Rangers-Thrashers, er, Jets in review


“It’s pretty ugly everywhere at times now.”

That was the quote from Brad Richards (on MSG Network), who said several times several different ways that the Rangers: A) survived themselves and a brutal opening schedule and B) are not playing particularly well, even if they are playing hard most of the time and C) got eight points in the bank, and those are non-refundable.

So tell me right now that you wouldn’t have signed for eight points before the Rangers began this idiotic schedule that began with four needless exhibition games in Europe? Tell me you aren’t thrilled with the eight points despite your boys being pretty much outplayed for just about every one of the seven games?

They will get better. They must be a lot better. They can’t really get worse. It probably won’t turn on a dime now that they’re coming home to the partially renovated Garden, or now that they’re going to practice at their own facility and sleep in their own beds. It might still take a while because, boy, they have work to do.


1) Martin Biron. We know by now that this guy is a terrific backup he is. But think about the situation, where, when he plays now, he absolutely cannot afford to have a stinker. Ever. Good for him. Great teammate.

2) Girardi=Block Ness Monster. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t use Dan Girardi on the PP. He’s not bad there, really. But he’s not good enough at it for it to be worth him getting another minute added to his total, and not good enough at it for the risk that the next shift after the PP ends, somebody else will have to face the opponent’s top line.

3) Having said that, Girardi turned this game around on the PP. The Rangers PP stunk (head to toe?) for all of the first six games, and was stinking again when John Tortorella threw out some grinders on the PP. And those guys just kept it so simple, did the obvious things that the No. 1 and No. 2 units refuse to do: moved their feet, got into a position where Ruslan Fedotenko got open in the high slot and wanted the puck. Girardi faked the shot and got it to him for a re-direction and a huge goal. An enormous goal. When was the last time the Rangers, any Ranger, scored a PP goal like that, on an intentional deflection? (Granted, Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik had just been on the ice for a long shift when Gaborik drew the penalty that put the Rangers on the PP).

4) Then Ryan Callahan, who started to turn his game around (his linemates, I thought, struggled some, and were broken up) passed when he should have shot, and the puck goes in. Another PPG, not drawn up like that.

5) So they spent all of the practice the day before stressing shoot-shoot-shoot, then come out with two PPs on which they moved the puck OK, but didn’t shoot? And carry that over to even strength?

6) I defend the coach as much as anybody, and I understand that when something’s not working he doesn’t stick with it (understatement). But I don’t get why Marian Gaborik, who was one of their best players for the first six games, has to always get punished when he’s off. And I honestly don’t know if Gaborik is one of those guys who responds well to punishment. Maybe I’m wrong.

7) Brandon Prust sure loves to fight. I’d say he won that bout, but he got tagged, too. I don’t think he should be fighting every night, especially given the shoulder surgery he had. Plus, when he’s in the box for five, it messes up the line combos.

8) For a zillion years, hockey players were taught to lift the opponent’s stick. Now it’s an automatic hooking penalty? Why? WHY? WHY?

9) Andrew Ladd=Hockey player.

10) As I said earlier, I thought Dubinsky and Anisimov struggled again, but that Wojtek Wolski looked decent when he joined the second line and Dubinsky went back to the middle. And Anisimov looked better centering the fourth line. But, I maintain, the Rangers need a second line that’s legit, a scoring threat, an energy line, responsible defensively … basically, what that second line was last year. They won’t win without it.

11) Looks to me that the rookie defenseman, Jan’s kid, is really getting comfortable with the NHL game.

12) I don’t remember seeing a worse defensive-zone shift than the one just before Fedotenko drew the penalty that led to the Callahan PPG.


My Three Rangers Stars (I swear I had this written down before the post-game show).
1) Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi (and it wasn’t even close).
2) Martin Biron.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.


AP photos, above.

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  1. I like what I see in Erixon. Id there any truth to the rumor that the Rangers signed Anton Stralman? And who the hell is he?

  2. Havent watched the game in full yet, just the highlights, but there didnt seem to be too many highlights for the Rangers, which is usually a sign they stole a win (or in this case Biron and Girardi did).
    At least they fixed a couple of things it seems: penalties – only 1 minor last night; powerplay produced 2 goals (albeit one slightly fortunate one – but when you go to the net good things happen and we had 3 guys on the rush charging towards the net causing panic).

  3. Stralman would be a good pickup. Woywitka has done a solid job but the pairing of Del Zotto and Erixon just isn’t a good fit, plus Stralman is a better option on the PP than Girardi and since he is a RD it balances out the pairs.

    Erixon and Stralman would make a solid 3rd unit while Staal and Sauer are out with Del Zotto back with Eminger.

    More importantly, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Stepan and Callahan need to step it up offensively…

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    I don’t think it was punishment, Carp. Just because Gaborik played only 3+ minutes in the third doesn’t mean he was punished. I had some more cohesive ( IMO, lol) explanation last night. When I get a chance I’ll find it and repost.

  5. please move Stepan back to center. Torts was so close last night to the lines that actually need to be used.
    Wolski, Richards, Gabby.
    Dubi, Stepan, Cally.
    AA, Boyle, Fedotenko.
    Rupp, Newbury, Prust.
    play 3 lines regular, Prust will get his time on the PK as well.

  6. Gregm-section403 on

    Re: #8. Yeh. And we are still teaching kids to lift the stick–ask my 8 year old son. I didn’t see the play but lifting the stick is good smart hockey.

  7. #2/#3 are great points there Carp. I didn’t think about it that way. As I said last night though, if Girardi is going to play this many minutes he should get a few “optional” practices. How is everyone out there feeling who said we HAD to get rid of him over the offseason?

