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Nothing beats Original Six matchups on Hockey Night in Canada as the New York Rangers (6-3-3) continued their winning ways with a 5-3 win over the Montreal Canadiens (5-6-2). The Canadiens came into the game winners of 4 straight but were missing Scott Gomez (that’s a bad thing, right?)


1) Fireworks early (not created by Avery) after a clean hit by Blunden off the bench on Dubi led to an old-fashioned line brawl. Captain Cally vs. Bluden. Sauer takes on Nokelainen (not a fighter) and both were given game misconducts for having a secondary fight. After all settled down, Crusher scored on the 5 on 3 from Stepan. Girardi made it 2-0 (more later). Del Zotto made it 3-0 with a beautiful finish off a terrific passing play by Stepan and Artie (his best game so far even w/ getting hurt in the 2nd).

2) Connecticut’s own Max Pacrioetty scored in the first minute of the second and the game turned into shinny hockey for the next 10 minutes. The Rangers were burned by not making it a 3-goal game on their many PP chances, when the Habs converted on their own 5 on 3 to make it 3-2. But, an enormous wrist shot by Broadway Brad with 90 seconds left gave the bench a sigh of relief and a 4-2 lead at the end of two.

3) The third period was going completely according to plan until the last 1:50 when Gionta brought it back to 4-3. To that point, they had been smart defensively, getting the puck in deep and controlling the neutral zone. Captain Cally gave everyone in the Rangers organization another sigh of relief moment with an empty netter.

4) A real positive sign for the Rangers is the bounce back performances of Lundqvist vs. Anaheim and Montreal following last Saturday’s meltdown vs. Ottawa. His 25 saves carried the load including big stops, especially at 3-2 in the 2nd, to preserve the win.

5) Guess we should talk about you know whom. The Grate One was unusually tame in this one. While only playing 7 shifts for 4:46 TOI you would never have known he was there. Thankfully, the MSG crowd focused on game and not him as well.

6) Power play was a major factor in this one. The Habs were really undisciplined taking 13 penalties for 40 minutes including nine power plays. However, the Rangers only converted once and that was the 5 on 3. It seemed like one more PPG earlier would’ve put this game away.  The one that really hurt was with 5 minutes to go in the second, but Brad took care of that issue.

7) I’m pretty sure Dan Girardi sleeps on the ice at this point. He’s averaged 27:49 coming into the game and again played a Herculean 30:50 TOI. He’s even rewarded with a goal banging in a loose puck to make the game 2-0. Even when the 4-3 goal by Gionta goes in off of him you can’t fault his effort trying to block the shot there.

8) A stick salute to Crusher. The self-admitted shy Christensen admits he knows the criticism he gets from fans yet keeps battling. Scored on skills competition Thursday (assist too) and today picked up a goal and an assist.

9) Lots of guys played their best games of the season in this one, including Stepan, AA, Del Zotto and even Dubi. Stepan’s playmaking ability is terrific and he’s got a nose for the net. Welcome to 2011 Artie, clearly going to the net harder and willing to shoot the puck while being named 1st star. But the one I really wanted to mention is Del Orrto (get it!). That was the best he’s played, including his rookie year. He’s much more physical in the defensive zone and his instincts in the offensive zone are 100 times better. Good on him for making my insults look silly.

10) Getting back to that first period fight. Sauer has got to be smarter there. I completely agree with Callahan challenging Bluden showing leadership and that they won’t be pushed around on home ice. But, Sauer turned that into something it wasn’t by essentially creating a line brawl over what in reality was a clean body check. Plus, he went after a non-fighter kid just happy to stay in the NHL. No good there.

11) Roster movement coming with Rupp and everyone’s favorite WW (Wolski) placed on IR. Maybe time to try Hagelin. I’d bring up Mitchell but I admit I always favor the guys with size and strength.

12) Looking forward to seeing the return of the Jets to Madison Square Garden. They come into the game with a lot of injuries, especially on defense, and an offense that looks good one day and lousy the next (Wait… yes, still talking about the hockey team). Be interested to see fan reaction to their appearance. Will Garden faithful care? I think the old timers will.


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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    It was a clean hit and it wasn’t an interference either. But at the same time it was a cheap and dangerous hit. And that’s why Callahan reacted. Don’t give that macho “keep your head up”. Dubinsky looked in front of him before accepting the puck and the path was clear. Next thing- Blunden comes off the bench ( too many man, btw, which is irrelevant) and hits him hard and clean. Unsuspected player like that could’ve sustained much more serious injury. Can you say another concussion? I liked what Callahan did. And I agree, there was no reason for Sauer to fight and put his team one defenseman down. He could’ve just separated Nokelainen who doesn’t really fight.

    Good review, HWirth. Thanks for helping.

  2. Second! Was at the game last night (first at the ‘new’ Garden). The crowd really seemed into it, probably more so than usual because of the large and noisy contingent of Habs fans.

    It was a great game, very exciting, especially the first period. I agree the hit by Blunden was clean, but didn’t he leave the bench early to deliver it and get a too many men penalty because of that?

