Tortorella pre-game


First, he did not give out his lineup, or his lines, saying he wasn’t sure. (Andrew Gross loves when he says that, LOL). But he said it will probably be the same lineup as the home opener.

He did say that Mike Rupp (knee) remains out.

I asked him a few questions about the possible breaking-up of Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik — at practice yesterday Gaborik played with Erik Christensen and Wojtek Wolski (God help him) and Richards was between Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. As we all know, that could be the top two lines to start the game, and it could all change by the eight-minute mark.

Also, remember that, bad as many of you (we) think Christensen is, he’s had his shining moments with Gaborik, and vice versa.

So here’s John Tortorella’s pre-game presser:



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  1. Hey Carp,

    It’s awesome you can now add audio. I wonder if, when possible, you can post the audio from Torts’ post-game pressers, as Center Ice doesn’t stay on for the post-game shows.


  2. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    You are seriously barking up the wrong tree. You are lacking in simple matters of savoir-faire (go look that up in your Funk & Wagnall. You know it, I know it…we all know it. Honestly, it is quite easy to get your goat, as we say up here in the south.

    Immensely smarter and more eloquent than you,

  3. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    NOW LGR!!!!! We need them draft picks!!! Put on a show young brendan dubinski so that we may send you for egregiously high draft picks and become the Eastern Seaboard NY Oilers.


  4. bob The Builder (potential Mensa member) on

    Occasionally we get the odd poster than feels it necessary to challenge the host. Said people should go get a blog, and take said readers..all three of them (2 out of 3 being family members) and go down hither yon and leave the real blogging to a veteran sports beat pro aka the blogfather aka the Carpfather.

    Defending the Carp,

  5. sounds to me like Torts wants to see Gabby change his style to be more compatible with B-Rich,not the other way around.

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bob – glad you are on board

    Rod – I have always appreciated your insight. Furthermore, I share your disdain regarding the non hickey posts. Some of these people are losers. Pee-pull that speak in twisted tongues have no clue, sniffing glue, go to the zoo, all I do, never new, always old, forever bold, catch a cold, tales are told, lead to gold, alchemy I say to thee, on bended knee, Bertha dont you come around here anymore

  7. The whole business of a prospect being better off in the minors or junior rather than getting limited minutes is a bit bogus.

    There’s not only nothing so terrible about force-feeding certain guys (look at Erixon, for example), but every other NHL team seems to have no problem bringing in their 18 & 19-yr olds.

    To say there wouldnt have been enough minutes for Thomas isn’t exactly right either, because look who’s getting them! Christensen?! Newbury?! Wolski @ 14 mins?! Cmon.

    No reason Thomas couldn’t have started as a PP specialist with some minimal ice, then you never know what happens. Guys get hurt, some guys suck (see Dubinsky, Brandon), opportunities present themselves.

    But the biggest thing no one talks about is getting to travel with & practice with the team every day.

    Instead of shooting on some 17-year old goalie, you’re shooting on Lundqvist, if you can get it past Girardi first.

    Thomas got to play exactly one pre-season game. It was pre-determined, by Torts.
    Just like w/Avery haha…

  8. Again, Rod, Thomas is on EL SR contract. He would have to stay with the team if he played more than 9 games. There is a limit to professional contracts one team can have…

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Torts not sure of line combos – hmmm – quite a stretch, eh?

    Gabby must have really pissed him off to be paired with those two paperweights. Although he has been easily our most effective forward through all 8 games – even taking strong to the net leading to the first goal last game.

  10. Maybe Richards can get Dublowsky and Callaman going. I don’t think Richards has been the key to Butt-Chin’s success so far. We desperately need to get Dublowsky on his game. Fuggin kid’s playing like an avery.

  11. Paul in sunrise on

    It’s a long season and mama said there’d be days like this …
    Let’s go Rangers! ! !!!

  12. My son feeling better. At game with am 8 month old. What’s over/under how long we last. I will sign for 2 periods listen to 3rd on way home in car.

  13. I’ll tell you, there is no way this team can not improve. I saw the opener right in front of my eyes. My junior team back in Russia looked more cohesive. On a pond too…Having said that, I think the ice was better back then.

  14. Thanks Carp, Audio flash Player so i Cant Listen to the pregame of Torts:) i am joking
    I will stay here Reading and thinking what you Guys See and Hope Return Home on wednesday to See a Game !!!

  15. bob The Builder (potential Mensa member) on

    eddie cubed.. im on the jibberish team any day! power of the Prust!

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts should just draw names from a hat. Biron centering Hank and Joe girardi would score some goals

  17. boozinblueseater on

    great Eric,hope your not in my section with your crying 8 month old,giving *ME* dirty looks for dropping f bombs at the top of my drunken lungs

  18. per Wasabi———->
    NYP_Brooksie Lundqvist in nets for Rangers this afternoon v Senators,Avery still Whaled

  19. So for us out of towners – is this game not on center ice because NHL network is covering it? Of course I don’t have NHL network.

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