It’s Go Time!


It’s Snow Time! WTB?

Shouldn’t this stuff have been in Winnipeg last week?

Game 9. Second of a six-game homestand. Sixth straight against Canada.

Mike Rupp (knee) and of course Marc Staal (concussion symptoms) remain out. Probably the same lineup tonight, but with new lines. Yesterday, Erik Christensen and Wojtek Wolski went from doghouse to penthouse on a line with Marian Gaborik, while Brad Richards slipped down the the middle of Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan.

We’ll see how long that lasts.



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  1. Wolski~Christensen~Gaborik

  2. LGR (Let’s Go Richards)!!!

    and Rangers of course.

    Not sure where Torts is coming up with this combo stuff. Is his other job the guy that draws the lottery numbers?

  3. How do TWO skaters go from scratched to top line? This is just silly. And Stepan is being wasted again. Why not let him center the line with Wolski and Gaborik? That actually balances out the top two lines pretty good IMO.

  4. I’ve been so busy watching the EPL and Calcio, I almost forgot about this match.

    Get it done, BOYS! I don’t care how.

  5. 40 and 86 on the 1st (penthouse – I like it) line? Is Torts trying to push me to turn against him!?

  6. Afternoon gang!

    Hope the boys can pull out a good win today. They need it and we need it desperately.

    Snow, eh?? It’s 60 and sunny here :)

  7. Honestly, if my name is not Christensen or Woofski I assume I am being punished by watching them play on the 1st line.

    If I am Christensen or Woofski I am feeling like I can do no wrong and I am being a spoiled kid who deserves things just because

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    lets hope they play with some blueberry jam today…know what i be sayin?

    manny – you be whacked today…that be funny sit

  9. Morg, Butt-Chin has played well on his own, Richards has nothing to do with how hell he played. EC has always had good chemistry with Butt-Chin, and Wolski could benefit from playing with Butt-Chin. So, I have nothing to complain aboot.

    I don’t mind these lines.

  10. thats it fire sather and torts then trade everybody……”everybody?”………*EVERYBODY* !!!

  11. Can someone link me to these ties? I need a tie for my wedding AND I can’t seem to figure out what you’re all talking about. Sorry

  12. eddie eddie eddie,pass that cooke…youve been holding on to it and I sure would like aaaaa he-it

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha morg……this be more chronic than moronic, it be supersonic…gin and tonic…..know what i be sayin?

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    or – when your noodle crashes into the headboard over and over and over….this is the result

  15. dde, From what I hear downtown was craaaaazy last night. Party lasted til about 6am. The parade is tomorrow afternoon and that is expected to be just as nuts.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    morg is no dummy, gin rummy, dont be funny, my eggs are runny, where is my honey, wetaher be sunny, easter bunny, show me the money….

  17. It is ridiculous that so much time is wasted before the puck can be dropped. Why couldn’t they do all that national anthem stuff at 14:50?

  18. eddie, the Rams suck worse than the Rangers this year. Bradford isn’t playing tomorrow, I think.

  19. >>haha, Gabby’s not paying attention to the anthem.

    He’s neither American nor Canadian. Why should he care?

  20. I have in Michalek in another league actually. I traded him to Latona I think for Vokoun. Other players were involved.

    Ok – this top line isn’t working! Experiment OVER please. They are the worst defensive top line anyone has ever put out there

  21. JBytes, the Cardinals won the WS. As for Gabby, I know he shouldn’t care since hes Slovak, I just found it amusing.

  22. I cannot remember the last time I saw this team go straight down the middle when entering the offensive zone. It’s always to the boards and behind the net.

  23. This is HORRIBLE. They have got to make some rule change about this turning your back junk. Come on!

  24. anyone who says that HNIC coverage is better than here is nuts. the game is being shown on NHl network only for those outside NY, and it is pathetic. the announcer, Dean Brown, calls the game dry with no emotion, no excitement. and the HD picture is inferior as well.

  25. ilb your right,but with the way they call this now,your best move is to not even attempt to hit guys anymore,and that is bullshtuff

  26. No, dde….He clearly turned. But if you look at the replay, Boyle had enough time to slow down and to hold back. Referee was right there.

  27. Hey all…I’m sitting here watching the game in Pompton Lakes, NJ and the snow has been CRAZY here today. Snowing heavy for 4 hours now with so much wet snow on the trees which still are covered with leaves that BIG limbs are snapping and coming down all over.

    Glad to be snowbound with my bride-to-be but I’m wondering how bad it’ll get.

    Rangers BETTER make an effort today. Nothing less than a win.