    #6: Couldn’t agree more on all points. Defend Torts to the death but don’t understand why Gaborik is ever being benched at this point. I really didn’t believe it when it was happening. He has easily been our best forward. And I agree that he doesn’t respond well to that. Let him get out there and let everybody on this team get a chance to play with him and feel the flow.

    #12: I couldn’t believe that they didn’t take a stupid penalty on that ridiculously awful defensive shift. Then Fed-O-Tank-Oh goes coast to coast and draws a hook. Who knew….Guy is a professional

  8. And – for the hat trick (unless one of you sons of B*^%#es blocks me!) I really like how quickly Erixon is progressing. A few games ago he did not look NHL ready and now all of a sudden he’s making fast smart plays. If Stawhul and SauerPauer were back he might replace Mrs. Eminger as our #6.

  9. “8) For a zillion years, hockey players were taught to lift the opponent’s stick. Now it’s an automatic hooking penalty? Why? WHY? WHY?”

    It makes you wonder why there isn’t more scoring in the NHL. You can’t hit a guy any more. You can’t stick check him. You get two minutes if you give the guy a dirty look. So, you can’t play defense and, if you do, they’ll call a penalty. With these rules, shouldn’t there be more scoring?

    It wasn’t that long ago when fourth liners were scoring 20 goals in a season. Now, a 20-goal scorer is looking for a 9 million dollar contract with a no-trade clause.

  10. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    At this point I don’t even know which players hold value…they all stink from our point of view. The Rangers are the Netflix of hockey. You think its going to be great, yet you realize the movies all are garbage.

    A straggle tooth team if I ever seen one.

    Wait til Dubi or Callie has a good stretch then unload either or preferably Dubi who I think you can still get #1 pick for (i hope) when we get closer to the deadline.

  11. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    I think there is too much positivity amongst us with regards to this straggle tooth team. We need to bring down expectations. This is an #11, #12 team and not a #7,8 like we accustomed too.

    Always and forever,

  12. trade duby or cally? our captain? why? i cant believe you would suggest this after 7 games. i doubt you trade duby and get a first round pick back, especially a pick from a team in the bottom 5. he is right now one of our only lw’ers and is struggling right now yes, but cmon, u cant give up on him this early. u get rid of cally and/or duby without getting a top 6 forward or top offensiv d man wth a hardshot fromthe point back, we might as wel start from scratch again, and this is the time when we have the best chance with hank, richards and gabby stil in their primes to try to compete for a cup. i know cally isnt more than a 50 point guy ok, but he is so much more valuable to this team than just stats suggest.

  13. Grabby – I completely agree with you. I would say though, given the emotional turbulence that occurs around here, I wouldn’t be so surprised that these psychotic notions are brandied about.

  14. I’m a longtime reader of this blog. Just wanted to respond to Carp’s question:

    “When was the last time the Rangers, any Ranger, scored a PP goal like that, on an intentional deflection?”

    I remember two of them: one involving Sean Avery and Marek Malik (I think) against the Islanders, and one with Shanahan redirecting a pseudo-shot by Rozsival. These were at least three years ago.

    Love the blog; let’s go Rangers!

  15. You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.

  16. Bob,

    I disagree. Rangers have played in Europe, West Coast – no home games – without Stahl and mostly without Sauer. Richards is adjusting to the new team and surroundings. Things can only get better. Most writers tabbed them a 6 seed in the East and I agree.

    They are not scoring at all and still getting points. Their forecheck and hitting game have been almost non-existent. Hockey is so much about peaking late in the season and hopefully this will happen for this edition.

  17. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Thank goodness we’re not questioning our goaltending. Lord knows that’s all we have cooking at the moment. I’ll take the points… But they can’t go all season like this. Unless they keep winning. Then I’ll take it!

    I’m pumped that I’m going to the game Thursday! Home opener here I come!

  18. Hockey is such a long season, so many ups and downs. You have to let the team develop and coalesce, particularly this year with the unique travel schedule out of the gate. Plus, additions, especially bigger ones like Richards, need time to adapt to a new situation. That too has been harder, I am guessing, by the schedule. I agree with Carp – take the 8 points and let’s let the team settle in and see how they progress.

  19. iDoodie machetto on

    Holy byfuglien they were rotten last night. Is there a team more reliant on their goaltending than ours?

  20. “6) I defend the coach as much as anybody, and I understand that when something’s not working he doesn’t stick with it (understatement). But I don’t get why Marian Gaborik, who was one of their best players for the first six games, has to always get punished when he’s off. And I honestly don’t know if Gaborik is one of those guys who responds well to punishment. Maybe I’m wrong.”

    …. Egorella

  21. Rangers played well for the first two periods when the thrashers were flat but when they got going they dominated the Rags and the Rags got lucky

  22. That is dedication iDoodie!

    Fedora? No? I think we all have to start wearing Fedora’s to the games.

  23. Carp pointed it out but I’ve never seen a team flop on the ice like the ranger players were doing last night. They keep that up and I will call them the New York Floppers. If it wasn’t for the rangers goal tending these first 7 games, I’m not sure the rangers would even have a point. it’s been dreadful so far but the good thing is the season has just started and they have plenty of time to straighten it out.

  24. 8 of 14 pts since traveling since sept 26th. at this point who cares how bad they are and they definitely are the bottom line is we kept our head above water on this 7 game trip.

    now lets go home and get our butts in gear. would love a 4-1-1 homestand.

    san jose

    its do able

  25. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    I was most impressed with Biron last night. One of the best efforts by a Blueshirt backup goalie in some time.

