First day in the new digs


Needless to say, the Rangers would have been perfectly happy coming home to the old arena after the trek they’d just completed.

But to come home to the new lockerroom, new benches, and a one-third renovated Madison Square Garden for the home opener tomorrow, and for Brad Richards to be making his home debut, and for Ryan Callahan to be playing his first home game with the “C” on his shirt, well, it’s a pretty big deal. Tim Erixon also makes his Rangers home debut.

The news, first, is that Michael Sauer plans to play tomorrow, probably with Michael Del Zotto at first, maybe with his old partner Ryan McDonagh later. We’ll see. I’d guess you don’t want him playing major minutes in his first game back, but what the hell do I know?

Mike Rupp (knee) is probably out; or at least he didn’t skate today. Derek Stepan skated in the middle of Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. Ruslan Fedotenko was moved up to left wing with Richards and Marian Gaborik. Artem Anisimov centered a fourth line with Erik Christensen and Kris Newbury. Wojtek Wolski was on the left of Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust.

Now here are some interviews from the post-practice lockerrom. It was a little noisy — a very large media contingent in the building for the tour of the arena, and an added number of media because it’s the Toronto Maple Leaves, the Yankees of hockey in that respect, as tomorrow’s opponent. Henrik Lundqvist’s interview is a bit muffled because of the gallery around his locker.  Also, John Tortorella did his press conference behind the end boards as the Leaves were practicing, so there’s some banging of pucks off the glass. Sorry for that.

Here’s Brad Richards:


Here’s Ryan Callahan:


Here’s Henrik Lundqvist:


Here’s Marian Gaborik:


And here’s John Tortorella:


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  1. will be there tom night. just got a call from ranger account rep telling me the best way to get to my seat. geez i will probably be lost all game trying to get to my seat or better yet will go to get a $10 beer and not have a clue how to get back to my seat.

    guess i will get there when doors open at 530 now.

  2. eric – hopefully, as you wander around with your $10 beer, the other lost patrons will bump into you due to the overcrowded, narrow walkways spilling most of your beer.

  3. “Toronto Maple Leaves, the Yankees of hockey”

    i always laugh at that when i hear the comparison. When was the last time those “Maple Yankees” came close to a championship? forget the championship, when was the last time they even make the playoffs?? LOL

  4. Bwahahahahahaha 5-12!!!!!!

    I can hear them now: “You know. It’s a new place. Doesn’t feel like home. Still feels like we are on the road”

  5. “Canadiens are more like the Yankees.”

    Yup, lots of championships and Eh-hole fans.

  6. AMAZING Quote: VinceA would be proud:

    “In my line of work, it’s not really an option,” said tough guy Tanner Glass, one of only seven current Canucks to not to wear a visor. “I wouldn’t wear one anyway. I’m old school, Don Cherry — *Only Europeans and soft guys wear visors.” *

  7. when i think of the Yankees i think of a team that is a contender to win it all every single year. Montreal (even though they have poop load of cups) is not of of those teams. Neither is Toronto.

    Detroit is the only team, in my mind, that can be compared to the Yankees of hockey.

  8. Red Wings is a good comparison. Baseball has been around much longer than the NHL so it’s hard to really compare though.

  9. BroadwayBlueShirts on

    I was thinking of the Red Sox as a good Maple Leaf comparison.

    Huge fan base
    Original team
    Big Market City

    Leafs haven’t won recently like the Red Sox but they have won. But just not as much as the Canadiens/Yankees.

  10. I really don’t understand the MSG walkway things. Any images of what that’s supposed to look like?

  11. I think the idea is to keep the ice cooler with all the beer dripping down from the bridge. Could be the only way to improve the ice at MSG. Innovations at work!

  12. the walkway thing is stupid! its gonna create a mad distraction with all those drunk Rangers fans walking around during play

  13. plus, the walkway looks pretty dangerous… how till one of the drunk mofos falls over? what were the MSG people thinking, anyway?

