A few more thoughts on this Rangers’ start


You know, some of the negativity is absolutely crazy. I say that a lot around here. It’s kind of like the NFL, where every loss is Armageddon and every win means Super Bowl. Just look at the coverage of the Giants and Jets in this town, and listen to some of the idiocy on the radio.

But that’s a 16-game season, and a loss is pretty big, and a string of losses can be season-deciding.

The Rangers and the NHL play 82 games. The very best team in all of the league is going to have three-game winless streaks, more than one. The very worst team in all of the league is going to win three in a row, probably a few times.


Now, those who think these three games are indicative of anything at all, you can stop reading because I know I can’t convince you of anything, especially those way the hell out there who want the coach fired. Holy mackeral.

But the rest of you, the ones who have watched hockey for more than five minutes, the ones who understand you don’t go nutso over three games, you probably see that this winless Rangers team (which is only one game under NHL-.500, and has only one NHL loss, even though it has lost all three NHL games) hasn’t really played that badly.

It has given up nine goals. Three of those were on the power play. One really wasn’t a goal at all, but a goal was tacked on after the Mighties won a silly, unrelated breakaway contest after the game was over. One was an OT PPG. One was an empty-netter.

The Rangers’ No. 1 line has actually looked pretty decent. John Tortorella tore it up during one of the games in Stockholm, and that’s going to happen — as you know. But Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik might do some magic together, and Derek Stepan was sure comfortable there in his debut Saturday as the No. 1 left winger (how the heck did they take away the kid’s assist on Gaborik’s goal?).

The second line hasn’t hit stride yet, nor has the third. The fourth is going to have a new look tomorrow, with Kris Newbury joining Mike Rupp to add some grind. The goaltending has been excellent, as always.

Mainly, what the heck could you expect with the defense the Rangers have put out there? That’s where there really might be (should be?) major concern. Because we don’t know when or if Marc Staal comes back. And Michael Sauer, we think, will be back, but we don’t know when/if he’ll have 100 percent strength in that bum shoulder.

How many teams could lose two of their top four defensemen and survive? Especially a team whose defense is still so young, and which relied so heavily on the top four last year?

The other concern is the penalty parade, and I don’t know how you fix that. I guess you don’t accept stick fouls or weak offensive-zone penalties and definitely not too-many-men or lack-of-discipline penalties. But penalties will happen, and the Rangers better start killing them with more frequency.

If you want to be negative today, well, the Rangers next play the team that had the best record in the NHL, the best offense, the best defense and everything but the Stanley Cup last season.


I guess the Rangers bus got through the riots in the streets of Vancouver to reach the rink for practice last night.

I wonder if Jack Capuano ticked off the Rangers with his late timeout Saturday. I’d guess he did.

To clarify something I wrote yesterday … I said the Isles reminded me of the ’95 Nordiques. I didn’t mean they’re on the verge of a championship. I just meant that they had collected a pretty good group of talented young players, and I wonder if A) they will still be playing on Long Island if they ever do reach the next level and B) if the current ownership/management group is capable of adding the extra talent they will need to even make the playoffs, never mind contend for the Cup.

I had one more thing to say, and I forgot what it was. You have no idea how often that happens.


AP photo, above.

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  1. My guess is you’re, by and large, preaching to the choir, Carp…

    Defense is a concern. And if Staal has to go on LTIR, they may have to get a top 4 via trade. First, that will require some major assets. Second, their cap situation isn’t great at all.

  2. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    But Carp .. its the Rangers !! not the other teams.
    If the Rangers get off to a bad start I think they will have a tough time overcoming it.

  3. Every team has to face, and deal with adversity. As I said earlier, this team has not had a chance to practice consistently. it’s been a whirlwind for the first month, and another 11 days on the road doesn’t really help. I believe that the Avery, MZA, and soon to be EC moves are all part of acquiring a stable NHL Dman. I also believe that the NYR will be parting ways with Wolski. So, let the dust settle. Long season.

    By the way, I will be at the opener. Where do we go for a cold one before the game?

  4. I always go by the Fred Shero Rule of waiting until after New Years to assess the team as The Fog stated by then you have a pretty good idea of what you have and what you need.

  5. Hi Carp! Hi all, haven’t posted in a while.
    Been sick since coming home from Sweden, think Boyle gave both me and mama the flu ;)
    Was sad to see Zucca go to the Whale but hope he gets more time there.
    AND BTW it’s right now illegal to watch NHL in Norway!!!! Seriously!!! Some carcillo company is sitting on the rights and wants a whole lot of money to sell them. It’s horrendous.
    Anyway still plan to see the game on Tuesday and come on here for the first game of the year. See you then!
    A little extra love to the boneheads I met in Sweden: LW, Ranger Swede, Kiwi and of course the great Mama. Hugs!!!

  6. AMEN. Thank you, Carp. Amen. 3 games.

    Remember, before this road trip eric, and others, were agreeing (with eric) that 7 points out of this massive, 3-week long road trip would be “fine.” Well, 2 points in 3 games. We win a game and we are right on track. So let’s try to break even, come home and start winning.

  7. That;s right, Carp. The team that had everything but the Stanley Cup. Everything but a win against the Rangers!

  8. For me it is not so much negative for the Rangers, it is the other locals are winning and that is under my skin…

    Love your last line because that happens toooooo many times every day.

  9. Good morning all!

    Krisy!!! Are you feeling better? I’m not :(

    Well, I can see from yesterday’s thread that the season has definitely begun … LMAO!

    I’m most happy that Nasty is back!!!!!

    Obviously, if they don’t win the next game, the next five seasons are over :)


  10. Carp, are you sure you’re not impersonating ORR? That sounded awfully like the voice of reason….

  11. I think you mean the ’95 Nordiques, when the Rangers beat them in the playoffs. Weren’t they in Colorado by ’96?

  12. This team is much more effective when it has a working 4th line. Throwing together some combination of Rupp, Wolski, Zuc and EC is not going to accomplish anything, especially considering the fact that three of those players are wildly inconsistent and offer no physical presence. So much for a checking line.

    In a perfect world, Wolski and EC would get their walking papers and the 4th line would be Avery-Newbury-Rupp. Now there’s some “jam” that would make Torts proud. But since I doubt we’ll see the Grate One back (despite what Sathers says), let’s give that Weise kid a shot.

