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A few interesting things post-game. First, John Tortorella said he was told Brandon Dubinsky’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the third period was for throwing snow on the goalie. He and Ryan Callahan both said the calls on the disallowed goals were correct.

Henrik Lundqvist said he was distracted, ahead of himself, on a couple of the goals. But he also was asked about whether the team misses Sean Avery and answered it. Worth a listen.

So here’s the post-game stuff:

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan Callahan:


Brad Richards:


Dan Girardi:


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  1. repost…quick!

    Olga, I always save the Sunday papers :)

    jpg, I’ll FB you….most people are bored of hearing about it by now :)

  2. thanks Mama
    looking forward
    to it

    i’m too much of a joy
    right now

    thanks goodness my laptop battery is about to die out.

  3. Mama, I thought it was you who made the banner. It was enormous. How did you miss it?

    Mickey, what’s going on in the World Series?

    More important, how was the Beavis & Butt-head? Anybody? Sally?

  4. they are just playing poorly. patty cake in there own zone. throw the puck at the net and look for rebounds.

    wolski and christensen are basically the same as a valeri kamensky and the likes of tons of bad forwards the rangers had in the bad old days.

    in the own zone they go backwards over half the time and it often blows up in there face.

    stepan, AA, Dubi, Cally, richards, boyle, they have all stunk so far this year…..

    btw sauer is definitely a top 4 d man. MDZ still has a lot to learn….He makes so many bad decisions/mistakes. jeez……

  5. Jimbo- Nelson Cruz went upper deck on the Cards. Big big big fly.

    Carp- it’s 6-4 Texas, but there have been some weird assen plays. Like Holliday getting picked off 3rd after Texas had just walked in the tying run.

  6. Oh, I getcha, Mickey – I forgot that they were also playing tonight.

    Carp, I didn’t want you to think that there was some kind of fault with the site, at least on my browser, which is an uncommon one.

  7. I only saw a minute or two of Beavis & Butthead, right at the end of the show, and that was depressing, too….

  8. wait, did i miss the Boogaard tribute? i did step out for a bit in the beginning of the 2nd…or did they not show it on MSG at all?

  9. Hank just might have fired the first shot across the bow with those comments. Yeah, he let in some softies tonight. But were it not for him this team would be looking at 7 losses (not counting the one Biron stole for them)

    This team looks FLAT. Completely.

    “Management thinks this is the best team we can put together” has got to be a dig at both the coach and GM who think Erik Christiansen is actually deserving of pulling on a Rangers jersey, let alone be allowed in the building.

    No emotion from this team 8 games in. Outplayed in every single game.

    It just might get very, very nasty around here very quickly if the goalie who is the ONLY reason they’ve won anything the last several years suddenly finds himself at odds with the coach and GM.

  10. funny how people who actually play with him consider Avery a great player, but the coach, who was a middling player at best, and has an obvious vendetta against the guy thinks the team is better off with Erik Christensen. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the Ranger locker room who thinks Christensen is a better player than Sean Avery except for (maybe) Erik Christensen.

  11. I think you’d also be hard pressed to find someone in the locker room who doesnt think Sean Avery is a bigger pain in the ass and distraction than Erik Christensen.

  12. Thanks for the update, Mickey – and I’m sorry for how that game is going. Is it late in the game?

  13. Yes, you should have, Mama – you would have fit right in to the sentiment of the banner-folks!

  14. Jay Riemenschneider on

    I’ve wanted to wait until the home opener to give these guys a chance to prove me wrong, but this team stinks. It’s kinda amazing considering it’s about the same team as last year but they skate like they’ve got cement in their boots, pass like they’ve got a cement puck and think like they’ve got cement in their brains. Amazing.

  15. Hard to argue with Jay after tonight’s performance – I don’t think they’re as bad as they looked in the second and third periods, but they certainly do have problems. They also aren’t as good as they looked in the first period, either.

  16. It’s ok, Jimbo. I’m more watching for the enjoyment of the game rather than actively rooting. Bottom of the 8th now.

  17. A couple of observations:

    1. Surprising to think that in spite of so much homegrown talent, which I’m a big proponent of, this team has no discernible identity. If Staal means that much to the Rangers, maybe he should be made captain when, and if, he returns. Or maybe they’re missing that one key ingredient (a certain je-ne-sais-quoi; a pinch of salt here, a dash of pepper there, or even a-very pungent spice) that makes or breaks a meal; who knows, it may take just 1/16 of this spice to bring it all together.

