The new MSG


Just walked into the new MSG, and saw the new wide corridors, and I’m sitting in the new spectacular press room — THANK YOU! — which has big windows out to Eighth Avenue overseeing the grand old Post Office building.

By the way, G. Costanza was wrong. The creed goes “Neither snow, nor rain …” It’s the second one, not the first.

Going to check out the new seats and the new lockerrooms soon.

Ran into Ron Wilson, whose Leaves skate here after the Rangers. Saw him on the elevator, which has not been renovated. Same old small, creaky, slow elevator. Oh, well.

Will have some stuff later after practice.

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  1. Too many people go their mail! Close to 80%. No body from the post office has ever cracked the 50% barrier! It’s like the 3-minute mile!

  2. The most sought-after postal route of them all. The air is so dewy-sweet you don’t even have to like the stamps.. But it’s not to be – So, I’m hanging it up.

  3. True Blue Mike on

    With the latter portion. I guess I will jus start paying attention in my HIS250 class now, SIGH.


  4. How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg. Prust sayin’

  5. I think the return of Eddie3 to the blog brought the @gibberish@ to a totally new level….
    In other words, Eddie3 is *THE PRUST* of @gibberish@

  6. Prust can chop them down with a herring

    Is there more leg room now, tired of concussions after gwg’s

  7. I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m a US postal worker and my mail truck was just ambushed by a band of backwoods mail-hating survivalists.

  8. Wasnt the beer like 8.50? It went up by a dollar? $10 for imported. As i said, i can buy TWO bottles of vodka for $10 and bring them both in for the game!

    i wonder how much are the chicken fingers and fries now? lol

  9. We are all going to have to be like Phil in Modern Family when he smuggles the candy into the Lakers game.

  10. $9.50 is insanity. One beer should not cost the price of a 6 pack. Especially when they buy in quantity and kegs!

    And to think up in Buffalo they are giving out free programs to all the games as a present from their owner. Dolan? Throw us a bone you rich asham.

  11. Carp, just saw you with Zipay and Maloney checking out the beginning of practice. New lower bowl and concourse is very nice, but my one gripe is the space between each row. The leg room is minimal, and since there are like 20 seats per row, any time someone gets up to use the bathroom, get food, etc, the whole row will need to stand up. I hope they enforce the “wait for the whistle” rule… (and the new seats are not that much wider..)

  12. Bud Light cups were $9.50 last year, too

    Unfortunately, 99% of the cups they poured were rotten. Hopefully they’ve got that under control.

  13. Manny, that hat is pretty badaasen. Also, they have some local beers at our arena in Buffalo. I paid $9 for a large cup of Flying Bison’s Rusty Chain at the game last night. Still overpriced, but nice to not be stuck with a $8 can of Blue. Also, the new owner finally got hot water for the ladies rooms. We <3 Pegula!

  14. Maybe the cost is built into that really cool beer pouring system where you put the cup on the spout and it fills from the bottom up?

    Sally – you should. Maybe Pegula will buy you a hat. That guy is a *FAN* in the best sense of the word. The program thing is awesome. Hot water is awesome. He gives back and he loves his team and man are you guys doing perrrrrty well.

  15. Is there going to be any firing of T-shirts into the crowd tomorrow night? Or lesbian hats? (Hats into crowd, not T-shirts into hats…)

  16. @NYDNRangers@ *Michael Sauer* , as expected following Brendan Bell AHL assignment, plans to play tomorrow #NYR


    Girardi – McBust

    Sauer – Del Zotto

    Woywhatever/Erixon – Mrs. Eminger

  18. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I hope the opening group for the home opener is a flash mob who doesn’t know how to ice skate!!

    I heard chara would have accepted a trade to the rangers last week but didn’t want to play with huginsky because he only played one zone like jagr and only played that zone about every 8th shift just like jagr!

    I just passed you in the hallway and you didn’t say hi, BOGUS!!!

    love the hat!

    NYR and manny
    get an xbox kinect, pretty sucky 3 is waaay overrated!!

  19. xbox kinect it is. My wife will be SO happy! She loves when I play “angry birds” I can’t imagine the reaction to online hockey when the Rangers aren’t playing.

  20. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I would put sauer and BNMJ together on a pair, along with woywitka—> and erixon against the leaves (no chance on the last pair happening)

  21. x-sucks sux! i thought we’ve established that already? pay for online service, no blu-ray, overheats constantly…the games look silly…. wtf is so good about it??

  22. Anybody know if the Rangers will be using their 3rd Jerseys this year? I want to get a Callahan “C” jersey but don’t want to get it if they don’t use it anymore.

  23. I believe those Jersey’s will be used at numerous games (more than last year) – wasn’t it like Home, Original Six, Holidays and something else?

  24. 4generations 4 cups on

    Anybody interested in an authentic Hollweg Liberty 3rd Jersey? Game used? Get back to me.


  25. Reginald, I would imagine so. Are you going to the home opener? Good to see you back here.

    Wick, seriously? No, seriously?

    I agree, and I agree, Moose. I also wonder now that they’ve done away with the walkway inside the lower bowl, how crowded the remaining walkway (between seating areas) is going to get. Hopefully people will be smart enough to go out to the wide concourses to walk around. AND GET OFF THE BYFUYGLIEN PHONE!

  26. 4generations 4 cups on

    Trigger in DC i believe that the game on Thursday they will be wearing their 3rd jersey due to the fact its against an O6 team.

  27. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    no no no no, Thank You!!

    BNMJ=blockness monster jr=eminger

    the old xboxes sucked, the kinects rock. Very reliable, pay online eliminates almost all online issues and riff raff. Does not over heat any more than ps3s (new models don’t, old ones with ring of death were the bad ones). Blu ray is the only redeeming quality to ps3s and if you have blu ray players already (who doesn’t) then there is 0 reason to get a ps3 (and resistance is the only game not offered on xbox that is kinda cool).

  28. So wick, you want this? (and No no no no no, thank YOU)

    Girardi (PP) – McBust

    Sauer – Mrs. Eminger

    Woywhatever/Erixon – Del Zotto (PP)

  29. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    In all seriousness, if you would have passed me without saying hello back, i quite honestly would have checked you through one of the new walls at MSG!!

    I wish I was there though (just had to see if you were actually reading my posts)!!

  30. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    no no no no no no thank YOU!!!

    just eliminate mdz and you got it (trying to drive numbers here)

  31. He can hang out in the beautiful new Press Box.

    Maybe they can recall Sean Avery and put him on Defense and PPQB?

  32. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    mama is kicking your butt in fantasy (not spanking…pervert)!!

    eddie x3
    did you get your password issue remedied?

  33. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    you could, well you know, try to be a little more prustish and put forth some effort and a little less huginsky/jagrish and not really try a lot.

  34. WOW wicky. I am trying! What do you want me to do? My horses just ain’t performing. I drafter a mudder and the track is clean!

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