It’s Go Time!


Game 12. Fifth of a six-game homestand.

Back to playing teams from Canada (boy, there’s been a lot of two-anthem games so far). First of 16 straight vs. Eastern teams.

The Rangers begin back-to-backs at home, having won their last two games over Western powers (San Jose and Anaheim).

De-Whaled, de-prucha’d Sean Avery makes his season debut in place of Wojtek Wolski (groin). Mike Rupp (arthroscopic knee surgery this week) and Marc Staal (concussion symptoms) remain out.

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  1. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Excited to see Avery, but it is only a mellow yellow drama…the real drama resides in how high of a draft pick we may ascertain to be!! BAN EVERYONE FROM THE INTERNETS!

  2. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    jimbo, if by second you mean four…well, then…yes!

  3. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Joe Thornton recommends Colgate for patients that chew gum…and even then only for 4 out of 5 of them… Joe knows Didley.

  4. Good Adam Gravey…..yay for Go Time! I’m only paying attention to game tonight, check in with you all later…..Ta for know!

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tomb, if you’re here and if you don’t already know, NHL Network tonight

  6. remember remember the 5th of november
    the gun powder treason and plot
    i see no reason
    the gun powder treason
    should ever be forgot

    lets go rangers

  7. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    why is everyone apologizing for?? no one is doing anything wrong…i have seen nary a touch of vitriol save for the pleas of the trading of overpriced Rangers players for cheap under the table draft picks with missing teeth and three or four names….


    Lucky Chang’s Bob

  8. OK, this is why I have to site back here tonight……shudder… happy and nervous and….OY!

    later all…


  9. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    the return of 6 minutes! such climactic cinema!!

  10. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    anyone have an online link that i don’t have to fill out a survey to watch the game?

  11. hello ilb and nyr_fan!


    check out these links

  12. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Avery should come out in drag…would really make the 6 minutes something special!

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr fan – my brutha from anutha, I hope we be flyerin at, know what I’m sayin?

  14. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    they are not on gamecenter when its nationally televised.

    Thanks TR, the stream was the winner!!!

  15. Sorry guys, but I’m out drinking so can’t guarantee a good effort from our boys tonight.

    Hope I can get home for the third so we win.


  16. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    yea Mickey, i just could not go the whole night with the Canadiancentric coverage and the 4 boobs between periods

  17. >>this draft is deep. no matter where the rangers pick there going to get someone good.

    Hmm, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    one day i will have direct tv and make sure i get the MSG family of networks..enough of this mess lol

  19. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    dubiii, dubi might be taking part in prostate cancer awareness..thus the november moosetache…my dad suffering from advanced stage prostate cancer, so more power to these guys that are participating.

  20. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    part of the reason i looked for an online link Mickey, and thanks to our man TR, he provided me with a great one. And in an hour, i can have the Alabama-LSU game on tv lol

  21. Hey! They have a guy named DIAZ on the Habs – I wonder if they signed him to play with Gomez!? ;-P

  22. Don’t get why they re-dropped on the PP opening face-off; the Canadien was the offender, and Dubinsky was the winner of the draw.

  23. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    totally legal hit…this didnt happen in old NHL…keep ur head up, dubi…and score some goals so we can trade ya

  24. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    horrible power play b4… richards also missed open net

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i was thinking wow Cally looks small next to this guy and then he got fast and furious with the haymakers!!!

  26. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    ilb, defenseless with the puck? wasn’t like he hit dubi at same time…dubi was already fiddling…clean hit..that is all!

  27. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    if that is man extra, than I am totally incorrect I offer my apologies in keeping with the repentant nature of the drama queens… i sorry.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    I cannntt believe this …no french station!! No CBC western or cbc ontario aint showin it!!!!

    I miss all that fighting stuff!!!


  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    EMOTION is contageious!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO!!!

  30. How did Nokelainen and Sauer end up with game misconducts? Fought too late? Surprised Cally wasn’t slapped with an instigator, but they probably would have had to throw him out because of his visor.

  31. Hi all! LGR!!! Was looking for a good stream and only got a small piece of the havoc, what happened?
    At least expected Aves to be in the middle of it. ;)
    Mama <3

  32. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    is that Doug Lidster on defence for the Rangers? re: #6?