    Great to come away with a win– not going to read to much into the fact that the ‘boys were pretty mediocre, but let’s take the pts and run.

    Looking forward to seeing them at home.

    (Also, I have a feeling we might see one of the young pups up and playing on that #1 line if we can’t find a good pairing for Brad and Gabby. Thoughts?)

  26. Can’t wait to go to the Sabres-Lightning game tonight! But not nearly as excited as seeing the Rangers in Dec. Better start fedora shopping soon!

  27. I’m with Bulldog- given the performance of several guys thus far Stepan needs to go back to center- maybe thatll put the magic back in magic pan.

    As for Dubinsky I’m not worried. He’s never consisten at playing well OR poorly. He’ll hit his stride

  28. Good morning, Sally!

    We should have a fedora for the best comment on a game thread. But we’d need a way to decide. Thoughts?

  29. It’s only a size 57 though which is a 7&1/8 or a Medium size. It is a Borsalino though. :-0 (jimbo face!)

  30. Del Zotto was much better and more confident than in previous games.
    Woywitka was decent, very good signing for 8th defenseman.

    Cally, Duby, Artie – terrible.

    Stepan – very poorly; must work several hours every practice on the accuracy of the shots.

    The decision to bench Gaby is beyond idiotic; it was obvious at that time that the team is dead tired and you take out a player who is a great skater and puck handler??? It was only luck that saved Tort’s ass.

  31. yep putting avery and all 4 of his goals last year on the 1st line since he is such a good finisher!!!!!!!!!!!

    the avery blind love is classic, he is a good 4th liner leave it at that.

    staal situation is not good……..they have 8 points and have not outplayed anyone. dominated no period…not sure what is going on, they seem to be losing the battles for the puck, on the walls, having turnovers in there own zone when the likes of gabby love to go backwards etc…

  32. Fedotenko deserved the “broadway hat” just for getting up after Byfuglien knocked the byfuglien out of him………what a hit

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – how about an award for the biggest negative nancy – some folks will never be happy…

  34. I read that Richards started the winner’s hat. A bunch of teams around the league are doing/have done similar things. The Caps give out a hard hat, the Blackhawks have a championship belt like in wrestling and I believe the Penguins even give out a shovel. There was a article on nhl.com a few days back about the new trend.

  35. stuart a….how many assists did avery have last year and where did that rank on the team? if you put him with richards and gaborik you think his role would be goal scoring?

    carp, is it possible that byfuglien tweaked gaborik a little in the 3rd right before byfuglien tripped up richards for a penalty? i thought i saw gabby get sort of hit from behind, jammed into the boards and come away slowly as if he got stung? i could be wrong…

    sloppy play but we eeked out a win. and yes, 8pts in 7 road games, i’ll take that any time. if you are telling me that in the 41 road games this year we’ll get 47 points, sign me up.

  36. Newman – I remember being worried after that hit on Gabby; it didn’t look good. Good question, I wonder if there is something to that.

  37. Lol, they are in 7th place with the way they played!

    Speaking of home opener. Still trying to get a few boneheads for pregame festivities that may involve a couple of beers and plenty of gibberish. Have a couple of response. If interested, email me at ilb2001@nyp.org

  38. One of the things I like about Biron is that he’s not wedded to the Butter -fly……….He uses it of course, it is an established defensive ploy…but it’s NOT a style.
    I have seen him on several occasions drop the stacked pads and done the lateral slide, which the greats of yesteryear used … Glen Hall, Terry Sawchuk etc.) But look at how many goalies today are on their knees at the first hint of an opponent coming their way ( and how many times they get nailed) on over the shoulder or head shots, that they are beautifully spread to counter an along the ice or low shot, but dead meat for a lifted one.

  39. Carp, I just realized that regular meeting place (press box) isn’t there this year. I’ll be with Linda, so I can navigate her. But where?

  40. I’m glad to walk away with the 8 points. That being said. My assessment is as follows for this early season. NYR look like mishmash to much line changing, I get that torts is looking for a spark (Hartford). I can tell you from my dating life sometimes I had to go out with the game girl multiple times to realize I liked them or didn’t like them, love at first sight is some thing you read aout or see in the movies. Give the players a few games with out shifting the lines, let them figure out who they want to date………fair analogy?

    Point of the day- this team last year out worked every team in the 3rd period, out hustled every team in the 3rd period. This was the staple of hard work that succeed last year and was supposed to be product of coach tortorella. Is this the fault of the crazy start to the season, bad preseason conditioning or the players not responding to the program this year? This was the difference, what made Cally, Dubby, AA, Feds, Boyle and Prust so effective they need to regain the legs and grit they had last season. If they all have regressed and we oly added Richie we’ll be on par with the last few years………fighting for the last spot…….

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Newman – spot on brother there are no bad road victories especially inthe middle of nowhere in the Great White North.

    Thought Woolski started out well in 1st and faded through out the game. At one point he was hustling backchecking and caucght up to the puck carrier on a 2 on 2 break and then proceeded to drift behind him with no other foward in the picture and not play the body or puck for that matter.

    These are the plays that put him on the bench – could not/would not check the puck carrier. Must drive Torts nuts.

  42. Guys – it’s true. With Avery on this team we could have scored maybe as many as 1 more goals so far!

  43. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    Grabby and Greg,

    The only reason I say trade Dubi and Callie because those are our most worthy pieces. And I agree greg, hockey all about rising up at end of season, but this team is straggle tooth slow! Look at how teams FLY around us..MDZ has 25lb dumbbells inserted into his skates..what other reason for the straggly tooth stride where his feet dont leave the ice…he must have been playing against slow 16yr olds when rangers started getting all ga-ga for him.