    2. Not that he’s going to Carcillo the bed like Gomez and Drury did but Richards is not an elite player. I have seen nothing from him in the 8 games they have played (+ the exhibition games) to prove otherwise. And anyone who thinks that he’s helping Gaborik get his game back are only trying to somehow justify Richards’ expensive acquisition — Gaborik is flying all on his own, just like he did 2 years ago. And how’s that power play quarterback working out. Same old, same old. In the end, it’s nobody’s money but Dolan’s, but me thinks that that contract will soon become the latest albatross around the Ranger’s neck. When will they ever learn…

  18. Carp
    Thanks for the audio – great stuff. Hank fires a shot at mgmt. If you win more often wth a guy on your team (Avery) than not – even if he is a pain in the butt – it should not be a distraction to a true pro player. Man up.

  19. Vinny:

    I think Richards is a pretty good player with an elite contract. Everything you said about him is pretty accurate. He’s a lock first line center on this team because they don’t have a center remotely close to him on the depth chart. Relative to the rest of the league, however, that means absolutely nothing.

  20. wow, that henrik clip is unbelievable.

    “the management thinks this is the best team possible, and we’re just going to go with that”

    its pretty clear watching whats going on on the ice, the players arent buying into Totalretard’s gameplan, whatever that might be.

    also, this cycling behind the net thing looking to get it out front just doesnt work.

  21. Believe it or not, but under fire, Animal Mother can be a wonderful human being. All he needs is somebody throwing grenades at him ’til the end of his life.

  22. guys, i know we hate ec, but he is not the reason we suck. avery turns the puck over so many times and takes so many damn penalties he hurts the team more than ec does. it as simple as that. if avery was the player he was few years ago then its not even close, he’d be here. oh, and ec can play in the shootout. something that most of us hate, but hes really good at it, and he helped get us standing points in games we had no business winning. under tartarella avery would do nothing for thisteam. just like ec, but hes alot cheaper

  23. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Saw Beavis and Butthead tonight Carp. I thought it was pretty funny especially when they were making fun of a clip from Jersey Shore.

    Disappointed the Rangers lost tonight and disappointed I missed the home opener on tv because it was blacked out in my area in favor of the Sabres game.

  24. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    Vinny, so you think the rangers need more ratatouile? I think they need to FIRE SATHER!

  25. Vinny, je-ne-sais-quoi? Does he play for the Habs? Seriously, I don’t believe that word (phrase?) has ever been used here before.

    Lloyd and firetorts, I think you might like one of my items in tomorrow’s game review.

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    What some of you anti Avery guys don’t seem to understand is that Avery is very well liked by most of the players on this team that matter. They appreciate him for what he does on the ice.
    He also will go through a wall for his team and he protects his teammates. They know it but Torts
    can’t come to grips with the fact that Avery is very popular with his teammates. It’s unfortunate that Torts came here with some stupid preconceived notion about Avery that he just can’t shake.

    When players see garbage like Newberry,EC, Rupp play ahead of someone who is clearly better then they are, they don’t like it. Clearly these three fools are a waste of space an have no business being on this team. They suck as players!

    Chemistry is huge in team sports. And Sean Avery has been an integral part of the chemistry this team for several seasons now. Surely the genius that is this management has to realize this.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on


    Avery has helped this team far more than hurt it. The best player on the team knows it. And so do most the fans who were at the game tonight.

  28. Carp’s gonna talk about Aves in his wrapup tomorrow? That’ll bring out the funtimes for sure, lol.

  29. “Chemistry is huge in team sports. And Sean Avery has been an integral part of the chemistry this team for several seasons now. Surely the genius that is this management has to realize this”

    czech- “has been” is the keyword there. he USED TO be an integral part of the team.

  30. hey where are all the anti avery guys tonight???? lol Im thinking Tortorella is more of a distraction at this point

  31. czech- “has been” is the keyword there. he USED TO be an integral part of the team.

    I think he deserves a shot to prove it at the very least

  32. Oh c’mon! Get over your Avery-love folks. He was an expensive liability and now he’s gone, never to come back. Accept that and move on, for everyone’s sanity.

  33. he would be here most likely if he mde the same amount as ec. he makes basically 2 mill wich is double what ec makes. and the past 2 years he hasnt proved anything. at least ec can win us a game in a shootout. the success of this team is not going to depend on avery. that is all im saying. only because were off to a bad start is why people were even talking bout bringin him back

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Yup we have to move on and accept the fact that this team is comatose right MickeyM. We have to accept that dregs like EC,WW,Rupp,and Newberry are the future of this team.

    Once again, the best players on this team want Avery back. That includes but is not limited to Hank,Richards,Gabby,Dubi,Girardi and probably several others. This may amount to nothing, or it may amount to a pissing contest between Torts and his key players. It could be that Torts may have begun to lose the team and if he has, he will be gone real fast.

