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1) Just because it tends to get so hysterical (and I don’t mean funny, though it can be that, too) here, I wondered in the comments last night, at 1-1, were you willing to say this was a good effort or if it sucked from head to toe, had the Rangers lost the breakaway contest. I mean, based on that silly competition after the game was over, would you have judged the Rangers’ performance any differently had the breakaway contest gone the other way? Be honest. …

2) … Because I didn’t think it was as good as the Monday win over Jumbo Shrimp Joe and the  Softie Sharks. But it was probably still the second best performance of the season … and by the way, now three of a possibe four from the Mighties, two from the Canuckleheads, two from the Jumbo Shrimp Soft Sharks. Kinda like last year when the Rangers found a way to win so many against the best teams in the league.

3) How about that play by Ryan McDonagh in the OT, when he carried deep and Brandon Dubinsky couldn’t handle his drop pass, and McMonster stepped on the gas and used those great wheels to get back and help break up the Mighties’ rush? I don’t care if he missed the net from five feet out. This kid shows you something every night.

4) And speaking of that, I’m glad somebody asked, and Tortorella talked about the top four D and how important they are with the No. 1 out indefinitely. And when Dan (Block Ness) Girardi took one off the eyebrow, did you just for a minute or two, wonder what happens if he ever goes down for more than a couple of shifts? And can you believe, one year and 11 games later, that that’s how you/we/they regard Girardi? Nobody was surprised he came back as quickly as he did from that messy cut. And you had to be happy for Jeff Woywitka getting that goal. Seems like a guy teammates like.

5) Marian Gaborik scores in the shootout despite the 2-for-19 career record that Tortorella recited and certainly knew before choosing him for the breakaway contest after the game ended. Good for Gaborik. He deserved the chance to be a hero. It did make me wonder a little what might have happened if he had the chance to win the shootout to put the Rangers in the playoffs in Philly two springs ago, instead of Olli Jokinen. Not that Gaborik deserved that chance that day.

6) I’m also thinking that when Gaborik is going like this — and he was terrific again last night — maybe he doesn’t need a playmaking center as much as he needs another finisher on his line. Because the D backs off him, and he creates a lot of rebound chances, and he’s also a very good passer. Just sayin’.

7) I thought Brad Richards made a couple of lousy plays … but I’m not blaming him for the turnover in traffic in the slot that led to  the Mighties’ goal.

8) Teemu Selanne sure made it look easy with his breakaway contest goal after the game ended. Such smooth, quick hands.

9) Erik Christensen … once again, keeps his spot because these single Bettman Bonus Points are so important when they add them all up in April.

10) The Rangers didn’t announce the Anton Stralman signing (reported at one year, $900G), so something might be up. If you’re asking what’s up, or if you’re asking where he fits on the organizational depth chart, or anything else about him, I have two words for you: No idea.

11) Henrik Lundqvist literally exhaled when he talked about getting that first shootout win because, let’s face it, he’s more important than Christensen or anybody else in the breakaway contest. Only he’s also more important than anybody else in the first 60, and the 4-on-4 sudden death. How good was Jonas Hiller down the other end? My God, was that glove something special? And Can you even imagine having a first line as good as the Mighties, and Teemu Selanne on the second line?

12) That OT was exactly what the NHL had in mind when it decided to go to 4-on-4, with a point already in the bank. Frantic stuff.

13) Andre (Bel Biv) Deveaux sure handled himself pretty well against big moustache-less Ivy Leaguer George Parros, didn’t he? Though I don’t see the sense of that fight at that point in the game. The Rangers just scored, Parros — as smart and decent a man as he may be — is a goon looking to give his team a spark on the road. I think you decline that needless pre-arranged, staged fight.

14) We Want Avery! The chant doesn’t get nearly as loud when the Rangers aren’t losing, does it? And I even heard a few boos every time people tried to get an Avery chant going. I think Avery’s going to be under a lot of pressure to perform right away, and consistently. But I also think he likes that pressure. … and one more thing that I don’t think I’ve ever really said about Avery: He’s a very, very bright guy. He knows the deal. He knows all the deals.

15) Speaking of needless penalties … I thought that for the first time all season the referees called it at a reasonable level, where a tiny touch or tug didn’t result in a power play. That is, until the Michael Del Zotto penalty call. Pansification.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Ryan McDonagh.


Before I go … I’ve got a busy football weekend coming up. And will have some busy weekends the rest of November. Does anybody want to guest blog/review the Saturday night Montreal-Rangers game? If so, please e-mail me at rcarpini@lohud.com.


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  1. CARP, to answer your first question:

    I would have been disappointed had they lost the pansy breakaway contest, but not devasted. The game was a grind out, not much room out there (read: kinda boring if you like up-and-down hockey) .

    Any news on Staal?

  2. This team somehow has made an art form of of avoiding taking shots on the goal. Pass pass pass. ( and not very well by the way), but no shots. Possibly they expect to dazzle the opponents ( or tire them) with their fancy skating.

  3. now with Wolski being injured again, there is no excuse not to call MZA up. there are top 6 minutes available, and MZA should get a long look on the left side.

  4. Deveaux should play with Gabby and Richards. he is a great passer, sticks up for his teamates, and can spark the team with his play. he should also play on the power play, and kill penalties. he only had 5 minutes last night, I think its because Torts doesn’t like him.

  5. Once Lundqvist let in the softie i was like, here we go again. But they persevered. Henrik played well in the third, especially the stop on bobby ryan in the slot. They got to the OT when they started flying again. The point in the shoot out was big. Now Montreal plays Ottawa tonight and we get to see aboot 1,500 of them (the fans–the hab fans–ugghhh) at MSG on saturday. Cannot wait. Hopefully we give them the derisive ole ole chant and send them back up I-87 with tears in their eyes.


  6. i said last spring, and now i say it again…McMonster is going to be better than staal…and thats i great thing for NYR

  7. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Morning after a Victory ‘Heads!!

    nice write up Carpy!!

    I love watching McMonster (and Sauer) play. So far so good with no slumpage from either! And i think playing with OEG is a great thing for McTerminator. Whenever Staal comes back, and McD and Sauer are back together, wow.. nice D!!

  8. Hey Carp, can you tell me why we got almost daily updates on Crosby’s concussion symptoms and prognostications on when he was going to play again but with Mark Staal, it’s like he’s not even on the team? I mean, besides the obvious that Crosby is a Bettman step-son. We don’t even hear anyone say anything aboot his chances of returning or how he’s feeling or anything other than he’s still out with concussion symptoms.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Think about a D featuring: stahl, girardi, mcd, sauer, mdz, mcilrath with Hank between pipes – not bad.

    Refs swallowed whistles and Rangers were better skater for first period and a half. Wonder what record might be if called that way first 5 games of season.

    Looked like Goal went in off step, but after watching ‘beginnings’ you know he is not the guy to ask for a review upstairs.

  10. fran: I didn’t read the previous posts. Did you ever give the “mush” answer? I cheated last night so I won’t give the answer I found.

  11. Hey guys,
    I have two tickets for Sundays game. If anyone is interested you can have them below face value. Section 426 Row C right off the aisle.
    Email me at ajp9977@msn.com

  12. True Blue Mike on

    Staal going on LTIR soon, MZA possibly wants out? Nasville signs Rinne to a 7 year 49 million dollar contract. Starting to seriously wonder now if Ryan Suter or Shea Weber might be on the way.

  13. People really want Crosby-like regular total non-updates on Staal’s condition?

    McDonagh actually stinks because he didn’t obliterate Ryan with a flying body check while defending the 1-on-1 on which he scored, wicky says so…

    Didn’t see a replay, but when Girardi went down, did he actually block another shot (without knowing it) while he was crumpled on the ice?

