Start the countdown on Avery’s return


The Rangers, as expected, placed Sean Avery on re-entry waivers at noon today.

That means any team in the NHL can claim him before noon tomorrow. Not likely.

Just to clear it up, if Avery is claimed, the Rangers are stuck with his cap hit, whereas if he is in Hartford the cap hit is off the books. So the Rangers are not doing this to clear cap space. Just the opposite.

It also means that at noon tomorrow, if unclaimed, Avery returns to the Rangers.

Get the parade route ready.

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Meantime, here’s a re-post of a comment made by our friend Izzy early this morning:

  1. Izzy Mandlebaum October 31st, 2011 at 12:16 am eA little Xmas Spirit…

    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Back from being waived,
    Torts and Sather and all his Rangers
    Pullin’ on his reins.
    Bells are ringin’, children singin’,
    All is merry and bright.
    So hang your banners and say your prayers,
    ‘Cause Av-er-y comes tonight.

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  1. He didn’t make an impact last year, why should anyone expect him to impact anything now. His impact will be felt more by those who party with him after games than by anything he does during it.

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp October 31st, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    … On trampoline?

    ricardo – on my satellite …VERUS :)

  3. On trampoline … another lyric from the Benefit of Mr. Kite thing you started …

    The Hendersons will all be there …

  4. REPOST:

    Some of the posters here still don’t get it. This was not a Torts’ move to bring up Avery. It was most likely a Sather move. I guess there is some small chance it was a Dolan move, but I doubt it.

    Rupp’s injury might be more severe than initally disclosed. That is another thing I am reading into this.

    But I told you all Avery would be back here soon enough. And so it is.

    I bet you our hits go up, our energy goes up, and the other team will lose some of their focus with Aves in the lineup. And many of you making the silly comments that Avery will score 50 goals are just clowns. He is not being called up for his goal scoring.

  5. Repost:

    I’m going to need physical therapy session for my thumb. It’s all crooked and stiff from scrolling down through 700+ comments on my iPhone yesterday. WTB, ‘heads?

    Well, it looks like this post will not provide any thumb relieve either.
    LMAO @SC, here we come! Had to vote for that…..

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    On the poll ::::::::::::::::::> Someone was smart enough to note THE CUP will soon be ours….god bless that person and let’s all hope that his water heater gets fixed today

  7. Newman, there isn’t a chance in the world that Tortorella is not on board with this, if not completely responsible for it.

  8. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    morning ILB and all!!

    Nice BANJing on last thread folks!!

    which wimpski? wimpsky or wimpski? They are both basically the same player with the same salary right now!

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    Imagine all the people, sharing all the world…you may say that i am a dreamer, but i am not the only one…..someday all the avery haters will join us and the world will be as one. ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    you may say that i am a dreamer…….Avery will score 30 goals, maybe someday you will join us avery lovers and the world will be as one…..

  10. Newman- are you sure it was Slats’ decision. Because you can only be as sure about it as any of us of tomorrow’s financial market outlook.

  11. Carp, eddie3’s midmorning form suggests that you may have to do *new post* every 2 hours or so :-)

  12. Thought this was worth a re-post (in fact, I’m going to put it up in the top post):

    Izzy Mandlebaum October 31st, 2011 at 12:16 am e

    A little Xmas Spirit…

    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Back from being waived,
    Torts and Sather and all his Rangers
    Pullin’ on his reins.
    Bells are ringin’, children singin’,
    All is merry and bright.
    So hang your banners and say your prayers,
    ‘Cause Av-er-y comes tonight.

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    Palying those Mind games together, pushinhg the barrier, planting the seeds…….playing the mind games forever…..AVERY is the answr, and you know that for sure…AVERY is the flower, you gottta let it, you gotta let it grow…..take the future out of the now….

  14. Carp October 31st, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Newman, there isn’t a chance in the world that Tortorella is not on board with this, if not completely responsible for it.


    first Torts banishes Avery…slams the door in his face with words “You don’t belong on this team full of better players than you” and now Torts is fully responsible for calling Avery back? Is that what good coaches do? Because clearly someone is eating up his words.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    Raising the spirit of peace on earth AVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRRY is the answer

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    Izzy’s lyric was pure genius….and now from Liverpool…..its the BEATLES….

    and when i touch you i feel happy, inside. i cant hide, i cant hide, i cant hiiiiiiiiiiiiide….

    i want to hold your haaaaaaaaaaaand

  17. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    before we start saying people are eating words or saviors arriving yadda yadda yadda, let’s

    a)make sure he clears re-entry waivers

    b)he actually is on the ice playing a game

  18. Do the Rangers have to concede, at some point, that Staal is out for the year or will it remain a vague, “we have no idea how he’s doing” kind of thing?

  19. CCCP, it’s more a matter of the players who started the season here being ineffective and (Rupp) injured.

    Any and every coach dips down to the minors in such a situation. Who’s more NHL ready than Avery at this point? Who has a better chance to spark something?

    I think this is purely a hockey decision. If you think Tortorella eats crow because of the words he used earlier, so be it. I don’t believe for a second that he would recall Avery if he really didn’t want him here.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am off to class in 5 minutes or so……will someone pick up where i leave off….

    I get you anything you want my friend, if it makes you feel allright…..I may not have a lot to give, but what i have, I give to you….

    cant Buy me love

  21. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    now, I will take this conspiracy theory a bit further for lack of options at this point

    if it was slats who “said” bring him back up and torts really does dislike him on a grand scale (avery that is), so torts just gives him four shifts a game and slats doesn’t appreciate the lack of playing time for him and torts plays the “I’m the coach” card, how long before slats says coach this and torts is gone….?

    just musing and getting that bank account rolling for the carpinator

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    Slats is tweeting….RT@that bufuglien torts better play avery or i will either whale him or chris christie him

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    … sweet Avery….hallejuallah….i really want to see you, really want to see you Avery, really want to see you….but it takes so long….my sweet avery…..

