It’s Go Time!


Game 7. The end of the odyssey.

The Rangers need a point to have gone through this ridiculous 16,500-mile schedule at NHL-.500, or a win to top that.

Martin Biron gets his first start of the season in goal in place of sore-footed Henrik Lundqvist (Biron’s playing because it’s time for him to play, not because of Hank’s tootsies).

Jeff Woywitka is back in the lineup, in place of Brendan Bell. Wojtek Wolski returns from his groin injury and one-game prucha to replace Erik Christensen, who is prucha’d.

Wojtek and Woywitka?

Marc Staal and Michael Sauer remain sidelined.

Home game for trainer Jim Ramsay, and for the second Atlanta franchise to migrate North.

And, if you’re wondering, that’s the Jets logo from the early 1970s WHA days.

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  1. We sucked from head to tootsies.

    Don’t say that around Rex Ryan of the two-time defending and future Super Bowl champions.

  2. Carp’d!!! First of the season for me!

    ilb, I answered!!!!

    Grabby, as soon as I typed that I knew I hartelled up….Miss you!

    Miss you all! Especially since I’m gonna miss tonight’s fun….It’s Go Time soon, and Go to bed soon time for me….byfuglien….!

  3. lets do this NYR_FAN!!!

    wooo!maybe i can stay up long enough to see the third period tonight!..geez!

  4. True Blue Mike on

    Lately i have been pissed the Rangers have been paying. But i keep forgetting about how this season has started for them. There is still a lot of hockey to play boys…

  5. Go Rangers Go.

    I lost NHL center ice, hstreams expired and I lpost my wallet so my card numbers are no good!

    Its free internet slumming for me tonight.

    We ought to be able to beat this minor league team tonight.

  6. Haha! That’s no way to talk about 2-time Super Bowl winning coach! So what if he likes _tootsies_? We all have got our issues…

  7. New ice at MSG? So maybe it will actually look like a puck (not a ball) and not bounce around in slush? Or am I getting my hopes up?

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am ready for some boards hockey baby!

    Let’s whip that puck along the boards so that we can create some offense.

    Because safe is death!!!

  9. carped again


    “hartnelled up”

    what the byfuglien?!?!?

    when did we change the meaning of hartnell
    or am i just confused?

  10. fran

    with Avery as GM
    the team would be well-dressed
    and tan.
    and he could call himself up from the Whale

    other than that….

  11. I got msg broadcast pon the internet. first time all year. I really don’t miss these terrible broadcasters, but lthjey ldo talk about the Rangers

  12. Hello gang!

    We can use Byfuglien for real tonight! Instead of as a substitute for something else

  13. Carp, I know…sigh….and to think I used to stalk him as a teeny bopper :)

    jpg, hartnell = byfuglien….

    hartnell has always meant the same thing….I started it! Hartnell, hartneller, hartell’d, hartnelling…adjective, verb, noun, it’s all hartnelling good :)

  14. I’m considering ditching Center Ice this season and getting an Apple TV just for GameCenter Live instead.

    [I just don’t get these fights!]

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!

  16. Niters….:( off to watch what I can before passing out for work tomorrow….being 26 and working hard is hard….

  17. Cally gripping stick too tight there. Flubbed what should have been a tap in goal. PP at least moved that time.

  18. p[p looked good. MDZ had Cally open for A TAP-IN and hw missed him.

    summary of the period so far for me

  19. I am not enjoying watching players drop in front these hard shots…there is a goalie back there…let him make the save!

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle needs to get his assen in gear. Let’s hope last year did not go to his head. Lazy D in own zone.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    There were many scoring chances and aside from the 4 v 4, the NYR carried the play. Getting shots, looking for passes, now just need to put on goal!

  22. If you haven’t seen any of the first 6 games this season, watch that first period and it basically sums up 17 (3rd period in Van.) of the other periods this season. In the defensive zone all period scrambling praying to get puck out. Gabby skates hard and no one is there with him. The second line still useless. The Boyle line still brings the most energy. Offensive zone penalties. Lousy PP. No shots on goal. Good goaltending.