  33. This penalty situation is gonna even-up before this game is over….just sayin’……

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao i must have missed it Spider, my fb and phone are freakin blowing up right now lol

  35. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    lev, MDZ still afraid to make a mistake…he usually only one not afraid to shoot…u r 100% correct

  36. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    re: waiting for a number…just bought some gorgeous porcelain enamel french house number plates …just gorjus!

  37. eddie and mama- I am NOT hating. I just promised to never use a certain name again since I was called a hypocrite for mentioning how sick I was of everything being about him when there were other issues with the team. Ergo, I am using GOD instead.

  38. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    if dubi is hurt and we didnt trade him im going to be quite livid!

  39. “Dubi doesn’t seem right since that hit”

    It looked like he alligator armed that pass in the high slot

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This will be the third W in a row, 45 to go for 48 straight wins since the recall of The Other Great One

  41. Rangers’ power-play has looked this season, for the most part. Even though they haven’t scored much, they can move the puck well. Probably best period of the season, so far…

  42. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    {{{{{C3}}}}} i will let you know when to expect cookies. didnt bake today but you know it won’t be long!

  43. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    nyr_fan, ur right puck movement has been much better this season…several very good tic tac type passes in this game..they weren’t skilled enuff last season to make those sort of plays…come on Rangers, show Greg that you can be so much more!!!

  44. Quickest way for Habs to get back in this would be for the Rangers to take some dumb penalties -Gotta stay out of the box

  45. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    NYR…ROFLMAAOMAOM! Lenny Knee-moy when he tried out for erika estrada’s part in CHIPS!

  46. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    jbytes was right…a nail-byter of a game developing….I hate montreal!!

  47. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    dreaded 3 goal lead is now the dreaded two goal lead but NOT the dreaded five goal lead

  48. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    SPider, just find my Gomez the Russian clown picture, that should take care of your missing him lol

  49. ilb, little one’s mom got lobster, filet and champers at hospital….CT, what you cooking up for the girls? :)

  50. McDonagh shouldn’t have turned his body there, could have just hip checked or rode Gionta into the boards.

  51. Those wasted power play will be costly. Cammalleri will probably make it 3-2 on one of those one-timers.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the refs are true to form, the rangers will be a man down the entire 3rd period.

  53. Here we go……I’m telling you, they’re gonna even it up……Hockey Night in Canada…..

  54. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    not me, mickeyM…i expect the worst from this team…cellar dwellers and sather should be a seller dwellar at the deadline….PANICK!

  55. Right. Look HOW it starts.

    I tell youse something about Stralman most probably don’t know.

    And get called a big mouth for my troubles. Nice.

    Here’s Stralman hippin’ LeCavalier, and there’s a lot more….
    …more trouble diggin’ it up, for which I’ll get what I wonder?

  56. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    they should make in-game trades right after our players score a goal…reduce the time value decay of their trade worth.

    Future Value BOB

  57. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    Rod, you fall for it every time…i did that only to spark a comment…are you that stubborn?

    Be chill, dude…panic along with the rest of us as our heroes blow a 3-0 lead.

  58. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    they need ANY time in the Habs zone

    cally’s gonna look like zorro had a field day with his facce after this game

  59. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    ROFL @ Joel ‘dont call me, Jack’ Youngblood… ROFLMAOMAOAMOA!!!

  60. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    MickeyM, they need less Habs in our time zone…spring forward, winter back??

    MIckeyM, adding ‘AND MORE’ just adds to the drama… works with nearly every phrase!

  61. btw Bob, why panic?

    it’s not like you dont know what’s going to happen.

    Whoops. 4-2. Ok, better.

  62. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    keep the faith, people!! they can do it!! RESIGN EVERYONE!!

  63. billybleedsblue on

    Horn hasn’t sounded that good in a while.

    What is Subban’s problem? Seriously, I’m listening and have not seen any action. Is he just trying to agitate? I heard earlier he had words for Captain Callahan, and now this service at the end of the 2nd…How come?

  64. LinCalPrustBoylahan November 5th, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    have the officially renamed December 25th Averymas yet?


  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – I know what you be sayin.

    I’m just mad about saffron, she’s just mad about me.

  66. They gotta come out much more aware of things in the 3rd period…..if Habs grab another early goal, it’s gonna be trouble galore…

  67. apologies apologies apologies. well whoever the coach is….syanora probably. but i feel horrible for Prospal. Tyutin not so much. Wisblowski neither.

