Rangers-Senators in review


Holy cow, what an ordeal getting home. Never thought 4-6 inches of snow could create such problems, but roads froze, trees fell, power went out. Yikes. October byfuglien 29th.

Well, at least ya boys are still NHL-.500, even though they’ve won three and lost six.


1) Marian Gaborik=Beast. Bet you never thought you’d read that.

2) The Brian Boyle penalty? Pansification.

3) Speaking of which, I thought it was an awful call on Zenon Konopka, even if he is a knucklehead. Artem Anisimov had his head down (as usual), Konopka hit him from the side, not the back. OK, Anisimov was vulnerable. Once upon a time, the vulnerable player was responsible for that. Also, once upon a time, you’d see 10, 15 hits like that every game.

4) I agree that Chris Neal nailed Brad Richards in the head — not sure it was an elbow — and I don’t think there was even that much intent on the Wojtek Wolski collision with Daniel Alfredsson’s head. But I will be the least surprised person on the planet if Wolski — who was decent — is suspended for two.

5) And then the Rangers will have to recall a forward. Hmmmm. Here come those two magic words.

6) There was some twitter babble about Sean Avery being recalled. But he’d have to go through re-entry waivers. I don’t think there’s a team out there that would take him for a 1/4 cap hit, so I don’t think the Rangers are concerned about that one bit. I wonder if they’d really consider it. Again, he’s better than Kris Newbury, who went the other way last night, and he’s better than Erik Christensen by a lot. Anyway, Carl Hagelin broke the story on twitter that Andre Deveaux, his roommate, is being recalled.

7) Dan Girardi, Block Ness Monster, finally had a stinker. So did his partner, Ryan McMonster. I thought Michael Sauer was fairly beastly though.

8) Tim Erixon had some problems with Toronto the other night, and yesterday looked kinda out of place vs. the Senators, so I understand the demotion for his development. But that means Jeff Woywitka plays tomorrow vs. the Sharks? Maybe a trade is indeed coming.

9) Though they had some defensive lapses, especially Brad Richards, you sure saw some indications that Richards, Ryan Callahan, and even Brandon Dubinsky are coming around. Dubinsky still came away empty, but this was his best game.

10) There were a lot of empty seats, especially the most expensive ones (is this Yankee Stadium II?). Part of that might have been the matinee, part might have been the mighty Senators, and part was surely the weather. The concourses were therefore less crowded. But I think they fixed a number of the opening-night congestion problems by putting up ropes to control the concession lines. If it’s true that you can’t buy beer and hot dogs at the same place, thus you have to stand in two lines to get one of each, they need to change that STAT.

11) National anthem singers Steven and Madelyn Murphy: When the dad does it alone, I’m not a big fan. But together they were sensational again.

12) Another reason I hate the post-game breakaway contest: You’d all feel different about your club today if the gimmick went the other way yesterday, even though it wouldn’t change anything that happened in the 65 minutes of, you know, hockey. By the way, that was some pretty cool move and shot by Michalek on the winner. Oh, and ya boys haven’t scored a breakaway contest goal yet.

13) Minus the cap ramifications, would you re-trade Wolski for Michael Rozsival right now? Because Rozsival could play on the top two pairs on this team, especially with Marc Staal out indefinitely.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Michael Sauer.
3) Ryan Callahan.


AP photos, above.


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  1. well i lost power all day yesterday, beginning right when the puck dropped o_O

    it seems they are calling up Devaux…per Hagelin’s tweet

  2. Q: Are we not men?
    A: We are Devaux.

    i’m on my 2nd cup of coffee already…

    so the Whale won their 6th straight last night in a shootout. Avery with the SO winner. that should get the crowd riled up today.

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Good Morning Boneheads! I hope everyone is safe, warm, and with power. We got almost a foot of snow. This is ridiculous.

    I’ve been so busy, I’m glad I missed the last couple of games. Judging by what I’ve read here, I’m better off not struggling to make the time to watch this mess. Oh well. Let’s try to keep the faith! Time to go dig out my car!

  4. billybleedsblue on

    Dubiiii I just finished my second cup of tea… been up since about 4am… ouch. “Are we not men” lol

  5. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    win or lose they’re becoming harder to watch… they do nothing the easy way..

  6. Carp, As my Mother language is Not english and i was Not able to find anything in the dictonary, what do you mean with pansification ???

  7. No, I wouldn’t re-do that trade at all. The Rozsival trade was addition by subtraction. If he was here, he’d be getting lots of minutes (D plays more) and have a great impact on us losing. I don’t think he is better than what we have (eminger maybe?) in our system, and as a veteran, he’d be out there to wreck the power play further.

    If wolksi isn’t playing well, he sits and doesn’t hurt us by being a liability on the ice for large amounts of ice time during the game. If we had rozsival, he’d be given more opportunity to perform poorly.

    Been there, done that, no thanks.

  8. Carp, not sure if I missed this in a previous post, but what about the whole visor-gate thing that MSG was harping on last night?

    I think it is ridiculous that they are not mandatory right now. I would say everyone under the age of 30 in the NHL has grown up playing with either a full face cage or a half shield as mandated by the various youth development leagues.

    Last night on HNL, they asked Ken Daneyko for his opinion on the issue… and I understand that when he played, they didn’t wear them as they progressed through the various levels of development. I thought the answer he gave was a bit ridiculous though, that players can’t get used to them because it affects their peripheral vision, especially skill players etc.

    I definitely think they should do the same thing they did with helmets – grandfather those that are without right now, and make it mandatory from here on out.

    I don’t think it is the pansification of hockey to do that, and while it will have some impact on fighting… the first thing guys do is try to rip the other guys helmet off anyways.

  9. Also, since we all agree that this season has seen some cheap whistles…. if you could change one rule to improve the game, what would it be?

  10. Milbury is apparently vehemently opposed to visors, so mandating their use must be a perfectly reasonable thing to do based on that alone.

  11. They should talk to Manny Malhotra about visors. Or, it looks like, to Chris Pronger, for that matter.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If millbury and JR ever had a love child, the insane eloquence uttered from those lips once that kid learned to speak would be Svengali like.


    Haven’t heard a word on stauwell, but what are the updates on Crosby?

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Miami – you should send a a cadre of your girls into the nyr locker room to get some blood flowing

  14. Eddie,
    Not a bad idea.

    Also a good idea is to get Avery back in this club so that 1) we grow a pair, and 2) we get more people in the stands (per Avery’s gf attending)

  15. One of them apparently is done learning, Chopper. Erixon is in Hartford. Woywitka must be excited to get his 6 min per….Girardi had a tough outing, but you can’t expect him to play 33 min every night against the top opponents and not make any mistakes. I don’t get that time management. And it didn’t work either.

    And mea culpa on Konopka hit. After looking at it again this morning, I’m not convinced it even deserved a minor.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mcd and sauer are young…they should be able to play 60 minutes…sure they will be a little gassedat first….but their stamina will be fine come playoff time…..its all about consistency…..

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ilb – per your mea culpa, my quid pro quo is a pro bono take on the NYR season….we will play wash in the CF

  18. Erixon’ cap hit of $1.75M is off the books for now. They have around $3.25M of cap space. Increase your offer to Stralman and get some quality 10-12 min out of him. I knew they’d miss Staal, didn’t think they would miss him that much. It can’t continue like that. Eminger had some decent games and some bad ones. He is your number 7. Its mind boggling that they are .500 team considering how they played. Say what you want about their offense, but I’m not worried. It’ll come around. Tha defense is their main issue. There is no coincidence that they are sitting in their zone for long stretches. As there is no coincidence they couldn’t hold the lead in the third.

  19. Awkward moment when Avery walks through the locker room doors.

    He’ll still be limited by Thworts. And then he’ll be blamed for not producing enough.


  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    avery released from slavery, he is our hero, torts will look like shero, aves can score, up off the floor, open the door, rangers will shine, like watermelon rhine, turn on a dime, or 2 nickels, love dill pickels…rangers beat the sharks, we miss brad parks, and barry beck, but not richard speck, he was a killer, i love watching chiller….theater…

  21. Carp,
    I sat in Section 20, Row 2 Thursday night. There were empty seats all around me. The closest guy to me was the surviving half of Run DMC…three seats away!!! That guy was really nice. He spent the whole game taking pics with fans. They didn’t even let him watch the game.

    Good thing the section was half empty. The poor guy wouldn’t have been able to sit down.

    There were suits all glues to their iPhones. Not even watching the game. I wonder how that effects the team. Are the NYR a lethargic bunch because the arena is so corporate?

  22. “So another 4th line no talent gets called up over MZA or Hagelin? I don’t get it”

    Yeah, the Rangers are panicking….it seems they’d rather bring in AHL vets or borderline NHLers to path up the # 5 and 6 D spots and the missing parts on the fourth line…

    I would much rather our see kids out there…

    Here’s an idea….puck possession….

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan…the best alive, that’s no jive, i am alive, wearin no. 5, bees in a hive, they like to sting, wearin a ring, bling bling bling, chris christie likes ding….dongs……all he can eat, trick or treat, slabs of meat, take his seat, it breaks in two, too much weight, dougiw weight, i cant wait, seal my fate, vickers wore 8, so did walt, and the PRUST, in whom we trust, its a must ….

  24. MZA, for example, deserves to play over Wolski, Dubinsky, Boyle, and Artie (they all look like carcillo)….but those guys can’t get sent down and get recalled because of waivers…

    MZA is just going to have to step up his game in the AHL and force his way on this club…if he keeps his scoring pace with CTWhale, that won’t be too long from now….

  25. mundo...FREE HD FREE HD FREE HD! on

    I almost puked when I read the Rozsival comment Carp, especially since I watched a Coyotes game last week and had so many laughs at his expense

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    boyle will uncoil, eain london broil, plants in the soil, toil and foil, its time get ready, smooth and steady, richard petty, was a driver, minnie driver, we all like macguyver…….

    anyone saving my little ditties?……this is grammy material

  27. Carp said:

    “The mighty Senators”

    well…they won 5 straight (when was the last time we won 5 straight?) and came back from 4-1 to kick our assens! so yeah…they are mightier than the Rangers.

  28. >>can anyone scratch?…..i am going on a rap tour and i need a good scratcher…

    I’m a good scratcher only when I have a good itch.

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    …and the grammy goes to……e3 and his scratcher…for his #1 selling hit……killa rain-jahs…

    (his speech) well…..you know what im sayin?….first, i want to thank the most high JaH – rastafari…..know what i be sayin……second, know what i am saying……i want to thank, know what im sayin….my producer……uhhhh…know what im sayin……all hands to the sky…praise the most high…know what im sayin……uh can we give up…know what im sayin…for uhhhhh, know what im sayin……jah……the most high……know what im sayin?

  30. AGrossRecord Don’t see Artem Anisimov on ice for Rangers. No Del Zotto either.

    Maybe a trade is brewing? Rod, can you please confirm that this MAY be a trade?

  31. I’d give Sean Avery the third star for being lucky enough to not be part of this unholy mess of a team.

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    vasken – Avery will turn this ship around and get us the #2 seed……i feel it in my bones

  33. as usual cannot really disagree with Carps observations.

    the cone of silence on staal is deafening..

  34. Stranger Nation on

    NYR – ARtie may be getting his visor adjusted after yesterday’s hit – losing confidence in his ice awareness prior to that hit. Seems to float a lot out there

    MDZ looking for his stride – don’t think he has played poorly – until last two was paired with a rook. top of team in +/- for what it is worth.

    Boyle – needs to pick up his game big time. He tends to double the puck on the forecheck which is down right stupid – if we have a man on the check, you should play the passing lanes or get on your man – prevents easy break outs – ARGHHH!

    Sauer is really, really good – we should keep him with McD and play MDZ with Girardi and even out Dman’s minutes.

    9 games in and we are game under .500 – doesn’t look pretty – but this team never does.

