It’s Go Time!


Game 6. The third of a four-game tour of Western Canada. The sixth of a seven-game odyssey to begin the season.

Get ready to be inundated with Tom Renney stuff tonight.

Wojtek Wolski (groin) is ready to return, but he will not play and be a prucha, as Erik Christensen remains in the lineup. Also, Brendan Bell replaces Jeff Woywitka, who gets prucha’d, on defense. Michael Sauer (shoulder) and of course Marc Staal (concussion symptoms) remain out.

Most notable is the decision to ride the hot hand of Henrik Lundqvist instead of giving Martin Biron a start in goal. Maybe Biron starts in Winnipeg (am I really writing Winnipeg again?) Monday.

Nikolai Khabibulin, who won a Cup with John Tortorella, Brad Richards and Ruslan Fedotenko in Tampa, starts in net for the Oilers. Remember, the last time these teams played at MSG, it got really ugly, though most of that involved the now-Whaled Sean Avery.


Our friend and fellow Bonehead, miked, has a post on his Houston Chronicle Hockey Spot  blog about four teams that could use Avery. … I happen to disagree, and think that there isn’t an NHL team that would touch him with a 10-foot pole … but it’s a good read.

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  1. feel for Prospal…..WTF is Duguay wearing? we’re not in the Bahamas or Jamaica or ….. it’s 45 degrees outside.

  2. Hey carp

    I know Avery is good column inches, but really …

    Is the guy a decent mis-understood teammate who sometimes plays effective hockey, or is he locker room cancer and really not worth having on Any team?


  3. Leaves may make a run at a playoff position this year – they look pretty good, especially if Reimer is OK….The Monster was really shaky tonight…

  4. “Beginnings” looks good! We get to know our heroes like never before with HBO Show and new show on MSG! Sweet stuff!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Go time baby!!!!

    YEAH man we HAMMERED these guys 8 – 2 last year!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WIN WIN WIN WIN , we want to win!!!!!!!


  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    TIME TO GO WATCH THE GAME!!!! Yeah Rangers!!!!

    BEAT RENNY’s Renegades!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  8. Center Ice is showing tonight’s game as an HD game but when I select it all I get is a black screen.

    Dammit. Anyone got a link?

  9. There we go.

    BTW, you can all blame me if they lose tonight, since I wasn’t around these part for the past 2 games.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ilb buddy , I AM SO READY!!!!

    EDMONTON vs the RANGERS….beuty!!!!


  11. They were playing soundtrack from “Requiem fo a dream” in Edmonton’s arena?? lol Do they know that that movie is about drugs?

  12. I see with the Flyers down 4-2, Brez-by-myglov has come back down to earth.

    It wont be long until the Philthy phaithful start booing him.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    PRUST will fight

    Gaborik will score

    Callahan will bodycheck Nugent-Hopkins

    Hank will be a beast!!!

  14. Requiem for a Dream was one of the most depressing movies I think I’ve ever seen – sheesh!

  15. >>>That moie was E P I C! One of my all time favorites! :)

    I found myself wishing that I was that black guy with the drugs……Jennifer Connelly…mmmm!

  16. Is it me or has Callahan been kinda invisible since Europe? I know that whole line is having a rough start, but I just realized this about him.

  17. they just showed callahan scoring on the EA sports commercial. does that goal count for anything?

  18. “Dominating the shot clock.” I didn’t know they had that in hockey, Kevin Weekes. And there goes the intermission guy saying it, too. Is that some sort of Canadian lingo?

  19. not a good period for MDZ
    at least 3 bad moments in d zone
    and a couple in offensive zone.

    some positives
    got better in oiler’s zone as period went along

  20. They are faster and thirstier…and inflict a panic in Rangers defence. I wouldn’t call it a “close game”.

  21. eric

    i really don’t understand our
    offense philosophy (i know it should be offensive but the
    joke just writes itself)

    dump, chase in zone,
    lose puck, chase towards our zone,

    no wonder our players have to be in great shape!

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    SO FAR , we haven’t been scored on …thats a good thing!!!

    No worries , wesa gonna start scoring!!!

