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1) I don’t need to tell you how good Henrik Lundqvist was in this game, or for that matter how good he’s been in all four games … or since he’s been here. I will say this, and again, it’s early in the year so you don’t want to draw too many conclusions, but Lundqvist’s glove hand looks as good as it’s ever been, and has looked that way starting in training camp and the preseason. So he gets the first victory “Hat” of the season. I think that’s Brad Richards’ idea. Should be fun to watch that — assuming they win some games.

2) So the Rangers go into Riotville against a goalie who you’d have to think was a little fragile after his Cup final performance last year and, given his woeful save percentage this year, maybe uneasy with the skeptical fans … and what do the Rangers do? Miss the net. And miss the net. And miss the net.

3) Maybe they caught Higginsitis.

4) What do you suppose the score might have been if Lundqvist and Roberto Luongo had switched teams for this game, 9-0? 10? More?

5) Derek Stepan was again good — and physical — on No. 1 line. And another very strong game together for Richards and Marian Gaborik. Richards has done it in the circle and in both ends of the ice. Count me impressed.

6) Brandon Prust is one of those guys the coach trusts so much … he can’t take dumb penalties like that.

7) But I think when the coach wants to make an example, he has to make it out of a guy like Prust — a team guy, a guy who does so much for the team, and is so respected by the team. You can’t make an example out of Erik Christensen, for example.

8) If I’m an NHL coach, given the way that goalies play today, I’m imploring my guys to fire it high any time they’re along the goal line, especially when they’re on the off wing (left shot on the right side, and vice versa) and their feet are below the goal line. If it doesn’t go in, it will at the very least cause some havoc for the kneeling goalie.

9) The Rangers don’t want to dissect penalties — John Tortorella’s words — well, some penalties are worse than others. So we’ll dissect. Brandon Prust’s first penalty was dumb and maybe lazy, and his second wasn’t so hot, either. Brandon Dubinsky’s penalty was selfish and downright Avery-like. The holding call on Artem Anisimov might have been the worst call against the Rangers so far this season, where the Canucklehead went arm-in-arm with him like they were square-dancing (do-si-do’ing?) and Anisimov got the penalty.

10) Pansification.

11) I always like to see Manny Malhotra, such a great person and unfortunately the poster child of the dysfunctional Rangers of the late 1990s.

12) Thought the second and third pair D-men looked much better in this game. But that might have been partly due to the guy behind them.

13) The 1-3 Rangers are at .500.

14) No reports of riots in the streets of Vancouver last night. For a change.


My Three Rangers Stars:

1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan McMonster.
3) Dan Girardi.


AP photos, above.

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  1. billybleedsblue on

    Yes, the 1-3 Rangers are .500. What the Bufuglien? From what I heard on the radio last night (before I drifted off to la-la land), the game was all Lundqvist. All hail Good King Henry!

  2. Me thinks this will be an against the grain comment BUT the bencing of Prust was totally egotistical and very Tortarellaish. Did he take a bad penalty YES but to bench the essence of what the Rangers identity is for the rest of the period is idiotic. Why does everything with Torts have to be a clandecent urinating contest. With that face isnt a look worth a thousand words ?

  3. Kurt, you could say that, but then you don’t have a clue about leadership and creating a culture. To not bench him is like saying to the rest of the team that it’s ok, and it’s not. Everyone needs to feel accountability and take the consequences of their actions.

  4. Wow, I’m glad I stayed up for the 3rd period last night because I was very frustrated at the end of the second. Just think about how the game would’ve changed had Hank let in just ONE of those shots in during the first two periods. He was so “on” last night he could’ve played the game by himself.

    In other news, McMonster totally lived up to his nickname. He was perfect last night.

  5. Dont have a clue REALLY For what Prust has done to establish THE CULTURE of this team I think he more than anyone knew it was a mistake and a word in his ear would have been sufficent, no need for the Tortarella dog and pony show

  6. Carp, did you happen to hear Sam and Joe say last night, “There may be a big announcement in regard to Marc Staal tomorrow, but we don’t know what’s it’s about.” (Or something of that nature)

    What exactly does that mean? They either know about an announcement or they don’t. I really have a terrible feeling about this. Girardi can’t play 35 minutes every night. He’s going to drop dead!

  7. Not seen anything from the game, so I can’t comment on whether a benching was justified or not, but why is the reaction to such things always that it is some display of ego from the coach, particularly when it was fairly accepted that there wasn’t exactly a huge culture of accountability before he arrived?

    Is every other coach who dares to bench a player – which I believe happens from time to time – just putting on a dog and pony show too?

