It’s Go Time!


Game 4. Winless, but only 1 game under NHL-.500 in a league where there are no ties, and having lost only once despite three losses (imagine trying to explain this to somebody who watches another sport), the Rangers take on the Stanley Cup finalists in Riotville.

Sounds like the same lineup: Lundqvist in goal for his fourth straight start; with Newbury replacing Zuccarello. Sauer and Wolski remain sidelined with injuries, and Bell expected to be prucha’d.

As you know, Riotville gets Kramer, er, Kesler back.

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  1. Babies are being born! Mama is giving her points away! Latona is ruling with an iron fist!


  2. Vancouver thinks they’re better than us? Point to anything in this room and I’ll lift it up over my head!

  3. Hopefully the Rangers can establish some type of forecheck and stay at even strength for at least a few minutes…

    But seriously, we need to attack and control the puck….watch those sticks, boys!


  4. before I didn’t get carp’d :)

    Can’t get the video tomb

    Bob (not Bob) LMAO at your handle!

    Latona, it was not supposed, it was real….my, we are showing off our dictionary studies today…umbrage, soujourn etc….

  5. If the Nucks lose tonight will the riots continue? Sigh, I’m wondering about our line-up….

  6. Carp awesome intro!!!
    I wish people ruining err…i mean running the league would read your opening paragraph…

  7. Bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    March to the high draft pick continues…let’s see if David Dubinsky’s trade value rises.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Yeah baby , we are gonna KILL the canucks tonight!!!!!!

    They are done , done like dinner!!!!

    Rangers will slaughter them , my promise to you!!!!!

    GO RANGERS !!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS go timeeeee !!!!!!

  9. eric, from your post to the team’s sticks….or something like that.

    Latona….you wanna meet outside? :)

  10. no crosby malkin kennedy letang orpik. how do the pens win games. dan bylsma is a hell of a coach

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    RANGERS!!!!!! I LOVEEEE youuuuuuuuuuuuuu guys!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO go time is my time!!!!!!

  12. flyers still rolling granted vs ottawa. pens winning too we need WINS soon or this could get ugly

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSS yeah baby im PUMPED!!!!!!!!!


  14. N.CountryNYRFan on

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S get a “W”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anybody with Center Ice actually getting the game yet? All I’ve got the Byfuglien schedule screen!

  16. Anybody wants to bet, that Weise will score against us? Or second wave Higgins, or third – Samuelsson? Anyone?

  17. James, I still thought you could do it. Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum.

    I’m going to have to bust Sam’s chops next time I see him. He keeps saying “start of a four-game trip.” Well, Schmoozer, just because you didn’t do all the games, they still count. It’s a seven-gamer, and this is No. 4.

  18. I dislike seeing Weiss in a Canucks jersey. Way more than I thought I would.

    Nice ceremony for Rypien. Shame. That will get the team fired up, eh?

  19. i ususally just make smartass comments and run. I dont spend time reading comments nor do I usually talk to people on the blog. but anwering you is the most pahtetic thing Ive done today.

  20. Hello!!!!!!!! I am here for the long haul tonight hopefully! Based off of carp’s comments, I guess carp likes the shootout huh? (Being sarcastic)

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ok doesnt looklike a slaughter so far…but hey!!! WE will win!!!


  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hollywood Hank!!! hes such a Grant Fuhr..


    GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

  23. Callahan – Rupp – Christensen

    in the words of the In Living Colour movie critics “Hated it”

  24. Adam I do need to apologize, I never saw the video, I just tuned in after. I assumed it was about the stanley cup. In retrospect, it wasnt really tasteful

  25. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    thank you, bloggingmama …this tractor has been made to feel welcome. Hire OLGA! (Is that what he always says?) Hard for this old tractor to remember things…yeeehaw!

  26. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    CCCP, plays for the Rangers…from Alaska..nice kid..our best trading chip…however.

  27. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    nyr_fan, Michael Del’Zotto is a snaggle tooth skater if i ever seen one!

  28. Props must be given to Krisy, who is posting and watching at 4:40 a.m. her time….HUGS!

    and no props to me, for fading to black….man, I miss not working :) til tomorrow all!

  29. Getting heartburn here……lousy PP, no shots to speak of, and now a bad penalty – at least they killed it off…

  30. Jimbo – eat more iced cream. That helps cool off the burn.

    This isn’t that bad. We need our “3rd” line to get GOING. Maybe make them the 4th line again. That worked well last year.