  14. 1) – YES – the Rangers could have lost this game in regulation and I would have been really impressed with the effort and play.

    3) – McBust is WHOAH. I can’t believe how good he is. Missing the net on that play it looked like the puck was on it’s side so I won’t blame him. I also like how the other Defensemen are taking his lead and getting involved in the O-Rush. Woywhatever looks like a regular Roszival out there.

    13) I think Prust or a more seasoned guy declines that fight but Bel Biv Deveaux is looking to make an impact on the game and I think whatever challenges come his way he will jump on because it makes him visible.

    15) That penalty call was worse than pansification it was EuroPansification!


    For the actual game – Girardi seems to bleed from the face a lot. He also seems to get stitched up and get right back. Tough, tough guy. Very valuable.

    McBust is unbelievable. I want to say again and again how good he has been.

    Real shame to lose Wolski to a “Wonky Groin Flare Up” when he was on a roll. Really.

    Hiller’s glove hand = the best I have seen this season.

    I thought Mrs. Eminger had a decent game. Hands to the chest and all. Might be seeing the rebirth of…yup…CABER

    Pee Wee played pretty well. Again. During the Regulation I mean.

    That’s all for now.

  15. Oh! One more thing – doesn’t watching Gaborik completely take off like a jumbo jet this year kind of feel like we got a totally new player?

  16. Well here are my thoughts on Stralman. 1- Between he and Avery joining the roster there has to be some kind of move to shed some cap space. I think Wolski is going to wind up on the chopping block. 2- This indicates to me that Staal is definitely going to be out long term. No matter how well the other dmen play that leaves a significant hole that they’re going to try to fill and probably will continue to look at options from now through the trade deadline unless Staal is 100% at some point

  17. Haha Death Stare. That’s a good one, ORR. Maybe we can change one of his nicknames to “Death Star” because that sounds tough.

    Remember last year when Girardi took that puck in between the eyes? He got stitched up and was bleeding through the stitches and back on the ice a few minutes later. He’s awesome.

  18. billybleedsblue on

    I keep missing these games :( but coming here and reading up on things lets me see what’s going on, if only in my head. Thanks Carp. :)

    Oh, and, *AVERY*

  19. The Staal injury is playing out precisely as I suspected it would when he showed up at camp with those symptoms – getting headaches working out several months after the hit that caused the problem in the first place is a serious matter and a clear indication that the aftermath of the injury is lingering.

    Thru NHL center ice, the Duck broadcast of last night’s game was on and they showed the Staal on Staal hit again and geesh, what a nasty viscious hit. Marc had his head down looking for the puck and his a-hole brother clearly took advantage. It was a thundering hit that Marc didn’t see coming and had zero opportunity to prepare for. He was knocked head over heels and landed face-first on the ice.

    I don’t think Eric shouldn’t have hit him but clearly, there was no need to run him over like a flipping steamroller given the vulnerable position Marc was in. It was cheap, without a doubt.

    I just checked Eric’s stats – he’s off to a horrible start: Just 3 goals and 5 points in 12 games and a league worse -12. Stories are circulating that he feels guilty as hell for concussing his brother (as he should). From what I’ve read and heard, the Staals are a close-knit family so I don’t disbelieve it and I suspect the lousy start isn’t a coincidence.

  20. Deveaux fought Parros to fill a role. Avery was called up because of Rupp’s knee, or so they say. Rupp would have been the thug to take on Parros last night if need be. I think Deveaux wanted to prove himself. He did OK too. I give him props for that. But he doesn’t bring what Avery does on the whole sheet of ice.

    Wolski going down probably leaves room for Avery and Deveaux tomorrow night.

    Great defensive effort last night keeping those guys to the outside. Heck, even Emminger looked alright.

    As Carp alluded to, the Rangers have beaten some West Coast powerhouses this year so far. Good call.

    11 games in we have 13 points and I still think we are not even close to gelling yet. Dubi-Cally-Richards is starting to make things happen every shift. Gaborik is a horse. Prust-Boyle-Feds had a decent game last night but Boyler needs to give it a little more gas.


  21. I think the move for Staal just happened because it couldnt happen any earlier, they had to wait at least 10 games. They also need cap space for Avery and a possible signing, or even a callup for Zucco Baggins if Wolski’s groin needs multiple games rest.

  22. That’s right, ORR. People were going nuts about it last year. Good thing no one here runs the Rangers.

    I actually Love Girardi. I understand that maybe he’s a 2nd pairing on many teams but the guy can step up when it counts, mixes it up if he has to, uses his body, is completely fearless and has done a nice job of joining the offense this year.

    Long Live The blockness monster a/k/a deathstar

  23. carp- honestly, i would have been pissed that we lost. but yea im happy we won. i like how we played late in the 3rd and in ot, but for most of the 3rd we were stuck in our end and just seemed like we were defending a lead even though it was a tie game. probably couldve ended it in regulation had we played a better 3rd. i mean the ducks were very close to getting the lead and we just hung on. got a few late chances but hiller was great. cant expect them to dominate the whole game against a good team. overall from what i saw our d is alot better than it was and gabby, duby,cally and artie(somewhat) have looked much better. epecially gabby and cally. duby once he gets his first one i think will break out and go on a roll.. i missed the 1st and a few minutes of the 2nd per. so i wont dissect that with you. im sorry. i just wont. i know u have a job to do. all i will say is we played good from knee to elbow

  24. Grabby you don’t have to watch the games to dissect them. I have never seen a hockey game in my life. I just roll with it.

  25. “now with Wolski being injured again, there is no excuse not to call MZA up. there are top 6 minutes available, and MZA should get a long look on the left side.”

    Yeah, what bull said!!!

  26. orr- i never wanted girardi traded, but he wasnt doing well at the time. he has been better than staal or at least equal to saal the last year an this season so far. . if ever theres a time to trade him,its now. but not a chance you do that for obvious reasons. unless we can get john erskine in the trade. that big pp shot of his alone is worth 3 girardis. (just kidding stuart).

  27. To me, the first two periods were their best this season. So regardless of the outcome of the shootout, I thought it was a great effort.

    Of course, I didn’t get to see the Sharks game because of a Cablevision outage. We had power but no TV, internet or phone for 2 days after the great nor’easter of ’11.

  28. LOL! Erskine has a GREAT shot!

    Girardi is a very valuable piece to this team…not many guys can even play 30+ mins a night, let alone as effectively as he can….

    I think Doodie once said that “Girardi is terrible.” I wonder if he still thinks that…

  29. Good morning all! I think EC is just seriously trying to mess with my head. Yes, I’m happy he did his job last night, but I think the timing is quite interesting!

    Nobody had a death stare like Mess. Nobody.

  30. Doodie is a smart guy so he gets a pass on that one.

    Agree wtih Bull Dog that if there are top 6 minutes out there to be had the ^hobbit wizard^ should get them. Although his recent complaining might not sit well with an egomaniac like Torts who cares about nothing but his own image and his tan and his perfectly cropped goatie and fitted suits. Oh look at me…I am John Tortarella I have nothing to bring to the table except a Stanley Cup and good clothes and yelling and being caustic.

  31. I was at the game last night and that OT was awesome. Hiller stood on his glove hand! The 3rd period was pretty boring in comparison. Fight in the section next to me almost sent a 200+ dude in my lap and the smaller, stupid dude that started it all almost went down the steps and over the rail. Broken chair armrest and souvenier for the Big Dude!