  8. Great game – in the third period! They finally started playing hockey the last fifteen minutes or so of the third and they were rewarded for it. Penalties do have to stop , it’s like the ghost of Avery is hanging over the entire team. I agree with many here – rupp is not as good as we thought initially but it’s still early. He sure got to that rebound quickly though didn’t he? And what a shot that was , kneeling goalie notwithstanding.

    Imagine this game if Marty b were in goal? Would we be still at four zip? Henrik is the new Mega Monster Carp!

  9. Just leafing through the Bob Handbook of Asset Management…now is the best time to trade Lundqvist for a second round pick, apparently. Are we all on board with this?

  10. Didn’t see the 2nd or 3rd periods, but saw the first and then the highlights this AM. Yes, the King was Kingish but man oh man, did McDonagh look good or what? Maybe he’ll end up with more points this year overall than the bum he was traded for.

    Wouldn’t it be even more amusing is Valentenko ends up becoming part of the 3rd pairing before the season’s done?


    I agree with the Prust benching – you know he’s one of Tortorella’s favourites and so do his mates, but the man is long on heart and short on talent and cannot ever forget that. Bet he doesn’t take many more dumb penalties going forward.

  11. I think I need to post more often. I’m 1 for 1 right now (1 post, 1 win).

    McMonster is the man, great move sliding down, taking the pass from Dubi and put ‘er home. Kudos on the deke around the defender at the blue line and pass to Gabby waiting at the post. Also loved that he cleared Burrows(?) out of the crease, that was a heart warming moment for me.

    Dubi is my man but if you’re going to send a message about a questionable hit, you at least need to connect once or twice. He got Bieksa to the ice but Bieksa won that fight. I was hoping that Dubi was gonna go after him again after Bieksa made that ridiculous putting on the belt gesture. I was even screaming at the TV.

    Artie’s penalty was a joke. Dubi’s high hit was unnecessary. I’m ok with Prust sitting after that lousy holding the stick penalty.

    Are you guys getting sick of the constant start / stops with all of the penalties being called? Would be nice to watch 10 mins of uninterrupted hockey, for once this season.

    Forgot to mention, Hank’s the man. Of we could only sort out our D, he’d be a perennial Vezina winner.

    Let’s keep it going in Calgary and thanks to Carp and others who gave me shoutout to post more often.

  12. Sather Must Go on

    Im sure the penalty thing was THE topic of conversation, in meetings and an example had to be set, unfort it was prust (note: he had a two pOint game in limited ice time)

    Torts said it in post game – mcmonster’s 1st half of the game wasnt good, but other than the king and girardi the whole team was on their heals

    Girardi has been a rock on the back line – PK. 5 on 5, great; PP getting better

  13. That was a wild right last night. Great review, as always, Carp. Love the picture of “Cally+Dubi+Blockness Monster + McBust = 1 Crease Clearing D-Man”

    Anyone who said McBust wasn’t a good first pair D-Man…whoah. I might try him as PP Quarterback after last night. That guy found space, made the most of it and was AGGRESSIVE when he needed to be. How did the Rangers brass handle that youngster?

    Those of you that were calling Dubi a Bust….come on! Get Real. Aside from being an embarrassing fighter, he is a quality 2nd line player.

    Have I mentioned how much I Love Brad Richards? And boy oh boy does that experiment look like a booming success with Gaborik netting 3 so far!

    And finally – this numbers game is killing me – Richards #19!? Fedotenko #26!? It just looks like the world is upside down.

  14. Also – Big Rig (Brian Boyle) can flat out skate. Can someone please unlock all that potential?

  15. Also- this “Game Hat” thing is awesome. Could Brad Richards be any MORE awesome?

    Also – ORR did you check out Page Richards? Where were you on that one, pal!?

  16. I thought Hank’s glove was showing some improvement already the second half of last year. What a tremendous effort. Hank said “Sorry, you’re not byfuglien scoring!!” I heard him.

    Hopefully the news on Staal is good, but I don’t know if I’d split Girardi and McD and I might even keep them as top pair while Staal gets his feet under him. Let’s hope that decision has to be made.

    I know he’s had the one fight and a goal and he missed some preseason, but I think Prust has been a little meh with the intensity early on. To me the benching felt a little cumulative with the offensive zone stick holding penalty being the capper. He’s an important part and the Rangers need that energy from him.

  17. I think sometimes Pearl Jam best sums up our Rangers:

    (Lyrics from Corduroy) “Everything has changed / Absolutely nothing’s changed”

    It can even be said in a positive situation.