  24. I can’t see Sather getting rid of Torts. I just don’t think it happens. Maybe Sullivan will go first.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I’m bringing my own and selling them for 25 cents a pop.

    I called him Sean Waivery when he was Whaled. Now he’s Sean (Re-Entry) Waivery.

  26. Now watch the Islanders make room for Avery by putting Gillies on waivers, now Avery can really stick it to Torts . . . . let the story lines begin.

  27. Actually, the CT staff didn’t recommend Avery. They wanted MZA to get the call. Avery was Torts’ call…

    Lost in this Avery debacle is the words Torts had about Mats Zuccarello, quotes from Andrew Gross:

    “The name they (the Connecticut coaching staff) gave us was Zuc,” Tortorella said. “Zuc’s been playing really well there. But in the role I’m looking for here, it puts me in the situation that I had problems with him when I sent him down. I want to try to keep those three lines I finished with together. I think they did a fairly good job, there was some consistency with it. So it’s hard for me to bring up Zuc and try to put him in a top nine when I want to see where these lines go. That’s why Zuc was sent down, I couldn’t find time for him. It’s hard. But you never know with injuries to some of your top guys. It’s a hard situation for him. But he’s handled himself so well. That’s a hard one right now. It’s been explained to him that way but it is what it is right now as far as his situation.”

  28. Carp….

    Or, Sather said to Torts, “Enough with shuffling the lines every 2 shifts. Your method isn’t doing much right here. Our offense stinks. You have no consistency. You wanted to keep Christensen and the guy is 0-fer everything including the shootouts. Newbury was a zero. Wolski has done little. Rupp is injured.”

    They deferred to Torts for the preseason and the first 9 games and it has yielded little. If I had to bet, Torts may not have 100% of the calls on personnel at this stage. I could be totally wrong but given the chances Torts gave Avery historically, I would venture a small wager that Slats/Dolan turned up the heat a little and were not taking “no” for an answer this time. Or they said, “Give him a few shifts. It couldn’t do much worse at this point.”

    I have no idea what was actually said. But my gut says it has the gist of the above…

  29. Zuccarello-ello-ello a/k/a ^the hobbit wizrd^ a/k/a lord of the rink has been lighting it up in Connecticut.

  30. Did we, wick? I thought we only discuss the the “Grate One” here…and how much Torts sucks…

  31. Courtesy of the Decemberists “Dear Avery”

    Dear Avery, I think of you only
    Were you waving, were you dead on the vine
    Oh Avery, I think of you lonely
    But I could just grab you by the nape of your neck

    There are times life will rattle your bones
    And will bend your limbs
    You’re still far away the boy you’ve ever been
    So you bend back and shake at the frame
    Of the frame you made
    But don’t you shake alone
    Please Avery, come home

    Headstrong, you and your long arms
    Listing lazily on the cusp of your tease
    But you were my Avery and when you needed saving
    I could just grab you by the nape of your neck

    There are times life will rattle your bones
    And will bend your limbs
    You’re still far away the boy you’ve ever been
    So you bend back and shake at the frame
    Of the frame you made
    But don’t you shake alone
    Please Avery, come home
    Don’t you shake alone
    Please Avery, come home
    Come home

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Stall/Stahl/Staal Door – slightly ajar?

    The peculiar aspect of Stahl’s injury is how he came back and played last season after the injury and serious top 2 Dman minutes at that. Puzzling how he can turn that around and then experience the affects months later. More proof he is a warrior. Realizing a brain injury and the grey matter are not easily diagnosed nor ‘rehabbed’.

    As we continue down this long black hallway to the cloudy abyss of uncertainty, waiting for hope to show the light and signal progress, but fearing the longer wait of silence and nothingness; deep, dark nothingness.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if I were selling mustard packets at MSG I’d feel like a drug dealer. “I got that spicy brown!”

  34. Joe from philly - Formerly joey briggs on

    I post the rangers song on facebook and all my friends who are flyers fans are already pissed. This is why this guy needs to be on this team… stat

  35. Apparently Beer-On is in net tonight. I like that move. Hank doesn’t deserve to play tonight after his last two games. Hopefully Beer-On can pull off a win!

    Has anyone heard from Bull Dog yet? I’m anxious to read his reaction to all of this.

  36. Yea Doodie – you can have people give you the .25Cents and then you can tell them where to go get “the stuff.” Like, “go down to the basement, ask for jerry – then in the back through the washroom look under the window.”

  37. LOL! Wick, I panicked when I heard, cause I had a feeling you were going to pick him up. Last thing I need is to have you start off the match with two goalies against none. Now it’s one on one, unless Crawford is benched.

  38. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    crawford is in

    here ya go, cliff notes version

    Wicky© October 30th, 2011 at 1:38 pm
    Morning ILB and all!!

    I agree with torts on this from whackamole—->

    NYDNRangers Tortorella said the Whale initially gave him Zuccarello’s name, but he wants to keep top-3 lines together and doesnt see ice time for Zucc

    makes sense to me. Part of the problem is square pegs in round holes on this team…guys that should be in the top 6 with their offencive ability and lack of physicality on the 4th line.

  39. Maybe Torts is a bit jealous of Avery. I mean, a coach should be able to push and lead his team. Avery might be more effective at those than Torts.

    You have to admit. He does ramp things up.

  40. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Since the entire hockey world knows about Torts’ animus towards #16, it seems rather obvious that if recalling Avery was Torts’ call it was a purely hockey decision. He wasn’t recalled because Torts has matured emotionally since preseason.