  3. Rangers record with Sean Avery in the lineup, 1-0. Rangers record with Sean Avery on the roster, 2-0.

    just saying…

  4. Yorktown Ranger on

    Clean hit it was, but too many men makes it a moot point. Good on Cally for doing the right thing as far as stepping up in a leadership roll. Probably the best captain this team has seen in a while!!!

  5. it was a dirty dangerous hit. he jumped on the ice early and nailed Dubi. have you ever seen somebody do that before? you know why you haven’t? because it is a dangerous play.

  6. 7 – Disagree. You’ve got the best goalie in the league. Stay on your man in front of the crease and risk the bad angle shot. But, nitpicking. Good game, aside from the criminally bad PP.

    Isn’t there anyone they can hire to help it? Torts can’t possibly think what he is doing is working, even if he was a pp specialist a decade ago.

  7. billybleedsblue on

    Look! In the photo, it’s not Dubi that’s not falling down for once!

    Carp, I thought the “Grate One” was Esa Tikkanen?

    Can Girardi keep up this kind of ice time and abuse?

    So as long as the Rangers get 20 powerplays a game, we’ll see our guys stay in most games?

    Yikes. Oh, and, *AVERY!*

  8. Bull Dog – Quite honestly. Not only was it not a dirty play but the Rangers benefitted from really lame officiating there. How did Blunden get 4 minutes for the same play. Too many men on ice? True. Interference? How? Clean body checks on the puck carrier is not interference. They start calling interference bring on the figure skaters.

  9. Hank facing 25 not 35… nice.

    That is how a Captain should play. Huge game for Cally and his new captainsy.
    Did I actually see Dubi carry the puck over the blue line?

  10. billybleedsblue on

    Wait, I meant HWirth not Carp… well, and hello to Carp too. How’s it goin’ buddy? And nice write up HWirth. BTW, Rangers are undefeated with Avery in the lineup!

  11. Billy – I was guest blogging for Carp and called him the Grate One, which to be fair, I stole from Larry Brooks. But yes, Esa was the original Grate One. I didn’t want to make my review long so I took out part that Girardi would eventually break down if this TOI continued.

  12. billybleedsblue on

    HWirth, I just felt the need to give props to that lovable scamp Esa Tikkanen. As for stealing nicknames, my advice is stop going to the same bus stop as Larry Brooks, things can get a little rough there. Great job, man!

  13. billybleedsblue on

    Also, I wrote a double negative on my Dubi comment. It should have read, “Look! Not in not the not photo, it’s not Dubi not that’s not falling not down no for once, not!” Sorry about that.

  14. That hit was dangerous and illegal. I keep hearing “clean hit” but what is the difference between this and a 12th player jumping off the sideline and crushing an unsuspecting ball carrier in a football game? Interference was the wrong call. If Dubi is injured (and I have a suspicion that he was banged up there), the hockey world would be up in arms.

    …and if it were Crosby that got hit like that, oh boy…

  15. Why does the Too Many Men not matter to some folks? I think The hit on Dubi was, in and of itself, clean, but the fact that Blundren was technically on the ice too early, as a 6th man, makes it a dirty, opportunistic hit, no? I mean Blundren saw Dubi coming in blind and just couldn’t resist stepping in front of him regardless of the penalty he knew would come.interference call, no. Callly wouldn’t have gone after him otherwise.

    Also, the Canadians outplayed us in 5-5 action, and outshot us in the last 40 minutes of play. Why can’t our PP take more shots from the point like Montreal? We were lucky they hit so many posts.

  16. >>Interference? How?

    Interference because he wasn’t supposed to be on the ice. In the eyes of the law, it’s as if he had reached over the boards from the bench and tackled Dubinsky. That was a very dirty play.

  17. You guys are acting like Blunden purposely jumped over the boards to throw the hit. Yes, he jumped on too early but he thought the other defenseman had reached the bench already.

  18. that hit on Dubinsky was 100% clean and its shame those kind of hits are being scrutinized.

    As for the PP. Take Dubinsky off the first unit. He just doesn’t have the hands to be that kind of player. Stralman should help though especially with Girardi logging all this icetime.

  19. HWirth,
    not sure what you were watching, but that is exactly what he did. he jumped over early and threw the hit. there was no collision, it was a hit. dirty dangerous play.

  20. oleo,
    its a clean hit if Blunden was already on the ice. he jumped off the bench and dubi did not have a chance to protect himself because of that.

  21. HWirth- my point ( and bulldog’s) it’s not that the hit wasn’t clean, but it was cheap because there was no way for Dubinsky to expect it no matter how careful he was. That when the most severe concussion may occur. There is a medical explanation behind it which I won’t get into at the moment c

  22. Bull Dog Line – You are not understanding what I am saying. What everyone is claiming he did would be an automatic 10 game suspension and that’s not what happened on that play. He did not jump on the ice knowingly as the 6th man to throw a tough hit on Dubi. He jumped on the ice too early, too many men on ice penalty called, and then Dubi came into path on the play and he threw a legal NHL hit. That’s not dirty.

  23. HWirth,
    have you ever seen that happen before? I have been watching hockey since the early 70’s, and I have never seen anybody do that. you can try to justify all you want, but what Blunden did was cheap, and dirty.