  35. Avery is not being recalled. Tortorella wanted no part of him especially with the 24/7 thing and sent him packing and it was quite obvious he never had a shot. Avery is a better option than Newbury, Deveaux or Christensen. There isn’t a single rational fan who can honestly disagree with that.

    The Rangers have lacked fire, intensity and grit all season long, the one thing that Avery is 100% capable of providing. Unfortunately, Tortorella’s ego will stand in the way…

  36. I have to say that I don’t think Boyle is skating as well as last season. He doesn’t go to the same areas of the ice. When he does drive to the net, he usually creates a scoring chance….he hasn’t done it enough this year and he has to get back to that….also, he and Prust have to cycle the puck more in the O-zone….that was the Rangers bread and butter last year….

  37. i agree Rozsival was bad when he left … but he’s better than Woywitka.

    I don’t think Anisimov/Del Zotto means trade. Del Zotto has two injuries with which he’s been playing; Anisimov got hurt on the Konopka hit yesterday.

    Johnny LaRue, where are my daily doses of Seinfeld remarks?

    And, yes, I’m hearing Avery’s coming back … but still trying to confirm.

  38. NYR_FAN

    Boyle was never going to match the production he had last season. He’s not a 20+ goal scorer. He’s a 3rd liner that will put up 12-15 goals and around 30 points…

  39. Oleo

    If you believe that then the Rangers are in big trouble…He was their best in the 1st half of last season…An absolute beast on both sides of the puck…

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    the entire team looks like they were just introduced to each other….total stRangers in the night…

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – i saw Jerry S. on jon stewart’s show a while ago….and he was terrible…could barely read the cue cards…timing way off…no edge……i think he’s lost it…

  42. I have to agree with Oleo. Most of Boyle’s goals were in the 1st half of the year. It was a fluke. I would be very happy with 10-15 goals this year. And at this point I would be happy if he became noticeable on the ice.

  43. I really liked Dubinsky – Richards – Callahan as a line. CDA/DAC/ACD whatever you want to call them. I would roll with that for a while.

    Gaborik = Monster/Beast/Headless horsemen/The Hulk. Whoah Good sign for the team he was fantastic.

    Defensively this team stunk, as Carp said (in much nicer and more professional words). Especially once they had a lead. Very upsetting to see them not be able to play any other system and hard forechecking, cycling and maybe ripping a shot every period or two.

    Apparently not much has changed since last season. This team can come back from 3 goal deficits and it can, much more easily, cough up a 3 goal advantage. Very gut wrenching to watch.

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    i have been predicting that homegrown dubi and step will be tied for fifth, at season’s end, with zero goals each…

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – much praise to your rejoinder to knob-ster yesterday…that was seriously hysterical

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    re the shootout…is anyone on the garden ice to confirm wheather or not ec is still deking left and right?

  47. Avery scored the winning shootout goal for Whale last night. The big club could have used his finishing touch yesterday.

  48. That’s a great line! Wow. He’s really going to make a difference. At least we know that, although he doesn’t score, he does take a lot of penalties. Sweet!

  49. Carp, I can’t put my finger on it but you just seem to be “on” lately, and you always leave me wanting more.

  50. e3, been there, sorry bro.

    Buff, don’t know if you’re serious … but that was Milbury’s word for the NHL and it’s new rules … the pansification of hockey.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  51. Oleo

    Becareful what you say about Avery around here… legit facts about Torts’s ego and Avery’s worth to this team are not welcomed on here… you’ll be put into the “Avery lover” (not literally, of course) category and be cursed forever! ;)

  52. wow full insanity mode on the blog. bottom line the rangers have played horrible and are 3-3-3 weith 73 to go.

    to me that is good news. as long as staal will play this year sooner versus later.

    no idea about devaux have never seen him for a second.

  53. Just want to point out once more that the opinions about Sean Avery espoused by a handful folks around here represent the overwhelming minority of Rangers fans. Go to a Rangers game, and listen to the 75-80% of the building chant his name to get an idea of reality.

  54. 4generations 4 cups on

    We need scoring. Bad. I would take back the WW trade, simply because Rozi would eat up top-line minutes and be our horse to beat dead. At this point, with Staal out until ??? we’re looking really weak defensively, as i suppose any up-start young team would be without their top guy.

    I want to trade Michael Del Zotto and a 2nd to the Minnesota Wild for Mikael Granlund.

  55. What’s going to happen when/if Sean gets up here and not much changes and he starts sitting in the press box a few games?

    Christensen can go in my opinion and he can be replaced by Sean Avery. I just don’t really know what it’s going to change aside from giving fans something to laugh at and disrupting the team building that Tortarella is trying to accomplish

  56. what is Tortorella actually accomplishing? We hear a lot of talk from Tortorella about what he’s doing but the actual results are no better than we got from Renney. In fact, as far as I can tell, the only indication of Tortorella’s success is John Tortorella.

  57. I mean…you guys need some patience. This team is young, inexperienced and honestly – terribly inconsistent. They take a while to get going and they slow down quickly. We are GROWING. This is how it happens.

    I continue to drive this point home – making the playoffs last year was an example of this team OVER achieving. We made it because other teams lost. Right now this team is doing what it is able to do – be .500. Not making the playoffs should be the norm for these guys until they grow up.

  58. EC and WW are useless if they can’t score in the shootout…it’s simple, really…and WW is lucky is he doesn’t get suspended…

    Yeah…I think people that think the Rangers record would be any different with Sean Avery are living in denial…It’s not 2007 anymore…

    He was a good player in his prime…

    In all honesty, Jagr is the guy we really should be pining for…

  59. Morning ILB and all!!

    I agree with torts on this from whackamole—>

    NYDNRangers Tortorella said the Whale initially gave him Zuccarello’s name, but he wants to keep top-3 lines together and doesnt see ice time for Zucc

    makes sense to me. Part of the problem is square pegs in round holes on this team…guys that should be in the top 6 with their offencive ability and lack of physicality on the 4th line.

  60. Sorry Mama. You’re right! The heck with over achieving.

    Fire everyone! Trade everyone! Call up the entire CT Whale! Win! Win! Win! DON’T STEP ON THE LOGO! 24/7! HBO! WE WIN TRADE FOR TYLER MYERS! GET PATRICK KANE AND SHARP! GET ME OVECHKIN! TRADE FOR SID THE KID

  61. carp
    as per the norm, great review!!

    I didn’t think the konopka hit (as I posted on the last thread) was even worth a penalty. Most of these hits are more the fault of the player getting hit not the player hitting. Shanny makes this situation absolutely worse with all of these stupid suspensions and fines. He should suspend AA two games for playing with his head down!!

    In all actuality, the hockey gods and karma got the winner correct last night after that bogus konopka call!

    No way on rozy and I would rather play woywitka every night with his cap hit than rozy and his any day!!

  62. mama
    just got up about an hour ago, still recouping from surgery yesterday! Which is why my post game rant/review was soooo late on the last thread!

  63. Lloyd

    (Compulsory disclaimer for the hard of understanding: I stress again that I’m *not* “anti-Avery” by a long shot.)

    I just want to point out that from where I’ve been sitting the last two games, an estimate of 75-80% people chanting for Avery is as laughably inaccurate as the idea he got six minutes a game last year.

  64. Avery is merely a red herring. There are many, many more issues with this team right now than Sean Avery.

    The guys we are counting on producing are still in the AHL or elsewhere (Krieder, Hagelin, Bjork, etc.) The most important thing we can do is develop them and not trade them and not overreact and not expect more than this team is capable of.

    (sorry for the rationality)

  65. stralhman is an offencive d man that I would guess we would use on the PP correct?

    I think we have way more problems 5 on 5 than we do on the PP (I think brich showed last night that our PP can be effective if they are coached properly and the players keep moving their feet)

    If stralman takes mdz’s spot, then ok, but as bad as we are 5 on 5 adding another defencively questionable d man to the mix seems like a really bad idea.

    We need to pony up some of 2nd 3rd pair blue chip d men and or some of our 2nd 3rd line blue chip future hall of famers and a pick or two and trade for a top 4 d man.

  66. Manny, sigh….you disappoint again :)

    Seriously though, I posed this question last night. I know we’re building, and developing youth and yadda yadda yadda….but I still thought the expectation was we’d be better than last year. I know it’s still early, but…….thoughts?

  67. mama and manny

    Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? October 30th, 2011 at 2:05 am
    Man what a day had to work early this A.M, then go to some youth hockey stuff for the wicsters (that was fun of course), then had to go get some hockey dental work corrected at the oral(insert jokes here) surgeon and then home in a bit fo a haze to watch the rangers….lose in a stupid skills competition

    Figured I’d just repost from last night!

  68. Mama – I was thinking about that myself recently. We are supposed to be better because theoretically all of our players should take a step forward. That said, we are minus Stahahl and I think that makes more of a difference than we are perhaps realizing. Further, Prust had a career year last year. He isn’t a “core” player for us and he did more than he is capable of last year. The Defense is younger than it was last year and Del Zotto is back in the NHL (which IS a step forward for him). Gaborik has been much better. Boyle, who I think has more skill than he did last year, hasn’t played with the intensity and size that he should be, but skill-wise I believe he has taken a step forward. Our 4th line is miserable. Newbury in the NHL is a step forward, Christensen I don’t think we ever expected anything substantial from and Wolski is what he always has been streaky and unpredictable. Rupp has been hurt and hasn’t taken the fighting away from Prust that he was supposed to. Also, he isn’t really an upgrade over anything.

    Sorry for blabbing on but overall I think we are “better” in that we have more potential this year than last year.

  69. Ahhh. Well, gee, how did I miss that pre-dawn post :)

    Glad to know it was just insert joke here surgery and not something more serious. You know you’re supposed to wear the guard, not just chew it like clutch pizza, right?

  70. Alright, guys. Enjoy my rationality and positivism as well as my poor analysis and uninformed opinions. (Remember – I don’t actually watch the games)

    I am leaving before this Giants game makes me break my computer.

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    I thought Richards was supposed to spark Gaborik’s production. AA, Cally and Dubi were to mature another year and improve, Rangers were going to get above the “make it on the last day of playoffs” and at least get up to 5th or 6th place.

    Age, mature, improve like fine wine.

  72. Manny, thanks for the excellent (and rational) response. As I said, I know it’s early, but I’m just feeling an intangible lack of “click,” for lack of a better word, that might also make the difference. (i.e. Richards and Gabby and what’s supposed to be the 2nd line.)

    Time will tell, I suppose. There just seems to be something….off.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like to take vicoden in anticipation of a headache I may get later..

    Avery for giants RB

  74. mama
    it is pretty simple to me, we have either put our hopes on the wrong group of players (youth and vets) or it is organizational/coaching!

    personally I think we are missing 4 things from being a very good team…

    1/3 top line (or at least a top 6 fwd)

    1/3 4th line (just a 4th liner, not an out of place 2nd liner)

    blue line grit..don’t get me started

    consistent coaching (I’m not saying fire the guy, but he needs to bench huginsky/woofski v2.0 just like he benches other guys and keep people together for an extended amount of time on lines)

    On the consistent line thing, wouldn’t it make sense to leave lines together on the PP? I mean what a great way to work on chemistry when in theory you get to stay established in the other team’s zone and work together in a man advantage situation.

    Maybe i’m dumbing this down a bit, but your first line is first PP unit, 2nd is 2nd, and 3rd is 3rd

  75. Olga, was that a rational post?????? I just fell off my chair and hit my head.

    E3, that better not be true. If it is, cool. If it is, I hate you :)

  76. mama
    I wear a pretty high speed guard (with all my concussion issues) and do not chew on it a la cally/drury. going to have to get bridge work redone at some point and that is pricey. have one more surgery to go through yet before that happens though.

    When it is all said and done, I should have about half my actual teeth left (over time of course, not just recently)

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama – just kidding…. More of a percoset/valium guy.