    Yes, I know that would mean starting over. I am ok with that…just give us fast players, and not a starting over where we shoot for #7,8…lets have a legitimate pick for once and finish last or second to last. I think you guys are too positive at times. More panic needed.

    Humbly submitted,

  44. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    MDZ skates like that fat kid from the Goonies…Ruth, Ruth…Baby…Ruth

  45. they are not trading there recently appointed 26 year old captain after 7 games. the probability is the same as you getting hit by a meteorite.

    my 7 game report card. henrik a, biron a, girardi a, gabby b+, mcdonagh A,erixon b, MDZ b-,. rest of the team C’s or less………AA, gets a D, EC gets a D. Bottom line almost no one is contributing at a high level including callahan, dubinsky, Stepan(hit the net)……

  46. Speed is on the way……..eventually that is.

    Hagelin, Bourque and Kreider can all fly(Thomas too but I believe he is further away.) Eventually we will add speed without losing Cally or Dubi.

    Keep calm and carry on…

  47. Sorry, but people who say that MDZ is a poor skater really have no idea what they talking about.

    Is he as good a skater as McD? Not really. His defensive play can improve, no question. But the idea that he is slow and “straggle-toothed” while skating is ridiculous…

  48. I don’t know what I understand less- the meaning of “straggle tooth” when it’s applied to skating or the idea of trading Callahan and Dubinsky.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    7 game report card on a crazy road trip – let’s wait until the thermometer gets below 32 F in NY before we assess talent.

    Do like Feds moving up to line 1 or 2 and Step getting a look at center on Line 2 as long as we are using the Torts Line Shuffler…

  50. the 7 game report card is a progress report, mid terms are not for a while and finals are a long way down the road, and this is a 2 semester season. I am just saying guys so far have not lived up to expectations but that said having 8 points is not bad…

  51. Nice Job, ORR. I will remember that and if you’re correct I will give you a fedora. I will run it over by a car first so it looks like the Rangers one.

  52. stuart,
    Where is Fedotenko on your card? (The best and most useful universal field soldier – unsung hero, IMHO). I think, this guy can play all hockey alphabets from A to Z. During the game he is mentioned gazillion times, yet still somehow left unnoticed under most of the fans radar.

  53. Mroning ILB and all!!

    hey sallycrepes how are you girl??

    Like the write up, thanks!

    I thought that BNMJ played fairly well again. Yes, OPG had a good game, but he has started the penguin routine again (after I complemented him the other night, figures). Biron was great and feds and prust played great/very good games respectively!

    My question is why did AA get sent to to 4th line? I mean performance I guess, but he wasn’t as bad as one of his other former linemates.

    Which leads to my next question, I am just asking this for a legitimate answer, not to rip the guy apart, but what is with dubi. Why does this guy never get put on the 4th line or find the bench for periods at a time? Is his mental state that fragile? I mean rupp, prust, gabby, AA, and I think richards have all found the bench at some point, and none of them have been totally absent for long stretches like dubi has? Again not picking on dubi or torts, but why has this not happened?

    I am not saying trade or fire anyone.

    I also thought that erixon didn’t see that much time in the 3rd (as well as woywitka—>). Did anyone else notice that?

    I think woywitka—> is a better puck handler under pressure than MDZ.

    The five guys that were caught on the ice in the defencive zone for that long shift couldn’t get the puck out of the zone, but thought they did a great job keeping the puck out of the net and defending the best they could with a couple of them dinged (richards and prust) from blocking shots!

    That is all!!

  54. Especially if Tortles benches him, he’ll have a lot of time to dig for that special booger. You know, the one that has that nice subtle shade of green, and the snot string that is glued to the nostril.

    Winner, winner, booger dinner!

  55. NYR,
    Agree, MDZ possess some random, above average skills and average skating ability, but his problem, I think, is terribly low hockey IQ – his decision making process is just horrifying. And, unfortunately, this type of deficiency almost incurable, even with accumulating experience, (which just slightly corrects it).

  56. 4ever, can’t say I really agree with what you wrote. The hockey IQ and skill is what makes MDZ special, if he didn’t have those qualities, why would the Rangers hold on to him? Yes, last year he’d shown signs of unsureness with the puck. Yet, I see improvement. I think the “problem” is that he is young and Rangers fans expect him to be a #1 PP QB at 20 years old…

  57. Bob is so negative that he actually made Grabby make a positive comment! ROFLMAOAAO

    Orr, bob asked you who Dublowsky was last night…i nearly cried.

    NYR_FAN, MDZ obviously talented and I like that the kid desperately wants to score…we have too few like that. His overall speed is an issue tho…guy his size should be faster and nifitier.


    FInally, I love you all…haven’t told you that yet this year. xoxo

  58. I disagree with the assessment that Del Zotto’s skating skills or hockey IQ are low. I think the problem, if there is one, is that he’s a gambler, like Zubov was. Only that he doesn’t get the freedom to not fear making a mistake. So he becomes tentative, and then his mistakes are magnified.

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Blaming Dubi and Cally when they have an underperforming center. Not loving Dubis skating, what is the over/under on falls per game? Who is on ice more – Dubi or Gman? Cally does it as well – this blocking shots habit will be his downfall.

