It’s Go Time!


Game 10. Third of a six-game homestand.

Last game, perhaps, without Sean Avery. First in the last seven against a non-Canadian team. Just full of big info here, right?

Mike Rupp (knee) and Marc Staal (concussion symptoms) remain out. Artem Anisimov is OK after that hit by Zenon Konopka Saturday. Jeff Woywitka returns on defense because of the return of Tim Erixon to Connecticut. Call-up Andre Deveaux replaces the demoted Kris Newbury.

And of course, Martin Biron starts in goal.


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  1. CARPED!!!

    Hey! I just saw a promo for the next “Beginnings” show about Derek Stepan, and his hot mom is in the show! ;-)

  2. That’s called a BANJ, Dubiiii.

    ilb, howzerman did you get first when I was standing right there next to you?

    Just saw ilb, and met LW3H and ilb Jr.

  3. How fitting, on Halloween, that Auntie Em is in goal for the Sharks … and nobody better show up in a Shark costume or they risk getting punched out by Theo Fleury (again).

  4. About 2 min before you showed up, Carp. The ‘heads are slow today. Except, of course, they’re talking #16.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOO Go timeeeeee!!!!!!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    yeah man , IM really into this one…like everyone!!!


  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If torts had real cajones, he would ignore the 48 HR waiver rule and play Avery today. This proves once and for all that torts hates Avery.

    Long live Avery

  8. I don’t know about her singing, but she looks a hell of a lot better than Amirante!!

  9. >>I also hate Fridays, Until I leave work. What do that make me?

    You could either be a Steely Dan [Black Friday], or a Cure [Friday I’m in Love].

  10. Buff, Amirante didn’t sing the anthem tonight – they had some sweet young gal do it instead. John doesn’t do every home game anymore, so no worries, I don’t think…

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have major glare coming on my screen coming from Pierre’s chrome dome…. He needs to stop polishing that or lay some head powder on it….

  12. Well, I’m positively surprised at this start, totally worth not sleeping for… Let’s hope they keep it up…………

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    GO GO GO GO , now nobody jinx us this time…..

  14. anyone notice how much the D is jumping into the play thus far? Where did this aggressive play come from?

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    COME ON Richards ,let go Powerplay!!!

  16. Yes he did, Linda – he might have missed one game (I don’t remember), but he came back and played the season out….he said that he started having symptoms during the summertime, long after the season was over.

  17. I was afraid Roszival was out there playing forward! I don’t think Doc knew about Deveaux until his second shift. Pretty much avoided saying his name when he had the puck on his first shift. Watch out for the ghost of Wadewitka tonight. He and Eminger are scaaaarrry!

  18. It really is shocking — SHOCKING — to me that people would spend the time and money and energy to go to a game, and spend the whole time on their devices. Seriously, you look around and see everybody with their heads down looking at their little screens.

    I’m telling you, it’s an addiction.

  19. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    was it doc or pierre who said staal has been OUT since that hit last february.. knucklenuts

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    ALRIGHT , ITS A POWERPLAY GOAL!!!!??? did we really score one , YEAH man I knew we would!!!


    Finally We passed it, I can’t believe we passed the puck. I can’t believe Dubi passed it FINALLY!!!!

  21. StepOns first goal of the year, maybe we’ll see Dubi score today as well? After all, it’s Halloween…

  22. It’s early Carp – we still have to play the third period! Don’t worry we’ll give it back!

  23. Lin – I only heard them say that he did play since the hit. Must have missed their knucklehead comments (not to be confused with our bonehead comments.

    Did anybody else just get that life insurance commercial with Henry Winkler on Versus? It was hella loud!

  24. Lin – BTW, I hate when broadcasters say that. “He’s out with a knee.” “He’s out with a groin.” Where did he go out? What kind of groin is it? I just used it for interwebs shorthand.

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO Spider i was gonna say that! Is the groin wearing a dress or a tux? Is the knee enjoying itself?


  26. not saying Wols did fantastic
    but i like the fact that he was actually
    standing IN FRONT OF THE NET
    getting ready to shoot
    rather than just mucking about
    on the boards

  27. It’ll be interesting to see if the rangers are able to start the second period as the first or if they’ll pick up where it ended…..

  28. cant get upset at that efort though. great job rangers. every line doing something good. just keep workin, niemi is not that good. in fact, im glad the sharks got a goal. the 2goal lead mightve made us stop workng. i want them to win this playing all 60. keep thm sharp. not get complacent wit the lead like thursday

  29. Burns is weak in his own end. great when he has the puck, but a weak coverage guy on D. they won’t win the cup with that d. Colin White? they will fall in round 3 again.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We should play a drinking game… Whenever Joe m says “hard” or “groin” or “thighs” or “stiff” I would be buzzed all game long

  31. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i’d move back to NY in a minute if it had this weather and cost of living lol.