    Victor Cruz for first line LW

  78. wicky, I sure hope it’s not either one…..but the second scares the carcillo out of me.

    Thanks for the responses all. I truly was interested in your thoughts cause the question has been eating at me like a 5-point Latona lunch.

  79. olga
    I think we/the organization may have overrated the “pack line” and with musical lines you will never get the chemistry that is needed.

    No way brad richards was brought in to be the 2nd line centre!!!!

  80. wicky, ouch! That is not insert joke here surgery, that is serious! Good luck with it all. Avoid ribs with bones.

    E3, I wasn’t talking about painkillers, but the snorkel comment :)
    Percoset once was my friend after an insert joke here surgery, but then became my enemy after another surgery….itched so bad I needed a shot of benadryl. Hmmm. That’s probably TMI….

  81. mama
    lot of pucks and sticks to the grill/head area over the span of a lot of hockey and les dents et la tête pay the price!!

    worse part is talking with the “lisp” while waiting on bridge work

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama – in that case….. I love vicodin…especially with codeine chasers…. My water heater leaked 40 of it’s 50 gallons all over my garage floor….. There be no hot water in the e3 household till a plumber comes and replaces it… hoping for warranty protection as this one is only 7 years old… Now I have a major headache …. Off to find relief :)

  83. I’m not sure if my souray rant or this one was my fave form last night, but I have to repost this one (sorry in advance to all who have read this already)

    Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? October 30th, 2011 at 2:05 am
    Man what a day had to work early this A.M, then go to some youth hockey stuff for the wicsters (that wwas fun of course), then had to go get some hockey dental work corrected at the oral(insert jokes here) surgeon and then home in a bit fo a haze to watch the rangers….lose in a stupid skills competition

    here are my thoughts…
    I don’t know why we sit here and talk about an overrated player whose full salary is almost four mil who doesn’t really score consistently (has had one decent scoring season), who is horrible defencively, not really a good fighter at all, takes stupid selfish penalties and so many here think he is just flawless and can do no wrong, but yet huginsky must be a torts favorite because he is yet to see the bench.

    You guys thought I was talking about avery didn’t you? Odd how huginsky plays a whole hell of a lot like the banished one isn’t it? Huginsky is home grown though, so it is ok!!

    Wolski (or woofski) has two point in four games and woofski version 2.0 (or huginsky) has tree points in nine games, they both make almost 4 mil per and suck defencively…ahhh never mind woofski version 2.0 is home grown

  84. Wick, you could always say my name three times, like Candyman!

    Seriously though, we already have a couple of “Brunnstrom’s” on this team. No need for the real one.

    Go for Kyle Turris! At least he has potential. Brunnstrom was just a fluke.

  85. eddie x 3
    they usually make those with 6, 9, or 12 year warranties…here’s hoping it is one of the latter 2

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – thereith nothingith wrongith with talkingith with a lispith… Signifh of manith hoodith

  87. wicky, this is the most beautiful Franglais I’ve ever read :)

    “lot of pucks and sticks to the grill/head area over the span of a lot of hockey and les dents et la tête pay the price!!”

    I know you’re only 26, but it is tres imperatif that you protéger excessivement la tete pour les petit wicksters!!!

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wick – hope for warranty as you say….. Otherwise, I might have to sell my Sean Avery Fall 09 eyeglass collection on eBay

  89. next repost from my last night tirade…

    Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? October 30th, 2011 at 2:30 am
    next item up for bid…

    that souray guy sure sucks, too slow for sure I mean he only has 3 goals so far (and one of them a dubi special, you know the one that is scored when the game is on the line in that empty net).

    If he was a real d man he would have all those goals like those quality “homegrown” ranger d men, but he only has 3….he sucks, man is he slow, that slow speed really affects his shot too, he only has 3 goals.

    I will take a guy with slow foot speed, good hockey sense, and that sticks up for his teammates over a speed demon any day. But you guys are right, speed is the most important thing, just ask rico fata or envir lisin etc.

  90. mama
    thanks and I know it is…after I get this work all done, my crease clearing days will be much fewer and besides, wickster #1 starts playing in January.

  91. oh why not, might as well repost this one as well

    Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? October 30th, 2011 at 2:12 am
    on to the d men….

    so how many people just buried OPG when he screened hank on that goal like you guys did eminger?? Oh that’s right, I should have rephrased the question as how many different excuses did everyone make for OPG when he screened hank on that goal?? who did we blame it on instead?

    or how about on three of the four goals OPG just looking lost and either screening hank or just watching the guy score from the slot instead of engaging him physically? But hey, he didn’t do his penguin routine that much so progress is being made!

    did erixon play?

    I thought the call on konopka was bogus and that the boyle hit was actually worse than the konopka one, but we penalize the result not the hit right??

    brich looked good, give torts some credit for knowing how to motivate him (or so it seems)

    speaking of motivated, looks like a good gabby year (hope i didn’t just jinx it)

  92. Ha! LMAO at wick reposting his posts to make up for lost posts…that is major bag manning!!!! And I don’t mean Eli or Peyton….:)

  93. RealKyper Look for #Rangers 2 put Sean Avery on recallable waivers as early as Mon. He still wouldn’t be eligible 2 play Mon vs #Sharks due 48 hr rule


  94. E3, I am doubled over! (I am trying to get over the whole LOL thing and use my words)

    Wicky and Manny should get a cut :)

    Football….eh. All that sport does is mess up my Sunday DVR…..

    je vous-aime tous….a bientot! (in RR English that means mama love, later all!)

  95. Who says the Rangers are not better than last year? The way they are playing 3-3-3 could have been 1-7-1 in the last few years. Last I checked, they don’t give the Cup to who had the best record in October. What was the Bruins’ record on 10/30 last year? I recall they started slow last year. Give things time to come together here.

  96. Torts is an egomaniac!!

    Fire Torts! He’s unfair!

    Let’s skip to November 3rd….

    *Rhode Island Ranger* ^November 3rd, 2011 at 9:51 pm^

    Torts is unbelievable. How do you expect Avery to play well, if you only give him 7 minutes a game. He’s a horrible coach.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RIR – I bet anything that slats woke up from one of his thrice daily naps during any recent game, has seen what we are seeing and has said “yo my brutha tortarutha, you be playing my brutha sean, or yo assen be coaching some utha, my brutha”

  98. What’s Boston’s record? Fire their coach.

    What’s Detroit’s record? Fire their coach.

    What’s Vancouver’s record? Fire their coach.

    Fire Ron Washington. Fire Joe Girardi. Fire Jim Leyland.

    Fire Rex Ryan. Fire Tom Coughlin.

  99. The thing that puzzles me a bit from this whole avery recall situation is the cap hit…

    I mean if there isn’t salary going somewhere else (down to minors/traded) that would imply to me that a significant player is not being acquired.

    or is there a forward on the roster that makes at least equal to avery’s salary being traded for a significant d man and avery is taking a spot?

    I’m just musing out loud here folks

  100. wick, you OK? I thought you were joking when you mentioned post-op drugs yesterday … since I still have some of my post-op drugs from years ago … and, well, you know.

  101. RIR, yeah, give a fourth-liner much more than seven minutes a game. Give him 20. Because a portion of the fans love him.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – do you thin that slats is forcing the Avery call up.. I love the drama.

    Sadly, Tom. Brady is going to throw for a thousand yards next week. Giants D worries me as much as the ranges’ D .

    Eli playing brilliantly today.

  103. carp
    yes, just dental work…hockey at its best!

    and thank you (for asking)!!

    Fire my old bridge work!!!

  104. Any chance another team would claim Avery on re-entry? If another team claimed him would they pay 1/4 of his salary or 1/2 of his salary? No one would take him for $2 mill but for half that there is a chance.

  105. Hello Mama,
    on this blog full of drama,
    and lots of comedy,
    without it where would we be?
    and no Sean Avery?
    …. 3-3 and 3

  106. Not a chance, Ness. Not a chance … which should pretty much tell some of the stubborn folks around here all you need to know about him as a player.

    Again, he’s better than some of the stiffs on the team now (well, at least one stiff). But he ain’t Rocket Richard. Or even Mike Rupp.

  107. Bob Zee Builder on

    Fire sather! Trade brenden dubinskee! Call up Avery if u want.. This is all a menagerie! Or a melange Verne pie, however you like! As long as we are a tennis net seller at the deadline for picks let the rangers play their recall bingo. This team needs an overhaul the likes this straggle tooth senior ain’t seen since Ava Gabor and the green acres is the place to be!

    Where is manny???

    Between two gabors,

  108. “Wolski not facing a hearing following his hit”

    Some may claim this is further evidence of an NHL conspiracy against the Rangers

  109. side show sean on

    some people think heroin is good for them others think sean avery is good for them

    neither are correct

  110. Bob Zee Builder on

    Bob the builder is vehemently against drugs especially homegrown Dubi that clogs up the ive reminding me of that straggle tooth show starring a dolphin called “Flipper”. Fran prolly knows the show. You young stragglers may not.


  111. Thanks for the response (and the blog) Carp! I for one am really excited about Avery returning, and not just because I spent $150 on his jersey a few years ago. His spark is important and by everything I’ve read he is well-liked by the core of the team. That being said, I think he has a unique niche with the NYR and i agree that no other team would want to bother with him.

  112. Bob Zee Builder on

    How can a builder get any wolski when the con Ed Gita his crib too cold from lack of electric flow.

    One love,

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How about we give Avery a chance to prove himself. Judge ye not less ye be judged my bruthas…

  114. Also, if the Avery rumors are true, I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the discussion between Sather and Torts when it was decided that they’d recall him.

  115. Avery gets claimed by the Devils and is forever in Hanks face tormenting him on his fashion faux pas

  116. Carp:

    Guess you don’t listen to NY sports radio, particularly that fat lump of crap who does nothing from 1-6:30 every weekday.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Giants are an interesting team. Always behind, yet somehow pull it out in the 4th q.

  118. Avery would not be claimed because no team would risk disrupting their dressing room. even though he is well-liked by key guys like Henrik, gaborik, Richards etc, he is not well liked by others such as Dubi, Snitchensen, and others.

    for mgmt it simply came down to $$$$$$$$$. they looked around the Garden, saw all the empty seats, heard the fans chanting for Avery, and concluded that they did not want to risk more home games like that, concessions sales etc are all Dolan cares about.

  119. who really cares what Erik Christensen thinks about anything? guy isn’t even a legit NHL player.

    as for Dubinsky, until he can actually do something other than carry the lube for Callahan, his opinions don’t mean much either.

  120. >>Any chance another team would claim Avery on re-entry?

    They could do it just to screw Rangers and Avery because he probably wouldn’t report to the new team.

  121. Dubisnky looked pretty good yesterday. I said it earlier, Dubinsky – Richards – Callahan looked really good together and I hope it sticks. That could be a really legit second line. Let Stepan Center the top line with Gaborik and Wolski/Avery/Whoever is hot on LW.

  122. Fedotenko – Stepan – Gaborik
    Dubisnky – Richards – Callahan
    Boyle – Anisimov – Prust
    Avery – Newbury – Christensen

    These are my lines starting on Thursday if Sean is back up. These are made rationally and not having any love/hate for Sean.

  123. Fedotenko – Stepan – Gaborik
    Dubisnky – Richards – Callahan
    Boyle – Anisimov – Prust
    Avery – Newbury – Christensen/Wolski

    Girardi – McBust
    Sauer – Del Zotto
    Eminger – Woywhatever/Caber!

  124. eli was by far the best player on the field. giants dropped at least 5 addtl. great passes; ballard, jacobs, manningham minimum once, nicks once or twice etc.

    eli played great in the first half and they sere still losing. the giants cannot run or stop the run huge porblem…..

    eli is now an elite quarterback, look at his stats and watch the games. he has been great so far this season.