  18. BTW, I really was impressed in the first period how the Rangers kept hitting/pummelling guys in front of their own net. I realize too much time was spent there, but at least (for the most part) those dudes trying to set-up camp in the King’s face were being punished for it.

    I trust it continued in the 2nd and 3rd?

  19. The best goalie in the NHL beat the most overrated goalie in the NHL last night

    ‘Nuff Said

  20. Make no mistakes, Hanks’ play totally deflated the ‘Nucks and elevated the Rangers, that is what elite goaltenders do… Just remember, this is the team that lead NHL in all offensive categories last year. They just resigned to his play. It’s his 2 point, plain and simple.

    Let me tell my take on Prust’s benching. The abundance of penalties during the first 4 games simply interfered with team’s ability to get into any type of offensive flow, or any flow for that matter. It takes time to put into the game what you practice during the off days. They’ve looked much better 5 on 5, but they don’t get to play enough at even strength to get into any game flow. Some penalties you can’t avoid. But some lazy, offensive zone penalties you can. I’m sure it’s been discussed many times. So it shouldn’t matter who takes it, he should sit. How else do you get your point across? Sit MDZ and don’t sit Prust? Or Callahan? I think it was the right decision.

    If McIlrath turns out to be what they think he should, just imagine a pair of two Macs a couple of years from now- McD and McIlrath. Yum!

  21. The Prust Benching was a good coaching move. It is basically exactly as Carp said so I will quote rather than jumble up what he said in my own sloppy words:

    *6)* Brandon Prust is one of those guys the coach trusts so much … he can’t take dumb penalties like that.

    *7)* But I think when the coach wants to make an example, he has to make it out of a guy like Prust—a team guy, a guy who does so much for the team, and is so respected by the team. You can’t make an example out of Erik Christensen, for example.

  22. Christensen got way too much ice time while Stepan was getting his gums sewn back together (without stitches apparently).

  23. True Blue Mike on

    Kurt, maybe you didn’t watch the same game as me but after Prust’s benching. He had 2 assist’s. Including an assist on the game winning goal. Before his benching, he was almost invisble and was not playing with much energy.

    Hemmerhead, oh yeah Christensen was flying around making great defensive plays and forechecking like no other… oh wait, that was Fedetneo in Christensen jersey.

  24. The Fedotenko pass to Boyle is about as sweet as it gets!! What a play that was!

    So, is Luongo going to nominated for a Vezina again? LMAO.

    At this rate, Dubi is going to have 758 PIM…lol

  25. Kurt- Who told you about Torts ‘clandecent’ urinating contest?? That mothertrucker is benched!

  26. True Blue Mike on

    LMAO MANNY. I thought the shot by Boyle was just as good as the pass. It was so quick.

  27. By the way, each line scored a goal last night. Richards is a point per game, Gaborik leads the team with 3 goals. Trade EVERYONE!

  28. Boyle does that every now and then. Highlight real goals. I just want Big Rig to get out there and use that body and earn more minutes.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ haters – what is his +/- rating? Methinks he leads the team.

    Auntie Em got his skates underneath him and played with jam. When he hits people, they go down.

    Long live the King!

  30. Is it just me or is the site wonkier than Wolski’s groin when trying to refresh, refresh, refresh?

  31. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    Ryan McDougal has what Michael Del’Zotto doesn’t have: foot speed and a gorgeous stride. The kid skates effortlessly.

  32. leetchhalloffame on

    Gomez for McDonagh? LMFAO!!! What were the habs thinking on that one? Henrik was ridiculous last night, but this team had better stop getting outshot 2-1 or it will be one long season.

  33. If McDonagh is going to be given more offensive opps…AND if he continues (which i think he will…remember way back when I said i thought mcdonagh had more upside than Del Z)..then I would have to rethink my slightly moribund view of this year’s team. Regardless if the Rangers are a tad boring offensively, they are tough to play against for opponents…LGR!!

  34. Kurt – I’m no fan of Tortorella and wondered if he was cutting off his nose despite his face by sitting him. And Prust took another bad penalty, I feared Tortorella would pull the plug on him for the game. To his credit, he didn’t and Prust was back on the ice. In hindsight, I’d say this was an example of good coaching.

    Carp – Make an example out of Christensen? Why? For what? Being invisible? That’s what he always does. You can’t punish a guy for doing his job. In Christensen’s case, it’s being a knob on the ice that occasionally gets in the way of the action.

  35. One more thing for the “Sky Is Falling” crew:

    Bad teams don’t beat the Canucks by four goals.

  36. McDonagh picks up some slack, doesn’t he? Way to fill the void.
    Eminger did play well, giving it up for the team.

    But don’t forget, the ‘nuckers had 40 some shots on net.

