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Courtesy of the Rangers:

November 5, 2011 (Game 12, Home Game 5)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

 Team Notes:

– The Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens, 5-3, in an Original Six match-up tonight at Madison Square Garden to improve to 6-3-3 on the season, including a 3-1-1 mark at home.

– The Blueshirts have registered at least one point in seven of the last nine games, posting a record of 6-2-1 over the span.  New York has won each of their last three games.

– The Rangers improved to 8-3-0 in their last 11 games vs. the Canadiens at Madison Square Garden.

– New York notched one power play goal in tonight’s contest, and has now registered seven goals with the man advantage in the last seven games (7-37, 18.9% over the span).

– The Rangers have now posted a record of 47-26-12 against Original Six opponents since the 2005-06 season, including a 12-10-3 mark vs. Montreal over the span.  The Blueshirts’ .624 winning percentage in Original Six match-ups ranks second.

– Tonight’s victory marks John Tortorella’s 100th win as Rangers Head Coach, posting a record of 100-79-1-21 behind the Blueshirts’ bench.

Player Notes:

– Artem Anisimov registered two assists and three shots on goal in 15:41 of ice time to earn first star honors.  He has recorded three points (one goal, two assists) in the last three games, and is now tied for third on the team in assists (five) and fifth in points (six).

– Erik Christensen opened the game’s scoring with a power play goal, while skating five on three, added an assist and won eight of nine faceoff attempts (89%).  He has registered four points (one goal, three assists) in the last three games.

– Derek Stepan tallied two assists, including one on the power play, and was credited with two blocked shots in 18:14 of ice time.  He has recorded four points (one goal, three assists) in the last four games, and is tied for the team lead in power play points (three).

– Brad Richards notched the game-winning goal and led all forwards with 22:58 of ice time.  He has registered five points (three goals, two assists) in the last four games, and is now tied for the team lead in points (10) and assists (six), and ranks third in goals (four).

– Dan Girardi tallied an even strength goal at 10:28 of the first period, tied for the game-high with three blocked shots and led all skaters with 30:50 of ice time to earn second star honors.  He has recorded six points (two goals, four assists) in the last six games, and is tied for third on the team in assists (five) and points (seven).

– Ryan Callahan registered an empty net goal with 39 seconds remaining in regulation, was assessed a fighting major and logged 20:57 of ice time.  He has recorded six points (five goals, one assist) in the last six games, and now leads the team in goals (six) and is tied for third in points (seven).

– Michael Del Zotto notched a goal in a season-high, 27:26 of ice time.  He is tied for second among team defensemen in goals (two) and ranks third in points (five).

– Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves to improve to 4-3-3 with a 2.27 goals against average and a .929 save percentage.  He is now 2-1-1 at Madison Square Garden this season.

– Marian Gaborik recorded an assist on Christensen’s power play goal, and registered a team-high five shots on goal in 20:08 of ice time.  He has registered six points (one goal, five assists) through the first five games of the current homestand, and leads the team in home points (six) and home assists (five).  Gaborik is also tied for the team lead in points (10) and power play points (three), and second in power play assists (two), third in assists (five) and ranks second in goals (five).

– Brandon Prust and Andre Deveaux each registered an assist on Richards’ game-winning goal at 18:50 of the second period.  The assist was Deveaux’s first point as a Ranger.

– Ryan McDonagh and Brandon Dubinsky both recorded an assist on Callahan’s empty net goal at 19:21 of the third period.  McDonagh also posted a game-high, plus-three rating in 25:19 of ice time.  Dubinsky has now tallied three assists in the last three games.

– Brian Boyle tied for the game-high with nine faceoff wins in 12 attempts for a 75% faceoff winning percentage.

Post-Game Quotes:

John Tortorella on tonight’s game…

“It was scratch and claw. Getting up 3-0 is not an easy lead.  It was one of those games where you’re scratching and clawing and trying to find a way to get it done.”

Henrik Lundqvist on Brad Richards’ goal…

“It was huge. The momentum was about to change – it already had changed a little bit – so that goal got us back into the game and it felt like we were on top again. He’s a big player that makes big plays at big times and that one was huge for us.”

Brad Richards on playing at home…

“We looked at the opportunity of a six game home stand.  The Leafs game was tough – we hadn’t been home in a long time and we didn’t play the way we wanted.  But we kept going, and building on things.  We looked at it as an opportunity.  If we could get some wins at home, get ourselves back into a good, regular NHL routine, and get our feet under us as we go.  Our schedule kind of permits us to get those home wins, take care of that, then we can get some rest and regroup, while playing and getting a couple wins.  That’s a great recipe.”


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  1. Randy Butternubs on

    I wonder if Avery’s cult is preparing themselves for Life Without Sean again soon. Sounds like a bad sitcom, but it’s simply going to be the reality of the Rangers once Rupp or Wolski gets healthy and Sean is sent down again. Going back through last season, he is so marginal these days it’s almost shocking.

  2. Billy Jaffe was saying that “he heard” the Jackets president might not only fire their head coach, but also fire the GM. He also said they might bring back Ken Hitch@&$& since he still has a year left on his contract.

    And people thought they were going to be a contender in the West. LOL! 2-12

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    Randy – are you serious?….once WW comes back, 2 games in and he hurts his groin again….Avery isnt going anywhere anytime soon……Have you ever pulled or strained any muscle anywhere on your body playing any sport?….ww might as well pull the plug for awhile…i imagine scar tissue is going to be bothering him for longer than a day or 2 if he rushes back…

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    randy – one more thing…our Avery cult meetings are Mon/Wed 7-9pm….would you like to guest chair our next meeting?