  125. Sloppy – I never heard anyone having any beef with Avery besides EC. As for Dubi, I saw him watching the Olympics at Avery’s bar….

  126. Manny-
    Best of the 4:00 games having an NFC team. Also NY interest with Giant division team and Buffalo
    Eagles-Cowgirls tonight.

    Lions -Broncos
    49ers -Browns

  127. I would put him there because we have NO ONE else to do it. Fedotenko plays hard and is smart and is not horrible defensively which balances out Gaborik.

    Maybe not on most teams, but on this team he has a shot at 1st line.

  128. Lloyd – who would you put there? I like the second and third lines as they are – so without taking someone off those lines you have pretty limited options

  129. Also – Fedotenko is a guy that truly knows the Tortarella system. Let him lead. He looks like he’s 15 so he can inspire our youngsters!

  130. If Fedotenko is in contention for a top line spot, then I’d play Avery there since I think the best he’s looked is when playing with Gaborik (for obvious reasons). In a perfect world, neither one of them would be on a top line. Callahan would be the guy I’d move up to line 1 since I’d get him away from Dubinsky and see how he performed on the opposite wing from Gaborik.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dubi doesn’t like THE AVERY? I hear what you are saying but I really think Dubi should worry more about himself…. But then again, being the terrific on ice leader and overall tremendous player that the dubi is….. I can why his opinion matters.

  132. Could someone here explain to me why Tortorella is such a great coach, citing examples during the past two months? More specifically, citing his decisions yesterday, playing an Ottawa team that shouldn’t even be close to making the playoffs this year?

  133. A! VER! Y! Send Torts to the Whale!

    Manny – Norberries was sent down. I hope they give Christensen the boot, too. Would love to see MZA return. With Erixon sent down, the Rangers should have room for both MZAvery.

  134. Orr – On the whole, probably, because that line gets about five minutes per game of even-strength, and he hasn’t played special teams. Maybe he can start with Richards and Gaborik, though. Haha.

  135. ddebened – Christensen threw him under the bus last year in Edmonton. He gave an interview where he said Avery sucker-punched Smid and that it was a dirty play. So there’s probably little love lost between either player. Personally, if Christensen was my teammate and said that to the press, I’d clean his clock in practice the next day.

  136. carp, who is Steven and Madelyn Murphy? My cable/center ice doesn’t always show the anthem singers. Are they local in NYC?

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery should play with step and gabby. BR looked very good between cally and Herb yesterday.

  138. Bob Zee Builder on

    I know what line to put brenden dubinskee on: any other team but the rangers and give us the treasure: draft picks: many of them: highly rated ones too: ok?


  139. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    For a team to desperately need a player like avery ,,they must be desperate.

    Turn the page…move on ..

  140. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Best part of that whole deal was a game or two after the Edmonton game some guy drills ec and Avery fights the guy after the hit!

  141. Bob Zee Builder on

    Am I the only one impressed by the lyrics of E3?!? This guy could be better than Neil diamond or Sedaka! Or even hideckee irahboo!

  142. Has anyone checked on bull dog line? Might need to remove his shoelaces and sharp implements if the news is correct.

  143. Good point, LW. I think he’s actually down at the pound already from biting people’s ankels.

  144. Wicky- feel better…On the other hand, I don’t see why you should do an extensive (and, I’m sure, pricey) dental work until you retire from hockey. Knowing you, it wouldn’t be the last one. Besides, what’s a big deal having a little lisp? In your household, especially within a few month, everyone has a baby talk anyway. :-) Except mrs…

    So we have a published and confirmed information that Sather had to twist Tort’s arm in order to recall Avery?

  145. Phil, you mean the Ottawa team that has now won five in a row?

    jpg’s sister, yes, he’s a singer for some group … but I forgot which one … Steve Zipay told me. Maybe I’ll google it.

    Latona, yes.

    Dru, LOL.

    I think Christensen was just suffering from his usual foot-in-mouth disease. Not throwing Avery under the bus at all.

    JBytes, not sure the Rangers would mind one bit if somebody took him and removed part of the cap hit. But it won’t happen.
    So now the forward the team deems to be somewhere around 14th on the organizational depth chart is going to play on the first line? Here we go again.

  146. Avery’s job is to be a shift disturber to the opponent’s better players, to try to get them to take penalties and get them off their game. he can’t do that if he is playing on the 4th line against a bunch of nobodies. so yes, he must be on one of the top 3 lines to do his thing. otherwise, it is just a sham callup to try to appease a few fans, if Torts keeps him buried

  147. Could you imagine Voros and Mrs. Eminger on the same team. Once dealt for each other….now teammates. It’s got drama built right in!

  148. “imagine Voros and Mrs. Eminger on the same team”

    How cool would it be if they were a figure skating pair? Both such pretty skaters….

  149. Away for the day but have chance to sneak on computer for little while and saw Avery potential news.

    For Avery to be put on recall waivers and risk having another team take him and cost the Rangers about 900k of dead space on cap, they have a pretty good sense that none of the other 29 teams want to touch him.

    With that being said and if Avery clears recall waivers, I don’t have a problem with Avery, as by the way I’ve said all along, but it is then 1.9 mil of cap space on a 4th liner that is not being spent on the more pressing team issue that even Torts is being public about and that is a lack of a real solid NHL calibre defensemen.

    This move tells me that they are having trouble getting their hands on a top 4 NHL d-man which are like reliable left handed pitching in baseball and so it might be worth using Avery to spark team. But I know one thing, I don’t want to hear the man crushers on Avery start whining about the officials when his big mouth costs us a PPG because of one of his selfish unsportsmanlike calls, like he took last night for Whale.

    I personally don’t agree with this move but I have to say I understand it.

  150. OH and by the way, this recall should prove to you people now that the sending of Avery had nothing to do with personal beefs but cap space issues since I’m pretty sure Torts isn’t quitting the job over the move.

  151. I have no doubts that Torts recalled Avery just to bury him on the fourth line and humiliate him. Why else would he do it?

    Seriously, I’d be thrilled if he can ignite the team the way everyone is anticipating. And I hope he does. But to me, it would’ve been much smarter to spend $2M on adding a legit 5-6th defenseman instead.

  152. Good point HWirth. I think it does prove that there just isn’t a trade out there for the Rangers to make.

    I can’t wait to watch Avery drink whatever liquor is really hip out of the Stanley Cup in Bryant Park!

  153. For the Avery man crushers, you can thank Tim Erixon for looking like he didn’t belong on NHL ice for this decision. His removal from the cap is the one and only reason this can happen.

  154. and I can pretty much assure you that this is a hockey move, not a move to appease fans … and I doubt very much that Sather shoved this down Tortorella’s throat. Might have suggested it strongly, but there’s no way somebody like Tortorella would bow to pressure, especially on such a fringe player.

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    look on the bright side, given the rangers play better a man down, and the ref’s penchant for over-blowing their whistles this year, and that there is an official decree out of the NHL top brass to penalize avery for the tiniest infraction, this could be perfect….Rangers go undefeated the rest of the year playing an entire man down down…

    thx Bob…..my newest CD should be hitting the stores soon……entitled “better than U2, its e3”

  156. personally I wouldn’t object to a 4th line of the bahama bomba rupp avery at this point (or newbury instead of avery)

  157. “Dubi doesn’t like THE AVERY?”

    Eddie, you’re playing right? Unless Dubi peed on the floor of Avery’s bar or Dubi didn’t like Avery stepping on his lines when they sang the Fresh Prince theme.

    I knew that’s where it’s coming from, just wanted to hear it.
    So that means he has a beef, huh? EC seems like when asked a question he’s going to answer it honestly.
    Personally, I _agree_ with EC, although he probably should have shown better discretion there.
    We sure do a lot of assuming about these relationships. EC may have also busted Avery’s chop about it to his face, and they had a laugh.
    We don’t know.

  158. Manny – I really think every team they call looking for a dman is asking for Dubinsky (which we already know was the case last year – if you believe Larry Brooks who is usually right about 90% of the time with this stuff) and they are still afraid to give up on him.

  159. and all the anti-Avery stuff I’ve spewed these last several weeks, I always give him this: He can be, at times, a difference maker in any given game. Won’t make a difference big-picture at all. But in a given game, he will be noticed, and can be an absolute factor (yes, even playing seven minutes against nobodies) … and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if his first game back he is that absolute factor. And the Rangers win because of him, or largely because of him.

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – this just in…TORTs quit…he refuses to coach a team with THE AVERY on it…..it was tweeted to be by *mynameisTORTS &andIhate AVERY

  161. anyone else notice that Dallas is on top of the west, so far, without Richards? they could not even make the playoffs with him

  162. thanks Carp, I’ll google Steven Murphy. my brother, jpg told me look it up yourself, you lazy aasen.

  163. Carp – Better get used to about 1000 posts now complaining about the NHL officials and their conspiracy against Avery cause that will be the excuse for the at least one dumb dumb penalty per game.

  164. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s see if he actually goes go on waivers and clears 48 hours later.

    The process is supposed to begin tomorrow.

  165. I have to agree about the stash. I think Deveaux had one during his brief stint with the Make Believes. Maybe he can join the party.

  166. LW – I don’t know if your being tongue in check or serious but my agreement with Avery being sent down had 90% to do with his cap hit and about 10% to do with behavior. I totally agree with you Carp. There will spot moments throughout year where he can make a difference, but he is not in the big picture an important piece to the puzzle and will not solve the majority of the team’s issues.

  167. Dublowsky needs to dump his girlfriend. She might be holding him back. Once he gets married, his career is over. He needs to be careful. Look where marriage got Stahl. He’s alone in a dark room eating Chinese food.

    Marriage = Concussions

  168. jpg’s sis, just googled it. Apparently he was never really part of any famous band, but he did sing and play drums with a number of famous people.

  169. An Avery-Erixon exchange would be a wash in terms of cap space anyway, so the argument that bringing Avery up prevents them from doing anything they could have done while Erixon was on the team is nonsense.

  170. haha, ORR. Spoken like a true single youngster!

    I got all my concussions before marriage. I have had all the effects of those concussions after marriage.

  171. “and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if his first game back he is that absolute factor. And the Rangers win because of him, or largely because of him”

    sounds like the definition of a difference-maker

  172. What? Friends listen to endless love in the dark?

    Que? Los Amigos escuchan el fin de amor en al obscuridad!

  173. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – almost…my sources tell me it was 72.9863% divided by the square root of never….. minus the varying variable 4 Q …due to the cap…8.863453635373737 behavior and the remainder subtracted from the beginning times the 4th root of its possible

  174. I agree with carp on the let’s wait and see what actually happens!!

    they are also in first with the very “slow skating” souray!!

  175. Tongue firmly in cheek, HWirth. Just doing the mancrushers job for them…

    Lloyd – so they’re a wash if you swap them, not if both are on the roster.

  176. Same here Carp. Looks like I’ll be in that area all season so we can certainly chat again in the future.

  177. re: concussions

    I don’t discriminate, I get them before and after marriage

    I have been putting it off for a while for the very reason you mentioned!!

  178. Tony AZ, if you are there. Missed your reply about your knee. You had shots for 2 years? How is your knee, now? Did you have to have surgery?

  179. Interesting point since we are always talking about Torts as if we, the fans, can actually judge his ability as a coach:

    I was in the Post Office the other day and I overheard a few guys chatting about coaching. I don’t know who they were talking about but I did hear one idiot/jackwagon say, “Look at Joe Torre. That guy was a horrendous manager. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Nothing more.”

    Aside from that guy being possibly the stupidest sports fan ever, he has a tiny point about the personnel that you are able to coach and the ability of your coaching style to mesh with the personality and playing styles of your players.

  180. I think re-entry waivers procedure is similar to regular waivers. It’s 24 hour rule, unless the player is being recalled over the weekend. So if he is recalled today, it’s 48 hours from today. In other words, we should know by Tuesday.