    I liked Erixon’s game except one failure to clear, which was big.
    DZ started well and then had a few idiotic moments. I liked him on the PP. And it sure seems a lot of his passes become bad icings…
    Woywitka and Bell are like 8th and 9th defenseman. Can’t imagine Valentenko is a worse option.

    Rupp, Prust and Boyle really needed those points. And Gabby, it is good to get him going too.

    I wouldn’t say Stepan had a good game at all. Though HE DEFINITELLY IS THE RIGHT CHOICE for that line, with this line up. I thought he got out muscled and wasn’t so crisp.

    I wish the best for Christensen, but I am done with him. I would prefer Avery.

  37. Avery lives on!

    in the Duber and Prust!! I love it….

    I cant wait until Turderella is forced to recall Avery

    oh and nice post LW, further adding to your credibility, or lack thereof:

    “I havent see anything from the game” BUT ill still defend anything Turderella does!!

    because i love him and he’s the best!!

    on a positive note, nice rallying around Henrik last night, his play inspired those goals.

  38. I caught a few posts last night mentioning MDZ not being a NHL player….Geez, I’m glad we don’t make any personnel decisions on this team. He is asked to play a second shut down pair role at the moment. He is an offensive D-man who is still learning both sides of the puck. But he has a good smell of the opposing net. After Artie outworked someone and dislodged the puck, it was MDZ who moved in and his shot on goal led to a juicy rebound and GWG by Rupp.

  39. ilb – while I agree with you that those comments are a bit overboard…I think that people were more referring to his play in his own end. I think everyone was recognizing his ability in the offensive side. There was just concern about his defensive abilities because he is, you know, a defenseman.

    I think he is the best option we have right now though and I really hope he gets his hockey wits about him in the defensive end. He had a nice patented “Del Zotto Slide” last night to break up a nice Canucks chance. That was positive.

  40. True Blue Mike on

    Any news on who will start in goal tomorrow? I need to pick up Biron today if it is going to be him.

  41. >>Bad teams don’t beat the Canucks by four goals.

    Unless the Canucks had an under-performing goalie in net. Let’s take the two points and move on, shall we? No sense in drawing conclusions from one lousy win.

    [Heads Up!]

  42. Don’t go there with Del Zotto. He has been given more than enough opportunity to grow as a player and has instead regressed. His season last year was awful and hasn’t done much this year already other than get caught out of position a bunch of times (see play in Europe 4-4 and he’s 1 on 3 and turned the puck over) and take penalties. I would also say that Erixon has already shown better skating and presence than Del Zotto.

  43. I think Del Zotto makes Del Zotto look stupid. Sometimes it’s twitter that makes him look stupid. Sometimes it’s photos from a college party that makes him look stupid. And yes, Edler also made him look stupid.

    But he has potential. And when that genie pops out of the bottle..watch out. We could have a legit D-Man for our 3rd Pairing (once Stawl and Sauer-Pauer get back)

  44. So for 21 year old player A, 130 games spread out over 3 years = been given more than enough of a chance

    But for 31 year old player B, 565 games over 9 years = not been given enough of a chance

    Makes sense to me.

  45. Oh my point was not to be sarcastic and throw dirt on Del Zotto. I just think that we are not asking him to be a top line pair. Once Mark Staaaaaaalll gets back and Sauer-Pauer is back we really only need Del Zotto to play 3rd pairing minutes and PP minutes. Then he can have a chance to get those defensive skills up to par before being traded/released and then dominating against us.

  46. But the good news on Del Zotto is that if you look at the 2008 Draft, other than John Carlson of the Caps, there is not a defenseman taken after him that is better than him. So, it’s not like you can look at that draft and gripe. At least this isn’t a Jessiman situation.

  47. LOL, LW.

    The Prust benching wasn’t about punishing Prust. It was a message to the whole team, OK? And Prust will be the first player to completely understand that.

    Good morning, Sally!

    I don’t understand the Del Zotto hate. He’s never going to be a Girardi type of player. Completely different. But he can provide things that the Girardis and Staaaaals can’t. And I don’t believe he’s regressed this year, not one bit. But then, I understand that fans have their own opinions on players (or a particular coach) and can never be swayed.

    I see the Avery worship continues.

  48. The knock on Del Zotto before he was drafted was that he needed to work on the defensive part of his game. That’s why he was still available at #20 when the Rangers picked. Defense is a much harder position to play than forward. Defensive positioning and decision making take time to learn at the NHL level. He’s only 21 and still finding his NHL game. We all wanted to see the kids play and suffer the bumps in the road. DZ’s learning curve is part of that bumpy road.