  28. Good afternoon all! Why does it look like hartnelling winter classic weather today!!!! LGR!

  29. Did you guys see what happened there? Someone (in a Rangers uniform) just used the middle of the ice AND took a shot AND it was ON net!

  30. bob The Builder (potential Mensa member) on

    dubi killing his trade value by the shift…come on, dubi!! what’s with the chronick fowl play?

    where is Manny today?

  31. Well, it’s possible that Torts gave them first line minutes with our best forward and told them to show what they’ve got. If they can’t, they might be history?

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    no doubt the rangers are exhausted after flying back from st. louie and that disappointing game 7 last night…

  33. CJP, sounds kinda like the October 88 storm that blew power out for like 3 weeks in upstate. I remember having to stay at my grandparents place for a week because our house didn’t have power.

  34. We do NOT have a very good hockey team this season. Losing Staal hurts more than getting Richards helped.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr the bore – your posts are a chore…..very poor…..go out the door….you make me snore

  36. Gaborik and Wolski passing from 2 feet apart. Great moves! They realize you need to change the angle from which the shot would come, right?

  37. eddie eddie your posts are too heady you look like old betty if you meditate you can be steady

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – already there, on my chair, body be bare, truth or dare, my drum be a snare, cut my hair, clothes i wear…

  39. These guys need to spread out. It’s almost like they just don’t have a Center. Everybody plays Right wing all at once.

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    at this pace, crosby will outscore the entire ranger team even if he only plays half of the season

  41. If Avery was up here this game would look TOTALLY different. By different I mean we would have a scapegoat.

  42. I find myself shouting OH MY GAWD at the tv every time they turn it over in the D zone. This is not good for my blood pressure.

  43. 4generations 4 cups on

    I really am not very interested in watching Ranger games this year, they’re never fun. Ever.

  44. another horrible period. where do I start. great passing>>Not really they cannot receive a pass. nice going backwards by newbury and his other clowns.

    way to get shots on net.

    this team is almost unwatchable… no offense at all.

    what a friggin JOKE.

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    whine?…did someone say whine?…..i might need to pop open a CAB and calm the byfuglien down

  46. is anisimov, dubi, stepan on the team.

    prust is a bricklayer how many turnovers and inability to get it out of the zone can he have? or can I not complain about prust?? another bricklayer on a team of bricklayers. they cannot do anything offensively. the PP is a train wreck going on 3 years…..

  47. Said it before…..hate the booing.

    I am curious though…..wasn’t this year’s team supposed to be an improvement on last year? Prust asking…

  48. OMG, what a ridiculously uninspired period of play by the Rangers. There is zero passion in their play. And they are back to their silly perimeter shot play – a few stretches of cycling that at best result in a shot from the side boards. How pathetically unimaginative. And ineffective. And completely boooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggg. They 100% deserve to be losing.

  49. the rangers insist on going backwards in there own zone instead of taking the safe and easy route and they often then cannot get it out of the zone and it is killing them. gaborik never takes the easy exit out of the zone he goes backwards only about 80% of the time.

    they are not skilled, therefore play a simple game. North and south.. out of the zone and dump in and forecheck really how complicated is that?????????

  50. dubi, cally, stepan , anisimov, have for sutre taken a step backwards…………………………

  51. jpg, holy hartnell, that is the best gift for Fozzy! Her former Ranger gnome broke! Thanks!!

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    leave step alone…he will finish tied for fourth on the team this season…with zero goals

  53. Stranger Nation on

    AA and Step played 4 mins that period, so, no they really aren’t there.

    Dubi – that’s another story – seems like he has recruited B Rich to play the patty cake game behind the net which yields absolutely NOTHING!!

    Without McD and Sauer we would not have a chance.

    Can Hank not hold on to every slow rolling puck on net. WTB – creates a defensive zone draw for a team that cannot break out – tever…

  54. When I curse in my seat, the players can’t hear it. I just don’t get how people think that will help the team in any way….OK, rant over.

  55. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but Prust looks as disinterested as anyone else on the team. This uninspired play cannot continue and if it does, it’s on the coach. Renney was fired for the very same reason – couldn’t get his team to play hard.

    9 games in and 2/3’s of each game spent looking like this – the clock has got to start on this coach very soon if things don’t change.

  56. Mama
    gotta give some credit to
    jpg’s sister
    who brought it up to me

    now if that bit of karma will extend to
    my hope that our team plays better….

  57. stuarta: So has BB, Prust, Feds, and Richards. This crap continues and Richards is gonna start wishing he’d signed in Toronto instead!