    Lloyd- by removing Erixon’s $1.75M from their cap, Rangers now have around $3.25M in cap space. Avery’s contract leaves them with around $1.35M. Not much to right home about.

  181. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hire joe Torre…..he could get 50 goals out of the Avery ….and I am half serious…….Torre is a genius dealing with people….that, and he was in the perfect place…..

  182. ust wondering, didn’t Torts coach Martin Saint Louis in Tampa and they won the Cup? MSL one of the most prolific/consistent players. Why can’t he have similar success with MZA? I know they are not the same people with the same skills, they are just vertically challenged like me.

  183. Write, not right…..Time to cut my dogs’ hair…God I hate it. But I think they hate going to the groomer even more. Later…

  184. eddie eddie eddie on

    jpg’s lil sis…….but MSL is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than MZA…..that said, joe torre could turn mza into msl

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – correct me if i am wrong, but if the Avery is recalled, it stands to reason that he will no longer be on the whale…..either that or he will shuttlecock back and forth between games….

  186. No NYR_FAN I’m pretty sure while Torts knows the importance and reason for the media he’d love to figure out someway to communicate with fans about the game knowing that’s the purpose for media, the conduit, without having to deal with the like of Brooks, Carp, Gross, Zip etc.

  187. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR fan – toward your point…this was just tweeted to me U R All LOZERS…..*myNameIsTortsAndIevenHateMyself

  188. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – the avery recall is purely for entertainment purposes….that and the 48 game winning streak they are likely to embark upon….

  189. No actually I was agreeing with you with that point. I mean I think he dislikes the media more than anything else, not because he dislikes them as people but I really don’t think he likes publicly talking about strategy, performance, individual players etc.

  190. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….this was tweeted ::::::::::> Avery to play 20 minutes per *MynameIsTORTSe3BEtheMAN

  191. If Avery is recalled, I’m setting the over/under on his playing time at 6:30

    Your turn

  192. eddie – There actually might be a better chance of Sam Pollack or Toe Blake tweeting from the dead before Torts would ever A. go on twitter and more importantly B. discuss anything about his team on twitter. If he didn’t understand it’s importance to the fans and therefore knows he HAS to do it, he would never talk after the game. In fact, 90% of coaches in pro sports would tell you that if it wasn’t for the fact that they knew fans wanted to hear what they had to say after games, they’d blow off the media every night. They talk to the media for the fans not to ever help the media.

  193. “An Avery-Erixon exchange would be a wash in terms of cap space anyway, so the argument that bringing Avery up prevents them from doing anything they could have done while Erixon was on the team is nonsense.”

    It’s much easier to fill a limited role forward spot at minimal salary than a an effective replacement for Erixson.

  194. You’re not getting a top 4 d-man, ddebened. The Rangers are going to have scour the scrap heap to find some serviceable 5th (or, more accurately 6th) defenseman to fill the hole until Staal comes back.

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – agreed…most coaches dont say anything even though their lips are moving…..I dont blame them……soon, we will have on-ice interviews away from the play……

    JPG’s lil sis…..:)

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers plan to dress up tomorrow as pro hockey players and win a home game this month.

    Watch out for the Swedish Meatball Murray who is a Beast and crushes players.

    EZ plans to dress as the Lion and ask the wizard for some courage.

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    i dont think we will see anyone with an 18 on their jersey until next season…..terribly sad, as it was his own byfuglien brother that did it

  198. eddie eddie eddie on

    ec, winner of the best costume in the irony category…….going as a heart transplant patient.

  199. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Not an expert on these things, but isn’t Orr posting a false message under my name this afternoon a major no-no?

    Impersonation is bad enough, but in Orr’s adolescent patois it’s downright criminal.

    Is it reasonable to ask you to warn the offender publicly and ask him to apologize? I’ve always played by the rules around here and would appreciate a little protection against dishonest abuse of my screen name.

    Many thanks,
    Rhode Island Ranger

  200. Eddie x three:

    If he’s really having significant problems dealing with that concussion, than I really hope he doesn’t play this season. One of the most painful aspects of post-concussion syndrome is how demoralizing it is. You really want to be free and clear of symptoms for an extended period before attempting to resume normal activities only to end up feeling like crap again a day later. Some people are particularly susceptible to PCS and regardless of the severity or number of concussions will experience symptoms for a considerable period. The guy is really better off just sitting home and getting well.

  201. HWirth

    Doesn’t the league make the pressers mandatory? I wouldn’t think it’s so much the coach feeling an obligation to the fans. I also think it’s fair to say that a coach being forthright with the public isn’t necessarily inline with the best interests of the team/players.

  202. eddie eddie eddie on

    firetorts – i bet you anything torts was hoping for a great start which would have buried avery in CT for life

  203. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – I asked earlier, is the Avery recall, assuming its happening, is this Slats’ decision?

  204. eddie eddie eddie on

    …i mean, is this slats telling torts..or torts asking slats to bring him up…your thoughts?

  205. DD – Yes the pressers are mandatory and the lockerroom has to be opened to press within a reasonable cool down period. They know the obligation to be there, didn’t say they were going to give fans anything significant with that obligation :).

    Although I’d say Torts, Pat Quinn, Mike Milbury, Brian Burke, Mark Crawford have been pretty entertaining through the years.

  206. If I pretend Tortorella hasn’t been carryin a grudge against Avery, he still had to be hoping this team wouldn’t be in a position to recall him. After saying what the said before the start of the season, the only thing you can hope for is a glowing start, not 3-3-3 mediocrity. Bringing up Avery now carries with it an all-time serving of crow and an admission that the coach completely misjudged his squad. Given Tortorella’s m.o., it would be extremely shocking if this move (if it happens) wasn’t the role of Sather going over his head.

  207. Of course any bump the Rangers might receive gets credited to Avery
    and any subsequent non-impact will be because Torts only played him
    “6” minutes

  208. Saw the news and now shall be beating my head against the wall repeatedly. It was nice knowing all of you…

  209. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dde – you are a soothsayer…but what do you call a 48 game winning streak with Avery netting 9 GWGs

  210. ddebened:

    yeah, the Rangers are much better going for the 8-seed and a first round exit with the current personnel. totally agreed. maybe we can try to get Erik Christensen first line minutes, too.

  211. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – what Dde meant is we will turn this into our favor no matter what…he is a clever lad…..

  212. dde

    Your post at 6.23pm was clearly you saying you hated Avery, love Christensen and wish the team would stay as it is for ever and ever. Are you going to retract that outrageous claim?

  213. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – 4 minutes …2 for Roughing, 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct….per your post at 6:39

  214. e^3^ I’d call it the result of some goooood stuff, but I’ll see what my crystal ball has to say it’s currently offline

    Lloyd Braun- So that’s what I’m saying, Lloyd. So I guess you’re saying Avery pushes us to a home playoff spot

    You all know this is just a Halloween ‘trick’ anyway
    A rock in your Rangers goodie bag, so to speak

  215. eddie eddie eddie on

    all we are saying is just give Avery a chance……….. all we are saying…..just give him a chance……

    great Lennon song

  216. Lloyd

    Apologies if I missed the part where dde said/implied/suggested anything about staying with the current roster etc. My point being that more than a few of us who state anything reasonably moderate about Avery (the “overwhelming minority” as one noted polling agency confirmed this morning) get pegged as Avery haters or being delighted with the team’s current form and progress. So who’s hyping?

    And from somebody who kept perpetuating the “six minutes” myth and kept referring to Tortorella “burying players” in Tampa Bay, without expanding on it or sourcing any stories on it, again, who’s hyping?

  217. I’m saying Avery makes us a better team than Erik Christensen, Wojtek Wolski, Kris Newbury, Mike Rupp and probably a few others do. Whether the Rangers can win a Stanley Cup with him is immaterial since they certainly haven’t a shot at that without adding top line forwards and top 4 d-men/PP qb. I don’t think there’s enough talent on the roster to be legitimate contenders just because they add Sean Avery. That being said, the team is far more interesting and exciting to me when Sean Avery is on the active roster, and that’s really all I care about.

  218. and you show me proof that Avery was given a fair shake under John Tortorella and I’ll be happy to concede the point

  219. eddie eddie eddie on

    DDE LW – I say that if Avery averages the same 6 minutes as last year, he WILL be effective, just not as effective if he gets 13-14 minutes TOI

  220. If I had my druthers about what I’d do about the game, it would be to go back to the one ref and one linesman as in the old days..they did reach 2 linesmen but I could live with that. But there’s too many people out there now calling penalties, and they’ve all gotta get into the act…and it’s ruining the flow of the games.

  221. what if……..
    there is a chance (which i don’t think there is) another team has interest in avery at 25% salary and they let slats know so he puts him on re entry so they claim him. slats in turn has done this to remove an nhl player from the ahl line up to demote another nhl contract to htfd to afford an incoming player to the rangers via trade!

  222. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – it would be easier finding the third shooter in the JFK case…that proof, and it exists, has been buried in the end zone at Giants stadium

  223. Wicky:

    The same Glen Sather who signed Bobby Holik and Wade Redden clearly lacks the cleverness to do anything more than evade anti-smoking legislation by not lighting his cigar.

  224. eddie eddie eddie on

    I feel like manny…sitting here posting all day…..however, i just nailed a huge fly….

  225. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – can you imagine Bobby Holik’s head on chris christie’s body…….My god that would look like the rocky mountains

  226. Well the proof that he didn’t play six minutes a game last year and didn’t get a dramatic cut in TOI at all until the last month of the season apparently didn’t wash.

    Not sure how you prove what a “fair shake” is more generally. I’ve said in between my many, many biased anti-Avery rants that the competition in training camp appeared to be a facade. So that presumably means I’ve conceded whatever point I’m supposed to be conceding.

  227. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Should I expect Carp to weigh in on Orr posting falsely under my name this afternoon (and fooling and riling up Carp himself), or does Orr have some special (needs) status?

    Just wondering how long I should hold my breath waiting for a little official word on Orr’s violation.

    Please advise.

  228. detroit claims avery

    rangers demote WW

    rangers trade huginsky and mdz to wild for schultz and matt kassian (couldn’t think of a fwd on their roster…sorry)

  229. I think someone needs to invent a time machine and trade year’s team with the one from oh say 1999-2000. At least we’d hate everyone them. And he who is GOD wouldn’t be around.

  230. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Don’t you think the absurd banality and suicide in Salinger’s “Bananafish” is closer to the mark in Orr’s case?

  231. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – thank you……I know you know I stood tall with you last season….and this season too…

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – errr, I mean Holden…just apologize and stop acting like such a pompous tool

  233. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You fooled Carp himself with your false post under my name. He was agitated enough to respond to ME because of the stupidity of your false post.

    In the world where I grew up, you owe me a genuine apology if you are capable of such a thing.

    I’m waiting for you and some official word from Carp on your violation of blog rules.

  234. 1999/2000? There’s this kid who’s just put up 84 points and 215 PIMS in 55 games for Kingston in the OHL. Worth taking a look as a free agent?

  235. eddie eddie eddie on

    Holden/Orr : you are a POMPOUS TOOL..and a dull one at that…just apologize…..you byfuglied up….

  236. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Act like a man and apologize for posting under my name and deceiving Carp and other readers in the process.

    You’ll feel better after you do.

    I’m waiting.

  237. Orr, I’m taking a trip to the future, too:

    *NYR_FAN* ^April 4th, 2016 at 9:30 am^

    Richards sucks!!! Terrible game last night. He only has 3 goals. Why did we even sign him? Didn’t we learn after Dreary!

  238. What no one has mentioned: SATHER is the one making this call up. in SPITE of Torts. I see some friction here…#Tortsdone

  239. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – dont act like a child…..you Byfuglied up…..what you did was wrong…apologize…

  240. I think this guy from Kingston would fit in well with York and Fleury, getting 18-20 minutes a game.

    I hope this interim coach doesn’t get the job full time though. He seems to be an egomaniac. Bring back Muckler.