  49. Oh, and about Joe M’s slip on Marc Staal. There is no way he lets that info get away without knowing something good is coming. Not a chance. It’s a shame that an analyst would have a good piece of info, would tell you he has it, and won’t give it up. I understand the whole off-the-record thing, but you don’t tell your audience, “I know something that you don’t know,” and then not spill it.

  50. Once again, CTB comes along and sums it all up perfectly, the way I wish I could sum it up, and backs it up with numbers.

  51. hey Carp, YOU mentioned Avery in your post. Clearly, there’s some subconscious thing going on there….

  52. The Rangers need a coach who will hold players accountable. as long as its not Prust being held accountable.

  53. The boys are practicing in Vancouver at 12:45 EST. So I’d guess 1:45 or 2 p.m. the woywitka widget ——> might have some Marc Staal update. I bet he’s going to join them on the trip.

  54. ilb, been busy taking care of some things at work before I go on leave for “you know what”.

    Plus with no games there’s not a lot of things to talk about since nobody pays attention to wicky, LW has zero cred and Manny hasn’t received his new Assman yet.

  55. And Carp, I was going to try emoticons instead of numbers but I forgot how to do angry face.

    Otherwise it would have been:

    Player A = angry face
    Player B = :(

  56. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Carp, I trust your knowledge of the media, but why do you say that the Staal news is assured to be positive? Outside of Joe’s little tease last night, there has been no info from anywhere it seems re: Staal’s progress.

    I hope you’re right…I just don’t want to expect good news and have it be something bad.

  57. I wouldn’t say it was to punish Prust, but I think it was the perfect spot to send a message to the team and light a fire under his less than electrified aasen.

  58. Noah-aal-auer, 28 on

    Now that the season has started, I should go back to my usual routine regarding my name.

    It’s weird not having “-rury” as part of the string!

  59. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    LMFAO @ BANJ last thread!!

    thanks for the review.

    I will admit I am one of those who doesn’t think mdz looks like he belongs at the moment. I don’t think his offencive flashes compensate for his defencive lapses. But it is just my opinion and the organization knows way more than I do.

  60. Its too bad Lundqvist had such an amazing game because it really overshadowed how amazing McDonagh’s game was. You should have at least touched upon that, Carp

  61. Del Zotto is 21. do not make a zubov like mistake.

    the rangers are playing with out 2 of there top 4 d men.

    this is a good team this year. they have a really good foundation,,,,

    believe it…..

  62. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    manny, LW, and I are like the rodney dangerfields of the blog…no respect!!

    I know a doctor who could help you with that itch…

  63. Henrik is on his A game. Lets hope it lasts a while. Ive seen the Rangers play decent this

    year, but it the 3rd period it looked like the team woke up. Lets hope that last as well, and I

    appreciate dubi’s courage, but bieksa can throw them as good as anyone. He’s got to make

    him look like an idiot rather than give him exactly what he want’s.

  64. Amen Wicky! None! I would add Latona to that list – he gets no respect either.

    Favorite Rodney Line: “Whoa…you must have been something before electricity!”

  65. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    I like “my arm, I think it’s broken”! (as he swings it freely and vigorously)

    I wonder with all the penalties, why Huginsky has not been benched yet? Is it because he is more fragile mentally than Prust? It is just a question people no alterior motive!

    Make the damn staal announcement will you already!!! SHEESH!!!!

  66. How’s the reading comprehension coming along, firetorts?

    I made it plain that I’m not making any judgement about whether the benching was justified and merely asked why it had to be interpreted as the egomaniacal coach indulging in an Ales Pisa contest rather than an NHL coach perhaps unjustifiably benching a player, as I hear other NHL coaches do from time to time.

    I don’t watch any games, as has already been established in my Lack of Credibilty manifesto. Especially not those that start at 3am here…

  67. the reading comp is fine.

    you can SAY whatever you’d like, but your actions speak for themselves

    your blind love of Turderella, from a time zone far far away, compelled you to comment about the Prust benching incident, in defense of Turderella, even tho you saw none of the game.

  68. Not taking anything away from Cally – but when you really listen to Hank in the post-game, he is the true leader / captain on this team – I am sure in the locker roomat least – guy stands on his head and then post game talks motivation and play of team –

  69. If Carp wasn’t busy listening to the Rangers press conference re: Stawuhl I would appeal to him to put a ban on this torts discussion.

    Stop it people. He is not getting Fired. He is a great coach. In fact the winningest American Coach in history. He took a similarly underdogged and over-energied team to the Cup! Give him a break.