  24. Ilb2001 – But Dubi didn’t get hurt on the play because he threw a clean body check. He did not go high on him. The NHL has no problem with hits from the side as long as they don’t get the head. I don’t know if anyone saw the other games from last night, but Hamrlik, like AA, drew a ridiculous 5 min. major for a hit to the side where he purposely fell towards the boards to draw the penalty and was so hurt he was on the PP less than 2 minutes later. We are now overprotecting this guys and that’s why the injuries are happening. Players now expect the NHL, refs, coaches, the tooth fairy I don’t know to protect them instead of keeping their heads up.

    New Rule for me: you get “hurt” to draw a 5 min. major you don’t play the 5 min. major. Let’s see how fast guys throw themselves into the glass, play dead on the ice to draw a PP.

  25. Does Too Many Men on the Ice happen all the time, yes? Does the timing work out so that the “6th” player comes into contact with the puck carrier so quickly not that often but it does happen and it didn’t warrant the second penalty setting up the 5 on 3. You wouldn’t be saying this if Woywitka had done it to Eller, for example.

  26. Blunden came off the bench like he would for any other of his shifts and it happened to be that Dubi skated into his path and threw a body check. Otherwise, you are saying he purposely came off the bench to try to take Dubi out with that hit and therefore it would considered leaving the bench to create an altercation.

  27. if Blunden was on the ice, came across and caught Dubi with his head down then shame on Dubi for not protecting himself. that is not what happened. Blunden jumped off the bench and hit Dubi.
    the 2 penalties, 2 many men for being on the ice early, and interference because he was illegally on the ice and hit an opposing player.

  28. The Rangers are still not able to string full 60 minutes together. They benefitted early from the fact that the Canadiens had penalty trouble in the beginning. It was almost a kind of a powerplay practice for the Rangers in the first period and I just missed that they had so few shots on goal you didnt see rarely that someone put himself in front of the goalie trying to deflect or blocking the view….

    Early the Canadiens benefitted from the juicy rebound Henk allowed to score so early, otherwise it wouldnt be so one sided midway through the second and Brad find the right moment the right moment to score the fourth one. But he is paid to provide that kind individual play in key moments..I was absolutely impressed by McD, Girardi and Del Zotto with their amount of TOI stemming against the Canadiens especially in the second…

    Lets see how its going against the Jets tonight and if the Rangers are able to open up a winning for five or six games and a consistency we are all missed in the past….

  29. that is not what I asked you HWirth. have you ever sen a player jump off the bench and throw a check like that. yes too many men on the ice happens a lot ( see Tom Renney era), but this play was not as simple as that. you are again wrong about the 10 game rule. if you leave the bench to join an altercation it is an automatic 10 game suspension.

  30. I would be saying that play was dirty if it was Staal against Crosby, or any other players in the NHL, because it is a dirty play. dirty is dirty, doesn’t matter what color uniform the player where’s.

  31. I know the 10 game suspension rule. My point is we are acting like Blunden jumped off the bench knowing he was the 6th man just to throw that hit, which is not what happened. (like jumping off the bench to knowingly join an altercation) My analogy of the 10 game suspension was that, people are making that hit out to be premeditated which it wasn’t, like he saw Dubi coming and said I’m jumping on the ice and taking him out. It was a timing situation. He jumped on too early, no problem – happens a lot – and it happened to be Dubi skated in his path and he threw a regular NHL hit. That’s all it was. It was not cheap or dirty.

  32. Bull Dog – So you think Blunden purposely created a TMM to throw that hit? Or are you saying players come off the bench on a regular line change shouldn’t be allowed to hit a guy until when exactly?

  33. Hwirth

    This is as good an analysis of play by play action as I’ve seen. I wouldn’t have had to have seen the game, but would have visualized all of the action, and the commentaries I felt were reasonable and well thought out. ( You folks sometimes have to give breathing room for ……………opinions).

    Great job Hwirth.

  34. There was a play recently on HNIC where Kurtis Foster playing for TB, at the time, came out of the penalty box when the clock hit 0:0 on the PP. At the exact moment Rene Bourque for Calgary was skating by the penalty boxes. Foster came on the ice and leveled him, no penalty called because what’s Foster supposed to do. He had the right to be on the ice and therefore throw a hit. Sometimes, bad timing happens.

  35. HWirth,
    I will ask you again. have you seen that play happen before? what Blundens intentions were when he came off the bench does not matter. his actions matter. if you don’t think he saw Dubi coming your dreaming.

  36. that is the penalty box. a player should be aware of the time left on a penalty, and his surroundings. not the same play. you also said Foster had the right to be on the ice. did Blunden?

  37. Bull Dog – Read the example above. Of course he saw Dubi coming. I’d hope so, it’s his job to be aware of everyone on the ice unlike Dubi who had his down and got hit hard. Dubi keeps his head up like players have always been told to do, he avoids the contact. But again, this is what the No Hitting League wants. Make the game as safe as possible but not teaching the players to protect themselves but instead hope refs do it for them. Take Dubi’s helmet off, see if he manages to keep his head up and avoid that hit.

  38. According to Blunden, yes. He jumped on the ice for his regular shift unaware he had created a TMM, otherwise you are then making my point that people are claiming he jumped on the ice to purposely lay out Dubi.

  39. HWirth,
    your argument about how soft the league has become, I agree with. but this play was not in center ice, it was off an illegal line line change.