    But given the coach’s obvious dislike for the player, we can’t dismiss the possibility (or likelihood) that Slats gently suggested it. In any case, how Torts uses him, how he reacts to Avery’s game, and how Torts explains it (or not) to the press will be a fascinating little psychology experiment.

    Can Torts use Avery more effectively this go round?

  41. How are we not sure that waiving Sean was not part of the plan? Getting some juice/jam/mustard going when he was recalled? Like an ace up the sleeve – only an ace that doesn’t do much.

  42. half a year – 6 months – 24+ weeks -182+ days -4,368 hours – 162,080 minutes – 15,724,800 seconds = no smokes for me.
    It’s not easy & it’s not over. BUT ….. half a year !!!!!

    And … welcome back Mr Avery !

  43. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    yep, it is all over twitter…it’s halloween, people are so stupid!!

  44. Rhode Island Ranger on

    As we will see and hear on Thursday, this is the first time that Torts will have the blueseaters so obviously rooting for one of his players but NOT for him. It’s safe to assume he’s never been in this strange position before in his coaching career.

    Humor and humility would serve Torts well in this if he wants to win the Avery supporters back.

  45. yeah, I’m not buying that this decision was purely Tortorella’s. Based on Sather’s comments a few weeks back, and the comments made by some of the players, it’s pretty obvious that there was a bit of a divide between Tortorella’s assessment of Sean Avery and the opinion shared by other facets of the Rangers organization. I absolutely refuse to believe John Tortorella is incapable of changing his mind this radically and this quickly – the story from Brooks is that this idea of bringing Avery up had been discussed since the third game of the season. Does anyone really believe Tortorella decided after those three games that Sean Avery was the missing piece?

    I don’t doubt that he was involved in the decision, but I’ll guarantee the thrust of it came from Sather.

  46. iDoodie machetto on

    Now when Avery plays 4th line minutes, the apologists will continue to blame Torts for Avery just not being very good. this despite the fact that 29 teams are going to pass on him despite the fact that it would only be one year for less than a million bucks. But the Rangers fans know better than all30 NHL teams!

    I’m getting ahead of myself. I hope he comes in and all of the Avery fan boys are right and he wins the Hart triphy

  47. LMAO! I’m sure the last thing Torts gives a shyte aboot is winning over the delusional Torts lovers.

    The only way you do that is if you play Avery on the top line for the rest of the year, and refer to him as God, and praise him for every little thing he does.

  48. refuse to believe that Tortorella is capable…not incapable

    stupid typos and stupid lack of “edit”

  49. Torts will use Avery 6 minutes a game on the 4th line, so that he cannot do his thing, which is to play opposite and agitate the opponents’ better players. thus, Torts can then reassure his own ego that he will not let others dictate his lineup.

  50. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Hopefully, Torts cares about winning and only winning. The jury is still out on whether he has the hockey judgment and personality to win with what the Rangers have.

    For me, the most important thing about the whole Avery issue is what it reveals about the coach. Is he smart enough? Is he personally disinterested enough to get the most from this group without letting likes and dislikes distort his judgment?

    A simple test, really. Just win.

  51. Haha! Avery needs more than six minutes to do his thing? What the fugg does that even mean? A guy like him needs one shift to do *his* thing.

    A guy like Butt-Chin needs more than six minutes to do his thing. Let’s not confuse the two. Actually, I suppose it’s too late for that, huh?

  52. If Avery is that good he will use those 6 minutes to show us what he’s got by scoring goals, making plays, not take stupid penalties…earn more ice time (proving Tort’s wrong)…earn more ice time score more big goals, earn the C and take us all the way to Lord Stanley

  53. Wait guys, just cuz NHL teams pass on someone doesn’t mean they suck. I mean, look at Hugh Jessiman…

  54. try reading comp. it has nothing to do with minutes. I said that he cannot do his thing if he is not playing vs the opponents’ better players. if he is put on the 4th line it means that he will not be used to the team’s advantage. period.

  55. So, what you’re saying, buried, is, he should play against the Crosby’s, the OvechCANT’s, the Stamkos’, the Perry’s.

    My response to that….


    That is just moronic. Absolutely +moronic+

    More so *now* than ever, with the way the NHL has been this season.

  56. it’s funny how the Avery hater’s argument boils down to: he’s not Wayne Gretzky; we don’t need him!

    Avery haters seem to operate under the delusion that Avery fans think he’s a superstar. News flash: we don’t. We just like him. And we also think he’s better than Erik Christensen.

    If that’s unreasonable, you guys should probably avoid sports entirely.

  57. Lloyd, speak for yourself, not for the rest of the delusional group. A lot of Avery lovers seem to think that if he played against the Craps sooner, in both series against them, we would have won.

    A lot seem to think he’s too good for the 4th line, and he should play with the top line.

    I have no problem with him on the 4th line, getting 6 minutes a night. If he plays well, and earns more time, great, I have no problem with that, naturally, as long as he’s not taking bad penalties, and giving up the puck constantly.

  58. Sounds like some people want Avery on that 1st line LW. Who knew the solution was right there!

  59. Avery -haters- lovers seem to operate under the delusion that Avery fans think he’s a superstar

  60. But if Avery comes back and plays a lot of minutes he takes away playing time from the other guys who like to stand behind the net

  61. no, the moronic stuff is people saying he is being brought up to score goals. he is AN AGITATOR. that is his role. he is not out there to score goals. if he creates some goals, that is gravy, but that is not his role, and anyone who measures his performance on scoring is being hockey clueless.

  62. Lloyd…He is better than Christensen and I’d argue Wolski, but he’s a clown…a 4th line clown who takes stupid penalties, makes dumb passes. If he’s as good as the Avery lover’s say, he’ll earn the top minutes.

  63. Kind of funny how on the 36th anniversary of the Rangers kicking Eddie Giacomin to the curb by placing him on waivers, the Blueshirts start the process of bringing back Sean Avery from the AHL. Just to be safe, Avery should have someone start his car. “Apollonia, no!” .