    Oh wait…

  13. Has anyone talked about that back-hand spin-pass that Richards popped onto the tape of a flying Gaborik on that goal? That was 14 Million worth of talent there (and a good boards play by Stepan).

    I saw that and thought – shit, these guys can play!

    Go Blue!

  14. Krisy…don’t worry, Zucca will be back before we know it…He wasn’t sent down for performance reasons…there just isn’t a spot for the kid right now…

    If you guys recall, we beat the ‘Nucks 1-0 last year. Great game at the Garden. I was there…

  15. th defenseis a huge concern but we still need to score goals. we have been getting 1-2 a game. the defense was ok in europe. offense was terrible. still is. we were playing against nabokov who hadnt played in over a year in the nhl. when we were down a goal in the 3rd, we couldnt get anything going and it was mostly 5 on 5. i understand maybe some guy had a hard time clcking in europe with the line chnging, but they shouldve beaten the crcillo out of the isles easy. they have papsmear andfranz neilsen flying past us like a team full of cabers and reddens. we looked slow in general. the week off got practice in but its still too long between games. i think we’ll be ok from here on out. i know we always do horrible when we go out on the western road trips, particularly the western canada teams, but i have a good feeling about it. were bound to beat some of those teams one year right?

  16. nyrfan- that was like the 2nd or 3rd best game all last season. i watched it like 2-3 this offseason. that, the pitts game with the cally-duby ot goal, and the bruins game.

  17. Wolski is a wuss.
    Zook is gone.
    Christensen is on the brink.

    Newbury is up. That’s because Torts not ready to admit his mistake with Avery.

    Just a matter of time….

  18. Also, 5 on 5 I think we are a very good team.

    Too bad this team doesn’t want to play that way for more than half the game.

  19. And our PP looks soooo different with B Richards; no feet moving and no puck movement. Soo different than last year.

  20. Yeah, Grabby. That and the Boston game were favorites to watch in the offseason!!! Also, the Philly game where Cally had 4 goals and Zucc had 2!! Sigh…great moments last year…

    Hello Newman.

  21. Carp

    I normally don’t disagree with folks who post here to any notable degree but I must take issue with you when you say that it is “only three games”…actually what we are referring to is not the number of games, but Seasons!

    There is a sameness to the behavior of teams that set forth on the ice that are designated NY Rangers, that carries with them the sameness to their eventual
    position at the end of each season.

    It is the way these teams conduct themselves that is the issue rather than how many games into the season that they are. For some odd reason,despite the coach, the GM, the fan base, the news critiques, there remains the reality of the way these teams present themselves and carry out their business.

    It gives one pause to listen to the annual challenge issued by the followers that is a derivative of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, ” Wait til next year.” Ours is
    “it’s only three games” or “It’s early in the season”…
    ah yes, but there is a destiny hinted at for Ranger followers that is all too familiar and tends to bring forth cynicism. In short, they are what they are, and
    at least to date, following in the footsteps of former
    inadequate teams representing the Rangers and their city ( their fans if you will.) We must not be gulled into accepting this status without some form of angst, some form of protest,as to their eventual destiny.

  22. Two thoughts here:
    1. I agree it’s true that the 0-1-2 start is nothing to panic over because it’s only three games and in a League where wins are worth 1 point more than loses at this point (For example: Isles convincing beat NYR 4-2 Sat while Phily plays a lousy game vs. LAK but get to OT and lose and gain a point. A reg. win there was worth 1 point in standings for NYI)

    2. However, there is a difference between panic over a start and looking at a roster, finding faults and feeling it will cause this team to miss the playoffs. Quite honestly, the NYR could’ve started 1-1-1 or 2-0-1 (whatever) and I would think the same way based on their play not the results. While bringing in Richards certainly will ignite Gaborik and create a dangerous top line it will not solve a MAJOR concern I’ve had all off-season and that’s Special Teams. In an NHL where on most nights the refs don’t let the game breathe or as we saw Saturday invent penalties (Boyle delay of game for a smart hockey play) you are better off being lousy 5-5 but in the top 5 in both PK and PP.

    As long as this organization refuses to part with 1 or 2 of their many so-called top prospects (it’s one thing to call them a future star and another when they make a big impact in camp and force a way onto a team) and acquire a true PP point man that will force teams to respect their point and not create a 3 on 4 down low they have continue to be in the bottom half of the PP in NHL.

    As for the PK, it’s true that as long as Hank is in net your PK is in good hands but… they will miss Dury in this role. A fearless shot blocker willing to put his face on the line for the puck. I don’t see same intensity in this role YET this year (Of the two units, this one has more upside).

    So I’m not panicking over the 0-1-2 start, I am stating a fact that this roster lineup is flawed (even with the return of Sauer and Staal).

  23. iDoodie machetto on

    Lloyd pointed out something yesterday that I ha forgotten about: Prust bumping Nabakov’s head after the whistle was totally bush-league. I appreciate the attempt to agitate, but you don’t do it like that. All you are doing is saying that goaltenders are fair game. That’s just wrong.

  24. here are my 3 concerns.

    1 power play- its 0 for the season with no constant attack and a bunch of guys standing still for 3/4 of the pp. move around get into lanes make the d work. its not rocket science.
    2. staal/sauer- we are too thin on the blueline to compete right now. MDZ IS PLAYING 19 MINS A GAME. he shouldnt be playing at all. his d zone coverage is awful and pp play sucks as well.
    3. schedule- another long road trip to western canada where the rangers never have any success. come home lets say 0-3-1 they could find themselves 10-12 pts behind the rest of the divison. you dont want to be that far back before you play your home opener next Thursday.

    get me 2–2 on this trip 6 of 14 pts to start at this point i will sign for.

  25. I know I mentioned it the other night, but I don’t know how many caught it during the usual game drama. Bill Pidto, during the MSG’s “150 seconds” bit, called Asham’s post-fight antics “bush-league!”

    RR rocks.

  26. I like the idea of Pidto reading this blog and pausing over MIAMI PIMP’s comment and being like……”hmmm….good point. That’s in depth!”