  31. At least Lundquvist is earning his paycheck o far this season. Maybe the rest of the team should donate theirs to the OWS croud?

  32. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    nyr_fan, no name dropping here…never think much about celebrities…always felt was more of a denigration of society thingy when the populace becomes as absorbed with celebrities like a Rosemary Clooney Bounty Towel! Capisce?

  33. Has Richards lost a faceoff this year? Why is Dubinsky taking that draw

    God, this team is so hard to watch

  34. well outshot pretty bad 1st period ..good thing Henrik looks sharp
    Gaborik was noticable ,Dubinsky looks like he threw a big hit

  35. sorry to say but we are a boring team!! is this all we have?? hank gets shelled night after night and no offense. can they pay us to watch the games?

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Might have been a shaggy thingy CallyLinda …HMMMM.

    Yo BOB , its not hire OLGA , its FIRE OLGA!!!! get it , got it? good!!

    GO RANGERSSS!!! we will win I garentee!!!

    Vancouver are chokers , losing to pathetic scumbag Boston Bruins , they like Chicago are 1 and done!!!

    Hank wins this he could be ELITE!!!!!


    BOOGAARRD!!!!! Momma!!!!

  37. Another period another example of the inept play from the Rangers defense. It’s actually quite simple to notice the difference. Watch the three chances Salo created with his wicked shot from the point and tell me one person in the entire NYR organization that could do that. Answer is Zero! Plain and simple.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YO Grabby , Watch Gaborik score tonight!! We’ll get our GROOVE on!!!

  39. >>>Jimbo – eat more iced cream. That helps cool off the burn.

    Wish I had some here, Manny! It would make me even fatter, but it would feel good going down the old gullet!

  40. Who cares about Avery! Unless he can shoot the puck from the point and help make a strong breakout pass then he can’t help. That’s where the problem lies. Del Zotto and Erixon don’t belong in the NHL. Woywitka and Eminger are the type of defensemen you see on 13 seeded teams. I’d say like Ottawa but with Karlsson and Kuba, their defense is actually better.

  41. Why are senior citizens allowed to live on the second floor of a house!? It’s insane. They don’t need electric chairs – they need more intelligently designed living spaces.

  42. >>>I am telling you guys. ORR got picked up by the GameFly police!

    Jeez, I hope not – but he shouldn’t be bragging here about his exploits with them and with his downloading antics!

    ORR, where are ya? Do you need us to send you some Ben & Jerry’s with a file or hacksaw embedded inside it?

  43. Haha that’s not a bad idea Jimbo! I am eating some Half-Baked Frozen Yogurt right now. Cutting down on the fat = better looking thighs come … winter?

  44. gregzo, i wish i could find my happy place like you. im very bummed about this team. i dont care much who scores, i jst wanna see some exciting hockey. they represent new york, not carcillo-ville, not byfugien town. were the rangers damnt!. we deserve better

  45. Lloyd – You are dead on with the Dubinsky hate. At $4.2 mil, he may be the most over paid player in the NHL. They should have gone to arbitration with him. Having been involved in the process, I think the Rangers might’ve gotten the dollar value down but didn’t want to take the risk of beating him up during the hearing. It never works out well after the fact.

    If I was GM, I’d be dangling him around to try and get a legit defensemen. A number 2 defensemen at the price is much more valuable to the team than him.

  46. I don’t really hate Dubinsky but he’s so overrated, at least as far as this organization’s concerned. And as far as I’m concerned, he fleeced the Rangers for that money.

  47. why don’t they do the trivia points like they used to. You know with the happy and sad faces depending if they got it right or wrong…

  48. It’s just money. It’s more the cap space that I am concerned about. But come on guys. It’s Dubi! He grew a mustache, scored an awesome goal that made commercial reels and he plays REALLY hard like 70% of the time.

  49. Im with ya Lloyd

    Cant pay a guy $4+ per to fall down to his knees while shooting the puck wide.

  50. Oh! Not Max? OK……I thought I remembered him, but either one wasn’t with us for more than a couple of weeks, if I recall it correctly…

  51. NYR_FAN How is it 4 games? I’m basing this on his entire career. Go look at the NHL contracts around the League. $4.2 of cap space is usually dedicated to All-Stars not mediocre second, really third line, players.