    Did anyone see Boyle totally whiff on the shot right in front of the net? Love him to death, but he NEEDS to work on his stick handling…that is a squirt-level shot that kids on my son’s team have no issues with.

  32. Some thoughts on last night’s game to throw out there.
    It was a nice third period bounce back for Hank who I thought fought the puck early in the game.

    Gotta give it up to Del Zotto. He’s surprising me in the defensive zone. He actually can read a play in front of him.

    McMonster is going to be a star. Great skater, better instincts, and a solid shot from the point.

    Gabby is earning all of that contract this year. Just been a horse. Torts went with his gut on that one and it paid off. If Gabby misses, are we all bashing him today? Cause Torts really hates the players.

    In fear of being called an Avery man-crusher, I’d play Avery over Zuccs if Wolski can’t go Saturday night. Brings more to the table including physical play and even offensive ability than the undersized overhyped Frodo.

    I’m happy they won, although it still wasn’t a 60 minute effort and I’m still concerned that Dubi and Artie and not forcing their will on the game.

  33. We could use a great shot on the PP. Souray, you say? No, not at all, I’m thinking John friggin Foreskin!

    Grabby, he definitely is great trade bait, that’s for sure. But, unless we’re bring back someone who can, for sure, add some offense, I don’t have much desire to deal him.

  34. Figures the OT was exciting and I missed it lol…but I did catch the shootout and why cant Gaborik always do that….and he should have had about 4 goals in the 1st period he was FLYING

  35. BelBiv Really showed his strength… Parros is a very good scrapper, and at points you could see BelBiv just shoving him around. He did ok against a seasoned guy. that being said, and I understand that he is there to fill a role, I don’t think accepting a challenge at that time was a smart thing to do. The Rangers just scored, Parros was trying to jump start his team… and BelBiv obliged him. The smarter play would have been to decline until later in the game.

    I don’t like these staged fights… right after the faceoff, where neither guy is really angry at the other. Now, Dubi and Perry whacking the sticks, getting each other angry, then going at it… I’m fine with that.

    Can that Gomez trade look any better? McD is REALLY turning into a two-way D-man and I love his confidence jumping into the play… I wouldn’t mind him carrying the puck up from time to time.

    That Selanne move in the shootout was sick. Backhand right underneath the crossbar is almost impossible to stop. I remember when he was playing for the Jets and there were rumors that the Rangers were looking to acquire him… what if…

  36. “In fear of being called an Avery man-crusher, I’d play Avery over Zuccs”

    Umm. Why not both? Does Bahama Bomba deserve to play over either of them?

    I did watch the Stepan show, Mama. What a great kid…

  37. HWirth –

    I’d like to see Avery play, but to be honest, I’d really like to see what Zucs could do playing with other skill guys, either on the top line, or with guys like Dubi/Cally. If we keep saying he’s a top 6-type player, why not give him a shot? I can live with the mistakes if he is setting guys up, and both Dubi and Cally are good in the corners. Heck, what if we played him with Avery, who as much as everyone has a polarizing opinion on him, can in fact skate very well?

    I would really like to see Zucs get a chance to play his game up here with a regular shift.

    TSN announced the stalman signing, so I’m not sure if it was a done deal or not now.

  38. NYR_FAN

    Deveaux is important to the physical toughness of the team. Whether or not you agree with the timing of the fight, his pushing around of Parros lifted the team. Take him out of the lineup you are the soft team Thornton claims we were.

  39. “Deveaux should play with Gabby and Richards. he is a great passer, sticks up for his teamates, and can spark the team with his play. he should also play on the power play, and kill penalties. he only had 5 minutes last night, I think its because Torts doesn’t like him.”


  40. Any truth to the report that MZA may wanna leave the organization to get back in the NHL? Was in a Rotter tweet

  41. Zucc is not a top six forward in the NHL. I don’t care how many goals he scored on the big ice in Europe where you can hide in the corners and dart out to the middle or in the much slower paced AHL. He is a very small player, easily pushed around, and it’s not exactly like he lit it up when given a regular chance. Very similar to the Prucha stuff and within a few years he was back out of the NHL.

  42. Rotter is jumping the gun on a report out of Norway…MZA never explicitly said that he wants out of NYR…he said that he thinks he can play in the NHL and would be open to going somewhere else if it meant regular NHL minutes…

    Didn’t a similar (bogus) story come out last year?

  43. HWirth –

    I can’t argue about his size, but there have been small players in the league that have excelled. I’m not sure he really got much of a chance to play as a top 6 with similar skill players.

    Just saying…

    BTW – I thought Prucha was a very effective player when he was given regular shifts. He got hit with the injury bug though, and that sort of stopped him in his tracks when he was here.

  44. Not good about Staal… and if I was his brother, I would definitely be troubled that I caused this issue.

  45. Trying to find out if this is legit. One of the Ranger “sites” on FB put it up along with the announcement of the Stralman signing

  46. You can’t criticize Bel Biv Deveaux for that fight. As I said earlier, I think Prust or a more seasoned guy declines that fight but Bel Biv Deveaux is looking to make an impact on the game and I think whatever challenges come his way he will jump on because it makes him visible. He just got to the league for his newest opportunity. Newburry and Weise took fights when they first got up. It’s what you do to gain respect.

  47. Manny

    The problem is, that fight came just after a Rangers goal. Had BelBiv gotten pummeled, it may have charged up the Ducks. As it was, he definitely held his own.

    I understand your perspective though and that he is trying to establish himself. Personally, I hate these off the faceoff agreed to fights… I’d rather them be in the flow of the game, and for Parros, it was a smart thing to do. His team wasn’t doing much and he was trying to charge them up. Just not sure the pros outweighed the cons for the Rangers TEAM though.

  48. Yea, I agree Matt. I don’t like these fights and as a fan who enjoys fighting a part of the game, I would like to see the players only have REAL fights from now on so that the league doesn’t use this as ammunition for cracking down.

    I think Parros picked Deveaux for his inexperience as well as his size.

  49. Blogmama, I can’t wait to go home and watch it today. I have it on the DVR. I loved the Callahan episode-thought it was done very well.

  50. Even though he’s a Devils fan, Wyshynski cracks me up.

    wyshynski There’s a 12-minute preview of HBO ’24/7″ on Nov. 25 . Before you get too excited, it’s just footage Brandon Prust’s TOI in a random game.

  51. Haha. That’s pretty funny. That guy is hilarious. I really, really wish they were still doing the podcast.

  52. I am not a CBA expert by any means … ilb? others? … but I don’t believe LTIR means out for the season whatsoever. The Rangers have not announced that Staal is out for the season.

    LOL, bulldog.

    Do you guys remember the “dump Girardi” talk after the Carcillo-Gaborik incident?

  53. Great point, Manny. When it comes time to ban fighting — and the NHL will face that at some point in the not-distant future — these staged fights will be all the ammunition the anti-fight side will need.

    If Dubinsky had fought Perry there, that would have been a completely different story.

  54. Oh, and those calling for Zuccarella, can you imagine if he gets called up and plays over Avery Saturday? Let the mayhem ensue.

    I don’t think Tortorella has given up on Zuccarella at all. But the Little Italian Kid from Norway is not ready to be a top-six NHL forward at this point.

  55. Only reason I know LTIR doesn’t mean “out for the season” is because Drury was on it last season. Then he had that crazy clutch goal in Game 82! The legend lives!

  56. McBust:

    June 30, 2009: Traded to NY Rangers by Montreal with Chris Higgins and Pavel Valentenko for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Michael Busto.

  57. Corrected:

    June 30, 2009: Traded to NY Rangers by Montreal with Chris Higgins, Pavel Valentenko and No Gomez for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Michael Busto.