  27. You know what? This Avery thing might actually work out. If there is a movement and he comes back up to a beloved crowd maybe it fires up the team?

    That is probably just a pipe dream, but it could work out in the end.

  28. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on


    For a pregame cold one, go to the Flying Puck on 7th Ave. a few blocks from the Garden. Always a good spot.

  29. Environmental Law (Lots of insurance indemnification, commercial and real estate litigation). They want somebody with 3+ years experience.

    We can talk Rangers ALL DAY

  30. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Ahh well I am only a second year associate at my current firm so I don’t know if I fit the bill unfortunately.

    But thanks for looking out!

  31. Hmmmmm…Well I can put in a good word! Especially if you handle litigation stuff.

    The kid you would replace is not only crazy conservative (like ….. those nuts on the radio that think Obama is a terrorist) but also he is a Devils fan!

  32. I’m not panicked, and I do think the top line looks good, but until this team finally has a PP that isn’t a disaster, I’m going to be frustrated, especially if they take a ton of penalties on top of it all.

    The fear isn’t really that they suck — it’s that it’s going to be another season of same old, same old. Which is to say a last minute race to 8th. And another season gone from Hank’s career.


  33. Eric – I think MDZ didn’t retweet a message for you and now you’ve got a hardon because of it.

    He’s been on the ice for 1 goal against in 3 games. That includes 2:38 of PK time. The only goal against, being the Mike Richards goal where he was is good position to start but let Richards make a tricky deflection. The Rangers have scored 5 goals and he’s been on the ice for 4 of them. The kid is 2 years younger than Artie playing a more difficult position.

  34. That’s more than enough, @CCCP@ you got the gig!

    Noah – it isn’t hard to follow. I promise you that. But I also thought you, or Doodie, might do a killer job here.

  35. Wait some of you really think bringing Avery back will suddenly change everything?
    haha! lol…lmao…funny!

    Actually a healthy Staal and Sauer would help waaaay more than Avery and his purse.

  36. Amen, Staal. Stawhl and Sauer will drastically change the look of this team!

    Somebody get on Torts to bring back Stawl and Sauer!

  37. Avery is a type of a player that can mash well whatever line he’s on. Get rid of EC already! Put Rupp Avery and Newburry together and we have 4 legit lines.

    but i guess haters will always hate ;)

  38. I like Avery, I think it was a mistake to demote him but I don’t have to deal with him in the lockerroom.

    If the rangers are shopping for a defenseman, you have to wonder about some things.
    1. Woywitka was picked over bringing back Mara.
    2. If Bell is the call up/bubble guy, where does that put the rest of Hartford depth chart? Parlett? Valentenko? Not ready yet? Bickle is not the answer. Bell is a compromise. Hell, Eminger is a bit of a compromise.
    3. How much does Torts really like DZ?

    Because what I am thinking is that the rangers wanna go BETTER and long term fix than Mara/waiver men. Not short term solution. And to get that kind of talent, you gotta give.

    I’ll bet that GIVE is Del Zotto.

    But who is out there to get? I doubt they are looking for a Beukeboomer because they have the grapes of McIlrath coming up. And what teams could use a DZ? Really the only way a team will trade someone good that they are NOT looking to deal is when the deal is too good to pass up. So I’m thinking it could possibly be some combo of DZ, a hartford player of note, and or/a draft pick (2nd round or lower) for a mid range 2nd pair guy.

    Minny -Schultz
    Ottawa – Kuba or Phillips
    Toronto- Liles
    Maybe even Jackman if you can toss in Wolski for CAP reasons.

  39. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    rangers trade wolski and mdz to caps for semin and erskine (he has a big shot)

  40. LOL…C3P, that pic of the guy with Aves jersey is hilarious…

    Lemme fix that for you:

    EC MZA Rupp together = -Dy- nasty

  41. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I’m sorry, your post is way too lucid. Did you hit your head landscaping?? Now I can’t blast any idiot posters this morning…what fun is normal commenting?? BLEH!!!

    I have several years experience with the law. I mean county lock up, a couple of stick swinging incidents here or there, I once made several factoid statements about the rangers, couple speeding tickets, etc. etc. I’m willing to relocate!

    that pic is hilarious! I think the girl to the right is doing the same thing with a white jersey

  42. MZA will probably sign with an Atlantic division team next year and light us up for years to come.

  43. That’s not exactly the experience we are looking for, wicky but I am sure it could come in handy so I will put a good word in!

  44. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…you know I like you but…tell me which one you believed when you wrote it ?

    A) “Big Sandwich Game Saturday Night”…”big game in Ocober”


    B) “It’s only 3 Freakin Games”…”not Armageddon”

    I chose B, even when you wrote A

    The current team will have 3 (half) different D men playing within a month and
    will take a half season to get lines established and an offensive flow.
    We are going to be better the second half of this season, let’s hope we can play .500 till then

  45. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    I am a bit disappointed that vtank hasn’t been given/earned a chance yet

  46. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    I guess I don’t really remember the prust “headshot” on nabby, so it couldn’t have been anything drastic!!

  47. You know what was “bush-league”? When Nabokov signed with the Islanders and refused to report. That was bush-league.

  48. Carp, yeah it’s a bummer. Buffalo always drags after a loss. Now we gotta wait 2 whole weeks for another win. At least the Sabres are doing well.

  49. Nabokov signed with Detroit but didn’t get through waivers, where the Isles claimed him. Can’t exactly blame his disappointment at that turn of events…

  50. And This, I know. I wrote that it was a big game, but more that the circumstances dictated that it would be a difficult game, and also that the panic would ensue if they lost. They did. It did. I also wrote that there are no Must Wins in October, but that this was almost a Must Not Lose because of the four-game trip coming up. They did.

  51. Right, LW. I wouldn’t normally blame someone, but this isn’t the first bush-league antics he has pulled in life.

  52. The Prust thing was not a big deal but seemed totally unnecessary. The last thing we need is some moron like Gillies trying to get revenge on Hank.