  68. Gotta say, Richards has settled in so seemlessly.

    Good thing too.

    Woulda been a big problem, 9 yrs and all.

  69. Eddie- Keep your chin up kid. Too much special teams play for your boy, he’ll be lucky to see 6 minutes tonight.

  70. I’ll bet that Jeff Carter is delighted that he signed in Columbus – I think he’s hurt now, but still…

  71. wasnt Mason being promoted as a top-notch goalie just a few years ago? or was that a different Mason?

  72. all in all theyve played with 5 defensemen fairly well. it could have been worse considering we have Woywitka, Eminger and Dzaster.

  73. Well, Im just gonna say..

    I dont think my Stralman clips have received enough attention.

    The guy hits, he’s going end-to-end, could be the best No. 6 in the league!!!

  74. You don’t want to know, Jimbo. I’m using my dog’s belly bands at the moment. A bit tight, but will do…

  75. Scott Arniel was named the Blue Jackets coach on June 8th, 2010. im only a year and 5 months late.

  76. I think his main asset is skating and passing, Rod. He can play on PP and has a decent shot from the point

  77. Dubi’s getting the “Wayne Dillon” complex….or the “Gene Carr” syndrome….

  78. They fired the guy that did the Zubov trade. Guess you gotta be real bad to get fired as GM.

  79. >>>brb, going to jump in front of a speeding train

    Don’t do it, Mickey – not until I buy you that sandwich! ;-D

  80. I absolutely HATE it when Hank plays the puck with his head. He should call up Rihter and ask him how the his head is doing after taking a shot off the head.

  81. C3, only thing I can think of is that the helmets are better now than they were in Richter’s time?

  82. The light colored collar on the heritage jersey looks like a neck roll sometimes. Was it James Patrick that wore that?

  83. See, guys!? When you don’t try hard to SCORE on your PPs, the other team gets chances!!!

  84. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    that is a really stupid call! I’ve never really seen that called until Dubi the other night and now this. Is this a trend? or a new rule?

  85. I can’t find that in the rules Jimbo….the unwritten rules maybe? Isn’t that up to the team to handle that “penalty.” Prust asking…..

  86. They’re classifying it as “unsportsmanlike conduct”, Mama…….I’ve never seen it called before, in all my years of watching the game..never once!

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It don’t come easy, you know it don’t easy.

    They look tired.Give the 4th line time.

  88. >>>haha Jimbo “Pree-K Slewban is piece of carcillo…..”

    That’s my name for him, and I’m sticking to it – unless Carp disagrees….

  89. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    get dubi on the ice so he can finally get a goal and remove the monkey
    off his back

  90. I’m training her with salary cap flash cards in a few months Olga. Maybe by the time she’s old enough sthe GM position will be vacant.

  91. Speaking of Hank’s head… he has the same paint scheme as last year, but it’s much darker.

    Doesn’t look as good with regular blueshirt or white but looks sharp against these heritage sweaters.

    Feds killed about 20 valuable seconds at the end; heads up.

  92. just a comment on Avery tonight. I have complained in the past about him playing selfish, but tonight he played within the team game. example on a shift in the 3rd his line was changing and he had the puck, in the past he would have tried to make a play at the blue line by himself, tonight he dumped the puck in chased and changed. last season he would have overstayed his shift. if he buys in, I have no problem with him playing.

  93. Great to see them pay tough, but man is their power play an abomination.

    That hit on Dubi was legit.

  94. the fans reaction to Avery every time he touched the puck had to be a little embarrassing to him.
    by the way, Richards is good.

  95. Exactly, CTB. That’s why Callahan reacted. Dubi was defenseless since he didn’t expect that hit. And he looked before accepting the pass. Dangerous play.

  96. Losing Sauer so early had to take its toll, too…….glad they withstood it, though….

  97. I tell ya, Gionta, Cammalleri, Pacioretty…those guys are really snipers…..always put great shots on the net…I hate them, but they’re good…

  98. One last reason to like Stralman signing (he was hurt last year; these are 09-10 numbers, in 73 games);

    Power play goals (four), power play assists (18), power play points (22).

    And we were 1-for-9 tonight.

  99. Isles beat the Craps!? Damn, WSH has goalie problems…I saw a few of those goals, and they really sucked…

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Feds killed precious time late with his feet…. Brilliant. Aves deserved the third star. Outstanding performance given his lack of ice time.