    Whatever happened to Michael Busto?

  58. Carp – The way I understand it from asking this question to the guys I still know in NHL. LTIR is monetary equivalent of in baseball when you move a guy from the 15 day DL to the 60 DL in order to put someone on the 40 man roster. Except this is with cap space. You are replacing Staal’s cap hit because of two reasons. 1. YOU MUST be at or about at the Cap to use LTIR 2. the guy has to be out 10 games ad 24 days.

    In simple terms they use the 3.9 of Staal’s cap hit to go to the cap to bring in Avery, Strahlman, Zucc or Erixon or whoever that brings them to cap but if/when Staal returns that 3.9 of space needs to come to get Staal back in.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, yes, I back off of it a little bit, but I still don’t think he is as good as he has played recently. I think his career ceiling is a good, minute eating, 2nd pairing guy. He’s playing well so far this season (the game in Ottawa excluded), but I do not think that over the course of his career that he will prove to be a 1st pairing defenseman. I’ll also add that I think out of all of our defensemen, his ceiling is one of the lowest. Staal, McDonagh, MDZ, Erixon, McIlrath, and probably Sauer all have more upside.

    Carp, LTIR just means that you are allowed to replace his cap hit with another player’s. I’m over simplifying it, but that’s what it boils down to.

    Also, about last night’s game, I thought it was a good effort, but just very, VERY sloppy hockey from both teams, especially in the first period. I counted at one point as the Rangers could not connect a clean pass tape to tape on six consecutive pass attempts.

  60. don’t know what they call Michael Busto but I guarantee they call ex GM Bob Gainey a bleeping bleep bleep

  61. Last year, they didn’t use LTIR on Drury because they were not at or near the cap when they added players.

    LTIR has nothing to do with being out for the year.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    HWirth explains it a little more in detail, but the one thing he is missing is that you are only allowed to spend the overage on one player. So let’s say the Rangers are 100% up against the cap and want to use the LTIR from Staal. They can’t sign several players that add up to 3.9. They can only sign one guy who can have a max cap hit of 3.9.

  63. I am really interested to see how this Rangers defense fairs against a team like, say, the Capitals.

  64. Doodie – Good call. I don’t remember this part. When you say sign a player, that’s referring to outside the organization or AHL call-ups as well? I thought you could call your own guys up as long as u at 23 players or less and under the cap obviously by using LTIR in this case?

  65. Manny – It’s a fair point. If you look at the schedule, they have not hit the deep end of the pool, if you will, in terms of opponents. No Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, and even Florida has a big offense. The one high powered team they faced so far was Toronto who made them look silly at times. Vancouver has a good offense and yes they won 4-0 but Hank stood on his head for 40 mins. to do so.

  66. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    morning ILB and all!!

    michael busto…soesn’t he wear number four on our roster now?? (sorry had to)

    Don’t any of you read previous posts/threads other than europansies like LW and my self?? I mean I posted the thing about MZA and top 6 minutes last night when I heard mario maloney bring it up on the post game. Who are you guys adam rotter (again, sorry I had to)??

    re points…
    1) I don’t mind when they lose if they do so with passion and physicality (still hate the S/O tho)

    3) Mcdonut has looked good, but as LW already mentioned (although a bit exaggerated) all he had to do was be a little physical and the duck would not have scored on that play.

    4) I said a week or two ago Woywitka did a pretty good job of handling the puck and moving it under pressure (better than michael busto #4) and torts echoed that last night. I agree with you that he is a guy liked by his teammates (he got the fedora, which says something).

    4a) OPG, he has played better this year and his penguin routine isn’t as bad. I ripped him over the gabby/carcillo (sorry about the language) incident, and would do so again in a heartbeat. No excuse for that and he knows it too. I would also still trade him (just like some other players on the roster) in the right deal. Very few untouchables on this roster.

    6) A finisher for the top line might be one of those deals I would include OPG in (depending on our D situation) and who the player was.

    13) I thought the bahama bomba did pretty well against parros and did you notice him looking over at the bench prior to the fight? It honestly looked to me like he was asking if it was ok to go with parros? thoughts on this? or anyone else see that?? He deserves to stay in the line up.

    15) I still think the jets game was the best officiated/least pansified the rangers have played in this season.

    Is staal out for the season yet??

    Time to trade for suter?

  67. Yea – that is a good point. I remember Stauhl having a particular knack for shutting down Ovechkin. McBust might be equally, if not better, at it because of his insane skating ability. That said, that team is a powerhouse and it’s going to be really interesting.

  68. Wick – I read posts. I swear! I don’t really say anything of substance or read much during games because people go nuts and it usually gets buried.

    You can have the credit in my book for bringing it up.

  69. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    sauer’s edge doesn’t seem to be there like it was last year…sophomore slump??injury tentativeness??still injured??

  70. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    wasn’t looking for credit, just thought it was kinda funny

  71. 13) I thought the bahama bomba did pretty well against parros and did you notice him looking over at the bench prior to the fight? It honestly looked to me like he was asking if it was ok to go with parros? thoughts on this? or anyone else see that?? He deserves to stay in the line up.

    100% agreed….i saw that too and was thinking the same thing

  72. Just a heads up….

    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
    Prust, Wolski, Del Zotto, Rupp not on for NYR. No personnel moves yet announced.

  73. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I think the bahama bomba got the go ahead from torts on the scrap.

  74. Mister Delaware on

    Hoping the bright side of WW back to the tub is AA getting off the spare parts 4th line.

  75. Wick, I agree with you. I’d personally like to see McD step up on Ryan, try to get physical there but that is a tough spot. If you try to take the body open ice like that, skill players like Ryan will often make you look silly. My problem on the play was Richards lack of effort on the back check. If you watch the replay he was coasting and if he was actually hustling on that play he breaks up the pass easily and Ryan never gets the puck. (IMO)

  76. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    we sent mdz to the ECHL??

    do you have any insight on the bahama bomba looking to the bench thinkg (he could have been getting advice from the prust I guess)??

  77. “the Little Italian Kid from Norway is not ready to be a top-six NHL forward at this point.”

    “and those calling for Zuccarella, can you imagine if he gets called up and plays over Avery Saturday?”

    First of all, LMAO at Dave Maloney’s insistence on calling him Zuccarella.

    Well, yeah, he’s not a top-6 NHL guy this year. But, he sure looked ok playing 15-17 minutes a night when Cally and Dubi were injured last year…and he was pretty successful….

    I mean, don’t Ranger fans want to see their youth get developed? There will be bumps in the road for sure but the guy’s skill level can’t be ignored. Most of us would much rather see Zucc in. Add the fact that he improved in the offseason and did what the organization asked of him, he should get called up now…

    I couldn’t care less about Avery…anything he does to help this team is a bonus at this point…

  78. I’m still busy at work, so a couple of things:

    If it wasn’t for Hiller they would’ve won the game in regulation. How often do we get to say it about the opposing team? So yes, it was a good effort.

    In terms of “We want Avery” chant. It originated not too far from where I was sitting ( and you too, Carp). and almost immediately was followed by a loud “STFU” that originated right there too.

    Now, on Staal. A bit more complex, but in order to maximize his LTIR exception, they need to be at the cap number, hence the moves. And, no it doesn’t mean he is out for the season at all. And the moves they are about to make are easy to reverse once he is fit to play, since they need to go under the cap right away.

    Doodie- there is no rule that implies the LTIR player can only be replaced with one player. In fact, it specifically says “….to replace such Player, the Club may add an additional Player or Players…” . CBA Section 50.10(d).

  79. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    did you guys see this??