  53. The Prust thing is so not a big deal. We all know The Prust. If he wanted to hurt someone he would have summoned his powers of pain. He did not. Therefore, we know his intent was not to injure

  54. EC, Zuccarello and Wolski are all guys that really need to be top six forwards to make a real difference or have any impact on the game – if they are playing on the fourth line then they are really only there in case there is a shootout. I am sure that the loss in the shootout plus the clear trade-off of not having a real fourth line to get in the game and do what you actually need a fourth line to do has plenty to do with the lineup changes we will be seeing. First Zuccarello, and Wolski and EC are definitely next.

  55. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    apparently there was a rumour on bleacher report that the rangers were trading voros version 2.0 to the coyotes for whitney…LMFAO!!

    there was another one that had vv2.0 going to the preds for suter…a bit more realistic at least LOL

  56. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    you killed me, sucks both my goalies never really played due to the europansy trip

  57. I did not see the Prust/Nabokov incident. But I am all in favor of Prust becoming more of an agitator and less of a fighter.

  58. Staal Wart

    “After all the Bull Carcillo Avery and his purse pulled…”

    can you be a little bit more specific? In Rangers uniform.. what bull carcillo are you talking about? looking forward to your answer

  59. CCCP,
    I specifically remember Avery giving a “love” tap to Tim Thomas on his way up the ice.
    I’d rather see Prust agitating. At least he doesn’t turtle.

  60. P.S. everyone, feel free to add to this conversation… just curious to see what exactly did Avery do so BAD in Rangers uniform that most of the NYR fans hate him.

  61. Staal Wart

    that’s your argument? At least he doesn’t turtle? OK! So because he doesn’t turtle all the dirty play can be forgiven? OK!

    Prust’s hit on Nabokov look as deliberate as it gets… Avery’s “love tap” was sort of accidental…Thomas hitting Avery blindsided was a lot dirtier than a harmless brush off the helmet.

  62. I don’t hate Avery…it’s just time to for the Rangers to move on…

    just like when Shanny left, and Jags left, and different way Redden & Drury….it’s just time to move on…it’s a hockey decision…

    Is it fair to Avery? I don’t know and I’m not sure that’s relevant…

  63. CCCP,
    IMO Avery was just a side show. More likely to hurt the team than help. More likely to end up in the penalty box. I watch hockey to see the game. I prefer to not watch some moron pull stupid antics that usually cost the team.
    There was a time that Avery was right for the Rangers, (see first tour of duty)… However that time is past. 29 other teams and thankfully Torts clearly see what the problem is/was.

  64. I think at a more reasonable contract other teams would not have been so quick to pass on Sean.

  65. Prust’s hit appeared was clearly deliberate. I respectfully disagree with those that have said it’s no big deal. If you’re going to tolerate Prust (or anyone, including Avery) doing that to any goalie not named Billy Smith, then you invite a similar jab against Hank, and you can’t complain when they do it.

  66. more likely to end up in a penalty box? its a hockey game…lots of players end up in a penalty box… so what? How many times Avery drew PP at crucial parts of the game that the Rangers never took advantage of because of the crappy PP? Nobody talks about that…only negative things.

  67. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    personally, I would rather see a guy turtle in the “i’m way over matched in this fight” manner than do one of the carcillo assen take downs like WWE wrestling that result in injury to the other player that is clearly winning the fight! Lose like a gentleman and take your beating or turtle!!

  68. Hipbone wrote:

    If the rangers are shopping for a defenseman, you have to wonder about some things.
    1. Woywitka was picked over bringing back Mara.
    2. If Bell is the call up/bubble guy, where does that put the rest of Hartford depth chart? Parlett? Valentenko? Not ready yet? Bickle is not the answer. Bell is a compromise. Hell, Eminger is a bit of a compromise.

    Passing on Mara is probably a two-fold situation. First off, Mara/Torts is close to Avery/Torts. Even with that said, the second reason is Mara might have cost well more than Woywitka’s $650,000 salary cap hit.

    As for calling up Bell, Valentenko has been hurt and has not dressed for another of the Whale’s four games. As for Parlett, he was hurt towards the end of camp but has played in all four games. It might be a case of him still getting up to speed as well him just not being ready and the possibility that bell was just called up to give the team some depth as they head west.

  69. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    I have zero problem with the avery “tap” on thomas and I have zero problem with the prust “headshot” on nabby. Both were harmless if not serving notice or sending a message/pushing limits. Now if avery does a “mcsorely” on thomas, then yes I have a problem with it or if prust goes all “dale hunter” on nabby after the whistle then I have a problem with that as well. Neither were anything close to those so if you don’t like them perhaps you should watch baseball or figure skating!!!

  70. CC,

    It’s nothing MZA did and MZA didn’t get waived or traded. He earned his spot on the team and the Rangers had to take it back. It’s the injuries and the parade to the penalty box that have kept MZA from making an impact. I’m glad that they moved him to Hartford…at least there he’ll get the ice time he needs to keep his skills sharp….

    Other than that dumb penalty in the 1st game, did MZA do anything that warranted a demotion. It was the injuries and the overall poor play of the team that led to Torts making his decision. There is a rational reason, not personal Torts bias against MZA…

    Do you think it is because of a bias? That’s absurd…

    Btw, I could care less about where the Rangers finish this year. We are still building. This team is not close to winning a cup this year, but we are absolutely on the right track. The key to future success is the proper handling of young core players and prospects. I am more interested in the development of our players like Artie, Sauer, McD, Del Zotto, MZA etc… because that is the future of this team….I could care less whether we finish 3rd or 8th…because it is not about 2011-12…

  71. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    thanks for the clarification

    I care where this team finishes and if you don’t have it in your organization, trade for it!!

  72. I agree, NYR (Vibin’). It wasn’t so much MZA as the 4th line needing an aggressive checker. Newbury happens to be a good PK guy and a good faceoff guy too.

  73. “You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.”

  74. Uh oh. Looks like it’s time to have a bobsled race to finalize this argument. We can’t have lingering negative feelings around here. Defend the Core.

    Cool Runnin’s Mon!

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “The Prust thing was not a big deal but seemed totally unnecessary. The last thing we need is some moron like Gillies trying to get revenge on Hank.”

    That was exactly my problem with it. Don’t open the door to goaltenders. We need ours much more than other teams need theirs. I like the idea of him trying to agitate, but bumping a goaltender isn’t going to get you anything but your own goaltender hurt.

