Tech Talk here at RR (bet you never thought I’d be saying those words)


Just a couple of notes about some tech stuff involving this blog … and believe me, it’s not so technical.

First and foremost, our friend Jeff Marx — who some of you have dubbed one of the lost Marx brothers — who is a big Buffalo Sabres fan and hockey fan in general, and who did so much to help this blog, whether it be showing me how to turn it on, or how to post audio, or the new designs, or making it user friendly for those with mobile devices, setting up the schedules and stats and Star Watch at the top of the page, creating the twitter widgets to follow the news and the players’ tweets, etc., etc, etc. … well, he’s leaving The Journal News/ this week.

I think Monday’s his last day. We all owe him our gratitude. Especially me. Good luck, Jeff. And thank you.

Second, I learned today how to do those Coveritlive “live chats” … or at least, I was shown how to do it (whether I actually learned, we’ll soon find out). So I want to do these pretty regularly during the season. I’m thinking, we want to do them mostly on weekdays (when you guys are pretending to be at work, but on your computers), mid-days seem to be the busiest. So that’s probably the timetable. Since ya boys are playing Monday night, and I’ll have my game review Tuesday and then they don’t play again until Thursday, I’m thinking the first one would be Wednesday around lunchtime.

You’ll be able to come on and directly ask questions, or make comments, and we can have discussions live. I know, it’s sort of what we do anyway, but this will be a slightly different forum, and this way we’ll all know that this is when the discussion will happen, and I’ll be here to field the questions or react to the comments, instead of the randomness with which I usually pop in and out and interact with youse.

This isn’t like the live video chats we used to do with Sam, or Jane, or Laurel. This is all on the screen, in the confines of the blog, no video (bonus for you guys who don’t have to see me). We can still do a few of those video chats later on, too.

These chats will be simpler and we can do them more frequently.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?



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  1. Since I got Carped and there’s no Avery mention on this post…

    OK, he doesn’t dislike them as much as he does Avery, but what part of scratching Wolski and Christensen, giving them Avery-like minutes when they do play and being fairly scornful of them in public screams of them being Torts favourites?

  2. e3, thanks for the invite from the previous thread. too bad I didn’t know you when I was traveling full-time and in San Jose once a year.

  3. AveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAvery

    Rinse. Repeat

  4. BTW, maybe I read it too quick, but who will these chat questions be directed to? Overall I think it’s a good idea, but might be a nightmare for the moderator. (Poor Carp)

  5. People’s continued fascination with a mediocre hockey player boggles my mind. As I said very early this morning, he’s gone, never to return again. Get over your mancrush on him.

    And yes, I know he drives traffic here on the blog, but I for one am just sick and tired of reading and hearing about him.

    Sorry, Carp. Just needed to vent about this topic.

  6. LW, I don’t think they are favo(u)rites…I think RIR might have said that….

    I think EC is only there for his occasional offense and shootout skills…Wolski is already in Torts’ doghouse (hot tub?) so he’s no fav…

  7. Thanks, Blogfather :) It sure does look like it’s going to be another wild game here in STL. I may have been only one of like 10 people in the area to not be wearing red today, lol.

    Love the idea of the chat, doubt I’ll be able to join in though since work frowns on that kinda of stuff.

  8. eric, this will only be a half an hour, or maybe an hour, once a week or so. The rest of the time, nothing changes here.

  9. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Why don’t you start by asking Carp to stop writing about him? Secondly, you could lead your little moratorium by example and refrain from commenting. “Discipline” Torts calls it.

    For what it’s worth, I only chime in about Avery (and his lame replacements) when Carp or the haters begin their howling. But as so many have noted today, many longtime Rangers fans, blueseaters and virtual blueseaters, are disgusted by Torts’ “better hockey players”.

    Unlike White House correspondents afraid of losing their access to the emperor, we’re free to tell it like it is: EC and WW are gutless mannequins.

  10. and while I agree with you about the fascination and fixation, I don’t think it’s going away. I think every time the Rangers lose this year … maybe every time they fall behind … we’re going to hear the chants for Avery at MSG.

    Kind of sad, actually.