  40. The hit itself was clean, but when you factor in that he left the bench early to make the hit that makes it dirty and dangerous.

    Dubi was flying down the ice with a clear path in front of him until that clown stepped off the bench right in front of him. That’s why Cally reacted and the fighting ensued.

    Great job on the write up HWirth but I totally disagree with you about the hit. Definitely deserved the 2 penalties called and we scored on the 5 on 3.

  41. Again we are going into the same issues I have with the media on this stuff. You are calling something dirty, reacting more than the player hit, who was fine and ready to fight 10 seconds later. We have to stop assuming because the golden boy of the league got hurt that every hit is going to cause an injury.

  42. this is what, Dubi’s 5 or 6th year in the league. he does not get hit like that often. he keeps his head up to see where people are on the ice. its the players that are not on the ice that give him problems.

  43. Hi billy.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Almost thawed out. Ready to go back out there for two more football games today. Hope to be in the official blog headquarters chair, with sandwich or Mrs. Carp’s rigatoni and meatballs, by or close to puck drop.

  44. Actually Carp, I do, we sat in many a communications class together at Hofstra. Old college theory, take the classes the football team takes, they are bound to be on the easier side.

  45. Carp – Giving away your heritage on that sandwich. In my house, coming in from the cold means chicken noodle soup with a big matzah ball in it.

  46. bulldog is 100% right,Blunden is sitting on the dasher waiting,jumps on early,and throws a cheapshot.

    hate to sound like a jerk(not really)but have any of the guys thinking that it was a clean hit ever played organized hockey before?seems not.

  47. Morg – So you think Blunden left the bench early, on purpose too many men be damned, just to try a big hit on Dubinsky and possibly injure him? If that was true, he’d been suspended 8-10 games by the League, which is funny cause the majority of neutral observers (non Habs or Rangers fans) thought it wasn’t even worth a penalty.

  48. HWirth- forget the extra man. The hit itself is an equivalent of blindsided hit. Blunden knew there was no way Dubinsky could see him and hit him hard ( cleanly, yes). Doesn’t matter what the point of contact is, he could’ve severely concussed him because Dubinsky’s body didn’t expect the hit at all. Dirty and dangerous. Until the players develop some degree of respect for one another, there will be devastating injuries. I’m not certain Dubinsky hasn’t sustained mild concussion.

    Blunden ( who, incidentally, is much bigger than Callahan at 6-4, 218) hasn’t played a shift since that hit. He wasn’t ejected, and I’m not aware of him being injured. His TOI was 0:49 last night. That’s how much his own coach thought of his hit.

  49. So much for that.

    I must come back to my prior complaint that this team for some strange reason, refuses to take shots on the goal, on any kind of consistent basis. It is maddening to behold…and it goes thru the entire team.

    I will also recall a comment made by one of the Center Ice commentators, I forget which one, that the NY Rangers take the least shots on goal of any team in the entire league.

    Why oh why must they always make that one extra feint, one extra pass, which causes them to lose any credibility on their shot when they do take it. Yes Del Zottos goal was a beauty, but let’s have more of them.

    And can we finally get off the back of poor old misbegotten EC? It becomes tedious after a while, and has almost reached the height of senselessness.

  50. Been watching hockey since the 70’s and have never seen a hit like that?.lmfao
    Opportunistic hits are part of the game..hit was clean, which I assume Dubi will agree with. GET OVER IT.

  51. And by the way, I noticed that no one called for Callahan getting an instigator for jumping Blunden. Umm, had Subban jumped Woywitka if he did that to Eller, this place would want Subban kicked out of the League. It was a clean body check. People are overreacting to the suspensions. There must be head contact for a suspension to occur. You can hit a player from the side as long as it’s not to the head. Listen to when Shanny speaks before telling us what’s dirty.

  52. johnnyboy,
    have you ever seen a guy jump off the bench like that and throw a hit like that?

  53. HWirth,
    not only should Cally have gotten an instigator, he also should have gotten a gamer for starting a fight with a shield on.

  54. Thank you Johnnyboy…. Fans always call the hit dirty when it’s their guy hit and great when their guy does the hit. It’s just the way it is. By the way, when Don Cherry correctly pointed out that the League was getting too soft and showed 10 Scott Stevens hit that he passionately said would all get suspensions today, Shanny the next day came out and said 9 of the 10 hits he showed would still be considered clean only the Kariya one because it was aimed at the head, even the Lindros one would’ve been ok (I don’t think that’s true. PC/let’s not get anyone hurt police would force a suspension today). So be careful rushing to think every opportunistic hit is worth a suspension.

  55. Fran- I mentioned during the game last night that even you would be proud of their passing last night. I thought that part of their game was much improved last night.

  56. Czechthemout!!! on


    Because EC has done this his entire career! He disappears for a month, than puts a string of five good games together and disappears again for a month.

    Mcd was outstanding yesterday! He is really coming on with his offensive game. He actually created a couple of good scoring chances with some nifty passes and his speed on the rush. He just needs to gain confidence on his slap shot and then he may turn out to be that puck moving defensman this team has not had since Brian Leetch!