  23. The defense oftentimes is playing in survival mode. That’s what you get when your top two are out and the rest hasn’t started shaving yet. The good news- the forwards are helping well. Just very tough to generate any offense that way.

  24. maybe Torts still has EC around because
    he’s counting on 0-0
    at end of regulation
    thanks to Hank standing on his head
    and the rest of the team unable to
    produce any offense
    EC will come in and win it for us in the skills competition.

  25. Been busy on a new park design, but checking in to see rangers awful again…closer to that elusive top tier draft pick?

    hopefully so,
    bob (B.O.B.)

  26. so after watching that first period, and reading the comments here, ive come to the conclusion that you guys are at a consensus: Trade Everyone. correct?

  27. think that last game was a good spot to trade Br. Dubinsky…sell ’em when you can, not when you have to!

  28. My gosh, this Bill Pidto guy is super annoying. Can’t you boneheads pull together and complain to MSG about him?

  29. Levy,
    Not everyone…just Br. Dubinsky…he can bring back most pick would be nice.

    Thank you very much,

  30. Love that Prust. Sutton drills him center ice. Take his number waits for the right time and goes after it. That’s good ole fashion hockey.

  31. That Sutton fella is huge! Wasn’t he a Fishstick last year? I never noticed him in the Gorton’s uniform…

  32. I know the an$wer to thi$, but wouldn’t this Lowe interview be much better between periods than 150 seconds of Pidto and the Duguay kaleidoscope, rather than talking over the game?

  33. please jettison ebingers to the ahl..guy skates like a straggle tooth three eyed sloth if i ever seen one

  34. Rangers back being the more physical team, thank you Prust, and now are getting the better of the play and chances. This NYR team will not outskill too many teams this year so they better be physical every night which is Prust’s fight is smart. If this team gets pushed around they will no chance to win cause their skill won’t win games alone.

  35. Terrible ice awareness there by Bell. Can not pinch with that kinda skill and talent on the ice. They flew down the ice and RNH scores on a terrific shot.

  36. leetchhalloffame on

    Starting to wonder if teams playing Rangers actually need a goalie or if they can skate with 6 all game.

  37. That’s why.What’s the plan? Just fore-check and grinding? Looks to me, like we are playing defense first,(road game?) only without a dissent defense. Our offence so far is spontaneous, occasional and chaotic. All hope on someone’s individual effort and/or lucky bounce. What and where’s system? “Safe is Death” motto looks like trampled underfoot…unlike logo. Bye early Tort, hello late Reeney?

  38. late on this
    what kind of defensive strategy
    is that shown by
    oiler comes to him and he
    turns around to watch the shot on

  39. is there a possibility that we are not negative enough on this team?? finish in lower 5 possible? or does LQ enough to prevent that?

  40. i dont get why Torts took Gaborik off the 1st line in the 1st period… i mean theyre really the only line thats showed consistent offensive threat… this switch has clearly not sparked the team…. i say put gabby back on 1st line

  41. Rangers defense struggling again against a much more skill offensive team, similar to the first two period of the Canucks game. They better resolve this defense problem before they start playing in the Eastern Conference and more importantly their division that includes Pittsburgh, who keep winning no matter who is out of their lineup and Philadelphia, while still getting shaky goaltending, have tons of fire power. Oh and the Isles can score some goals too and pretty much ran out of the Coliseum last Saturday.

    Here’s more truth, when the defense is hanging on by a thread it’d be nice if the three guys who got raises started living up to those contracts.

  42. mdz skates like he has a dairy queen neon sign tied to his back like a yoke….or slow as a straggle tooth!

  43. why are gaborik and richards the only ones that can a 5-3? the other 3 just looked stupid out there.

  44. N.CountryNYRFan on

    hit the fuggin net…you’ve made it to the NHL and you have no accuracy, can’t hit the net I mean c’mon!!

  45. i think i’ve seen beer league teams
    with better work ethic and approach
    in the offensive zone.


  46. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I’m sorry but Torts as the coach has to change the style of this team, if he is/were a good coach he would recognize this system sucks. It’s not just these first few games this season, it has been going on for way to long now. No offense whatsovever. I feel bad for Hank.