  11. “For what it’s worth, I only chime in about Avery (and his lame replacements) when Carp or the haters begin their howling. But as so many have noted today, many longtime Rangers fans, blueseaters and virtual blueseaters, are disgusted by Torts’ “better hockey players”.””

    Well said RI

  12. Carp, Considering that I don’t have an office, only a cubicle and sit right in front where everybody walks by, I think that ‘work’ would somehow figure it out. Unless you do one at night, then I’m all in.

    I agree with you that we’re always going to hear about him this year. Which is just sad and pathetic.

  13. That’s the point I was making this morning (which was completely missed/misunderstood by the usual suspect). The issue with the team is the struggle to compensate for Staal’s absence, the pretty horrible starts by the more reliable forwards from last year and the team’s general malaise (and yes, the coach’s culpability in the above).

    But instead, the Rangers get a wad of national exposure on “Rangers fans chant for Avery” and it’ll now happen every time they’re losing. And I can’t see either the fans who would plump for the “We don’t want Avery” or “We are fairly indifferent about whether Avery is in the line-up or not” chants being as vocal.

  14. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Make a little news on Saturday. If the two crash test dummies pull another spineless flop against the fearsome Sens, look The Teacher in the eye and ask him if he really believes these are “better hockey players”.

    Bring some real energy and jam to the presser. Torts will respect you for it. (We already do.)

  15. RIR, I could, but I know how this business works. Mentioning him drives traffic on the blog, which helps Carp to cover more games by bringing in more money for lohud. I don;t blame him for mentioning him because at the end of the day, the blog is an extension of lohud’s money making ability. In the end, it’s all about the almighty dollar, like everything else in the world.

    Secondly, I will refrain from mentioning ‘GOD’S’ name ever again on this blog. I wouldn;t want to offend those who love him.

    Thirdly, those ‘better hockey players’ cost the team- IN A CAP LEAGUE- a heck of a lot less money than a certain someone who is Connecticut right now. That is the bottom line here. Those who can’t see that … well, I just wonder about blind devotion sometimes.

  16. what people feel to realize is the rangers record would not be any diff with avery.

    as long as dubi arty and richards are in funks nothing will change

  17. Talk on here about #16 follows the same theory as Trolls. If you don’t want it to continue, don’t add to the discussion, negatively or postively. Of course, that’s not going to happen because nobody can resist an Avery rant. It’s also good for Carp’s numbers.

  18. +1,0000 LW!

    They dreadfully miss Staal, and not just for his defensive work, but he has a nice, calm first pass out the D zone that the current corps is lacking. I tend to think his calm demeanor has a settling effect on the rest of the D corps as well.

  19. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I’m not offended by anyone’s position on the lineup or any other Rangers issue, just by the haters’ shameless hypocrisy in condemning Avery/WW/EC talk while reveling in it at the same time. If you only attack Avery and defend the empty suits Torts has put in his place to drive Carp’s traffic, then drop your phony disgust with the topic. Consistency, man.

    As for the money issue, Torts made it very clear 16’s demotion was about “better hockey players” not better economics. That petty, unprofessional remark more than justified the banners and chants last night. It’s Torts’ error to fix.

    And Avery and a motivated kid of your choice from Hartford would still cost less than Torts’ tinkerbells.

  20. I don’t mention Avery to drive traffic. I mentioned him today because of the banner and the chants at the Garden last night, and to say that while I think him being here wouldn’t really make a difference, IMO, he’s better than the two (or three) stiffs playing instead of him. And IMO the Rangers would be better off in Patrick Division games with Avery on the fourth line than the mannequins. They are awful.

    And I agree, eric and others. Wolski/Christensen/Avery/Newbury/Rupp … it’s all background noise and irrelevant if Richards/Gaborik/Dubinsky/Callahan/first-line LW/second-line C don’t produce. Even if they do produce, the Rangers will miss Staal … these are the real issues. Not who’s playing those six minutes, whether they are energetics or mutts.

