Tortorella pre-game press conference


Here are the highlights about why the Rangers decided to re-call Sean Avery (or at least, put him on re-entry waivers). Will have audio in a few minutes right below this:

John Tortorella:

Why Avery now?

“Rupper. Rupper has a lot to do with this. We’re concerned about this. So we have to be careful there. Not sure what’s going to happen. There’s a couple other things that come along with it. But this is the right decision. It’s a hockey decision. It’s the right hockey decision now. And it was the right hockey decision when we sent Sean down. So that’s where it’s at.

“As I said yesterday, we have concerns with Rupper. I’m not sure when he’s going to play.

“Sean’s biggest strength are his legs. He’s a terrific skater. Obviously a big part of his game is forechecking, his play underneath the hashmarks. So we want him to play to his strengths and also work on the other parts of the game away from the puck. So it’s just like any other player. When you call a guy up, we want him to help us win a hockey game. It’s not that convoluted in my thinking, whether it’s Sean or Zuc (Mats Zuccarello) or Newbs (Kris Newbury) or Devo (Andre Deveaux), we want them to do the best they can to help us win a hockey game.”

“With Sean, it’s Rupper. …”

“When a guy like Rupper goes out, to me, it’s the right call for Sean in this situation here because it fills that role that we bring Rupper in for during the offseason.”


Here’s the audio, with stuff also about Artem Anisimov saying this morning that he lost consciousness Saturday, but team officials insisting he didn’t understand the question. Tortorella also discusses the sky-is-falling feeling after nine games.


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  1. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Does this mean Avery plays tonight or do we have to wait til he clears waivers first?

  2. Avery won’t clear waivers til tmrw, so we’ll see him Thursday night as long as he clears! GO NYR

  3. Wicky© October 31st, 2011 at 5:19 pm
    he was more vital than jagr, anyone that knows hockey would know that, jagr lovers just can’t admit it!

  4. i have to admit, you really never see avery getting his assen handed to him in a fight, seems like no one really gets a clean shot on him

  5. Stranger Nation on

    We have no fighters in this lineup – if some team wanted to bring the goon squad we would be slapped around like a rented mule.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, having fighters isn’t a deterrent, having hitters is. Besides, Prust and Dubinsky can fight and sometimes Boyle tries to (with hilarious results).

  7. Stranger Nation on

    +/- may be misleading but here is the Rangers last year who were minus:

    22 Dale Weise
    23 Chad Kolarik
    24 Kris Newbury
    25 Todd White
    26 Evgeny Grachev
    27 Brandon Dubinsky
    28 Sean Avery
    29 Steve Eminger
    30 Michael Del Zotto

    Those last four look familiar…

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – you are right – got to hit, but when they have 4th liners going after your $$ players and you have Prust who will dance, but is no fighter given shoulder and size constraints and Dubi who can only beat up Richards, you got some potential problems.

    Boyle should be taking boxing along with his skating lessons – definite reach advantage!

  9. Jimbo – “I just want the team to WIN – I don’t care who helps them to do it!”


  10. doodie
    you can’t be serious about huginsky being able to fight? and i was being sarcastic on the invite thing.

    27 and 28 on that list are mirror image players on the ice and both are defencive liabilities

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Wick, you’re right about Dubi. He can only fight Richards and Ovechkin; no actual fighters. I withdraw.

  12. Thank you, ddeb – that’s how I feel – if we could sign a few Martians to score goals and play strong, bruising crease-clearing defense, I’d be all for it!

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – that whole bottom of that list is a circus act – you never know what surprises are coming at ya. Dubi is just lazy playing defense – learned that from his mentor – Jagr.

  14. Is Torts fired? Is Avery claimed? Is Sully in charge? Did Rammer leave for the Isles?


  15. Good evening all! My day for was total carcillo, yet I am still in a lalalalala mood! Now, boys, please let’s one good thing happen today….win!