  58. I can’t rhyme, but I’ll try it one time, with a tip of my hat– make that fedora, to my man Eddie, Ya know we adore ya

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde…i say to thee, maple tree, chris snee, golly gee, molly mcgee, bumble bee, number 3, can we, oh say can you see, i will decree, fire torts, file reports, sneeze and snorts, itchy warts…

  60. Stranger Nation on

    comes down to 1 on 1 battles – seems we always have guys bunched near the puck which may lead to a winning puck battle – but no one to pass it to. One point they had Cally, Dubi, B Rich all fighting for a puck in the corner within 3 ft of one another.

    Can anyone win a one on one battle along the boards besides McD and Sauer?

    Haven’t seen it much…

  61. I’m beginning to suspect that someone is switching their Red Bull before a game for liquid valium. Snooozefest-o-rama.

  62. onea the rich kids Carp was talking about.

    wearing skinny black jeans with a skin tight short sleeve rangers half shirt!

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers are revisiting their past it seems…every line is a GAG line and i dont mean that in a good way…

  64. maybe we need to go back to Safe Is Death
    sure Hank will have more
    breakaways (but he had 2 the other night anyway)
    at least
    it might be a little more exciting

  65. what did Wolski and Christensen do to warrant time on the 1st line? a kid playing a video game could have made these moves.

    Tortorella is absolutely clueless

  66. maybe it’s that new carpet smell in the new locker room
    that’s giving ’em all too much of a buzz
    before they hit the ice

  67. Are the Rangers skating with fewer players? They sure look silly out there. No chemistry, no cohesiveness, no finesse, so creativity. Oy!

  68. The ref didn’t raise his arm after the hit. He did so only because Anisimov stayed on the ice.

  69. 4generations 4 cups on

    Gonna be a suspension, no intent to injure but no intent to stay within the rules. If they dont get it really going on this, its big problems [we all know this, no?]

  70. iDoodie machetto on

    I don’t think that should’ve even been a penalty. I’ll take it, but I don’t want my league being so weak

  71. Anybody wanna bet they score ZERO on this 5 minute PP and in fact are likely to give up more chances against than shots on goal?

    What a piss poor hockey team the Rangers are this year.

    Take away the goalies, and we are the single worst team in the NHL

  72. 4generations 4 cups on


  73. 4generations 4 cups on

    CJP no need to be a negative nancy, as down are we are on our Rangers, nobody should ever bet against them.

  74. i think Richards has been trying to be too
    nice and not be selfish by shooting

    too bad dude
    shoot that damn puck

  75. Color me surprised…nice to see the emotion from Richards there.

    Does this wake them up, hopefully?

  76. 4generations 4 cups on

    no Orr we have to still fire/trade/kill, just in case we give up a quick one, then pull lundy

  77. It is unbelievable to me that these guys cannot understand that when you SHOOT THE PUCK ON NET good things begin to happen. Traffic + Shooting + Moving your feet + Hands to the chest = WINS

    Really though. It’s unbelievable. They know what to do so why doesn’t it always work?

  78. I always wonder, the Rangers only get credit for one conversion on this power play, right?

    Somehow, Linda got from Islip to Baltimore on her plane despite the snow.

  79. yeah, the habs started winning as soon as they fired Pearn. I wonder if Trout wig still loves his ties.

  80. JBytes
    what a great line (Richards/boards/jump/concussion fear)
    that only a Rangers fan would say

  81. iDoodie

    good question
    that’s probably why sens
    are livid about Artie
    back out on the ice

    but i guess the whole act by sens
    was considered dangerous enough to warrant that penalty

  82. Gee Micheletti, that was far from being a perfect pass from Gaborik. Richard had to be Plastic Man to get the puck.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    go to give the refs an assist on those two goals – no way that is a major – NHL – No Hitting League.

    We’ll take it – thanks for the gumball Mickey.

  84. looks like we’re so concerned with getting
    back in d mode that the moment
    we lose puck or take a shot
    they’re ready to go back into
    neutral zone

    of course
    not working so well

  85. Ott went to school on that last game when Tor just shot from the LW angle to either beat Lundquist or make him give up those big rebounds

  86. Have they mentioned during the broadcast how Erixon and Rundblad were defensive partners in the SEL last season? Because TSN talked about it during Thursday’s game. I’m surprised they haven’t gone on and on about it on MSG, since we know they like to talk about crazy hartnell, like Skinner’s figure skating and Del Zotto/Stamkos teammates.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – you arent a homophobe by any chance are you? he doth protest too much…..