    Marji, the beauty of the live chats — no audio. It’s all text. Tune in and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  21. RIR:

    Kids from Hartford will come up this year, rest assured…And guys like EC/Noberries/Woof will sit out or be sent to the Whale…

  22. There’s one guy who they don’t miss( but probably should )is now playing for the Tampa Bolts…..and unsurprisingly ( to me) playing the right defense quite well…and that’s what is missing right now among D men…a guy who can skate, take the body in close, pass like William Tell, and has already garnered several assists in just a few games. You know who I mean.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    So now EC and WW have “earned” top line status in “coach” Torts mind. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Okay, I am now officially on the fire Torts train. It’s a shame really because I was very excited when he replaced the ” genius coach”, the great hyena Tom Thumb Renney.

    One good thing that he has done is the emphasis on developing youth.

    Unfortunately, he became a hypocrite in almost every other aspect of his tenure so far here.
    This time though if he goes, Sather has to as well.

    I am just so sick of the 15 years of mediocrity followed by poor drafting, it’s discusting already.

  24. I just want the team to be better! I don’t really care about any of the individual personalities at this point – I just want a frickin’ winning team, goldurnit!!

  25. dont look now,but the Senators are coming,and they are on a 6 game win streak,I think.
    then,im watching Sharks on nhln,yo,Havlat looks good,Clowe,Thorton,oof.

    oh yes,Avery would be a much better fit on the NYR fourth line.
    that is all.

  26. Carp, this chat system’s performance (if I’m understanding it correctly, like other chat clients perform) is essentially just how this board already works – *except* that one wouldn’t need to “refresh, refresh, refresh” every minute to see later posts – individual people’s posts will show up in a “chat window” *as they are typed* – is that essentially correct?

  27. >>>Saw elsewhere that he “rode the broom” after scoring the empty netter..

    Maybe he’s doing a witch impersonation, since Hallowe’en is just around the corner!

  28. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I’m confused on the code word “overrated”. Is that used for torts or avery discussions?

    The way it looks right now they both are overrated!

  29. RIR,

    I don’t revel in anything about him or the situation. And I am certainly not being Carp’s puppet by mentioning it. I was simply expressing my opinion on a topic that Rangers fans don’t seem to be able to get away from. Henceforth, I shall no longer mention that name or engage in any discussion about it so as to not antagonize anyone who MAY be offended or annoyed by a simple opinion.

  30. I will agree with you on one thing, Carp. EC has been invisible, Wolski has been almost invisible and Rupp has been ‘ehh’ at best. Heck, the entire team, save for the goaltenders and Girardi have been ghosts so far this season.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – no offense, and you know I love you dearly, but Avery belongs on thus team. RIR has been extremely eloquent in his defense of why Avery belongs, why torts’ massive ego prevents this, and the fact that “ec and ww don’t have a y- chromosome between them. RIR, myself, and others have long supported # 16. Anyone with an objective eye and an oz of brains knows that Avery was one of 2 forwards that had a good playoff last year. Torts is not objective. It’s personal…… Like the Don said in the big sit down to Barzini ….it’s never just business, it’s always personal.

  32. If having Aves up here would make the team better, I’m for it – and I don’t care if it would put Tort’s shorts in a wringer if Slats wanted him brought up. I don’t think that is going to happen, but if it did, I wouldn’t care one bit.

    The objective here is to improve this under-achieving team! Nothing more, nothing less – it’s *business*, not personal for me!

  33. Eddie, I strongly disagree with you and I will leave it at that to not frighten other people or hurt their feelings.

  34. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Speaking of announcers (we weren’t), did any of you catch the post game with Mario Maloney and joe m?

    Maloney was drinking the p.r. Koolaid and joe m set him straight, it was hilarious!

  35. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I actually thought Campbell was a pretty good coach.

    See you shouldn’t have kicked jumbo and I to the curb so quickly!

  36. Hey, Wick – I had the post-game show on, but I don’t recall Joe M setting Dave straight – basically, what did he say?

    And nobody answered my question from the last thread – are there still blue seats up in the rafters of the Garden?

  37. fran

    If they knew that Staal was going to be out for an extended period in the summer, then not signing Gilroy was a bigger mistake…

  38. Ouch! I could definitely stand to lose some weight, but calling me jumbo, Wicky? I’m not Chris Christie here yet!! ;-P

  39. >>>Mickey
    See you shouldn’t have kicked jumbo and I to the curb so quickly!

    But whether I’m Jumbo or not, I agree with your statement, Wick!!

