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Some interesting stuff. Brandon Dubinsky and John Tortorella talking about Dubinsky’s progress the last couple of games, especially away from the puck; Tortorella talking about how hard it will be to change his lineup to make room for the guy who could be called up tomorrow, I forgot his name.

The main theme was that this game was the way the Rangers played when they were successful last season … when, if you recall, they played their best against the best opponents.

Also, I didn’t hear Joe Thornton say it, but Tortorella was happy to be told that Thornton said the Rangers were the softest team the Sharks have played.

Here are the post-game quotes:

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Dan Girardi:


Martin Biron:



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  1. Stranger Nation on

    At least twice a period we here Sam yell, ‘what a great play by Sauer’ He is going to help stabilize MDZ in this own zone. Very smart and tough. What a find!!

    Some great cycles by Boyle/Feds/Prust early in game.

    Sharks D is horrible – Colin White was a joke on that 2 on 1 – what was he doing? Burns is a horror show in his own zone. Thanks – we’ll take it. Even Murray looked off tonite.

    Marty B was solid. 3rd pair sucks but what team loves their 5/6 dmen in a salary cap system.

    What is our record vs the West? seems like we play better against those teams – end of road trip after night in the naked city can only help.

  2. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    carped of course


    Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? October 31st, 2011 at 10:42 pm
    Night lin

    Huginsky played a good game to night. I have no doubt he will reach 30pts this season.

    WW had another good game and EC showed up!

    MDZ even had a decent game….the planets are aligning!

    The bahama bomba played well and deserves to stay IMHO!!

    Hope rupp’s injury isn’t long term serious!

    thought the 3rd pair had a tough time after a long shift on the one SJ goal

    We are kind of a soft team

  3. >>We can both laugh at the same time…can’t we?

    Not when one is laughing at the other’s expense.

  4. Sather Must Go on


    Thornton had a bad game?had no right saying that crud? My guess is the ?soft? comment was in response to Cally?s on-ice comment to Demers, right at the end after gabby fed him and he got quasi slew-footed and slugged in the head by Demers: ?that was f-en SOFT?….

  5. Dubi sounds mature in this interview. He had a decent game. Progress was made tonight but he’s still not 100% there….

    Callahan = The Greatest American

  6. “It really is shocking—SHOCKING—to me that people would spend the time and money and energy to go to a game, and spend the whole time on their devices. Seriously, you look around and see everybody with their heads down looking at their little screens.”

    Carp, I was only reading your blog.

  7. >>…people would spend the time and money and energy to go to a game, and spend the whole time
    >>on their devices.

    Why bother paying attention to the live action when you can see everything on video replay? I say do away with arena video replays. Problem fixed!

  8. Btw, Joe Pavelski scored his *8TH* goal of the season tonight against us. Kid is a monster…one of my favorite non-Ranger NHL players….

  9. Joe Thornton played tonight? And I’m guessing the Sharks don’t play the Rangers again this year (until the Final obviously…). Real big of him.

    Mr BlackBerry was sat in front of me tonight. Didn’t look at the ice once in the first period. Didn’t come back to his seat for the third. Asshat.

    Can’t believe Carp has *exactly* the same “I love Torts” tattoo as I do. What are the odds?

  10. Actually on a points per game basis were in 8th with 1 or more games in hand against everyone above us except the Sabres and Caps. Thursdays big to get right back in the thick of things.

    Rangers 1.1
    TB 1.09

  11. Whoa….mama….she’s amazing…


    DaveLozo Dave Lozo
    The Rangers are a lot of things, but soft isn’t one of them. It’s a really odd comment.

  12. Home from Garden and have chance to comment on game. It was nice to see that the core of the team decided to start their season tonight with Dubinsky playing his best game of the season by a mile. Cally, who I was not as worried about, played his best game as well. AA finally found the net and show he had a pulse.

    McDonagh might be the best story of the game. His instincts are so keen out there it’s amazing. Our best defenseman in terms of finding open ice and setting himself for the shot. Now has 3 goals all the same, finding open space and firing.

    I don’t want to make this about that certain someone who should clear waivers in 12 hours, but the bottom line is you recall him or not it doesn’t really matter. For this team to go anywhere, the core of the team (Dubi, Cally, AA, Girardi, Sauer, MCD, Stepan) must play well. Those are the guys that will make or break this team.

  13. Gotta comment on Joe Thornton’s “soft” game comment. Hello Pot calling kettle black. One of the softest playoff performers in the sport should keep his mouth shut. Now, if by “soft” he means easy to play in offensive zone against, he’s right. In every game this season, the rangers have had a long shift 5 on 5 where theyve been pinned in their zone. However, after a 5-2 loss, just be quiet and go home.

  14. Oh and one more… to the Torts bashers and Avery mancrushers. You guys want Torts to keep the lines together right? Fire him for mixing lines during a losing streak, no? That’s what I read here for a week. Well guess what, when that certain individual clears in 12 hours, don’t expect him in lineup Thursday. Torts won’t mix things up after a win nor should he. But of course, Torts is an evil man who won’t change his lines Thursday because of some make believe grudge.

  15. Absolutely, HW – and EC and Wolski even played with emotion tonight. Thornton – just no class at all. I’m kinda surprised at him.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Thorton's head is soft !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Olga the moron still cheers for The Hawks , then bashes the Rangers ….Some people will always be idiots.

  17. Gotta love a few people in the crowd (or 75-80% of the building, depending on your interpretation) still trying to start the “We want Avery” chant. When the Rangers were winning. When it’s common knowledge that he’s been recalled.

  18. And, nope, the Sharks don’t play the Rangers again this year. Thornton just did the equivalent of knocking on somebody’s door and running away.

  19. Jimbo – I wouldn’t even say no class, it’s just stupid to even make the statement. No one cares what he thinks about the other team. As for EC, those two passes/setups is what keeps GMs and Coaches tantalized and EC still in NHL. As for WW, I really think in the right line combination will be effective enough, but not for a 3.8 mil which is why I don’t expect him here when they need that open space on cap.

  20. Whether Thornton is right or not, he’s got a pair of ba–s making a statement like that when his team allowed 5.

    Great win, Christensen still sucks, etc.

  21. EC clearly has talent – but he’s kinda small, and he seems to have confidence issues. Wolski looks like his reflexes are slow – he has whiffed on pucks in the attacking zone several times in the last few games-and he was in pretty good position at the time.

  22. I don’t know what crawled up Thornton’s shorts – but he looked stupid saying what he did – his team got beat (convincingly), and he should have just kept his mouth shut

  23. Just read on twitter that two of the NHL’s three stars this week are Jaromir Jagr and Nikolai Khabibulin. Yes, we are currently in the year 1998.

  24. I can see McD starting many an odd man rush in the future.

    LW – Just don’t try to stomp out the burning paper bag on the doorstep, it’s filled with Thornton.

    Jimbo -Don’t know how accurate but EC’s listed at 6′ 1″ 200lbs

    Shots on goal:
    Thornton 2
    Pavelski 1 -yeah it counted
    Havlat 0
    Marleau 0

  25. bob the builder on

    Olga is not an idiot…i’m on team Olga altho i could care less about hawks…jus NYR fan, but Sather HAS to go!

    Dubinskee’s trade value climbing…his play showing reversion to the mean…sell that bouncing oversold player!!

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