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Courtesy of the NYR (audio in the previous thread):

November 3, 2011 (Game 11, Home Game 4)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Team Notes:
–        The Rangers defeated the Anaheim Ducks, 2-1, in the shootout tonight at Madison Square Garden to improve to 5-3-3 on the season, including a 2-1-1 mark at home.
–        The Blueshirts have registered at least one point in six of the last eight games, posting a record of 5-2-1 over the span.  New York has won each of their last two games.
–        The Rangers improved to 7-3-1 in their last 11 meetings with the Ducks, including wins in their last three contests at Madison Square Garden.
–        Seven of the Rangers 11 games to begin the season have been against Western Conference opponents.  The last time New York played more games vs. Western Conference opponents than vs. Eastern Conference opponents this late into the season was in 2003-03 (six of the first 11 games through November 4).
Player Notes:
–        Henrik Lundqvist stopped 27 of 28 shots through regulation and overtime, and two of three shootout attempts, to improve to 3-3-3 with a 2.18 goals against average and a .932 save percentage on the season.  He is now 38-26 all-time in shootouts, and maintains his NHL record for most career shootout wins.
–        Marian Gaborik notched the game-deciding goal in the third round of the shootout, and tallied the primary assist on Jeff Woywitka’s first period goal to earn third star honors.  He has registered five points (one goal, four assists) in the last four games, and is now tied for the team lead in scoring with nine points.  Gaborik also recorded seven shots on goal in a season-high, 23:34 of ice time, and is currently tied for fourth in the NHL with 46 shots on goal.
–        Jeff Woywitka registered his first goal as a Ranger with an even strength tally at 17:32 of the first period, and has recorded a point in each of the last two games (one goal, one assist).
–        Ruslan Fedotenko tallied an assist in 16:23 of ice time, and is now tied for second on the team in assists (five) and third in points (six) on the season.
–        Erik Christensen notched a goal in the first round of the shootout to improve to 24 of 46 in shootouts all-time (52.2%).  He is now tied for fourth in the NHL all-time among active skaters in shootout goals (24), and is tied for fifth all-time in shootout shooting percentage (52.2%) among active skaters with at least 10 career shootout attempts.
–        Brian Boyle was credited with a personal season-high, five hits in 12:44 of ice time while skating in his 200th career NHL game.
–        Derek Stepan led all skaters with a career-high, six hits and won five of seven faceoffs (71%).  He now leads the team with 27 hits on the season.
–        Steve Eminger was credited with a team-high four blocked shots, and ranks second on the team with 23 blocked shots on the season.
Post-Game Quotes:                                                     
–        John Tortorella on Marian Gaborik…
“He’s been our best player this year. Two for 19, but he’s ready to take the next step. I’m glad for him. I hope it helps him. Because he’s been our most consistent player offensively and I’m glad for him it worked out.”
–        Jeff Woywitka on his first goal as a Ranger…
“We had some good zone pressure and Gabs is coming around the net there, he made a great play and I stayed a little wider, a little higher and he got the pass through to me. I wanted to get it off as quick as I could, as hard as I could and got it past the first set of legs, and once you do that anything can happen. It was exciting.”
–        Marian Gaborik on tonight’s game…
“They started stretching their wingers and came with a lot of speed through the neutral zone. They have a lot of skilled defensemen that started joining the rush and we tried to take that away and they had quite a few chances but Hank stood up strong.”

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  1. Just came home. Good game, nerve-racking, but good. Anaheim’s first line was given everybody severe migraine. Gaborik should’ve won it a few times during tge game, and at least once in overtime. But he got it done eventually.

    Sorry if it was discussed, I was at the game so didn’t see the comments. What the deal on Stralman? I hope it’s less than $1M

  2. Thanks, Carp. I thought we fired him already a few times today. Isn’t Hitchcock coming?

    Woywitka was much better today, I thought. Even without scoring the goal, he made a few solid defensive plays. His main weakness is skating backwards and pivoting. Not sure he earned tge hat, I thought it should’ve been Gaborik’s

  3. Yes it is, MickeyM!!

    Hey, those Sharks are back home tonight, losing 2-0 to the Pens – I wonder if the Pen()s are soft, too???????

  4. >>>Carp did you hear EC mention his height and weight in his interview?

    And also that “he really cares!!” “It bothers him that people think he doesn’t want to win!”

    I think he’s a silent fan, Carp!!

  5. I thought he might too, but I’ve got no problem with Woywitka getting it.
    Gabby we’ll get it enough throughout the year if he keeps playing like he is.

  6. ilb is getting a Woywitka jersey tomorrow.

    Bit of a strange game. Long stretches of inactivity then stuff like the Callahan breakaway (he really needs to get a new move) and the OT.

  7. Miami, your description is sharp as always. Have to agree. He scares tge living carcillo out of me when he is on the ice. I’m sure when Stralman is ready to play, they’ll drop him like a bad dream.

  8. Cally should practice his breakaway/shootout moves – maybe try to get some of his teammates to show him a couple of new wrinkles….?

  9. Wait, EC cares?! Well stop the presses and slap that on the back page of the Post… or is that basketball player and his soon to be ex wife still there??

  10. “Derek Stepan led all skaters with a career-high, six hits and won five of seven faceoffs (71%). He now leads the team with 27 hits on the season.”

    Stepan has been playing with a nice edge to his game…

  11. Mickey!!!

    Yes, he cares! And he’s not small – he’s 6 foot one, and 200 pounds! And it bothers him that fans don’t think he tries hard! He said it all in a postgame interview – I think he’s a closet RR lurker!