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    Black Hawks lost 3-0.

    So which cliche should I use?

    a) “I didn’t expect them to go 82-0″
    b)”It’s still early in the season”
    c) “Bring Back Avery”

    I think I’ll go with:

    4) FIRE SATHER!”

  41. Jumbo, er, Jimbo, they haven’t touched the upper seats yet. They’re still that ugly greenish blue. The lower bowl is dark navy blue, though it looks like black. I understand the new pitch of the old blue seats is going to make them a really cool place to sit … if you can afford those. All the suites upstairs are going to come down, and the new suites will be much lower, like at Newark. And then there will be a load of room for the old blue seats to be redone.

  42. “Torts is not objective. it’s personal…… Like the Don said in the big sit down to Barzini ….it’s never just business, it’s always personal.”


    I wont say that Torts isn’t objective. But I think that Torts has his own style of coaching. And he’s passionate and emotional about it (to say it lightly). I can’t think of another Ranger coach who cared more about his players and took it personally. I know you’ve been watching the Rangers longer than me. And, isn’t passion what makes hockey great?

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – you disagree with the notion that Avery did not play well during last seasons playoff once he left the pressbox? You cannot be serious. And please don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings especially mine. Moreover, the fact that torts told the media that there were better players on the team. I.e. ww and ec, either means he is a terrible judge of talent or a liar.

  44. and what coach didn’t have his favorites and his kennel-dwellers?

    Keenan hated Gartner and Amonte and Patrick, and was cruel to Leetch and Graves. But he loved Messier and some others.

    Neilson was obviously at odds with Messier, and loved the Kings and Brotens and Turcottes.

    Campbell was never a big fan of Kovalev and Zubov, but loved Richter, Leetch, and especially Graves.

    Shero busted up that good old-boys team to get Barry Beck.

    Sator hated Larouche.

    Brooks loved the Smurfs.

    Muckler was an idiot.

    Trottier was an idiot.

  45. >>>*Jumbo*, er, Jimbo, they haven’t touched the upper seats yet.

    Et Tu, Carpus!? ;-)

    Thank for the explanation – so, the original “blue seats” where the leatherlungs fans (I tried to be one of them, but those guys and gals were REALLY loud!) used to sit, they have not been “blue” for a long time, then?

  46. >>>Trottier was an idiot.

    My head almost exploded when they announced that Trottier was the new Ranger coach – honestly, I almost had a stroke….

  47. In all honesty, eddie, I don’t remember the playoffs beyond how awful they played and Dubinsky’s horrendous mustache. As for Torts’ words, I would suggest that he finally learned to take PR-speak to heart and what he chose to say was the most PC thing he could craft on the spot.

  48. Idiots, indeed!!! Those blue seats were a Ranger tradition, going back to the Old Garden, I believe…?

    Being a fan in the old blue seats used to be an adventure – those folks could really swear, and very loudly – they had acerbic wit, and they smoked very smelly cigars – I usually needed another shower when I came home from those games – the smoke smells would permeate my clothing and hair.

    They used to set fires to stuff up there – I swear, they did!

  49. I prefer the term idjits to idiot. Don’t know why, possibly cause its funnier to say and type.

  50. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Really sorry damn autocorrect on this phone!

    Basically Maloney was saying how hank played a good game and so on and then said don’t you agree joe and joe said no not really hank let in some bad goals yada yada yada! Refreshing to hear an honest assessment IMHO!

  51. I DO remember that now, Wicky – Joe did call him on that statement. And he was right. Hank made a couple of super saves on breakaways, but the routine saves he should have made on a few of the goals really killed them last night.

    Hank admitted it himself in the later interviews – he knew that he played a sucky game.

  52. Trottier – ugh! Just the thought of him having anything to do with the Rangers makes me ill…after all those years tormenting us as an Islander, and then a Penguin…

  53. bob the builder (good bob, no, really) on

    Even staal would not prevent the tragedy that is the current rangers…torts tried playing pressure hockey, but with these guys he can’t….there is zero forecheck, no aggression on points. They need to call roto-rooter and flush this team down the drain…time to rebuild…sell sell sell.

    with a great aplomb,

  54. Speaking of the stellar Trottier era, Matthew Barnaby was not an entirely dissimilar player in terms of type, skill set and statistical profile to He Who Shall Drive Up Blog Traffic, and one that I liked.