  14. It seems like a pretty bad idea. It will be amazing/shocking/unsettling/horrifying when you’re watching a game and a drunk fan just splats on the ice.

  15. Torts is getting closer with the lines. all he needs to do now is put AA on the Boyle line with Fedotenko, and put Wolski with Gabby and Richards, and he’s got it.

  16. AA is not a 4th line player, so I think him being there right now is a tad foolish. I know he had success there ( 4th line) in his rookie season, but this is not his rookie season. AA has to be in the top 9.

  17. Bull Dog- I can honestly say that i completely agree with your last post. Artie-Partie needs to be top 9 (maybe even top 6) or send him somewhere to play, play, play.

  18. Callahan needs to get used to the “C” fast, and Dubi needs to get used to the idea he isn’t gonna wear it even faster.

  19. oh! Sorry @CCCP@ thanks for clarifying. I guess we won’t be able to see the drunk people fall on the ice. I will however get seats under the walkway and wait for someone to fall on me. LAWSUIT!

  20. Tortorella needs to stop re-inventing the wheel. Until Wolski hurt his groin, he was looking like a great fit on the top line.

    Put Wolski up there and see what happens. The guy is only 2 years removed from a 65 point season (something Callahan and Dubinsky will probably never reach in their careers). I find it hard to believe that at 24, his best years are behind him…

    Give him a few games of top minutes and see what happens…

  21. there are quite a few Rangers struggling right now. AA, Stepan, and Dubi to name a few. but it is early, and these guys need to be allowed to play themselves out of there slow starts.

  22. oleo,
    you are right. Wolski should be given a good 20 games on one of the top 2 lines. if he does not produce then the Rangers are going to need a scoring LW. there is not a LW on the team with the skill he has. it is time to give him a long look.

  23. You got it, @CCCP@ – if there is one thing I learned in law school it’s that declaring your intent to get injured at a public venue does *not* bar you from becoming rich during the recovery period!

  24. @CCCP@ have some patience – after the *break* where they promote other shows – Kay and LaGreca will have Torts

  25. Maybe Torts was late because someone stepped on the Logo and he was busy eating their neck out of their body. So they had to run a promo.

  26. Our PP is saved! Oh, wait, no, PP sucked at fixing the PP. And it hasn’t gotten better since. Thanks, man.

  27. wow that walkway thing looks horrible. isnt it going to be so distracting for the fans sitting in the higher sections?

  28. last year Habs were 7th in the league on PP while NYR were 18…

    09-10 season Habs were 2nd in the NHL on PP while NYR were 13th

    the morale is: once you get to NY, your job is pretty much saved no matter how bad you perform.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Welcome to MSP madison square prust, the world’s most famous arena…. Tomorrow game 1 at the Prust…..

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp = brooklyn pimp …..PRUSTWORTHY: n, v. adj. adv. prep. , pronoun, conjunction, article, & dangling participle : from the french Les big balls……To serve, defend, and protect with honor and dignity…and if someone looks at you funny….you kill them……..

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    last season in between periods….John Gia-nomb asked THE PRUST what will you do if so-and-so does this or that……THE PRUST looked at him funny and said…ahhhh I will fight him

  32. CCCP, I was obviously referring to the way the Leaves are covered when I compared them to the Yankees. Otherwise I would have compared them to the Blue Jays. But even the Blue Jays have won a bunch since the 1960s. Maybe the Houston Astros.

    I’m going to find out, hopefully tomorrow, but I think that bridge they’re going to build will be enclosed. I don’t think people will be able to spill/throw stuff or fall off of it. If they can, then that might be the most idiotic idea since the Rangers hired my pal John Muckler. Or Bryan Trottier.

    Completely disagree that Woofski will ever work on the No. 1 line, and while I think Anisimov is better than a fourth-liner, I can’t help but remember how good that fourth line was when he centered Shelley and Prust. Of course, that’s a little different than Newbury and Christensen or Rupp.