  101. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    great watchin a victory with youse guys! off to watch the rest of the Alabama – LSU game!

  102. Step off the ledge, Lloyd. And here was I thinking the team won, looked mostly good and there wasn’t much need to play the fourth line given all the PP/PK time and the need the preserve the lead in the third.

    But no, it’s all about somebody’s TOI…

  103. IMO the hit on Dubi was just one of those odd plays that come along every now and again.
    I can’t find fault with Blunden? or Cally’s reaction.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sorry LW – but it looked like the rangers’ exhaustion nearly cost them. On that late pp , the habs were smothering them. Dubi, cally, Boyle, prust, Ritchie, and step were dead yet torts kept throwing them out there. It isn’t so much that Avery should have been out there because of our man crush as much as the 40 seconds of time someone else could have rested.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some of you Avery haters want him, and the team by extension, to fail and I find that peculiar.

  106. No excuse for playing Avery and Deveaux under 5 minutes, especially when:

    a) the power play didn’t do a damn thing after scoring a goal
    b) the other three lines were completely exhausted

    Also, the hit on Dubinsky was clean and what you deserve when you skate around without paying attention to where you’re going.

    I thought tonight was a good effort – they need to get the power play sorted if they want to have any shot at doing more than just being a first-round playoff team.

    Anyway, my issues tonight are purely with Tortorella. I’m just tired of watching him play favorites, especially when guys like Ruslan Fedotenko are playing in upwards of 20 minutes a game.

  107. Eddie

    I repeat, I’m far from an Avery hater.

    If we’re making stupid claims about wanting the team to fail, I think the coach-firing crew could be argued to be ahead there. But I don’t think any of us want the team to fail, so I wouldn’t actually say that.

  108. Hey guys – just got back from the Islandorks/Craps game and read the box score of the Rangers game. Looks like Sean made some stupid moves re: penalties and it looks like Christensen is still playing well. Richards – ’nuff said. Del Zaster even got in on it.

    And this time I really didn’t see the game!

  109. Manny:

    Sean didn’t make any stupid moves and nothing in the box score suggests that. He barely even played.

  110. Also…

    Not perfect by any means, but the PP has been a lot worse than it was tonight. It’s not always going in (or getting put on goal enough still), but they’re holding the zone and moving the puck a lot better the last few games.

    Thought Eminger stepped up well too, given they were effectively playing four D most of the game.

  111. I know Lloyd! I was just being a buffoon as a joke – you know, like….”hey i know what happened without knowing you don’t have to tell me.” Looks like Sean got what? Under 5 minutes?

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – fair enough, but believe I am not as much of a torts hater as you would think either. He did, and it is accurate to say, shorten the bench to the point were he allowed the habs to get within one goal. Bad tactics IMO. The rangers on ice in the last 5 minutes were dead to man.

  113. The last 5 Rangers power plays were spent almost exclusively in the Rangers end, with Montreal having most of the puck possession. In fact, the vast majority of the power plays featured little more than the Rangers burning 2 minutes off the clock. Even though the 5 on 3 was the kind of thing they should be doing whenever they have a two man advantage, it was nice to see them finally bury one. When up a man, however, they still are unable to generate effective pressure.

  114. I liked Avery a lot when he first came in. I am not an Avery hater, nor I’m an Avery lover. And I’d like him to succeed because it’ll help the team. I just don’t think his presence is relevant. Both long and short term.

  115. Manny:

    John Tortorella decided that Ruslan Fedotenko is the man that’s going to bring the Rangers to the promised land.

  116. Lloyd,
    how much do you think Avery should have played, and who of the top 9 forwards should he played instead of?

  117. And speaking of tactics, considering they were down to 5 defensemen, I thought the third period was their best of tge season. From tactical point of view.

  118. Generally, no, Eddie. But claiming anyone here who is anti-Avery (even when they’re not…) wants the team to fail is…

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And your implication that Lloyd is crazy because he opined on avery’s lack of TOI, isn’t quite the most brilliant thing I have ever read,

  120. Well Lloyd – I wouldn’t ask my opinion since I am the guy that thinks Fed-oh-tank-oh should be on the first line LW. You might hate my answers. But again, I never played hockey and I don’t watch the games. Ask Carp.

