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Here’s some stuff from the post-game room and press conference:

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Marian Gaborik:


Henrik Lundqvist:



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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric – i was banj’ed….but i did say that….you are a good dad, and in the end that is the only thing that matters….love that baby….this too shall pass…..

  2. Look again and again at the lack of experience on D

    Eminger, the most experienced is a journeyman 6-7th
    MDZ is 3rd with 1.5 seasons at age 21
    Sauer 1 season and not 100%
    McD looks to be special but has 1/2 season exp
    Erixson wookie

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    …moreover, i wish it were the rangers that could make a pass…..when this team thinks tape to tape….they all think about reel-to-reel….

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    but dde… true as your post is….they are horrific in the offensive zone and on the pp…..

  5. eddie eddie eddie on

    the eddies seem to score at will……e3 cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain those 3 superheroes…

  6. Torts is the best coach for this team. He is exactly the type of coach a hockey team in NY needs…

    He reminds of another favorite coach of mine, NFL coach Tom Coughlin, who describes his style as a “benevolent dictatorship”. I think Torts follows a similar strategy and holds his players accountable (game by game and period by period)…both have won championships and coached great teams…

    but still then some folks think they are egomaniacs and don’t get enough out of their players…

  7. billybleedsblue on

    Torts – “hey why don’t we all just sit right here?”

    Was he in a stall? Stahl? Stal?

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    homegrown dubi is pure buzzkill…tho he was better today than in any game this season…..however, as orr points out, he is on pace for zero goals this season…..likely he will tie with #21 for 5th on the team at season end…not bad except to note that Avery’s 3 goals fron last season would be 2nd on the team come game 82 this year…

  9. If you look at stories of recent days, it isn’t that hard to figure who’s potentially available.

    I wouldnt get into names at this stage, cause – I think most would agree – it’s a pretty crucial stage.

    Let’s see, but one deal won’t do it. They need at least 2 – and a few more guys need to get Whaled.

  10. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – as a huge Gman fan…love the TC reference….but the best coach for the rangers would be rex ryan….the reason is simple enough….chris christie would need to be invited to sit at the end of the bench so that the collective weight would equalize…..and i for one will never tire from chris christie jokes…

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – yes…i agree completely…that have a devil of time just making it to center ice….but once the forwards have possession…its dump and chase the other team after they have garnered control of the puck….

  12. who are the Father and Daughter who sang the anthems? Are they local or are they celebrities that I don’t know?

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan…but chris christy also tips the scales at 760 lbs…thus we have matching bookends…and those are really really big books…

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    ron hextall, were he still playing, would have more goals than step and
    homegrown dubi added together

    lets go GMEN…

  15. go figure dubi gets his 4 yr deal and now reverts back to entry level player. thanks for the contract guess what now i suck

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric . the curse of ranger big contracts rears its ugly head once more… can only hope it isnt the stress fracture in his leg that is ailing him, but the stress going on between his ears…

  17. Homegrown Dubi is a headcase…I mean the kid is talented but he makes so many mental errors on the ice…throughout his career he’s been quite inconsistent and I think he’s ceiling is either as a decent second liner or good third liner who can kill penalties….but also takes too many dumb penalties…Dubi has a lot to prove in my eyes…He made some strides last year but he needs to step it up even more this season…remember, he had 9 goals in his first 10 games last year and ended the season with less than 30…

  18. In all honesty, the Whale are probably a lot more fun to watch then the Rangers…I literally fell asleep watching them in third and OT…

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    Jagr is playing great hockey…no denying that…he made some moves earlier this week that was vintage jagr….still tremendous acceleration through the neutral zone

  20. Bob Zee Builder on

    This rangers team is the most boring team since the days of James Patrick doing squat and being revered as a mobile defenseman with a neck brace. E3 is electric!!

    Trade Collieflourhan… Worse captain ever. Brendon dubunski needs to score 1 goal so we can trade him.

  21. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    So who was it that let Jagr walk and kept Drury and Gomez?

    Reason #34 to Fire Sather.

  22. The most boring NYR team, in my time as a fan, was Renney’s team right before he was fired. Talk aboot depressing, uninspiring hockey. I actually rooted against them that year, so they can get a top pick, which they were only 13 points away from. Could have, at the very least, drafted Skinner.

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    we are so sorry, uncle albert, but we havent done a single little thing all day…….uncle albert……………..butterply….

