Live at the Garden for opening night


Unfortunately, no John Tortorella press conference tonight … he did his talking … or not-talking … at the morning skate, as is his option. Hopefully that won’t become a habit, because I’m not getting my aasen down here for morning skates very often, if ever.

Will have a Go Time later.

The Rangers are going to do this Blue Carpet thing for MSG Network. Not sure what that’s going to be about, but it’s raining here, so that might put a, ahem, damper on things.

Before the game there will be a brief video tribute to Derek Boogaard, and that’s cool. It’ll be nice to give the fans a chance to have their moment of silence for him. I love those video shots of him playing with the kids at Garden of Dreams, and of course his one goal as a Ranger was a classic.

Not sure what other entertainment of hoopla will be involved with the pre-game ceremony,

PS, don’t forget post-game, for youse really immature Boneheads, Beavis & Butt-head make their triumphant return to MTV at 10. Sadly I will have to await reruns.


Also wanted to ask you guys a big, big, gigantic favor.

I really want this place to grow. The more traffic we get, the more time gets built into my schedule to cover the Rangers and spend doing this.

So, please, please try to remember that any time you happen to be in the company of Rangers fans (or potential Rangers fans, or non-Rangers fans, whatever) please spread the word about this blog. Tell them to go to Rangers Report, or to google it, or give them the url — Tell them how much fun we have, and how it’s still the best place on the planet for discussion 24/365.

Tell them about the j(g)ibberish and the special vocabulary and the Boneheads, and all the other fun stuff (Manny’s co-worker having lunch at 9:42 a.m.).

I’m counting on youse all to kick in here and get the gospel going. Sing it sisters (and brothers).

Thank you kindly for your support.


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  1. Noah-aal-auer, 28 on

    I am meeting my brother at 6:45 outside of where Cosby’s used to be. Sadly, no Flying Puck for me pregame.


  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    On a train as I type this heading to MSG! Opening night here I come! Let’s go rangers!!!

    Crosby spelled backwards is still diver. Weird.

  3. Carp – you can be sure that EVERY SINGLE TIME I meet a Rangers fan I point them to this blog. People are sometimes afraid to post but I will nudge them in the right direction

  4. Gab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, great job Carp, will do my best, well, maybe not, but I’ll at least try! :)


  6. My wife (who IS a Rangers fan) just moved our Saturday lunch plans (which were scheduled for late brunch with a couple with a baby so they would be gone in a few hours) to 4PM. Smack dab 33% through the game! BLARGH!

  7. Gab! I posted all the Prustisms that you were the Captain of earlier today. Brought me back…..

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Haha thanks man! Yea those were some funny times. Prust got pulled over once. He let the cop off with a warning.


  9. The hockey teams from the FDNY and NYPD will also be part of the pre-game ceremony, including a stick salute by them. Cool.

  10. Yea man you really nailed those. That was impressive. Then you jetted from the blog for Months!

  11. Was that closing Bob inspired?? “thank you kindly for your support” …this bob driving me bonkers btw, but he kinda growing on me too…. ily bob

  12. Just a thought on

    Have not posted in long time but I read gibberish daily. I hope everyone going to the game gives their report on how everything looks and feels in the “new” Garden.


  13. I will never forget Boogaard’s only goal…my brother and I had a friendly $10 bet once he signed over whether he would score a goal in his first season as a Ranger. I took the “no” position.

    At that fateful game against the Caps, my brother and I happened to both be at the game but with different parties and on different side of the arena. Anyhow, when Boogaard scored, we immediately looked at each other from opposite sides of the arena just cracking up…safe to say I’m $10 poorer today and my brother and I have a very cool memory.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, a good idea might be a side page on the blog server with a glossary of boneheadisms, such as “Prucha’d,” “26,” or “Carped”, etc.

    Would help a lot of newcomers get into it more quickly.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Prediction: 4-1 Leafs. Rangers have less than 20 sog for the game. Kessel with multiple goals.

  16. Agree with Doodie…the Boneheads can be quite an intimidating group to converse with initially because of the already pre-established relationships and inside jokes, even to someone like me who reads the blog and comments daily but may only actually make a comment from time to time.

  17. At the “Flying Puck” with Mama, ilb, Noremry, Manny, eric, LW3H! LW3H is a real British after all! He is having fish & chips and the rest of us are having calamari! Still waiting for Linda and BANJ! Good times

  18. Stranger Nation on

    3CP – I guess RR blogging traffic will slow while the group dines on grub and grog.


  19. Hi, ‘heads – I can attest to the fact that this place can be very intimidating to newcomers. I read the blog for at least a season and a half before ever thinking about posting a comment.

    Now I don’t feel at all out of place here (even though I still don’t understand a lot of the “inside stuff” and the jibberish) because everyone is so friendly – but making that first couple of posts can be scary for a newbie!

  20. Shoryuken on James Dolan on

    Hey Carp, I know I don’t comment much anymore, just wanted to let you know I still pop on here once or twice a day and always read your game reviews. Best Ranger blog going. Thanks for the work, and I love the new audios you put in.

  21. hoping that the “theme” song is going to
    be something with a little more to it
    than that coldplay song

    maybe Lou will be there w/ Metallica
    and perform all of “Lulu” pre-game

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    OK Gang, I’m off to the revamped Garden. I’ll post with my impressions once I have some.

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YES Carp , will do!!!! EVERTONE MUST KNOW aboot this place!!

    BTW Carp ,…..plz plz can you say ” HOME TIME” instead of ” Go Time ” this time? I am really happy we are finnally home …it been a long time comming.



  24. Well now I’m in front of Msg by the big statue wearing a giant blue Ranger jersey. Soaked and ready to go home. Lol!

  25. Correction: The Derek Boogaard tribute will happen during the game. It will include Alexander Karpovtsev and Karel Rachunek, who perished in the Locomotiv plane crash during the off-season.

  26. I’m still laughing at Manny’s co-worker. It reminds of the two coworkers I used to work with that introduced me into fulltime Ranger fanhood. We worked in Morrristown, NJ on High St.
    We would get break at 10am, lunch @ 12pm and break 3pm. We would go to the diner up the block get diner burgers and fries and eat by 10:30 get other sundrie goods at lunch and late break. I used to like the Rangers but after I met them I was fulltime fan after 1977.

    oleo the voice makes up for the rug.

  27. Oh, the girl that was born in Coney Island? That’s her friend?

    Yeah, way too many B-Ball references here – who cares!? This is a RANGERS event!!

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