Snow and Sean, so no chat today


Let me try to explain. The football playoff game I was supposed to cover yesterday was postponed to today because that October snow storm left so many areas without power, so much snow on the fields, and forced so many schools to remain closed.

So, I have to go to a game today instead, thus the tentatively scheduled first of many Live Chats is also postponed (good thing it was tentative).

Also, I don’t know if I can squeeze it in, but the return of Sean Avery has me hoping I can get over to the rink and talk to the third-time Ranger after practice. That, of course, is still questionable because of the football game. Not sure if going to practice leaves me enough time to blog and get to the football game.

In short, we’re going to play this by ear today, OK? If I can’t get audio from Avery on the blog, you guys can gleen it from the widget ======> over there and discuss it right here, as always. You know the drill.

Meantime, maybe we can do the chat Friday after the Anaheim game (and perhaps Avery’s first game back … and his two goals and Gordie Howe hat trick and the Rangers inevitable victory for which No. 16 will get credit … if he plays).

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  1. Off to Bridgeport to see Whaled Redden and the rest of the megabusts (sans He Who Shall Not Be Claimed) against VPG and John Trollvares’ future Cup-winning teammates.

  2. BANJ (Occupying MSG Tonite) on

    Just got back to work today after a weekend with no electric and no hot water (P-U!). Flipped my Ranger calendar to November and who’s picture came up? You got it……#16 Our Saviour and future Head of NHL Disciplinary Committee….Sean Avery!

  3. BANJ (Occupying MSG Tonite) on

    Two players for one month Mama? Well at least you get the complete defense pairing. Even though we may not see Staal play this year.

  4. Louis CK says that I can’t get angry about things that I didn’t know existed being taken away from me. While I vaguely remember that live chats were/are supposed to occur here, I haven’t seen it yet and therefore will patiently await one being unleashed.

    That said, “MegaBusts” is an awesome team name!

  5. Well the chat delay works out well for me, still no power, hoping for friday. Now off to work filthy and without coffee… Weee! :)

  6. Sorry to all you guys and gals out there without power. That really stinks! Also, I hear a lot of people are having trouble with downed trees and broken gutters and the like. Again, best wishes to all you.

    Maybe you can all hire Carp Landscaping Unlimited to refresh your yard?

  7. Avery does not belong in the Amateur Hour League.

    He is not Mickey Mouse, he punches Mickey Mouse in the face.

    But he may be Bush League … we’d just have to ask Elisha Cuthbert.

  8. Results comparison:

    Month of Oct. 2010: 10 games – 5 W, 4 L, 1 REG. T = 11 POINTS

    Month of Oct. 2011: also 10 games – 4 W, 3 L, 3 Reg. T = 11 POINTS

    Not any progress that can be seen from this.

  9. Haha. The ultimate BANJing.

    I don’t hate Avery.

    johnny, not the snow … but the snow caused power outages that closed schools and postponed the games.

    I do feel for you guys with no power. it sucks from head to toe. suggestion, if you can afford it, get a generator. Best investment I ever made and since we’ve had it, we’ve had two storms that left us without power for a week each.

    Good morning, Sally!

  10. Carp: how many watts for generator for fridge, giant plasma and some lights and A/C in summer? 7000?

  11. yeah, don’t push for the a/c. but we have fridge, heat, hot water, well pump, water softener, garage door, some lights, a microwave and a TV hooked up.

  12. Sally!!!

    Carp – thank the lord you have the water softener. You run a Commando 450 through that?

  13. I’m not sure… Where HAVE I been? I think I just got really distracted by my Dolly Parton costume for a few days and forgot about everything else. How’s everybody doing?

  14. “for which No. 16 will get credit”

    Heck, I gave him credit for Monday’s win since the team knew he was on the way back.

  15. Heck, I gave him credit for Monday’s win since the team knew he was on the way back.


    Nothing like the knowledge that Sean Avery will be watching you play from the press box to get you motivated!

  16. Manny, I’m still waiting for a good pic to show up. So far in the only one I’ve got I look a little too much like Dee Snider.

    CTBlue, mazel tov on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!

  17. Results comparison:

    Month of Oct. 2010: 10 games – 5 W, 4 L, 1 REG. T = 11 POINTS

    Month of Oct. 2011: also 10 games – 4 W, 3 L, 3 Reg. T = 11 POINTS

    Not any progress that can be seen from this.


    interesting note, bob. i hope this doesn’t mean that we will have to fight for playoff spot counting on another team.

  18. I might have to cheer for him on Saturday night while I am at Nassau Coliseum watching Caps/Islanders – How did I get talked into this?

  19. LMAO! That will fly very well with NHL, I’m sure….

    CCCP_ you think he said something in Russian instead? Nah…I tried to come up with any Russian phrase instead. Doesn’t work….

  20. Glad to see based on the lines at practice that Avery probably will be scratched tomorrow. What message does it send to the team after last week saying he’s trying to find lines to keep together and then they play their best game of the year by a mile and changing the combos just to appease Avery, the fans, whoever. Good on Torts for being consistent. Of course, the man crushers on Avery will see this as some sort of Avery-Torts dispute which is kinda funny when those are the same people that hate Torts and make fun of his line juggling. Even though, as I’ve said before, show me a coach changing lines I’ll show you a team that is losing, show me that coach not changing lines and Ill show u a team that won.