  88. I like this Dubinsky – Richards – Callahan line. What should we call it?


  89. cbc guys
    bringing up how this is when ice
    can be an issue
    (and he’s not talking about
    concession stands)

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Rangers !!!!!!!!!



    Sweeeeeet game!!!

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOW!!! Even sweeeter!!!!!


    GO GO GO!!!!!

  92. Wow. They look like somebody stomped on their puppy today. This is a far cry from the Leafs game.

  93. A win is a Win but let’s not kid ourselves. The sens are probably going to be drafting a lottery pick in 2012 draft.

  94. iDoodie machetto on

    I bet if Avery were playing, it wouldn’t be this score. He would’ve been on the 4th line when Artie was “boarded” and probably would’ve taken a stupid penalty, thus limiting our PP and we don’t grab the two goals.

    I don’t actually think that.

  95. Stranger Nation on

    Funny how the “haters” disappeared in Periods 2 & 3..until the Sens scored again

  96. Just got home! What did I miss!? ;-D

    Actually, I had the game on the radio for awhile during my travels – first period was pretty bad, eh?

    Did Konopka beat up any of our non-heavyweight players before getting thrown out of the game?

    I wouldn’t get too excited about this game, if it turns out to be a win….this is still Ottawa, after all…

  97. ORR, you need to stop using these silly names to refer to Rangers players. They are quite disrespectful.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Wusskie hit someone!! – Wusskie hit someone!! – when he wasn’t looking of course…

  99. Thanks for the update, ORR old buddy! Dammit!!!! Another goal against – katie bar the door!!!

  100. ilb
    Torts goes with the hot hand
    and Gabby has really been
    showing that he’s determined to
    do something positive in the offensive zone

    too bad the play of Dubi, Step, Boyle, Artie
    doesn’t allow him to spread out ice time

  101. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi having what one might call, a bad game – horrible job in front of net on that goal

  102. well, a win is a win but unfortunately the rangers are letting a bad team come back and make it a game at home.

  103. first Girardi screens Hank
    and then he sends out that horrible
    outlet pass to a covered


  104. >>That’s the point, JB

    What’s the point, ORR? To disrespect a guy because of his looks? Were you picked on in school as a kid?

  105. This reminds me of that time that we had a big lead on the Washington Capitals and then we slowly collapsed and lost.

  106. Maybe I was wrong or I got the wrong team. I think the rangers are the team who will be battling for the lottery pick next year.

  107. why is he giving rebounds in that situation?
    i know it’s easier for me to say
    sitting in a chair

  108. I can’t believe this game is tied. Well, at least we have EC in the lineup for the shootout – if we make it to that!

  109. Exactly, ORR!!

    Wolski isn’t going to let this game ruin his “first snowfall of the season”

  110. Here we go again, I’m happy I’m in the Norwegian mountains right now and not able to watch this game…

  111. they spent the last half of the 3rd period almost entirely in their own zone. and blew a 3 goal lead…….pathetic.

  112. NYR 29-0 last year when leading after two periods …

    don’t know if they had any like this where they blew the lead and won in OT or a breakaway contest.

  113. tomg

    you’re thinking waaaay too positive

    cause you know that if we are in lottery pick
    territory we won’t get any higher than 5
    and then pick
    Hugh Jessiman the Sequel

  114. Oh please, stop blaming Wolski for the team’s meltdown. The game was still 4-2 after Ottawa scored on that power play.

  115. Carp, take your stats and…..

    Byfuglien! Just when I thought it was safe to leave, they pulled me back…..

  116. Lots of praise for the Donut….Oh hell, really, a skills comp!!! Swedish nightmares for me!

  117. Bob Zee Builder on

    This team needs a wholsesale change and NOT the coach or Rion McDonough. Or Hank. Dump everyone else. We need these deflating games ti shake out the weak holders. Give up enough to embrace a true rebuild.

    Sathering at the mouth,

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    AWWW Come on , a shoot out!!!???

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!Lets see the shooter will be…



    Malik ( Jagr didnt want too)

  119. Plenty of hockey left in the season to turn things around but I must say the rangers look slow and lethargic.

  120. 2 excellent offensively talented Swedes on the Sens backline, incluing Rumblad who for some inexplicable reason, the Blues traded for a 1st round pick. No matter the Blues continue to suck (and they’re one team who bottomed out and didn’t do it right).

  121. Even if Christensen is shooting in the shootout does anybody think that he will actually touch the puck?

  122. oh sure, now that little twerp peewee gets off the end of the bench, mr. super wallflower , and he becomes mr. star when there is no one checking him

  123. If EC doesn’t score, do we get to consider him a waste of space?

    BTW – his pregame interview was pretty uncomfortable.