  60. I thought Del Zotto’s skating looked decent last night. His offense looked good and his puck handling looked pretty solid. He makes a lot of stretch passes that are risky and he takes a few risks on defense, as Carp says. The only way for him to get better is to play and learn and he should be out 5th or 6th guy. That’s fine with me

  61. MDZ, imo, is settling nicely. Once Sauer is back, everything settles even more. MDZ should be playing 3rd pair minutes against weaker lines and used on PP.

  62. “My name is Ben Sobel… -lioni. Ben Sobellioni. I’m also known as, uh, Benny the Groin, Sammy the Schnazz, Elmer the Fudd, Tubby the Tuba, and once as Miss Phyllis Levine.”

  63. Is that why it happens? Sometimes I don’t swear in my post and I just post something sweet and really nice about someone on here and then it doesn’t work! The refresh leaves me at the top of the page! My sweet-nothings are not saved for posterity!

  64. eric October 25th, 2011 at 12:26 pm


    will be at the opener on thursday. where can we meet and whos going from here.

    I’ll be there.
    Sec 336.

  65. LinCalPruBoylahan on

    i know i am pregaming with a veteran bonehead since we are getting in pretty early. postgame is open so just let me know! first time posting from my phone so excuse any typos

  66. Possible line combos in the not too distant future:

    Richards centering for Gaborik and Feds – #26 would bring a ton of defensively responsibility
    Artie centering for Callie and Dubi – Solid second line – production will come
    Stepan centering for Bourque and Hagelin – Could be a good energy line
    Boyle centering for Prust and Rupp – Ranger version of the crash line

  67. Quality of play aside, it’s not just the points earned on this unusual road trip that’s a positive, it’s also the surplus of home games they’ve accrued.
    They’ve weathered the storm pretty well, but taking advantage of this benefit is key in determining the success or their trip as well as the rest of the season IMO.
    They’ve got to get to work and they need to win at MSG.

    Remaining games:
    41 home – 34 away

    Sally – I think the current wearer of the hat chooses the new recipient, and it’s not always meant to go to the guy with the most goals or Hank every other game, but often the unsung hero type player. It gives role players a chance to be recognized for what they do, by their team mates no less.

  68. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’ll be at the opener too! Though I’ll be with guys from my job, so I’m not sure if I can get away and meet up, but I’ll be in sec. 115 I think with my Heritage Staal jersey on! LGR!!

  69. fedetenko has been a B so far. when expectations are low grading is always higher. fedetenko is a good 3rd or 4th line forward. fairly responsible and a har worker with some skill.

    prust, feds, and boyle have been ok… Not bad but not real good…..prust with less penalties would have gotten a higher grade….

  70. Carp, I must totally agree with you MDZ is hamstrung by the fear of making a mistake. Coaches like Torts do that to their players and accept no responsiblity for their over reaction.

  71. >>>BNMJ?

    Yeah – who is that!? I swear, the code talk around here gets harder to follow every day! Who is Ben Sobel!? Confused! :-O

  72. I have never seen the Yankees lose live and I have never seen the Rangers win live. It’s a trade off.

  73. Bob – “I think you guys are too positive at times. More panic needed”

    And, tell me what good will it do for fans to panic? I don’t see where it helps anything.

    All – How come people get upset when Torts shuffles lines a lot then comes on a blog and says “We should put this guy on the first line and that guy on the second and move this guy to the fourth…..” Isn’t that what Torts is doing?

    Carp, re: MDZ afraid to make mistakes. I agree. It’ll make you tentative and, at this level, if you hesitate a split second longer it’s the difference between completing the pass and having a turnover.

    Speaking of turnover, I could use one with my coffee.

  74. I’ve got to credit the “negatives” with some great imagination though. First we had Totalretard and Turderella, now Overcoacherella and Egorella. Creativity of the highest order.

  75. Jimbo- he is the same character in Analyze that too… :-)

    “You wanna see the manager? I’ll show you the manager! Here is the manager! Right here! He just said: Throw ’em out! He is the boss!”

  76. Good afternoon all! Hey Sally, from blushirtsunited:

    The Rangers won their third game of the season Monday—a 2-1 victory over the Jets in Winnipeg—and goaltender Martin Biron earned the Broadway Hat distinction as player of the game. He joins Henrik Lundqvist (in Vancouver) and Brandon Prust (in Calgary) as recipients of the stylish lid which the players picked up during the European trip and will present following victories all season long.

    It’s almost Thursday!!!!

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Cross Check – great points – who cares if he shuffles lines and number of PKs early in season has forced Torts to anyway. Definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over and expecting differrent results. Another definition is reading RR blog posts during or after a loss.

    MDZ is learning the balance to playing with more control given he and his partner are relative newbies. Last season, when brought up he tried to whip his patented wrist shot/ hard pass through the neutral zone almost every shift. This season, only one or two times per games with similar poor results – it rarely connects. He is playing steady, not spectacular, but steady and that is what they need given the state of their back line. He has taken the body better and also made quicker decisions with the puck when clearning the zone.

    There is no place like home, there is no place like home, (except last season)

  78. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    Cross Check Starkist Charlie,

    I just think in general the comments are too positive for this team going forward and even in reverse. Expectations should be tempered or even tempura’d if fried flakes is your fancy. This team needs top shelf talent by way of draft. Do you not bristle at the Oilers nascent basement dwellers now with young men filled with inspiration? Our draft picks are men three apples high reigning from Norway. Maybe we need to draft more three name players. Panic is an option. That panic shall manifest in the rangers being a fishing net seller at the deadline. Brenden Dubinsky being the main protagonist in that trading play.