  64. Mister Delaware on

    “Lloyd…He is better than Christensen and I’d argue Wolski, but he’s a clown…a 4th line clown who takes stupid penalties, makes dumb passes.”

    But we know all this. Newbury can take stupid penalties, Christensen can make dumb passes on the rare times he works himself into position to touch the puck … Avery can add some energy and agitation in his clown role. That’s something. And he is a decent passer. Bringing a little along with the flaws that make you a 4th liner is better than bringing nothing with the flaws that make you a 4th liner / AHLer.

  65. OK, if you say so…but Avery _lovers_ seem to think that it’s either a love/hate relationship with Rangers fans….you can’t not care , or not have an opinion…

    You must either love or hate the Avery…

  66. Buried, so he can’t agitate 3rd/4th liners, he has to play against the best players to throw off their game?? Gimme a fuggin break.

    And honestly, when was the last time he threw a star player off his game? His antics normally don’t work against those types of players, cause they’re actually smart.

  67. Staal Wart, let me paraphrase it for you: but he’s (Boyle, Prust, EC, WoWo, MDZ, Rupp, etc.) a clown…a 4th line clown who takes stupid penalties, makes dumb passes.

  68. I am also a ‘tweener on the one they call Avery. I don’t hate him and I don’t love him. He is a 4th line player that gets paid too much and sometimes has mental lapses that hurt his team. He does have an upside. I am aware of that. But I don’t LOVE the upside.

  69. Mister Delaware on

    “OK, if you say so…but Avery lovers seem to think that it’s either a love/hate relationship with Rangers fans….you can’t not care , or not have an opinion…

    You must either love or hate the Avery…”

    I’d love it if most people were apathetic about him. Would save a lot of useless debating when all our side is saying is that being better than EC and Newbury means he should be on the roster.

  70. I won’t bother trying to educate a poster who admittedly never played hockey and knows nothing aboot it.

  71. Sweet argument stance, buried! That’s awesome. Your time is really valuable so I am glad you’re not wasting it around here. I also never played hockey so I am also completely ignorant. I mean, heck, I don’t even watch the games!

  72. Mister Delaware on

    “And honestly, when was the last time he threw a star player off his game? His antics normally don’t work against those types of players, cause they’re actually smart.”

    Kovalchuk? And the standard shouldn’t be throwing a star player completely off his game, that would make him insanely valuable. He just needs to draw penalties, from anyone, and he’s doing his job. Make it a star and that’s icing.

  73. LMAO! Because I never played hockey, I know nothing aboot it? You really are a moron, buried.

    Please, educate me, what do I not know aboot hockey. And please tell me, because every time someone says that here, they never get into specifics.

  74. One of the reasons I like Avery so much is because he doesn’t conform to the hockey mold in any way. He’s not one of those guys who feigns bashfulness the way most hockey players do, nor does he always look like he’s on the verge of trying to swallow his upper teeth the way most Canadian hockey people do. He tells it like it is and has no concern for towing the company line. That’s a breath of fresh air in a sport utterly devoid of personality. I firmly believe Avery stands out as much as he does because hockey is desperately trying to cling to the “good ol’ boy” mentality while the rest of the sports world has long since rendered that attitude obsolete. I don’t need more hockey players to look and sound like Sydney Crosby. That’s been done to death.

  75. what is a hockey player or team without motivation?…Nothing is the answer. Rangers are a good talented team. They’ve just lost motivation. Isn’t it obvious.

    Avery’s biggest upside is he lights a fire under the bench. If he looks like a clown or takes a penalty or two. The pros still outweight the cons. Even Renny knew that.

  76. Mister Delaware on

    This is like when Joe Morgan talks about people who never played baseball then says something completely moronic.

  77. Mister Delaware October 31st, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    I’d love it if most people were apathetic about him. *Would save a lot of useless debating when all our side is saying is that being better than EC and Newbury means he should be on the roster*



  78. ORR – it’s no use – he specifically said he wasn’t going to waste his time. I am just glad he exposed you for the fraud that you are. I am no longer going to read your posts based on this guys egomania.

  79. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    yes, but i wish we had a guy that played like sydney crosby (pre concussion)

  80. Mr. Del, when was that, two, three years ago?

    The thing with Avery, and this has been brought up countless times, he takes as many penalties as he draws. That’s just a fact. You have to be careful with him, and to be fair, like I mentioned last night, the refs are rarely fair with him, so that only makes things worse for us.

  81. Mister Delaware on

    Also, I played street hockey and shoot left-handed so I’m pretty qualified to comment here. Although I played RW rather than LW. That could be tough to overcome.

  82. Carp – how the heck am I supposed to get work done when all I want to do is try to make sense of all this Avery nonsense by reading Rangers report?

    BTW – I think my crow is better when its fried!

    I cant believe this is happening – there was not ONE young stud in Hartford with some speed and the ability to put the puck in the net that could have got the call?

    This is – IMHO – the end of the Torts run. He is being underminded, no question. HOw can a coach continue when he knows that he cannot control the personnel that he is being given to craft a team?

    Congrats Dolan’s – once again, a Fuster Cluck of an immense mangnitude. Holy Bufglien!

  83. Manny, take it easy! I did used to shoot pucks into a laundry basket. I’d use my little sisters bike as the goalie. I was quite the -Avery- Jagr of the laundry basket hockey league.

    I also shoot left handed, and I’m a natural righty, so that makes me even more special.

    So, I’m more than qualified!