  124. Mama, I miss you too… And I miss a winning ranger team….

    It’s real quiet up here in the mountains, how’s the Garden?

  125. I was dumb enough to get tricked into thinking this team had turned some kind of corner when they went up 4-1. Same old Rangers.

  126. Thank you, Wolski – bad penalty, no shootout goals……lundquist blows today…what a frikin’ disappointment…

  127. Olga Folkyerself on

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. These are the lost points that will put them in ninth place.

  128. think we should all be praying to whatever deity
    that Hagelin stays healthy and keeps
    getting more comfy with pro level

  129. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    What a bunch of sick puppies…

    Who said we won this game earlier?? JINXED us man!!!

    What ever , a point is a point is a point.

  130. it’s official, they blew a 3 goal lead late in a game vs a mediocre team and could not even win their specialty, the shills competition

  131. as sarcastically negative as i am
    right now
    i really thought that we going to
    win this
    either in regulation 4-2
    in skills competition


  132. Remember when we were a “lock” in the shootouts!? What happened? Our goalie went to hell, and our fancy-aasen scorers are defunct……..this was a disappointment of major proportions…

  133. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Can we trade Dolan and sather?

    Who would trade FOR them? Have to bury them in Hartford.

  134. I must admit. I did post a win is a win when it was 4-1 but if actually believe I jinxed the rangers after watching them play this season. What can I say.

  135. Slatsko Folkyerself October 29th, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Can we trade Dolan and sather?

    “Who would trade FOR them? Have to bury them in Hartford.”

    I would like to bury them but it wouldn’t be in Hartford.

  136. did the rangers jut quit on torts? the fans? slats? what? themselves?i think im done for the season. like the rangers. rememer august??. i wish it was august again.

  137. Our world-class goaltender looks like he’s been kidnapped by the pod people and replaced by a turnip….and one with bad reflexes.

  138. The Rangers have shown over the first 9 games that they really simply cannot compete. They are outplayed by everyone they take on. Jeez, Ottawa was all over them from the moment they took that lead.

    Forget the “it’s too early” argument. They are a horrifically mediocre team right now with ZERO identity.

    And forget the shootout. Hank’s no longer the lock he used to be…and putting out 4th liners who scored in the skills competition in the past is no longer a viable option anymore.

    disgusting afternoon…disgusting season by the New York Rangers so far.

  139. WOW!

    TSN’s Dave Hodge could join us

    TSNDaveHodge Dave Hodge – TSN
    This week’s lesson, with an update from MSG: If you don’t want to blow a lead, don’t call your team the Rangers.

  140. Trying not to panic, but it does seem like this team is lacking chemistry.

    Serious question here – if the player we have can’t play the style the coach wants, do you replace the players, replace the coach, or does the coach adapt to the strengths of his players?

    Not sure if this is a fair analogy, but I remember Pat Riley when he had the “showtime” Lakers, and then when he went to the Knicks and lacked the scoring prowess, he built the team around tough defense.

    It seems like this system isn’t working for this set of players. They don’t seem to be goo enough at getting the puck back on dump ins, and when they do win the puck battles, the players don’t seem to get into open space / shooting areas.

  141. I don’t understand, don’t they have any instinct to finish the game off? Are there any lessons in that from someone? anyone?

  142. Matt:

    But what system can you really play with this group? They’re not skilled enough to be an offensive team, and they’re not good enough defensively to shut teams down and grind out 2-1 wins, either. The coach stinks, the team stinks…I dunno what you can do with them.

  143. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “The coach stinks, the team stinks…I dunno what you can do with them.”

    FIRE SATHER? Bring on the next guy…

  144. mama- no, im not serious. but i dont think i’ll be rushing to get to ny to watch this crap live anytime soon. what a joke. and u thought it couldnt get worse for hank after the home opener. its very frustrating to see this kind of effort. how long does the avg. ranger fan live btw?

  145. Lloyd:

    I don’t have the answer. This really isn’t an indictment of Torts, but I don’t see the puck pursuit system that he wants to play working with these players. It’s not like these players don’t have skill. I’d rather they hold on to the puck instead of dumping it all the time and trying to get it back to generate offense.

    One thing I have noticed, Callahan, for all of his great qualities, just isn’t fast enough to go wide on people, and he tries this about 4 or 5 times a game and basically takes himself out of a good shooting angle. I wish he would try making a move to cut to the middle and then shoot.