    7 games now and it’s the exact same play – that’s no longer a fluke. Home or road won’t matter for that.

  23. 4generations 4 cups on

    Callahan said to Jim Ramsay that the shot hit right where it broke. Fantastic news. Ugh.

  24. Another anemic offensively-challenged period……..why, why, why?”

    Well, since we can’t blame the coach, I will blame Santa Claus

  25. Carp – dont pick on Duguay – I think it’s all he got. Besides who else would wear the stuff most of us laugh at?

  26. Does anyone else despise that One Brooklyn Bridge Park commercial? It’s like they’re going out of their way to market to hipsters who will NEVER be watching a Ranger game.

  27. I`m starting to wonder if when torts talks about playin with some jam if he has some kind of jelly fetish cause I dont see it with the team he coachs

  28. HWirth – Just a suggestion, during Go Time you might want to limit your post to twitter length.
    It’s up to you of course, but I’ve been skipping a lot of your posts while trying to watch the game.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on

    On the bright, they are playing like sh!t and are at .500 ( NHL version). Maybe they can put things together and do some good things.

  30. I know none of us like the MSG150 thingy, but it is like anything else today…hurriedly packaged with little or no substance… MSG150 is like a chinese toxic toy made in one of their slum factories. Where is the American Exceptionalism of Alexis De Tocqueville? It is here, just ain’t the MSG150 or the idiots of Occupy Walls Street.

  31. I mean, they’re not playing a world-beating team here – and they can only muster 3 shots against? WTB!?

  32. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Record teammate Tom Gulitti @TGfireandice reports #NYR have made a contract offer to UFA D Anton Stralman, who was in Devils camp on tryout.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Shots and chances are two different stats. Had chances but no shots. Step has to get his shots on net. Dubi only fell down twice so period not so bad. Willie wonka is a horror show however.

  34. see this from Andrew Gross

    Record teammate Tom Gulitti @TGfireandice reports #NYR have made a contract offer to UFA D Anton Stralman, who was in Devils camp on tryout.

  35. HWirth – I know and was going to point it out but didn’t want my post to get too long :)

  36. Looks like the attendance in Winnipeg at this game is higher than the whole last year’s in Atlanta combined.

  37. That’s why those guys were out there … because they’d do the simple PP stuff that the No. 1 and No. 2 units refuse to do.

    When was the last time the Rangers scored a goal like that, on an intentional deflection?

  38. Amen, Carp. Girardi is sound. Fedohtankoh is sound. Callahan is a grinder. Del Zotto is learning. Good line. Good unit. GREAT goal.

  39. 4generations 4 cups on


    4generations 4 cups October 24th, 2011 at 12:13 pm
    We need a pronounced win. Guys like Fedotenko need to score and guys named Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov need to show up to the game, hit the net, and score. Its enough of this crap of ‘they’re still growing.’ Anisimov has only so much time left to prove that he can play on a top line in the NHL without being a Zherdev that can put up some flare every now and then and score the occasional highlight reel goal. This Russian inconsistency sucks. Anisimov, put up or shut up. Dubinsky needs to prove that he’s just as good as Mike Richards is, because I think he is, but he simply cannot stay on his skates

  40. Carp

    i thought all those wide shots
    were just attempts at deflections

    hundreds and hundreds of near-deflections…

  41. 4generations 4 cups on

    Thank you Manny. Now I affirmed and feel good.

    Jeez. I really needed Fedo to score too, he’s been needing to chip in. Love this guy.

  42. Looks like AA is in the ‘house again … and maybe one step from a good prucha-ing.

    Woof playing on the second line, with Dubinsky in the middle.

  43. 4generations 4 cups on

    i dont know what’s up with AA, he needs to do Danny Briere shot-into-specific-panes-of-glass-type training if that comes across at all.

