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Gotta go quickly today. Got a football game to cover tonight, so I’m going to attend a meeting with Mr. T at Mr. Green’s office this morning.


1) I’m going to invoke the name Brian Leetch again. Because Leetch always had a clock in his head, and he knew at the end of periods, end of games, when there wasn’t enough time left for him to have to worry about defensive responsibilities, and he’d just go. Just go to the net, go to the offensive traffic. It’s a simple thing, but not many defensemen do it. There’s no risk when it’s down to the final seconds. And Ryan McDonagh, who just gets better every day, had the clock in his head winding down and went to the net, no risk at all, and won the game. The kid’s got great wheels, got a good head, is big and strong. Too bad they had to give up Scott Gomez to get him.

2) Now that was a nasty game, right from the start. I think it began with a Ryan Callahan hit behind the net — and that’s why Jarome Iginla challenged him early on. Too bad we didn’t get a replay. But I’ve said it before, since last season, when things get a little testy, the Rangers play better.

3) The booing of Jan, er, I mean Tim Erixon was pretty lame, and the 20-year-old sure handled it well. But I can understand how jilted the good cowboys and cowgirls of Calgary must feel. The kid forced his way out of that cowtown, and ended up in NYC. Kind of feeds the inferiority complex. To be fair, try to imagine how you’d feel if Marc Staal, for example, decided he didn’t want to play in New York and forced his way out of here.

4) Brandon Prust=Beast … what a nice return to Calgary, and return to Prust-type hockey … and first time wearing the Broadway Hat; and linemates Brian Boyle and Ruslan Fedotenko are looking like mid-season/last season again. What a deal that was for Prust, even if they had to take Olli Jokinen. Oh, and this idea that Jokinen sees a therapist or a mental coach every day … yeah, and that has resulted in what, exactly?

5) Tough couple of unlucky first-period shifts for the new shutdown pair, the puck hopping over Dan Girardi’s stick on the first goal, and McMonster screening Lundqvist on the second. And talk about quirks of the game: The Rangers best PK of the season came with Girardi in the penalty box.

6) Kris Newbury avenges a hit on Brad Richards. First, that should have been a hit-from-behind penalty on Sarich against Richards. Second, Newbury maybe should have just come in and roughed him up, because the instigator had to be called otherwise. Though I will never complain when a teammate sticks up for a teammate, especially when a role guy protects one of the captains. Somebody should have gotten into Iginla’s face when he challenged Callahan.

7) That penalty on Gaborik? Pansification. Then he gets hooked on a breakaway in the second and nothing? What’s going on with the officiating this year? Do the refs know that Sean Avery isn’t on the team anymore?

8) Gaborik is the 2009-10 model, isn’t he? And the kid Derek Stepan fits really nicely over on the left side.

9) I thought Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky finally got a little bit going late in the third and into the OT, and were good on the PK — which was pretty fabulous all around. But, geez, it hasn’t been a good first five games for either of them.

10) I’m thinking it sure won’t be a difficult decision who comes out when Wojtek Wolski returns. But, the Rangers were less than two seconds away from a post-hockey-game breakaway contest, and maybe Erik Christensen would have gotten a chance to save his job for a little while more.

11) Did Iginla even play the last two periods?

12) Gosh, Henrik Lundqvist is almost as good in the post-game interview as he is during the game.

13) Wait, was that a PPG?

14) Why is MSG Network cutting out of John Tortorella’s post-game press conference at 12:44 a.m. to rush to a replay of Boomer and Cockroach talking about two-day-old Rex Ryan news?


My Three Rangers Stars:

1) Brandon Prust.
2) Ryan McDonagh
3) Henrik Lundqvist.


AP photos, above.

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  1. Got to run, so I’ll talk to you later. But I want to mention one thing. Have you noticed how Dubinsky carries the puck from our own to their zone this year? He looks almost like (gulp) Scott Gomez.

    Have fun, Carp.