  146. I heard the announcer say, that coaches are begging the team to shoot instead of passing so much in offensive zone. Why wouldn’t they? Thought that was Torts system to pass a lot

  147. Unreal! Thats what it looks like when one has defense can move and other cant. Bottom line, watching Karlsson and Kuba dominate the puck all night while it takes NYR 6-7 passes to get out of the zone is the biggest problen. The play that tied the game was all Karlsson. He took a dump in picked it up carry coast to coast led to goal.

  148. They show flashes of what they can be and then they fall back on their heels. They learn to be consistent and Remember there are 3 periods in a game. 60 minutes a game!

  149. Also, event though they ultimately choked up the 4-1 lead, you have to be pretty excited about McMonster jumping into the offense play. That kid can skate and has good offensive instincts. Maybe we should let him jump into the play a little more.

  150. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Its a long season, but I guess they’re saving themselves for the playoff run .
    No need to win every game .. eh boys ?
    Dolan must be preoccupied with the knicks and renovations..

  151. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    And its not like staal would have made a difference..
    I think he and Cindy’s futures are very short term…

    I would trade Staal as the Pens should trade Cindy .. one more hit to the head and they’re history.

  152. Tell me again why Wolski And Cristensen are on this team.

    On second thought, it’s because they are not good enough to play in Hartford.

  153. Lets be real for a second. They were awful in the first period. They got the lead on a gift 5 min major on a play that wasnt even a penalty. If stick checks are now majors put the guys in tootoos and call it figure skating. They did play their best 10 minutes of season to start 3rd and then took foot off the gas. Two of three goals happened because of soft coverage by net. In OT Dubi again showed lack of leadership passing open look.

    Blame the coach all you want, but that was all on the players.

  154. Hey guys! Great game!

    I agree with Hwirth for the second day in a row. This is 100% on the players. 100%. Even the crazy line combinations seemed to work.

  155. They need to admit Staal is done for the season with PCS and make a deal for a defenseman ASAP. Scoring 4 goals was a guaranteed win for us last season.

  156. What do you want from WW? He had two assists. When he was placed with richards and gabby they were best unit on the ice. His forecheck led to the richards goal. Want to blame people artie and dubi have 0 goals.

  157. Czechthemout!!! on

    Well it’s also hard to play and stay fresh when only 10 forwards on your team are NHL quality forwards. When on of your top ten is really niching more than a fourth line player.

    This team just does not have good chemistry. And why the he’ll does Eminger play ahead of Erixon?


    Torts MAD!!!

    Torts shuffle lines!!


    Torts Benches players!!!


    unfrozen caveman Ranger coach

  159. okay
    have no idea why i’m doing this
    but i’m point out a positive thing or two
    (in part cause i’m bored with griping)

    Richards showed more life and finally said, “Byfuglien It!!”
    and started shooting more

    Gabby looks better than last year

    Cally seemed more active

    Sauer didn’t get hurt

    Prust played through the pain

    ummmmm….i think i’m done

  160. HWirth – Maybe Dubi should have shot the puck and if he’s feeling confident he probably does but the fact of the matter is Cally made the last extra pass, so I guess he showed lack of leadership too- just saying

  161. Wusski gives a half effort once in a while and he deserves praise? please. there is a good reason that he has been a transient moving from team to team. too often he thinks hustle and effort are for the other guys to do.

  162. Hi there,

    First post over here. I’m a regular over at Andrew Gross’s site.
    Question: any double-dippers having trouble getting on over there? I just called Bob a “jerkoff” and suddenly I can’t get on. Just seeing if they’ve crashed, or I got banned.

    Keep up the good work Carp! I love your site too, I just can’t concentrate enough to post in 2 places at once.

  163. Listen if fans wanna overrate their own talent like the organization, blame another coaching staff, blame a guy in the minors and ignore the fact that the guys they turned the team over to have beem inept and the defense is the worst in Conference than nothing will help u. Bring in Bowman. Hell get them to out of the playoffs.

  164. Well, the team had a horrible home record for most of last season, and it looks like they’re picking up right where they left off in April.

    Losing at home is toxic – it breeds even more losses because the players get tighter and more nervous playing in from of home fans that are always pissed off and waiting for an avalanche of opponent’s goals or some other chance to BOO, like we saw in the 3rd period….