  76. LOL @ bobsled!

    “Whacha smokin’ man?”

    “I ain’t smokin anyting…It’s colddddd….”

  77. Here is something bad Sean did on the Rangers – once to a press conference he worse plaid and stripes at the SAME TIME

  78. Manny

    yeah thanks! i got it but a bit late lol

    so… who wants to predict the outcome of tomorrow’s game? If we lose tomorrow no big deal, right? Its only 4 games in ;)

  79. We will not lose tomorrow. The Canucks are without Kesler. This game is a Gimme! Candy from a baby

  80. let’s make the Avery case a bit more nuanced than it maybe it has been in the past

    when Avery is with this team and he’s playing well, the team is better. when he’s taking silly penalties and not working hard every shift, the team suffers for it. that being said, I don’t think Eric Christensen or Mike Rupp at their absolute best provide the lift that Sean Avery provides at his absolute best. if you want to say that Avery’s been far more inconsistent recently and that makes him detrimental to the lineup, I can buy that, but I’d also throw a chunk of that on Tortorella’s shoulders.

  81. also, glad to see some people picking up on Prust’s bush league move on Nabokov. I wasn’t a big fan of Avery hitting Thomas in the back of the head with his stick either, but I think you can do a lot more damage by banging your entire body into a defenseless guy’s head than you can with a stick tap either.

    the fact that Prust largely got a free pass for that horses–t is a clear indication of the Avery double-standard

  82. Krisy, u need to tell me how I can watch the games, I’m counting on you :) Wrote an email to NYR and they suggested GameCenter, that doesn’t work. Also sent an email to NHL asking what the Byfuglien they’re doing and how I’m supposed to watch the game, no answer yet…

    Will everyone be fired on Wednesday?

  83. Those are so much better than I thought they were going to be. I like how it’s basically a road version of the Heritage.

  84. Lloyd,

    We don’t know what happens in the locker room; Prust may have very well been spoken to by Torts or Sullivan.

  85. Latona,

    I’m referring more to the lack of media attention paid to it. Perhaps I should have my head examined for expecting Micheletti or Giannone to take any member of the Rangers to task, but whatever.

  86. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on

    I honestly can not believe the crying over the Prust “headshot”!

    Quit being such a bunch of candyassens, he barely touched him!! WTB is wrong with “you people”??

  87. The Rangers will struggle until Staal and Sauer come back. That’s about all there is to that or they make a deal to stabilize the defense.

    They’ve had no practice time, they’ve been away from home, they’ve been living on airplanes. i think it’s good to get this out of the way early in the season and come on strong in the end.

    But if Staal is out indefinitely, they are in trouble back there.

  88. to the guy using the word “candyassens”

    I’m not a fan of players hitting goalies in the head ever, but there’s no way in the world Avery would have been given the free pass by the media that Prust was if he pulled the same thing. and by the way, I would have been angry about it if Avery did it, too – the difference is that everyone and their grandmother would be screaming about Sean Avery cheapshotting a goalie.

    anytime you bang your body into a guy’s head when he’s not expecting it, it’s dangerous. it doesn’t matter whether it was a brutal hit or not.

  89. Parenteu is arguably a better player than anyone on the Rangers roster who isn’t named Richards, Gaborik or Callahan

  90. The Prust is awesome. I am fine with him firing up the team and agitating. That is why we got Rupper. He can fight the battles and Prust can stay healthy. Who cares if he hurt Nabokov? It’s just pain!

  91. NYR_FAN:

    Nope, but in my defense, I used to allow Rangers management to inform my outlook about the potential worth of players. You know, the same Rangers management who thought Bobby Holik was worth $9 million a year

  92. wicky©(You guys are just RIDICULOUS!!!) on


    umm fella, with the velocity (or lack there of) that Prust apparently hit nabby with we should just cancel the NHL “RIGHT FRAKKING NOW” if that type of “hit to the head” is a concern to you…

    I will agree that avery would have been called for a penalty there more times than not or at least a dust up would have ensued…but perhaps the “headshot” wasn’t anything of significance to anyone so nothing was done

    I will take that hits to the head bet for any stakes you like!

  93. Wow. People on a Ranger site bashing the Rangers for a hit on an Islander. Now I know the season’s going to pot.

  94. Good to see Tortorella’s still using that nonsense about not being able to find a spot for players he has no intention of playing in the first place.

  95. LW3H

    i think we will have to sweeten the pot a bit since PAP is a league leader in assists right now! Hank and MDZ should definitely snatch us a top playmaker like PAP

  96. What’s the deal with Sauer’s injury? Is this run-of-the-mill stuff or is there more going on?

  97. Should’ve maybe said forward not player then, Lloyd.

    Never got from you the answer to my question yesterday: Would you have fired Claude Julien after the 2009 or 2010 playoffs? If not, why not?

  98. I kinda thought it was obvious that forwards would go with forwards rather than mixing them with defensemen and goalies. Silly me.

    Also, when Tortorella turns the Rangers from a last place joke of a club to a subsequent President’s Trophy and Stanley Cup winning team, Julien and Tortorella can be discussed in the same sentence.

  99. Is there any reason to think Staal’s injury isn’t a Savard or Cindy type of event? People keep talking about him coming back, but has there really been any sense of improvement? That’s a question, not a statement.

  100. Fire Julien?!

    btw, Julien, is a Russian dish that consists of mushrooms topped with sour cream and cheese and then baked! pretty popular and delicious dish lol

  101. As someone who’s dealt with post-concussion syndrome, I can tell you that it’s impossible to put a timetable on a return. You can go a few days where you feel totally fine and then wake up one morning and feel like utter crap. You can have other days where you feel terrible in the morning and dramatically better in the evening. You can go a period of weeks where you feel like you can barely do a damn thing and then run off a few days where you feel perfect only to have the symptoms return again. It’s a pretty awful way to live and has to be exponentially more depressing when you can’t do the one thing you love more than anything else.

  102. Something else I’ll add on the concussion front is that a lot of guys experience symptoms to some degree for several years; it’s just that the symptoms are more manageable after a while. I can guarantee you there are many athletes who are cleared to play without really being “symptom free.”