  2. billybleedsblue on

    Mornin’! I can’t wait to see how the comments on here will start turning around. Carp, “The kid’s got great wheels, got a good head, is big and strong. Too bad they had to give up Scott Gomez to get him.” Thanks for a good morning chuckle! Let’s go Rangers!!!!!

  3. I’ve got to second billy on this one, Carp! I literally (not the fake internet style) laughed out loud when I read the Scott Gomez comment! =D

  4. omg gaborik looked good last night. I wore my gaborik tee to the gym this morning. No chortles. winning feels good. Even my wife asked how they did. First question of the day. It’s gonna be a good one. Now if my students will only behave…….

  5. From the good folks at Blueshirt Banter:

    Gaborik was a beast tonight. 14 scoring chances for the team, and he had 7 of them, plus an assist on another.

    Scoring chances through 5 games:
    Dubinsky – 7 scoring chances (just 3 on net), 5 chance-assists, 3 points
    Anisimov – 5 SC (3 on net), 3 CA, 2 points
    Callahan – 5 SC (5 on net), 2 CA, 1 point.

  6. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Gaborik looks like he gained back that extra gear that was clearly missing last year (except against awful teams). He and Richards really didn’t waste much time making some magic happen.

    How about Richards scoring a point in each game so far? Not too shabby.

  7. Carp, even before I read your entry this morning I had a feeling you were going to mention McMonster and Leetch in the same paragraph. McMonster’s goal last night had me thinking about the goal Leetch scored in ’94 from generally the same location with almost as much empty net.

    I liked the gritty play, glad that Newbury stuck up for B.Rich. I was hoping the one of the Rangers was going to go after Glencross after his dirty hit on Cally or Drury from a couple seasons ago.

    Nice goal by Prust and I like seeing Gabby with 4 goals in 5 games. B.Rich a point per game.

    2 for 2 now (2 posts, 2 Ranger wins). Let’s keep er going in Gretzky-town.

  8. “Clearly nobody in the league makes dumber faces after a goal than Brandon Dublowsky!”
    Think I actually laughed out loud on that one… Anyone else notice everytime dubs carries the puck he tries to stick handle with one hand? so frustrating.. And the Flames announcer on TSn had a lisp lol

  9. iDoodie machetto on

    Carp, don’t give McDonagh a free pass. On that first goal, he was totally out of position. While Iginla was driving to the net, Mcdonagh was sitting in the corner of the ice, not covering anyone, completely out of the play.

  10. You are all correct in drawing attention to the sophomoric behavior of the so called fans of Calgary. Could any one imagine that happening under similar circumstances in the Garden? And for such a specious reason?

    But I tell you here that this Ranger team hasn’t the slightest concept of an offensive procedure. THat sappy soft passing of the puck around in their own end ( and making it subject to constant interceptions), the still brain dead practice of throwing the puck into the opponent’s end and then EVERYONE dashing in after the puck…never posting anyone out front to receive a pass.

    They got lucky that a few guys rose to the occasion and made some fine plays to get the job done. But they are living on borrowed time if they continue like this. And for the love of Pete please stop moaning about Christensen.
    He’s there to stay until Tortorella thinks otherwise. True he is not a towering figure of energy, but he does have his moments ( and he did engage in some pretty fierce
    defensive activity which included heavy body work, behind his own net a couple of times)….and keep in mind that it came so close to going into a shoot out, that he would have been in his own realm. Other than that, a pretty gripping game. ( Is Dubinski still with the team?)

  11. NYR_FAN via Android on

    Lmao! Hilarious, Orr!

    Haha! Pigman needs more therapy! He scarred for life after missing that shootout attempt for the Rangers 2 years ago!

  12. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, hit ’em long and straight! Have a great weekend everybody! FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAY! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!

  13. Ooops. Thanks, Chris. Fixed it.

    NYR, shhhhh. It’s a secret.

    Doodie, when was the last time somebody played a perfect game?

    Good morning, Sally!

  14. The reason McDonagh was out of position on the first goal was b/c he was getting ready for Girardi to swing the puck back around.