  165. Wolski in half the games has 1 less pt and assist than Dubi and Artie, u know the guys that got raises and we were told would b core for the future

  166. DaveB

    Andrew Gross just tweeted the the blog is down
    care to know what he has to say
    follow his tweets
    for now

  167. Thanks JPG. Just making sure I didn’t get banned. Because if I were, I could’ve said so many worse things to Bob.

  168. Dave, I’m hurt that you have time for Andrew and not for me …

    seriously, I think they’re having problems with the weather over there. But you’re welcome to stay.

    Tony, I appreciate the No-trade sentiment, but if anybody wants to trade me somwhere where it doesn’t byfuglien snow and trees don’t fall on their houses every four months, I’ll waive my clause.

  169. not saying that Wolski is doing great
    but he did get 2 assists today
    and looked better than he has in a long time

    i hope he continues to do that
    and he was much closer to a skills comp point
    than EC’s pathetic non-lifting of the puck
    (what the hell happened to Mr. I Visualize What I’m Gonna Do Guy?!?!)
    if anyone has the stats i wonder when was the last time
    he got one past the goalie in the skills comp
    and how many he’s missed after that

  170. It pisses me off that they call that penalty on Wolski, but they don’t call the penalty on Cowen in the first, which is basically the same thing, except Cowen’s hit was from behind.

    Also the elbow by Neil.

    Four of these fuggers on the ice, and nobody calls those penalties? These morons are never consistent with their terrible calls/non-calls

  171. wolski stinks. he should be suspended and bottom line wolski and christensen should be wacked. they are soft and notthat good and there shoutout prowess should not be part of the decisin making process.

    call up hagelin…

    they are 3-3-3 and they are a joke. they have no clue. they miss staal who gets the puck out of the zone in his sleep. erixon is not ready and therefore they played emminger more then they should and he was horrible today. watch how bad emminger was. newbury serves no purcpose he cannot even stick handle or get the puck out of the zone.

    the goods news is they have been horrible and are 3-3-3.. they have done almost nothing right so far this year. gabby has been fine… mcdonagh good, girardi seems to be slipping a little and very little else has gone right….

  172. It ain’t easy being a Ranger fan.
    Bob’s head probably exploded around 6:00 tonight so maybe we won’t have to read him on the other blog anymore either.

  173. wolski’s 2 assist were incidental contact literally he stinks watch the game. christensen and wolski both stink and need to be removed from the team. they gambled on wolski in a contract year figuring it out and they figured wrong not a fatal mistake but BYE BYE……

  174. Go Jagr!

    How many of you honestly thought Jagr and Prospal would have more goals/points than most of the players on NYR? Crazy.

    I don’t care that he’s a Flyer. I continue to root for him. I just wont root for him against us, or in the playoffs. But, I still love the guy. Favorite player +ever+

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    Complain about the coaches
    complain about the players
    Complain about the ice
    Complain about the D
    complain about the goaltending
    Complain about the salaries
    Complain about the refs

    But blame the HMFIC

  176. the ranger problem is without staal they are spending to much time in there d zone. they do not have enough playmakers to go 200 ft. they need to simplify things. chip the puck out, do not go backwards, dump things in and check. the only guys who have any chance of making a play are richards, gabby, dubi, and AA on occassion., and with dubi he is a moron so he makes many stupid plays also.

    erixon with 8 minutes for the game.. ouchhhhhh.

    zero updates on staal…………………….

  177. They booed after goals 3 and 4, OK fine. But why boo at the end of OT with the SO coming up?
    I don’t get it.

  178. wolski’s penalty was a good call. torts is out of his mind. wolski actually should get suspeneded. that clown has not checked 5 guys in his career..

  179. the reason the ranger fans booed is because they are playing HORRIBLE. unwatchable hockey. they have been outshot in 9 out of 9 games.

    they cannot connect on 3 passes in a row if the other team was not on the ice…………….

    the product has been horrible………..

  180. Prospal doesn’t surprise me. But it’s early. No way he makes it through the entire season and that was the problem. We could sure use him now though.

    The lack of info on Staal is getting scary.

  181. Maybe they were booing because the game should not have gotten to OT or SO in the first place. Even if they won the skills competition I wouldn’t be too happy.

  182. I knew Jagr would do well also. Prospal, I thought, if healthy, would do well. Love that guy. I wish he was still on the team.

    All you whiny Avery lovers should be crying for him, not Avery.

    I like what the Isles are doing in their game. Honoring a team from the past. Don’t we have any teams from the past to honor?