  121. Bull Dog Line:

    He could easily have given Avery some power play time, especially when the power play was generating absolutely nothing for most of the game. We all know that Tortorella won’t ever do that because he thinks guys like Ruslan Fedotenko are the most dynamic players in the NHL. And I’m sorry, but Fedoteno logged nearly 20 minutes of ice time, had more shifts than any other forward, yet didn’t register a single shot or hit. I think Avery could have spelled him a few times without disastrous consequences.

  122. And people would’ve made Avery’s TOI an issue, whatever the result, whatever the circumstances of the game.

    I don’t think anyone (the coach included) wants to play whoever is on the fourth line less than five minutes *every* game. It’s a bit early to make judgements about where things are heading this time around, whichever “side” you are on.

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – I just rewatched the last 5 minutes and to give you an answer as to who – for starters, cally, dubi, Boyle, prust, step, and Richards. The were exhausted and if you didnt see that – you weren’t watching.

  124. Fire Torts! There goes the ego-maniac again. Trying to win a game instead giving the best hockey player in the world (that 29 other teams had no interest in) the ice time he deserves.

  125. NYR – you should be happy to know that Maloney said, in the post game, that the most necessary call-up IS the ^hobbit wizard^ “without question” and the Rangers should “move the cap space as necessary to make it happen.” He really felt that they need another “high skill guy” up here.

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd is making a valid point. Cally late in the game, at the end of a long shift, threw a check and missed deep in the hab zone and it took him about what seemed an eternity to make it back to the bench and it lead to an odd man rush. But he was back out there 30 seconds later.

  127. Lloyd- Fedotenko is only one year older than Avery. He is more defensive type of player. Yet he played almost 200 games more than Avery and amassed nearly 100 points more than Avery. Sorry, but I’ll go with Fedotenko.

  128. If the argument is that distributing more ice time earlier in the game, then yes, there’s a case for that, though with so many penalties, some players were always going to miss out. (And I don’t know why Avery would deserve PP time at this point.)

    If the argument is that Avery should’ve been out in the last five minutes preserving the lead…hell no.

  129. Exactly, Lloyd. Defensive player. Not an agitator. Yet he has by far better offensive numbers than Sean does.

  130. Geez, Eddie. Figure of speech…

    Hadn’t realised you were the most literal, serious poster on here all of a sudden. I’m really not trying to be antagonistic with you here.

  131. Ruslan Fedotenko was never considered a “defensive player” until he came to the Rangers and Tortorella, who had zero confidence in him as an offensive player in Tampa, changed his role – there’s a reason his career low in points happened to coincide with him signing a Rangers contract. Fedotenko was a middle of the road forward who was ok for getting a few goals on a bottom line. Now that Tortorella has convinced him he shouldn’t try to do anything but pin the puck against the boards, he’s the guy you want on the ice at crunch time.

  132. Lloyd, and eddie x3,
    I have a hard time figuring out what it is you think Avery is. I thought tonight Avery was disciplined, and if he is going to stay in the line up he has to play the way he played tonight. if its for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, he has to buy into the unselfish game the Rangers are asked to play.

  133. That was a pretty awesome game. God looked a bit invisible, which really worried me…

    Nice to have a winning streak! Need to continue!

    And thank you Tyler Seguin for scoring a hat trick! It made up for my pathetic, embarrassing, horrific, moronic decision to pick up the Leafs AHL backup, who scored me a whopping 0.5 points tonight. Total screw up, and it might cost me!

  134. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – sorry, but fedtank is not the one to attack…Dubi was horrible the whole game and I wouldnt be surprised if he wasnt hurt in that collision.

    LW – one of the eddies is serious, literal, and prone to objectivity…..its the other two that are annoying.

  135. bull dog line:

    my issue is that I think Tortorella is going to keep on playing games with Avery and keep on finding excuses why he needs to limit his ice time. there was no good reason why he should have been in a position at the end of that game to have nothing but exhausted forwards. that’s all Tortorella who never claims to know why certain guys can’t get in the game, there just, magically, isn’t room enough for them. one would assume that the coach has some control over who does what, but with a Tortorella-coached club, things always seem to work out in a way that ice time is determined by factors completely out of his control. I’ve heard this some nonsense from him for years about “losing guys” for any number of reasons, and I’m pretty sick of it – he used some similar b.s. in explaining why Woywitka didn’t play more.

    again, I think the Avery call-up was forced on him, and I think we’ll see Tortorella undermine players however he has to in order to maintain the appearance of having total control over the New York Rangers.