  44. Oduya was brutal in his first few games of the season – why can’t we capitalize on his defensive zone – make him handle the puck….

  45. Del Zotto has had some great plays tonight. Really nice to see that. Must have gotten that confidence back, no thanks to Tort I guess……right guys?

    Also – I love this Gaborik player! When did they sign this guy!?

  46. ilb2001
    Exactly, Carp. Simple reason why he is a good coach. Sent them in for simple PP


    not because nothing else has worked? LOL

  47. was going to be sarcastic (imagine that!)
    and say something about
    trouble when oduya is around

    oh well…….if only i could predict lottery numbers
    just as well

  48. I love that ad (Guinness?) where the guy’s going to break the other guy’s ankles.

    “That’s unfortunate. I use these ankles all the time.”

  49. Well, that lead didn’t last long either…and now we’re in another of those death-struggle one or two goal games…. :-(

  50. pleeeeeeze Carp

    ask Torts
    if we have any other
    play in d or o zone
    other than
    run puck along the boards

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think there are too many ex-Rangers out there… they are bound to score.

    FIRE SATHER for that, too!

  52. “Board Hockey”

    it’s like we’re so programmed to do
    that that we don’t even bother to
    notice that there’s an opponent
    between our guy.

    happened again in d zone

  53. So i am way behind you guys with the real time game (just starting the 2nd period on the dvr), but nice scrap by prust…bad failed clear by huginsky…thought the call on feds could have went either way…cally needs to hit more…that eminger guy on D looks lost doesn’t he (sarcasm)!!

    LGR for the rest of the game!!

  54. After finally starting to get some possession early in the period that missed PP OPP. that was very sloppy changed the momentum in this game. 1-1 3rd period end of road trip. This could go either. What the hell it’s 20 minutes till home or one good 20 minutes makes this a good road trip and happy flight home.

  55. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Torts should be telling our team to put pucks at the net no matter from where, stop being too unselfish and shoot the damn puck. 10 shots in 2 periods is horrible. 1 pass in offensive zone then shoot. rebounds lead to chances. And HIT THE FREAKIN NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. On the bright side, NYR has some company. Can’t wait to watch the media and fan base explode in Montreal. They are actually in worse shape than us.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Hey , Nice breakaway goal by Jagr …waait a minute…he scored another breakaway goal!!????

    Heyyyy I thought Jagr was bad a shoot outs!!!!!


  58. I don’t ever root for injuries but…

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    GM Holmgren tells media in PHI Pronger gets bed rest for few days, will miss at least 10 days, maybe longer, and will wear visor on return.

  59. If Girardi is going to log this much ice time he should be allowed to skip a practice here or there.

  60. I just dont get this team. They look so uninvolved….disinterested….non-physical….slow….deliberate and worst of all… discombobulated. Dubinsky’s invisible as is Callahan and without them stepping up, this team won’t have success. Dare I pose this question- Did they overachieve last year? Part of me even thinks they miss avery…..clearly not for his skill bc he’ll never be confused w/ a marian gaborik, but… bc of the spark he provides …..even if he’s a pain in the ass.

  61. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Anybody else see the girl along the glass in the tight Jets Jersey?

    Couple of big guns underneath that Jet…

  62. Why does it look like the Jets are constantly on a power play in the last few minutes? I am beginning to worry about this team already :(

  63. the Jets are way better than the Rangers..we could be looking at bottom five team in NHL if rangers lose Lunfqvist for any period of time. Team speed is perilously slow in the new age NHL. Hopefully the team will be sellers at the deadline to amass a cornucopia(no thanksgiving) of picks.

  64. That was a ridiculous display of hockey. Amazing what happens when a team has two defensemen who shots you have to respect.

  65. i guess rather than not showing up
    in the first period
    and playing in most of 2nd and 3rd periods
    Rangers showed up in 1st and most of 2nd
    and are spending the 3rd back in the hotel bar

  66. As a die hard ranger fan who bleeds blue…. this team makes me sick…. being dominated in all aspects of the game.

  67. Like I says the other day….we are not negative enough on this roster…this is a bad team…doesn’t mean we love the rangers any less. Just means:


  68. N.CountryNYRFan on

    if that didn’t hit the jets player that would have been just another bad play and no shot on goal.