  24. It’s a shame Jagr wasted three years in the pathetic KHL. He could have had 700 goals by now. I’d love to see him join that club.

    Regardless, he’s a HOF’er, and one of the greatest players ever. Love him! If the Flyers win the Cup, I’ll be sick, but the only good to come from that is Jagr getting another ring, and Flyers fans getting alcohol poisoning from the celebration.

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    TGO’s last year has to rank with terrible ranger years…..i was at the ranger/ducks game early april that year…and i swear they couldnt make ONE SINGLE PASS stick to stick….

  26. Remember that game, it was one of Renney’s last games. There was a shift where NYR had four guys on the ice for almost a minute, and there was no penalty. That’s how bad that season was. Nobody on the bench realized it.

    I’ve never seen anything like it.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – while you are more annoying every day…..i have to agree with you re: jagr…..the dude is in amazing shape….quicker than a bunny rabbit and bullseye accuracy with his shot…..reminds me so much of Dubi it isnt funny…

  28. The guy looks younger than when he left us 3 years ago! He must have found the fountain of youth over there in Russia…

  29. Yeah, if not for those years in the KHL, who knows?

    Jagr realistically would have had a a shot to pass Messier at #2 all time in points…

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – why would there be a penalty if the rangers had 4 guys on the ice?…typo?

  31. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I like how Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti make up excuses why they lose.. in essence they said the reason why they lost thursdays game at the garden was the pressure of opening night.

    So first there was the European trip , then away from home , now home pressure.. how about the truth? that they just don’t have the talent for consistent quality hockey.

  32. It’s amazing, Jimbo.

    Even James Neal. He was horrible last season, and now he’s second in the NHL with 9 goals, and he’s not even playing with Crosby.

    If only Dublowsky could do that. But, this is NYR. Things like this don’t happen to us, and when they do, it’s a total fluke!

  33. I thought Joe M sized up Dubi’s season thus far pretty well. He’s had good shifts in each of the games, not consistently enough, though. Today was better.

    He’s looks tight when he’s gotten his scoring chances but it wouldn’t be the first time someones pressed after signing a new contract. I thought he worked the boards as well as anyone today. He’s one of the few guys that can win the puck cleanly by himself with any consistency.
    Maybe he needs to come off the boards and force it to the net himself some more.
    I don’t byfuglien know. I’d still like to see Boyle with him and Cally, call me crazy.

  34. Leaves win against Pitt, 4-3……they’re printing the cup final tickets up there now!!

  35. Don’t know what Dubi’s problem is, but the longer this goes on, the nuttier and more discouraged he’s gonna get….he needs to score a couple of flukey goals, just to change his luck…

  36. Hahaha! Good one, ORR….

    Avery wins a game in a shootout!? Too bad he wasn’t up here for our game!

    Y’know, I’d like to be able to watch some of the AHL games, especially the Whale games – anybody know how to do that? My cable system doesn’t carry them, of course…

  37. Slatsko Folkyerself on


    That’s gotta burn in New York… :)

  38. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Black Hawks leading Columbus 2-1 in the second. Watch the Hawks now, and have something to do after the regular season ends…

  39. I’m going to try and go to the Whale game in Bridgeport on Wednesday (11am faceoff for some reason). Might start a “We want Christensen” chant.

  40. I was forced to watch this game via Canadian program, and commentators. They said something toward the end of the game that really surprised me. They said that the Rangers are the only team in the league that has the fewest shots on goal, since opening day.

    I believe it – and this game was a glaring example of it.

  41. Bob Zee Builder on

    Fire sather! Trade dubunskee!! Jettison del zaster! Straggle tooth defenceman if I ever did sees one!

  42. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago has a second goal disallowed tonight. Both deserved.

    But just watch their power play and dream of things that are, and say why not?

  43. On a night when BRich and Gaborik each have 3 points and we still don’t win?? This team is weak.

    WoWo + EC = U S E L E S S!

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp=brooklyn pimp…..but you must admit that ec’s shootout move was excellent…..deke left and right and left and right and left and right and left and right and left and right…in fact he is still deking….like a swiss clock same movement over and over and over again….

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    some men see things that are and ask why, i dream of things that never were and ask why not…..

    perhps the single greatest tragedy this nation has ever experienced…was his assassination….