    He was getting ready to claim the puck on the far boards but the puck bouncing over Girardi’s stick and the quick pass left him in no-man’s land.

    Can’t blame him for that…

  15. Gift of GAB-orik on

    If the stats are correct, EC hasn’t registered a shot on goal all season. What a waste.

  16. speaking of shots on goal, Gaborik is 6th in the NHL with 25 SOG despite playing at least one game less than everyone above him.

    James Neal leads the league with 34 but has played 4 more games…

  17. Amazing what having someone else do most of the puck carrying and distribution can do for a purebred goal scorer.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “The reason McDonagh was out of position on the first goal was b/c he was getting ready for Girardi to swing the puck back around.

    He was getting ready to claim the puck on the far boards but the puck bouncing over Girardi’s stick and the quick pass left him in no-man’s land.

    Can’t blame him for that…”

    Actually, you can. If your defensive partner goes to one corner of the ice, the furthest you can go is to the side of the goal. If he’s going to work the puck around, you skate to it. You don’t sit there and wait for it. At all times someone has to be covering the middle of the ice, or you’re asking for someone to have a chance right on the door step.

    Carp, I wasn’t trying to bash him. I thought he played an excellent game. But all I’m saying is that he has to take some of the load on that goal. If he’s in position, it makes Iginla’s job MUCH harder.

  19. FIRST POST IN AGES!! Good to be back…

    Doodie – It’s not like Girardi was going into the corner to make a play on the puck-carrier. He had an easy play on the puck to start the break out and the puck simply hopped his stick. McD was solid on the break all game, head in the right place, looking to move the puck up-ice at the right time. He overanticipated Girardi moving the puck around on a fluke play – not worth calling him out on it in my opinion. Had there been a man G was going to play, McD no doubt would’ve been in front of the net.

  20. Gabs looks amazing. AMAZING. McMonster is quickly turning into a favorite. Feeling very good this morning! I would have even felt good had they not pulled out the OT win. I like the way this team skated last night.

    ORR, those photos are making me crack up. I was waiting for the finger in nose shot though.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “He overanticipated Girardi moving the puck around on a fluke play”

    You said it yourself. He was cheating and he got caught. You don’t cheat in the defensive zone, especially when you have the lead.

  22. Good morning all! OK, I’m starting to feel a tad paranoid. First three games I watch, they lose, second two I miss, they win…..

    Carp, Shecky Green has nothing on you you man!!!!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    I also want to point out that even though the PP was 0 for the season before last night, it is now two and a half times what Sean Avery’s shooting % was last season.

  24. Like I said, I give ten games before I will really have a feel for this team and how the season is going to go. I do see this team as a team that is, working through it, while their best defenseman and another really good defenseman are out. I though Emminger had a fantastic game last night. Gabby is really thriving early and Richards does at least one or two things each game that just wow me. He made this sneaky behind the back pass from behind the goal last night that almost resulted in a goal. And last but not least, Hank. What can I really even say. If he can see it, he will stop it. I pray he stays healthy and doesn’t burn out.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of him burning out, maybe it’s time to get Biron in there against a minnow squad like the Oilers.

  26. Doodie…I wrote a comment earlier and then I erased it thinking I was being too pedantic.

    But now that you have continued to defend your bash of McDonagh, I have to type it again.

    He is 22 yrs old. He is playing as the #2 D-man on our team right now. He has looked all that part. And he is a 2nd year player.

    Would you buy or sell McDoosh right now? I guarantee you 29 other teams in the league would take this kid off our hands in a nanosecond.

    Give it a rest. If Girardi so much as touches the puck in that situation, you have nothing to write about today.

    Now Carp throwing out the Brian Leetch thing is a bit overexcited if you ask me. I had thoughts like that but I am not putting it in writing. Also, it was probably slightly induced by Joe Mich’s assinine comment of, “I saw Leetch the other day, I think he could still play.” Barf me out the window with that ass kiss by Joe Mich. But nonetheless, McDoosh is all that we wanted and more at this stage of his career, all 1.02 seasons of it.

    Find someone else to harp on.