  47. feel bad for LQ? he prolly loves the action…id feel sorry for a chicken at sally struther’s house…now that is a chicken that needs some pity..does that make sense?

  48. Going to be hard to compete in a conference that has pointmen and number 1 defensemen like:

    Chara (Bos) Green and Karlsson (WASH) Streit (NYI) Karlsson (OTT) Phaenuf (Tor) Pronger and Timonen (PHI) Jovanski (FLA) Myers and Erhoff (Buff) Hedman (TB) Letang and Michalaek (PITT) Pitkanen (Car)

    We have a 5 on 3 and I’m watching Del Zotto on the Point. Yeah that will scare them!

  49. You see a team like this Edmonton club and you realize just how little skill the Rangers actually have

  50. ddeb and 22

    relax i dont mean literallly but can the kid do something please. i have never seen someone look so good 2 yrs ago and now hes not even an nhl caliber player

  51. Except BR to Gabby, not even one conscious connected pass…Ever broken offensive design. Shameful PP. What else do you need for bad, pre drinking mood…

  52. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I feel bad for Hank because his talent is being wasted on a team that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to accomplish much. Hank is the best goalie in the league imo and he gets shelled each night and has to stand on his head, he never seems to get the offensive support he should.

  53. >>Why do NYR fans whine so much?

    Um, maybe because the team doesn’t give them anything else to do? Something to cheer about would get rid of the whining, you know?

  54. The 5-on-3 wasn’t really a surprise because the PP personnel is exactly the same as it was last year with the exception of Richards who can’t make a PP that much better by himself. When the Rangers are up two men, they move exactly the same way they do when they’re on a 5-on-4.

  55. everyone’s on MDZ, for good reason too, because the NYR made him out to be a future Lidstrom, Leetch, Webber, etc. in this league. he’s not. he’s a #3-4 at best. if we can accept that, he’ll be fine. but more likely than not, i see him gone soon.

  56. MDZ was over-coached on playing defense first. The guy is a natural scorer and is probably thinking too much. Like Callahan thrived after being sent down, I think MDZ is thinking he’s going back if he doesn’t concentrate on playing d first. He definitely is not 100 % confident out there.

  57. The Texas Rangers are outscoring the NY Rangers 7 to 0. And losing 15 to 7. They should be generous and gift some of that offense to their hockey brothers.

  58. Everyone is hating on Eminger but I think Delzotto is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow… I think I could burn him goin wide ugh!

  59. Mister Delaware on

    (The over on Newbury’s minutes is a strong bet, I forgot he has to skate out if Edmonton doesn’t score.)

  60. MOntreal and their fans are morons…can’t stand any of them..have few friends from montreal and i dislike them too…. told you guys for 2 years MDZ slow as carcillo…it took u this long to realize??

    bob, u need to stbu…

    LGR! Byfuglien the oilers!! LGR no 1 forever even when they not winning!

  61. I am not sure who you think is whining but I am giving facts. Listen, if you want to love this team blindly go ahead that’s your business but don’t comment on other people’s perspectives then.

  62. Mister Delaware on

    Excepting the 3rd period against Vancouver, hasn’t this entire season so far felt like one long, unimpressive game?

  63. Reeney and his long sucked team Master class for Torts and Rangers in tactic, strategy and PP. Why didn’t he do that in NY?

  64. You guys with the hyperbole about trades and demotions and firings would be a whole lot funnier if this team actually had any talent worth holding onto

  65. Probably because Renney’s got about 5 times the roster talent in Edmonton than he had in NY

  66. Finishing 30th in the league for a few seasons seems to be paying off for the Oil this year…..

  67. N.CountryNYRFan on

    every team has the puck more than we do, wtb is Torts smoking. Have we had 30 shots in a game yet this year??

  68. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i missed it what the hell happened to LQ? Did he quit because the is playing like such crap?

  69. N.CountryNYRFan on

    changing line combos is not gonna work, we need a new offensive system, wake up Torts!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. trade dubi, del z…load up on picks..draft all fast guys and not slow smurfs like mdz…let it marinate…enjoy!