  69. Slatsko,

    Gratefully part of your wondrous club. Thank you so much for inclusion.

    Simply always,
    Bob, the builder

  70. Sometimes the hockey gods will shine on you when your goaltending has done what Hank and now Marty have done this season.

  71. Weird turn of events – but it doesn’t change the way this team looks – which is BAD!!!

  72. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Dubi stills plays for the Rangers i thought we traded him in the off season, i haven’t seen him all year?

  73. It’s a good thing the rangers goal tending has been really good or they might not even have a point for the season.

  74. So do I, Mama – but geez, this is not a good team we’re playing, and they’re making us look bad…

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on





  76. “BlogPositiveMama”

    I am not going to be an Unfortunate Ursula. I will remain a Majestic Manny!

  77. Didn’t say why – but they said that Gabby only had 1 minute 6 seconds of ice-time in the 3rd…

  78. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i’ve never seen a hockey team spend so much time facing the boards as the Rangers do in the offensive zone. Do they think they can score from there??

  79. Stranger – One thing that has been running through my head that is less than positive is that this team needs to have a hitting clinic. Maybe they just don’t have the size or maybe they just aren’t hitting well but they never knock guys down and they never, ever have those earth shaking hits. Boyle needs to …. Play…His…. Size!

    Positive Point: Only 1 penalty taken so far!

  80. awesome torts… bench the only player who produces any offense on this team. We’re just awesome from the big brass down…… puke.

  81. ummmm…..has Torts thought about…
    oh, i don’t know….


  82. There is NO way that Gaborik was benched. He has made a bunch of great moves and passes in this game.

  83. Seriously…Boyle understands how big he is, right? His nickname was/is BIG RIG. Why does he play the PUCK and not the MAN.

    Hang on boys! hang on!

  84. ilb, the whole team is grinders…the only guys that can actually skate are Mcdougal and Gabborick

  85. It was ugly, but you take the two points but it in your pocket get dressed quick and get the heck out of dodge.

  86. i dont want to see another road trip for awhile.

    8 of 14 pts since traveling since sept 26th.

    take the pts but most importantly we still suck

  87. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the 3 Statrs of the Road Trip 1. HANK 2. Giardi 3. MCMonster

    Doghouse = The offense and TORTS

  88. Whew! That was not a good game…but we’ll take the points! Thank God for Bogosian’s skate!

  89. We did not deserve to win this game, but we did. I will take it, but there are a lot of problems with this team…

  90. They don’t deserve the win…. they don’t deserve the record they have. This team isn’t even the SLIGHTEST bit fun to watch. Yes, I’m officially worried about this team….

  91. okay
    someone here may be know this
    or find this out
    but did Torts coach in this manner
    with tampa?

    i know we don’t have the likes of lecavlier and st. louis
    in our lineup
    but i just don’t recall the horrible end to end board passing…

  92. at some point maybe they just play some video for every post game: ‘we sucked from toe to or lose…we like toes (no rex ryan).’

  93. Don’t call this team Crap – they are just letting the opposition get comfortable. Right where we want ’em.

  94. Ugly win, but 2 points are 2 points. With your back up goalie. Now let’s go home. They have a couple of days to right the ship.

  95. Wow!! I hope tonight’s game isn’t going to be how the rangers play this season. At my age I don’t think my heart could handle it.

  96. MickeyM, we both did notice that! Did you give him the “black widow” treatment? Or the praying mantis one………?

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers win Rangers win Rangers win!!!!!!

    Yeah we beat the lowly Jets…but a win is a win is a win!!!

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Great pass by Feds on cally’s goal. Someone suggested putting him on line 1 and with Stepan recently perfecting the Avery shooting technique, might be a good call. Put Step btw cally and dubes and Artie needs to get his act together on line 4.