  32. Rhode Island Ranger on

    During that last dangerous shift of the period, did anyone see WW’s lazy soupspoon swipe at the Sharks guy with the puck along the right boards in the Ranger zone? Instead of taking a straight line to the guy and taking the body after missing the puck, he turned away in a graceful feminine curve.

    To me that sums up his lack of commitment. WW and EC must go.

  33. can’t believe i agree with keith jones
    but there wasn’t any reason for
    clowe to fight

    worked in our favor
    and i’m happy with that.

    hope we keep it going in 2nd period.

  34. BANJ'ed © ™® on

    It’s 12:00pm Tuesday November 1 in Anadyr Russia. That should count! AVERY-AVERY-AVERY!!!!!

  35. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I’m rather fond of The Mannequins label myself, but the more I think about it, the more it seems too masculine for the lollipops.

    EC and WW must go.

  36. wish we kpt jagr. has as many goals and 1 less point than both gabby n rich,. if we kept him somehow the lines could be- avery-duby-jagr

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    mickey, the two of us need to get with christopher to figure out the ticket buying for the Preds Flyers game so we can sit together

  38. Rangers need to learn that you score
    when you shoot the puck in areas
    where the goalie is not
    and not in the goalie’s

  39. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    yea wick, i’ll actually send ya some this time lol. i still have the tins you and mrs wicky sent me two years ago… will have to put cookies in them to send em back lol

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    mickey, i’ll put up a fb message for the 3 of us. I hope Ann will be there too!!

  41. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Wick, just let me know what additions you guys don’t like ( coconut, nuts, stuff like that)

    Ok, Imma go out on a limb and say that Dubinsky scores the next goal

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sharks are buzzing ….. They smell blood. Rangers O needs an infusion of energy. Dare I say THE AVERY is needed?

  43. E3, Sweet 16!

    is this place going to be insane Thursday or what! Carp can retire!

    Can’t wait to hear the nitpickers…, don’t care. Just happy.

    LGR tonight!


  44. yes I am linda. no more hockeystreams for a while for me.

    Oh we got outclassesd on that shift. wow

  45. i b*tched that Dubi didn’t shoot last time
    on 2 on 1
    and today
    he shoots and….well you know

  46. COOKIES?!?!?!

    What’s the over/under for Avery penalty minutes on Thursday? I say he’ll get a minor, a major, and a ten-minute misconduct for 17, but I don’t think they will come as an instigator, unless possibly when the game is almost decided.

  47. duby had a great chance to put us up 3-1. its all his fult. he burys that, they get deflated. trde dubinsky, fire tarts and hire mclellan

  48. how eminger and woywitka during along change of a period are on ice vs thornton is on the coach.

    screw him also

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    Two minor league defenseman on one pair can’t be a good thing for two long. Right Torts?

  50. Funny how other teams can play complete keepaway and control the puck in our zone for a whole shift, even during even-strength play, but we can’t do that, even on a PP…..

  51. How can Wojwhatever and Emigrate get stuck out there against the top line? How can they be on the team?

  52. Take it easy, eric – as one who has injured himself while watching a Ranger game, I can tell you that it helps nothing…

  53. RangerSwede

    i think it was a matter that san jose bench
    is closer to our zone this period
    so he switched players

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    YEAH baby !!! that what happens when ya pass…oooh last play almost worked!!

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ec with the assist….. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. I bet he was shooting and the puck found Cally’s stick… Who cares I will take it.

  56. what an effort though by everyone. i really think its all because of avery. thank you avery!!

  57. Nick and Stef’s offering a $50 gift certificate to fan of the game or something … which should be enough to get a baked potato with sour cream. Maybe.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    Too fancy is good Mickey , we are finally helping each other . I like it!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  59. Dubinsky looks great. Wolski is playing hard!? Callahan playing hard. Boyle is such a good skater. So good. Artie-Partie being tough.

    Who are these guys in Rangers costumes!?

  60. Artiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    Nice shot!!!!

    OH YEAHHH, heyyyyyyyy heyyy heyy heyyy!!

  62. Christensen with TWO great passes!? WHO IS WEARING AN ERIC CHRISTENSEN HALLOWEEN COSTUME!? It’s not funny guys

  63. jpg’s sister did me wrong
    she yelled EC and i thought he scored
    rather than Artie


    gonna be a bro/sis throwdown now!