  71. Gerry, he averages 70 games a year counting all his swedish duties etc…gotta get him down to 45-50 games ayear…plus he has to fend off all the hot tractors

  72. it’s the same old same old with this team. This is what happens when you have mid level talent. I mean really, getting shut out by the Oilers, pathetic. if Lundqvist is out for a length a time maybe the rangers will finally get a lottery pick but than the way Sather drafts it probably won’t matter.

  73. Bring Back Straka on

    Forwards coming back low to help bad dmen. Always five guys around our net….you can’t generate a rush or offense like that.

  74. Bring Back Straka on

    I was thinking the same thing about AA. No bad penalties…he’s done the same as any other forward except gaborik

  75. who are the top guys in the draft next season? maybe we can be #2 or #3…gotta stock up on picks get bunch of fast young guys like edmonton has

  76. Why hasn’t Newbury been benched, too? His penalty was as horrid as any they’ve taken this season and he can barely skate.

  77. Worth noting that Tortorella benches half the offense in the 3rd period of every game anyway

  78. OK, I love Dubi as much as anyone but I seriously want to smack him upside the head and be all ‘WTB, man? Get your head out of your assen!”

  79. Alright, at least some good news. The other good news- they didn’t give any points to EC team. Anything else- not so much. This one was hard to watch.

  80. why does olga not get more credit…he says fire sather…that is what this team needs…isnt it an obvious start with so many years of futility?

  81. unfortunately this will be just another season under sather where this team will fight for the last playoff spot and probably won’t make it. Why? because all the teams who have finished behind the Rangers the past few years are much approved and better. It’s sad, all ranger fans know that sather should be gone but will never get fired by Dolan.

  82. The loss itself is nothing to be concerned with, there will be nights like this where the boys just can’t get it going- but if Hank’s hurt we’re done.

  83. JBytes…that wasnt the first line. Callahan was on the line instead of Gaborik. and like ORR said…for the Rangers tonight the 2 stars were Hank and Gabby.

  84. Orr, I have been a huge Dubinsky fan since he made the big club until now. This dope finally gets his money and now he totally blows, takes stupid penalties, can’t handle a pass or pass, falls all over the ice, just horrible.

  85. I think we need to make a trade for an offensive defenseman, we’re carrying players on the roster like Wolski for no apparent reason…

  86. If we are going to blame Dubinsky for not playing well because he is a fat cat now with big contract then we should also throw Callahan and AA under the same bus. And I don’t think Dubinsky is responsible for this loss.

  87. Playing great does the team no good; Rangers need FINISHERS. Gaborik had a breakaway and did not score; why would care whether he was star or not?

  88. cccp, no not blaming Dubi for the lost, just frustrated with his play but your right, that whole line is playing like crap.

  89. Sometimes you score, sometimes you don’t. But he PLAYED GOOD! Nobody scores in every game. He has four goals in six games. That’s not bad.

    I’m not blaming Dublowsky for the loss, but seriously, the kid has not done much. Same goes for Cally, Artie, and even Step-On. Everyone’s quick to bitch aboot Del Z, but I don’t see any comments on Step-On.

  90. They beat the Oilers 8-2 at the Garden last year and thought they’d have a cakewalk.
    At least that’s how it looked.

  91. How come two short weeks ago I read all you guys saying how the Rangers really built something and are cup contenders..and now you realize the reality of the situation?

    Dubloski…Captain Ryan (who can’t play his game under the new rules)…Boyle….Prust (on our first power play unit…What a Joke!!!!) all signed to long term deals….oh yeah Rupp too.


  92. a couple weeks ago there was much
    optimism because it was all on “paper”
    and speculation that those who
    started to find their game last year
    would continue this year
    maturity and all that experience
    right now
    it looks as if the worst of last year
    is happening.

    what frustrates me the most is that
    these players look as if they have not been playing
    hockey for years and years
    just some of the supremely stupid mistakes
    in all 3 zones.