  52. SHEESH guys. It’s Brandon Freakin’ Dubinsky! Many people around here were demanding he get an “A” over Brad Richards. It’s DUBINSKY. No reason to be down on him.

  53. Torts is already starting up with benching his players?

    Oh yeah, he did that in game 1 with Wolski

  54. Captain CalLindahan on

    lmao Ilbzo

    this is probably the only way they’ll get it, especially since Torts loves Prust

  55. I don’t think Dubinsky was on the Olympic silver medal team, unless Joe is refer to some obscure World Championships.

    And it’s time to bench Dubinsky for a stupider thing than Prust.

  56. List of guys making less than 4.2 mil and I’d say almost all would be taken in a draft over Dubi… I left out entry level players for obvious reasons.

    Mike Knuble $2.0
    Alex Burrows $2.0
    Derek Roy $4.0
    James Neal $2.8
    Jordan Staal $4.0 (That’s the biggest joke of all)
    Rene Borque $3.3
    Milan Lucic $4.0
    Patrick Sharp $3.9

  57. I had to check but you can add Simmonds at 1.7 mil and Claude Giroux who is no longer on ELC is at 3.75 mil. Gee, wonder who I’d take there.

  58. Thanks MikeD! Totally with you, man. Ridiculous. Dubisnky was a Brad Richards signing away from being an Alternate.

  59. i wish Linda!
    I don’t get hate on Dubisnky. OK, i understand the heat for him holding out, I get that. But who else on the team has his combination of puck possession, hands and grind? He isn’t a savior by any means, but he is one of our best, young players.

  60. Dubinsky is a borderline 3rd liner who gets treated by Rangers fans like he has 1st-2nd line ability. He occasionally demonstrates some talent, yes. That’s nice. He also demonstrates an uncanny tendency for vanishing off the face of the earth for weeks at a time.

    In short, not worth the money nor the deference he gets.

  61. I think Hank feels like Vokoun used to feel in Florida. The guy driving the golf ball mover in a golf range with no protection.

  62. Captain CalLindahan on

    mid April Spider… friend in NC getting married on the 15th, and i think i might head back to NY for a spring visit lol

  63. Good to see you’re alive, ORR. Jimbo was fixin’ to break you out. He was cookin’ up some delicious escape tactics.

  64. Maybe I could work in a visit to my parents around then. Would probably be going on a few months out here at that point, unless I go back to ski. Maybe a playoff game is in the offing! (oops, no jinx here!)

  65. Lin!!

    Jimbo, don’t worry, I have a backup plan just in case the Gamefly police comes. I put my Grandpa’s name in the account instead of mine, so he’ll be the one who gets arrested! Bwaha! That’s what he gets for giving me coal for Christmas that one year!

  66. when Dubinsky “vanishes”, he is still trying and brings a skill set to the table that few on the team have.
    And yes, on most GOOD teams he’d likely be a third liner. On the Rangers, he is a second liner. that is the reality, no reason to hate on him for circumstance.

  67. I’m actually kind of impressed with Tortorella benching Prust because you don’t deserve ice time when you take a penalty that stupid.

  68. Amazing how dangerous a power play looks when there is someone who can really shoot from the back end rather than simply distribute.

  69. this reminds me of the playoffs. I told my buddy, Thomas ant score, how you gonna beat Vancouver? I lost a bit of money on the Cup last year

  70. miked, what “skill set” does Dubinsky bring to the table?

    Falling down when no one is around?

    Shooting wide?

    Bad penalties?

    Passes to no one?

  71. True Blue Mike on

    Things i have noticed:

    – Erixon is going to be a good defenseman. Top 4 for sure. I just wish he was a bit more physical. That should come with time though.

    – Lundqvist gets better and better every year.

    – Same problems as last year. PP and Scoring.

    – Anisomov has the potential to become a player like Claude Giroux. I hope he materializes. Needs to start using his body.

  72. tomb – if these guys ran the Rangers we would have no players except Sean Avery. Hank would have been traded mid-game after giving up a quick 2 goals and it would be Rammer and Avery vs. the world.

  73. Artie shows glimpses. I just keep hoping he does it he could be a superstar. That last step is not a given

  74. dubi does have some bad habits, yes. but he could dangle, control puck, goes to the net, hits, fights, sticks up for teammates. brings a lot to the table. I think people over-hyped him to begin with. that is the problem, expecting too much from an at-best second line guy.