    OLGA – even worse… RFK assassination…read up on it……the single biggest conspiracy EVER


    Let me know if you want to make a bet that Dubinsky finishes the season with more GOALS than Cooke, and a side bet on if PASCAL DUPUIS finishes with more POINTS than either of them.

    I know you won’t take either bet, cause you’re still nothing but a “vent”.


  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    sirhan sirhan sirhan was never closer than 10 feet or so and in FRONT of RFK…the burn wounds were on the back of his neck…14 casings found and he had either a 6 or 8 shooter ( i forget which) and never did he reload….and it gets better…..but i shall not go there…it depresses me too much

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie- I have read a fair amount on that assassination and it does stink to high heaven. A lot of bullets flew around that kitchen, more than Sirhan Squared could have squeezed off.

  49. what is dubinskys average goals per game this year. i told you guys we should have traded him but did you all listen. nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. He’s better off in the AHL. If he continues to play for NYR, he might leave for Europe.

    DiPietro’s beard is on the Mara level. It’s a shame Mara didn’t sign with the Isles. That would be one hell of a hairy combo.

  51. What kind of pansified world do we live in when a hockey team can’t force a 15-year-old to drag a crate around the locker room with his genitalia? Mike Milbury must be turning in his grave.

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – get ahold of THe assassination of RFK by William Turner & John Christian…it will blow your mind….

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – fascinating story about the book in and of itself…..CIA did everything in its power to have it destroyed…amazing…..get it, tho its not easy to find…

  54. Well, at least the Debbies lost today….and the Fishsticks – but they got a point……

  55. NYP_Brooksie – Just this note. Even in very unlikely event NYR would consider recalling Avery, he could not be here for Mon game v SJ ’cause of re-entry.

    Follow up tweet said 48hrs needed

  56. it has nothing to do with “savior”. they need a spark and the crowd needs a spark to put some life into these games . last time I checked NHL hockey was supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT

  57. Avery is coming? Is Slats forcing this move on Torts? If this causes a rift btwn gm and coach something might have to give

  58. If we’re looking for entertainment, then why not sign William Hung to a one year deal. Asian guy, can’t sing, put him in skates. Yeah, that’s entertainment.

    Rangers fans “need” a spark? LOL! After three straight goals, leading 4-1, they were dead quiet. Rangers fans need more than a “spark”

  59. talking about real Ranger fans, not the white collar wine sippers who have turned the Garden into a library

  60. 7-4 Canucks over Caps, about 8 minutes left in 3rd…….where have all the goalies gone, long time ago…….?

  61. Jaromir Jagr – 5 goals
    Vinny Prospal – 5 goals
    Chris Higgins – 5 goals
    Nik Antropov – 3 goals
    Roman Horak – 2 goals
    Lauri Korpikoski – 2 goals
    Dale Weise – 1 goal
    Roman Horak – 2 goals
    Oli Jokinen – 2 goals
    P.A. Parenteau – 1 goal
    +COLTON ORR+ – 1 goal

    Brandon Dublowsky – 0 goals

    How does Orr have a goal, but not Dublowsky? Madness!

  62. Boy, that’s a depressing list, ORR – Weise almost scored another one a few seconds ago….

  63. There’s enough “real” Rangers fans there to make some noise. The only problem is, they only do it to boo. Pathetic.

    What aboot the playoffs? Where were they? They were only loud because they felt disrespected by a fat guy. That went away really quick.

    If only every coach would pull a Boudreau, then we’d have some emotion in the Garden every night.

  64. Maybe the “screamers” have been priced out of the Garden, as Carp suggested a day or so ago?

  65. Possibly. But, if the “fans” can’t show some consistent emotion throughout two playoff games, then there’s no hope.

    I wish the Garden was like the fans that go to those crappy Soccer games. Just don’t sing, because I hate public singing.

  66. soo ORR you scholar the rangers should have kept Jokinnen, Antropov, and Higgins??

    NO THANKS…. long season.

  67. Higgins looks pretty good up on the other coast – at least he hits the net once in a while up there – maybe it’s the difference in the earth’s magnetic fields….

  68. yeah, the real fans are the ones who sit behind their computer all day in their parents basement and rip the Ranger players day and night. yeah, right, you don’t “boo”them with your posts all day…… not at all, right?