  70. Yes, ORR. She is a babe. I bet she knows a lot about hockey too! Brad Richards sister – who would have known.

    The minute she was on TV I was like, WHERE IS ORR!?

  71. It’s clearly his fault. He prohibited you from seeing your future wife!

    Although she said that Brad is _really_ protective of her so watch out!

  72. Sorry to disagree with you Manny

    is that how you deal with people with differing opinions? ban them?

    ill just change my mind and love the coach because hes the best.

  73. Must just be a language thing then, if the statement “I’m not making any judgement about whether the benching was justified” = Blind love for and defense of the coach.

    Seem to be a few people who actually did watch the game (they vlearly don’t belong here…) who think it was justified and produced a positive outcome, incidentally.

  74. LW- don’t get wrapped up – it’s probably just a language barrier. Did you use British spelling?

    Carp – I am on board that train! Starting……..NOW

  75. No banning necessary. How you deal with people with differing opinions is to wilfully misrepresent those opinions and paint them as being as extreme as yours, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That’s how we roll here, apparently.

  76. Sather Must Go on

    Watching Richards, doesnt it feel that he will always make the right decision with the puck?… hit the open man, Dump in when the team has #s, shoot when open – he is a real asset – hopefully, Stepan will watch and learn from him.

    PS – I dont give Sather credit for this signing… Richards wanted to come here (NYC? Torts? Both?) and Sather just had an open checkbook

  77. LW – there is still time for you to do that cool thing where you run along side the train and jump on board on the last car (also you don’t have to pay that way)

  78. Apparently his sister’s name is Paige (google search for Brad Richards sister), but Paige Richards is also the name of an “entertainer” that may or may not have to wear clothes to work.

  79. ORR – in all honesty – you might NOT live. You might require a wife who is strong and can cut you off from Ben & Jerry’ before your blood sugar and fat/muscle ratio reach biblical proportions.

  80. For those of you that are married: Is there anything better about the marriage process than watching items disappear off your registry? It’s magical.

  81. Lev – Paige Roberts shot an arrow straight through your heart (and she’s to blame). I guess you should get her over ORR since Renney made him miss her and you’re obviously so in love.

    Call her up, set a date and make a registry!

  82. Manny, unless you registered at like Best Buy, Apple Store or maybe a Home Depot I guarantee that 95% of the stuff on you registry isn’t going to be used for any practical purpose.

  83. Hey Carp, I asked Brooks this question and he agreed with me 100%…

    If Vancouver was gushing over picking up Dale Weise for nothing off of waivers because they had been inquiring about him for two years… why the hell could the Rangers not have squeezed out a late round draft pick at least for him?? Makes no sense??


  84. agreed……..clear out some closet space Manny

    i’ve been in a debate recently; maybe you guys can help me see if i’m in the wrong…..
    what are the odds that ALL 4 of Hagelin, Bourque, Thomas and Kreider make the team out of camp next year?

  85. Bob the builder, Ryan McDougal? Surely, you are joking with us all? I love it tho!

    David Dubinsky will requite himself! I agree with ORR 100%…do not want Dubi fighting..except when it is to bloody Mike Richards! :)

    I would be sad to see Dubi go if the team went that route…he remains my favorite Ranger.

  86. Can’t answer that with any certainty, William.

    My speculation: The Rangers asked for something in return and Vancouver said, “No” figuring that eventually the Rangers would have to put him on waivers. I don’t think there was much question that Weise was going to CT at some point this season and the Canucks would then be able to get him for nothing.

  87. 1940! October 19th, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    agreed……..clear out some closet space Manny

    i’ve been in a debate recently; maybe you guys can help me see if i’m in the wrong…..
    what are the odds that ALL 4 of Hagelin, Bourque, Thomas and Kreider make the team out of camp next year?

    pretty good id say bc fedotenko christensen and wolski will be off the books (along with zucc and avery)…..

  88. Vibz, except that Fedotenko is the only one whose departure would leave a lineup spot other than fourth line. So maybe two could make it. I don’t see all four. barring injuries/trades/etc.

  89. I could see Hagelin and Bourque making it as 4th line/energy guys. Kreider and Thomas are projected to be top 6 forwards and I think they’d rather start them off as heavy minutes guys in the minors rather than bottom 6 minutes in the NHL. Thomas looked like he struggled a little when he made the jump from Traverse to the exhibition games. For a player of his size it’s important that he can at least keep up with the pace of the NHL game.

  90. carp, i guess ur right, i didnt think about that….but anything is possible and one can dream right?? lol….if u had to guess carp, which 2 woud u think? i woud think krieder and bourqe are the 2 favorites, right?