  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t remember too many people here saying “Cup Contender”, (Except Greg, who is fanatically challenged).

    And “All you guys” takes in too much of territory. Name names…

  94. Czechthemout!!! on

    That was a disgraceful effort! They continue to play this game only utilizing 40% of the ice surface. Every play, or pass is along the boards, be it on the PP or even strength. This team is easy to defend and easy to play against. There is very little hitting going on. They handle the puck like it is a grenade. No one wants to stick handle with it, pass it or shoot it. Every damn play is along and around the boards! No one ever goes to the net. All of the forwards are always behind the net battling for the puck or getting open along the boards behind the net but nothing ever goes to the front of it!

    Why was AA benched and not crack berry ? The idiot takes a stupid offensive zone penalty but continues to get a regular shift so that he can continue to create nothing and do nothing!
    Does Torts think that Newberry,EC, and Rupp are better players than Avery or Wolski?

    So we have now played 18 periods and four overtimes. In that time we’ve played maybe 3 good periods and one overtime. Some of us are concerned over that fact and use this blog as a venue to vent about it and share our thoughts about it. It would be nice not to be mocked for by the “trade everyone” crap. We don’t mock you as polyanas do we?

  95. It’s OK to let 2 goals in, but only if you score not less than 3 back. Today giuys fail math test.

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    The reason the Black Hawks have it all together again is because “Dollar Bill” Wirtz finally dropped dead.

  97. I don’t understand why Artie was benched either, but jeez, it’s not like he would have done anything. It’s not that big of a deal.

    Good move, in my opinion. Markus Johansson was benched by Boudreau, and ever since, he scored four goals, an assist, and has been much better. Sometimes you need a benching.

    I’m starting to think giving Cally the “C” was a mistake. Should have given it to Hank. Who gives a shyte aboot the “rules”.

  98. so now Hank says that he left due to
    pain in skate
    according to quote given to zipay

  99. “It would be nice not to be mocked for by the “trade everyone” crap. We don’t mock you as polyanas (sic) do we?”

    Works both ways. Expressing anything as moderate as not thinking the coach should be fired, not seeing the Avery demotion as a franchise-changing event and being sceptical about the value of blowing the team up after three games seems to come across as being infatuated with the infallible coach and seeing a roster comparable to the 80s Oilers.

    Nobody will (should) be sugar coating tonight’s game though. It was wretched.

  100. so, do you think the C should be given to
    Richards since Cally can’t handle the pressure.

    if that’s the case
    then what’s Dubi’s excuse

  101. LW3H

    i think it’s possible you or i could have beaten
    the pathetic offensive effort displayed by
    the Rangers.

  102. it’s late
    i’m in a bad mood for multiple reason
    so i’m just gonna drop the

    gee, i wonder if we would have been shut out
    if Avery was in the lineup


  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    Holy Cow! I didn’t realize it was Fecal Fan. I thought it was human for a moment there…

  104. Richards? I said Lundqvist! Hank should be given the “C”. He *is* NYR. He goes down, the team goes down. He’s the Captain of this ship!

    I don’t want to make it seem like Cally is utterly useless with the “C”. But, you never know, maybe it is, maybe it’s not.

    Either way, Fire Renney!

  105. ORR!!

    i was being sarcastic about the C
    being given to Richards
    as if Cally isn’t able to play due
    to the pressure of being captain
    you made some mention of Hank not being
    able to have the C
    or at least that’s the way i interpreted
    “I’m starting to think giving Cally the “C” was a mistake. Should have given it to Hank. Who gives a shyte aboot the “rules”.”

  106. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pardon me lw3h. I didn’t know you were in charge of the spelling police on this blog.

    Pollyanna. There is that better?

  107. ok ORR!!
    i do agree
    Fire Renney!

    but of course
    with a decade (?)
    worth of high draft picks
    he sure showed us a thing or two.

    can’t hit what you can’t catch
    of course, our players would need to
    actually…you know, skate

  108. yeah,
    i noticed that you put ‘rules’ in quotes

    is luongo still the C for canucks?
    don’t know who else….at least in past decade or two
    that was a goalie and wore the C

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