  57. Why is everyone complaining about the PP? They had many chances to score. Plus people seem to be forgetting that they’ve actually done well on the powerplay lately. Last night wasn’t the best night for them, but it hasn’t been terrible since they’ve come back home.

  58. How, exactly, do any of us know what Blunden was thinking?

    He was on the ice when he wasn’t supposed to be, and he hit a player. As JBytes said, interference was the correct call, and so was too many men. That’s all there is to it.

  59. Jonny D – The PP is a results business. While I would agree they moved around and the puck better yesterday than in past, 1 for 9 still is 1 for 9 and looks bad when a 3-1 game could’ve gone to 4-1 and instead is 3-2 late 2nd.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    McD – is a future HoF player and maybe down as the greatest Ranger D man EVER….. Reminds me more of Leetch every game…. #2 clearly had better O skills at this stage of career, but this kid is something special

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – how do YOU know what Bluden’s intentions were? That was a dirty hit and he should be suspended. Bulldog and Morg are dead on correct.

  62. Puck possession is improving. You could see that the power play is more confident and able to create opportunities. You could also see that Michael Del Zotto is far from a disaster. EC actually playing with some passion. Callahan is embracing his role as Captain. McD is on his way to an All-Star season. Artie had a strong game…Stepan is amazing to me for a 2nd year player, he looks like a 10 year vet….all good things….

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Of course the ranger PP looked better, the Habs PK’s were exhausted from being a man down virtually the entire first period.

    HW – no offense but you sure seem like a know it all and there isn’t very much more annoying than that … Prust sayin

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha, know what I’m sayin? … I need an app that let’s me talk in Ebonics without self correcting.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr – McD is 22 years of age and improving at an exponential rate. On pace for 20+ goals this season after what? None last year.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr fan – uh huh… Like the UN, you be puttin on the headphones, and my jive nonsense be translated into proper wordsmithin…. I heard that

  67. Eddie – You can have whatever opinion you want about me. That’s fine. I just love when people say “Like you’ve been on the ice” when they’ve played what pee wee hockey like that makes them an expert on the NHL game.

    All I can and will say is this, cause I’m not here to get personal (I just enjoy writing and talking the game), I’ve been involved in the NHL game from both sides of the glass and have spent a lot time talking and learning the game from the people in it. So yes, I have a different perspective than just being a Rangers fan

  68. ilb, I agree that Dubi may have been concussed on that play. I mean, he played the rest of the game, but he really looked “off” for the remainder, IMO…

    I am not panicking yet, but we really need more production out of the Homegrown….his play worries me slightly…yet, if he is going to keep playing with Cally and Richie, he’s bound to score goals….

  69. iLB

    It wasn’t the passing per se that bothered me it was the amount of them and the timing of them. There is a “ripe” moment in any game for any player when he knows he has reached that ripe moment, and makes the decision on whether to pass, shoot ,dump or get off the ice. What has really griped me over the years is the seeming lack of technical instruction by the coaching that leads to so many of their sloppy passes. True they did make some fine ones …but they also passed up some ideal scoring chances because one of them chose to pass when it was obvious that a shot on goal was the way to go. ( Montreal didn’t seem to have any problems making this distinction.) And I still don’t like the way that passes often deflect off their stick blades. ( When i use the term “them and “their) I don’t mean everyone…..but certain ones always seem to try that extra pass and it may be a sign of
    a confidence drop off. Good examples of players who have no problem deciding which to use….like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk.

  70. Ok, boys, slow down, will ya….Difference in opinion is just that. No need to get personal at all!

  71. NYR_FAN I think Dave Maloney, in his own weird way, said it best on HNL after the game last night. He needs to soften those hands up. I think he will eventually start to score some goals. But, again I think he’s overrated and overpaid, but that’s me. I also started the year saying MDZ belonged in the ECHL and he’s playing excellent right now.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – it is the condescending tone that you take. You cite Bulldog and morg’s lack of knowing Bluden’s intentions as if you do. Sorry mate, but that was a dirty hit. I find it laughable that you presume he didn’t do it on purpose when he had, IMO, a clear vision of 5 of his team mates on the ice. All 5 of them were in his field of vision. Unless he cannot count the five fingers on one if his hands, he should have known that he was an extra man.

  73. Leetchhalloffame on

    Can’t be more impressed with the way McDonagh is playing. Was at Ducks game the other night and watched him a lot. Effortless skater, poised, doesn’t panic and for the most part makes crisp passes and good decisions with the puck. Hate Slats but gotta hand it to him here. A gem of a deal by a lousy GM. By the way, Rangers undefeated with Avery in the lineup this year.

  74. E3 who is doing the presuming…. “I find it laughable that you presume he didn’t do it on purpose when he had, IMO, a clear vision of 5 of his team mates on the ice. All 5 of them were in his field of vision.”

    How do you know he saw all 5 of his teammates? If that’s true, then why are there so many TMM called during the game? All I’m saying, you are presuming, not me, that he jumped on the ice ONLY to throw that hit, which is a heavy charge that you can’t back up.

  75. ” I think he’s overrated and overpaid”

    HW, while I won’t say that myself, I don’t think his body of work thus far in his career is in line with his salary. I think he may have been paid based on his exceptionally strong start last year where he had 16 goals by the end of December….