  91. Manny – With 106 points in the regular season, a top line of Lecavalier-Richards-St. Louis, a defensive pairing of Boyle and Modin and the Bulin Wall in net at his prime, Tampa in 2004 was hardly an underdog. In fact, they were a pretty strong favorite throughout the season and considered one of the NHL’s most talented clubs. My cat could have lead that team to a cup. But on that front, I view Tortorella’s cup a little bit like I view Messier’s cup: When do we stop worshiping the guy for something that happened almost(or more than) a decade ago? Both were truly magnificent feats, but both are in the past. And with Tortorella, my point is ‘what have you done for us lately?’ Sadly, the answer I come up with most of the time is nothing.

    William – It defies logic, especially since Weise would have been a better alternative than Newbery on fourth line. In short, if Weise were still with the club now, he’d be in the lineup not on the trade wire.

    1940! – Slim to none, with the odds heavy on none. Bourque isn’t exactly ripping up the AHL. I see him as a two-year project down there. Thomas will also need a year in Hartford. Hagelin I think you’ll see with the team later this year and, if he’s still with the club, full-time next year. Kreider is the wildcard. I think he’s on track to graduate BC early. He’s said he wants to complete college before turning pro. But certainly there will be a lot of pressure for him to go pro now. Still, he’ll probably need a year in Hartford. Also think about it this way: There are eight forwards under contract and a ninth(Prust) who is very likely to be resigned. Of those players, eight have very solid roster spots. That leaves four spots, all of them on the lower lines.

  92. I think it would depend on their camp performances. I know that they love Kreider … but who knows where his game will be. Since he stayed in school, he’d better be much improved when he comes out. They like Bourque and Hagelin a lot, Thomas too.

    You just never know. Also depends on what they need.

  93. At ESPN New York, Katie Strang spoke with Sean Avery and Avery said that he doubts he will get recalled by the Rangers.

    “I’m not even going to think about it,” he said. “It’s like someone trying to win the lottery.”

    *Before flying back to NY, Avery said he had a brief discussion with John Tortorella, saying that “[Tortorella] told me it was his decision and that was pretty much it.”*

    Avery said that he didn’t think he got a fair shot in training camp either, “I’d say it’s pretty obvious.”

    Glen Sather mentioned recently that Avery could get recalled. Avery was waived on October 4th.

    John Tortorella said that the Rangers have better players than Avery and that is why he didn’t make the team.



  94. phil, couldn’t you pretty much say that about every coach in the league except for Julien?

    what have you done lately? Nothing.

    did you not see what the Rangers did last year? It went beyond W-L-OL. It’s about building a foundation that will compete for a while. Not saying Stanley’s happening any time soon, but the Rangers have become as legit as all but two or three teams in the East, and are still building.

    Ah, I don’t know why I bother.

  95. Carp – get on bored the “ignoring it train.” LW and I have nice glasses of scotch in the VIP Bar car towards the back.

    @CCCP@ – Look. We aren’t in the locker room. Maybe Avery walked on the logo. Who knows. Whether it’s his play on the ice or his attitude, Torts thinks that something is getting in the way of this team reaching its potential. Since Torts is our coach, and I respect him and LIKE him a lot, I will just leave it at that and defer to his judgment. Something about Avery was affecting the team negatively and whatever that was – it had to be removed so the team could move forward.

  96. BANJ, the front of that shirt is plain black, the names of the victims of the crash are on the back.

  97. Carp – I see the difference being pre-lockout and post-lockout. They’re two different NHLs in my book. I see Torts as a good pre-lockout coach and a mediocre post-lockout coach, which is why I say, what has he done for me lately? Not much. But I’ll hold my tongue about him until we see what unfolds this season. Aside from last night, I’ve had little to be optimistic about.

  98. Phil- Who’s asking anyone to worship Torts? He’s been here 2+ seasons. There was a bit of deconstruction that had to take place along the way if you hadn’t noticed. You know, moving some of the big contracts to make room for the younger guys. Then there’s actually allowing those new young guys, as well as the “old” young guys time to develop, individually and as a team.
    Honestly, where do you think the Rangers should be and what should have been done differently? Is it time to start another 5 year plan two years into the current one?

  99. no, not trying to have more Avery talk…no need to duck. Just pointing out for the “Torts hates Avery” disbelievers who always say that there is nothing personal between Torts and Avery. That’s all.

  100. Does anybody know what happeend to Yaroslavl Lokomotiv (sorry if I am saying it wrong). Are they playing at all this year?

  101. and so far…this team is not different than it was with Avery. so i don’t know where exactly Avery is holding them back.