  64. RangerSwede still up!

    jpg’s sister, I do love:)

    I’m a poet, don’t you know it.

    even though
    I’m a haiku bag lady


  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on


    GO boys!!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!! keep it up!!!


  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Hat trick or treat?!!!"...says Gregenstein L. on

    hat trick or treat for Callahan….?

  67. Mama, still up, looks like it takes an awake swede for the Rangers to play well, soooo…

  68. please get someone out there besides cally blockin shots. hs too important to this team to be goin down

  69. have the ranger blown back to back 3 goal third period leads in there lifetime.

    if it happens tonight i go to the ledge

  70. The girl that just walked (?) by me shouldn’t have any beer. In fact, I’m afraid a glass of warm water would knock her out too…Geez

  71. no matter what though, u just know this 3rd periodwill last forever and there will be makeup calls for the sharks. expect 2-3 penalties at the least

  72. tomb- u watchin on versus tonight? god i love watchin on a tv. can actually watch and hang out with u guys here

  73. >>Mon dieu ! C’ est francais :)

    You’d get whacked on the knuckles with a ruler for leaving out the cedilla.

  74. BANJ'ed © ™®?? on

    It’s 12:00pm Tuesday November 1 in Vladivostok Russia and Melbourne-Sydney & Canberra Australia. That should count! AVERY-AVERY-AVERY!!!!!

  75. Randy Butternubs on

    This team has no need whatsoever for that wildly overrated 4th liner in Avery. Their roster is good enough, they just haven’t been playing hard. STAY AWAY AVERY.

  76. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i work in a cancer center, so our colors were medically related.. I was Biopsy Blue lol

  77. theres the 2nd penalty. expect probably 1-2 more. athough that was a lazy play there by boyle or feds, whichever

  78. Lin, I actually dressed up as Avery, the Torts lover. I wanted to add an M.Night Shyamalan twist to it.

    I have a red deep v neck shirt, with a multi-colored scarf, white Michael Jackson-like gloves, big sunglasses, pointy toe shoes, white skinny jeans, and I drew a scar on my mouth in the shape of a puck.

  79. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao no trick or treaters either. guess we’ll be having twix bars on saturday! lol

  80. Carp

    ask Richards why the hell he is trying to be so
    damn nice?

    shoot the puck!!!
    score a
    and CELEBRATE!!

  81. dont like to nit pick all the time

    but can someone explain to me why richards needs to do a drop pass there inside the blueline with a lead in the 3rd period

  82. Hate to say it, but Wolsky has had a pretty good game even though he’s got no points, going for the net, getting shots off, setting up Mr Wide and Gabby… Hmm

  83. so the infamous Broadway Hat
    could be full of head lice
    by the allstar break
    if it isn’t already

  84. am i the only one who thought about that?!?!?

    i’d be fine with it since i have a shaved head anyway

  85. that call was pathetic. Winchester jumped over MDZ, who was playing the puck and never moved his feet . it is pretty bad when the league favors these bastages so much that goons like Winchester get calls when they join them.

  86. wow. complaining about a Richards drop pass after the way he played tonight … that really is nit-picking.

    Complaining that Biron gave up two goals? Or that Callahan didn’t get the hat trick?

  87. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    had to be medically related Spider, but they did put blue highlighter on my nose lol

  88. Nice! You guys keep it going, I’m heading to bed (2.30 am here).

    I’ll sleep well tonight,!!


  89. LOL! I just need a few more points!

    Great game! Beer-On was solid. Good stuff!

    Deveaux was a pleasant surprise. Hmm, I guess Torts isn’t a bad judge of talent, cause the kid played pretty well. Way better than Noberries. He’s not going to score, but he was actually noticeable, and for the right reasons.

    Let’s get a streak going!

  90. Carp

    i liked Richards play overall
    unlike the sens game
    he was driving me crazy tonight
    by not taking the shot on numerous
    yes, it was his shot that led to Cally’s last goal
    but there were at least a handful spots where
    i wish he would have shot…again

  91. Stick salute!!!!

    Last thought: On tv, the dark seats in the lower bowl don’t show the fans dressed as seats as much as they did before…..hmmmm. Coincidence, I don’t think so.


  92. good gawd
    i hope that tonight’s game
    will help the mentally fragile
    remind EC what he has to do to stay in the lineup.

    oh i wish i wish i wish….
    i need a drink

  93. ORR, even if he doesn’t score, he’s big, and I have no doubt that he would have been willing to mix it up if necessary – I was hoping he’d go with Clowe after the Prust fight, but we won, anyway….