  75. For anyone that didn’t click the link, @scottyhockey@ – “Thought of the night: John Tortorella was the coach the Rangers needed during the Jagr years. Tom Renney is the coach the Rangers need now.”

  76. I actually like Dubinsky but I’ve never seen an exceptional skill level from him. I do see glimpses of a guy who works hard and has a bit of an edge – neither is at a premium in the NHL, though.

  77. he is a lil overpaid at 4 million. but nowadays it seems like everyone is overpaid. ain’t that right brad richards?

  78. Captain CalLindahan on

    the hockeystreams miked?

    i stayed with GameCenter this season, I like being able to beech about sam and joe lol

  79. So somehow he gets the most points on the team one year while only having a third line skills. And this year, according to some, he turns into complete garbage…On the other hand you propose to trade the same “garbage” and get a solid defenseman in return. I’m just trying to follow your thinking process, no offense…

  80. Czechthemout!!! on

    Wow! Watching this game takes me back to the gloomy days of Renney hockey. I mean it’s like watching paint dry. What the he’ll do they practice at practice? It certainly is not hockey because this is not what hockey is supposed to look like!

    NINE FLICKING SHOTS IN TWO PERIODS? Give me a break!!! I could play goal against this group of scrubs!

  81. I love the “it’s only money” attitude. That attitude is what got Bobby Holik a $45 million contract, cost us a year of hockey, and has had the Rangers playing limbo with the salary cap ever since. At some point you have to try to build some talent and be confident enough in your ability to develop that talent when the old talent exceeds it value.

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    There is no Avery to kick around anymore, so it’s Dubinsky’s turn… gotta blame someone.

  83. bob The Builder (Not the Bob You are thinking of) on

    ilb2011, this tractor is on the record saying D. Dubinsky is a cualite player…top tier 2nd line…having said as such i think he portends great trade value as his value is still high in other team’s brains.

    Bob the Builder

  84. Captain CalLindahan on

    we will get 3 more shots and win the game after boyles big body deflects a shot behind luongo

  85. Yes Dubinsky has been pretty bad so far but he did lead the team in points last season and had pretty good year overall.

    Might not be worth 4 mil but certainly worth at least 3…

  86. Ha, he lead the team in scoring.


    Boyle was second on the team in goals!!!!

    What does that tell you about last seasons offense?

  87. miked – link 2 is Rangers feed.

    We need somebody like bubbaprog or jose3030 on Twitter to make animated or regular GIFs of the Torts struggle faces.

  88. BS You’re going to more and more players doing crap like that. he threw his legs back so he was further from the boards

  89. Captain CalLindahan on

    We’re watching the Vancouver Canucks vs the Henrik Lundqvist Goaltending Clinic tonight

  90. True Blue Mike on

    That’s the second time i stop watching the game to come post something here and we score? Coincidence — i think not.

  91. That’s what I am looking for. Great job McMonster. Slide down from the point get in the slot and finish.

  92. Captain CalLindahan on

    i’m having a mini riot now miked! and i STILL Have to pack.. that will be the violent riot lol

  93. blowing this team out while getting outshot 3-1

    thank god for henrik lundqvist and roberto luongo

  94. So glad to see Big Rig get out there and move.

    Also love upsetting Luongo.

    Also…….another thing didn’t change…we stil rock at 3rd period Hockey.

  95. That, btw, what elite goaltending does. Deflates the team that seems to dominate and elevates the team that has been dominated.

  96. I hate Fedotenko wearing Christensen’s old number because of Brad Richards. I keep being completely confused and thinking Christensen all of a sudden got really good and really physical.

  97. I know Prust took a bad penalty early but you have to ride grind guys like Rupp, Prust, Feds and Boyle. Those are the guys you win with and when they score it jolts the team.

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    I wish I could remember who on here wanted to trade Lundqvist.

    I’d like to chastise them severely one more time…

  99. mdz is lost all the time.

    by the way my baby gets up at 515 and my wife leaves for work at 545 so i have him for 2 hours in morning before i go to work.

    looks like 4hrs sleep yikes

  100. Captain CalLindahan on

    have they doubled their shot total yet? LMFAO!!! good things happen when YA SHOOT THE PUCK

  101. >>>by the way my baby gets up at 515 and my wife leaves for work at 545 so i have him for 2 hours in morning before i go to work.