  27. >>8) Gaborik is the 2009-10 model, isn’t he?

    Let’s hope the Rangers’ season doesn’t end the same way it did back then.

  28. >>First, that should have been a hit-from-behind penalty on Sarich against Richards.

    Did you know they only call those if the victim hurls himself head first against the boards?

  29. >>The booing of Jan, er, I mean Tim Erixon was pretty lame…

    I really wanted him to score a big goal.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, I though McDonagh played an otherwise excellent game. I thought he was by far the best defenseman on the ice (for either team).

    That doesn’t mean you just ignore when he makes a mistake. He blew it and he needs to learn from it.

  31. That’s why Ranger fans love Brandon Prust take a bad penalty take responsibilty for the bad penalty and bounce back to get the “Broadway Hat” in the next game.

  32. huge 2 wins on the road. as you all know i have clearly stated that if the rangers came home with 7 of 14 pts on the season opening 7 game trip you would clearly take it. now we have six lets get a split in the next two and take 8 of 14 after all this travel and nonsense with the garden renovations which i am clearly paying for.

    however this team lack of puck control and sustained offense is a major problem. the game is about puck possesion and the rangers are constantly defending for long stretches of the game night in and night out. it has to stop soon otherwise we wont have a chance to find ways to win these games. the pack line needs to play more with the puck and create.

    this d of ours as constructed now on the ice will crack if they keep playing most of the game in there end. example woywitka over the glass penalty. all because we spend long shifts pinned in.

  33. so is it fair to say that Marc Stauwl held McMonster’s development back? What’s gonna happen to McMonster’s minutes with Staaall comes back?

  34. 3CP, Staal is not coming back.

    I wonder if there’ll be a game this season when Sam and Micheletti won’t mention Staal’s absence.

  35. wow, can somebody please send a fruit basket to the Canadiens’ GM? thank you so much for giving us McDonagh, as well as taking Gomez off our hands. McMonster is right.

  36. CCCP – I hope you were kidding saying Staal held back McD’s development. I can’t imagine any team in the NHL that would let their rookie d-man who only played half a season play 25+ minutes a night unless they had to … like the Rangers have to now.

    With that said, when your top defenseman goes down, it’s more than welcome to see McD responding positively to his increased responsibility.

    If I am right, and you are joking, my apologies for even posting. After my year off tending to being a first-year law student, plus an extra two months for the second-year job search, I am now officially back. I may be a little rusty when it comes to the characters here. Please forgive me in advance

  37. Can u believe we basically traded gomes for gabby and mcdonagh?? Not to mention valentenko?? Wow …..McBeast mode last night

  38. I made 1 comment on last night’s game thread:

    “Gaborik is back!! 4 goals already.

    Talk about the pansification of the game, that penalty call on Gaborik was ludicrous. If that didn’t make you say, “Are you kidding me?” you weren’t paying attention.”

    Items 7 and 8 : I like the way you think, Carp. Don’t worry. I won’t sue for plagiarism. lol

    Nice game last night. I stayed up for the whole thing and thank goodness was rewarded for it.

    So, does this 2 game winning streak mean that everybody doesn’t get traded and nobody gets fired? Or, is that still on the table?

  39. Well, CCCP thinks Torts has been in NY for four years rather than tree, so I wouldn’t place too much stock in what he’s saying.

    If McDonagh keeps this up, he might end up being the best player the Rangers got in that deal, ahead of No Gomez.

  40. “I wonder if there’ll be a game this season when Sam and Micheletti won?t mention Staal’s absence.”