  84. Mister Delaware on

    Orr: Two years ago. Last year was pretty much lost for him after the first month or two. And I totally agree; if he’s having one of his cranky games where he can’t do the “under control while infuriating the opposition” without flipping out himself or the refs are doing the two rulebook thing, he plays 6:00 minutes and that’s it. Which, given our roster composition, still makes him worth dressing. Until we have a 3rd/4th line split where one can score and the other can grind (Boyle/Prust line), rather than the current Boyle/Prust is the 3rd line and the 4th is simply everyone else, having specialists make sense. Newbury specializes in nothing, EC’s specialty only comes after 65 minutes and he’s failing there.

  85. Orr your right in a way. When the refs had his number he was rendered useless, but when
    they allowed him to agitate and play his game. He was great. I guess it depends on a lot
    of things for Avery to be effective. he has to stay on the right side of the borderline.

    Torts can’t tame him too much too because that will effect his game as well.

  86. yeah, we were talking a bit yesterday about Avery really having a sign on his back now. there’s no doubt he was a marked man when he came back from his suspension; I can only imagine, given the current state of the league, it’ll be even worse now. That worries me a bit.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    “One of the reasons I like Avery so much is because he doesn’t conform to the hockey mold in any way”

    Yeah! He doesn’t need to do things like “score goals,” “shoot on goal,” “stay onside” and “not constantly turn the puck over!”

  88. “Is that what good coaches do? Because clearly someone is eating up his words.”

    You are exactly right. Torts will do whatever it takes to win even if he needs to get a little egg on his face to do so. Team first!

  89. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    And here’s a little Sather ditty for Halloween… (to the tune of Monster Mash, naturally)

    I was working in the Garden on Free Agency Night
    When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
    Glen Sather from his slab began to rise
    And suddenly to no surprise

    (He gave them cash)
    He gave them monster cash
    (Monster cash)
    It was a free agents smash
    (He gave them cash)
    The Cap was gone in a flash
    (He gave them cash)
    He gave them monster cash

    To Sather’s office in the Garden East
    From the locker room where Free Agents feast
    Overage vets even though they’re slowed
    Still get a jolt from Dolan’s dough

    (Lindros got cash)
    He gave him monster cash
    (Holik got cash)
    It was a free agency smash
    (Gomez got cash)
    The Cap was gone in a flash
    (Richards got cash)
    He gave him monster cash

    The Owners were having fun
    The buyouts had just begun
    The guests included Old Man
    Dolan and his son

    The Garden was rockin’, fans were digging the sound
    Redden’s in Hartford, but gets paid to hang around
    All those goals from Drury were about to arrive
    But his knee gave out- He couldn’t get five…

    (They paid Zherdev cash)
    They paid him monster cash
    (Frolov got cash)
    It was a UFA smash
    (Naslund got cash)
    This team’s gonna crash
    (Brashear got cash)
    And threw him out to the trash

    Out from his office, Slat’s voice did ring
    Seems he was troubled by just one thing
    He opened the door and shook his fist
    And said, “Whatever happened to Gaborik’s wrist?”

    (I paid them cash)
    I’ll be GM ‘til I pass
    (All that monster cash)
    And we are still in last
    (There’s no more cash)
    The season’s gone in a flash
    (We need more cash)
    Spend more Monster cash…

    Now everything’s cool, Slats still has a plan
    And his monster cash is the hit of the land
    For you, Ranger Fans, a price increase to you
    When you get to the door, tell them Sather told you

    (I need more Cash)
    Dolan needs more monster cash
    (I need more Cash)
    You’ll catch on in a flash
    (I need more Cash)
    They keep spending your cash
    (Follow the cash)
    FIRE SATHER into the trash

  90. (He gave them cash)
    He gave them monster cash
    (Monster cash)
    It was a free agents smash
    (He gave them cash)
    The Cap was gone in a flash
    (He gave them cash)
    He gave them monster cash



  91. So when does Wolski, who is double the cap hit Avery is and contributes absolutely nothing, get put on waivers?

  92. Mister Delaware on

    “Avery lovers think they’re always right.

    Avery haters think they’re always right.

    what to do?”

    Its easy. Rangers will be averaging ~1 point per game heading into Avery’s debut. If they win, he’s obviously worth a full point on his own. If they lose, he’s actually worth a negative point. If they lose in OT, we just keep arguing for a while.

  93. I’d take Prust and Boyle over Avery any day!
    I’d get rid of EC and WW.
    MDZ is young and stupid passes are part of the growing pains.
    Dubinsky has far more upside than Avery who hasn’t come close to even scoring 20 goals in a season.

  94. Staal Wart:

    Sean Avery scored 18 goals in 2006-2007. I’d say that’s pretty close to 20.

  95. This biggest joke of all, is the torts-shills somehow spinning the Avery call up as “a great coach doing the best thing for the team”

    so this is best for the team now? a mere 3 weeks ago Totalhypocrite said the rest of the Rangers were better hockey players than Sean Avery, so what has changed? did Avery get better?? did others get worse? was he wrong?

    yeah, didnt think so.

    and for you Carp to suggest that “there isn’t a chance in the world that Tortorella is not on board with this, if not completely responsible for it.” is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllly a stretch. If you have inside info fine, if this is your opinion, the blind love for Turderella is staggering.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    “Sean Avery scored 18 goals in 2006-2007. I’d say that’s pretty close to 20”

    Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    “so this is best for the team now? a mere 3 weeks ago Totalhypocrite said the rest of the Rangers were better hockey players than Sean Avery, so what has changed? did Avery get better?? did others get worse? was he wrong?”

    He was wrong/Rupp is hurt. Avery did not get better playing 2 games in CT.

    And by him being wrong, I don’t mean he is wrong about Avery not being good. He was wrong about Christensen not being a complete waste of a roster spot.

  98. The story from Brooks is that the “Rangers” have been trying to recall Avery since the game against the Islanders, which was game 3 of the season. Mike Rupp wasn’t injured at that point and Avery hadn’t played a game yet.