    Does the little guy have an alarm clock, or does it just come naturally!?

  102. So this is what our team looks like when they aren’t taking penalties all night long. Not half bad, maybe we can see it again some time

  103. Hey everyone: WHO CAN BE NEGATIVE RIGHT NOW!? What is wrong with you psychos!? TAKE TWO POINTS. Take a win against one of the favored teams in the game. Take solace in your asinine goaltending.

    Goals by: BIG RIG, McBust and Rupperstilskin!!!

  104. Lundqvist is the Elitest of the Elite. We are nowhere without this guy. Year after year. Plus he has awesome hair and he is more fashionable than Avery.

  105. Ive said it before and I’m saying it again. What the heck hapeened to Girardi over the summer?

    He is not the same player. Not even close. Dude is awesome this year.

  106. Yes Beiksa did throw some low-life punches from the ground.

    Dubi did do the “Suck-It X” to the bench

    and McBust is a huge Bust!

    (also I was sure Fedotenko was carrying the puck in – nice move Brad Richards!)

  107. I am going to be fair here. I’ve been giving him a hard time but good job there Dubi. 3-0 game late – no need for that hit. Good job on him not taking it laying down and showing some pulse and toughness.

  108. Every Time I leave the room with the game on, they’ve scored. I’m fine with that. Lots of pacing. It’s exercise :)

  109. Captain CalLindahan on

    HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What a great 3rd period, and yet another arsesaving by Hank!!!

  110. That was freaking pretty awesome.

    good game. picked up some scoring from the other lines.

    Henrik. what more can you say. NHL player of the week for the one game easily

  111. Captain CalLindahan on

    and now it’s time to go pack! I hope i get to see a bunch of you boneheads while I’m up in NY!!

  112. First 2 periods were absolutely brutal, except for Hank – then they flipped on the switch!

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WIN WON , OH YEAH!!!!!!!

    WE WIN WE WIN!!! I told ya guys , I gareeteed the win!!!!

  114. Positives:
    Hank played one of the best games of his life.
    Hopefully it’s the coming out party for McDonagh.
    Loved when the grinders score and contribute with Boyle and Rupp scoring and Prust 2a
    PK looked like last season with lots of sticks in the way and shot blocks
    Quietly Gabby and Richards already off to great start together

    Hank can’t and won’t play like that every night
    PP is beyond inept
    Del Zotto belongs in the AHL
    Still struggling to get shots early in the games
    Where is the Pack Line. They’ve been too quiet 5-5. Cally always great on PK

  115. hahaha i like shitty better :p. hopefully Hank gets to wear that hat after every game. and i think it just goes to show how Richards is present in the locker room. and…still liking Paige Richards ;)

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    ZzZz NYR ZzZz© ” Don’t stepan the logo!!!”…says Greg L. October 18th, 2011 at 9:52 pm


    Yeah baby , we are gonna KILL the canucks tonight!!!!!!

    They are done , done like dinner!!!!

    Rangers will slaughter them , my promise to you!!!!!

    GO RANGERSSS!!! we will win I garentee!!!

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I also said if Hank wins this , he is ELITE . Hank is officially now , ELITE!!! 40 saves WOW!!!

  118. The fans of the Habs are gonna boo Gomez even more now, after they hear about McDonut’s game tonight!

  119. Great Job by Rupp on post game. That’s a guy who won everywhere he’s played and understands that you celebrate the 2 points and tomorrow get back to work on the definite issues that still exist.

  120. At th end of the second period, I didn’t even think they were gonna get 15 shots on goal…..

  121. MSG has endless piles of money. How can these be the best guys they can get to cover hockey night??

  122. >>Loving the winning hat!

    It’s too gimmicky. Either Pittsburgh or Washington was doing that last year [seen in HBO’s 24/7]. Whatever happened to “Sweet Caroline” anyway?

  123. >>MSG has endless piles of money. How can these be the best guys they can get to cover hockey

    They’d have to raise ticket prices by 23% if they hired better people.

  124. Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Vancouver – mighty Roberto has struck out.

  125. >>>>Every time Bill Pido gives his opinion I’m going to drown a kitten

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Drown *him*, not an innocent kitten!!!

  126. >>>Mama’s gonna kill me….