    LMAO at Izzy’s ditty!

  16. It really sounds like Rupp is gonna be out of the lineup for quite a while. Another Ranger-killer signed who winds up disappointing us once he pulls on the NYR sweater.

  17. doodie
    so now this has become a discussion on how many times an undersized avery has “lost” a fight (are you really chico resch?) i just don’t remember him getting caught cleanly with a punch all that frequently. apparently haley got him, ok?

    you really think huginsky is a great fighter?

    staal wart
    so most fighters duck and “hide” during fights, but i guess you are part of the fedoruk school of fighting then?

  18. Between Izzy and Slatsko, we have some real songwriting talent here! Sign them up, Weird Al Yankovic!

  19. all the free agent players sather signs are a bust. it hurts more now with a cap. I wonder if Sather also is in charge of the circus when it comes to town.

  20. “A guy like Rupper.”

    Unreal. This is a guy who’s a career -26, who’s cracked 15 points exactly twice in his career, can’t skate, can’t shoot, isn’t particularly tough and got one of the most absurdly bloated contracts in recent memory. His one attribute is that he is good on faceoffs. I once said he’s the second-coming of Sandy McCarthy – that was probably an overestimation.

  21. let’s try this again:

    “A guy like Rupper.”

    Unreal. This is a guy who’s a career minus 26, who’s cracked 15 points exactly twice in his career, can’t skate, can’t shoot, isn’t particularly tough and got one of the most absurdly bloated contracts in recent memory. His one attribute is that he is good on faceoffs. I once said he’s the second-coming of Sandy McCarthy that was probably an overestimation.

  22. Have fun with Alex tonight ilb! You still have your costume on? :))))))

    May be in city on Thursday….let’s chat.

  23. staal
    you are not correct (sorry to say). Most fighters duck and cover until they are in an advantageous position to throw (especially when the fighters are tied up in close together or there is a definitive size advantage)…now I guess at times if the other fighter is countering then a duck and cover is wise after you throw, but that is not the only time a fighter would duck and cover. You see guys turning their heads and leaning away while trying to get their elbow pads loose or a better grip on the jersey of their opponent for instance.

    no offence man, but if you don’t like avery that is fine (as i stated earlier, I am neutral on him) but don’t comment on what you seemingly know nothing about

  24. Bob the builder on

    FirE slather!!! This team is as exciting as wise potato chips as compared to Doritos Hallowpeno!


  25. These Aasens here in Norway who has exclusive right to show NHL has again decided not to show the Rangers…. Anyone know where (how) I can find a decent stream?

  26. Stranger Nation on

    One fighter who doesn’t duck is Newbury who employs a unique strategy of tiring his opponents by absorbing their fists with his cheek and chin. Not an effective strategy…

  27. stranger
    true and almost everyone here ripped him for it…I think cam janssens also employs a similar style (that guy is just a wingnut btw)

  28. C3, it’s definitely going to be on MSG – which means in the NYC market, Versus will probably be blacked out..

  29. Mama, yeah, I’m back home in Norway, searching for a new coaching job for next season :) Krisy lives too far away, I’m hoping she comes in here with a link for the game!!

  30. What Torts said doesn’t make sense.

    Avery is replacing Rupp – who isn’t a very good skater (and hence, forechecker). I don’t mind the Rupp signing, he seems a little snakebitten right now with the injuries – although hasnt that been the case with the last 3 enforcers we signed?

    Why is EC still on this team? Here’s my thing with EC and WW… if they don’t score, they are useless on the ice. Neither one hits or forechecks effectively. Of course they are both skilled, but they can’t seem to put it together in a game. Maybe they are practice all-stars?

  31. Hey! I just saw a promo for the next “Beginnings” show about Derek Stepan, and his hot mom is in the show! ;-)

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Dubiii – me worries that hags will be thrown like a rags when he plays with the big boys. Let his get him skates wet in AHL and discover he is not playing against college froshman.

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