    While acknowledging the circumstances aren’t the same, was there a similar degree of outrage when he got traded (post-Trottier)? Genuine question – I watched even fewer games then than I do now (so we’re talking negative numbers).

  55. And I don’t watch much baseball either, but wouldn’t it be simpler for Fox to just have a permanant picture-in-picture shot of Nolan Ryan watching the game?

  56. Yes! Barnaby was similar to Aves, except that Barnaby fought more (and usually lost those fights) than Aves – he was hated by the rest of the league, though, similarly to Avery.

    I don’t think he ever made sexual references to any Canadian actresses, though… ;-D

  57. NYR, *some* of it was – I don’t think they were hollowing out blunts back then and filling them up with ganja, but I could be wrong! – I actually saw a lot of cigars hanging out of the mugs of my fellow fans…

    Sure did stink, though – I can almost still smell it….. ;-D

  58. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Didn’t Barnaby go with Leetch, Kovalov, et. al. in Sather’s great purge in 2004? There were like 10 players moved out then.

    Almost all of the outrage was for trading Leetch.

    (Reason #47 for Firing Sather)

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bob – well put.

    I liked M. Barnaby. I also loved Esa Tik.

    Nyr fan – got a new batch of the DQ…. Good lord…. Almost too much…..holding on tight.

  60. Yeah, Barnaby went in Purge-orama 2004. Don’t remember any “We want Leetch” chanting or banners either, now you mention it. He must’ve been a bum.

  61. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “We want Avery” should replace “Potvin Sucks” as the Garden chant du jour…

  62. My brutha Eddie got the DQ, grew up near Metroplitan Avenue, he likes his food savory, don’t mess with his boy Sean Avery, we all love the Rangers, let’s be friends…not strangers…

  63. Unreal. A team that I saw in late August, in a half empty Busch Stadium, are now world champs.

    Congrats to the team and the city/surrounding areas of STL.

  64. Texas had their chance to kill ’em – and couldn’t – just like the Mets, Bosox and Billy Buckner…

  65. Congrats to you and your neighbors, MickeyM – I’m a National League kinda guy, but I really dislike the Cards from all those years of being a Mets fan, but I congratulate them for a gutsy performance this fall. They deserved to win!

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – my grandmother lived in ridgewood, i grew up in east ny, brooklyn, new jersey ave. off atlantic…..lovely area….

  67. Hey Carp – are you gonna line up some Ranger guests for us to grill in your new Lohud chat room? ;-D

  68. E3, I remember your guest blog…you mentioned Ridgewood, so I thought that’s where you were from! I’m from Middle Village…..near 69th st

  69. >>>I sat in the blues as kid…early 90s…I remember asking my dad what the smell was…lol

    NYR, I was there in the early-mid-late 70’s for quite a few games – I’m not sure if they were making “modified” cigars back then, but the smell was quite powerful!

  70. Oh, that’s right!! It’s not like I’m hiding here, is it!?

    You’re a short bus ride or a long walk from me, NYR!

  71. bob the builder (good bob, no, really) on

    olga, my aplomb is great….a dalliance of magnificent jibberish.

    eddie cubed, thanx brother…keep writing the songs that make the world go ’round.

  72. Man, I wanna be David Freese right now! MVP of your hometown team, getting the keys to a new Corvette.

    Kid won’t have to buy a drink or meal in this town every again.

  73. >>>Man, I wanna be David Freese right now! MVP of your hometown team, getting the keys to a new Corvette.

    Just think of all the women he’s gonna have access to now!!!

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – yes indeed…she lived on grove street near Myrtle Ave…when i was in town I stayed with her….

  75. Did not read the blog today but I assume all Avery’s fandom is in a tizzy.I have never seen a 5 goal a year player receive so much adulation and overhype.

    essa tikannen was 10 times a better player then sean who I like and think is real smart but could not score 20 goals if the other team had a empty net all season.

    the rangers need to simplify there game, dump, get it out of the zone and not try to make homerun passes, and forecheck. the ywill be fine only 74 more games…..