  33. Carp

    yeah i figured that’s what you meant. wasn’t giving you a hard time at all! i was just laughing at how ridiculous it sounds to compare the Leaves to the Yankees.

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric c (lower case added emphasis) may be the most under-rated player in the game…..

  35. I thought Torts was running PP, not Sullivan…Though it surely looks like Perry Pearn still is….And don’t call me Shirley..

  36. “Christensen or Rupp.”


    Could two guys be any more different with the same results?

  37. eddie eddie eddie on

    Manny – If a tree fell in the forest and eric c was in the forest, would the tree make a sound?

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    what is more crushing?….an eric c bodycheck…or a dandelion falling to the ground?

  39. Perry Pearn? Really!? Did he engineer the trade for Blowmez? Did he build a team of delicate smurfs?

  40. So now Rupp has a wonky knee? He’s not a true heavyweight to begin with, but even so, if he’s hurt, that takes some grit out of the lineup….

    They should have signed Konopka – he’s good on faceoffs and he loves to fight. I don’t want to see Prust fighting every night.

  41. bob the builder on

    This builder will be at the Nov 3rd Thursday game. Maybe they can work a Dubi trade by then, so I can see the new draft picks in person.

    Thoughtfully so,

  42. Hola, Jimbo….I would have liked Konopka too….he isn’t totally useless when he isn’t fighting…and he is a great fighter….

  43. bob the builder on

    Any MSG (no gluten) OPen bridge would be bridge over troubled ice. Can’t wait til we ramp up the negativity the first time our team is dominated at home for an extended stretch like they have each game so far. I’ve never seen a team pinned in their own zone 5-on-5 like this team. Its like the team is self-flagellating.

    WHipfully yours,

  44. Yes, NYR_FAN….I don’t see what the downside would have been to getting Konopka on board. He’s not that old, he has a good record on faceoffs *and* fights…..and I don’t think his price-tag was too high, either.

    We’re in the Atlantic Division – all the teams in this division use toughness as part of their game, at least during the regular season.

    We don’t have a heavyweight, and Prust, though willing, can’t be expected to fight every other team’s goons…

  45. True Blue Mike on

    Jimbo and NYR. Yesterday i said the same thing about wanting Konopka over the offseason but now im starting to think the Rangers didnt take Konopka because of Weise and No-berries. But now Weise is off trying to win the Cup in riotville and No-berries isn’t a very good fighter.

  46. Weise didn’t look very proficient in the pugilistic arts (and that’s an understatement!), and neither does Newberry – Rupp is OK, if healthy, but he isn’t a heavyweight either.

    I’d hate to see our guys getting pushed around by our divisional rivals all season. That will really stink.

  47. bob the builder on

    Exactly! If the straggle-toothed Sather could make an apropos apple pie, I would not be so reticent about the abundance of apples on the Rangers farm. Now we are left to deal with the Mott’s sauce. A fine pickle to find an apple in!

    Grannily yours,
    Bob, the apple of your eye

  48. bob the builder on

    SOmeone asked me yesterday (no paul McCartknee), about what is a straggle tooth. Straggle tooth=sather, MDZ’ skating and the power play. Is that descriptive enough or do my use your alliteration skills not do me david justice?

    Straggily faithful,

  49. bob the builder on

    CCCP, I know of an Odessa Turner of NY Giants lore, and son of Ike Turner with Tina Turner’s gams. That is only Odessa I know.

    Proud Merrily,
    A guy named Bob, but the good Bob..not the bad bob

  50. bob the builder on

    Next Thursday I will be by the grassy knoll on the port side of MSG Trafalgar Square if any boneheads want to see this tractor.

  51. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Great link on the helmet! Too bad you are a thread too late!!!

  52. bob-o, I’m going on Monday, don’t have tix for Thursday….

    but do you want to meet for a beer before the game Thursday? I’ll be in the city….

  53. Bob ( the good one) can certainly give Eddie3 run for his money when it comes to gibberish….Or jibberish…

  54. Stranger Nation on

    Sauer power! Sauer Power! Never see him sliding like a penguin, always in position and plays with some JAM! If he and McD continue to develop, we are looking good on back line.