    DarrenDreger Darren Dreger
    Iron Mike back on the bench. Keenan has agreed to coach NYR’s alumni at Winter Classic.

    watch out torts, your job is next…LOL

  80. Wick is spot on. Bel Biv Deveaux DEFINITELY got the OK from the bench before going into his 1920’s style bob making him the coolest fighter ever.

  81. DarrenDreger Darren Dreger
    Iron Mike back on the bench. Keenan has agreed to coach NYR’s alumni at Winter Classic.

  82. And, yeah, I have no problem with what Bahama Bomba did….In fact, it may help Rupp’s knee recovery to continue as long as necessary. I have a feeling that Rupp might not have done that well against Parros.

  83. Kinda surprising that 54% felt Parros won that fight to only 11% for Deveaux.

    also, the comments about Rupp being able to fight are hilarious. dude can’t scrap worth a Carcillo.

  84. True Blue Mike on

    I have a feeling the Ranger’s are going to end up with either Alexander Semin, Shea Weber or Ryan Suter by the trade deadline. IMO the only one i would want is Suter… maybe.

  85. So everyone that said Bel Biv Deveaux shouldn’t have fought there probably thinks Torts is an egomaniac and a terrible coach.

    And come on people….Bel Biv’s awesome bob and weave is so cool!

  86. Mike – what does your gut tell you about who we have to give up to make any of those things happen?

  87. True Blue Mike on

    Manny I don’t even want to go there but i could unfortunately see Sather sending over Dubinsky, a pick and then some for Semin. And i think the Capital’s would take that in a heart beat. I would stay away from Weber. Suter might be had for Del Zotto, McClrath, Zuke and a pick? IMO, don’t trade anyone but where talking about Sather here. Then again his trades do seem to work out for the best.

  88. Ah….sadly it seems that may happen. At those prices I wouldn’t take any of them. Suter would be my tops too but he’s expensive.

  89. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    True blue and manny
    I don’t think the rangers trade mcilrath, but I do think MDZ and huginsky are tradeable and the most likely to go along with MZA. I also think that depending on staal’s long term prognosis and what comes the other way (suter for example) OPG might be involved, but I think it would have to be a definite hell of a deal before OPG is included in any deal….huginsky and MDZ should be very available for an improvement to the roster like semin or suter.

  90. Dubinsky and a pick for Semin, while I wouldn’t do it for Semin, to act like Semin and Dubinsky are of equal value is laughable. Semin is a potential 40 to 50 goal scorer, while Dubi would be lucky to reach 50 points again.

    As for Suter, in a heartbeat wouldn’t even think twice. Anismiov and Sauer/del zotto and a conditional pick should get it done and I would gladly drive both of those guys to the airport to do it. You are talking about a number 1 defensemen over a 3rd line center and 5-6 defenseman. It’s a no brainer.

    As for Weber, I like Suter more but would give up just as much and throw in Zucc or whoever to get that done.

    As for cap space part of this, Wolski off, Avery off, plus the cap space traded I think gets you to 7 mil.

  91. Actually, I guess I should admit that I am a big worry-wart about trades and signings and usually assume that nothing will work out in our favor (gee, I wonder why?). My concern about letting Luigi go is how much losing him would hurt Callaman’s game since the two have such chemistry. Obviously, as you said, it’s a move you have to make to improve the team and therefore you do it. Just voicing concern.

  92. Manny – I understand there’s always a risk in making a trade, but you don’t honestly believe Dubinsky is more valuable to team than Ryan Suter, especially with Staal out for at least 2 more months if not the season.

  93. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    when you said he is a ghost at times, I thought you were talking about huginsky!

    I don’t think it would affect cally’s game that much, I mean it isn’t like the coach keeps lines consistent or anything

  94. Wick – I know. Right after I posted that I realized – Luigi is a ghost too!

    HWirth – No- I wouldn’t at all compare Dubi a/k/a Luigi a/k/a huginsky to any of those guys. He isn’t even in the same class. Suter in a heartbeat. Agreed. Semin though – I would fear him even off the free market. He just worries me and there have been way too many people that had no problem being vocal about his lack of effort.

    Does anyone think that Luigi’s contract would be tough to move?

  95. Dubinsky for Semin is a no-brainer. If you put Wolski on waivers, the salaries are a wash. Semin’s a top line player, Dubinsky isn’t.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I stand corrected. I guess I was confusing it with the 23 man roster limitation.

  97. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I wonder if hagelin or bjork would be the additional call up because it is mtl and the speed (especially hagelin) they have? Not promoting that, just musing!

  98. Although – maybe Semin working with Torts would be a good match and Torts would squeeze effort out of him or bench him.

  99. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    If you went just on hard stats, huginsky for the money isn’t worth it. Thankfully this isn’t baseball and stats aren’t all that matter. A decent skater who plays pretty well offencively when he feels like it (jagr effect) and has some intangibles for sure (overrated by the “homer” crowd) but is lacking defencively..he is probably at the upper limit of his salary range, but moveable to the right team wanting to get younger or deeper who can play him routinely on the 3rd line!

  100. czechthemout!!!! on

    Lmao! Some you ” experts ” who say they don’t want Weber or that Surer is worth AA,Sauer,Zucc and a pick.

    First of all giving up AA,Sauer, Zucc and a pick is way too much for a guy like Suter who is nothing more than a #3-4 dman.

    And some of you guys who say you would rather have Suter over Weber are even nuttier. You Ri realize that Shea Weber is the best Dman in the league right now don’t you?


  101. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I’m here for you…although I kinda thought something like that post might get some numbers going for the carpinator…

  102. Yea well why do you think a team would be willing to trade Shea Weber? That would say to me that they are ready to sell high on a player who is over achieving and has some issues.

  103. Sather Must Go on

    …just youtubed some of BellBiv’s older fights – I hope he brings a little more than just fighting “skills” – yes, he hung on well enough against parros, but, he better pick and choose wisely, going forward

  104. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    while i agree with you that weber is one of the top two d men (IMHO) in the league, I give chara the slight nod ahead of him…suter is probably a top pair guy on most teams and certainly on ours.

    I also think that giving up a feast or famine player that is either hit or miss in the NHL in MZA, a 2nd/3rd line centre depending on the team, and a 2nd/3rd pair d man also depending on the team is probably not too much to give up for a pretty sure bet first pair d man as long as said draft pick isn’t a first rounder…

  105. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    i also think due to the way the contract situation is playing out in nastyville, suter is “probably” the most likely to be moved and thus the most obtainable of the two.

  106. 4generations 4 cups on

    Suter is nothing more than a #3-4 D-man? LOL! OKAY!

    The guy is physical-as-all-hell, he puts up points, he blocks shots, he plays the Power Play and he fights. What is there not to say about a #1-#2 dman like that?

    I’d move AA and MZA for him, straight up. Sauer? A pick? conditional 3rd and a 4th rounder. Extremely valuable players rarely get their return.

  107. Moving just about any of the Rangers forwards for Suter is probably a good move. Again, a situation where demoting Wolski makes a ton of sense since he’s actually making more than Suter. Don’t think I’d want to move Sauer for him, though.

  108. Sup Heads!!!
    so if Dubi isn’t worth the money…how can Avery be worth the money even if another team is paying half?…
    Dubi’s production last season far outpaced anything Avery has ever done…
    Just stirrin the pot….

  109. Suter, like Stahl, plays on the top d-pair for the majority of the the teams in the NHL. *That’s* a no brainer.

    And comparing Semin to Zherdev is completely unfair. I’d take Semin for Dublowsky straight up as well!

    That would never happen though!