  99. Amazing commentary here, folks – too bad Carp really isn’t getting $1.50 per post – he could start his own newspaper if that was the case, or perhaps buy the one that he now works for!

  100. I will give Avery credit for opening a really cool bar, being pretty hilarious in dissing people, standing up for what I consider to be awesome politics, sleeping with unattainable women and dressing well. As far as hockey, I give him credit for being a mediocre player with a lot of drama surrounding him. He can skate though!

  101. Did anybody see the ESPN power rankings? They have Bruins second to last (aha aha i like it aha aha) and the Oilers SECOND.

  102. ORR, if Carp could pull that stunt off, he should run for president! Forget the newspaper business! ;-D

  103. what about for being one of the leaders of this team when this team really lacked one? standing up for his teammates? that doesn’t count for anything?

  104. It does, @CCCP@ it does. I actually like Sean Avery, I just think the hooplah that surrounds him is a bit ridiculous and I think it detracts from what he can be. He also is inconsistent, which is a mantra for this Rangers team.

  105. The Oilers are really looking *good* so far this season – looks like those young kids they drafted because they finished in the cellar for a few years are really starting to pay dividends for them….they obtained some really good talent in those drafts.

  106. Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions on

    Aha Aha, I Don’t Like It!

    Aha, aha, ahhhhhhhhh

    [jumps off roof]

  107. All of the Oilers top picks are looking good, except for that Magnus P.I. kid they drafted 9th overall. Zero goals through 10 games.

    I can’t believe how well Potter is doing though. Notched another PP assist last night.

    Avery’s not a “leader”, in my opinion.

  108. As someone else here said, maybe it *was* Dolan who demanded that Aes be brought back up. After all, he doesn’t have the Knicks to meddle with due to the lockout, so maybe he’s perusing his other sports properties and giving them the benefit of his expertise in such matters!

  109. Anthony, LMAO.

    Boy, it sure looks like one guy thinks this is Valentine’s Day, not Halloween. Maybe you can get Sean to sign your jersey again. Idiot. Bring him flowers, too. Then go to his bar and attempt to get a glimpse.

  110. I wonder how Voros must feel. He does pretty much all the things that Avery does, and more. I never see Avery get beat up every night! But, only myself, and NYR appreciate him! If I had a heart, I could cry!

    Go Voros!

    Seriously though, I do miss the guy. I wish he could be our mascot, at the very least. Just keep him off the ice. Let him be an assistant coach that doesn’t say or do anything. He could just stand there. He’ll fall a few times, but I’m sure Torts wont mind that!

  111. When Avery and Hank were the only players calling for team meeting, Avery was praised for displaying his leadership qualities…but today it’s somehow cheap?

  112. And I just have to say, Slatsko’s version of the “Monster Mash” was *true genius*! There are lots of talented folks here on RR!

  113. Carp you make a good point

    makes me wonder, whose love is stronger

    Avery lovers love for Avery or Torts-lovers love for Torts

    it seems the Torts love is blinder but im biased

  114. “ilb, you missed some of the most mindless man-love drivel ever produced on this blog.”

    who’s that man? Torts? lol :P

  115. Good, Carp! Keep it up, boys. The more the better. Imagine if he keeps that much traffic on the blog *AND* makes them a SC contender?

  116. ?4 motorcycle cops, 4 police cars, 2 police vans, 4 undercover cop cars, 14 cops & the K9 unit in front of my house – there goes the neighborhood !
    Robbery suspects in handcuffs 50 feet from my door – Good work AZ Police !
    Now I can watch the game in peace tonight knowing the neighborhood is safe again !

  117. ORR,

    I’ve watched some Edmonton games lately; Potter’s looked well, mind you, but I think most of his assists have been secondary, and that PP is pretty legit.


    We all don’t know a lot about hockey. If we did, we would be employed by a franchise, or the league, or we would be retired from such a role.

  118. Or, maybe Dolan is a silent partner in Warren 77, and having his other partner up in Hartford has taken a severe toll on the bar receipts – it’s always about the money! ;-D

  119. You know, the people who are the front office movers and shakers are so stupid. They can’t take 20 steps without stepping in doggy do.

    Here they want to make an example of a guy like Avery, but they’re so ham handed and out of touch with the folks who buy the tix, that they make a folk hero of the guy IN TWO DIFFERENT CITIES! Viva Zapata. …………………………….he will always be with us…..his name is spoken in all the canyons of Manhattan…. in the taverns, the clubs, and on 5th Ave boutiques……..his name will echo through the ages and babies not yet born will be named after him……
    and the wind will carry his mystique ( not his scoring record)…………… “larger than life” appropriate?….and when Torts is gone, he will still be remembered. (and don’t kid yourselves…Torts may be on the block before Avery is, if this team doesn’t make a severe about face and start playing major league style hockey…which to date they have not come even close to doing.)

  120. Guys. this point is mute because the adysmal Islanders are clearly going to claim re-waivery and put him on a line with PA Parenteau.

  121. Anyone have any stats or recollection on when players are usually claimed off waivers? Are they normally claimed right away or do teams wait till the last minute? I guess it doesn’t matter really, but I am having trouble dealing with the suspense.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    firetorts, I don’t love Torts. I think he did a pretty good job last year turning our mediocre squad into a tough team to play against with a strong blue collar work ethic. But I think our special teams have been lousy at all times with him at the helm and it isn’t just a lack of talent (although that is definitely part of it on the PP).

    But I’ll say this about Avery: he was a spark plug for us when he first hit the scene, providing scoring depth and energy to balance out our attack (instead of just relying on Jagr). He could agitate well, and his overall play allowed me to kind of look past some of his deficiencies, like being a turnover machine. But last year he was just not good. 2.2 shooting percentage. Constantly offsides. Not really drawing penalties anymore. Even his previously underrated skating seemed to have lost a step (although I’ll admit that during the preseason it looked like he had regained half a step). I just don’t see what he can bring to the team in any meaningful way. Is he a better fit for fourth line minutes than a guy like Christensen? Sure. But he isn’t really much more than that.