    A win is a win is a win. Rarely pretty with these grinders thought Em played solid and anyone with the initials WW should not be allowed to lace em up.

  99. Positives:
    They got 8 points out of 14 points on the road
    The Goaltending was terrific
    No one else got hurt
    Gabby is off to a good start
    Dubi and Cally played with more “jam” tonight
    The grinders are doing their jobs
    McDonagh and Girardi were great

    Guess I can’t say the PP for now
    They can’t generate anything 5 on 5
    They have beaten Calgary, Winnipeg and a struggling Canucks team
    Artie looks awful
    Need Sauer back that’s all I say (Woywitka, Eminger) Yikes

  100. >>>Wow!! I hope tonight’s game isn’t going to be how the rangers play this season. At my age I don’t think my heart could handle it.

    Just *never* an easy game for us…..never…….

  101. Rod Lurks HWirth,

    We don’t need dubi and cally to enjoy more strawberry preserves…we want to see the grey poupon in their game…they NEED to be offensive stars on this team…not Marcal napkins…they have too much Rosemary Clooney in their game.

    Bob, a builder

  102. Jimbo, it was nothing I did. Honest. He just elected to voluntarily leave since he felt his brand of gibberish was old, stale and getting too verbose.

  103. Dubinsky and Callahan don’t have the tool to be offensive stars. They do have the tools to be 25-goal scorers, though.

  104. Sauer appears to be ready to come back. Eminger, actually, deserves to stay in the lineup. MDZ looks steadier.

  105. eric, this team is the living embodiment of a george ‘dont call me cesar’ romero zombie film

  106. Bob – I know you are being sorta tongue in check but we both know Dubi and Cally are not those type of grand offensive players like they are being paid.

  107. N.CountryNYRFan on

    we are last in the league in shots on goal. We need to shoot the puck a lot more and work on accuracy.

  108. Czechthemout!!! on

    So it was basically a combination of board hockey and the Renney line generator that won us the game tonight. Oops, I forgot and a lucky bounce too. Wow! I am impressed!

    Also, why is was Gabby benched? By what standard did he deserve to be benched in the third?

    I would one of our brave beat writers ask Torts this question.

    I would also like one more question asked. When will Brad Richards show up to play like the star he is being paid to play?

  109. Lloyds of London Braun,

    Offensive stars on THIS team…producing more offensive zone play even in the face of a lack of goal scoring would be better than the current siege that goes on in front of our nets like the Romans vs Gauls…the rangers being the gauls of course…of course.

    In your service,
    Bob, building one brick at a time

  110. Cute of Fedotenko to not even have his stick on the ice when Callahan tried to feed him on the game winning goal

  111. You know what, they’ve played awful, but won 3 games, Yes, it was the goaltending that won them the games and who they played, but 3 wins is 3 wins. Take them and RUN home. As fast as you can.

  112. Hwirth, agreed…but I honestly believe they are both way too gifted to be only grinders…and their combined chemistry used to make them above average as well….you make many good points tho.

  113. I’m not seeing evidence of these gifts. I see lot of Rangers kool aid being passed around when talking about guys who’ve come through the Rangers organization but that’s about it.

  114. >>>Jimbo, it was nothing I did. Honest. He just elected to voluntarily leave since he felt his brand of gibberish was old, stale and getting too verbose.

    So, you’re saying that you *didn’t* chomp his noggin off during some “getting frisky”!?

  115. I don’t think Gaborik was benched per se. Torts doesn’t trust our defense the way it’s structured at the moment. He wanted the grinders to stay deep in our zone in the third and help our tired defense. Sauer coming back will help by giving MDZ and Eminger/Erixon third pair minutes. This will help our offense- they won’t have to stay deep in their own zone.