  69. Stewie, the surprising kindergarten graduate, I was just showing how sad it is that he doesn’t have a goal, and all of them do. Hey, didn’t you say you were gonna stop reading my posts? Hmmm……

    CC, I’m not blaming the fans for the way the team plays, I’m just saying the Garden “faithful” are like robots. Doesn’t matter how the team plays, you have to show some support.

    Jimbo, it could be Sarah Palin connected.

  70. We cheer them heartily when they score and play well – unfortunately, so far this season they haven’t done either for any length of time….

  71. Eht, are you saying that fans can’t have a strong opinion of a player not playing well? So, for example, Hank gives up four soft goals, and this should be my reaction…

    “Oh man, I wish they didn’t score. I love you Henrik Lundqvist”

    Ha! If someone isn’t playing well, I’m gonna call them out, naturally. I don’t boo like some mental patient. But, if I’m at the game, I’m gonna cheer the team on.

  72. Deveaux, C3? Where did you see that? I don’t mind him coming up, but where did you get it from?

  73. I have to ask, C3, because my buddy ORR likes to catch us with phony announcements all the time! ;-D

  74. Expect plenty of bad calls from the refs on Mon as the Sharks are the most favored team by the refs in the entire league,bar none, even Pitt is in second place. they just got a win on LI with a gift from the refs.

  75. There’s no way Sean Avery is getting called up already. The problem is that there’s no one on the Whale worth calling up other than Avery.

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think aves needs 48 hrs to pass thru re-entry….but the new first line lw should be here soon enough…

  77. I’m surprised that neither Konopka nor Chris Neil laid a beating on any of our guys – Neil always mixes it up with the NYR whenever those 2 teams meet….

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    at the very least we will eat pizza in a bar and watch some games together…you are in i hope…

  79. Hagelin tweet says Deveaux got called

    Avery wouldn’t clear waivers by Monday anyway, Deveaux doesn’t need to I assume

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – curious…..are you a mental patient?…if so, there is no shame in that…we all have issues…

  81. Lloyd Braun why do you even follow the Rangers? I’ve never seen anything as simple as “yay” after a win or goal, ever expressed from you. If they make you that miserable why bother?

  82. C3, I saw that post, and I clicked on the link, but I got a “not found” from the twitter site….so I did not see the actual “tweet”…..

  83. I’m convinced Tortorella’s call-ups and his line combinations are the result of pulling names out of a hat

  84. >>>at the very least we will eat pizza in a bar and watch some games together…you are in i hope…

    Sounds good – not as good as seeing a game at the Garden, but a lot less money, anyway…I’ll be in.

  85. CarlHagelin Carl Hagelin
    Big win tonight! Good luck to my roommate Andre Deveaux on getting called up #dowork
    47 minutes ago

  86. eddie, who are you playing against? Is it an online game, or are you playing against your computer?

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – should be fun…steal manny away and any others in the mood…maybe orr might come along….and play with the big boys…

  88. OK on the Hagelin tweet….I can’t explain why I couldn’t get to his twitter site….

  89. Orr:

    I mean it’s not like we can pretend they’re overflowing with talent in Connecticut, but to call up a guy who couldn’t even make it past the first round of preseason cuts just seems…well…bizarre.

  90. ranger fans have a right to boo. they support the team with great enthusiasm.

    not a peep on marc staal…. i thought he was the 2nd most important ranger after henrik and I may be right. erixons demotion is no biggie, growing pains of young d man.

    play woywitka and eminger as little as possible. emminger stinks. btw it is official newbury is nothing and never will be guy has been around for years, scared to handle the puck and no stick skills at all. zero…

    the teenagers love there man 3 goal a year seany.. i have never seen a 12th forward get so much attention

    dubi is a dumb hockey player . if he had a larger cranium he could be a 30 goal guy…that is not happening..

  91. OK, eddie – we’ll see who wants to join us….Manny sounds like he’d be up for it..

    ddeb – are those Deveaux’s statistics?

  92. Lloyd, if you’re referring to Deveaux, he’s tough kid, and he’s had a scoring touch in the AHL last season…..maybe they want his toughness – we saw Newbury get his face pushed in on Thursday, so he’s apparently not the answer…

  93. stuart a:

    I’ve got news for you, the opinions of this forum re: Sean Avery are in the vast minority among Rangers fans. 75-80% of the Garden at any given home game is pro-Avery. You should have heard the number of people chanting his name today, and most of them weren’t teenagers.