  123. Doodie Machetto on


    Then you realize that you are defending Avery with Drury’s shield? That’s not a good sign.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Nessier, they have to wait until noon tomorrow to release that information since multiple teams can claim one player and he will then go to the team that is ranked lowest in the standings (provided they aren’t claiming another player).

  125. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I wonder how many of Avery’s 18 goals were those vital empty betters like huginsky gets.

    You pose a great question about if Avery consistently got top six minutes and linemates, how would his stats look?

    Not saying he is a top six forward by any stretch, just asking a fair question

  126. Avery was given ZERO chance to play for this team this year. Arguing that he was once good, but can’t be good again isn’t smart… last year Gaborik sucked big and hairy cojones, but this year he is lighting it up! You dont think any player, including Avery, can turn things around and perform better from year to year when given a chance?

  127. Stranger Nation on

    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

    The Good: Averaged more assist per TOI than any other Ranger 5 v 5

    Avery – 21 assists last season – 9th for ‘regulars’
    Avery – 20 assists last season 5 v 5 which tied for 3rd on team (Dubi 23, Artie 21, Cally 20, Girardi 20)

    The Bad – Had lowest shooting percentage in the history of mankind.

    Avery shooting percentage was 2.2% – 20th place for regulars
    The next highest for regular forward was Wusskie (7.7), then Feds (8.8) – Prust (14.9) and Prospal (14.8) highest

    The Ugly: Avery led the team in both PIM and getting his assen kicked

    In Sum –
    1st period – makes a great pass to lead to first goal
    2nd period – has two break-aways and shoots it in the netting
    3rd period – gets an instigator penalty and then gets his assen kicked.

    At least he’s not EC…

  128. hopefully gillies gets claimed by someone in the west. he defines the word goon.

    as for avery enough is enough we would still have the same freaking record. his not a savior.

    dubi arty and del zaster need to get there butt in gear

  129. Doodie

    i am not defending Avery with Drury’s shield… i was being funny. But Avery should qualities that most of the team lacked and still lacks today.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, that should’ve been addressed to Wicky.

    CCCP, it’s not just last year, but last year was clearly the worst of it. And a player with Gaborik’s talent is much more likely to be able to rebound from one down year than a guy with Avery’s limited skill set is from several years of steady decline.

    It’s not like last year was out of the ordinary for him. He has been steadily declining ever since his first full season here.

  131. ORR

    i get it… no matter what is said about Avery, there is nothing that can change your mind. something like “firetorts” guy… he’s just set in his views, and that’s it.

  132. “firetorts, I don’t love Torts. I think he did a pretty good job last year…”

    Them’s the words of a blind Turdarella lover if ever I saw ’em, Doodie. Assuming you don’t have any inside information, that is…

  133. We can talk and talk but all we can really do is sit back and wait for Thursday night and the hooplah surrounding Avery’s return to die down and the dust to clear. My prediction is that this team will be exactly where it was going to be anyways.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    You know when I decided I didn’t like Avery as a hockey player? It was during his first stint with us, when he was at practice and Shanahan went over to Avery and tried to give him some pointers on his shot and Avery said that he didn’t want them. You have a sure-fire first ballot HOFer, who has scored 600+ goals trying to personally give you pointers on how to shoot, and you pass on it?! How’s that shot working out for you now? 2.2%!

  135. Doodie – thanks, I didn’t know that. I’ve been constantly checking twitter for news, but I guess that’s pointless.

  136. That’s a story I did not know about, Doodie. Wow. That’s the attitude problem that ticks off Torts.

  137. No, I agree with you, he has qualities of a leader, but I just can’t wrap my mind around the thought of him being called a leader.

    It’s like Village People Gillies blocking shots, and calling him a leader because of it.

    Maybe it looks like I’m being biased, but that’s not the case.

  138. Doodie

    any player, skillful or not can rebound when given a chance. hard to play when everyone around you hoping for you to fail.

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, that was well before Torts, and it wasn’t even something that would manifest itself during a game. It just showed me that the guy was stupid and didn’t care about reaching the next level in his playing career.

    Everybody can learn from somebody. Even Jagr credits Sergei Gonchar for teaching him how to really shoot a one-timer.

  140. “he has qualities of a leader”

    that’s all i said, ORR. i didn’t call him a leader, i said he displayed leadership qualities. something the team was lacking at that time.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, I think all of his teammates were hoping for him to succeed. They all like him well enough. Hell, I’m hoping he comes up better than advertised by the Avery-lovers. Anything to win.

    I just don’t see him being that thing that gets us over the hump.

  142. “when he was at practice and Shanahan went over to Avery and tried to give him some pointers on his shot and Avery said that he didn’t want them.”

    Doodie, were you at that practice? lol where did you get this info from?

  143. If Shanny told me how to tie my skates or how to eat my french fries I would listen to him. I wonder if Sean blew off Messier in similar fashion when he came around to help with Special Teams and Faceoffs (not that Sean does a lot of either)

  144. ORR

    yes, i did say that too… one of the leaders, and it is true. he was one of the leaders when we needed one. what’s wrong with that?

  145. Supposedly there are some estimates (via Yahoo!) saying that Skid the Kid will be back in the Pens lineup on Nov. 11th

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, it was in a piece that Sam Weinman wrote about Shanahan at the time. I’ve been trying to find it, but can’t. Too long ago.