  241. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You’re going to apologize for posting falsely (and stupidly) under my name at 3:01 PM today.

    I have the patience to outwait your childishness. A little honorable behavior, even in this anonymous exchange, might actually agree with you.

    Give it a try. Like brussels sprouts.

  242. LW3H:

    Avery had the lowest TOI/G of his career since he became a full-season NHL player in 2010-2011 and his 2nd lowest total in 2009-2010 since the 2003-2004 season. Both of those seasons were under you-know-who. Starting in December, Avery averaged about 10 minutes per game (with a peak of 12 per in January) and sat at about a 9.3 minute average for the final three months of the season. And yes, a sour taste was left in my mouth from late last February on when his ice time was severely cut, but part of my beef with all of these numbers is that a total piece of crap like Erik Christensen logged a full 1:30/game more than Avery, despite putting up only three more points while supposedly being an offensive weapon.

    I won’t dispute that Avery had a lackluster season, but there were so many instances in which he was very clearly ham-strung by the coach – something that didn’t occur under Renney. A player like Avery is worthless to his team if the coach expects him to go out and play like Artem Anisimov. If you’re going to keep a guy a like Avery and completely strip him of the ability to do what he does, he’s of no value to any team in the league. Avery was at his best when he was allowed to be an agitator and play on special teams, something Tortorella the taskmaster isn’t comfortable with. Avery isn’t effective playing like Kris Newbury because, quite frankly, he’s got to be matched up against the other team’s bigger weapons.

    The biggest problem with a Tortorella coached team is that he doesn’t recognize that refusing to allow one player to become bigger than the team is meaningless when the coach makes himself bigger than the team. A coach should be a leader, yes, but he’s not a player, and to an extent, he needs to take a backseat most of the time. The best coaches in all sports know how to do this. They are aware of their importance to the team’s success but also know that if they become the story, the players start to wonder what their role is. I don’t think Tortorella is a good fit on a club devoid of superstars because the team lacks the parts necessary to make itself bigger than the coach. There isn’t currently a player on the Rangers who could ever be a bigger story than John Tortorella. Sean Avery, on the other hand, is capable of that. I think his issue with Avery is that Avery is a guy who knows how to command a lot of attention and is also smart enough to know how to push everyone’s buttons. Tortorella probably doesn’t like the idea of a non-star player being the main attraction because he fears a weakening of his power by allowing guy like Avery to call shots without there being anyone to keep him in check. I don’t see any real dynamic personalities on this Ranger team (nor were there last year), and certainly no one capable of out-talking Sean Avery. I think Avery is respectful enough to be deferential to a guy like Brad Richards, he likes Gaborik, and he certainly respects Dubinsky and Callahan, so I think a lot of Tortorella’s issues are based on a grudge that was started long before he became he was given the coaching job. There’s also a pretty obvious personality clash between the two, and how couldn’t their be when one is constantly trying to remind a very hard-headed player that he’s the boss.

    John Tortorella is the coach of the Rangers but his leadership skills are sorely lacking.

  243. RIR, why don’t you let me handle that stuff, OK?

    firetorts, your last rant was removed for language that’s not acceptable. Strike 1. And you may not get 3.

  244. RIR

    He didn’t post as you. He called you out because of what you were saying yesterday and made a joke. It’s no big deal, man…you should just do the same back…

  245. Thanks, Lloyd. Nicely cut and paste.

    Don’t disagree with some of that. And his TOI was cut in the last month, like I said. Are you making my point for me about not being an Avery hater?

  246. I love you too, Wick. I hope you still love me after my team beats yours this coming week!! He, He, four in a row!

    Good luck, Rhode.

    Honestly, it’s like someone doing that with me, and saying “I Love Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream”

    Whiner! Avery doesn’t approve of whiners, don’t you know this??

  247. Am I the only one who realized that what Orr did earlier was actually a joke and/or sarcasm? Me thinks this team has numbed all our senses.

  248. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Just looking for clarification from the boss on what’s acceptable behavior around here.

    If Orr is allowed to post falsely and stupidly under my name (fooling you in the process) or anybody else’s, please fill me and everyone else in.

    If he’s not allowed to take that liberty with someone else, then he needs a public warning and needs to man-up and apologize to me.

    I still assume you run a clean game here.

  249. RIR
    I would just drop it and move on if you want my advice…there is still a global recession and no peace in the middle east to worry about

  250. LW-
    The timing of my 6:53 post might appear to be thanking for your 6:52 post (to Lloyd).
    It was meant towards the earlier one, everything you said was right on the button and I stand by everything I didn’t say.

  251. Wicky:

    Maybe things have changed lately or they just hung out because Avery felt sorry for him, but I can recall when Avery was with the Stars and they came to town he made a point of saying how highly he thought of Dubinsky (despite trash-talking him down pre-game warmups).

  252. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Justice in secret is not justice.

    If Orr’s little game of posting under my name is kosher here, everyone needs to know that. If it isn’t, please say so.

    Of course, it’s not your responsibility to compel Orr to apologize. He’s got to take that step into adulthood himself.


  253. RIR- I don’t think he posted under your name. That was clearly a post within his post. We make fun of one another often, and people take it differently, I understand. But I don’t think that one post qualifies as an imposter. I’m not suggesting he should continue since you aren’t thrilled, but honestly, I wouldn’t get upset if he used my name within his post. Just an opinion.

  254. lloyd
    ok, i may have been mistaken then. i was always under the impression they were not fond of each other.

  255. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – A simple I am sorry is the right thing to do…..For those taking Orr’s, childish, side when a joke at someone’s expense isnt received the way it was intended…One NORMALLY says sorry…PRUST SAYING

  256. Carp October 30th, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    blah, blah, blah, blah. he mistreated poor Sean, hence he’s a terrible coach, blah, blah.


  257. Just caught the news about Avery on re-entry waivers…and I can’t help but think that Carp is sitting smiling watching the number of posts add up like the national debt.

    Sean Avery…like it or not…is a HUGE fan favorite at MSG and among most Rangers fans. Why? Because Rangers fans appreciate EFFORT.

    Avery, at the very least, tries out there. He’s not the most talented guy, but at least he hustles. How many guys have soiled the jersey by putting forth half-hearted efforts? Has Erik Christiansen ever broken a sweat during a game?

    This might be a panic move…

    Might be a Sather move saying “Torts, I don’t care…bring him back up.”

    Might be a Dolan move, much like demanding Colton Orr be dressed every game. Watching the Rangers stumble through their first two home games getting booed off the ice might have upper management demanding they do something to placate a restless home crowd.

    Might be a Torts move…banish Avery to the AHL and make him think his NHL career is over, and then bring him back up knowing Avery will toe the line during his last shot.

    I understand the Avery-haters opinion. I understand it totally. And I also get the Avery-supporters.

    Look on the bright side…we’re now talking about Sean Avery. We’re not talking about how bad the Rangers have been this season.

    Of course, maybe someone does claim him. Maybe Slats has a back-door deal worked out with someone.

    Sure is a surprising move considering how it looked like Avery had no chance of EVER being called up. Torts’ comments about him were all of the “past tense” variety.

    Then again, Torts thought he had a good team. Christiansen and Wolski have shown virtually nothing to warrant any more chances.

    Sure is interesting around here….LOL!!

  258. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – LW you have also never been seen standing next to torts standing by things you have never said…

    Lloyd – I agree 100%

  259. look, i’m taking orr’s side! i don’t want ben and jerry’s going out of business, i love that stuff!!!!

  260. eddie eddie eddie on

    CJP – well said…you are the one to broker the peace between the Don and Barzini

  261. The one thing that all the Torts haters are missing here – is that he has coached a team to a Stanley Cup championship. You may not agree with all of his methods. But he is a fine coach and wants what is best for the team – the Erixon demotion was an ideal example. He could have kept the kid up with the big club, particularly with Staal out and no quick fix in sight for the backline. But he took the right route with #53 and Whaled him. The kid will get big time minutes and become a more than dependable d-man for the Rangers – for a long time.

    You all need to be patient. There is talent on the team – and more is on the way. There will be other promotions from Ct. during the season. Erixon will probably be back. You may even see Hagelin, Zuc and or Bourque as well.

    If you all get your wish and Torts is fired – who do you bring in? All I’m reading about here is the problem – as many of you see it. However, none of you are providing solutions. Who else ya got in mind?

    And by the way, the Lightning were treading water for most of the first half of the season they won the cup. Not saying the Rangers are heading there this year – but sometimes, teams take time to gel over the course of 80 plus games.

  262. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Normally I wouldn’t take Orr’s silliness seriously. But, I didn’t post here all day, then discover a false post under my name so stupid that Carp felt obliged to slam ME.

    Carp didn’t rebuke him for it publicly when he discovered it.

    I’m owed an apology from Mr. (or Ms.) Orr, that’s all.

    Easily fixed.

  263. Clarke Macarthur has goals in three straight games now, after a really slow start. That can only make the Leafs better. He had a 20 goal, 60 point season last year.

    Ddeb, I’ll just wear a deep v-neck to sleep. I think that’s enough to honor Avery and his lovers. Maybe even a scarf, cause it’s cold!

  264. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – certainly not the honorable thing to do…and i would expect differently given your character…prust sayin

  265. I’m still in 1999/2000 when I say I’m standing by things I’ve never said. I might have since said some of those things. And not stood by them.

  266. bob the builder (good bob, no, really) on

    wicky, the st louis fed numbers do not support your claims of a global recession. Please adjust your GDP numbers.

    GDP Bob

  267. wicky, I’m glad someone else took it as I did :)

    Orr, ‘God’ certainly seems to get people all off their game and riled up to the point they lose their good intelligence and sense.

  268. eddie eddie eddie on

    From top gun:

    Charlie: “I think we all see this as an example of what not to do”

  269. bob
    I have those here somewhere, hold on………

    I stand by whatever the hell it is or isn’t you are currently standing by!

  270. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Not necessary, but thanks anyway.

    Hey Orr:

    You see what a little class looks like? Try it on, it might fit you.

  271. billybleedsblue on

    I wonder if Chris Walken got upset when I posted as him a few times… I heard he’s a huge fan, I’m pretty sure he lurks this board.

  272. bob the builder (good bob, no, really) on

    Con ED saved the day for us…the city tarred up our sewer box like a 1765 tax collector. As such, our electric lines were frozen in a han soloesque sort of state. Heretofore the good boys at Con Ed have seen fit to correct said NYC lunacy, and now the electricity flows like beluga caviar at Mayor Bloomberg’s brownstone mansion.


    FIRE SATHER!! The vultures HAVE to be asking for Dubi..they want to buy low…dont sell yet, wait for Dubi to put up some goals…then hit the ask again and again.!!!

  273. Yes, he’s like a drug, Mickey!

    I am going to apologize, just so we can get past this.! I think it’s a good thing to show you’re mature enough to apologize.

    I apologize to Wick, Manny, NYR, Mickey, Lin, Carp, Mama, Rex Ryan’s stomach, Rex Ryan’s 5th chin, but not the rest. the corner store for complaining that it’s a waste to order plain Vanilla Ben & Jerry’s

    Am I missing anyone? I probably am…

  274. Billy…billy– billy boy… you do it again, and I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.

  275. eddie eddie eddie on

    Wicky – I never said I supported ben and jerry’s…only that cherry garcia was my favorite….dont put words, or ice cream, in my mouth

  276. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – the watch was your birthright, i’d be damned if some greasy slope is gonna put their hands on that watch…

  277. Tough to watch our heroes this year…. the excitement they had last year via ‘parts greater than the sum’ thingy ain’t there yet. I like torts..don’t think they have come close to playing the style he wants. Dubi was fantastic first half last year…looked like he was quintessential for torts’ style of pressuring puck. Dubi putting too much pressure on himself…needs to be freebird like when he first came up. GOOOO DUBI!!