    Maybe MSG should just run a continuous ticker on screen reading: “Marc Staal – did you know he was brother of Eric Staal and Jordan Staal? – remains out with post-concussion syndrome as is *CROSBY UPDATE* Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins who was seen skating around pylons at practice today, with coach Dan Bylsma watching on intently. Crosby was not available for comment after practice, but is scheduled to…”

  41. Great post Carp! Agree with you 100% on 2 points: Officiating this year is just HORRIBLE, shame, shame, shame. Cartion is a Cockroach indeed, to cut Torts postgame is just plain stupidity. GO RANGERS! GO McMONSTER!!! And who needs Staal, ha? No, seriously, when is he coming back, any news? ;)

  42. well…. This is his (Torts) 4th year here…maybe not full 4th year but 4th nonetheless!

    and i was not kidding… just a question since you don’t know what you have until you give the player that extra responsibility… just like in the case with McD… we knew he is good, but how good? Well, with Stuals absence we get to see how good Mcd can be. That is all i was trying to say. Thank you.

  43. Carp,
    from what I’ve seen the past few years the rangers get screwed by the refs 75% of the games they play for the year. Believe me, it’s not just this year and I just don’t get it. I thought maybe the refs are just incompetent but I’ve watched other games this year on center ice and I don’t see the refereeing that I see in ranger games.

  44. OK. Let me get this straight: A defenseman uses incredible foresight to pinch down low with seconds remaining on the clock, and then fires off what can only be termed a perfect shot to score the wining goal in a tie game with 1.5 seconds on the clock. And the next day, he’s getting criticized? Wow. That’s one for the books. Only in Rangerland.

  45. Did you know that since winning the Cup in ’04, Tortorella’s teams lost four straight East Quarterfinals? Including two with the Rangers.

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Speaking of Erixon, what’s the verdict, does he stick when Staal and Sauer return? Could he stick but get bumped anyway for the more experienced Eminger “journeyman/clubhouse leader” syndrome? Of course, is Staal ever coming back is a timely question? Optimism as to whether he still has a productive career is fading.

  47. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    phil – you’re talking about a YOUNG defenseman, too, making it all the more impressive, what he accomplished.

  48. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CARP – Let me take a wild shot and say the reason for the anti-New York bias re the officiating, has to do with that NBA mole on loan to the NHL, Gary Bettman, who, with his cohort/NBA conspirators does not want the NHL to eclipse the NBA in New York. Of course the NBA is eclipsing itself, these days, but that is an entirely separate issue. My point is there is a REASON for consistenly bizarre behavior that continues to manifest itself, over the long-term – it CANNOT be just random.

    When things we observe do not add up, something is going on behind the scenes. We know that there is a long-term, established NHL agenda to deflate the success of New York Rangers hockey. The Commissioner of the NHL is a former NBA man who is always screwing up the rules of the game, and coming out with insane “wider nets” and three point games to go with two pointg games nuthouse type proposals. This, to me, is highly suspicious, and is why the owners better cut bait on this clown when his time is up. Beware of people “with good intentions” who keep on breaking what they are supposed to be fixing. I fear Bettman will be tendered a contract extension.

    This league will pay in blood if it does not move on from this man who might as well be a saboteur, if, in fact, he is not one. The difference is academic, the insider destructive impact upon the game is the same. When we get a new Commissioner in there who is a hockey man, mark my words, most of this trashy penalty calling against the Rangers will almost certainly disappear. At which point we will have our proof that it was intentional, all along, in the Bettman era.

  49. Boom Boom – The guy who in my mind should clearly sit is Eminger. Say what you will about Del Zotto and Erixon, that guy has been an absolute train wreck. But my guess is you’re right: Erixon to the Whale. Woywitka, while nothing impressive, has played decent enough to keep a job in the NHL.

  50. My take on the D:

    McDonagh is only going to get better. What we’re seeing is his confidence building. This kid is going to be a star…

    Kind of lost in this discussion is the play of Tim Erixon and Michael Del Zotto, who I thought played very well and looked like a legit second pair….20 and 21 years old, respectively…they weren’t perfect, but they were very effective….

    Erixon seemed to be feeding off the crowd and got better as the game went on…

    Can’t worry about Stahl. He may not come back this year and that’s probably better than if he rushed back and risked further damage….