  183. i just think the wolski hit should be suspended. btw the boyle penalty in the first was not a penalty gonchar reversed himself by the boards.

    i am not against hitting at all. the konepka hit was the correct call, he is a cave man…

    this team has been bad so far this year. they should improve a ton, but you can really seed how good staal is. this team plays patty cake with the puck in there own zone. when it should be out of the zone the go backwards, give up the puck and allow the other team to have 30 seconds in the offensive zone over and over…

    sauer plays a simple game and that is why he is effective. emminger MDZ, erixon, they need to play like saeur. less chance of mistakes.

    dubi is just not a smart player, he always tried to do to much and for every good play makes .65 bad play. he needs to get it together. stepans assist was a great play his first in 9 games. AA not sure if he has done anything good yet this year.

  184. Well, the Rangers just proved that safe is death.

    You can’t hold a lead by staying in your own zone the last 10 minutes of the game.

    Safe is death….where have I heard that before?

  185. jagr has looked great, let’s see how he is doing 50 games into the season.

    this is a long season. I think dipietro only has 9 years left on his contract….

    bryzgalaov has 9 years on his deal, holmgren has no clue on goalies……

    the good news is the rangers are 3-3-3 and have played as bad as possible for the season.

    wish we heard some good news on staal…………..

  186. billybleedsblue on

    lol FireTorts “unfrozen caveman Ranger coach” Man, that’s hilarious. Nice Phil Hartman reference.

    Ugh, did they really lose the game? I missed the entire thing…

  187. My 7:13 was regarding Wolski being suspended.

    Fans can boo about whatever they want – then they can boo some more when players don’t respond positively to it.

  188. Boyle is good one too. Forgot about him.
    I know Stepan hasn’t scored but I really don’t think he’s been that bad. The other guys have been invisible

  189. It’s time for MZA to get called up…some guys, like Dubi, need to sit out a game or 2…

    Newbury has no place on this team. The guy is a career AHL loser…

  190. Looks like MZA is coming back up then, huh? I’m a little surprised Erixon is sent down, but it’s not the end of the world. It worked for McDonut last season. Let him go down, and get top line minutes. Not a bad deal. He’s still so young.

  191. Yeah, the Erixon thing is no big deal…He’ll be back…

    However, I think they have to keep MZA for good this time…as he is waiver eligible after 30 games or something, if I recall correctly…

  192. Except for Richards nobody carries the puck into the offensive zone. In fact, more than once the Hockey Night in Canada announcer made a reference to the Rangers cycling behind the opponents net, but not doing anything in front of the goal. I may not be an expert in hockey, but I do know that it’s really, really hard to score from behind the goal. They need to take a cue from Richards and carry the puck in then dish it off or take a shot.

    Anisimov was invisible. Boyle too. I think my suspicions about Boyle will probably be confirmed – that last season’s 20 goals was an aberration, not a breakout year.

    OK, positives:
    They scored 4 goals! IN ONE GAME!
    Gaborik looks pretty fast.
    Richards got untracked.
    Cally played well.
    Wolski got 2 asssists! Two! IN ONE GAME! lol You know what? On Gaborik’s goal, his play behind the net made that goal possible. Of course, then he does something stupid later.

    Oh well. When do they play again? I’ll be watching because it’s what I do.

  193. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    So what brilliant Ranger draft pick is ready to step up to the big club ?
    tick, tick tick . I thought so

  194. This hasn’t exactly been a great day for me. I was sitting in the “Avery” section, first of all, then the Rangers collapse, and then it takes me an extra 15 minutes to get home after I hop off the train because of the mess in northern NJ. I was soaking wet most of the time, mind you, what with clearing off the car without a brush. No fun.

    Disappointed with most everybody on the team today, save Richards, Gabby, and Cally. The rest of them, Torts included, looked adismal today, IMO.

  195. Just my opinion, but I thought the call on Konopka was pretty harsh. I’m not sure that he checked AA from behind. It looked like it was on the side to me.

    The call on Wolski was pretty lenient. He should have gotten 5 minutes because the shot to the head was intentional.

    However, I’m not sure that the refs saw Wolski’s elbow to the head. They just saw the byproduct of it.

  196. Olga Folkyerself on

    So what brilliant Ranger draft pick is ready to step up to the big club ?

    Hugh Jessiman’s little brother.

  197. CC Charlie,

    Yeah, that is what I was saying earlier. They dont seem to be good at dump and chase – even when they get the puck, the other guys dont get into open space / shooting areas. They kind of just watch the guy with the puck.

  198. since the announced transactions, Ill just throw this out there.

    Good news is supposedly help is on the way.
    There have bee so many rumors flying lately, but I havent heard many I liked until today.

    Bad news is they need to jettison 1/2 the forwards on the team, and that’ll take 2-3 moves, which is tough to pull off.

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