  5. totally BANJing on last thread…LOL

    Carped and the repost

    OK, caught up with game….

    good clean hit on dubi, but i’m sure shanny will suspend blunden because dubi’s head hit the ice when he rolled over, head point of impact…5 games!!

    I have no problem with the cally reaction (rather enjoyed it actually), but have a problem with an interference penalty called on blunden (really NHL?? I mean, if he lets him go by it’s a break away, dubi had the puck in his possession..interference WTF???) also sauer with a game misconduct?? separate fights?? Total BS again NHL!! If there is a line brawl, do 8 guys get game misconducts??

    I don’t think woywitka played much in the game did he??

    michael busto had a nice goal!!

    Bahama bomba with an assist, sweet!!

    what’s up with tort’s bouche bag pre game presser??

    didn’t get your sauer comment at the beginning of this thread at all (not sure if you elaborated later stopped reading the comments after yours, just too many on this thread).

  6. wicky – I was half kidding! You have said that Sauer looks this season like he hasn’t brought the same edge or “jam” to his game as he did last year…or something to that effect, right?

  7. NYR
    oh, ok. Yep, he didn’t look as rugged up to this game this season, but i figured it was due to the injured shoulder!

  8. Mister Delaware on

    Rangers average points earned per game with Avery: 2.00
    Rangers average points earned per game w/out Avery: 1.18
    Avery’s worth to the Rangers: 0.82 points in the standings PER GAME!!!

  9. LW – I wouldn’t be surprised. It was actually pretty wet all over the Mausoleum. It was military appreciation night. Although I paid about $60 to sit front row center ice against the glass and flanking the penalty box, the best they could do for the “honored” service-people was the 400s. And that place was really, really wet.

  10. My buddy is a Craps fan and his wife and my fiance/wife are out on her bachelorette. We had nothing to do. I suggested going to the Rangers game. He suggested sitting front and center for the Craps @ Islandorks. I went with the plan because I have never, ever sat that close to the action and I have never seen Ovechkin play. Seemed like a pretty good opportunity. Turned out to be a good experience all in all.

    First time. Last time, Jimbo.

  11. Oh – OK, Manny – well, sounds like you had a good time, anyway – say, wasn’t the Craps goalie dreadful tonight? Which loser was it?

  12. We gotta get a picture of Deveaux without his helmet on, and photoshop an upside-down flower-pot on his head, like one of those Devo hats!

  13. A big 2 points any way you slice it but you’re not getting 9 PP’s every night. The Rangers had a man or 2 man advantage for 16 minutes.

  14. That would be Mr. Thomas Vokoun (who is supposed to be anchoring my fantasy team!)

    I did, Eddie but I certainly didn’t listen to them!

  15. Wasn’t he awful tonight, Manny? I saw a couple of goals he let in on the replays – he looked lame tonight…

  16. Oh! Monterey – that’s a horse of a different color! Both places are beautiful though, no? (I’ve never been to either, but I have friends who have been there..)

  17. Yea, Jimbo. He let in 4 softies. And 3 were really, really soft goals. It was brutal. Craps went up 2-0 and the crowd started chanting MONTOYA, MONTOYA. It was pretty funny. I actually felt badly for Ricky DP but you know.

    Vokoun has been pretty bad lately. After quite a start he has really been letting his team down.

  18. Yeah, I saw a bit of that, Manny – when I saw that the Craps had a 2 goal lead, I figured, great, another loss for the Fishsticks, but Vokoun stunk the joint out tonight……

  19. You bet he did. They left that dirty looking thing named Neuvirth just a-waitin’ on the bench. And what a non-physical game.

  20. OK, so bad for you, good for Latona – I’ll buy that!

    Guess nobody in here is going to run in the marathon in the morning, eh!? ;-)

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    lindsay lohan crashed leo’s party……i am going to be up all night long now…

  22. I am definitely not running in the marathon. I watched some of it last year. I saw a chilean miner, my friend and some guy with no legs. All of those people were more useful than myself. Felt great.

  23. Hahahaha! You’re nuts, Manny – that’s why you belong in here!

    Lindsay Lohan needs some serious rehab time down in my basement……I’ll get her straightened out…

  24. Jimbo’s Rehab: Come o ye faithful

    Oh, actually. To make me even worse, I got stuck in Central Park because I chose to cut through a path marked “Rabid Raccoons on the loose” figuring I was from the country and that warning was for city folk. I ended up stuck where all the runners end up. People were throwing up and crying and on stretchers. It was MESSED up.

  25. Yeah! Jimbo’s Rehab! C’mon, California – farm her out to me – I’ll fix her up!

  26. Eddie sounds like he has the right idea – but I must inform you, Manny, that my methods are secret, and cannot be divulged at this time….. ;-/

  27. I’ll be sleeping through the marathon, myself……I was there at the starting line one year, (assigned to be there by my job, not my choice) on the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge, freezing my tuchas off in a howling wind, waiting for all those fools to start running….what a bunch of maroons!

  28. What happened to eddie? I wanted to know if the Lohud folks knew to send him the $1.50 per post check for today’s harvest!?

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – carp was under-reporting probably to throw off the IRS…its more like 1.75 a post…HUGE difference…

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – who needs dividend checks….this place is a money tree that bears fruit 24/7….i likely will retire by wed. of next week….sit back, and watch it all roll in……come to papa….

  31. Sounds like a great retirement plan, eddie – as long as RR stays popular (and why wouldn’t it!?) you’re “in like Flynn”!!

  32. loneranger November 6th, 2011 at 1:46 am
    You’re right lloyd Braun Avery’s call -up was forced by Sather and the fans for the most part. Tortsh-t will never give Avery enough playing time to have any impact in any game. In fact he’ll make his life a living hell. I, honestly believe that Tortsh-t dislikes him more than some of the obvious Avery haters on this blog site ummmh

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