    LGR!! Miss ya’ all…always in me thoughts and prayers. ILY ILY!

  278. I would like to apologize to CCCP for making my league a 1 goalie starter league to insure fairness of every team having starting goalie stats and saying a 2 goalie starting league is unfair to some teams due to the amount of points goalies get

    I would also like to apologize to the forward on the team we played last week who had his head down coming across our blueline and subsequently did not return to the game after I leveled him. I stated it was his responsibility to know what is happening on the ice around him as his teammates complained. Clearly in retrospect it is my responsibility to pay attention for the players on the other team as well and should have had his best interests at heart. Given the opportunity I would have turned and skated up to my goalie and gently pushed him out of the net to enable the poor lad with his head down a sure goal.

    Finally, I would like to apologize to the NHL and shanny (as a fan of the New York Rangers and hockey, the contact sport in general) for actually thinking it was a contact sport and not a pansified game!!

  279. orr
    apology accepted and unnecessary and I fully expect a year of free ben and jerrys as compensation!!

    ok, fine then!!!

  280. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – that’s 7 years that the watch was up someone’s assen….and now, I give you the watch….

  281. carp
    I have a request that we follow hockeyfights on whackamole—> for entertainment purposes!

  282. It really annoys me that the Philthy Eagles use the Ranger goal horn after they score a touchdown

  283. wicky, that was a pretty impressive apology there. I’m so proud of you admitting that hockey is a non-contact, tutu wearing sport.

  284. eddie eddie eddie on

    tom – the filthy eagles are annoying (and disgusting) regardless of what goal song they use…as for the cowpokes…they are as annoying, if not more….

  285. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – its the curse of the name that ends in “os” …….none of them can fight…

  286. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You were rather handy with my screen name this afternoon, but now you can’t bring yourself to address me directly. Sigh.

    But I’ll accept this as your apology anyway. Baby steps.

    Hatchet buried.

  287. Lloyd Braun – In your lengthy post to LW

    “There isn’t currently a player on the Rangers who could ever be a bigger story than John Tortorella. Sean Avery, on the other hand, is capable of that.”

    “(Torts) fears a weakening of his power by allowing guy like Avery to call shots without there being anyone to keep him in check”

    WTB! My lip is bleeding.

  288. RIR, Chillax bro and have a beer. Or some of the stuff eddie and NYR have been imbibing the past few days. You’ll feel better. And be less cranky.

  289. eddie eddie eddie on

    DDe – given that LW and Torts are one and the same….Lloyd was addressing Torts directly…..I do think that lloyd makes a valid argument, whether you agree or not…I apprciate his point of view….

    As a Libra, the powerful sign in the zodiac, I am capable of seeing all sides of all views…its part of my omni-potentness

  290. (pats wicky on the head) Good boy for finally turning the corner!

    But DQ is closer to me!

    Although, Mmmmmmm, Ted Drewes…

  291. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mickey – not so fast…my Herb Brooks is so chronic that it makes you more jittery than not….

  292. tongue hanging out and panting heavily after mickey pats my head (and stoping this line of convo right here and now!!!)

    you didn’t like my apology??

  293. The new B&J flavor, “Shweddy Balls”, is being recalled because of the whiny parents complaining aboot it. It’s a shame, cause it sounded pretty good. I never had a chance to chomp on it.

    On the B&J website, they have a “flavor locator”. I love it!

  294. Hopefully this doesn’t change your mind or anything (considering I am the lunch aficionado, guru, et. al.), but I dislike most every B&J flavor.

  295. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – much of this will stop when THE AVERY proves to be the game changer you and I know him to be…Avery should never have been sent down to begin with….That is a fact, and it is indisputable…

  296. eddie – and what would that be? please elaborate

    You’ve already demonstrated without flaw that LW and Torts are one and the same.

  297. If LW and Torts are the same, how does he manage to sound both British one moment and Bostonian another?? Inquiring minds are inquiring.

  298. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – sorry?….the purple is haze is thru my brain….what would what be?

    i feel now is the right time for…..


  299. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Eddie x 3:

    Would love to know whether Avery’s return was Uncle Glen’s idea or Torts’. Seems like too soon for it to be the latter. Maybe someone wearing a visor will ask about it at the next presser.

    But if it was Torts’ call, what does this say about his hockey judgment now? (Trick question.)

  300. I loved your apologies, wicky. You should probably apologize to your dentist too. For giving him seemingly endless work :-)

  301. Latona, you rock! Thanks.

    Wicky, Torts’ head will explode. We will all weep or shout enthusiactically. Then the world will end cause ‘GOD’ has returned, finally.

  302. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mickey – simple enough LW has Quadrophenia…..meanwhile, uppers and downers, either way blood flows and I am out of my brain, on the train, on the 5:15

    RIR – I think one of two things must be true:

    1) Torts, or should i say LW (just teasing here) has poor hockey judgement; or
    2) Torts, not LW, is a liar

  303. ILB
    ah, but he just bought a caribbean island…wonder why?

    umm LW is killing you in the fantasy league

    eddie x3
    any luck resolving that issue with the login?

  304. OMG!!!

    eddie eddie eddie

    now you’re quoting the Who’s Quadrophenia!!!!

    you’ve made my day!

  305. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – only a fly on the wall had a ring side seat to torts/sather’s lil chat….unless, of course, Messier weighed in on this….Where is Rod?…i bet he knows something…..

  306. wicky,

    I forget that I’m even in the fantasy league. I probably shouldn’t have joined, considering I’m not paying attention and ruining fair competition. Sorry about that. I’ll go see if I can slightly remedy the problem.

  307. eddie eddie eddie on

    wick – no…i havent had time yet….i have 5 dudes on IR I swear…

    Dde – let me go up and read what Lloyd said….

  308. latona
    no worries lunch point boy…if it gets too much for you NYR or orr might take over for you….

    sure you do….lol

  309. More than 600 posts during the off day? Long live Avery.

    Eddie3- is it possible that Torts just simply thinks this is the best available option for tge team at tge moment?

    I’ll tell you what. All these small details that we supposedly know transpired between Torts, Avery, Sather and others fall under one description- preposterous.

  310. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Eddie x 3:

    Sadly, I think your second theory is the likeliest.

    I want the Rangers to win while Torts is coaching them, but I can’t admire the guy.

  311. One day I’ll get really bored and kick all your aasens. Just waiting for that day to happen.

  312. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Hail Friends!
    Does anyone think that Slats cought an earfull from Dallas when he Whaled 16? Could this reentry in some way be in reaction to that? I am happy to hear the news, but for totally different reasons than most. To me Avery and his antics are extremely entertaining. I can’t remember a game where he didnt at least make me chuckle at some point. Along with penalties for and against, he will also add some fire to a smoldering hotbed. How fortuitous that he gets recalled when the team starts its first 3-5 game win streak. Bravo lucky charm, Bravo.

  313. ILB
    i don’t tgink it is just tge avery, it could be tge quality convo tgat we have gere!

    TGE END!!….”G” not “H”

  314. Wicky© October 30th, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    i don’t tgink it is just tge avery, it could be tge quality convo tgat we have gere!

    TGE END!!….”G” not “H”

    I just did a spit take with my Sprite. Thanks for the laugh, wickster!

  315. here’s what it says about his judgment, RIR: It says he does what he thinks is best for the team. He thought Wolski was going to play first-line minutes and the third line would shake out with the Little Italian Kid from Norway and the former shootout specialist now known as The Mannequin. When that didn’t work, the coach didn’t let his ego get in the way of recalling the player he thought was not as good as those two. In other words, he did what a good coach does … whatever it takes.

    and that’s all based on the premise that Avery actually does return and play. Somewhere in the dark recess of my imagination, I wonder if they actually know that somebody will claim him and so this is all a charade. I highly doubt it. But I suppose it’s possible one of the other 29 coaches is smarter than Tortorella and thinks Avery is worth keeping around.

  316. mickey
    I missed one with “have”…damn!!!

    I know, just a little pain med induced humour (at your expense..my apologies LOL)

  317. carp
    welcome to the dark side of my 6:59 post

    how about hockeyfghts on whackamole—>? If the masses want it that is!!

  318. Jpg, I can give you a +hell yeah+

    @Hell Yeah@

    The Torts haters refuse to believe Torts made the decision, and they’ll say Sather made him do it, or Dolan made him do it, etc. Just can’t give him credit, even if he does something you want.

    By the way, Halak SUCKS! Poor JD. He thought he had a starter, but he was dead wrong. The guy’s having a horrible season.

  319. It’s already been proven with solid facts that I am both lacking in judgement and am a liar.

    And this is some wicked chowdah.

  320. Umm….I hate to say I told you so but I think I told you so. Last week I said by Thanksgiving Avery would be up here. I guess I should have said Halloween. Someone said if that were the case they would be dating “Kate Middleton” I think if it happened. Well, here we are.

    EC misses a shootout for the 2nd time. See ya.
    Wolski played ok w a few assists, but he can’t score in the SO either.

    This team is a step slow and a step on the wimpy side of physical.

  321. wicky,

    I think part of the problem is that the interface for fantasy hockey on ESPN always screws me off. I log on sometimes, can never find the team, get frustrated, slaughter some commies (and remember, you can’t spell “slaughter” without “laughter”) and then log off. I’ll try to participate more and not fail so epically.

  322. LW3H- I’ll email you tomorrow morning once I know what my day looks like. As of now, my son and I will be at the same place at 5-5:30 pm. After that, if Carp is available at warm ups, we can meet him. Same spot, Carp?

  323. And that dogfaced Chris O’Neil scored again today – I dislike him a lot, but he’s the kind of player that the NYR could use….always seems to be “in ill humor” and looking for trouble….

  324. Yo, Latona – things are OK here – how did you fare with the snowstorm? Lots of folks over there got whacked!

  325. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dde – What you put in quotes above, I cant defend. I am not sure what Lloyd was getting at….I do think Torts has a massive ego, but a massive ego is not a bad thing. As regards the someone having to be the bigger story blah blah….I dont know what that means……I honesty do believe that Torts did not treat Avery fairly and with all due respect to those that think Torts evaluated talent objectively, if he really thought that ww and ec could change their colors, certainly he should have allowed Avery the same opportunity.

    ILB – while it may be preposterous to know what was said, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to presume that there is some drama going on behind the scenes…..Torts threw avery under the bus in a way that suggests he wasnt coming back…

  326. 600 + comments on non-gameday? Wow! Congrats Carp. I’m hanging it up. Linda…it was a pleasure…

  327. My house seems to be in a good place. I didn’t get flooded and didn’t lose power due to Irene, and I kept power throughout this storm, with no limbs on my block going down. However, there’s chaos aplenty around here. About 70% of my town has no electricity, and with that, heat and running water. Roads are blocked off, too. Some neighboring towns fared even worse. I find it strange that our district didn’t cancel school tomorrow.

    It was annoying last night, though. I got off the train (I went to the game, unfortunately) and had to clean off my car with my sleeve. Not fun. And then I was rerouted a few times on the way home. That’s about as much trouble I had with the storm, though, fortunately.

  328. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – I think it shouldnt have taken torts this byfuglien long, for god sake, to realize ec has the heart of a paper lion….

  329. Presume being an operative word, eddie3. Some degree of drama always going on in our lives. How we interprete it sometimes, makes it a drama on its own.

  330. I have power. Thanks anyway, wick. I could borrow some fantasy hockey tips, that’s for certain.

  331. eddie eddie eddie on

    …surely you see that….I sit on my couch and watch ec…and he sucks…..what has torts been watching?..what is ec’s upside?…..what did torts think he was going to get from ec this year?……how can he say that avery didnt have a good playoff series against the caps?……..those are the questions you should ask him when you have the chance…seriously…….lastly, why did torts get so bent of out shape at the end of that Islander game that the rangers HAD IN THE BAG …it was OVER…when Avery committed that penalty against the goalie?…..It didnt make sense to me then and it still doesnt…..I just dont think Avery was treated fairly or objectively.