    I think he has potential to be molded into a more consistent player by Torts and that would make him a bargain at his salary….

  76. Eddie, that is what disturbed me in his play. I’m not that much bothered that he knew he was number 6 on the ice, but what’s disturbing is that he knew there was no way for to Dubinsky to anticipate the hit. And it’s totally different from hitting a player who keeps his head down. He appeared on the ice where there was no way for Dubinsky to anticipate his presence. Sneaky and cheap.

  77. NYR_FAN – I think your right. I think he got paid in the hopes that as his game grew that contract would look cheap down the road. As a total off topic, when people make fun of the Rick DiPietro contract that’s exactly what the Isles were thinking. If the turned into the star goalie they thought (remember he was coming off an allstar game appearance) he’d be cheap down the road. Opps on that one.

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – the CBC high camera showed all 5 skaters in a triangular zone well within his field of vision…go back and kook at the feed.

  79. Ilb – I can see that side of the argument on the hit, even though my overall thought is players need to be more aware on the ice, which is why Cally had to step up there. I think what you are saying is what the Rangers thought.

  80. I got one for this board. But I know the answer because you guys don’t like him. But if that’s worthy of a suspension than WW should’ve gotten 5 games for his play on Alfredsson which was dirty, to the head and did cause an injury. But as Shanny pointed out on NHL Live, sometimes collisions occur on the ice due to timing.

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – nearly every TMM on the ice penalties I have ever seen, the man in the booth when counting the 6 players moves his telestrater around searching for the 6 players… is usually not so clear and i hand it to the linesman for spotting it….last night, all 5 skaters were in a cone and it was VERY easy to spot….all bluden had to do was look at the ice…they were right in front of him…

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….you can say this is presumptuous if you want, but he should have seen he was the 6th man…

  83. Eddie – Do you honestly think that with the speed of the game a player coming off the bench has the time to think and look at whether or not he’s the 6th man. Usually, they go on the ice when slapped on the back by the coach and get right into the play.

  84. get ready to click pause right at the 2 second mark of this vid,you will see blunden sitting on the dasher,you will see the guy he is waiting for (for a legal change)on the opposite side of center ice,and you will see that if blunden waits till his change gets on the bench(which is what I was taught in pee-wee)he will be behind Dubi.

    so there!

  85. BURN!
    aha aha ha ha

    just goofin,you guys are entitled to your opinions,even if they are dead wrong!

  86. Manny – I was reading post from the game yesterday. Saw you were at the Coliseum? Did you get any water on your head from your experience in a building that hell itself would reject.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW, even with the speed of the game, a player should see that the guy he is replacing is NOT close to the bench…that is what i am saying…

  88. We are going to agree to disagree on this one, but that’s ok. It’s why I love writing and talking sports. Even the guys who do it for a living are wrong at times (thanks again Bob Gainey for handing us McDonagh and taking our awful contract)

  89. “with sandwich or Mrs. Carp’s rigatoni and meatballs” remembering how bad the food in the hospital was and eating like crazy myself the last two days since I am at home,

    LIFE CAN BE SO NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    I am sorry this post was not related to the New York Rangers or the Blunden incident happened at 4.18 of the first period :)

  90. man this dude can sing,said it last night,but wow,im more jealous of his skills than i am of Hwirths superior hockey intellect!…just by a smidge!


  91. HWirth- the whole point is that Dubinsky LOOKED before accepting the pass and there was *nobody* who could potentially be on his way except the L Dman who was too far still. He had no reason to expect this hit, that’s the point I’m trying to make. Now, is it reasonable to think that Dubinsky should’ve expected that someon could come off the bench and kept his head up? I think it’s too much to ask when the decision has to be made within a fraction of a second.

  92. StanFischler Stan Fischler
    Don’t laugh; if I was voting for the Norris Trophy right now; one name that would come up is Dan Girardi.


  93. eddie eddie eddie on

    hello latona – which brilliant post of mine do you agree with, my brutha?…as nearly every one of them is fantasmagoric….

  94. How are you feeling, Buff? And don’t start doing stuff that you’re not supposed to. I was kidding about not listening to doctors before, of course. Even if she discharged you, there is a reason for decreased WBC count still being the case, whatever this reason originally was.

  95. Girardi for Norris? Lets not jump ahead of ourselves, it’s a long season. And please don’t tell that to Doodie:-)

  96. Stan is talking end of season awards now cause he is afraid he wont be alive at the 3/4 mark when its worth talking!

    alright even I thought that was over the line!

  97. Ilb, I am feeling well as I wasn´t giving orders as anything avoiding special kind of food..No high temperatures, no higher blood pressure, I was feeling well in the hospital could have left much earlier when I would have enough leukocytes…The doctors were very satisfied with me the whole last week as I didnt get anything extra there at this time…

    My only concern is that I definitely need to go back to the hospital to continue with the third cycle of the therapy, then I will need to eat definitetly less and the biggest concern for me are the surroundings because you have to deal all day long with sickness, and if you have the bad luck beeing in a room where people doing very very bad, you cant seperate yourself from them, that is most difficult for me as a more sensibel guy…

    anyway I hope to be at home for more than just a week like in the break between first and second cycles…and hope to see a good game tonight…

  98. Carp don’t let Weekes steal the rigatoni this time. They seem to be stabelizing a bit now that they’re home and a little more settled. did anyone notice that questionable hit on Dubinsky?
    ; )

    Fran- I’m in whole hearted agreement by the way- IF they would just throw the puck on net any chance they got they’d probably be pleased with the results.