  21. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Congrats CT!!!

    I see no reason to change the lines either, unless torts think the ducks are going to play pretty rough (which they might) and then I would use avery instead of EC!

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    Of course THE AVERY deserves credit for the sharks win… can you say otherwise with a straight face?

  23. ilb

    No Russian there…he clearly says “fat fudge” lol

    OVI FOR PRESIDENT! Man, how i wish we had him on the Rangers!

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – you seem to be a very serious person, yes?….not that that is a bad thing or anything…

  25. Team showed a good chemistry last game and I, being the ‘Avery Lover’, whatever the puck that means, actually don’t mind if Avery won’t play on Thursday…

    Just don’t know how long that team chemistry will remain with Torts “the juggler” behind the bench.

  26. ilb

    well, i guess Ovechkin should know better…in our age of technology, nothing gets away unnoticed. But at that moment, i bet last thing he was thinking about is youtube lol

  27. NYR_FAN
    Best thing that ever could happen to Caps is BB getting tough and putting his foot down with that team. He realizes they are soft and need to be pushed. It’s about time he turned that team over to its grinders.

  28. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Russostrib Michael Russo
    BLOG: Wild to place Kassian on waivers today

    I would actually take a chance on this guy

  29. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    “torts the juggler”..queue the circus under the big top!!

  30. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    hor the wolfpack is what it was supposed to be…but thanks cccp

  31. One good game and we’re winning the division with THESE LINES! Gimme a break, Torts will still be shuffling when we areplaying for 8th the last week.
    both Avery and BBD have roles to fill

  32. I don’t remember anyone saying we were winning the Lord’s Cup. Just that these lines worked once so roll them again until they don’t work. That’s kind of the idea of line shuffling.

  33. johnny,
    what was wrong with THESE LINES! I thought that they were the best combos Torts has put out there this season. still need to have AA in the top 9 instead of Prust, but Torts is getting closer.

  34. Serious question…..You hear the news that Avery is coming back to fill a spot. How do you think this makes EC and Wolski react? If they were all human, you bet your ass they would bust their hump and go all out. At the end of the day, if Avery takes their spot and produces, they are done in this league for the most part. Don’t dismiss the jolt of energy in the team just by hearing that Avery (who everyone knows Torts hates more than Joe Thornton) might have to be summoned to fill a gap.

    Are we surprised that EC and Wolski had their best games of the year?

  35. Erik Christensen doesn’t belong in the NHL anyway

    also, Mitchell Beck needs to calm down posting Twitter updates from the Connecticut Whale every 90 seconds. No one cares enough about the AHL to warrant this level of coverage.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Torts – “I shuffle therefore I am” will not be changing lines to appease the bahama mama or Wusskie or EZ or WTB?

    Current state of lines has not real line 1 with two line 2’s – Dub-BRich-Cally and Grabby-Step-Wuss – or 2A and 2B

  37. See, Newman, I don’t get this reasoning. Wolski was given away last year. Christensen spends more time riding the pine than Prucha. These guys have to already know that they are on the verge. If losing your job isn’t motivation what is? You actually think that Sean Avery puts a fire in these guys? I doubt it. They have enough experience with what they are to play hard.

    Christensen was mostly scared because he missed his second shootout goal of the year making him 100% irrelevant.

    Wolski has always been streaky. Always. Worlds of potential, rarely fulfilled.

  38. BDL .. totaly agree that these lines are the best, but two loses from now, Torts will have them ripped apart. Consistency takes patience, my remark was more toward Torts than the lines themselves.

  39. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    we are winning a deity’s jock strap??

    Brilliant Beautiful Daffodils??

  40. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I think it would be silly to think he doesn’t play before the homestand ends though!!

  41. let me give you a little forecast:

    Tortorella will make a bunch of comments to the tune of: “I don’t want to mess with the flow we’ve got right now. I feel we’re getting some good things from (insert childish nicknames here) and we need to stick with that for now.”

    Rangers come out and crap the bed Thursday night, line scrambling runs amok.

    Sean Avery dresses for the Montreal game

  42. Lloyd you forgot to add.
    Avery dresses for the Montreal game…scores goals, makes big plays, the earth stops, destruction ceases, snow melts and power is turned on, global warming reverses, the economy turns around, wall street protesters go home all that jazz!

  43. regardless of the outcome in tomorrow’s game, you have to dress Avery for the Montreal game. They’ve been catching a little fire lately, and usually games against Montreal always give us major problems.

  44. My forecast:
    Today Lloyd Braun will be miserable
    Tomorrow Lloyd Braun will be miserable
    The day after that Lloyd Braun will be miserable

  45. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    why does it have to be jazz?? can’t it be polka or something? Why celebrate with jazz??

  46. so…what do you guys think it will take to bring Ovechkin to Broadway if his recent comments lead to player coach dispute and Craps decide to trade Ovi? I know the Craps would crapcan boudreau before ever considering trading #8…but what if?

  47. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    right now is mickey mouse and mousketoodles, so my recommendation is listen to something of your choice!

  48. I guess I’m wondering what the urgency behind recalling Avery on Monday was. Couldn’t they just have waited until Thursday night or something? Clearly, the team has turned the corner and Erik Christensen Wojtek Wolski and Andre Deveaux are the guys most responsible for that.

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