  102. Right. @CCCP@ that is why I said:

    *”Look. We aren’t in the locker room. Maybe Avery walked on the logo. Who knows.”*

  103. Meaning – we don’t know what he was doing (if it wasn’t merely his on-ice performance and further we might not see the change on the ice either. It could be a locker room thing. WHO KNOWS. I submit to Torts and Sully and Rammer. Lead!

  104. “we are not in the locker room” argument is weak! Avery’s been with the organization for a long time now… they know who and how he is… and last year everyone was praising Avery for his leadership qualities… but suddenly, he’s the worst player ever? Not buying it…

  105. Oh, ORR there is a mathematical equation for that:

    Avery’s Goals’ per game = (PIM + SOG – Shot’s that miss the net wide) / (Total time on ice + on ice antics) X (Ray Ban – Suspenders) / (Selvedge + Skinny) OVER (checkers on shirt)

  106. Avery was a good Ranger…i liked him…he was electric that one end of the year… the fact that he is marginalized speaks volumes for the steps the Rangers farm and main club have made. He was ineffective last season much as a gnat on the back of an elephant. Or sycophant..whichever your preference.

  107. Look – I happen to like Sean. I was trying to tell the haters that he was going to get 1st line minutes this year. I was wrong. Way wrong. Instead he is going to get top line minutes in the AHL. I have to defer to the people that are there. It’s not like the players are jumping up to defend him. There must be an issue and Torts dealt with it how he felt he had to deal with it.

  108. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    You have to admit, our ukrainian friend has a point! I find it as humourous that the “torts is great crowd” are just as blinded as the “fire torts yesterday crowd”.

    It is just as asinine to think there was ZERO personal feelings from torts having avery demoted as it is to think it was 100% personal…you guys are all just as delusional

  109. @CCCP@ your reasoning, which I always respect, is sound. You make 100% sense to me. I probably even agree with you. I just think, in the end, it’s 7 minutes a game we are worrying about for a significant amount of cap hit and I think you can get his performance out of other players (aside from Christensen).

  110. I *do* think there was personal feelings involved. But, he gave Avery a chance to play for this team. It’s not like he played 40 games for them the last two years. He had his shot, and he didn’t do enough to earn a spot on this team. Avery’s antics on and off the ice didn’t help.

    So, at the end of the day, who cares? He’s a 4th liner, after all!

  111. 50 Cents? Is there a fire sale on commenting around here? Maybe 50 Cent is having a promotion in connection with a new album?

  112. Maybe it’s the concern, legitimate or otherwise that Avery could derail the whole season with some stupid incident. Being NY it would of course get magnified and could potentially become a major distraction at the worst possible time. Maybe he feels the return is not worth the risk.
    Or maybe he hates him.

  113. And that sums it up, wicky…Torts didn’t like him. And Avery was too expensive and not sufficiently effective to be here. Get over it. Do you want to know something else? Avery’s behavior off the ice over the years is bordering on description of a sociopath. Do you really want that around 19-23 yr old players when you’re trying to teach them team concept? He wasn’t in their future plans anyway. At $2M per, he was the most expendable player. I liked him too. Never as a person, but he used to be effective. Not anymore.

  114. Thanks, Carp….100% agreed that it will most likely b based on camp…..i just kno the rangers love kreider so I honestly woudnt b surprised to see him make the team out of training camp….can anyone else see a 1st line of B.Rich Gabby and Kreider next season?? Boy am I glad that idiot coach whos done nothin lately and sucks has accidentally turned around the present state / future / culture of my favorite team ….FIRE TORTS!! Trade the young guys and picks for 39 yr olds….WAT IS TORTORELLA THINKING!!??! (sarcasm)

  115. Carp- on Weise…I’m not so sure about that. The ‘Nucks would pick at #29 when it comes to waivers, so it wasn’t that clear they would have him for nothing…

  116. again…just to make it clear one more time… i am not and was not saying that this team absolutely needs Avery! Just pointing out that “Torts hates Avery” is not a myth. that is all, folks.

  117. Oh well – I agree that there was/is some personal junk going on there. Maybe something to do with the womenfolk. That always gets Sean in hot water.

  118. Manny, no Yaroslavl team is not playing this season, they are given one year to regroup and will be back to KHL next year.

  119. Wicky©getting strikes for no reason!! on

    I agree with orr, I just think if the “torts is awesome crowd” would just admit that some personal feelings by the coach did influence the decision and the “fire torts crowd” would just admit avery’s play also had something to do with it as well, those of us that are actually reasonable about this would not have to “duck” all the time or see a “here we go again” post from the blogfather!!

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