    She’s gonna whack you in the nose with the Sunday NY Times!!

  127. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp may take a whack or two, also.

    Carp. I meant it in the nicest possible way…

    (And I think that’s how ORR took it)

  128. Wicky©(AKA the wind!!!) on

    Oh boy, I missed the majority of postings and come back and I’m not sure why carp was mad at me earlier today, but you guys are in for it…and if mama gets to you guys…WOW

  129. Hugo Folkyerself on

    “Whatever happened to “Sweet Caroline” anyway?” (Nervously changing the subject…)

  130. Good morning all! Hartnell what I missed tonight….got called to late work assignment…no time to catch up now, have to be up in less than 5 hours…..but man, LGR!!!!

    Niters bag man!!!!

  131. Wicky©(AKA the wind!!!) on

    So at risk of a legitimate carping here…my recap (that apparently no one will read)

    If mcdonut continues to play like that, he WILL make mdz expendable

    MDZ really doesn’t look like he belongs IMHO

    Woywitka looked a third pair d man

    I stick by what I said a few games ago, no other D man punishes opposing players in the crease more than eminger!

    Did EC play??

    Huginsky (vv2.0) did a very stupid thing by picking a fight with bieksa, he is so lucky he brasheared, then komisareked, followed up by a courtnall!!

    speaking of bieksa, that was a bs call on him on the huginsky hit, along with several other bs calls (including the letang suspension) in the league (and this game) by the refs!! PANSIFICATION!!!

    How about that bruins game…WOW!!


  132. Tomorrow, when I get home from work, there will he hartnelling hell to pay for some of you….good grief!

    and good night….in honor of Greg…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Hank = superman!

  133. Olga had better get one of those “birdcage” goalie masks – to protect the area from a massive whooping!

  134. and Luongo got ranked higher than Hank by every Canadian expert?

    15 saves! rebound control?

    noway is he better than Hank

  135. I just saw the highlights… If I hadn’t known that the Rangers won I would have never guessed it. Save, save, save…. Wow.

    Looking forward to youse comments about the game, was it just lucky (my prediction on Luongo/Kesler/Sedins true?) or was it a good game?

  136. total bombardment the first two periods. lots of power plays for Vancouver but we were definitely outplayed.

    third period we still got outshot 12-10 but the puck started bouncing our way.

  137. Hugo Folkyerself on

    For two periods the Rangers didn’t look good at all. But Vancouver couldn’t put them away, Lundqvist keep them in the game. Probably frustrating the home team to no end. When Rupp put home the first goal, you could almost hear the air leave the building. After the second Ranger goal, the result was no longer in doubt, it was just a matter of finishing out the game. Hank held on to get the shutout.

    From a fans standpoint it wasn’t a very good game. Rangers were horribly outshot early. But as long as no one was scoring, the Rangers stayed in it. But a win is a win, so maybe it was a good game after all.

  138. Well that’s a first, getting some bounces. But since watching the highlights I have the following statement:

    Hank wins Vezina and Hart
    McDounut the Norris
    Gabby the Art Ross
    Rangers win SC

  139. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Did I mention that they looked pretty bad for two periods? Except for Hank.

    Don’t start planning the parade route just yet.

  140. a win is a win.

    mcdonaugh, wow he is going to be good. great trade mtl.

    they sure can use staal big time… girardi cannot play this much for more then 10 games or so…

  141. BANJ (Late to the party) on

    Well I had to DVR the game, I was trying to avoid the final score til tonite. I had my radio on this morning while in the shower. when the sports came on I sprayed water on the shower curtain to drown out the radio. On the way to work I listened to music. I avoided the internet sites. Then a co-worker sent me a link from 2 weeks ago aboot the Yankmees, and off to the side was last night’s score. Grrr!

    So……Whooooppppeee! Hank Hank Hank! McMonster McMonster! Hank! Hank! Hank!

    Safe flight Linda! :)

  142. On the Prust boarding penalty it looked like the ‘Nuck purposely put himself in a dangerous position to draw the penalty. I’d like to see it again, but someone is going to get hurt doing that carcillo.

  143. BANJ (Late to the party) on

    Well ddebened, I’ll have to check the DVR tonite to see that hit. Sounds alot like the Letang hit in the Pen()s-Jets game. Letang got 2 games, but he’s a repeat offender.

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