  94. Thanks, ddeb…I thought so….he’s got the size, and I think he has the attitude…..I don’t want to see Prust fighting all the other teams heavyweights…

  95. Jimbo:

    Andre Deveaux is a career minor-leaguer who won’t play more than five or six minutes a game and will be demoted back to Connecticut before you even knew he was here.

    Come on, man, I’m sure you’ve been a fan long enough to know how to spot a total stiff who’s just here to fill a uniform.

  96. Oh, sure, Rangers fans have all the right to boo. I just wish they’d put as much effort into cheering the team as they do complaining and booing. Yeah, yeah, the team isn’t playing well. Poor excuse, cause it’s nearly the same when they’re actually playing well.

    Unless it’s 7-0, or something. Then you have the right to riot, as long as you don’t kill anyone! Or is that just a Canadian thing?

  97. I was at the game this afternoon and damn near jumped out of my skin when they scored that 4th goal. But the time it was 4-4, I nearly walked out of the building in disgust.

  98. Lloyd, you’re probably right about Deveaux, but maybe Torts wants him to deal with the goons on the Sharks who are coming in on Monday…..

    I never said he was going to be another Jean Ratelle….

  99. Obviously, Rupp is still not up to the task of being a fourth line “available for fights” kinda guy right now, with his wonky knee, so maybe they want to bring thisguy up for a couple of scraps..

  100. I have to say, when they scored the fourth goal, I kinda relaxed a bit, thinking that there was no way that Hank was gonna let that lead slip away – but we all know what happened. Maybe the rest of the team relaxed, too…

  101. Rupp isn’t even a fighter at 100%

    Personally, I think the Rupp signing was the worst they’ve made in quite a few years and will be regarded as such by most of you soon enough

  102. Well, I don’t think Rupp was in the lineup this afternoon, but I missed about 1/2 the game because I was traveling….

    The best thing Rupp ever did was to torment the NYR when he was with other teams – whether he’ll do squat for us is another matter entirely….he’s no heavyweight, that’s for sure..

  103. I don’t know if he’s day to day. That was a big goal against the Canucks, though. It was 0-0 in the third when he scored.

  104. EC pissed me off today – the sole reason that they keep him on the roster is to score in the shootouts, and he couldn’t even do that – not one frickin’ player of ours could score in that shootout – disgusting!

  105. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Man what a day had to work early this A.M, then go to some youth hockey stuff for the wicsters (that wwas fun of course), then had to go get some hockey dental work corrected at the oral(insert jokes here) surgeon and then home in a bit fo a haze to watch the rangers….lose in a stupid skills competition

    here are my thoughts…
    I don’t know why we sit here and talk about an overrated player whose full salary is almost four mil who doesn’t really score consistently (has had one decent scoring season), who is horrible defencively, not really a good fighter at all, takes stupid selfish penalties and so many here think he is just flawless and can do no wrong, but yet huginsky must be a torts favorite because he is yet to see the bench.

    You guys thought I was talking about avery didn’t you? Odd how huginsky plays a whole hell of a lot like the banished one isn’t it? Huginsky is home grown though, so it is ok!!

    Wolski (or woofski) has two point in four games and woffski version 2.0 (or huginsky) has tree points in nine games, they both make almost 4 mil per and suck defencively…ahhh never mind woofski version 2.0 is home grown

  106. Avery is a far more infuriating player to the opposition, though – whether that means much anymore is debatable at this time, however.

    Dubi just seems lost out there – it’s like he had a hockey lobotomy or something like it…

  107. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    on to the d men….

    so how many people just buried OPG when he screened hank on that goal like you guys did eminger?? Oh that’s right, I should have rephrased the question as how many different excuses did everyone make for OPG when he screened hank on that goal?? who did we blame it on instead?

    or how about on three of the four goals OPG just looking lost and either screening hank or just watching the guy score from the slot instead of engaging him physically? But hey, he didn’t do his penguin routine that much so progress is being made!

    did erixon play?

    I thought the call on konopka was bogus and that the boyle hit was actually worse than the konopka one, but we penalize the result not the hit right??

    brich looked good, give torts some credit for knowing how to motivate him (or so it seems)

    speaking of motivated, looks like a good gabby year (hope i didn’t just jinx it)

  108. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I also agree rupp is the least of our worries

    brunstrum on waivers from the wings….

    the yotes acquire a centre in oreilly, turris on the move??

    how soon before the bruins make a move?? If they do, pretty smart IMHO. Why wait half a season trying to figure things out, if it isn’t working shake it up!!