    Aside from that, things are looking bright in Ranger land…

  51. I’m a bit confused as to what would be the reason for NHL commissioner ( who isn’t my favorite by any stretch ) to not want the NHL to eclipse the NBA in any city, let alone NY, Boom Boom…

  52. Ive been sayin this for years and people I know dont believe me, theres a conspiracy against the Rangers….how they call Gabby on that bullcarcillo hookin call and dont call a hit from behind on Sarich and on top of that gice Newbury an extra two is absurd……for years its been like this and its ridiculous…..who remembers (wit renney still here) that game against Chicago where the game was tied and the refs gave the blackhawks four 5 on 3s in the last like ten minutes of the game……all on bullcarcillo calls as well…..its blatantly obvious and I cant stand it…..but im pretty sure its bc of Dolan when he was tryin to keep the rights to nyrangers.com to himself and the NHL wanted all its teams to b linked through their website…..remember the talk of the NHL bannin Dolan and threatenin to sue or watever….that definitely plays a role in this asinine bias against the Rangers…..i cant stand the officiating but I love when we win games despite the refs ….LETS GO RANGERS!!

  53. NYR_FAN, good points on Del Z and Erixon ….i’m happy to see Del Z fighting back and not making all the sour ‘woe is me’ faces. Erixon was a rock mostly.

    Some said what is difference in team under Renney and Torts. Toughness. The Rangers are a tough out for anyone…never an easy game…they don’t quit. They didn’t have that fire under Renney.

  54. Stronglt disagree on MDZ, eric…

    C’mon, Woywitka and/or Eminger should sit before Del Z…

    Btw, that penalty by Woywitka was unacceptable…You can’t take a penalty like that at that time of the game….

  55. Surprised that no one has responded to Fran’s earlier comments regarding this team’s lack of offensive organization or set up. Game after game opposing teams set up shop in our D zone for extended periods of time. How often is our offense doing that? Anybody have any time of possession stats?

  56. yes agree bad penalty but thats more bad luck then blame. how about mdz pinch late in 3rd tie game that almost leads to a 3 on 1 coming back down against hank. i believe there was 6 mins to go when he got flat footed by the faceoff dots and thank god boyle? was back to cover

  57. Agree, that was not the smartest time to do that…

    Like I said, he’s not perfect, but I think he’s made a lot progress since last year…

  58. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    First period was great last night!!
    Love what snozzberries did, exactly why he should stay in the line up. man he throws the body as well.

    I still think we have a square peg round hole problem with one forward spot (whether it is EC, who is just useless period, or WW who is not a 3rd or 4th line player).

    Nice goal by mcdonut and shortie by prust! Prust earned the freddy hat!

    I think the 3rd pair d is better than the 2nd pair right now.

    It is so funny to read what some of you post during the game and the double standards that you observe with..some of you are just so…well anyways

    let me give you a couple of examples..
    every announcer sucks, Joe is horrible, canadian announcers sucks, blah blah blah. Sam however, is wonderful…? Really? For two plus periods he is calling scott hannan dave and said regehr got traded to toronto, when in actuality it was buffalo.

    next example…eminger gets ripped apart by numerous people for “screening” hank while engaging an opposing player in front of the net in a game a couple of night ago, but mcdonut is doing the exact same thing without engaging an opposing player and there is barely a peep about it. As a matter of fact people are going out of their way to “justify” why he was positioned there and it was anything but his fault…

    sorry, but eminger is the most “rugged” d man we have and is not playing that poorly. I know you don’t like him, but MDZ is far more of a defencive liability right now than any other d man including eminger.

  59. http://redmileblog.com/2011/10/rangers-steal-last-second-overtime-win-beat-flames-3-2/

    “The fans also got in on the action, booing rookie Tim Erixon every time he touched the puck. For those who don’t remember, Tim Erixon was drafted by the Flames in the first round of the 2009 entry draft but “couldn’t come to terms” with the Flames. We view that as a slight against our team and our city, yet we’re glad that Erixon sucks and ended up in New York where he will languish amongst the NHL throw-aways. Have a nice life, loser.”

    Anybody up for a few comments on this lovely post?