  99. HWirth – I was actually sitting in a good amount of water beneath my feetsies. Also, I definitely have food poisoning/regular poisoning from whatever they call a cheeseburger. Maybe the night would have been better had I headed over to the Marriott for the post-game beer special. Alas…

  100. I hope Devo sticks with the Rangers,he is my vote for Chuck Norris trophy!

    meh,maybe i should wait before casting my vote,till he actually wins a scrap.

    on a similar note,is The Prusts left hand injury messing with his game,and his effectiveness?

  101. eddie,

    I was referring to your thoughts on the Blunden play, insofar as HWirths’ condescending demeanor towards whom he deemed non-believers, and insofar as concerning his presumption of Blunden’s mental processes by which he could not determine the number of Montreal skaters on the ice surface at the point in time where he left the bench and interfered with Dubinsky, which, of course, was not his purpose.

  102. Two tix for tonights game. Sec. 426 Row C right off the aisle.
    $60.00 for the pair or will accept a reasonable offer. I take paypal and can email the tix through my Rangers account.
    Email me if interested.

  103. Didn’t Michael Nylander have 15 kids by the time he was 25? Swedes must have nothing better to do once it goes dark at 10am.

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – glad i wasn’t alone in my thinking……i have never seen such a blatant example of TMM on ice…..I just dont see how Bluden didnt see the other 5 skaters….Morg’s youtube clip exonerates us….

  105. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    The hit was not dirty at all. And if we are saying dubi is defenceless, well time to shut down the NHL. I mean it isn’t a head shot, not from the side, not sure how some people want physicality in the game now??

    Guess the optimal hit too some of you would be something like this (picture two players yelling at each other on the ice)

    Ok I’m at my blue line and am moving two feet to my left

    Ok I’m going to skate towards you now

    Wait, moving another foot to my left

    Etc etc

    I love to play chess and that is the speed at which the game would be played if some of you had your way, but you guys probably like the skills competition also.

    The whole issue with the hit is he is the 6th guy. If you look at the replay the guy he is replacing is at the far end of the bench a few feet from getting off the ice when blunden hops on (common occurrence in hockey, during line changes more than 5 skaters technically on the ice at once).

    Now, just like if the puck hits a guy during a line change while play is going on and there are technically more than five guys out there, it is a penalty. Same thing here, blunden took part in the play before the guy he was replacing was off the ice, albeit no longer involved in the play.

    Im not sure what anyone expected this kid to do when he was.doing a line change that as a hockey player he has done a bazillion times before and if he doesn’t hit dubi and dubi scores (I know ha ha) the kid gets lambasted for just letting dubi go by, guess he should have close lined him or hit him with his stick or something instead of a clean body check.

    You guys are really getting ridiculous!!

  106. wicky,

    I have no issue with the actual hit; I would have considered it very legal if Blunden were supposed to be on the ice.

  107. I gather you read all the previous comments, wicky. If yes, we’ll have to agree to disagree. No one said the hit per se was dirty.

  108. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Reminds me of a hit you see when a guy steps out of the penalty box as the other team is rushing up the ice,. Most of the time after a hit like the guy out of the penalty box one, people all say you have to be aware of what is going on on the ice at all times.

    You guys make it sound like blunden pulled a dale hunter

  109. You have to be aware of a player coming out of the penalty box to hit you as much as you have to be aware of him getting a breakaway. Apples and oranges. If you look straight up and there is NO ONE who can hit you, your defensive mechanisms, physiologically speaking, are down whether you want it or not.

  110. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I would have to make a guess that the hit was not in itself what the coach was upset about it was probably the penalties that got blunden the seat. I’m sure the coach would like him to throw hits like that all the time just not as the 6th guy unless the goalie is pulled.

    The interference call was incorrect, should have been too many men and unsportsmanlike if you want to give him four minutes IMHO

  111. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I just went back and read your post asking if I had read all the other posts, I have not, I read the first ten or so and got so frustrated with the topic, I started responding right away. I’m reading from the top now!

    Thanks for the smart btw

  112. I actually do not care about either call. I equal the hit to a blindsided hit. But your typical blindsided hits occur when the player just simply isn’t aware of the environment and gets pounded. This one is more vicious and cheap because, even though he tried, there was no way for Dubinsky to expect it.

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – ilb raised the most relevant point when he stated that dubi saw no player near him and shouldnt have expected anyone….the hit wasnt legal because he was an extra attacker and shouldnt have been on the ice……

  114. Ilb –

    Disregarding the fact that Blunden hit the ice too soon (and assuming he believes he’s is on legitimately) how are you suggesting he should have played that? Blunden could have hit Dubi a heck of a lot harder than he did IMO, he’s a big guy and all he really does is brace himself and Dubi’s force does the job.

