in my time.

  67. Again with the hyperbole

    Avery’s never whined about playing time at any point since he’s been a Ranger. No, the issue is that now Avery has to play a neutered game which makes him largely ineffective and ultimately expendable the moment one of the humps currently on IR comes back. As I’ve said a million times, Sean Avery isn’t going to dazzle anyone if he’s required to play 30-second shifts and act like Artem Anisimov.

  68. How does a guy who NO OTHER team in the NHL wants deserve more playing time than being a 4th liner? I can’t wait to hear this one. Believe me, he’s just happy he’s not riding a bus from Bingo to Worcester.

  69. Because much of what’s being played ahead of him isn’t that much better, that’s why

    And to pay a guy nearly $2 million to play 5 minutes a night is just ludicrous

  70. So the official game stats show that Avery was on the ice immediately prior to two of the nine TV timeouts and that he was kept on the ice for the faceoff immediately afterwards for one of those two.

    Interprete away…

    I’ll leave the question of how the coach knows that exactly one shift will elapse before the stoppage that leads to the TV timeout to someone else.

  71. Good morning all,(early morning…my usual)

    And it’s true ..they done good.

    As to Dubrinsky, that is a mystery to me. You know that he has the physical skills…he’s demonstrated them numerous times past…but he is definitely playing a very tentative game…almost as though he’s afraid to make a mistake.

    And the reason the coach keeps putting him out there, is possibly an effort to rekindle that playing elan that he once had…because he is a strong skater, and can be a big help if he overcomes his demons.

    What I noticed was a distinct improvement in their passing, both the D,s and the forwards, and the manner in which they used their passes.

  72. I love how Avery is still the main subject of conversation, despite a great homestand, despite the great games from Step, Gaby, DZ and a few others this weekend.

    Avery is being a good boy, making a couple of hits and using his speed on the forecheck in limited ice time (limited by Torts to unusually few minutes even for a 4th liner), he’s saying the right things and how much he loves being a Ranger and playing at MSG and wants to help his team-mates win, and STILL people are on his back!!

    Even if he donated his entire salary to charity, his wardrobe to the homeless and manned a soup kitchen when he wasnt training or playing …..some of you guys would probably say he sleeps too much or some other irrelevant BS.

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