    Scornfully yours,

  79. “Our draft picks are men three apples high reigning from Norway”

    I have no idea what that means, but it cracked me up.

  80. “Our draft picks are men three apples high reigning from Norway. ”

    Where do I start?


    I like Tortles the best!

  81. What? No Befuglien = Monster as one of your talking points? Probably rightfully so, he may be built like a monster, but he didn’t play like one last night. Neither did the Rangers for that matter. It’s okay though, decent road trip, time to come home to the greatest place on earth!!

  82. Bob – Shrimp tempura sounds good. As for us fans panicking, how is that going to get them top shelf talent? I still don’t understand. It sounds more like you want the Rangers’ management to panic. And, shouldn’t they be making sound assessments of their team rather than panicking?

  83. Thanks, Carp – I saw that flick, but I would never have remembered the name……

    How about BNMJ?

  84. >>>It’s only a size 57 though which is a 7&1/8 or a Medium size. It is a Borsalino though. :-0 (jimbo face!)

    Thank you, Manny! I never heard of a Borsalino, though – are you a haberdasher!? :-O

  85. How can a hat bought overseas be called a Broadway Hat? I didn’t see any Broadways in Stockholm….

  86. Borsalino makes really fine hats. That one happens to be a bit on the “jewish” looking side. Kind of like the one that Biron was wearing last night

  87. Hahaha. I should bring my fedoras to MSG and wait for a hat trick and then unleash a frisbee like fedora throw onto the ice.

  88. We should all be panicking because Turderella stinks (like his name suggests) and Brendin Dubinski is trade bait (maybe we can a get a 2nd rounder, maybe not)….just sayin’

  89. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Sorry, was in a mtg all day.

    BNMJ=blockness monster jr=eminger

  90. True Blue Mike on


    I pulled these names out of a hat and made better lines than torts!

  91. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    dde, you noticed my inference last night to the regard?

    Best wishes,

  92. saw on hockeybuzz the calgary/ranger rumor nonsense.

    i do not trade anisimov for bourque. AA is 6 years younger, better defensively, with room to get bigger physically etc. It has been 7 bad games for AA he has improved for 3 straight seasons he has up side.

    NO trade for rene bourque whi is basically a low to mid 20 goal scorer, AA can do that..

  93. True Blue Mike on

    Okay everybody this is what will happen to your New York Rangers during the 2011-2012 season:

    In the home opener on October 27th Henrik Lundqvist will get injured and will be out for most of the season. Staal will stay on long term IR for the rest of the season. Sauer will have a reoccurring shoulder injury and Gaborik will have another injury plagued season. The Rangers will come in 4th to last in the NHL but still claim the number one pick but of course they will have traded it to Nashville to Shea Weber who came over at the trade deadline to fill in for a depleted D-corps that is missing Staal, Sauer and Girardi for the last 6 games due to blocking a shot! In the trade we also lose AA and MDZ along with Chris Kreider and our 2nd round pick. On July 1st 2012 Shea Weber was signed in Toronto for a 22 year 8.5 million contract for a whopping total amount of 187M dollars. Also on July 1st the Islander’s sign Zach Parise to a 7 year 5 million dollar contract and Alexander Semin to a 3 year 5 million dollar contract. Making their lines:

    (Insert 3 1st round pick from the last 5 years)

    We then lose to the Islanders 6 times a season for the next 4 years. Until a kid by the name of (Insert Rangers number 1 overall in either the 2013,2014,2015,2016 draft) finally scores a hatrick and beats the Islanders in OT. 17 years later we finally make the playoffs.


  94. Yep, and I’d been suspecting the same thing prior to your post. He replied but didn’t acknowledge the Rod Lurks reference. Not that I really care other than wanting to know what trade rumors he can vaguely not tell us about.

  95. Stuart,
    “…fedetenko has been a B so far… is a good 3rd or 4th line forward. fairly responsible… with some skill. feds, have been ok… Not bad but not real good…”
    That’s about a guy who, so far, is leading team in points, with more puck possession time among our offence, best defense oriented player, one of very few, playing in all situations, with practically no visible mistakes, giving every night 110%. Oh, and all this for a very modest, unassuming money.
    What else could he possibly do to be more respected in your “book of ranks”? (or deserve a Capital letter in his name, at least). With so much objective negatives to talk about team performance and personalities, we have sometimes to give some credit where it due, shall we?
    And that’s not an Avery syndrome.

  96. True Blue Mike on

    No it’s me, Carp. Just bored, waiting for the Islander game to start… Hoping Cooke and Kunitz score some goals tonight for my fantasy team because Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Carter and Briere sure ain’t doing it.

  97. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    very perceptive, dde…similar thought processes here… sounds like we both play a bit of poker…AND MORE!

    King of Diamonds,

  98. ddeb,

    Based on the hilarity of the posts alone, I first thought that “bob the builder” was Eddie x3 incognito…wishful thinking, I guess!

  99. Bob – Glad you didn’t say Queen of Diamonds, I’ve been programmed to do bad things.

    Tru Blue Mike-

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

    I’ll say you’ve committed yourself a bit more than erics “we need a power play goal” _prediction_

  100. True Blue Mike on

    Hahahaha i knew i would get some laughter out of the comments directed towards my post but i legit almost died after reading that. >>> May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. hahahhahahahhahhahahahah

  101. ddebened,

    “Yep, and I’d been suspecting the same thing prior to your post. He replied but didn’t acknowledge the Rod Lurks reference. Not that I really care other than wanting to know what trade rumors he can vaguely not tell us about.”