  110. Avery’s less than half the cap hit Dubinsky is. Plus, if Avery does re-sign with the Rangers, he’s not going to get a raise. Dubsinky’s bloated salary is on the books for the next four years. If you could move Dubsinky for either Semin or Suter, you do it in a second.

  111. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I don’t think avery is worth the 2 mil for what is basically a 4th liner on our team.

  112. So we’re trading valuable core players for soon to be UFA’s again like we did for Richards?

  113. Good afternoon all!

    Random responses after a scroll through:

    I’m worried about Staal, but also think it’s a cap/strategic move not necessarily a sign of his issues. At least I hope.

    Wish I’d known about this “beginnings” series earlier! Am totally dvr’ing them now. Next week: Boyle, and the promo focuses on how “big” he is…even his mom talks about it. LMAO!

    Carcillo, there was more, but I forget :)

  114. Carp Great Post Disagree last night’s game was their best so far. Could of been 4 or 5 -1 if Hiller didn’t step in sh-t on the way to the Garden. Agree on the following. Big Mac is going to be something else. Great speed, soft hands with play making ability. He just keeps on getting better. Gabby does need a finisher real bad. Avery will be under a lot of pressure to perform. If he fails, let’s hope it’s because he can’t cut it as opposed to playing only 5 minutes a game.

  115. Oh Perfect! Definitely trade for Weber then. Let’s remove him from the conversation. Later we can figure out how to make enough cap room for a 26ish year old elite D-Man.

  116. If they talk about how “big” Boyle is, I wonder if Joe M. was a consultant for that episode.

  117. Boyle will became a better player when he learns how to play big. He still gets pushed around far too easily by players much smaller than he is. For the kind of size he’s got, guys should be terrified to mess with him – at this point, no one is.

  118. Yikes, every response I have to Lloyd comes out sounding so wrong….but there’s no way around it.
    As with Prust, MZA etc., we should know that size doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s the skill….oy vey. Sorry in advance Carp.

  119. Size absolutely matters when you’re 6’7″ 240 and play like you’re built like Christiansen. He’s totally cheating himself out of a huge edge over most players.

  120. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    hate to disagree here, but you are not correct in the least as far as dubi out producing avery by “far”

    so for sake of this topic..avery’s best statistical season was in 06-07 and he was 26/27 yrs old

    84 games played
    18 goals 30 assists
    +1 174PIMs and ATOI of roughly 17:21

    dubi’s was in 10-11 and he was 25 years old

    77 games played
    24 goals 30 assists
    -3 100PIMs and ATOI of 20:14

    seems to me to be a wash for two players that are both a bit overrated IMHO…
    I got the stats from ESPN and they had a “production stat” which in all honesty I’m not sure what it means but avery’s was higher than dubi’s 29:30 to 28:51 but close as well

  121. Orr

    It depends. I think shedding Dubinsky’s contract is a good move. In addition, any move to bring in a guy with Semin’s salary would also demand waiving Wolski – also a good move. If Semin plays absurdly well, you can re-sign him. If not, you’ve got a ton of salary coming off the books at the end of the year and can go after some of the other FAs.

  122. Wicky

    Not even I would have had the balls to make that comparison but surprisingly, it’s not that far off-base. For the amount of praise Dubinsky receives vs. the amount of hostility Avery generates around here, the Rangers’ “star” draft pick put up 6 more points than a “at best 4th liner.”

  123. Mea Culpa on the BelBiv fighting comments I made earlier… I just re-watched the clip (Tivo) and saw that he did indeed get the OK from the bench. Kudos to him for checking first with the bench.


  124. Well put, Lloyd.

    Well, this settles it. Dubinsky? More like DuBUSTsky. Get this bum outta town and off this bush league team!

  125. Overblown reactions to Dubi’s four year contract based on 11 games in his first year of the deal…also a good move.

  126. wicky -what, what? At the end of last year oh, so many people had the Rangers trading all kinds of picks and prospects for the rights to Richards.

  127. That may be a bit overstated. I think Dubinsky is pretty good for what he is: a borderline 2nd, probably 3rd line player. He’s a guy who needs to be surrounded by capable players and will give you 40-50 points a year. He’s not a superstar, nor does he belong on a top line.

  128. Noah – it’s not overblown. GET HIM ON THE NEXT BUS TO LOSERVILLE!

    Also – I was kidding. Sorry

  129. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    not trying to be funny, but i’m not sure what you are talking about and I apologize if they aren’t directed at me, but what the hell are you talking about?

    thanks. I was just responding to one of the other posts with facts and stats.

  130. Boyle’s still a work in progress. He’s getting there.

    I think you’d have to give up a lot more than anybody’s talking about to get Weber.

  131. I was exaggerating with the Zherdev comment for effect. Just making the case that Semin is a highly skilled player that has a habit of disappearing at times.

  132. I think he/she is referring to the people who wanted to trade for Richards during the season as opposed to signing him in the off-season. I don’t really see the relevance either btw.

  133. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    just saw your last post, now I get it…sorry and thanks (disregard my 2:55 post to you)

  134. Carp:

    Even with that salary? Damn. What sort of a package do you think would be required to land Weber?

  135. I think dde was criticizing people making trade packages for people who have an level of FA at the end of the season

  136. Carp, agreed.

    Sorry. For what I don’t know now, but it seems to be the word of the day…gotta run…later all!

  137. Suter’s in a top defensive pairing on the Rangers, especially w/out Staal in the lineup. Sorry.

  138. Suter is number 2 D-man on the majority of NHL teams. But he (and Semin) is an UFA next year and neither team will be able to resign them. Why do you want to give up anything of value? Now, Webber- talk to me!

    Lloyd- who exactly do we need to resign next year that you’re proposing to trade Dubinsky in order to afford next year? We have no cap issues next year whatsoever.

  139. Czech – I have to assume you are kidding if you think Suter is not a number 1 defenseman. First off, if he came via trade or UFA signing on July 1, he’d immediately become our number 1 by a lot. I’m just curious how you argue against him? Lead defensemen on Team USA silver medal team. Played in all 82 games 3 of 4 seasons (durability). Averages over 22 mins a game. The +20 he was last year. Just wondering?

  140. >>>The Devils need a telethon.

    Hahahaha!!! Move them to Hamilton or Kansas City – or to the surface of the Sun, for all we care!!

  141. ilb – I agree that you don’t want to trade for a rental but a trade for Suter where you can lock him now does solve the clear and will soon be obvious problem on defense. I forget who said it before but wait till the NYR play the Caps.

  142. Tortorella, what a maroon picking Gabby for the SO. He’s got the cold hard numbers right in front of him, 2 for 19, but NO, the Arrogant One thinks he can buck the trend in a show of confidence for Gabby, what a dope! …What??, Gabby scored you say? Oh.. @Nevermind@

  143. ilb2001:

    I think if you want to land guys like Weber and Suter and a top 6 forward, you’re going to need to shed more salary. The only hefty salary coming off the books at the end of this year is Wolski. Avery’s $1.9 million will either be erased or lowered (if they resign him). Fedotenko’s in roughly the same boat as Avery salary-wise but I expect he’ll probably make about the same money next year. The rest of the salaries coming off the books are pretty negligible.

  144. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    this early in the season I would deal for suter for sure and perhaps semin (depends on the deals obviously)…at the deadline that is a different story, it would depend on where we were in the standings. I see no reason not to inquire. I mean we got lucky with brich signing with us and not giving anything up to get him at the deadline last season. Not sure if we can count on that happening with every potential UFA we would like to get.

  145. And the last time Ryan Suter wouldn’t be a top line d-man on the Rangers was the 1993-94 season. Every year since he’s a lock.