  103. He wasn’t a Cup winning coach in 2009 (#1 seed, 2nd round exit) or 2010 (blows 3-0 series lead, 2nd round exit).

    So presumably you’d agree it was fair to give him time to achieve success rather than can him at the first sign of (perceived) failure?

  104. Can we discuss Tortorella and a coach who turned the Lightning from a joke of a last placed club into a subsequent (almost) President’s Trophy and Stanley Cup winning team in the same sentence?

  105. if you really think Tortorella’s going to have that level of success with this squad, by all means, keep chasing that rainbow. unfortunately, I don’t see it happening.

    assuming that Tortorella is going to make something happen beyond a first round exit, how much longer should we give him to do that? Julien took his team that was in last place a year prior to the playoffs in his first season (which was the only season the Bruins didn’t make it past the first round, I believe). Tortorella’s Rangers are actually statistically worse than they were before he arrived. so, what’s the timetable?

  106. Tortorella absolutely turned around the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. There’s no disputing that. There’s also no disputing that he ran the organization into the ground in the years after the 2003-2004 season. I don’t think success he had 8 years ago guarantees success in the present. If that were the case, the Rangers would have won multiple Stanley Cups since 2000.

  107. >>Is there any reason to think Staal’s injury isn’t a Savard or Cindy type of event?

    As far as I’m concerned, Staal should be shutdown for the season. Even if he does come back, how effective do you guys think he’ll be?

  108. I’d argue the lockout, the salary cap and free agency had something to do with the Lightning’s decline too.

    Who is “guaranteeing success”? Nobody is saying the guy is infallible. There is a fairly distant margin between that and giving a coach the boot for not making an 8th place team a 7th place team, in which I (and I assume a few others) lie.

  109. As I said the other day, I have my doubts that a top coach could make this squad any better than a 7-seed anyway. I don’t think this club has the talent necessary to make a significant playoff run.

    That being said, I don’t see Tortorella getting the kind of improvement out of this club that makes them better than an 8-seed. To an extent, I think the greatest indication of Tortorella’s success with this club is John Tortorella. If you compare the Tortorella-Rangers statistically with the Renney-Rangers, they’re actually a weaker team. I’m sure people will argue that the future is brighter now than it was before, but I don’t fully subscribe to that either. The difference now is that the Rangers develop 40-50-point scorers instead of signing them to exorbitant contracts. Until the Rangers either learn how to develop (or sign) difference makers, this team will wallow near the bottom of the conference, default their way into the playoffs and go quietly into the night.

    Again, I ask, how long do you let Tortorella coach the Rangers without producing results beyond bottom seed, first round exit?

  110. Not saying any coach should stay in perpetuity by achieving 8th place, first round exits every year. But I don’t see that we’re close to that being the case yet. And cutting Avery and the evidence of “three freaking games” won’t be enough to convince me either.

    Still not sure what you are looking for coaching-wise if you admit a “top coach” wouldn’t achieve much more and that the team is still severely lacking in talent.

  111. JB, pains me to admit it, but I agree with you about Stahl. Shut him down for the season….by the time that he is cleared to skate, he’s still at least a month away from game action….right? What’s the point of risking further damage so soon? Crosby may have set a precedent for franchise-type players who have recurring PCS symptoms…

    I don’t have any inside info (lol) but this almost makes me think that MZA is on the trading block for a D-man….


  112. Lots of disagreements on here today/tonight – I hope we can all remain agreeable with each other while having differences of opinion.

    I wish that NYR would have held on to PAP instead of letting him become a free agent, thus allowing him to sign with a hated Atlantic Division rival – but I also wish that he would have showed NYR management a little bit more of why he was worth keeping within the organization. I don’t remember him lighting up the league during the times he was called up for us, but I may just be forgetful about that.

    How was his performance in Hartford? I admit that I don’t remember anything about his AHL stats back then.

  113. honestly, I’d put so little stock in anything that Rangers management has done for quite a long time – including the Amonte and Weight deals btw. I don’t have an awful lot of confidence in the organization’s ability to spot talent let alone cultivate it. When they have found a top level player, they’ve either shipped him off to get better in the present or just allowed him to flounder until another club picks him up.

    here’s a fun question my friends and I like to ask: when was the last time the Rangers drafted a star forward that they actually held onto?

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I don’t think this club has the talent necessary to make a significant playoff run. ”

    “Still not sure what you are looking for coaching-wise if you admit a “top coach” wouldn’t achieve much more and that the team is still severely lacking in talent.”

    Then it’s not Torts. It’s Sather’s player acquisitions.

    Can I get a FIRE SATHER?

  115. Captain CalLindahan on

    LMAO {{{{THE SECOND}}}

    have we traded everyone? Has Torts been tarred and feathered yet? Is Sully slummin on wall street??

  116. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    DON”T FIRE SATHER! He got me into hockey. I never would have had the chance…

  117. U Otto Folkyerself on



    and two pitypoints that don’t count in tiebreakers. Winnipeg is gonna catch up to us tonight.

  118. The tar pot is on the back burner warming up, and the feathers are standing by, awaiting the club’s return from western Canada and the first home game against Toronto – if the team still looks miserable after the western tour is done, and they happen to lose their home opener, I think that the “fire the whole management” sentiments will really surface.

    Unfortunately, Dolan can’t be fired, and he’s the only one who counts if any major changes are going to be made.

  119. It’s so obvious that penalties have killed the rangers. They cost us game 1 and game 3 as both gw goals were scored on the PP.

    It’s a game of inches guys.

  120. Captain CalLindahan on

    So true Jimbo…sad but true.

    possible loss in VanRiotver, then the boys get on track.

    who’s going to be the entertainment @ home opener… lady gaga??? Or is Ace coming back by popular demand?

  121. Good evening all! I just sneezed tea all over my keyboard….byfuglien! Now that’s a crisis…..3 losses, not so much :)

  122. wicky©(AKA the poster with no name!!!) on

    I just traded WW, OPG, and MDZ to the caps for Semin and Schultz and a 3rd round pick

  123. Captain CalLindahan on

    you know you loved it Chopper.. we ALL did lol !!!

    omg, cat in a microwave disaster lol

  124. I dont get it. Renney was a savior to everyone til they struggled. he got the boot (appropriately) and Torts was the savior…Last year everyone here wanted him to win the Jack Adams award. Now 3 games in he’s the worst coach ever, ruined TB after they won the Cup and just plain old sucks and needs to be replaced…ok by Who exactly? Ron Wilson? Pat Quinn?