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – what line do you like against the French MaCutcheon, if you are white in the following:

    1.e4 e6
    2. d4 d5
    3. Nc3 Nc6
    4. Bg5 Bb4
    5. e5 h6
    6. white to play…

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – your point is vaild…i dont see how he didnt know he was the 6th attacker…

  117. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Thanks for the write up, not sure how that last post came out like it did

  118. Dde- I think he hit him and followed through….I don’t want to go into medical details, but there is, for example an interesting stat about MVAs. The most severe injuries occur to a R front passenger because the driver, subconsciously, steers away from himself to avoid the danger. The second most severe- sleeping passengers located anywhere. All you need is a millisecond for your brain to adjust to a potential impact- different neck muscle contractions and release of certain itracranial hormones to decrease a severity of an impact. My point is, there should be some degree of players’ respect to one another. Yesterday, there wasn’t

  119. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – though i do play, on occasion, 3….Nc6 in response to the Tarrasch…3.Nd2

  120. I could be mistaken, but Blunden jumped on the ice for 72 Cole who is a forward. Blunden is a Dman, when he jumped on he became the 3rd Dman.

  121. ilb- We’ll have to disagree about the extent of a follow through and I respect your concern for player safety but you didn’t really answer my question.

    Players stretch the 5 feet on changes all the time, I think it’s fair to say his compulsion to jump on the ice was not lessened by the developing play.
    So does he jump on early on purpose? Did he do so to make a play on the approaching Dubi and it happens that the proper play was body contact?
    Or did he do so to clean Dubi’s clock? If it was the latter he certainly could have made a more devastating hit IMO.

    I know it was a disturbing play and I liked what Cally did, but I think it was just one of those unusual situations that happen sometimes.

  122. my apologies for bring up chess everyone!!

    Clearly the NHL should implement ANOTHER rule that no player shall leave the bench for a line change until the replaced player is clearly seating with his tray in the upright position and keep all arms and legs inside the bench at all times!!

  123. I don’t think cally fighting the guy had anything to do with the legalness of the hit or if blunden was the 6th or 4th guy on the ice, it was the hit itself

  124. Leetchhall

    There – you’ve done it. You came up with the magic word…the one I should have used and have been groping for for some time. CRISP PASSING. The one factor
    ( other than shooting on net of course) that should be the hallmark of a club intent on going all the way….If they are so bound and determined to pass their way toward a cup spot, then by gar, they’d bloody well better learn how to do it. Just for the devil of it , start keeping tabs on the manner and way they not only make passes but how they RECEIVE them. ( Now I digress a bit here for I must say that the way in which a man receives the pass is also a credit or indictment) of the many who made the pass.

    Now I’m sure that at your earliest age learning to play this game and were perhaps taught by a legit hockey player
    (at any level) who taught you to receive a pass by allowing your stick to relax a bit and sort of “catch” or cradle the puck with your blade. You would be surprised how many passes become potent when the receiver accepts the pass properly. But if the stick is always in a death grip,( and sometimes it happens so fast that it cannot be helped,) but most of the time the receiver has time to relax his grip a bit and just couch the pass which then assures him of at least an opportunity to make a potent shot on goal. Sainted cousin Jack showed me this practice early on, and I in turn passed it on to the kids I coached. We always had good passing teams.


    Do I detect some frigidity in the air of the blog? Seems like the natives are restless tonight………..surely you folks don’t want this blog to deteriorate into the venues for constant personal invective as so many of the lesser ones resort to…Committe has always been the standard of this gathering of hockeyists. What say we keep it that way eh? let’s not drop into Trollerism, and
    personal attacks.

  125. Blunden’s a forward, bull dog.

    Not exactly sure what you are complaining about again, wicky. Blunden got penalised for being the sixth man on *not* for anything to do with the physicality of the hit.

    Players always get some leeway for making an early change provided they don’t get involved in the play before the other player gets to the bench. Hitting a player (head down or not, cleanly or not) is probably getting involved in the play, don’t you think?

    I could have lived with Blunden not getting an interference penalty too, but I don’t see what the whole thing has to do with pansification or “new” rules.

  126. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    the hit on Dubi was clean if the guy wasn’t the 12th man in…that is ridickulus!

    Girardi’s value is as high as it will ever be…good time for a trade

    Ryan McD and Hank only untouchables…TRAID EVERYONE ELSE!! …..and for my good buddy MickeyM…..AND MORE!!!™

  127. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    it’s very hard not to love each and every one of you despite my proclivity to want to rebuild this team using the draftroom of the edmonton oilers.

  128. michael sauer needs to understand how important he is to this team. he has a habit of fighting guys who are useless. last night he should no better

  129. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    eric, not a good time to trade him..i would hold off until further notice….remember, you want to take profits when every one wants to buy ’em not when you have to sell… does that make sense?

  130. I don’t know if you can label the Blunden play dirty but he left the bench anticipating to take Dubinsky out of the play. Dubinski could see that the 5th man was still on the ice and had a way to go so he continued forward thinking there would be be no defence. Blundel had a similar view he could not wait for his man to hit the bench or he would have had no chance of hitting Dubinski clean or not so it was a bad play and they paid the price. Callahan apparently thought the hit was on the dirty side because he couln’t have hit Dubinski unless he left the bench early. The player Blunden was to replace was between 10-15′ from the bench. I don’t agree with HW on the hit but his writeup was great otherwise.

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