    I’ve never posted under a moniker other than Rod, though I’ve had several surnames, basically one every time Carp gets a hair up his butt and bans me (while he let’s his buttkissers continue bashing me unscathed). Whatever. I always remembered you as one of the more level-headed posters, but some here have no clue.

    Rangers were within a hair of swinging something with Minnesota, for Shultz and Latendresse. Some saying it could still go through and Wild just wanted to take a look at Wolski last night, which is why I don’t like mentioning names.

    But I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the deal I heard, so whatever.

    Last I heard, like everyone else, they’re locking up Stralman, which is a good move.
    And and a returning Sauer would really solidify things on D, but, as I’m sure have noticed, that’s not what’s been hurting them (despite the goalies being barraged).
    It’s the frickin’ 2nd line, and the mishmosh Torts has made of the 4th.

    Just keep in mind if Boston college exits the playoffs early Kreider could be with this team in time for the stretch. And I’ll leave it to you to figure who that could make expendable and what it might fetch.

    Interesting times we live in…

  102. NYR_FAN – lol you might be right rabbit, also with Mickey making reference to him in a way that was a bit odd.

    bob: 1. e4

  103. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So the last part of your mdz post from about 6 hours ago raises an interesting question.

    If mdz is afraid to play his type of game for fear of a mistake, and his play is then tentative and not where it should be, what do we do with him.

    Clearly mdz doesn’t want to end up in the doghouse by playing instinctively and at times making mistakes, so do we keep a player not playing up to his abilities to play for a coach whose system he doesn’t fit in (apparently) or should we trade him to a more free wheeling safe is death type of team?

    I am not advocating a trade, just curious.

  104. Rod said:

    “Carp gets a hair up his butt and bans me”

    “Rangers were within a hair of swinging something with Minnesota”

    i hope it wasn’t the hair from Carp’s butt!! LMFAO!!

  105. Thanks, C3….so, is the Borsalino a hat or a film, or both!? Manny knew what kind of a hat it was (not a fedora) so I was wondering if he was in the hat business, but then I remembered that he’s a lawyer, Lord forgive him……

  106. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I get it that some players styles will not mesh with certain systems (none of this is meant to be a dig on torts btw) so why keep him if his instincts are kyboshed to play within the system.

    I said something about looking at Schultz from minny the other day, but latendress

  107. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Sorry hit enter too soon. Continuing

    Letendress has potential, but gets injured quite a bit if I remember correctly

  108. I see – thanks, C3 – an Italian company, by the sound of the name……so, it’s not a particular “style” of hat then? Like a Fedora is? Or a Homburg?

  109. Not yet, Wicky – not a single penalty in the first period, which is now over. Pens 1-0, but severely outshot by the fishies…

  110. Boy, not too obvious what’s going on on the Island – they just had a between-periods segment showing how much balls the Fishies had in fighting the Pens in that 9-3 game last year, and it was capped off with an advertisement for season-ticket packages and game packages…..

  111. They didn’t show DiPietro getting his face busted by the Pens goalie, though – I wonder why!? Was that in a different game?

  112. So… *if* Kreider’s team finishes early in 4-5 months’ time, he *might* join the Rangers, which *might* make *somebody* expendable which *could* bring a return of *something* …

  113. 2-0 Pens, 21 seconds into the 2nd period – they must have been watching the between-periods show!~

  114. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    I can assure I am not the avatar known as Eddie to the power of three, but it warms the cackles of me heart to know that my posts offer a respite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show that is the current edition of the New Transylvanian Rangers. Is that why they play near Pennsylvania station? the mind wonders…it really do.


  115. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    3CP0, i think eddie to the polynomial of 3 is on a brendon prust royal carribean cruise…with real life madame tussaud version of brendon prust!

    Waxing philosophically,

  116. lol CCCP

    “Carp gets a hair up his butt and bans me”

    There’s a “pulls a rabbit out of his aasen” joke there somewhere

  117. I temporarily dislike Dupuis. Salty Dupuis is on my fantasy team. Thanks for the goal!!

    I picked up Conklin, because I figured the Wings would destroy the win-less Jackets, but they’re down 3-1.

    Better get back in it!

  118. True Blue Mike on

    Let’s play a little game called “WHAT IF?!?”:
    I went through each draft since the Ranger’s won the cup in 94′. So from the 1995 Draft until the 2011 Draft and I swapped who ever the Rangers chose with their picks in those years with the best possible pick in that Draft. This is the team we would have today…




    I am just saying………………………………….

    (And yes i understand that we would not be able to afford this team under the cap, even so there is a line up you could put together that would work and would be amazing.)

    Other notables we could have had:Briere, Visnovsky, Cammaleri, Byfgleuin, Molson, Mike green, Radulov and Streit!

    Im so bored…

  119. I have only one thing to say..I have tickets (3)for the home opener. Right under Sam in the press box. Dead center ice.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    Our Prust who art number 8, hallowed be thy name….thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on the ice , as in heaven, give us this goal, our daily hopes, and forgive us our penalties as torts forgives Avery….lead us to the cup and deliver us from 9th place…..divine is the power and the glory so help my bruthas

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    i just woke up from a coma…why isnt Avery playing first line LW???? PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME….I beg you

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – a lot of my players are hurt…and i cannot remember my password to make any moves….

  123. nyr
    I really think that schultz from minny is on the radar (i’ve kinda thought that since our scouts were at the nucks minny game the other day) of slats. I think he would be a good pick up.

    WW would seem a likely move dollar wise, just an opinion though!