  125. wicky©(AKA the poster with no name!!!) on

    probably not…sorry about the keyboard (I didn’t want to say anything in front of the other posters earlier, but there is a booger on your monitor screen as well)

  126. ok, let me get this straight.

    Its ok to dis sather here, everyone seems to be in agreement on this, who won 4 stanley cups, but cant dis torts, who won 1 stanley cup?

    is that correct?

  127. wicky©(AKA the poster with no name!!!) on

    hey, while you are laying around flipping boogers at your computer you should check your team!!,

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    Absolutely correct. Even Sather can’t remember which teams he won the Cup with…

  129. Yea Latona – Adjust your roster! You’re beating me in the Yahoo! League “Game of Drones”

  130. iDoodie machetto on

    Lloyd, while the media had an Avery double standard, rangers fans did too. The media condemned Avery hitting Thomas, but the Avery lovers praised him.

    I think both acts were disgraceful and poor judgment.

    Also, last star forward drafted and kept by NYR: Ryan Callahan.

  131. >>>Oh, but Jimbo… doesn’t the Garden look nice?

    I don’t know, Olga! I haven’t seen it yet, and frankly, I don’t really care what it looks like – it could be a carcillohole like the Nassau Mausoleum for all I care – I want a good-looking (as in looking good playing hockey!) *team* on the ice!

  132. >>>hey, while you are laying around flipping boogers at your computer you should check your team!!,


  133. Bolgamama??

    wicky, gross!

    Does anybody but me find it weird that Gaga channeled Marilyn Monroe when singing to Clinton at his birthday? Or do most people not even know what I’m talking about :)

  134. “Unfortunately, Dolan can’t be fired, and he’s the only one who counts if any major changes are going to be made.”

    Jimbo, that is truth, brother!!!

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I want a good-looking (as in looking good playing hockey!) team on the ice!”

    A mere bag of shells, my dear…. as long as the Garden LOOKS good for the Knicks games.

  136. Thanks Dolphins!

    “Und he is up on the tail…eee….eeee…..eeeeee…..und you can quote him (spit)”

  137. That “flipping” comment was really disgusting! Mama wouldn’t intentionally do something like that!

  138. Jimbo, I think it was kind of, um, really, inappropriate, but that’s for a discussion elsewhere I guess. btw, I didn’t see it (ick) just read about it.


  139. Eric, I’m telling ya – if the beginning of the season “looks” for a lot of teams are going to continue, I could see the Panthers, Leafs, Isles and Debbies making the playoffs this year – maybe the Habs drop out of a position, as may the Bolts, especially if anything happens to Roloson, who looks lousy in the early season.

    Philly looks good, Pens look good despite their injuries, Bruins don’t lok like cup winners yet, but they still look to be a playoff contender. Bottom line, it may be a *LOT* harder for NYR to get into a playoff position this year, especially if Staal stays out of the lineup.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ getting quality minutes,
    gabby goal to goal with gusto,
    McD and dan g playing well together
    Hank playing solid

    Line 2 needs some mojo (less PK will help)
    line 4 needs an identity (like the ‘news’ up from ct)
    3rd pair is a carcillo sandwich (hopefully temporary – we really need the 411 on our injured D

    Need 96 pts to make the dance probably – rangers’ line is 94 1/2 according to one book

    Would you take that bet?

  141. >>>A mere bag of shells, my dear…. as long as the Garden LOOKS good for the Knicks games.

    If any get played this year! With luck, maybe there won’t be any!

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    If the Knicks don’t play, it will be one of their better seasons since Dolan got here….

  143. Maybe we should target Duchesne for the next off-season signing……since Tavares signed a 6 year extension with the Kansas City Islanders…

  144. Carp :) Cause we are special 26 year olds….we can see far into the past :)

    But, really, WTB was anyone thinking! Um….OK, I promised no rant, I’m done.

    Hugo…don’t believe the hype.

  145. >>>Jimbo
    then you want kesler, sallybiscuit says he is a babe

    I wouldn’t mind having him on the NYR, if his early-season scoring is any indication of how his season is going to go – we have a dearth of scoring forwards on this team.

  146. jimbo

    couldnt agree more with you about the early assessment of the eastern conf. keep in mind with florida they spent tons of money but they spent them on veterans and arent playing just kids. there no pushover any more.

    the ranges better have decent trip here or they could findthemselves double digits back of lots of teams

  147. Latona, I have have 2, or one and a half, or something, and I always forget…..sad but true, I forget my fantasy hockey! But in my real fantasy this team wins the Cup and someone’s name is on it….

  148. OK, niters all…..have commute and job from hell tomorrow. Let’s try and keep the faith all, shall we?



  149. We are in total agreement, Eric – Buffalo looks like a lock for a playoff spot this season, too. There are NO soft touches in the East anymore – all teams have improved themselves.

    Where are you at, Eric? You said “up here”….

  150. Captain CalLindahan on

    catch you crazies tomorrow! gotta spend some quality time with the man before 10 days of freedom from each other! lol

  151. Just went through the comments….Geez, it’s been an interesting day. Have you heard of antidepressants?

  152. Gilroy got a nice assist on the Vinnie goal, too – he’s looking good playing elsewhere, too!

  153. Leaving the NYR is a great career enhancement – even Adam Hall is looking good down in TB.

  154. weiss scores 6-4 florida. they look fast on the puck.

    give dale tallon 2 more years they will pass us too

  155. Oh! I thought you were out west somewhere – I know Syosset..used to have relatives living nearby….

  156. better yet jimbo when i have an extra ticket come with me to the garden. its 5 years now having tickets.

    last season i saw the rangers win twice in like 15 home games. no joke like 2-12-1

  157. carp

    this site is like a free therapy session for me.

    thanks for being the man. see you at the home opener

  158. Now *that* sounds pretty depressing, Eric – ilb’s suggestion about antidepressants seems apropos with a game-attendance vs. wins record like that one!