    Feds tied for team scoring lead, although Kessel has almost outscored our whole team. Last season he went down and the slide started. Put him up with line 1 and throw Artie on the wing with boyle and his royal prustness.

    B Rich needs to light it up with gabba gabber doo.

  55. bob the builder on

    CCCP, i know nothing, but I do know a Didley! They were our next store neighbors in Des Moines. That family was the cornhole champions of chickaseed county!! That was a non-stragggle tooth family if i ever did see one!

  56. bob the builder on

    ilb, them bobcats is ok too….aint nothing like a nice glass of squirrel’s juice when wuz was out there wildcatting them oil pits! yeeehaw!

  57. Eddie, btw, I had Moody Blues stuck in my head all day:

    Prusts in white satin…never reaching the end…Letters I’ve written…never meaning to send.

  58. OK, Bob – thanks for the clarification – doesn’t sound like the same game as I was thinking of!! ;-D

  59. from a long time ago
    and much earlier today

    agree with CCCP
    that the walkway is idiotic
    and dangerous

  60. Yeah, one would think that “” would be a completely different type of website! Maybe one……………..never mind, Carp will kick my aasen…..

  61. also
    as far as the NYR logo on the floor
    of the locker room.

    i don’t have much of a problem with
    the identity thing of “DON’T STEP ON IT!”
    make the thing a little smaller
    for carcillo sake

    imagine if a Cup is won with Torts as coach
    with all the media, players, etc. around
    it’s sure to be stepped on
    and he’ll just be running around
    “Get Off! GET OFF!!!”

  62. billybleedsblue on

    NYR FAN, it’s not the site that worries me, it’s how exactly you may have gotten to that site in the first place… doing some research on google mayhaps? lolz :D

  63. It was Bob the Builder that told us about the site…….

    Jagr had the only Philthy goal tonight – sounds kinda like when he was here – the rest of the team takes the night off and depends on him to do all the scoring…

    Bryzgalov looked bad – and the Phlyers announcers were not sparing him any grief….

  64. That’s the second time in two weeks I’ve seen that. Last week, the Brewers closer was talking about the people in Milwaukee playing “cornhole.”

    Which reminds me, while I’ll be working post-game tomorrow, the most immature Boneheads will no doubt be watching the triumphant return of Beavis & Butt-head on MTV at 10. Alas, I will have to wait for the rerun.


  65. thanks for the update on Beavis and Butt-Head
    wondered when it was going to air
    of course
    being mtv there will be 4007 repeats of the episode.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The prust glared at a diet coke and it turned into regular pepsi….. Not quite water into wine but ding dang close …. Hi Mickey ::::

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stauewll needs THE PRUST to squeeze his temples in order to release the pain in his noodle. Concussion symptoms would run like a thief as soon as THE PRUST entered the room.

  68. Btw, don’t forget to check out the show “Good Vibes” that will air right after the B&B. It’s a classic in a making!

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – problem not fixed yet….i need to call espn and work it thru…meanwhile i am in he toilet

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    I fell into a burning ring of PRUST, i went down down down and the flames got higher and it burned burned burned the ring of PRUST…..the taste of love is sweet…when hearts like ours mets……i fell for ya like a child…oh but the PRUST ran wild….

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    So were they smart enough to get the logo off the floor so that they wouldn’t step on it?

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Did they spend a few bucks on improving the ice? I figure a counterfeit c-note would just about double the quality…

  73. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    They could have had Sather stuffed and placed out by the entrance. Or hanging from the catwalk.

    Either would be fine with me.

  74. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    They could have bought all their scouts brand new seeing eye dogs…. the current ones couldn’t spot talent if a can of Alpo hung around the player’s necks.

  75. Hugo Folkyerself on

    I bet Dolan also made the Knicks locker room larger. Because if the Garden lasts for another hundred years, they may need the space for that third championship trophy.

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