  332. Colorado power play: two passes, shot on goal, one pass, shot on goal. I’m afraid the Rangers are watching wrong tapes.

  333. The fact that I’m not trying is the disgrace; I doubt that I could beat you anyway, LW. I’m pretty pathetic at fantasy hockey.

  334. eddie eddie eddie on

    and the chowdah time joke finally made its way thru to my humor bone….BRILLIANT!!!!!

  335. e3, i’m not sure he has come to that realization yet. this could be more about newbury and rupp’s injury than the mannequin.

  336. my 2 cents (aka here we go again):

    not an Avery hater

    Torts probably kept EC because
    it gave him options (center or wing, skills comp specialist, the occasional brillian play/shot)

    these things he couldn’t get from Avery (who scored only 3 goals last season, shot wide A LOT and went offsides A LOT, caused the team to go on pk A LOT)

    kept Wolski for similar reasons of EC (potential, determination during off season) and he was injured so he couldn’t show whether or not it was or was not working (he looked better against sens. 2 assists and one post. hope it continues)

    Torts wanted to go with a younger, cheaper player

    well, little of those things worked out.
    sending Avery down is almost like sending down someone who doesn’t need to clear waivers since it’s likely NO ONE will acquire him down or up]and
    Avery was OUT for weeks with a shoulder injury. he would NOT have played for Rangers, supposedly, if he was there.

  337. wrote all that
    and now i’m like why did i bother.

    i hope for the best
    hope the team begins its turnaround monday night
    becomes consistent and more like the team
    we thought we would have beginning monday
    and that it continues with or without Avery in the lineup

    if Avery does get back into the lineup
    i hope he does well
    and if he doesn’t……hmmmmm

  338. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ricardo – fair enough……but it does give ammunition to those that think Torts is not the best judge of hockey talent the world has ever seen….yes?

  339. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – You cannot be serious!!!!! how on earth would i have time to call espn and have them tell me my password…i am posting here all day and all night

  340. maybe. i think the richards signing will tell a lot more than the avery demotion …

    and, now I’m going to sign off on this topic … but I think as much of the reason for keeping the two wastes was that the Rangers still are lacking in skill, and whatever you think of those guys (not much) they possess the skills you can’t teach. You only hope they figure it out and develop heart and all that other stuff. But that’s wishful thinking.

  341. just one thing wrong with the pro-Torts analysis. he threw dirt on Avery after he sent him down. he did not need to do that if he was not biased aganst him, and he did not need to do that if he thought he would recall him this season or need him ever again.

    clearly it was Sather who made the decision to bring him up because cap issues are involved, and thus the GM has to be involved in that. Torts does not like him, and he made it very clear on TSN before he became Rangers coach, and he made it very clear after he sent Avery down and then poured a little salt on to rub it in for good measure.

  342. of course Tortorella made the Avery thing personal; Tortorella makes every thing he does personal because every move he makes is ultimately about John Tortorella.

    and by the way, I still don’t believe the Rangers are actually going to recall Avery.

  343. maybe Torts was just being blunt and honest

    he thought the others were better for what he wanted for the team
    at that time (a couple shootout specialists in EC and Wols with potential from both
    including a better attitude by the latter due to skating/workout regimen over the summer)

    just one example

  344. With tomorrow being Halloween is a Frankenstein brain switch possible? We put ‘GOD’s grit, capacity to annoy everyone, etc into EC and/or WW and make the bestest of all worlds?

  345. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd and 16 : I don’t like the way THE AVERY has been treated either. This whole affair makes me feel sad. It really does. I also think there are players on the team that don’t like it either. Hank for one wants to win and I sense that he thinks, his friend, Sean Avery, aides in this quest. I am really bothered by the whole thing.

  346. “clearly it was Sather who made the decision to bring him up”

    How is it “clear”? It’s “clear” if you were there, and heard the exchange between Torts and Slats, which you weren’t.

    Keeping EC over Avery was also the safer option. I’ll say this, the way the NHL has been this season on hits, I bet my left nut they’ll call Avery for everything, as well as penalize him for his usual antics.

  347. Orr:

    You’re probably right about Avery getting penalized – we certainly saw the guy playing with a target on his back ever since his reinstatement a couple of years ago. I’d imagine it’s going to be even worse for him now.

  348. Slightly off-topic, but was checking the Rangers FanCam from the home opener on their website and you can see the Avery banner being hung from the 400s, and the Rangers photoshopped a fake banner on top of Avery’s. Funny stuff.

  349. In the wee small hours of the morning might be the most depressing and yet beautiful song ever written/sung.

  350. The Rangers had 12 SO last year, winning 9 – that’s 9 bonus points and they’re not in the playoffs without them. EC played a big part in that, like it or not.

  351. i guess torts additional comments on Avery after they sent him down was not so smart. I had no problem with the move, the comments were a stupid idea. No need to throw dirt on the departed.

    hope Avery adds something to the team. the love affair by the drunk and under 30 year olds for avery is unnatural and twisted but if he helps o nthe 4th line great. never so much love for a guy who may get 6 goals if he gets hot.

    so far on the seaso nthe Rangers have been bad. only a few guys have played well and a lot of underachievers. they sure miss Staal…………..

  352. You’re right, Eddie, but he’ll score more goals than Avery, and take less penalties, and cough up the puck less.

    But, the team is arguably the most overrated in the NHL, and most of the team isn’t playing well defensively, and is taking bad penalties, so why not play Avery? If I’m Torts, that’s what I’m thinking.

  353. newbury was just bad for the rangers this year. not because he did not get enough minutes. whenever he was out there you could notice him for his bad play, no stick skills, nervous with the puck, etc…..

    do the ranger fans always need somone to hate? this year it is ec and wolski for fairly good reasons but have they ever not had a public enemy #1?

  354. Dd, you’re right. Even Wolski, who came up with a few big goals in the shootout last year. I remember a game winner in Carolina, which was huge. Remember, we made it by one win over Carolina. If Wolski doesn’t score, and the Canes do, maybe we’re in 9th.

    So, bow down before Wolski and EC.

    MZA also gets recognition for his shootout efforts!

  355. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart a – I am not drunk nor under 30.. But, you can go byfuglien yourself anytime you want.

  356. I’ll say for the third time that the people on this board who seem to think Sean Avery is the idol of teenagers should try going to Madison Square Garden sometime

  357. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dde – fair enough…. Orr – fair enough……the counter arguement of course, on the SOs, is that only those that are chosen can score. So, had it been gabby that was 1, 2, or 3 maybe ec’s contribution would be a moot point…..

  358. Stranger Nation on

    EZ was more of a SO decision, that and he can play center. Really do not like his game. Funny thing, he had goalie beat vs Sens and could slide the puck in the 5 hole.

    Wusskie was a wing and a prayer (sorry) for someone to ride shotgun on the money line (B Rich and gabba gabba doo)

    Newburry did OK, but when the team is not playing well, then the 4th line center is critical cog – not

    Prediction for tomorrow night – “pain, lots of it”

  359. Stranger Nation on

    Teenagers cannot afford MSG these days.

    The Dolans sucked the life out of that joint starting over 10 years ago

    Worst owners ever given the fan base and venue.

  360. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – my guess is that he means not everyone that wants Avery back is a drunk or a teenager.

  361. What was the game where MZA scored on his patented move, Wolski had a sick move and I think AA won it with a quick back hand move?

    True Eddie

  362. I am really interested to see this morning skate conversation tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised now if Avery wasn’t put on recall waivers and that the Rangers leaked this story to Larry early in day to gauge whether there’d be interest around league to signing him.

    This much is 100% fact on this issue. I don’t really care if you like Avery or not cause it’s actually not about him but his cap hit. If they get a feeling someone might put a claim in on Avery, they won’t put him on recall. They are not losing about 900K of dead cap space over this issue. It wouldn’t matter if the player was Avery, MZA (who thankfully is not in this position), Newbury, Mitchell etc.

    It’s about the dollars and cents of the situation.

  363. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – of course ec will take less penalties…. It is impossible to get penalized when all you do is float on the ice. ec couldn’t bodyckeck a gust of wind.

  364. >>>It was annoying last night, though. I got off the train (I went to the game, unfortunately) and had to clean off my car with my sleeve. Not fun. And then I was rerouted a few times on the way home. That’s about as much trouble I had with the storm, though, fortunately.

    I’m glad that you didn’t get hit, Latona – I conducted a tour for a group from Northern New Jersey yesterday afternoon, and they had the devil of a time getting back home, what with all the tree damage and power lines that fell – and once they did get home, some of them had no power.

    Here in Queens my area didn’t have any problems, thank goodness.

  365. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    A little Xmas Spirit…

    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Here comes Av-e-ry…
    Back from being waived,
    Torts and Sather and all his Rangers
    Pullin’ on his reins.
    Bells are ringin’, children singin’,
    All is merry and bright.
    So hang your banners and say your prayers,
    ‘Cause Av-er-y comes tonight.

  366. The Avery topic was all over the Canadian (hockey) media last night – the analysts and between-periods folks were talking about his supposed imminent recall……

  367. DD – In all sports there’s a grapevine that goes on and it’s the GM’s or Player Personnel guy’s job to keep in touch with what’s going on around the League whether through agents, scouts, 3rd party general managers, sometimes media but not usually.

    I’ll give proper credit to this example, EJ Hradek of now NHL.com and so forth has a theory that in the NHL it is really easy to notice this kinda grapevine of communication. Because there are so many trades you look over the list of trades and it tends to be same partners. Phoenix with Rangers. Phily and LA seems to do a lot of business. Chicago and Atlanta were connected. Dale Tallon now in FLA bringing in guys he knows. So there’s constant info exchange. GM’s live on their phones.

  368. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was at the sharks game, should have remembered dubi won it …..I posted how I was scolded by the ushers not to lean forward in my seat and that I must sit back or face expulsion. Insane.

  369. ORR!!

    ““clearly it was Sather who made the decision to bring him up”

    How is it “clear”? It’s “clear” if you were there, and heard the exchange between Torts and Slats, which you weren’t.”

    you said it!

    Hell Yeah!!

  370. HWirth- But why would a team having an interest in claiming, Avery for example, need to communicate with another team?

  371. I can’t wait for someone to ask Torts about ‘GOD’ at the morning skate. I honestly think his head might explode. Should be fun times, indeed.

    On that note, I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

  372. I’ve been reading this whole back and forth about this “who decided to bring Avery up.” The actual answer is the GM Sather made the move with input from Torts, Schoenfeld, Gernander, maybe even the hockey ops guys (trainers and equipment guys know the lockerroom and team better than anyone). It is usually not a unilateral decision by the GM who is or better be the final say on personnel decisions. Same way deveaux got his call this morning.

  373. DD – Your right but it’s not need. Think of it like teenage girls in 9th grade. Everyone is involved in everyone’s business which is how trades start in first place. The proverbial “Rumor has it your looking to move Player X, what off my organization do you think is fair value” and so forth.

    Basically, Rangers organization guys like Gordie Clark, Jeff Gorton, Glen have called their friends in the league to gauge if they think theres an interest in Avery.

  374. No Rangers Report Blog representative at that meeting? hmmm
    Fixation Without Representation, No

  375. Kind of like?:
    “Avery is grody to the max”
    “I think he’s dreamy”
    “No way!” he he he

  376. WOW! You guys are insane! This thread is one of the best threads ever! I am literally crying from laughter! Avery sure brings out the best in everyone! lol

  377. ,quit taking half of a comment . the whole context was ” it was clear Sather made the decision BECAUSE the GM has to be involved in matters of cap issues” dummies.

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