  146. Suter will become a waiting game, most likely. Nashville is just above the floor, removing Suter puts them under. They’ll have to get a salary to stay above. There is no rush for them to trade him. If you try to get him now, you’ll end up giving up too much.

  147. Suter is an AHL 3rd Pair D-Man GET REAL! (joking)

    You guys who know a ton more about cap issues and salary stuff than me – will the Pred’s be able to resign Weber since he’s an RFA at the end of the season?

  148. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I also see no reason to keep all of these “assets” when the majority of them are seemingly nothing more than 6-10 fwds and 4-7 d men. He who dies with the most assets wins?? I mean assets are only assets if you utilize them! I’m not saying clean out the cupboards or anything but to give up “some” assets to get top line talent or top pair talent seems like a no brainer to me.

  149. it is amazing how little money Nashville spends – their highest paid forwards are Martin Erat and David Legwand. At the end of this year, they’ll have more than enough money available to bring back both Weber and Suter. It all depends on whether management wants to go in another direction.

  150. Webber is a better Dman than Suter by a healthy margin. And that says something about Nashville’s ability to draft Dmen ( Timonen is from their system too). And he is an RFA, much better chance to resign him after trade for that reason. But that’s the deal: if he comes here and stays, we will have 4 players making between $6.77M to $8M. Can the team afford the rest even if Avery resigns at league minimum and plays 1st line LW?

  151. Manny – Cap wise yes! Financially for Nashville it would be 1st time they spent towards the cap.

  152. Wicky- I don’t think Washington is trading Semin. They deliberately agreed on one year last year so he can compete with them for SC. He is in their plans for this year. Unless they totally out of the playoffs by deadline, he is staying.

    Looyd- Nashville’s issue isn’t the cap, it’s financial…

  153. Banj

    JUst ask if they’ve ever heard of John Jacob Astor (yep of the Waldorf Astoria among other things, and the fur trades……and Voyageurs

  154. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    on a random note on the DDE scale

    one of the worst moves slats has made…trading chris simon
    his stats the year he was traded

    65 games played
    14 goals 9 assists +14
    225 PIMs and ATOI 11:56

    after he was traded to calgary
    11 games played
    3 goals 2 assists +1
    25 PIMs and ATOI 16:38

    Now that was an enforcer who could play on any line!

  155. Is Washington going to have the cap space to re-sign Green, Carlson and Semin with only Knuble and Wideman as the two biggest salary UFAs?

  156. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on


    my last post didn’t apply necessarily to semin (insert joke here) but to any other “top line” talent that could potentially be had for some of our “assets”.

    If there is no semin available (insert joke here #2), then if anything else arises (#3)

  157. ilb:

    It does seem like they’re pretty in love with him, so I’m inclined to agree that the Rangers aren’t going to have anywhere near the incentives to entice a trade for Semin. Still, be nice to get someone with that kind of talent, though.

  158. Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m torn on Semin. He’s very talented and over his first 5 years has averaged 30 goals a year but at the same time he has played on one of the highest powered offenses in the league all 5 years. That and his tendency to disappear at times has me on the fence about how he would fair on this particular team. I’m just unsure.

  159. 1940!

    Fair points, but is he not automatically (at least) the 2nd best forward on the Rangers?

  160. I was about to go to Sunday’s game but the lady has her “bachelorette’ (a/k/a date with another guy) on Saturday night and apparently into Sunday evening so I scrapped the plan because I have to pick her up.

    I will be going before the year is out and I will be sure to let you know. I will probably also wear a black fedora so I can be the star of the game.

  161. Hah! Semin and Torts would make a great sitcom….

    Yeah he would be in the top 3. Playing with Gaborik and or Richards would definitely help his case. I guess I can’t get over his disappearing acts.

  162. Wesley Snipes Wildcat? Woywhatever is so much better!


    AMEN. I don’t know WHY they call him that but I am INTO it.

  163. Sounds like a good, likable person. Unforunately, most of the time his name should be Oy-veytka!

  164. Maybe Woywhatever it has to do with tax evasion and/or bad movies?


    ORR – you have been on fire lately. Whatever Ben & Jerry’s flavo[u]r you have been eating keep on eating it, man.

  165. I said it last night, Dubi is such a twitter noob. He needs to step on his game in his tweets…

    LOL! He needs to be more consistent!!

  166. Good evening all!


    Hartnell, I got called for jury duty in Nov. Hope I get Prucha’d….

  167. Nice to be at home, enjoying much better quality of food and to have full acess to all the media live streaming and audio

    Cant wait to see them live against the Canadiens and Jets and wish everybody a nice weekend :)

  168. I am still not convinced about the idea that Richards and Gaborik playing on different lines as they are both as talented as any other duo in the NHL. I think Tortorella needs to play them are often enabling them to develop even more chemistry !!!!!

    I still see Dubi, Anisimov and Callahan as best second line solution, just an opinion :)

  169. Oh Jimbo, thats not easy as the doctor is a female :)

    But even two wins at the weekend would speed up my even quick recovery :)

  170. Sorry I didn’t watch the game yesterday, but they still got 2 points.

    I’ll try to watch the game tomorrow so we can get another good and solid 60 mins.


  171. but in this one she is a nice one as she allowed me to leave even the total amount of leucocytes were not high enough but almost:)
    And otherwise I told her, that she needs to cook dinner on Saturday night for me and my three fellow sufferer in the room if she wouldnt allow me to leave on Friday..

    anyway :) good decison hihihi as you never trust a woman when she pretends to be a good cook :)

  172. But she is my hero anyway as she told me on thursday that the leukemia is completly gone as I need to return for three other cycles of therapy in the next couple of weeks to make sure that its not coming back.. !!!

    Go Rangers, cant wait until Saturday at 7

  173. Thanks Latona for you the same of course, but truth to be told stop it with that kind of stuff we are here on a Rangers blog and want to talk about sports…

    So you guys think its good that Richards and Gaborik on differernt lines ???
    Do you see Torts making any changes in the lineup against the Canadiens ? Avery ?
    probably would put him under a lot of pressure to perform on Saturday in his first game back to prove he is belonging to the squad

  174. I just saw on Rangers Rants Rupp and Wolski out and Avery in !!! I am little bit late today for all these details…

  175. >>>Hey, welcome back home, Buff! Don’t listen to doctors…:-)

    *ILB*!!!! And you, a medical man (aren’t you)!?

    Buff, your doc sounds like a real hero – kudos to her for helping out a Bonehead!

    Best wishes for a very strong recovery.

  176. Buff, good job, buddy. Hang in there.

    Boy, lots of hockey talk and minimal jibberish (gibberish) today. Almost like a hockey blog.

  177. Whale are playing tonight…

    Hoping Zucca is recalled in the AM…would like to see these lines…

    ^wizard^ – Step-Child – Butt-Chin
    Homegrown Dubie-Richard$$$$-Captainhan
    Tenko-Flavah-Chuck Norris
    GOD-Pee Wee Herman-Bomba

  178. Have we traded everybody yet?


    *ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Don’t stepan the logo!!!”…says Greg L.* ^November 33rd, 2011 at 19:94 pm^

    BOOO!!!!! Game FREAKIN 82 BooOOOOO!!! We got the SKILLLZ TO COMPETE NOW!!!
    GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSS go go go go go go go go!!!!

  179. I apologize in advance to ZzZZ /Greg and he can post in my name anytime he likes as long as it’s half as enthusiastic as his own.

  180. 100 Blogfathers and 500 hail Averys…..:)

    OK, off topic and being a totally shameless beggar….seeking ticket to Light of Day show at Paramount in Asbury in January. They go on sale tomorrow, but I fear nothing for mama.