  35. if Cards pull this out, I dont thing Texas wins tomorrow, or whenever Game 7 is. but damn…seeing Berkman come through like that makes me wonder where that was last year with the Yanks. rooting for you Mickey :)

  36. Czech, I didn’t say they were good. In fact, they’ve been downright awful. But moaning and complaining and PINING for Avery is not going to bring him back. THEY CAN”T AFFORD HIM.
    Plain and simple. And do you know for a fact, other than what Hank said tonight, that the players want him back?? Is there actual proof to back up your hypothesis? Cause if not, I’d be inclined to think that they sure they might miss Sean Avery the person, but not Sean Avery the hockey player who gets penalties just for breathing.

  37. On that note, I’m out gang. Work’s gonna be crazy busy tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep.

    Behave and don’t blow up the blog with all your Avery love.

  38. Czechthemout!!! on


    I am not pinning for Avery. As for affording him. Easy. Dump WW,EC,Uselessberry. Problem solved. Bring up Avery, Hagelin Mitchell. Easy

  39. I have a feeling Avery will be back next season at a much cheaper price. I think Sather appreciates what he does for the team but even half of his $4 million was too much for the team to carry this season (in Sather’s eyes).

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Prust and Boyle on ice for first 2 goals. Sorry but boyle is playing like Carcillo and Prust, god love him, has been up and down.

    In the first period they took the body and generated scoring chances. They have 2 lines of mudders they need to be pounding the opposition.

    Sauer looked great for first game back, but MDZ had a rough game. How come puck bounces over our sticks, but not the Loafs? ‘tever…

    They should have won this game 5-2.

  41. we suck stranger. thats all. lol. we’ll suck until sather makes a trade or two, and we’ll come back late in the season.

  42. I tend to agree that EC and WW have no business being on this team. I’d rather see a couple of the young guys playing instead. I really don’t think Avery is the answer to their problems. I haven’t been impressed with Rupp so far, either. I thought he was supposed to take some of the load off of Prust in the fighting department. So far, Prust has been fighting in almost every game lately.

    As far as Beavis and Butthead goes, I think if you liked the old episodes, you’ll probably like the new ones. Nothing really different. I enjoyed the first cartoon about the vampires more than the second one about Beavis crying. I was also in a bad mood after watching the game, so maybe I would have thought they were funnier if the Rangers had won.

  43. Carpinello's Grocer on

    As usual the Texas Rangers are more relevant in NYC than the Cablevision Rangers, guess the corporations stayed home tonight…LOL


    What a shock phony Flukeqvist refused to sit for Biron and played like the loser he is when the trap imploded.

    I am a phony announced Dolan sellout in a dead building.

    Give me the Nassau Veteran’s Memoral Coliseum one concourse with glass windows any time over that asbestos pile of Cablevision crap.

    11,000 or less Saturday for Cablevision’s hockey team, always second to the New York Islanders, America’s Hockey Dynasty, New York’s Championship Hockey Team.

    I am a salad for Rick Carpinello-

  44. Torts has always had a beef with Avery. You knew when he came to this town he was going to try to marginalize him. He sat him in the playoffs after that bad penalty and all our playoff hopes went down the drain. Every time the guy takes a bad penalty he benches him for games at a time. He gives him very few minutes a game as well. For Sean Avery to be the Sean Avery we came to know and love years ago he needs to be set free!

    Lundqvist loves him because other teams would take shots at Hank constantly, yet none of our players would give it back. Avery immediately stepped in and made the other team feel uncomfortable. Bumping goalies, talking trash, and taking it to the other team. We talk about this team playing better when there’s some snarl to the game…guess who brings snarl to the game? Sean Avery! At least when he’s not handcuffed by Torts.

    Sometimes things just work. Avery and NY belong together. It’s not necessarily any one thing he does well, and it’s not even necessarily something you can easily quantify. But most Ranger fans, and the crowd showed it tonight, understand that when he steps on the ice something changes. It was instantaneous…

    he’s not old, yet he’s suddenly significantly less effective than he was? Torts came to town and cut off Avery’s balls, stuck them in a jar in his office and gave him 7 minutes a game if he was playing. Of course he’s not the same player he was before. Let the guy skate, talk trash, bump goalies, take dumb penalties, drive the crowd wild and do his NY magic

  45. Carpinello's Grocer on

    Grocery Boy’s Review Of Corporate Cablevision Garden…

    I love it because my editor is owned by Dolan, I sell Cablevision Msg for a living or I do not cover any more games. Asbestos, losing and empty seats in a dead building.

    Rag tradition since stealing the NY Americans fans and building.

    Whatever Al Trautwig via Dolan says is the Carpinello Grocer Review. I have huge grocery bills to pay for.

    There’s a drunk in a gutter, those new windows give a good view of Brian Leetch in 2011 doing his 1993 impersonation.

    How much was ME-$$-I-er paid to show up tonight.

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