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – plenty of wiseguys hanging around…..largely italian and jewish at the time….we are german – irish

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – there are two versions of the DQ…this is the deisel….different store…

  78. Aha!! The German is your connection to Ridgewood – now I get it, right? I’m 1/2 Irish, too…

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    dream queen was intense but mellow…the diesel is much more energy inducing…might not sleep tonight…

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    Were you thinking that Avery is known as a goal scorer? I think I’ve found the reason for your disappointment of him…

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr – zactly….

    mickey – are you fan of breathing deep? BTW, I still love you and hope you feel the same….never mind our Avery drama…

  82. Mickey, I think they’re talking about a completely different DQ! ;-D

    He’s gonna have a lot of fun! I hope he’s not married……

    OK, Eddie3 – I gotcha!

  83. So Mickey, when you come to NYC, we’ll have a Katz’s or Sarge’s pastrami sandwich, if you have the time…(Sarge’s is closer to Penn Station…)

    Even though you threw Wicky and me under the bus, I’m still good to you….. ;-P

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    in fact, lets get together in the city and watch a couple of games…the fishsticks and flyers are playing while I am visiting…the flyers play 12/23..a friday night…

  85. Sounds like a plan, Jimbo. Looking at the schedules, I might have a 2 hour layover in Penn on the way back right around dinner time…

    And I thank you for still being nice :)

  86. >>>Jimbo, Damn. Then I have no idea what they are talking about :/

    Maybe you’re better off not knowing……… :-O

    OK on the sandwich – Sarge’s is closer to Penn.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – lets indeed hook up….manny as well…and whoever else is in the mood….maybe meet carp after a game so long as he can catch his train…

  88. LOL, Jimbo. Probably its a good thing I dont know what they are talking about.

    mmmm, I want that sandwich now!

  89. Orr, exactly!!! And after I’m done with that diet……I can’t go any further – Carp would make me a soprano….but use your imagination….

  90. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – i am in if you can get an extra…especially the flyers game on the 23rd

  91. >>>jimbo – lets indeed hook up….manny as well…and whoever else is in the mood….maybe meet carp after a game so long as he can catch his train…

    Sounds like fun, if it can be arranged…

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – insanely overpriced…but from what i hear the best part is standing in line the whole game to get a beer… large at its best…

  93. I’ll probably skip the beer, but not entirely because of the money – the chicken & fries that somebody mentioned sounds pretty good, though…..

  94. Yaaay! Plans with Boneheads are the best :)

    eddie, I will be there for a short time in the early morning of 12/28 and for a few hours on 12/29. I was invited down to DC for the Rangers/Caps game on 12/28 and I’m squeezing it in while I’m home for the holidays. Going Amtrak rather than flying.

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – do your utmost best….too bad i cant carry any carry on on ……you would be seriously impressed…

  96. Eddie3 doesn’t want me to get you alone, Mickey!!! I see what’s happening here…..Bwahahaha!

  97. >>>did you guys see the bahama bomba going after mair after he hit mza the other night??

    We should call that cat back up here!!

  98. Oooooo, Jimbo and eddie fighting over lil ol’ me. I’m flattered!! :)

    Wicky- still love you too :)

  99. eddie eddie eddie on

    we might miss each other it seems as i think take off is the 28th..or the 29th….i cannot move at the moment to check….

  100. damn a bag lady/laurel

    I agree 100% jimbo!! decent on his skates for a big guy. Love to see him newberry and rupp as a 4th line. Wouldn’t hurt, torts only plays those guys like 6 minutes a night anyhow

  101. Hahahaha!!!! What does *she* have to pretend to be, though, Eddie?? ;-D

    Goodnight, Mickey – we’re not fighting, just having a little fun here!

  102. I agree, Wicky – I was sad to see him get sent down – young fighters are always good to have on a team – their “moves” aren’t always so well-known to the opposition thugs….Goodnight to you!

  103. Maybe if Rupp’s knee doesn’t improve they will think about bringing this kid up – send down some of the guys that are producing squat – give ’em a wakeup call!

  104. ‘Night, Heads…I’ve got a morning appointment, and I HATE mornings!! Later – and count me in for the December confab, if it can be worked out.

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