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Tech Talk here at RR (bet you never thought I’d be saying those words)

Posted By On October 28, 2011 @ 8:17 pm In Hockey,New York Rangers,NHL | 215 Comments

Just a couple of notes about some tech stuff involving this blog … and believe me, it’s not so technical.

First and foremost, our friend Jeff Marx — who some of you have dubbed one of the lost Marx brothers — who is a big Buffalo Sabres fan and hockey fan in general, and who did so much to help this blog, whether it be showing me how to turn it on, or how to post audio, or the new designs, or making it user friendly for those with mobile devices, setting up the schedules and stats and Star Watch at the top of the page, creating the twitter widgets to follow the news and the players’ tweets, etc., etc, etc. … well, he’s leaving The Journal News/LoHud.com this week.

I think Monday’s his last day. We all owe him our gratitude. Especially me. Good luck, Jeff. And thank you.

Second, I learned today how to do those Coveritlive “live chats” … or at least, I was shown how to do it (whether I actually learned, we’ll soon find out). So I want to do these pretty regularly during the season. I’m thinking, we want to do them mostly on weekdays (when you guys are pretending to be at work, but on your computers), mid-days seem to be the busiest. So that’s probably the timetable. Since ya boys are playing Monday night, and I’ll have my game review Tuesday and then they don’t play again until Thursday, I’m thinking the first one would be Wednesday around lunchtime.

You’ll be able to come on and directly ask questions, or make comments, and we can have discussions live. I know, it’s sort of what we do anyway, but this will be a slightly different forum, and this way we’ll all know that this is when the discussion will happen, and I’ll be here to field the questions or react to the comments, instead of the randomness with which I usually pop in and out and interact with youse.

This isn’t like the live video chats we used to do with Sam, or Jane, or Laurel. This is all on the screen, in the confines of the blog, no video (bonus for you guys who don’t have to see me). We can still do a few of those video chats later on, too.

These chats will be simpler and we can do them more frequently.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?



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