  94. Richards is just so smooth. It’s a joy watching him with the puck.

    Let’s start a streak!

  95. I was hoping he’d fight the wuss that slew footed Callaman at the end there.

    In my opinion, he should be fined for that. Slew footing is dangerous, and has no place in the game.

    When Aves comes back, does Deveaux come out?

  96. Same with Wolski – he looked like he was actually *trying* tonight….I’d still like to see Devo in the lineup, though, just for his size…..

  97. Great effort over 3 periods. Even Wolski seemed to be starting to awaken from his multi-year hibernation. But then again, he might be sleeping again on Thursday. You never know.

  98. found my outfit to wear for wins, Rangers pajama pants from Modell’s. Red sweater

    Good Win

  99. Thornton said in a postgame interview that the Rangers were the softest team that the Sharks played on this road trip…that they should have had the 2 points…..

    Lotsa class, Jumbo Joe!!

  100. billybleedsblue on

    If Avery was dressed, Callahan would have had the Hat Trick, Biron the shutout, and Richards would have been perfect, Prust sayin’.

  101. About the hat, was it purchased in Europe by Richards or found on the plane? I thought they had charter planes

  102. Biron said the hat was in his locker way to long he couldn’t wait to give it away.
    Not sure if that’s because it smells funky or it was too long between wins.

  103. Thornton’s team is so tough that they’ve won the Stanley Cup every year they make the playoffs.

  104. EC said they could hear the crowd turning on them a little during the second period shift where they were trapped in their zone.

  105. ORR – Thornton said in a postgame interview that the Rangers were the softest team that the Sharks played on this road trip…that they should have had the 2 points…..

    Lotsa class, Jumbo Joe!!

  106. >>Thornton has no right to call anyone soft.

    I don’t think he’s seen videos of his past playoff performances.

  107. Good, MUCH NEEDED win by the Rangers…they bounced back after coughing up the lead, which was good.

    Cally had a great game. Awesome smile on his face as he hit the ice after scoring his second goal.

    Joe Thornton? King of soft playoff performances? Winner of a Hart Trophy that EVERYONE knows Jagr should have won? Guy who tanked it purposefully in Boston so he could get traded?

    Go poop in your hat, Joe.

    I’ll hold my breath til next game, though. Rangers need to put a string together. ESPECIALLY at MSG where opponents are forever having their way with the Blueshirts.

    Eklund is saying something about Oilers/Rangers talking big trade. Obviously nothing should be taken as truth from that site, but on the off chance something is there…anybody have a clue which players we might be thinking about?

  108. >>Eklund is saying something about Oilers/Rangers talking big trade. Obviously nothing should be
    >>taken as truth from that site…

    Why do people continue to visit his site then? I just don’t get it.

  109. Wow! What a game! So glad I went! Yet, bummer that Kate cancelled on me! Sorry, Orr…you’ll have to get the “I Love Tortles” shorts another time!

    Great game for EC and Wolski! Wow! They actually played useful hockey during the actual game!

    Thornton = Oaf

  110. Sather Must Go on

    Thornton had a bad game…had no right saying that crud… My guess is the “soft” comment was in response to Cally’s on-ice comment to Demers, right at the end after gabby fed him and he got quasi slew-footed and slugged in the head by Demers: “that was f-en SOFT”….

  111. Stranger Nation on

    At least twice a period we here Sam yell, ‘what a great play by Sauer’ He is going to help stabilize MDZ in this own zone. Very smart and tough. What a find!!

    Some great cycles by Boyle/Feds/Prust early in game.

    Sharks D is horrible – Colin White was a joke on that 2 on 1 – what was he doing? Burns is a horror show in his own zone. Thanks – we’ll take it. Even Murray looked off tonite.

    Marty B was solid. 3rd pair sucks but what team loves their 5/6 dmen in a salary cap system.

    What is our record vs the West? seems like we play better against those teams – end of road trip after night in the naked city can only help.

  112. So tired. I think I’m gonna log off, watch H50 and crash. This was fun, gang, we should do it again sometime.


  113. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Night lin

    Huginsky played a good game to night. I have no doubt he will reach 30pts this season.

    WW had another good game and EC showed up!

    MDZ even had a decent game….the planets are aligning!

    The bahama bomba played well and deserves to stay IMHO!!

    Hope rupp’s injury isn’t long term serious!

  114. “Could you hear the “We Want Avery” chant a few minutes ago?”

    Some dudes in my section started it behind me and I told them to “Shut up, he’ll be here Wednesday, bryzgalov…watch the game, byfuglien head”. My guests laughed…

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