  147. I’m trying to look for that post, Doodie. I came across a Shanny/Aves post, which has nothing to do with that, but I laughed at this comment…

    *Seamus O Riley* ^November 19th, 2007 at 3:11 pm^


    I gotta be honest with ya…I enjoy this blog a lot more when we discuss hockey….I wish you’d leave this trash for Page 6 of the Post….

  148. “Sean Avery, who may be more important than Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers’ fortunes, dismissed out of hand Brendan Shanahan’s offer to work with him on his shot earlier this year, according to a piece in the current issue of Men’s Vogue magazine. According to Shanahan, Avery said, “No, I know what I need to do, I don’t need any help.” Shanahan was duly flummoxed, telling the magazine, “I thought, ‘You have a 600-goal scorer thinking about you, and you’re not willing to listen to what he has to say?’ ” Later in the same practice, Avery came back to hear what Shanahan might suggest. “I said, ‘It’s all right, you know what to do, you don’t need my help,’ ” said Shanahan. Might Avery ever hear it? “I’m going to wait and see if he comes back to me one more time,” said Shanahan.”


  149. When is Sean going to write his “tell-all” autobiography/memoirs? Carp – are you ghost writing?

  150. “Trevor ‘Village People’ Gillies, who may be more important to the Islanders’ fortunes than John Tavares…”

  151. firetorts –
    Nobody said Torts was perfect.
    You on the other hand are trying to tear down the team for you own self interests. You are a destructive loser plain and simple.
    If you post under another name at least have some balls.
    Otherwise, shill this!

  152. ddbened what the H%^$ are you talking about?

    i dont even understand what you wrote? im trying to tear down the team for my own interests? what does that even mean. i didnt post under another name?

    and, since you cant read or write, people did actually say torts is perfect, i read on here many times, how Torts is the “best coach for this team” and the best coach theyve had in 30 years.

  153. Torts is a good coach who gets the most out of his players.
    I loved last years hard nosed tough team concept.

    FWIW…Staal’s absence is far more of a blow to this team than the loss of Avery will ever be.
    Alot of this teams defensive struggles so far have been because of injuries.

  154. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) October 31st, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    I wonder how many of Avery’s 18 goals were those vital empty betters like huginsky gets.

    You pose a great question about if Avery consistently got top six minutes and linemates, how would his stats look?

    Not saying he is a top six forward by any stretch, just asking a fair question


    yes, it is a fair question. But fair questions like that are usually overlooked on here because Avery, according to many, is an Antichrist lol

  155. Well…I like torts a lot. Last year his accountability was in effect, and helped the team become better.

    This year, he needs to take this team back. He looks like he’s losing them a little, and if it keeps going that way a coaching change might happen.

  156. Even when they play hard nosed tough game, they are still very inconsistent and have been this way ever since Torts took over.

    do you remember how many games (MANY!) last season we fell behind early by few goals? they had no choice but to play hard nosed tough game to try and comeback.

  157. I’m at The Puck. Waiting for my son and LW3H. Two guys are having drinks. One’s wearing Richard’s jersey. The other one….yeah, you guessed it #16. Long live NY.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, CCCP, thanks for finding that. Guess it wasn’t Sam who wrote it.

    “I remember the fire Renney crowd…”

    At least when Renney got fired, it was because the team was slumping for 1/2 the season, not 10 games into the season and all based on the coach’s treatment of one depth player.

  159. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    When the team rescued Avery from Dallas, his return measurably picked up the team’s fortunes. History may not repeat itself, but there is an edge to this team when Sean is present, and a link that seems to be missing, when he is on loan somewhere else. Just wish Torts and Avery were on the same page, that would help alot. And he does need to score some goals in limited ice time, to last out the season, here, no doubt.

  160. This to me says two things 1-Rupp is going to be out for a while because of his knee and 2- Sather gave Torts the chance to show they have a better squad without him and thus far- atleast in Sather’s eyes- they don’t. Not bashing or supporting the decision to bring him just an observation.

    Food for thought/debate- Maybe Avery despite what he’s capable of on the ice means more to the locker room chemistry than some of us think?

  161. he was more vital than jagr, anyone that knows hockey would know that, jagr lovers just can’t admit it!

  162. who’s this Avery character everyone’s talking about? ;p

    and why don’t the avery haters come up with derogatory nicknames for him, like the tortorella haters do? here’s some suggestions to get everyone started: Turnovery, Over-rated-ry, Sean Saviory (said in jest, of course).

    there, now both sides can be juvenile.

  163. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I’ve seen athletes in all sports who were completely washed-up, kept around literally for years beyond their having any value, to act as “clubhouse mentors.” This is the sickest joke in sports administration on the planet. Avery, even with limited value and all-around ability, at least brings SOMETHING to the table that the hallowed parade of aged dead-beats never did and never will.

  164. firetorts-
    If you’ve never posted under another name then anything you’ve ever posted has been destructive. Your name says it all.
    Fair criticism is one thing, but yours seems to be rooted in your Avery love. You find fault when Avery is sent down and fault when he’s called up. I’m sure you’d have found fault if he stayed down as well.
    Your sole mission is to have the coach fired 9 games into the season. The team is missing it’s top Dman with an otherwise extremely young D. Some guys are pressing and some haven’t hit the level of focus and intensity they played with last year. They’re still finding their way. If you want to throw it all on Torts shoulders and call for his firing that’s your prerogative. I’m sure he can handle it.
    But in my opinion, for what little it’s worth – you’re a loser.

    And how does “best coach for this team” = perfect?

    I do however agree about LW.

  165. Jimbo – “I just want the team to WIN – I don’t care who helps them to do it!”


  166. hey ddbened, thanx for the personal atttack. I love when weak feebs like yourself sit behind a computer screen and judge others for expressing a different opinion than yours. thats what the internet is for. good times.

    and Ive said it more than once, the Avery thing is simply one example of why i think they need a new coach. not the root.

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