  60. Don’t apologize to me, Wick. I agree that Eminger likes to punish when he can…and that is the best part of his game…

    I think he may be the worst skater on the team and he doesn’t really make smart plays with the puck and struggles to break out of the D zone. To me, that is a huge liability…

  61. Heave,

    An approximate measure of possession is Corsi where it measures shot attempts (not just shots on goal) that are taken by your team vs the opposition. This is done for 5 on 5 play as Shot Attempts For/Against will be heavily skewed on special teams. The idea is that in order to attempt shots you have to the puck. Not surprisingly, nearly every single player on the team has a negative Corsi differential. The sole positive is Sauer, but you’d expect him to conform with the rest of the team had he played the rest of the games this season. On a raw scale, Del Zotto has the “highest” amongst defenseman, meaning the least negative and Anisimov is the highest amongst forwards.


  62. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    defencively, mdz is worse than the other two. That over the glass flip by woywitka—> was at a horrible time difinitely, but not like he was the first ranger to have that penalty called against him during the game and pretty sure it went of a calgary stick and the refs missed it, either way an unlucky ill-timed penalty.

    eminger is not a pretty skater at all, he is choppy and i’ve said it before he skates like harvey williams used to run and that is ugly and all neck!!

    He still plays with something that no other ranger d man does consistently and with mcdonut playing so offencively well, mdz seems like the most logical to sit first IMHO when sauer comes back, but I think it will be woywitka—>

    Have they said staal is out for the year yet??

  63. oleosmirf – Exactly. Doodie, The puck bounced over Girardi’s stick right to Tanqueray. McD is, expecting a pass off the end boards from Girardi, he sees it and reacts but he’s got no chance with Iginla flying to the net. Did McD have a perfect game,no, but you can gin up something better than that.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Bring Mitchell up to play on the 4th line and forget about EZ and Wusskie. Having a true banger 4th line would be HUGE

    McD may be the best skater on team including B Rich. Do not like the lack of news about Sauer and Staal.

    Sorry 7 pts out of 14 games whether on the road or not is never acceptable, especially with current NHL scoring system. So if the record was 3-10-1 it would be ok?

    Leave MDZ alone and understand he is getting quality minutes which will accelerate his development. Is he currently a top 4 D? No, but the silver lining in these injuries is the experience being gained by he and erixson.

  65. some thoughts:

    1) could see youth mistakes tearing apart at Torts but also see on his face
    that he’s willing to life with it (good, as in McD)

    2) Stepan. working so far. nice suggestion to Torts there, Carp

    3) pretty sure someone else mentioned this but i LOVE that Richards doesn’t give up on the puck. EVER! if it leaves his stick he’s chasing it and usually retrieves. i think opposing players are kinda surprised by this
    and hope other Rangers pick on this approach.

    4) still not pleased w/ offensive mentality of shooting puck in, all but D chase it….hoping better plays will FINALLY surface

    5) the 2 wins allow Sauer and Staal to heal. the patchwork plus the Wall (aka Hank) is working well enough.

    6) i need more coffee. done

  66. Those Calgary fans are classless, could you ever imagine a NY crowd doing something like that??

    Uh.. well OK maybe, but it would probably be a player on the home team.

  67. stranger nation

    what i mean and im sorry for the typo is 7 out of a possible 14 POINTS not 14 games. this road trip is brutal even though torts doesnt want to talk about it. a 3-3-1 trip before six staight home games wouldnt be so bad. they have 6 now get a split in the next two games come home with 8 of 14 pts and i am sure 99% of you would have taken that two weeks ago.

  68. “Too bad they had to give up Scott Gomez to get him.”

    HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA One of the best lines I’ve heard in ages. Kudos, Carp. Absolutely hysterical.

  69. In your bullet number 4 above, you ask what results have occurred from Calgary Flames player Olli Jokinen talking with a therapist daily. I’m not sure a direct cause and effect can be established, but he’s been one of the key scorers and point leaders this year, and coaches constantly rave about his energy levels, attitude, and play, so whatever he’s doing with his therapist he should go right on doing … and some of his teammates might be wise to join in the sessions.

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