Tortorella pre-game press conference


This was one of the most boring pre-gamers ever, because nobody has any questions to ask.

Nothing changed between today and yesterday, when we talked to the coach, and nothing changed between yesterday and the day before, other than Sean Avery’s arrival and the idea that he won’t play tonight (even Avery said he hadn’t skated in a few days while on re-entry waivers so he didn’t expect to play).

Same lineup. Lundqvist in goal tonight against the Mighties.

Go Time later. Here’s the audio:

John Tortorella:



In case you missed it, Jumbo Soft Joe sort of apologized, or clarified, what he was saying about the “soft” Rangers today. He sounded annoyed at Tortorella, though. And I apologize in advance for the Skid Crosby update attached to the link.

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  1. I think our newest member, Keys, might be in the last post BANJing away because he doesn’t know what *new post* means yet.

  2. …yeah, Christensen is the “full package” according to “Torts”…I mean, honestly, the most fervent “Torts” supporters have got to laugh out loud at that…or, perhaps it’s intended to sway those on the fence to understand why Sean Avery is not in the lineup…I mean, after all, how can the likes of a 4th line role player displace a “full package” like Eric Christensen…ROFLMMFAO all night on this one…yeah “Torts”, mister genuine…seriously, how effin funny is that quote…if you polled all the GM’s and coaches in the history of hockey who have seen EC play enough to opine, how many others would say he’s the “full package”…”Torts” is sooooooooo transparent is his defense of not playing Avery it’s no longer funny or debatable…

  3. Hey Keys. You made it.

    Avery Altar’s are my favorite. I like how each fan chooses to worship the Aves in their own way.

    Hey Carp – maybe if you’re lucky Sean will sit near you and help you with your fashion! Maybe you and he can talk shoes and forget about the hockey game!

  4. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on



    I kinda thought Boyle did his improvements all on his own and torts was shocked like everyone else that he made the team, but I could be wrong….

    Eminger=BNMJ=blockness monster junior

    Feds=RCB=rockwellian Christmas boy (just built a snowman outside with those rosy cheeks)

    I think suter would make a great ranger

    LGR and LGD!

  5. Hey Carp – if we don’t watch the games, Keys doesn’t need to listen to quotes. Remember what Mr. Delaware a/k/a MD a/k/a The Doctor said two days back…

    “I didn’t listen to the audio but I agree with Avery 100%”

  6. LMAO, Carp! LW said something similar to what I said but in a much nicer manner. I can’t understand him much when he speaks clearly, let alone when he is chewing.

  7. Just a thought on

    Keys. You seemed to have missed what Torts was saying. I had to read it on Gross’s report because I dont have volume here. Does not help your stance on Torts if your gonna change what he said. My opinion at least. LGR

  8. I wouldn’t make that trade for that reason, Just.

    Manny, I don’t think Our Father Aves would approve of my ensemble tonight.

    Tortorella said “package” … uh, huh-huh, uuhh-huh-huh.

  9. Like Orrs list (although I am partial to Bel Biv Deveaux)

    Woofski – Step-On – Butt-Chin
    Dublowsky – Beaver Teeth – Callaman
    Rosie Cheeks – Flavah – Chuck Noris
    Pee Wee – Artie Party – Bahama Bomba

    Blockness Monster – McDonut
    Del Zaster – Sour Power
    Woywhatever – Mrs. Eminger

    Softqvist – Beer-On

    Bathroom Stahl

    How about the AHL’s (only if they were on the roster at one time)

    Frodo/Hobbit Wizard

  10. Sometimes we call Hank, “Lungfist”…depends…

    Also, “The Italian Kid from Norway” aka “Lord of the Rink”…

  11. bob the builder (B.O.B. Big Ol' Butt) on

    Had tickets for tonights game way down low in the seats of the 1%…friend of Bob’s works for a big aerospace company and she visiting from the land of the Great Fire of 1666. You know the place of good humoured folks that will make you laugh a tonne. I told her I will not go see these bottom dweller bastards of Joe Thorntons left testicle. This Ranger team is a group of nice guys, but they are soft like a Jelly donut. NO RANGER GAMES FOR ME:….ONE YEAR!

  12. ^Long Live the Hobbit Wizard for he is Lord of the Rink^

    One of my faves….(Avery + Fan Favorite = Faves?)

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts needs to put down the crack pipe about EC. I know he can’t pan his own player but let’s face facts here. EC has had more rope in his career to make it as a legit player in this league than most players have. He played with some great players in his career on several teams for many years. He failed miserably in this league. He has been on waivers several times and gone to several teams with nothing to show for it other than some success in the shoot out. He is a head case and should not be on this team at all. He is here taking the spot of more deserving players who are now in Hartford like MZA,Hagelin,Bourque and a few others.

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