  136. eddie:

    Dubi is horrible most games but gets a pass from everyone – including the coach btw., who despite screaming at him behind closed doors (according to Carp), still makes sure Dubi is out there 20+ minutes a night.

  137. Oh, boy….Lloyd, I’d rather not comment on your last post. Just take a look at his points spread throughout his NHL career before you make such a statement.

  138. ilb:

    you obviously didn’t read it either since I already addressed the distribution of points throughout his career.

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bulldog – again, the straw man argument is our avery mancrush. The rangers on the ice over the last 6 minutes were exhausted. I say shortening the bench almost backfired. ec, deveaux, and avery getting 45 seconds late, spelling the dead tired top 6 isnt an idiotic rant. The Habs were dominating and unlucky to not have tied it..even a man down.

  140. None, ORR! Everyone is really just excited that the Rangers won and really happy with Tortarella’s winning coaching moves!

  141. Rupp has a Stanley Cup clinching goal on his resume. Fedotenko also has a Cup clinching goal on his resume. Avery doesn’t. Prust sayin.’

  142. Off topic, but have I mentioned recently how incredibly wretched those chimps Steigerwald and Errey are on FSN Pittsburgh broadcasts?

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – that easily could have ended differently and maybe next time we wont be so lucky is the point…

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    The pens’ announcers are the two biggest TOOLS in ANY booth. Gouge my ears with a needle.

  145. Errey just claimed that he doesn’t like Terry Murray because he apparently learned that Murray used to tell his players that they had free rein to “do what they like” to only two players in the NHL: Errey and Pat Verbeek. (?!)

    Smells like a load of unsubstantiated horse-Carcillo to me.

  146. Hoo bo. A good gutsy win and people are complaining about Torts and GOD. Fun times on the blog.

    Not for me, I’m out before I get angry.

    Night gang.

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    For, like, the 5th time, the argument is about the exhausted Rangers that were sent over the boards time after time and looked like they were skating in sand…..It isnt that Avery should have been out because we have a man crush on him. That is simplistic and it misses the mark. Go back and watch it if you DVR’ed it. The rangers were lucky. Am i happy? I am overjoyed. But what I am suggesting is next time, and there will be a next time, maybe we wont be so fortunate.

  148. I can just picture Terry Murray addressing his team:

    “Right, boys. I want you to be physical, nasty, dirty and really go after one player to take him off his game, so he can’t hurt us.”

    “Who, coach? Lemieux? Jagr? Francis?”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. Bob Errey.”

  149. eddie, funny about that, I was just recommended that by a family member just a little while ago…

  150. eddie eddie eddie on

    Tired hockey players make serious mistakes…it cannot be helped.

    LW – watching the pens games with those two homers is nauseating. I would rather watch a game, tied up, listening to Joe M talk about hard groins while marv albert was biting my back than put up with their inane ramblings….

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – the bottom line is everyone is whacked mentally/emotionally…..and those that think they arent wacky…… are seriously ill….

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mickey – That being said, no harm talking to someone about whatever drama you are dealing with……there are also us lunatics here on RR as well…..lay back and tell me when it began…:) Dr. e3 is here to help….

  153. OK, caught up with game….

    good clean hit on dubi, but i’m sure shanny will suspend blunden because dubi’s head hit the ice when he rolled over, head point of impact…5 games!!

    I have no problem with the cally reaction (rather enjoyed it actually), but have a problem with an interference penalty called on blunden (really NHL?? I mean, if he lets him go by it’s a break away, dubi had the puck in his possession..interference WTF???) also sauer with a game misconduct?? separate fights?? Total BS again NHL!! If there is a line brawl, do 8 guys get game misconducts??

    I don’t think woywitka played much in the game did he??

    michael busto had a nice goal!!

    Bahama bomba with an assist, sweet!!

    what’s up with tort’s bouche bag pre game presser??

    didn’t get your sauer comment at the beginning of this thread at all (not sure if you elaborated later stopped reading the comments after yours, just too many on this thread).

  154. You’re right lloyd Braun Avery’s call -up was forced by Sather and the fans for the most part. Tortsh-t will never give Avery enough playing time to have any impact in any game. In fact he’ll make his life a living hell. I, honestly believe that Tortsh-t dislikes him more than some of the obvious Avery haters on this blog site ummmh

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