    Help? lbabs@aol.com

  181. On sale at noon through Ticketmaster, no? Is it that hot a ticket Shameless Mama? I haven’t seen Bruce at the book store lately or I’d hit him up for you.

  182. Evening gang.

    I’d contribute to the conversation, but I’m brain dead right now. How was everyone’s Friday?

  183. ORR – Not only that but that piece of Carcillo scored one of the more pretty goals you will see with a nice backhand on a breakaway.

  184. Orr- So you’re going back on your word regarding “Dublowsky”? hmm Not very honorable of you
    Come up with something else if you must. IMO Dubi will be fine though.

  185. So I got the mosaic view going on Game Center Live and in a span of :25 seconds two of my favorite defensemen to talk are involved in goals. Karlsson makes a horrific pass up the middle thats turned over into a goal. But, Carlson for Washington blasted a PPG right after that. Still love both those guys.

  186. Dd, I’m only doing it because he seems to play better when I call him Dublowsky. Notice how ever since I’ve gone back, he has actually played well, but just has not scored a goal.

    Dublowsky is just the way to go!

  187. bob the builder on

    NYR_FAN, great points! proves this team’s anemic offense that maybe is in need of an enema? Coffee anyone?

    Back Door Bob

  188. bob the builder on

    Eddie cubed, Prust eats more chicken any man ever seen!! When the PRust is over..turn out the garden lights…turn out the garden lights!! THis is the pRust! My only Prust..this is the prust!

  189. Hey NYR – did I ever tell you about my “adult” film about baseball? It’s called “back door cutter”

  190. Was the Gabby shot that hit Wolski net bound, that was a good look by DelZ and I thought he had a couple others as well. He’s also tied for 2nd with Cally for hits.

  191. Ok, Latona. Agreed. I am SO freaking excited at “26” to see that movie. You have no idea.

    Speaking of age, those of you who remember the ’82 Cardinals team and his ’78 no-hitter, Bob Forsch dropped dead yesterday at age 61 of an aneurysm just 7 days after throwing out the first pitch for game 7 of the World Series. Shame.

  192. I liked that McD didn’t make excuses even though I thought it looked like the puck might have skipped on him.

  193. bob the builder on

    NYR_FAN, a nice mexican chick…NOM NOM NOM… bob likes latinas…that is all!

    NYR, this is actually MAO …i changed characters..lol

  194. bob the builder on

    if you like McD than you will love ARCO!

    full disclosure: LONG ARCO, and will be getting longer.

  195. Bob do you also change outfits from the Chairman’s suit to overalls? Do you do Buffalo Bill also?

  196. Yoicks!!! Twice, ORR? He got away with it!? I know a few refs that could use a little of that treatment….

  197. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Hey captain waiver wire
    I hope emery sucks so bad they put Crawford in and he gets the win!!

  198. Oh! OK, ORR – Well, I hope the ref was one that has called a lot of bogus penalties on the NYR over the years! ;-D

  199. No shyte Orr, I’m busting on wicky comparing Sutton’s hit to Wolski’s although I probably didn’t properly understand what he was saying

  200. dde, that is an AWESOME find! Thanks. And yeah, he had a lost a lot in his voice, but you could still hear that resonance and all the years and experiences he’d had. Arrogant for sure, too. I actually saw him at The Knick Arena (now the Times Union Center) in Albany back in 1990. We sat the the second row from the top and I remember so little of it, which is just a shame.

  201. dde
    aha ha ha…So the rook doesn’t have his head up like he should and sutton drills him. Landeskog gets rewarded for having his head down and not paying attention, sutton gets suspended? That is what bothers me! Same thing with the AA hit by konopka, AA puts himself in a vulnerable position.

    The double standard that bothers me is the “victim” seems to be getting rewarded for putting themselves in vulnerable positions. Guys should be getting suspended and fined for putting themselves in vulnerable positions if the sport truly wants to “clean up” concussions and injuries from questionable hits.

    Used to be in the league if a player was caught with his head down or admiring a pass (horton) and got leveled it was “keep your head up next time” and they usually did. Now, it is continue keeping your head down or put yourself into a vulnerable position along the boards and we (the NHL) will reward you and your team with a PP (perhaps of the 5 minute variety) for you being stupid on the ice!! Let’s just reward bad player habits and promote more injuries and pansify the game along the way…IDIOTS!!

  202. “Keith Clinkscales, a former ESPN senior vice president, has found himself in a sticky situation. He is fighting allegations that he once masturbated on an airplane while sitting next to hot ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews. When they uncomfortably locked eyes, he “panicked and muttered, ‘You know, I’m one of your bosses.”


  203. Well, what the Wickster says is true – in “Old Time Hockey”, a player that got hit while he was admiring his pass to a teammate or who was looking down at his skates to do something “fancy” with the puck was thought to be deserving of having his bell rung!

    Of course now, with the “pansification” of the game, a player who gets hit like that is a victim, and his checker is a devil – and not the NJ variety…

  204. ORR – we can always depend on you to find these nice, warm, “human interest” stories!!!

    But c’mon, man – what the hell were you thinking!? out in the open? Doing that? WTB!?

  205. >>>‘You know, I’m one of your bosses.”

    That statement automatically made it a sexual harassment case! Smart move, dumbbell!!

  206. wicky – I had no problem with the Konopka hit- I agree 100% about players putting themselves in vulnerable positions -didn’t understand how “double standard” applied to the Wolksi situation, if anything it seems to fall into the player (Alfredson) being irresponsible category

  207. COME ON! The only difference between you, I and him is that he muttered, ‘You know, I’m one of your bosses.”

  208. Mickey that touches home, seems like only yesterday may Dad was bouncing me on his knee singing Luck be a Lady , If I Were a Rich Man or some other diddy

  209. dde, I hear ya. My Dad is a huge Sinatra fan. I think we’ve bought him every collection/album/CD over the years.

  210. wicky – maybe I’m misinterpreting this
    CCCP November 1st, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    LOL @ failed to miss playoffs! I heard it! Sutton got 5 games suspension for the hit on Landeskog.

    Alfredson is out with concussion like symptoms, btw. Did WoWo get away wih a hit to the head?
    Wicky© November 1st, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    nope, shanny with the double standard in an attempt to pansify the game as much as he can on his power trip!!
    Wicky© November 1st, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    should have been yes. he did get away with it!!

  211. ORR – I haven’t met many of those blondes lately – maybe I’m hanging out in the wrong places…

    Ddeb – Oy!

  212. I apologize to Carp and everyone for the way I act at times. I know I can be combative, abrasive, arrogant and (fill in the blank) and that’s certainly not always in Carp’s best interests.
    I realize I’m harsh to those that have an opinion that differs from mine, but then again– realize that their opinions may seem harsh to me. -Because I believe in this team!
    Others may not. Others, for whatever reason want to cut them down at every chance. I don’t get it. I don’t like it, and yes I’d love to punch them in the teeth over it. (Figuratively of course….No, I’m lying)
    Some seem to expect immediate perfection. I have patience , look for, and appreciate growth in small increments. That certainly doesn’t mean I demand anything less in terms of effort. I assume that we all LOVE THE RANGERS, but it really boggles my mind why I question that so much. So haters don’t quit, just be prepared to get your aasens kicked every step of the way.

  213. bob The Builder (In search of.... Leonard Knee-moy) on

    DDE, i always liked you and your comments irregardless (assuming we is using old english and thus making irregardless an actual word) of the fact that this team is full of third and four score liners. They need to trade brenden dubinskee the first chance they get to receive draft picks with three last names to be named later or TBD or ETA or SNAFU.


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