  116. Well, I enjoyed Eddie3’s contributions, even though he stole your affections from Wickster and me!

  117. Yes, jpg….Stralman looked good when he played with Devils in preseason. They couldn’t agree on terms. He is better than Bell/Woywitka, and he can shoot. But isn’t going to be a game breaker.

  118. They stole like six of their eight points sofar. During the course of the season it will average out. Dubie looked better, cally approximated his old self. They have eight points and they have played one good period this season. Let’s hope they right the ship.

  119. Hehehehe!!! OK, if you say so, MickeyM – but if we ever meet, I’m going to be wearing a helmet, at least for the first few dates!

  120. I like Erixon’s game. His name is rarely mentioned, which is a good thing for a young defenseman. Steady and doesn’t take much risk. He, however, shouldn’t be playing second pair minutes either.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    A confessed basher of “damn” girardi last season, but he has been the leader this team has needed early in the season. I would very much like him to STOP, like right now sliding around like an emperor penguin. That is just poor defense. Other than that his offensive game has picked up.

    The Artie party has been shut down until further notice. I have not given up on the lad, he just is not making good hockey plays and consistently is being rode off the puck. Dubi centering Feds and cally on line 2, and even Rupp with boyle and prust would be fun to watch.

    One things for sure, whatever line combos we may dream up, Torts will throw out there at some point.

    Bring it home boys.

  122. Rangers former beat guy at the Daily News:
    Jesse Spector
    Marc Rzepczynski being “Scrabble” makes me want to see a Swedish hockey player called “Ikea.

    I lol’d, yes I did

  123. >>>NYDNRangers John Tortorella on why he benched Gaby “He was slow and sucked. We need more from him”

    OUCH!!! For real…? He really said that!?

  124. Man, do they look bad. Can’t clear the puck, can’t generate offense, can’t mesh. Long road ahead.

  125. they got outplayed again but I will take the 2 points. Losing a lot of puck battles. Seems to me Callahan is not as aggresive as previous seasons.

    erixon and mdz have been fine, jsut not enough offense.

    alot to work on……

  126. Well, let us know, Mickey – maybe we can grab a sammich at Katz’s before you head back to Middle America….

  127. Will do. And I’ll be heading back north before going back west the following week. Two weeks in NY, baby. I can’t wait!!

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers in 7th, but plus or minus two points- puts them anywhere from 5th to thirteenth.

    Obviously, these are where the points REALLY count. Not at the end of the year, when 2 points probably won’t change their position at all….

  129. Stuart, I wonder if Cally is hurting just a bit and we’re not being told about it? He just doesn’t seem to be the same player so far this season…..

  130. I want to watch the game on the internet, now that the game is over. Is there any website I can watch it on-demand style?

  131. I thought Girardi might have been in Torts doghouse. He only played 25:40 his lowest minutes of the season. ;)

  132. >>>Orr, you really suckered Jimbo and C3P with that fake tweet.

    Yeah, he got me, Carp – lock, stock & barrel….

  133. >>>I know, I feel rejuvenated! I can’t wait for the trade deadline!


  134. Yeah, I suppose so, Olga…..but ORR has never given us a phony tip on hot babes, so I guess I took it for granted that he was being honest with us!

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh, he’s as honest as the day is long… But you notice the days are getting shorter now:)

  136. Olga Folkyerself on

    bob- I hope you’re serious! I know I am…

    FIRE SATHER! That bum has had 11 years to do SOMETHING, but every year it’s SSDD.

    Same Sather, Different Day.

  137. Olga, im serious as well…we have been patient enough…even the oilers have more exciting kids then us….it is time to move on to better management

  138. trade the players with value and rebuild thru the draft…hard to get top picks when u keep coming in 8th every year

  139. last year they generated alot of shots. the ycould not hit the net but there forecheck on cycling was fairly dominate most nights.

    so far they have survived because of the goaltending, they need to win more battles on the boards and in the neutral zone.

    take the points, work on things they need to improve on. they really miss staal for getting it out of the zone.,

    erxion, mdz, and eminger defensively have been suprisingly good…..

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