    Hi, EC!!!

  12. I wonder how Sauer’s shoulder is doing. Not that he isn’t playing well, he’s just lacked a little of the feistiness we saw last year. He showed a little against SJS but I also remember seeing him hit someone where it looked like avoided taking the brunt of the contact with his right shoulder.

  13. >>>“Derek Stepan led all skaters with a career-high, six hits and won five of seven faceoffs (71%). He now leads the team with 27 hits on the season.”

    Those *are* pleasant and welcome improvements!

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    A lot of people are fanatics about Rolla. I’m a little more laid back, go with the flow. More like a Rolla coaster.

  15. BTW, anyone else get their lovely 2012 healthcare enrollment packs in the mail? Those are just depressing to read and hard to understand. Why does healthcare have to be sooooo confusing.

  16. Dubi needs to chill it with the exclamation points. Makes him look like he’s hopped up on espresso AND Red Bull.

  17. Mickey, I received a letter from my HMO today letting me know that the NY State Insurance Board is allowing them to raise my premiums by 15% when the current year of my coverage is up – and I pay a *ton* of money for my coverage right now – at a 15% increase, I may have to drop my coverage, if I can’t find a way to join a group somehow – my individual premiums are *shockingly* high, and climbing….

  18. Anytime Jimbo :)

    And on that note, as much as I would love to hang with my late RR friends, I’m tired and thus going to bed. Be safe, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and I will catch y’all on that flip side.

  19. ‘Night, Mickey – sleep well, and stay off the Rolla Coaster (There, Olga!), especially if it’s snowing out there!

  20. Yikes, Jimbo, that is awful. Ours is going up to, and they are changing providers on us. UGH. Its ridic.

    And NOW, I am leaving. Good night my lovelies!

  21. Did u guys see my sweet move in the shootout ????..Man I am so Money, just keep it tied and put me in and I’ll do my thing !!! Think your boy can deke like me ???? i heard u chanting my name Eric , Eric !!!

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gee, Toronto is on top of the East, Boston is on the bottom. So who won the trade?

    Boston. They have the Cup.

  23. missed the game, did Wolski do anything before twaeking his grion , did EC do anything besides the shootout goal ?

  24. Carp what did Torts say about Woywitka? that he’s in poor physical shape? or that he had to get himself in good shape? i missed it.

  25. Hammerhead-
    I thought Wolski looked good in the 4 minutes he played before getting hurt.
    He was getting after the puck pretty well IMO.

    EC had a take away in the O zone to get AA a shot.

  26. ddeb – so EC did play during the game! – I did not see him or hear his name mentioned by Sam….

  27. That Fowler kid looks very good, too – but he should have had a penalty on that lassoíng of Dubi in front of the Ducks net – it was blatant hooking…

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Imagine there’s no Sather, it’s easy if you try
    No teams above us, above it’s only sky
    Imagine all the fans
    Living for today

  29. Oilers are much improved this year – and the Leafs are playing really well. If both teams keep it up, they may get playoff berths this coming springtime….

    Fishsticks played DiPietro in a couple of games in a row – and he lost both of them, although not by a big margin – I wonder why they aren’t playing Montoya and Nabokov more…?

  30. Red Wings are a shocker – maybe Jimmy Howard isn’t their goalie of the future….? They’ve really fallen off the table lately…

  31. I don’t know what the tubby Isles coach is doing. He just randomly switches them every couple of games. Montoya was the backup tonight, so I suppose he’ll play their next game.

    Pens/Sharks headed to a skills competition.

  32. Yeah, ORR – hard to figure what Capuano is up to – his goaltenders haven’t been too bad – his scorers are not getting it done lately…….

  33. Good thing you’re young, ORR – you’ve got fattening tastes! Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, B&J….keep that metabolism up there, or you’re gonna become a fattie like Maaaarty!! ;-P

  34. Capuano would be a perfect goalie. Sort of a rounded 6×4.

    Eric, you misspelled your own first name. Sort of like John Voight the periodontist.

  35. Ouch!!

    Well, Carp – EC said he’s not small and that he cares – he never said anything about being smart enough to spell his name right…..

  36. The EC detractors are in full voice again. The guy puts a few Serious hits on opponents and it gets completely ignored. All this while the rest of the team is passing
    ( Hah) the puck to nowhere for two entire periods.

    This team goes longer without shots on goal than any that I’ve noticed so far this season. Is this some kind of new strategy by the coach?… .sort of make the goalie think you are a team of dopes and lull him to sleep?

    VERRY lucky to have walked away with two points this game.

  37. Fran, I don’t know if you meant me, but actually, I’m *not* an EC detractor – I kinda feel sorry for him, and I wish that he would fit in better with the team – I’d like to see him get top 6 forward minutes, but he doesn’t seem to be the coach’s type of player.

    He has skills, for sure, but he seems to “disappear” for games at a time when he gets a chance to play. This limits the ice-time that the coach gives him.

  38. Hey folks!!

    so we did or did not sign strahlman??

    Was it me or was woywitka—> just giddy about getting the hat??

    Bahama bomba did well against parros and in general.

    That duck goal was all on mcdonut, all he had to do was put the guy on his aasen, but no physicality there

    speaking of aasen, mario maloney brought up and interesting point about with WW out a getting top six minutes do you bring up MZA who needs to play top six minutes?

    did huginsky play?

    is staal out for the season yet?

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