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    Prust never sleeps is my favorite neil young song…….Avery would have 8 goals if he were a ranger

  125. ps3 wickster.

    oh, and i got hard hittin, mean, crease clearing d man for ya that i’ll be willing to move. but have to include EC or no deal!!

  126. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    that last comment was a hint into my secret identity, NYR_FAN!

  127. i heard that there is a strong possibility that we could be making a trade for a dman, or a forward by the trade deadline at the latest!! im pretty sure my sauce said it will likely happen either before or on theday of the trade deadline. after that we could be making a trade at the upcoming draft also. there could be picks involved. not sure. but pretty sure

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    bob – i was actually serving time in the big house…..2 months….the crime…..suggesting Avery play first line LW….

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan……breathe deep my brutha….the gallowing gloom, watch lights fade from every room….

    AVERY for C

  130. remember the avery record? its no coinkydink that as soon as tarts got here it was the end of aves. i will never forgive tarts for that

  131. Eddie –

    Sweet 16 is now a Whale. A fish…I mean, a mammal…

    Avery still drives a lot of traffic here….firetorts, bybytorts, Lloyd Braun…etc….

  132. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    grabborik, avery came here like a house on fire then developed into a straggle tooth player…you have to admit that.


  133. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    NYR_fan, can you guess my secret identity? Its not William Katt of Greatest American Hero lore..that i can assure you.

  134. True Blue Mike on

    I went through each draft since the Ranger’s won the cup in 94’. So from the 1995 Draft until the 2011 Draft and I swapped who ever the Rangers chose with their picks in those years with the best possible pick in that Draft. This is the team we would have today…




    I am just saying………………………………….

    (And yes i understand that we would not be able to afford this team under the cap, even so there is a line up you could put together that would work and would be amazing.)

    Other notables we could have had:Briere, Visnovsky, Cammaleri, Byfgleuin, Molson, Mike green, Radulov and Streit!

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – can you imagine what chris christie’s mattress and boxspring say when its nite nite time?

  136. lol E^3^ good to see you’re in mid season form

    Bob are you really Captain Merrill Stubing?

    If not, are you a _Misfit_?

  137. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    If your reference is to the 420 or the mary jane, this tractor only runs on good ol fashioned Iowan corn based ethanol brought to you by the ridiculous subsidies of the USA gubmint. We shall have cars run on sugar, but unfortunately all the food will have been burned in the moving of said vehicles…oh so sowwy…

    ahh soo!,

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    mommy …..daddy is really hungry…he just ate all of the food and the fridge…then he ate the fridge…..mommy …i am scared…he might eat me next….

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    Prusts in white satin…never reaching the end….letters are written, never meaning to send……

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hope my probation officer doesnt read this blog….i will not be taken alive next time…

  141. wicky, I didn’t take it that way at all. in fact, I didn’t even remember it.

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about the last little while, but it sounds like you’re having fun. So continue …

  142. eddie eddie eddie on

    my asian brutha….mao say it to me tung……..i love chicken kung pao…..know what i be sayin?

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    mao – i was on the himalayan mountain range contemplating the meaning of all that is and isnt……then it came to me……the question shouldnt be what is and what isnt……the question should be…why isnt Avery playing first line LW and wearing the C….the skies opened, and i felt the hand of our savior L Ron Hubbard…reach out and touch the essence of my sole (I was eating some fish)…then i realized that all can be everything that was…..eggg eggggg eggggggg

  144. eddie, maybe you just forgot to eat the wasabi with the sushi, and it was a slight touch of japanese green gamma food poisoning from the Yamaha nuclear plant 3 miles north of Kawasaki Park.

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – we are spoofing on the Gov. of NJ and his 148 inch waist line……or as marty would say…my sponsor at our weekly food aholics meetings….

  146. Bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    Brendon ‘Adrian’ Prost is an admirable Ranger…. unfortunately, he is mired and ranks among a slew-footed team of dull bladed skaters. Even the Gay Blade of Zorro is faster than Del Zotto. Coincidence? Maybe they were down in Zucotti park eating manicotti??


  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    bob – THE PRUST need not have to skate fast…one sideways glance and you spontaneously combust……nutin faster than flame, my brutha…except chris christe after hearing the dinner bell

  148. NYR_FAN,

    I work in Sunset Park, so the only occupiers here are from China… if the #OWS had some intellectual footing I might be able to get behind them a tad, but not because I’m anti-wall street because of bank bailouts…no bailouts would have been a disaster as you know…I just know too many traders and finance people that are the dregs of humanity, so I like to see them the target of derision.

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    if chris christie played goalie……his SO string would be seasons long… nothing getting past that massive frame…..and i am talking no equipment…old school goalie-ing

  150. that bob is a riot!!! at least he keeps us entertained!! re: manicotti! lol

    bob, is you be eye-talian?

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan…you be heading out west sometime to dinkity dank, funk soul brother check it out now

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    mao, my asian rasin, that be a PRUST SHAW…..NYR fan…christie’s # would be 45633745627263….which coincides with his daily calorie intake….

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan…one of the bruins brought the cup to pebble beach last summer…i almost went over to check it out…but my hate for all that is boston wouldnt allow it…

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    well….i needs to run…but i wil be black faster than you can say Ranger First Star,,,,#16, SEAN AVERY

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp – you brooklyn pimp…they are hanging loose and full of juice…nearly dragging on the ground….

  156. cccp- u sir are good. i wil keep practicing fer sure. i’ll check out the trade tommorow. later heads.

  157. NYR
    sorry bro, i posted the open spots and didn’t see you had interest…if I have anyone bail, you will be the first call!!

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