    Maybe I’ll take you up on your offer sometime – I’m already munching the SSRI’s……… ;-D

  159. iDoodie machetto:

    Avery fans generally stuck up with him, yes, but a fair number of Ranger fans (most of whom post here) were opposed to every move the guy ever made. You’ll barely hear anyone decry bush league tactics coming from another Rangers just as long as that Rangers isn’t Sean Avery.

    Also, Ryan Callahan isn’t a star. When he puts up more than 40-50 points a year, maybe he can enter into consideration. But right now he’s one of a whole slew of mid-pack forwards who put up good numbers. As good as a year as he had, the guy finished 103rd in the league in scoring. He also finished with identical numbers to Chris Kunitz. Is he a star, too?

  160. >>>last season i saw the rangers win twice in like 15 home games. no joke like 2-12-1

    In all seriousness, though – i the Rangers have any intentions of getting a playoff berth this season, they have *got* to play better on home ice! Last year they were dreadful, awful, disgusting and inept in home game play.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Jimbo (or Eric) you should have went to the Flyers matinee last yr – beat their assens and Dubi beat the snot out of Richards ( I believe). I think aves scored or had an assist ot two. I even think wolski hit someone, maybe even a Flyer.

  162. Thanks, Stranger! *Eric* would be the guy that deserved to be at that game – I saw it on TV – I have not been to a home game in years….

  163. Wicky©(AKA the poster with no name!!!) on

    mama and all
    very sorry for the flipping boogers comment, I have apparently angered the bag lady!!

  164. Absolutely, Stranger! Distance isn’t a factor at all – scheduling and ticket prices are much more of a limiting factor here!

  165. Back in the day I used to attend maybe 20 home games a season – but many things have changed in ensuing years, including work schedules and wildly-inflated ticket prices.

  166. Hartnell, a double wicky….

    wicky….mama love :)

    Jimbo, I second that! I’m 33 mins away by train, but $$$ away from the world…..

  167. Olga Folkyerself on

    I haven’t spent a dime on Dolan and Sather’s Rangers for ten years. No home games, no jersey’s no yearbooks, no hats, nothing.

    And I won’t spend anything until they’re out. Of course all my stuff still has Messier, Leetch etc. on it and is getting a little shopworn. I do go to Sabre’s-Ranger games in Buffalo occasionally, but I don’t think the Rangers get any of that money anyway.

    Last thing I think I bought was a Black Hawks Jersey.

  168. Bob the Builder on

    NYR_Fan, with this team it will never be too seen to think about high draft picks. Trade Dubi along with MDZ for bunch of picks. Go total youth movement. Not the current youth movement which is a bunch of 3 and 4 liners.

    The Builder

  169. Bob the Builder on


    I have been telling people at our construction site to fire sather for some time now. Don’t know if you agree or not, but I detect you feel similar.

    The Builder

  170. Bob the Builder on

    No was referring to the litany of mediocre players. A trade is something that should send value for value. My thoughts on trading Dubi is that he holds highest trade value. MDZ still has value..maybe not like his rookie year, but his youth is value ..and obvious penchant for offensive abilities.

  171. Bob the Builder on

    Yes..found this blog thru a friend…tells me best spot for Rangers tractors/fans. I enjoy reading..now enjoying posting. Going to build a track for small train now.

  172. Sharks are about to lose 3 out of 4 games to start the season. I guess Big Joe, Pavelski and Marleau will be available on waivers tomorrow morning :)

  173. Wicky©(AKA the poster with no name!!!) on

    yes they will, they are 3rd and 4th liners and the sharks are a joke of an organization. I think torts is their bush league coach and they don’t have avery in their line up.

    Their season is over!!

    They will get the first pick in the upcoming draft!!

  174. Poor Sharks! Every year they go deep into the playoffs but haven’t won it all yet, despite having consistently successful, exciting seasons where they excite their fans, especially in home games!

    I feel terrible for them – I can’t imagine having to be subjected to……oh, wait…..I’m a RANGER fan……

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where does all this optimism come from? Blind faith in a once great GM and a former Cup winning Coach? Do you see something great here that I don’t? Pointing out that there is another team having trouble doesn’t make the Rangers any better.

    I see yet another poor start from a Ranger team with average talent and a good goalie. Is it the fact that they’ve only played 3 games? If you fell off the Empire State Building, would you say after the third floor you passed “So far, so good?”

    I see another year of Sather’s handiwork. I see a forlorn hope to make it to eighth place again on the last day of the season. I see one playoff round and out, IF the Rangers right the ship and Lundqvist stands on his head for the last 20 games. Kinda like last year. and the year before.

    I remember 1979, and the 1986 Smurfs, and 1991-92 and of course 1994. Even 1997 was exciting. But that was really the last time I thought “the Rangers could DO something in the playoffs this year”. Since then, it’s been either no playoffs at all, or a race to the playoffs that burns out the team. Jagr’s team was the last faint hope.

    I didn’t like typing this. I wish it were different. But I feel the same as I did for the last 10 years. Same Sather. Different Day. And yes, it only took the pre-season and three games.

    I don’t know why I type these things late at night. Drunkenness, probably.

    Let’s Go Rangers. Yay. (Waives pennant half heartedly)

    I’m going to bed. Respond if you like.

  176. Well, Olga – I can’t say I disagree with you on most of your points. I always hope for the best, and I get all caught up in the excitement when the team members at least play up to their individual abilities.

    But year after year since 1994 (and before, actually), this team has never felt like it was a top-tier team. There have always been other teams that drafted better, seemingly outworked our players, coached and general-managed much more proficiently than our team. We are one of the richest and highest-valued teams in the league, but we consistently under-perform for the money that the ownership spends.

    I don’t know why – maybe it is endemic to having a team playing in New York City, where corporate seating arrangements pretty much insure sellouts no matter how badly the team performs. Current ownership is a problem, but past ownership never seemed to be on the same level as the ones cities that actually have to SELL the sport to be successful.

    At least I got to see them win one cup since 1967 – at the rate we’re going, I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to see them win another one.

  177. RangerSwede! I’m watching the Kings game now and I Just saw you on TV! You and the gf were singing the national anthem. So cute! ;) I’ll post if I find any good streams tonight! Hils kjæresten!

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