  109. This was not one of Girardi’s good games, Wick – that’s for sure – Hank’s game left a lot to be desired today, too…

  110. Possibly, Wick. They can’t hold Turris hostage forever. It’s pretty fugged up what they’re doing. Kind of like what that NFL team was doing to their QB. It took them five or six weeks to finally decide to trade him.

    I hope NYR are in the mix.

  111. They’re going nuts up in Boston – losing 2 straight to the Habs…..they may make some panic moves soon if this keeps up..

  112. Wings are looking very ordinary this season, so far..I think tonight was their 4th straight loss….maybe that dynasty is breaking up now….?

  113. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    next item up for bid…

    that souray guy sure sucks, too slow for sure I mean he only has 3 goals so far (and one of them a dubi special, you know the one that is scored when the game is on the line in that empty net).

    If he was a real d man he would have all those goals like those quality “homegrown” ranger d men, but he only has 3….he sucks, man is he slow, that slow speed really affects his shot too, he only has 3 goals.

    I will take a guy with slow foot speed, good hockey sense, and that sticks up for his teammates over a speed demon any day. But you guys are right, speed is the most important thing, just ask rico fata or envir lisin etc.

  114. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    OPG has been better this year IMHO as well.

    When i saw the yotes trade last night, the first think i though of is slats is dealing with them again and we are getting turris.

    yep he didn’t have the best game either.

  115. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I wonder if the rangers (not saying they should) look into brunstrom? I think he played with brich in dallas, although I’m not sure how much success he had.

  116. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    and I have not read a single post since the pregam, so who got sent down and who is coming up as I am going form bottom to top of this thread>

    not funny on vtank reference

    if the bahama bomba is coming up, hells yes!!!

  117. Wick, Erixon and Newbury sent down after the game today , Deveaux supposedly coming up……not sure if they announced any other moves, officially….

  118. Czechthemout!!! on

    So we are back to rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic again. Deveux, another career minor leaguer who can’t skate and will do nothing here is up. But dale weise who can actually play gets put on waivers for some reason.

    Torts is starting to become Tom Renney redux.


  119. No, I don’t recall hearing that Prust was hurt – but maybe they’re bringing up the Bahama kid so Prust won’t have to fight the Sharks goons on Monday…

  120. Yeah, Rico Fata – and who was that other “can’t miss”guy – Pavel Brendl….and Tomas Kloucek. All future Hall-of-Famers…

  121. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    from howlings

    @CarlHagelin reports that the #NYR have recalled Andre Deveaux. Logical choice. He’s played well and fits in just fine as a 4th liner in NY 2 hours ago

  122. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I actually liked kloucek and thought he played well until that devastating knee injury

    I would rather have deveaux up here getting 7 minutes a night than EC or some of the other players they have used on the fourth line

    so who is replacing erixon??

  123. Girardi is second in the league in ice time 28:12 a game

    He played 33:14 today and yeah it caught up with him in the third.

  124. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    damn, you made me laurel….that is exactly why the coach needs to get his head out of his keister on the playing all d pairs and rolling four lines to avoid burning out some guys!!!

  125. Eminger couldn’t budge Greening on the one goal and had his aasen in LQ’s face the whole time.

  126. Goodnight, Wick – don’t know who is replacing Erixon yet…..Kloucek was good, but he was like Dan Blackburn – just coming into his own, and then his career destroyed by a major injury…

  127. Bob Zee Builder on

    Yes! Recalling bell, biv, deveaux will solve a litany of problems!

    Breakfast at tiffany’s?


  128. It’s better than the alternative right now.
    And its not the be all but he’s +1 avg 28:12
    Emmy is -7 playing 15:14

    With Sauer back it should help. Erixson only played 7:43 today so we’ll see who takes his spot

  129. Try switching teams..Rangers to Hartford and Whales to the Garden ………………..stop that scornful giggling, can’t ya take a joke? But think aboot it for a momento………could the results be much different than they have been ( goaltending the only exception of course)””I believe that Perry Pearns is available as coaching insertion.
    Where would that leave Tortorella…………..?
    As a scout of unusual talent in the Yukon Territory perhaps?Ahhhh, whimsy……it flows like a river during opening weeks of seasons like this one. After a while there’s no room left for rage….it’s like getting mad at a dwarf because of his size.

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